Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 14, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1891
Page 6
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OUR WEDDING DAY. Our wedding any, dear heart,, Well I romeiDibor How crisp tho Boar-frost lay That chill December. I was a foolish thins, . How my heart fulled me; Little you knc-w or guessed , What't was that iillocl roe. I had my douMs of you. Only just fancy I Would you have thought it, Jaolt, Of your fond Nancy? People kept telling me Men T-ero deceivers; Women most foolish folk, Hoedless belterers. Would jrou be kind! I aslied. And aiy heart fluttered: True to tho marriage TOWS Your lips had uttered? Ten years ugo, doar lovo— How the timo passes. Jack! drink my healtu again; Fill up our glasses. Don't wipe iny tears away; Thoy're not for sadness. My heart is full to-day Only of gladness. How true you've been to me Nona can guoss over; Husband, stand by me still, Xever to sever. As o'er the frosty slcy Wintry clouds hasten O'jr joys In future, Jack Trials may chasten. Still hand in hand we'll step. Fearing no morrow; Wind blows tho clouds away, Lovs chases sorrow. Our wedding day Is o'er- • Twelve tho clock's striking. Look at me. Jack—am I Still to your liking! Don't say a word, you goose; Only remember I love you bettor now Than that December. —I*. E. Tiddemau, in Chambers' Journal. THE PBOFESSOE'8 BUG. Wfcst an Important .Part It Played in a Lova Affair. is ?3iss Florence Taylor, daughter of Prof. _ Archibald Taylor of : University, was perched on the top of the stile at the lower end of the garden, with a very tearful expression on her pretty face. .With her chin resting 1 on one little hand she looked away into space instead of at the young- man who was leaning against the fence but a few feet away. At length he came and leaned against, the stile. "Well?" he inquired, .moumfnliy. ."It isn't well at all, Torn/' said Miss Taylor, loolaDjf severely at her companion; "and 1 think it is very inconsiderate of you to hint that it rnig-ht be." "I'm sure I meant nothing of the kind," said Tom, humbly. "What did the old—that is what did vour father say?" '. " "He says I am not to see you any more, and that I must tell you it is all over between us." ^'She spoke without lifting- her head, and closed her speech with a heavy sigh. There was a silence for some minutes, and then Waters spoke again, a little more cheerfnlly. "And wh;it do TO'-I intend to do, Flos?" "I suppose I have got to do as my father says, and we will have to bear it," she said, playing mournfully with a leaf that came fluttering down from the tree overhead. There was something so resigned ia her words that Tom took offense at onca, and thrust his hands into his pockets. "You seem to bear up well so far," he said, very bitterly. "I don't think there is much more to say," and he turned .and walked two or three paces •up the road. "Tom!"'called Miss'Taylor from the stile. ' He came back immediately. "Tom," with great severity, "don't you think it is positively yicked to be •so unkind, when everybody, is against me. I didn't .think, you would be so, «nd now there isn't anybody to—to—" Waters interrupted'' her hastily,., for she was growing more tearful with every word: she spoke. ; "There, Flossie, dear, I know I'm a big-brute, and I hate myself for making . you so unhappy—" It's just as bad to call yourself a :—as if I would care for 'a. brute," said Florence, sobbing- violently on his •• coat. "Well, I didn't mean that either, then," said Tom, and peace was restored once more. The sobbing grew more • iaint, and at last stopped altogether. "I didn't tell you the worst, Tom," she said presently from his coat. Water's face was the picture of despair. "Well," he said, "what is it?" "He is going to take me away," said Florence solemnly and tragically. "Where, Europe?" asked Tom. "Uo, down in the country where he is going to spend a whole month. He is going to hunt for a new-bug or something,' and I just know he will stay for ages.", "He may find the bug and come tway," suggested Tom, vaguely. "I know he won't. They never do." There was a silence, during.which there were symptoms of returning sobs. "Flossie," said Tom,' suddenly, "I lave an idea." "Really," with unconscious, sarcasm. "Perhaps you don't care to -hear it," •aid Tom, with dignity. "Tom!" ; "When are yon going?" asked