The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1034 BLYTHEVn,I,B, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS PAGR THREW Kitchen Transformation Wide Scleclion of Malcr- ials mi(i Finishes Is Available lo Owners Home owners inking advantage of the National Housing Am id modernize and repair uropertle'i should give due consideration to HOOTS. Too great care cannot be given to the solmlon of materials and workmanship | U laying and j finishing (his part of the Generally speaking, hardwood floors are intended to be finished to display the natural beauty nt •the texture and grain of the wood A transparent finish is commonly used io permit the natural beauty of hardwood lo remain visible, while In olher cases the floor is stained lo obtain desired interior decorative' effects. Softwood floors are sometimes given a natural or stained finish to display the pnttcgis made by the alternating bands of spring- wood and siinimerwoot) growth. Often softwood floors nre painted or covered with' carpels or used as a IJIEO floor for other types of flooring material?. llanhvuods Used Among Die hardwoods most commonly used for flooring nre white oak, red oak, hard maple, birch and beech. The ring-porous growth of oak gives beautiful and grain effects in plain-sawed fluorine; while the "silver ilakes" on lhe surface of cinarter-sawetl white oak flcorlne are highly prized for their beauty and charming effects. Hard maple, birch and beech are very nne-iextnred hardwoods of exceptionally slow-wearing qualities and desired for their simplicity of coloring. Dougla.vflr, southern yellow pine, hemlock, white pine, pondosa pine, and larch are among the most commonly used softwoods used for flooring. The softwoods do not have textural patterns of pores, as i in the case of oak, but derive their Kraln" effect from thc harder, denser summerwood which offers contrasting effects the. lighter- colored and softer springwood. It, Is the difference in hardncs3 ; -be- iween the summcrwood and spring- wood that makes the edge or ver- licn! grain softwood, flooring preferred to plain-sawed softwood flooring, especially where the floor Is subjected to hard usage. Strip Floors Common Strip flooring is the most common type.of wood flooring. Hardwood strip flooring usually has a narrower face than the case of softwood flooring and is side ;ind end matched to make a found, tight and strong floor. Softwood strip flooring is side matched and' is now available end matched. In addition, wood flooring is available in different qualities or grades and of differenl prices so that there is a kind and quality suitable for every degree of beauty, service and "pocketbook." Novelty wood floors are in common use for those who wish variations from strip flooring. Not only are they available in oak, maple, walnut, cherry, pine, fir, and many olher woods, but lliey nre available In many types and designs. Plank flooring of random widths, clear or antique, and plain or quarter sa\vcd, is used for special effects. Parquet, flooring alio is available in plain and qunrtcr- sawed wood and is popular because of lhe many beautiful patterns in which it may be laid, such as the squnrc block, basket ^ herringbone patterns: mcrous combinations of smal Pieces, blocks and strips in the •same kind <ir combinations of different, kinds of wood. , The choice of wood or woods for flooring a home is a matter of personal tasle. If the nv/rring is to be painted, Ihen thc clearest quality Is not needed, if the center of the room Is lo lie covered with a r«» then lhe longer and clearer piece? of flooring can l>c used for borders A slain, such as driftwood-brown used on a' floor made O f second quality material win usually give il thc appearance of a floor made of first, quality material. A comparatively modest aim invested in the kitchen can bring about lhe Improvement .shown in 111- n!> illustrations, finch work is nov. I loan. 1 ; mud« .