The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1937
Page 3
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1 IESDAY, JANUARY 20, T.B, CARKJ COURIER Ohio River Flood Waters Cover Pad n call |ovc Refugees Into Box Gar Gamps Here; Equipment' Is Lacking Irhe relief organisations headed the 'American Red Cross were ring- for almost. 3,000 homeless |xxl victims in the chlckasawbi itricl of Mississippi county, ae- Jlng to figures compiled today by a Henrietta Wllklns, lied Cross •sasler . relief representative in large of activities in the north- In part of the county, of tills limber approximately 1.250 arc liartered here in tlie armory and boxcars and hospitals. Paced with the problem of sup- :ying blankeU . and bedding, rc- "T Officials anxiously awaited the rival of a supply of army cols, •ankets and oilier equipment re- llisllloned several days ago. Miss fllUns said when Ihess .supplies received all refugees in this •strict will be comparatively com- Irtable. Even with the facilities at pnci there Is no suffering among ; under the care of the organi- |tlon, she snid. Although most of "! people are forced to sleep on Is of straw they are beln» served ) well-balanced meals of hot food ly and are well sheltered. Those Jio are ill are given prompt merii- II attention at the emergency hos- • the city hall and the more Ivere cases are treated nt the Ely |eville -hospital. All Will Receive Care l"Our organization is now func- Iming perfectly and there is cverj rnson. to believe we will be able lo Ire for every person brought t V concentration camps." Miss Jilkin.s saW. "We need those arm; ipplies, however, and -we liavi •me hope of receiving them toda; !• tomorrow." I J. C. Stanhope, disaster 'rclie Ipresentative from tlie natlona led Cross office in St. Louis, ar •ved last night and will reman •i duty here lo assist Miss Wil Ilns and the relief organizalloi |. providing care for [lie nood suf • rers. • •Four Red Cross nurses from tin • Hlonal organization have also I:en requested by Miss Wilkins. Ilio said they would be sent here •imediately from St. Louis if they •re available. There Is a possibility, •mever, t»lat they may not arrive |T several days. concentration camps with |«ty Frisco and Cotton Belt rail- 4d boxcars, had been.established • sre today-fo^r whiles and .negroes. ^nd the*,task, of, placing the refii-, '""• into theses-quarters for.lhe-du'i i the east part! if,- town 1 ''on* the Jrlico tracks' near' 'south; Lilly' Ireel. Tlie negroes arc quai'lered li.tne west end on another section track. .' •;'••'':' About 150 persons' had been mov- II into the white camp cars^today lad workmen were rushing'to com- I let ion a central mess kitchen in I hldi two field kitchens will be set I1 for providing food for the occu- Imts of the cars. A similar sys- Im'wlll be .used in handling the I :gro camp. ° y" Blankets Arc Needed J C. -A. Cunningham, local Red I rcws chaMnan, said that approxi- I ately 85 empty boxcars were now 1 rallable for use here and he had lien assured by Frisco and Cotton I ell officials that more would be I nt if .necessary. I Relief authorities were proceed- I (r.slowly in moving refugees Inlo I ie boxcars, placing them there I Uy as they can be' provided with I'oper beading and stoves. Floyd Thlle, who is in charge of the'lo- II camp, requested that, donations I; blankets or clothing be carried I' the Legion hut or lo the emer- I'ncy hospital in the city hall I iiose who do not care to make an 1 itright donation may loan blan- fc or cover, but are instructed to : 'lain receipts. | At concentration points outside -,«lythcville the number of refu- i receiving care today was given i follows: Leachvllle, 801; Manila I 5; Dell, 150. From Gosnell. where I out 300 were quartered yesterday. I e refugees were being removed to I •Wevllle. A number were brought ire yesterday by railroad and ore were to be brought in today Crusade Against Skating TWIN FALLS, Ida. (UP)-This l',y,lias found a new type of the I neanest man." He puts In his | .are time with a pickax on all , mds where tlie ice Is just getting ilck enough for skating. PAGE THREE Soldiers / iii Louisvilliv 111 Kvan'sville;' <js Diclalor —I-Vdei'nl troops m.jvivl 'on ixiuls- ville .Kidiiy la fnfnri'i' rigid'intu 1 - tl^l jaw In 'a city lliai im s mrae than ) ni:, ii.s prjpui;Ui,,n wiihoiil iiomi jiiii(l Iln i (||Hiui, of Its iKa toxerod h\ \\ itct ihi jplilo IIHI ci lulid hl<luj on' Unjisville