Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 21, 1976 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1976
Page 7
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So CIS LlT6 . .In Town and Country MR. AND MRS. RICK HEFLEY (Dorthell Gray) EAGLEFORUM Guest speaker for the July 12 meeting of Eagle Forum was Leroy Hayden from Satanta. Hayden, a Democrat, is running for 39th District, Senator. His talk centered on his viewpoints on various subjects, and a'question and answer period followed. President Verna Koehn opened the meeting by reading a poem entitled "You Remembered," concerning the American flag. Upcoming events include a garage sale, a public service project of providing rides to the polls on primary election day August 3, a booth at the county fair, and an all-day workshop. GOLDEN VALLEY EHU Seven members of Golden Valley EHU met at the home of Ora Higgins July 13. Anna M. Parrish presented the lesson. ' , The unit will furnish ice cream and Ora Higgins will furnish the cake for those with birthdays at Iva Whitely Foundation. BEACON LIGHT EHU Pat Mayo and Barbara Coleman were hostesses for 11 members and nine guests of Beacon Light EHU during a Bicentennial program July 13. Following a Yankee Doodle Dinner, Elaine Mayo gave a demonstration, Diane Fillmore gave a report on the $2 bill, Kathy Jones gave a report on Frances Scott Key, Connie Christensen reported on the Declaration of Independence, and Nancy Odgers told about the song "Yankee Doodle." A health report was given by PageS Garden City Telegram Wednesday, July 21,1976 Lois Mayo, and a cultural arts report was given by Barbara Coleman. BPW Pat Finney, a member of the High Plains Villages board of directors, was guest speaker for the July 14 meeting of Business and Professional Women's Club. She .outlined the Village's financial needs, and stressed the need for community involvement to 29 members present. Upcoming events include a board meeting at the Warren Hotel August 7, and the visit August 11 of the ninth district director from Dodge City. (A/it man - •nut*. (Jur Ijab • Dorthell Gray and Rick 'Hefley exchanged marriage '.vows June 26 at the Church of ,'Christ. Jerry Monroe officiated for the 6 p.m. double|ring ceremony. ; The bride is the daughter of | Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Cantr'ell, ;611 Garden City Ave. Parents I of the groom are Mr. and Mrs. ! Richard Hefley, 1114 Per! shing. !- Candelabras with yellow and white carnations decorated the church. Kathy Monroe and Dave Mahan sang "Twelvth of Never" and "A Time For Us." Given in marriage by her step-father, the bride chose a gown of white organza flocked with tiny yellow roses. The empire waist was defined with yellow ribbon, and the high neckline featured a ruffle. She wore a white summer hat, and u 'a me KERRY BARTHOLOMEW is the name chosen for their son by Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Garcia, West Haven Mobile earned a bouquet of yellow Home Park. He was born June roses, white daisies and 21 Grandparents are Mr. and white ribbon Mrs. Bartolo Rojas. HOLLIRENAE is the name TKe rose garden in Finnup Park was the setting June 12 for the marriage of Sheila Kay Witman and Steven Charles Schnur. The Rev. Nellie Holmes of the First United Methodist Church officiated for the 11 a.m. ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Ted Witman,'302 Bridesmaids were Mrs. Joyce Zahnter and Peggy Zimmerman. They wore gowns of beige and brown, and large- brimmed garden hats. Lloyd Zahnter was best man. Groomsmen were Terry Burp and Gary Higgin, Wichita. Donita Schnur, sister of the groom, was flower girl, Live and Learn— Learn to Live The body should be treated as a unit. Use your Subconscious Mind. Increase Your Potential. One hundred and twenty minute cassette by Dr. V.A. Leopold. Many Interesting Experiences in fifty years of practice. A lesson in each', Professional-Educational. Also suitable for Study Club Program. $10.00 postpaid. Money back guarantee. Allow three weeks. i-V\ <. .:.. ....... ' . Leopold Tape Company, Box 914 Garden City, Kansas 67846 yellow and streamers. Leanne Siguentes, Fprt Worth, Tex., served her sister chosen for the daughter of M. as matron of honor. She wore L - Battin - 509 Chesterfield a gown similar to the bride's, Drive - Sne was born June 24. and a