-.vaiJuble Ihraugh private rredlt channels by the Fodoral IluujiJng Adinlnlstmllon. Scientific Study Embraced In Modern Kilchen Planning Much is expected of Ihe modern kitchen. True to its Increasing importance, this room is receiving more altenlion every day from the standpoint of both convenience and decoration. The kitchen should have a (if!c, compact, step-saving w area, with plcnly of cabinets. A sary Hem. No storasc space should be too high for comfortable reach Cabinet tops, stove lind table;, he ut convenient wnrklng heifhU. compact, step-saving working! cabinets, should all' be In lhe kllehen cleanliness Is an requirement. Sink, stove . should all be selected with easy cleaning as 11 primary consideration. A floor of tile, linoleum, or olher easily cleaned material should be.used; and washable walls arc als'o necessary. Nev- rcctnnsular floor space offers Ihn most iibsslbllMes. One side should be equipped for the preparation of 7iie.ils,' and the ether for clearing ajvay. In this way, work can pros- er should there be ress from one step to Ihe next without loss of time or effort. Tlie sink, at a height of 34 Inches, should ho central to both . 1UU4 ,,, S woli ,. 0 vcnn the preparation and clearing units, | in now so i ( i ,„ such and in a cross stove. On tlic position to preparation tlic - - any corners, nooks and crannies where dirt may dge and resist removal. Kitchen equipment, as well as flooring, wall covering and drapes, a variety of should be grouped the refrigerator nml food storage spaces, a cabinet with a working surface, the stove, serving" surface. ''HTc clear- side should have a s colors thai is is possible to develop schemes soft or riotous in effect, as personal inclination dictates. Thc logical time to dress up the old kitchen, making il, more con' a room lo be proud utensils, urc and , and utensils. Ul 311lr. Ul JIUIUUllVU, for clean dishes and cabinels for dishes K, i of in this era of refri There .should be n balanced grouping of cupboards on each side. Utilization of the guesl.,. is now, from S1H) lo 52,000 are being is- , sued for "renovizing" by numcr- CTJS local -/iiKuicial agencies. Un usually easy to repay, these loan making improvements possi. _, dci- ihe sink, stove and tables will provide compact storage hi I] smallest kilchen lor every neee „.. v^..,,,,,; musing improvements possi- -unen, eaving open spaces ixr- ,pace un- hie for property owners who would lwcc " them and the frames which ables will otherwise feel unable to increase Icak vns t amounts of heat In other the value and conveniences of their 1)0 «ses, heat is wasted by poorlv fit- hnmpc iiiri iniiM ;>xr.r. rrrl Qnclinc- n it,i _i •* and btiildin iar should be cut to the T) 71 /-, T is and the lining an-j UCtUOVaniC CjlUSS Makes All-Year 'Room 0!' Porch eatsd. (hn cod. proper lengths and the 1 plied from the floor up. The cedar boards should be nailed horizontally and should cover tho wall flush lo the ceiling. When laying the ceiling boards, they shou!;! be jilace;! at right- angles to the cellinj joists. Proper measuring and There is really no need to abandon the porch and its pleasant vie • Every Home Should Have a Cedar-Lined Closet The modem home, builders say, should have at least one closet that is cetiar lined. It is a simple operation to transform one of Ihe existing closets inlo such a. storage cupboard by simply rclinlng the walls and ceiling with cedar. Before buying ihe material, which comes In planks a charter of an inch thick, measure (lie «'alls and ceiling to ascertain the quantity necessary [or the Job. Plaster makes .•> good Insulator wnen covered, so it fs not necessary l .°, "™ove it bslore placing Ihe ce- t, , h° '? cale lhe studdJng, gently tap the plaster until the sound Ini, m ", S °" d toui " ! "tt'»i. verify- g II Is by driving a nail through , t » » c nd ceiling joist,, h&* been In-, A half inch moulding along the] » f nails _ ._ u . <itivi tullll -. 11M ,, will hide the Joints h" This'Is "desired". Use Parailci Vertical Wires {or Picture Hanging Do not hang any picture by a Finglr- wire 'thai lorms a triangle cis il reaches over a hook at the picture moulding. Two wires, which I me in with me color, of the wall, should IK used, one al each side ol tile picture, nnd they should extend in parallel, vertical lines 'to Uvo hooks at the picture mould- ing.. In lianeitig small pictures il often possible to use llmmb KS and a very short, wire at Ih.