ill. llin late'of two'. hoin'.'Ui' Wed- ials •ill It inul HHmon Pincgnr ami A! Andersson of the Meiiipiiis Press-Scimitar flcu oiei flooded Pnducih " Kj ^"P' 1 wllich sliows Paducnirs .hiLslness section - completely submerged. The Ohib river Is at (he top of the picture. yesterday and look this photo- brought out from flooded areas, will be placed in a central feeding place and milked regularly by a corps of refugees'.:. The milk will be served the children with, their meals twice dally through the held • kitchens. Roland Green has been placed in charge of this work. •"are Is Not Elaborate Bui Keeps Stomachs Filled; Milk (or Children : Boiled potatoes, black eyed peas. spinach, coffee and bread made up Ihe bill oJ fare for dinner served lo 1200 nood refugees at the armory at 3:30 o'clock Ihis afternoon. This second meal for the day followed a breakfast -of oranges, salt meat, potatoes and cofTee. served at 10 o'clock. There is no complaint about tlie food., which is being prepared in tlie f armory:s kitchen, under the direction d'f the-Red Cross with Ptoyd iiite. in car '-'' \yiiite.; in, charge. BerL'- , n cookin J. by four refugee men the food in new .'boil- and rico .- ers. Dish washing is done by the women following each meal, served on long tables. These were made from the bleacher seats at the armory, and -are in" the drill room; , Since the camp was established the menu has also included iha'shed IMtatoes, slewed peaches prunes, bean soup, oatmeal, ind corn. : . Meals will ue served at. the nr- mory until Ihe two field kitchens are established at the relief camps for whites at Lilly and Railroad streets, and for the' negroes., north of the Chicago Mill grounds. Fresh, milk is supplied the children by a plan, which will- go into -force totiay. .Mllcli cows 'ossihle Precaution Taken ; to P re ven t Spread of Disease '. While no outbreak of contagious disease has been reported in .any Mississippi county, flood refugee concentration camp, health authorities t are enlarging their loroes to carry through p'rcvehtlUve'-pi&- grams and care for those who are ill froth exposure and other sickness incident to their evacuation. A baby, reported lo have shown symptoms of 'suffering froni hi- fantile . paralysis, was under observation of doctors at Manila today, .Tlie baby has been isolated from other persons-in an -improvised hospital. Scrum's for.use in typhoid and smallpox .immunization work, requested by health authorities ; iii radio messages, have arrived hero. Dr. Roy E. Schirmer of the county health unit, departed from Ely llieville about noon today with n quantity of scrum for use nt Manila ami Lenclivlllc. Hundreds.of vaccinations have already been made. Dr. Schirmer dispatched a telegram to the supervisor of nurses 'or the stale health 'department it Jonesboro asking thai additional nurses be sent here. He said that six would not be loo many. Red Cross nurses, requested by Miss Henrietta Wilkins In a message to St. Louis Red Cross head- quaiiers last night, had not ar. .-ivtd here at noon today but it.i understood that Ihey will bo placed on duty at Manila nnd Lcach- vllle. when they arrive if nurse; from the stale health dcpartincnl <lo not arrive here ahead of them M. Z. Blah-, chief sanllary engineer, of Ihc state health depart ment,; and James P. Slater, assist ant chief .sanitary engineer, ai'i supervising sanitation 'work .at camps in this county. Dr. John Smith of the slat health depaitment .has : also ar rived ' : here nnd is yvoiklnj; will Dr. Schirmer, In, i ,\i f,8 rf t U "•l«K |ix id\ Imd bfuUin .vl onlsttljl M moving irijf fiel Wi|isihn(firlii{ \)rja*'i othei n iris <ir Kciimcitj*-' ^oldill•s MM In 1 f'0\ A. 11 cli.indk'J' piocl muilvi lm !,iu juUfilny itn I tm medlntilj slips uiji l-ifirt'to )ji(n' in regular army troojis from |-\)it I tnj until lluilsjii Hid to sup- liliuiLnl Ihe !,inrdsnu;n nnd pdllu' •Sl\, liumlriil icyulii uunj men ire due to inrlvi! In Urnclur.