Waters. "I think he said to-morrow." "Well,.then,-"-said Tom, stepping back to watch the effect of his words, "I am .going too." "Is that all," said Miss Taylor, scorn- iully. "You know he won't ever let me see you. It will be no better, there than here." "You wait and see," said Tom, sagely. Florence felt her curiosity rising. I "Perhaps you had better tell me what '~. yon arc going to do," she said as indif- "' ierently as possible. Tom shook his head gravely. "You wouldn't understand. .No woin- •n would," patronizingly. "And now," see somebody coming we sl^rakl part." Then tenderly: -'You will be glad if it does come all right, '.vi-etlicart." "Von kiio-v I »nd in a moment he had swung himself over the fence and gone striding down the road, That evening he made a calVon Prof. Taylor. He found that gentleman in his study and received a stiffly frigid bow as he entered. "I have come to ask a favor of you, sir," he said, taking a chair and seating himself comfortably, with his hat in his hand. The professor wheeled around in his chair. "I don't want to hear you say any thing about my daughter," lie said, with rising wrath. "I presume she has told you what f have said. Let that be enough," "Excuse me. sir," said Tom, calmly; "I had not intended to'speak of your daughter. It was a very different matter." "Well," said the professor, a little mollified. "You see," said .the young diplomat, "I have been a good deal interested in the work in your elective. I heard that you were going to spend a month or so in search after .some new specimens, and, as I have nothing particular to do this vacation,, I thought perhaps you might allow me to accompany you." Prof. Taylor knitted, his brows for a moment and thought. He really liked Waters, and it was-true he had worked well in the professor's particular branch. It would be an advantage, to have him around, but— "This is some trick," he said, looking sharply at Waters. "You think it will be easier to follow Florence in this way. I won't allow it. I tell you, I'm not too old to see—" Tom rose with dignity and moved toward the .door. . "I am sorry you are able to so misjudge me. I wish you good evening," he said gravely. "Wait,"-said the professor. Tom stopped, with his hand on the door. "Sit* down again, Waters, and we will talk this over. Perhaps I was a trifle hasty in what 1 said." Tom resumed his seat, and the professor continued: "Now what assurance can you give me that it is not as I suggested?" "i suppose if I help you in your search, sir, and show no disposition to trouble you with regard to your daughter, that will be assurance enough," said Tom, a little coolly. "Certainly," said the professor. "And if j'ou are not satisfied I-suppose you can send me off whenever you choose," added Tom. The professor thought for a minute or two and then said: "Very well. . You can go, and I may add that personally I shall be very glad to have you with me in the work." "Thank you, sir," said Tom, rising. "When do we go?" "To-rnorrow at eleven. I am going to Summersville, where a few very curious and valuable specimens have beea found. I hope to make gome. interesting investigations." > "Very well," said Tom, as he bowed himself out, '-'I.shall be there." '. A servant' came to open the door for fiim, and Waters managed to scratch a few words on the back of an envelope. "It is all right, lam going," he wrote, and succeeded ia bribing the girl to give it to Florence! But he did not appear at the train in the morning. Another plan had come to him as he walked home,-and all the way from —— to Summersville the professor and his daughter were left to wonder secretly at his non-appearance. When they arrived at their destination, however, they were . both surprised to find him waiting at the station with a dilapidated - chariot-like.vehicle which he had procured in the village. "I thought I had better run down by the early, train and see to tilings," he explained .to , the .professor,: .''I found some fairly .desirable rooms which you canget if you like them. We will drive there now if you wish." "That was thoughtful of,you. Let us go at once,"'said the professor. They found the' rooms even better than thej' had expected and engaged them at once. "I suppose you found yourself a room here, too," said the professor to Tom as that individual prepared to leave them.. "Well, no," said Waters, "I thought