«ck of Ihe picture which does not • how at nil beyond lhe frame Pictures should be ming 'nnt gainst, the Wnll. Under ordinary circumstances they should be Ju4 il eye level so that they can easily Je Men. ' U is boiler not, to hang pictures n groups, lint lo make each i>i c 2 Part «f a furniture group. For Removable glass panes Weatherstripping un;u JnomulIlP aiCHlf the ,,,^i-^ ,, ,. ----•-•--•*• e-iw |> the floor and ceiling lines ^ 'livable the entire year-iu- ,1.., !_.... ,- ., . 'I . Mllllil tile .SllnShlTIn in 1tr<,,«~.. «„.! _ the sunshine in winter am, COD] brcc/ea in Hummer. Removable glass panes for the IKirch are made to order by window nnd conservatory manufacturers There 'are dozens of styles to harmonize with all kinds of architecture nnd to suit individual tastes es Tnc pnrch needs only lo IK insu- nt. the roof and floor before! Roofing, Painting and Variety of Repairs Arc in t\ Housing Question Box A numu;r of homes In Blylnevntc 1 other and with new rools, paint and modernization features. Mr. and Sirs. J. M. Fowler, Davis avenue, are having Iheir bungalow repainted, : Painting and minor repairs are In progress lit the Iloss D. Hughes "evidence on Kentucky avenue. A garage ts being built at Ihe A. A. Graves home on Division street. Paul Green we 11. at 1037 Chicka- sawta, who almost coiislantly is do- Ing something to Improve his home, is having soma new features lidded lo lhe interior. , John nnmbolaskl, noi Cliicka- snwlia, is having several closets made by removing partitions and Is also li-AvUig some reiiecornllng done. A roam is being constructed at (he rear of Hie Cecil Lowe grocery, Yarbro road, where C. R. Maddux, who was in lhi> harness business here lor a number of years, will again open such a business. Mrs. M. o. Goodwin is having her residence at Tenth and Ash improved by general repairs. New paint and oilier repairs are improving lhe .1. D. Booker home on South Seventeenth street. The servants' house al the residence of Mrs, M. B. Cox is being remodeled. Thc C. p. Tuckers' country home Is being redecorated and Mr. Tucker is also having some Improvements made on a number of liis tenant houses. Cmiway and Redman are having number of tenant house.", built on their land near Manila. The George Bunch residence at Yarbro Is be-In); painted and HIR interior papered. The family nome of George Florida, at Osceola, Is being completely remodeled with a room and double garage added to the present building. The house will be re- roofed and redecorated Uiraugliout. S. P. Johnson, who lives on the S. T. Bogess farm near Clear Lake, Ls having some papering and interior decorating done to hfs home. A new roof is being put on DIP barn al Hie A. W. Bowen farm at North Sawba. Mr. Dowen resides at Osceola; The interior of Mrs. G. M. Denton's home at Manila Is being remodeled. : ,;I«1I' W. D. Hatfield is 'building n barn nt his farm :il Huffman. Weatherstripping Saves Money on Home Heating Unseen and often unusupecled, "eat creeps out of cracks and cold creeps in windows and doors of many houses In winter, and the fuel Ml fs proportionately high, window sashes in old houses are often •iimmken, leaving open spaces ixr- . - operate a cafe In a building which i have leased for five years. Would R & 110SS | WC tol . , w l(> ^ low sumclont money to Improve UV llv landlord Is not lilsjxMod to dci A. Yes, if your lease does not ex- Pii<! until sis months after the date when last payment on your loan is Klue uud ihe lending agency ,,,j. vicinity are being Improved 1 proves your loan implication as clUi- "-• -- - tlic National Houslnr Ible Act, Q. 1 intend to make several ri>- . Hi's in nl y f url]1 j )ro pi>ny provided I am able t<i negotiate the necessary wan. i want'to know u it would b" permissible for me to superintend the work as there. Is no contractor in OILS neighborhood, A Yes. if tbe lending agency Is satisfied there should be no objection, under the Housing Administration regulations. Q. May a group of building supply houses form a finance company '°r the purpose of financing the renovation mid mi>iler»b,itlon of "omes? if .so will such loans be eligible for Insurance under I be •cdcnu Homing Act? A. Yes. Several such agencies uive been