yellow hat. EASTHER JANE is the Dale Stevens was best man. name chosen for their Teddy Sifuentes and Lonnie .daughter by Mr. and Mrs. Gray, nephews of the bride, Julian Gonzales, Holcomb. lighted tapers. Ringbearer She was bom June 25. was Daniel Sifuentes, Fort CLINTON DAVID is the Worth, nephew of the bride, name given their son by Tim Hefley, brother of the Dennis and Bonnie Burgardt, groom, was usher. Holcomb. He was born June E. Price, and Mrs. Phyllis^, Larry Zimmerman, cousin of Schnurr and the late Charles the bride, was ringbearer. Schnurr, Wichita. The bride, given 29. in marriage by her father, wore her mother's wedding gown of white slipper satin. It featured a draped yoke which extended from an off-shoulder neckline, a fitted bodice and full skirt which extended into a cathedral train. Her three- quarter length veil fell from a cap of lace and pearls, and she carried & bouquet of yellow roses and daisies. Debbie Cobb served her sister as matron of honor. A reception followed at the Armory building, with Penny and Phyllis Zimmerman in charge of the guest book. Assisting were Mrs. Teresa Schiffelbein and Mrs. Cecile Clymer. . • . Honor guests were Elizabeth Witman and Viola Leeper, both Garden City, and Almira Rankin, Elkhart, grandmothers of the couple. After a wedding trip to Yellowstone National Park and Washington, the couple is at home in Garden City. Ann Landers A reception followed at the home of the groom's parents. Assisting were Sharon Gray, sister-in-law of the bride, and Leanne Sifuentes, sister of the bride. Honor guests were Mr. and Mrs. Farmer Hefley and Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Beery, grandparents of the groom. The bride is a graduate of Castleberry High School at Fort Worth, Tex. The groom is a graduate of Wheeler (Tex.) High School and attended She also invited her in-laws to warn her. She couldn't sales. Well, today I was really Clarendon Junior College. He who brought their 15-year-old believe it and insisted I must lucky. I bought three dresses ;., «~,vi j / b y M aster son. We had a pleasant have lost the $70 elsewhere. 1 a|i half price. They were evening but when I got home, I Last evening, the in-laws originally marl Young Thief Needs Counseling DEAR ANN LANDERS: Some time ago I went to my daughter's house for dinner. She also invited her in-laws her of the incident. I was certain the young boy had taken the money and wanted This is what she said: "As you know, Harry, I always watch the paper for is employed Feeders. •- ' After a wedding trip Colorado, the couple is home in rural Satanta. to discovered $70 was missing at from my wallet.. I phoned my daughter to tell (Published in The Garden City Telegram, Wednesday, July 21, 19?6) 1976-1977 BUDGET—NOTICE OF HEARING 1 PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, in compliance with the provisions of K. S. A. 1975 Supp. 79-2939, that the govem- ing body of Garden City Unified (j>457) school district, F-innay County, Kansas will meet on the 2nd day of August. 1979, a t flrflfl o'clock, P M, at 211 Jones Avenue for the purpose of hearing objections and answering questions of taxpayers relating to the following budget and the proposed tax levy, and considering amendments relating thereto. . I .Clerk. President. PROPOSED TAX LEVIES BY FUNDS Tangible Valuation FUNDS General Social Security Capital Outlay Vocational Education Transportation ,. . . Special Kducution {Workmen's Compensation. . .Adult ICiliieutim) 1974. * 8.i,.i5n,wi,nn Year 1974-1975 Tax Hates !5.60 2.62 .10 Expenditures s 3, 715, 202. Ot 199.553.2! 958,964. 7f 1 39.647.3( __ 215.127.4; JU5J18.JK 1 il.'o-op Special Kilucalimi XXX 735. 408. 7£ [Driver Training X X Xi 16.643.5( Tumi Service. .xxx 372,853^7' mm* 93,n5fi,47n-nn Year 1975-1976 Tax Hates 21. 6< -til XXX xxx xxx Expenditures * 4,272,461.00 186.055.40 1,576,307.94 47,737.09 252,144.23 uajmjKL ssuaQLii IZJSSa.OB ..423,661,45 io7« f in4 1 iB5 1 ??7 nn Tax Hlitrs 23.37 2.23 TT7C _L,44 -L43 Year 1978-1977 Expenditures 3t 4,721,500.00 7 263.934.70 3 355,371.09 9 202,632.00 283,725-00 4 l/ia^ZS.jQQ xxxi U25JL.2Z8.JM xxx 1 - 23_,28CLQQ xxx> 5ia»765J2Q ;•••-- - , • ", •• -• | j • • - • Bond & Interest #457 ! Bum! anil Interest "T 2.94i 219,534.23 3.93 154.195751 T.ital. . . . .35.71. s .. 