I would stay at the hotel. It's a miserable place, but well enough. .I'm not particular." - ' "Oh," said the professor, and nothing more. . • • • After making- a few arrangements for beginning their search Waters withdrew, boding gravely to Florence as he opened the door. The search began, almost the next day, and continued for many days there-, after. Tom was., really interested, to some degree,,and;was of much assistance to -the professor. He studiously kept away from the ' latter's rooms, and saw scarcely any .'thing, of ^Florence; the only deviation from the direct: line '.of duty in that direction -being sundry hastily scribbled notes that he bribed' and cajoled the landlady into carrying. Now and then he" got a word or two in reply, but that was all. One evening, after they had been in Summersville a couple of weeks, the two men were returning after an •unusually • successful day's work. The professor was in high spirits. After they had exhausted the subject of the day's success, the professor took a fatal step. "I fear you must find it -lonesome at the hotel," he'said. -Tom felt his heart take a flying, leap for his 'mouth, but contrived to answer indifferently: "Wellj yes, it is a little, especially of evenings, but I make out "well enough with a few books and thongs." "We find it somewhat lonely, too," admitted the professor. "I fear it is a tiresome for_Florence-. .She has Ine but ^tlie^landlady; to rtelk» wit^ f Beeiri unable to interest" her ia our work." "Indeed," said the young man, sympathetically. "We would like to have you drop in now and then of an evening. Waters," continued the professor. ana then he felt an all-inspiring desiro to stand upon his head. After that he dropped in for awhile each opening at the professor's rooms, and with the help of the landlady they played a good deal of very poor whist, and indulged in a few other more or less pleasing amusements. One evening they -were sitting around the table, the professor reading a mag-' azine and Torn and Florence carrying on an indifferent conversation. At length the professor laid down his book and turned to Tom. "I have just been reading the description of the onfy thing that I need now to complete my collection," he said. "It is exactly, like some of the specimens which we found to-day, except that it has striped coloring on the back. I would give any thing to possess one." "We may find one," suggested Waters; . "I hope so, of course, but they are very rare." That night Tom lay awake with, a great idea in his head. The next day he obtained two of the largest of the specimens that had been found the day before, and then he. told the professor that he was not feeling well and would stay at home for a dqj. The professor said nothing, and .went his, way unaccompanied, except by a little boy who had been employed to carry baskets, etc., on the daily excursions. Tom went directly to the professor's rooms and there found Florence. He gave her a ' lover's greeting and then began to look about the room hastily. "What is it, Tom?" asked Florence. "The magazine! Where is it?" The magazine was found, and Tom seized it eagerly and turned quicklyto the article the professor had been reading the day before. He read it through, and then almost leaped into the air. In fact, he went dancing around the room in so much exultation that Florence began to wonder if he had not gone a little crazy. • "Do you feel ill, Tom?" she asked, anxiously. Tom paid no attention toherquesticsi, but continued his powwow about lie room. Florence w'axed indignant. "I don't know what it is you find so very funny," she said scornfully and severely. "I know you don't; but you will," answered Tom, and not a word more would lie say. All the rest of that cjay, except an occasional visit to the village drug store. Waters stayed locked in his own room at the hotel. In the evening he went to see the professor and he carried witb him something in a little tin box. He w.ent in and laid it down before the professor without a word. Prof. Taylor opened the box, and there lay before him the wonderful specimen for which he had looked so long and so vainly. It was a "-wonderful specimen, large and fully developed, and all up and down its back ran beautiful lines of red and gold. After the professor and his daughter had admired it and questioned about it, Tom rose to explain. . "You