formed n;id i| )e loans are Insured if the financial set up is approved by Ihe Housing Administration. Q. What Is the minimum .salary nccrssary to qualify for a loan. _ A. Loans mo made cm rlmrudi'r g In ihe romnmnlly H | K | to repay. The unminf ineomi- of Hit; borrower must b« ul | eus t S Hmi'.s Ihe amouiii of his aninml puy- Q. My luiiiso is |,,miy completed. but not tuilslu-d. With M.liOO In SI.W 1 can finish it up and move I". It ts free of incumlminre. will » tank lend me the money under your retaliations to complete il A. Then- Is nothing |,, |),<. N ,|_ lionul Housing Act lo prevent II. U Is cnllrely up to Ihe hank, llmv- <w, It inlglil »,• advisable for you lo uwull tin- ,'iuly piibllciillon of tile morlKnge Imurimcc provisions nf llic in:t. under this you could probably put an Insured mortgago on your home, at a low rate rim- nlng over 10 lo in years or longer, while under I), L , Dioiienii/atloii plan the loan must be paid within three veins, or at ihe most nnil the monlhly paym iarlly higher. Um ypllls nt | s H,M- <}. I mn planning to make a breakfast romn nut of an ulil puii- li'y. I am told Unit evorylliln R bul Ihe furnllnre ran Iw linunced under Hie tenus of llic National Housing Ael. can't breakfast room |,>,- nlture be Included? j A. The furniture may lui Included if built In and stnttunary. Movablu breakfast room furniture cannol )>n financed, with an Insured limn. KM ?Jh pond. These need not he large to be clfecllre. es and doors. This wasteful practice of lioatlny the outdoors can be avoided in mam eases by properly wealhcr&lriiiping all windows and doors with one of llic many materials on the market manufactured for this purpose Fuel savings resulting f rom WKl - iherstripping have been known lo be as high as 8 per cent of thc total iuel bill, in many cases Fed•"' Housing Administration prop- improement toa, t. ___ . . . •«.•! to can be tor repaid from savings in the fuel bill. 1'ainf ibc Oiilleis Convenience outlets placed 24 nches above the floor and painted o match the wall arc more cotivcn- "ut and attractive than unpalnted oullcts located near (he floor' Brighten Up Halls — --- u». ,«.,„,<;. . Dar K. old halls nnd vestibules lh» glns.s ir, installed and weather-I w '" h woodwork finished in dark stripped, making the, porch n wca-l coi °« will be remarkably Miter llier-tighl sun room, when Sum- if tllc woodwork and walls are re- comes again, the panes are " nlsll( 'd In light colors, i cloivii as easily as screens are icmovi-d in the Pall, ami 0\e room ate! mer again becomes a pleasaiil Porch. This improvement is eligible for financing by Federal Housing Art- jninislratioii property improvement loans. Practically all porches lend themselves well in lhe installation if removable glass, which improves <l:e appearance as well as comfort Of tin- horn,- if (he proper sl.vle Is group, Thc number of pictures you us rtctermim-d O y the size of the •com. Pictures hung too close, to. jether give a disorderly appear- in^. Tt Is beilci- to have Ju.u a cw goi.Kl pictures carefully hung mtl when In doubt use the lesser 15ase Vlugs for tlie rearr;inge< nsui of furniture, are limited un- <ess an adequate number of electrl- cni convenience outlets is provided "> every side or the room. Read Courier ttewa want, Adj. .... Wl Window Groove When a window snsh sticks so that, il cannot be started by pull- iert to thc grooves' will help. Control by Switches If wall brackets are controlled f switches, many nniieccssory fps, taken to turn them on and off. are saved. Each pair should be controlled by the same switch System Valuable Help in Comball- ing Dry Wcalliei- Homc owners who are sowing ttiss thta fall are presumably look- Ing forward lo raising a beautiful verdant lawn next year. However to grow .satisfactorily, grass must' be watered properly. Prtnier watering can be achieved by the use, of the hose, but it must be dragged from place to place and held while lhe lawn drinks Its rill. Sontp sprinklers apply water irregularly and often too fast for the eround'lo nh- sorb, drowning the young grass. Young gra-te needs a slow, even application In n mint-like spray. There are many commercial sprinklers on lhe market that are