6J4J.J98.61l Taxes 1'er SKNI.IMI IniU'litedness Kniiils-lliiisiaiiilini! Temporary Notes No-l-'nnil \VaiTanis ' Total I-V R'MIS r . '.t ieneral Social Security < 'apitul Outlay Vncalioiial Kilucalion Transportation ( Special Kilucation -Workmen's ( 'ompi-nsition Ailull Kilucalion t 'o-op Special Kililcaliou Driver Training }MHII| Services •Bond & Interest #1 IJiilliI llliil Inleresl #457 -- Tirtal K.vprmlituri.* $3-57 . ... ! Julv 1. 197-1 < 1,895,000.00 " -0-0- 3 Ail V.ili>li-iii ItcVI-llllt- i ruin-Hi Vc.ii I 7-1 •"(! hi 12-11-77) « 2,387.386.00 2j8.j573.05 1Z3.-941.50 132,959.19 . -014.6,553.66 xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 136..336.13 328.202.26 3 s l4 359 ,446". 38 3.06 149.116.85 3."2li3 "" "362 2.5018 146 33.93 S 8,4.85,405.60 135, 9M* 8,281 S 3 -39 Julv 1, 1975 $ 2,100,000.00 • • • -0-0- s 7-l-7(llii 12-11-77 (llhci Iti-M-imc lliiilinloTax in I'll u ess llatiiiu rs *. Sl.ilc t. l-'cilcrui * IICM-IIUI-I : < 4.694.864.00 167,429,00 223.095,59 135.685.81 397.215,00 7U.333.34 -0-0- 1,253,278.00 33,756.00 726.271.00 106,338.87 403.016.74 * 3,548,891.79!* 8,219,283.35 * 3-59 July 1, 197 « 4,615 s 7-|.7m,i TuliS llc\'ciii •t 7,082 395 397 283 397 224 1.253 33 726 242 731 * 11,768 ,640,0.0 .143.75 ,194,54 6 ,000.00 -0-" -0- ,250.00 ,902.05 .037.09 ,685.00 ,215.00 ,687.00 .278.00 .756.00 .271.00 .675.00 .219.00 .175.14 AD VALOREM TAX REVENUE!! BY YEAH (if'iicrul Fund Tax Hevenue Honil & Interest Tux #457 Ifcvcmie #J DiliiT TII.V Ili'veniii' Total-. I<J7J.|<)75 Actual (AiiuMiitLi-iii-il) 1975- 11)7(1 Aclilal {Ammml Levied) $ : j;6go,~3 38.96 i »"" '1^534,887.72 249,427.83 " 217,040.49 113,674.42 170.036.00 $ 2,133,477.21 114,960.58 432.662.41 * 2J99.551.20 . III7B- 1(177 (Aliimml l.i-vii-U) $ 2,387 328 136 6% t 3,548 ,3.86.00 ,202.26 ,316,13 .967 4Q .891,79 were guests in my home. Again they brought the boy. This morning I left for the store, thinking I had $14 in my purse. When I attempted to pay for a purchase, I discovered only small change. My wallet was empty. Now I'm sure that the boy is a thief. In two weeks I will be entertaining the entire family at my home. The in-laws will be there, including, of course, the boy. How can I safeguard the purses of my guests? (The women usually put them on the bed or on the dresser). I don't want to embarrass anyone. — Up Against It Dear Up: Engage a sitter (ostensibly as a maid) to help the ladies with their wraps. Ask her to remain full-time in the bedroom and keep an eye on the purses. (No details need be given). That boy needs professional help — and soon. Let's hope someone has the courage to suggest it to his parents. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: A nutty divorced woman moved next door. She has a son, six, and a daughter, seven. The son can't play with girls and the daughter can't play with boys, because their screwball mother says all the trouble in the world starts with sex and she doesn't want her children to "get involved." What can we say to our youngsters when this woman, orders them to stay away? — K.T.B. Dear K.T.B.: Tell your children they shouldn't go where they aren't wanted. No other explanation is necessary. But let's hope those unfortunate neighbor kids get enough wholesome exposure at school to offset the crippling effects of their sick mother. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Yesterday my wife announced right after dinner, "I saved you $105 today." I was very eager to learn how she did it because this woman has always been a big spender. ^leai The Lakin First United Methodist Church was the setting June 19 . for the marriage of Robin Rae Henderson and Ronald Ray Loeppke. The Rev. Duane Harms officiated for the 10 a.m. double-ring ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mrs. Shirley ,Henderson and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Loeppke, all Lakin. Altar of the church was decorated with two bouquets of while lies, yellow majestic daisies and baby's breath, Mrs. Carl Bentrup, Deerfield, was organist, and played traditional wedding music. Soloists were Stan Salmans, Scott City, and Gary Kopper, Garden City. Their selections included "If",, "Through the Years", and "Always". Given in marriage by her grandfather, Orlie A. White, the bride chose an original gown of silk organza over satin peau. It featured a fitted bodice of alencon lace, scalloped scoop