see, sir," he said, .'I wasn't illi to-day at all, but I thought I knew where I 2oul.d find One of these if there were any around here, and I thought I would like to go 'alone." "Quite natural, quite natural," said the professor, beaming 'benignly on Waters. "I am greatly indebted to you for this rare specimen. It will quite complete my fcollect'ioa. And I don't mind telling you," continued the professor, "that I have had reason to change any slight feeling of distrust whioh I may have felt toward you. Your assistance in this work has been great, and I am sure if .you continue as you have begun, you may look for large results from your labor, both for yourself and for the scientific world. '-' While the professor had been making this long speech Florence ,had slipped Out of the room. TomJooked, or tried to look, becomingly modest. The professor extended his'hand as he-fmished, •• "Y.ou have pleased me very much," lie said. ' i '"Thank you," said Tom, "and cow if I might—" The professor interrupted him, hastily- . "Wait till you've graduated and then we'll talk about it," he said, not uni*v kindly. : "But in the meantiiae I can come to. see her?" asked Tom, anxiously. "Why, yes; you've been doing'' that all the time, haven't you?". And the old man relapsed, into a. contemplation O'f .the new acquisition to his collection. "Tom," said Florence, after he had told her the news and they had rejoiced .over ft together in true lover's fashion, '.'Tom, where did you find that horrid bug?" "Wen, the fact is," said Tom, "it isn't exactly the bug I found. I took one of those, common ones and made it over with a sharp needle and some indelible ink. I knew your father wanted one very badly, and it seemed too bad that he should be disappointed. And besides he would never have let me have you. if I hadn't done something' extraordinary."—J. T. Newcomb, ia Boston Globe. OF GENERAL. INTEREST. —Two hunters were paddling a canoe on Poke Moonshine Lake, Maine, one night recently, when one of them, in the dark, thought he saw a rock ahead. His companion in the stern, who had been warned to sheer out, exclaimed that it "was something alive, and, grasping his rifle, fired two shots and killed a fine buck, which was quickly towed ashore; —A young Russian and his sweetheart decided to coma to this country to Jet married. On the way over they had a quarrel, and after landing here she would have nothing to do with .him. She is'without friends and penniless, and will, have to be. sent back if she will not compromise with her lover, who has procured a clergyman and is anxious to marry her. —The canned fruits and meats exported by the United States have improved thirty per cent, in the last two years, and are again -being largely purchased in coxintries which had almost outlawed them. Packers found that adulterating their goods, in haste to get rich, simply killed a market ia one season, and only first-class goods are now shipped.—Detroit Free Press. —A pleasant surprise came to the daughter of a female miser who closed her career, a few weeks ago in Paris: The woman, it was thought, had died without funds; and when her relatives drew lots for her furniture, a cheap statuette fell to her daughter. The latter was about to dash it to the floor in vexation, -when bank notes and securities to the amount of 5510,000 dropped out of the interior. —A family living in New York own a small skye terrier which is partially crippled in his hind legs. When he moves on all fours his speed is moderate. To get along faster he has taught himself to walk and run on his front feet only, balancing the rear part of his body boldly aloft. Every once in a while he will rest himself by getting down on all, fours, but most of his traveling- is done on his front feet. —Public officials will soon have to have a scientific education. Michigan has a law giving a -bounty of three cents a head for every head of an English sparrow brought in to an official in charge of that law. No. examination in ornithology is required of the official; and it is said the officials in many cases are so ignorant of the subject that the heads of all sorts of birds are palmed oS on-them as the heads of English sparrows. —The statue of William Penn for the apex of the iron tower surmounting the public building at Philadelphia is being cast in sections at the Tacony works. It will stand on a space only