suitable. One of the most satisfactory is perhaps the permanent underground system. Pipes nrc placed under thc surface of lhe ground, connecting the water system of the house with permanent openings on lhe lawn, whicli are provided with sprinklers (Bat give a eentle, rain- like distribution of water. It is important lhal a way lo drain the piixis In winter be provided. A thorough watering once, or not more than twice a week with a good system will guarantee the hopeful home owner a lawn lhat will be the envy of his nelglinors. Frequent watering will encourage deep roots lhal I,,)]) - Uc noJc (0 fc!t< , h farther into thc ground for food than would otherwise be possible. A good sprinkler system will apply the water evenly and gently, it is n good item lo include in the list of Better Ifous- Leveling Linoleum Linoleum that, is bulged or loos- ned around Die corners anil edges an be made fast to (he floor with plasilc, rooting cement. Hrttrr Wear Ite.slslaiu-e yenr-reslslhij; colored waxes and ll'jnld polishes for phili, atul ,. o) . ored concrete, Die nnd terrarao flours have, been perlMcd. in: Program improvements. Buys Brewer Home C- A. Wood has purchased the '•rank Brewer home at 1513 West <Uh street, which was recently dam"Sed by fire. A room is being added, a ncu ioor laid, and other repairs made including redecorating inside and Bickerstaffs Buy Home The residence at. 415 North Eighth slreel, owned by a inorl- B-ige company, has been sold lo w. A. Bfckerslaff. local merchant. Mr. and Mrs. Bickcrslaff'aiid family have already moved Into their '•nine upon which improvement being made. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. WE PICKED IT from among all others GETS ITS. ; WATER SUPPLV FROK.A GLACIER LAKE 2O7 MILES AWAY/ A GRASSHOPPER. Cf GUIANA WCAR :, GLARING Ey£ SPOT-5 TO SCARE MEMV tilRDS' TWENT*/ VEARS WERE REQUIRED TO LAV THE PIPE LINE.WHICH'WJNS , VAOUMTAlflS OR . SOLID GRAMITE, AMO QUICKSAND. .•:'•.'•• O IttM BY ht* EIWVICI. Jf,c. EPSOM SALT °' B/ $WE PROOUCERSjTOR BLIZZAPXlS IN-THE MOVIES After 'twenty years of Bmsirjictlon work, Man Franeisco has ' • ircl the Iletch-Hetchy ««,t cr pvoj ,, cl . _ A bm , : ic aierra momilalns. furnishes ll,o. water. The »>'• warm siiiiimi,,- months and Is -oa.Hiht In '""'•e than 20(1 mites Horn Sun Franolsco. r t F- were otfcied iho pick of uJI hotriy Jicaicrs—but we chose ihe genuine Estate Ifeairola. Why? Because wo V:t\ow il will give our cus- loriieis a lot of nioney-sovlnK s&t'tsfacthn. The Hcatroln is the best-built home heater in the world. H cuts fuel cosia from 1/3 to \/Z — aciualty pays for itself in savings in coal. Conic En —(el us show you hotv and why. Beauty of Tone -'-• Beauty of Design -- Battery Sets for Farm Shirt today enjoying the pcj-focl "re- . . co|)tir.(i whicli tlic new Atwatcr Kunt : , B.'ilU'i-y TOls.Kivc yon ... tune in nil .' tlio worlil ovont.s and. jjrwil mii.siwil Jimgi'iiiiis with nn Alwnlcr Knnt H;it- tci'.v or All Electric sol. We have a permanent service man who can properly repair .ymtr ratlin. CAVITT RADIO CO l>llnll(? - ;): Alwaler-Kcnl Dealers Glcneoc Hotel' Clifford Cnvill, Mfir. 1 QUICK... CLEAN... LOW-COST in'!I'" ) rl«\ Jclre " 01> 8»ve Lewis -in iV ' cx l" or « s . special tn- >lruclion.s lo iook for mammoths which he believed Mill roamed (lie great plains of the TCS | for REAL Protection Phone 191 CI.ARK-WILSON AGENCY General Insurance 'We Pay All Losses With a Smile" James B. Clark - Baker Wilson Ruild l.K- [>ond improve thc appearance of your Jartl with a concrete lily pond o Drive Safely For your own protection anil against "ilio otliw fellow", bp. com- plctoly ami ailiHiiialo- l.V insiirpd. That is safe driving. First National Insurance Agency Notary Public Hubbard Furniture Company WE MAKE IT HOT FOR YOU HEAF Coleman Radiant heater Instant-Gas^."'16 Lights Instantly Just Lik&Gas Tliig new and improved Colernan Heater gives you ' inslant gas heat at the touch of a malchl Radiates nn abundance of fresh, healthful heat. Portable... . use it anywhere. Make's Snd burna its own gas. Costs less than 2f* nn hour to operate.' Come in and let us demonstrate! HU8BARD HARDWARE CO.

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