- Ijj lishlfnll, with llicm arc coining' nny ensjIiH'er.s carrying ppHtqoii iliilpmi'iii,, '<, » Hit 1 onh oullimstlc mile >sai t lhi cilliu foieinst fni, Juid iqlilrrV That 1 meant linn rain no, Jollier would swell the yellow Ohio mid' Unit then 1 was n chime that som« raging li-ibuiiu-y .streams inlsilil he clogged ivl^i la Orders went out to remove M.OOO persons Irotn I'adiifuh and al- Icmpts were being iniidc'lo eyrtcii- alo. .smaller lovviis along [lie 1 Ohio. Mountain streams around Jenkins. Ky., broke their .Imnks 'nnd Ihe Kentucky' river was said lo J)C Vhn- iilng at the liljjlit'sl point hi hts- •lory, Weatiici- liureaiL.olficlals licve l)ouc\ci said" Ihc Kcnluc'iv ihpi might start falling soon. lilSillR .lit livillisvllll! RVANSV1LLK. l.nd , Jan. .28. ( UP — Flotxl wnlers of .Urn Ohio rive. pounded lo luoij lielqhls (odny lnuiHliill(ig otie-lhlid of Mils Inilus trim cits of 1031)00 The flood was ill f,2 feel. A'penk nf from 51 lo 5 1 ; feet «n;> fontos foi Itiui d.iv or liklnj 1 Im ri\e ': already lln-i-n feel higher than Hoods nf i!i:l'i Approximately 1D,COO iwi'sons liad liocn IUIIUM.(| fiom ihc(i Jionifs hevo Bin 1000 of tin m icmnlned In ihc dl\ jKiiifi I In himiLs of ntt<h- bni'f Aimihu fiOOQ probihlj will havf lomni b\ iildin Alontj ihe rlillre .soiitheni.' Indiana border, J4 i^uHU 1 . me iindci nui- Ihil lu 11 vas eslimilol nt )< ist .75.00U MIL hum li , All Imluin , foms fwijilit HIP lli)ufl'«li)fli ))M iiliiticlatid almost oni- ihli i of llu sliti UIM ml, of 1)0(1 (( c Ri'd ( tor Nilmnil <lu;uil Kim <kjasl, Ounid'im^ii and OIMINIIAU, I in if, (UP)- 1 An UHU » mi »hpi( i t e ttmil- >ii'd till line l \u uKitl iltj lochy ihc i h uni..fifth ol IK (iita « is nvctul l,\ tlip In uWsIt flixid wall i uf tin >H'lm, Ohio /In ul; mil fdiirlli of Ihc Mini! sum K nt M'I \uitn In (In its i ons liiyj b'((n usul disolle i!| Id Mli(,mn nnd tiucks i b'(Hii,lil hi wut"i fiiln «|i-sl|it 'jioft ililiAs dlslllli'd ,\Vt,u- iihl)n>nmd v,atti uny lo|in iff i>|!xk"U>iH liquid In lollies i\ fl( - In lAgnilldoUS (C- iinnd Die dlslillid water \ias .iljtr< 11'onod . fin hcxspllils 1 wn\>) »n4 hi in" tinned into lie clt; ii'aiiii foi Uo one liom leiliidV dnilv bill the pressure wns •o icm Midi valfi binelj dilppid from' friiieciwr,, iln ciillnl|id v^aln supply also •loMclid •V dfiiu.eious sanitation ircbldit Maybe Mae Ma^ Be Best in U. S]j Mne Medley, 20, nbovc was chosen New York's most at tractive clgaret girl, the cigar mnltcra who selected her als lilnfcd she wan Iho loveliest i the erillre coimlry. Mae may b i From Detroit, she works Jn todiij, Ihi' ohip had brcn I Jin^^nllv ' Malloiuui foi sueml lorn , in 80 fiej It? highest le^el !u hlsloi}' bringing hnjic Ihe tit-it Imd passed and It socm would h^iu lo iceiile H wns the city's.third day under nn cuwrgcncv dlclnlorshlp. City 'ialH (Uielded against declaration of ninrllnl law, hut gnvo. na- tlonnl. i^'iirtlsmcn aiHl policemen n- freo hand in. prcvcnling fl hyi.U'iin nn<l t'liforcinK orders In qonserve ntllitlra, • > • i ' •New York dubi Woman Siics Over "Coaster" NOIUVAUC, O (UP)— Mis I, A Hill/ of Black Mountain N C., a former resident of Nonvnlk, Is asking $25,000 damages In n. suit aunlnst a manufactuici of toaslei ' can The jictillon slates MI Hill/ suireied sciioii-; in- Jmies while ihlini; one of (he cars. OliAND ..FORKS. N. D. (UP) — Mof^ lni\ii 4.:iOO men from 217 CCC camps In' :i3 slale.s-'nre Inking correspondent!} courses from the University of .Noi'lh ,Dakota. Plo- iiening in the field of C'CO cdn- tatioii n spaclid depalllnent w is established !\i Hit unlveisltj In .Feluimry, lill r >. riil!n.ili;lphta; .bniiijht Us flie-fi^hlini' jppiifltus fiotn land in 1710, (list WF HAVb SI CURED IHE SIKV1CIS OF AN KXI'EUIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will c'rainntco to reptili your radio lo i'.rst cliiss condition. A Complete I.lno at Tubes and I'iris - - Best 1'rlces Tire & Hat. Co, Phone 476 DOES BLADDER IRRITATION WAKE YOU UP? ' It's not normal, it's nature's warning, "Danger Ahead." Make this 25c test. Use buchu leaves, juniper oil, and G other drugs made into little green tablets, to flush out excess acids and Impurities. Excess acids can cause irritation resulting in getting up nights, scanty How, frequent desire, burning, backache, and leg pains. Just say Bukets to your druggist. In 1 MADE four days if not pleased your 25c TAKE HOME A SIX-BOTTLE BAG WITH ARKANSAS RICE Distributed by — j^. .. ..u v ^jt^ivji-vi. juui £*A; i uisinumcd DV will be refunded. City Drug Store. MIDWEST DISTRIBUTING CO •Adv.Bm'BIytheYllle.Ark. - - - phone 03 take BLACK- DRAUGHT PiikfLY VEGETABLE LAXATIVE OP BLACK-DRAUGHT <£aslly given to Children FOR SALE Immediate Delivery Or Built To Order BARKSDALE MFG. CO, 200 N. 2nd. Phone 19 come m on say MILDNESS Well You There's w 'Chestet For the good things smoking can give you 1917. II«ITT fc M«m Tosicco Co.

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