five feet square, so ; that one of its feet will project a little over the edge. The statue will weigh thirty tons and be held in place by a great rod of iron starting fifty feet below the platform in the interior of the tower. The upper part of .this tower is to be clothed with bronze. —It was at one time claimed and attempted, to be shown that the Puritan Mayflower of 1620 was afterward used as a slave ship. Close research revealed the fact that the slaver was another ship of the same name and different burden. Historical records show that about the year 1474 Richard, Duke of Gloucester, had a ship called the Mayflower; and Hunter, in his "Founders of New England," mentions some twenty ships as .bearing that name between the years 1583 and 163S. FRIEND WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD, "Mothers' Friend," is worth its. weight tn gold.. Mywlfesuffsred rnore'iritariminutes with either of her other children than she did altogether -with haf last, after having used .four bottles,of: ^'Mothers' Friend." 1* is a blessing to expectant mothers', says a customer. . HENDERSON DALE, Carml, HI. Having used two bofles my sixth child Was born with no pa-'t comparatively. Mrs. L. O. Vau£btxn, Sheridan Lalco, Col Wonderful—relieveg much suffei'lng. Mrs. M. M. Brewster/ Montgomery, Ala* Sent by express on receipt of price, SI .60 per ttittlo. Sold by all druggists. Boole to mothers mailed fren BBADHELD EZOULATOII Co.. At-'aota, Ga. !P>oia by Ben^Fisaer 4th street. $3000! A. 1TE AH I I undrrtnXti to brlt ft' teacliany fairly iulclIt^nLpiTKOnofclllitr tux, \vlio cnn rend iinil wrlle, and who, nfler Inatructlon, will work InduiitrlouiOy, ,. lioiv to tarn Tlirrp Tlimjmind Italian* i Year In tliolr own locnlltlcj, wherever they JIve.I will al»ofurn!>li thfl H!tuatlonar*nt|iio.vinent,at\v]iir:h you can earn that amount. No money for me unk-js *nci:t;mifiil an above. Kflwly flud oulckN learned. 1 deftlru but one u-orker from each dlnlrict or county, "j liavt already taught and provided witli employment a large number, v,'ho are making overVitOOO it yeiirencl'i. It'uXJEW and SOr.lJ*. Full particular* IMtK 13. AdrtreM atoneo, I. AJLJLJEar. ilox 4»0, AiiBustu, Maine. "Woodl's THE GREAT EIVQLI3H REMEDY"Used for 35 years by thousands sue- eessrulty. Quar* anncd to'owe alt forms oC Nervoua Weakness, Emls< (tons. Spermator- rhea. ImDotency, and all the effects. of Youthful folly had -the exneweg of later Give* . or. Ask dru for Wood phodlne; paclcage, $1; nix, $5, by moll, Write for Address Tlic Wood Chemical Co., 131 live., Detroit, illcli. -no On* ilec. *COQO. 00 s year in beInjr mode by John R. Good win,Troy,N.Y.,at work for w. Render, you may not make as much, but we can ti!nc)i you quickly how to aim from $6 to ) 11 dny nt the Blurt, and more n* you po Bot'li sexes, all upcs. In any part of •America, you can cenililcnCQ (it Iionic, fffv. iiiff tall your ffmc,orflj»are-moments only to tlie work. All U-uew. Grunt pay SUItK for t-vtry worker. We ninn you, furnishing evcrj'tliinp. -EA6ILY, SPE£DILV learned. PAUTieULAUS FKKE. Addrcnat onco. STISSOS k CO M I'OKTLISD, MAINB- 17 NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORATIONS, BANKS AND MERCHANTS, WTEREST ALLOWED. ON DEPOSITS AND LOANS NEGO TIA TED. OTOPS ALL ^-* unnatural discharges in 24- l.Q'i'-s. Adopted bytheGcr- nianGovernmentfor Hospital &Armyusc P.S.Ci ispucupfor American trade in a patent l)0ttlc hold, ing syringe (see cut) At druggists, $1.00, includtTigSyringf^CK sent.SEalcd, for $1.10 The Von Moiil Company, Cincinnati, Chla Solo American AfiCDLB. F. KEESLINR, Agent,'Lbganspbrt. Ind. C URES U'cci & Gonorrhea in 3 days. No Stricture No Pain. SURE Dr*C. McLane's Celebrated ftffew doses takenlitHherIg.ht time will often save a severe spell of sickness. Price only 25 cents at any drug store. Be sure and see that Dr. C. McLANE'S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., is on the box. None other is Genuine. Use IVORY POLISH for tho Tenth, LADIES Do TOOT Oym "Dyeing, »t Home. • They will dye tverything. They are sold crerf. where. Price lOo. apackaije. Theyhavenoeqml for Strength, BriRhtnMH., Amount in Packager «r for FustiH'SB of Color, or nor-fuding Qu&litieB. TheydoiKitorockorRmiit: 4"c')ioiT For sale by ODD Kisher. 811 Tomth street. The Great EnglUh Prescription. — A successful Medicine used over'.'