neckline, cap sleeves, and a semi-full skirt extending into a chapel-length train. She wore a fingertip veil, and carried a cascade of yellow rose . buds, white daisies and baby's breath. Maid of honor was Kathy Minehan, Cascade, Mt. Bridesmaids were Marcia Godell, Dutton, Mt., and Mrs. Kathi Sullivan, Lakin. They wore gowns of flocked floral net over blue satin with yellow ae \Jow& sashes at the waist. Bruce Loeppke, Lakin, served his brother as best man. Groomsmen were Dan Baker, Ennis, Ml., and Mark Wiatt, Lakin. Ushers were Rob Storey, Ennis, Mt., Dana Cooper, Spokane, Wash., Slant Salmans, Scott City, and Gary Kopper, Garden City. A reception followed at the church. Honor guests were Mr. and Mrs. Orlie A. White, Lakin, and Mr. and Mrs. Vern Crowder, Raymond, Colo. The bride is a graduate of Lakin High School, attended Montanta State University at Bozeman, and will be a senior in chemical engineering at KU this fall. The groom also is a graduate of LHS, Garden City Community College, Mon- tanta State University, and has entered the medical school at KU this summer. After a wedding trip to the Denver area, the couple is at home in Kansas City. Calendar oi Social Events WKONESIMV ODD FELLOWS AND REBEKAHS - 6i30 p.m.. all-branch family picnic supper. Mrs. Myrtle Whitchcud. THURSDAY PRENATAL CLASSES - 7 to 9 p.m., St. Catherine Hospital, classroom 1, in basement of new north addition. No charge, expectant parents Invited. KR1DAY NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS COFFEE—9 a.m.. Dorothy Hubbard. 1706 W. Kansas. MR. AND MRS. RONALD RAY LOEPPKE ' (Robin Rae Henderson) Mrs. McKay Miles, Garden City, has been called to Geary, Okla., to attend the funeral of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Louise Warkentin, who died July 10 at Geary. LIVE! AT THE GRAIN BIN "NEW MORNING BAND" 9:30 - 12:30 you imagine THREE $75 dresses for $105.?" • I really got sore. The woman has a closet full of dresses that she bought at sales and she's never put them on her back. They don't fit right, they are too short pr too long, or she is "waiting for the style to come back." We are in debt up to our necks because my wife can't resist a bargain. I talked to our minister last year and he said, "Close all the charge accounts — she's a charge-a- holic." Tell me what to do.— Poorhouse Here I Come Dear Poorhouse: Take the clergyman's advice — NOW. You'd be doing your wife a favor. Some people need protection from themselves and compulsive buyers are at the top of the list. * * * Don t tiunK your cnemistry test. Love is more than one set of glands calling to another. If you have trouble making a distinction you need Ann's booklet, "Love or Sex and How to Tell the Difference." Send a long-self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request and 50 cents in coin to Ann Landers, P. 0. Box 1400, Elgin, 111. 60120. IT'S SO SIMPLE AND EASY TO TAKE YOUR FILM TO MELLERS PHOTO DRIVE-IN STORE in Garden City On Taco John's Parking Lot—303 E. Kansas PICTURE AMERICA ON AMERICAN-MADE COLOR PRINT PAPER COUPON General Electric flash without batteries The sell-powered flaihcube FltsallX-lnstamalicor Pocket Instamatic cameras Coupon good lor on* WMk LIMIT 3 PACKS MELLERS PHOTO DRIVE-IN STORE . Taco John's Parking Lot in Garden City COUPON MONEY SAVING COUPON AND IJISIIUH.SKMKNTS OK TKXTBOOK RENTAL RfVMI.VIIVC Kt'.M) Hi-ccijits (incluiliiu; luilance fonvanlnl) I.CSH: DisburKmnetils Cash Uulunee, (i :)il 7-J-7-)lo 6-30-75 32,962,10. 30.781.40 7-1 -75 to 6-30-76 37.962,60 31.441.Rfi _.2,lBQ t 7p_. .6,522,7.4 STEAMATIC* • Carpet Cleaning . Furniture Cleaning FREE ESTIMATES 276-7138 Lee Scott, Mrg, MO\RI Gus leads the league in laughter ..the miracle mule who kicks 100-yard field goals I SAT SUN MW. JAWS Tim terrifying motion picture from the terrifying No. 1 best seller. WMT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS presents , EDWARD ASNER, DON KNOTTS, GARY GRIMES and THI rnyuuv as & ai.^ LIBERTY WLLIAMS. I m MiniMr Cimkcase OCX MM mTTEN. HAflOLB GOULD ARTHUR ALSBERG oc53 NELSON ""T'EO KE Y "ml MILLER ROY SHAW RICHARD DREYFUSS I« WMWOHKK mmm • mmm • m mm • -mm PCM PG PAKNTAlOUIDANCESIXrttSUD SOME MATERIAL MAY NOT BE ttf ^. SUITABLE FOR PHE-TEENAGERS ^^ ...MAYUTOOynOfil fMYDUHOWCHILBWH Plus "FEAR IS THE KEY'

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