-•"•"• 30 years iu 'thousands of oases Cures Spermatorrhea. Neruo\ Weakness. . Emissions. Impvtency* and all diseases caused by- abuse.4! [BIFORKJ indiscretion, or OYer-eJcertJon. Jimitl Btr packages Guaranteed to Curt when aU other* Fail. Ask your Druggist for Th« Grt.i Enrluk Pm.erlDtloii, take no substitute. One packe«» SI. Six $5. Bv mall. Write for Pamphlet. AddrSi Enreka Cliemical Co., Detroit, Alicli* Fer iale'by B.' F. ' KeesllDg. marSdSwly WANTED. _... HULU - -] Cor8 «»- SMDjvIeitre* to those £ MUhll I V coming«gent«. N» risk, qnicfc „[,. Twrftory tfvcn, jatisfaciion gn«r«DSeed: Addr»»» DR.SGOTT.842 Broadway St.,M.Y. 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Solettgt9.forttien.S. I89W1S.ST,,WIIWAUIIEE,WIS. WHAT HAVE YOU HOFFMAN'S HEAPACHE POWDERS. CURE ALL HEADACHES. arenotaCtthartio For some of th? ohoiceat lands In.WESTEKW KANSAS, both clear ftcd IncumDered, Iroprovea and unimproved. PTSenOi for Our ljl«t ofprog- ertvttiitwewlll ExchmiBefor UA.SI>, KE^; lDEIkCE8,lttEKeHJLNJB18E A»l> X.IVJB STOCK, iddrew A. B. I'ABKKfi. Bftzine, Neso Conoty, Kaneas. Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." ICondenseo Time Table IK EI-HECT MABCH 1st 1890 Solid Trains between I Sandusks and Peorla and 1 Indianapolis and Ulchl- JganCltr. • DIBECTConnecM(>M to andJrom all polDte ln-the I United States and Canada. Trains Leave Logansport and connect with the ' S-JS a.m 8^5 a.m I(h40a.ir TRAIK8 LOGANSPOR;T ACT BOUND. KewYork ExprcBS, dally. ....... ..... 2:55 .am yt Wayne (Pas.) Accin., excpt Sundar 8;1S a n: Kan Jlty & Toledo Bx.,-9xcpt Bimdayll.-lB a m Atlantic Express, dally... ....... .:... 4:(!6pm • AocommodailOB ftW., exept Sunday,. 9£G p m WEST BOUND. • Pacific Express, dally......... ........ 7^2 a IB Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday,. 12 15 p m Kan City Ex., except Sunday......... 8.-45.pm : Lafayette (Pas.JAccm., exopt Sunday fi:rs p m St Louis Ex., dally...... ........... .. 10:32 pm Eel River Div., LoKansport, Wcist Side. Utctivccit IJOKuiiNport aud Clilli. EAST EOUKD. Accomodatlon, Leave, except Sunday.lO:00 a m" Accomodutton, Leave " . " -i:4Qpm Acc,omo(Iatlon,Arrlve,excei)t Sunday, 8:10 a m •Accomo'Iiitlon, A rrlvfl, " 4:10 pra L . E. 4 W. Trains !is follows :'-. WABASHB.B- Leave Logansport, 4;13.p.m..liaO a.m. Arrive Peru ....... .4^6p.m..ll:44a.m. L. E. & W. B. B. Leave Peru, ' North Bound ...... ..-<sl5p.ni Sonth Bound ...... .... '11:50 a. m WABASH B. B. Leave Logansport, 3:45p.m., 7i50a.m Arrive LaFayette, 4:55 p.m. .9:20 a. m L. E. * -V. B. B. Leave La¥arette, , EastBound ..... ... West Bound; ..... :5:10 p.m. H. C. PABKEB, TrafBcManageri • ; C. F. OALT, Gen, Pass. 4 Ticket, Agt. ;- IND: • ' ... l:50p.m A Chicago druggist, retailed; 20CKKKK).pf B. F. KeesHn^and'CalJen &Co.,Bol* -.-- Agents in' Loctansport.: : : JUDICIOUS AND PERSI8TEMT : has'alwaya . ..,. Newspaper Advertising consult LORD & THOMAS, iBYKBTISIXO AGEXTS, . ' 15 in 40 Rn C.HICACO, '• - WEMKDT rOSITIVM OUKJS FOB —At the Navy Yard.—"We cast cannon in here," said the guide, as they stepped inside.- "Do you?" asked the pretty girl. "Now, please show us where you blow _ great guns. I' often hear my naval friends speak of them." —Kate Field's Washington. A French docfor is trying to cure disease by using- rmislc instead of medicine. It may help the patient, but won't *A*V' VVAIMA l-JCTJwwl Vh ll some >djih« 'neighjiors.—Kam'a 1 MLMI») '"(". ii. --ii^f ..-''VJii.tfu-iJ. JI5 ;..'•./ '.t-.Ti^iC ; i« Its the best. It lasts. 3, It's a ((leisure to cfjcw it 4Jt satisfies. S.Always tlje $4ir\e. aCwy&ody braises if. 7. You will tike it. You should try it. F 25e HIRES' IMPROVED Kc ROOT BEER! ISMUU. KO.BOIUHCORSTRAINIMG .EASILl'M'if THIS PACKAGE .MAXES f JV£ CAttpNS< OOTilEl. Th8 most. APPETIZING- nnd. '.. -. TEMPEftANOE 'DRINK in the world.- • Delicious, and. Sparkling. .•-....-•. TRTCTf Ask your DruffsflBt or Grocer for i~, C. E. HIRES, PHILADELPHIA DR. SANDKMra ELECTRIC BELT nnitr MEM Correspondence •olIcted.Yalnuble -nformatlon tree: Dsn»l discount Iff.. . >*iKle. Disease WBI. T. • *8 X.B S.Jlc Street. ; »KI&)*T8,". ,; : L; ' •* . ai*. . .nflred ailment* . CMc-**o.'Itt. ose, CUM ol <Jfnemllw Wenknf IB, *Ivt nff, Contfauaus CcnrcnU «f HhfitriclI PARTS, rmtorlng them SPOT e WenknfM »U of BfcctrtclIT' throneh all :1VKAKI . w_H!iaTHMd;nGOK08S HTKKSBTII.J; Jw^rt'M.sW-iifcS-Winrt.ouM^ir-'tl W. L. 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