The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 1938 " JRivals Are Out To Break Pan American's Monopoly TAUI, FRIOGKNS ^ 8 '"" <'""«P D. Jan. 28.-An Arner- Icertnln for 1933. ie battle Is foreshadowed wild Jmnoimcc-menl that at least two •companies are ready to launcli new 1 rons-oceanie nil-lilies, scckm. to Ibreak the monopoly which Van lAmerlcnn now holds BLYTHEV1LLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS IOHIJ good weal her route by w:iy of nenmicln ami Ih 0 Azores to Europe. Pilots linve been In constant training on Pan American's other rout-s running Into South America niul the Orient. The final step Is Die ships themselves. Pan American, according to .) Carrol Cone. Atlantic division manager, expects delivery by spring (it six 50-itassenger Hoeing ftylnif boats, which are mare Hum half atf.itn us large as the Martin clip- pcrs now In use on the Pacific. in December Pan American called for Wds on a minimum of FLAPPER FANNY three and n maximum of 24 trans- - "<n!c oltine-; capable ol carrying 100 passengers and cnrgo on non- slop flights o[ 5000 miles. Requested cruising speeds v.-ere ...-..._.„ <.o.--nu nrm-r- 200 miles per hour at sea level Dig business battle for a slime and 300 miles for altitude ilii'lu-; "'""'"' flying appears , These would brina London within Looking to future transportation needs, the Export Stramslilp company ol New York, running resubr mnll. freight ami passenwr lines to the Mediterranean and the Black | Sea, first Investigated trans-Allan- in Cleveland the ed Ipete with Pan America.,'" for "a (s ake In tl,e prospective Atlantic air trade. The second new American •rompany, as yet unheralded, Is also •definitely u,,e (o enter the picture I Plans envision fleets- of .s-uo-r- Imodern, giant American nylnc •boats, eventually bi<r enoimii to ac- T-ommodate 200 passengers each (overnight to Europe. . Pan American, nlrendy ncrlnl [pioneer of the seven sens and with p exploratory trans-Atlantic iUstlit-, phind it, expects to launch regular Jsernce to Europe this summer •American Export. according to fames M. Eaton, vice president Iplans for first survey flights this rummer and regular service a year |ience. Announcement, by the third Icompany has not been made, but plenn L. Martin, pioneer airplane Imtwmfaclurer and builder of the hliin Clipper, recently informed SJie Department of commerce that Jhc\ and unnamed associates were •planning to enter the trans-Atlan- T'c field with new. larger and raster long-range bont.s (linn ever I'JUilt before. Pan American First Unquestionably the first Americans In the trans-Atlantic operation will be pan American Air- Kays. Tlie vast company now Plierates 40,000 miles of airlines In and over 39 countries, was first, to span the Pacific and, in co- pperatlon with British Imperial JAinvays, made first trans-Atlantic fcxploratory nights last summer. Ships (he Final Step Intensive meteorological and (light studies have been in progress for the last year over both Jprojected Atlantic routes of Pan •American. These are the shorter Tnprlhern routes by way of Newfoundland to Ireland, and the NNWOOD THE AGE MAKES IT A FAVORITE-SO DOES THE PRICE! , —' MELLOW fl'^ffl SMOOTH STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY Now 2 Vrs. C i\Ios. Olil '•' Anril. 1937. American Export Airlines, Tne., was chartered ns a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Export Steamship lines 'and under the direction of Hie sninr oDicrr.s These are W. 11. Coveidnle, president; John slater, vice president and general manager; John Ohan, I vice president and Riira|M>aii dircc-1 tor, and Katon. Thomas Hitchcock i I 's :i director of both companies. No i ' :.lo;-k was offered. I j Immediately the company's tech- j 'liol committee sought designs of! ;-. flyin» boat also with a rnaw of I'm miles. The Glenn L. Marlin Company. Sikorsky, the Douglus. Consolidated, and Boeing companies were consulted. American Export Airlines Is now ready !o place orders for 20-plac e non-slop sleeper nlancs, announces Eaton, once Washington formulates "a definite foreign policy as regards trans- \l'untie aviation," Larger ships n'ould follow the traffic development. A Tie-In With Steamships Meantime. th c new company holds 10 landing permits in Germany. France, Italy, Egypt and Oreccc. Whereas Pan American vould fly by way of Bermuda and the Azores or thc summer route uy v .'ay of Newfoundland, the American Export lines plnns non-stop 'lisjlits direct from New York to ."ranee or Portugal, thence to Italy, Greece and Egypt. HiirsuhMr the same intensive preparations as Pan American, the ••icrl'-an Exnort company is trnln- hig iu stcaiiishlp crc«-s for cooperation with flying ships, trans- | "tln» wather information, bearings, etc. The ships would stand by in all emergencies. Pilots, says Jliton, arc available. So the .American Atlantic air Iradc seeks representation adequate to balance the combined operations • ' r Giea.t^Brltaiu, prance, Germany rnd Italy,' And American maniifac- Hircrs arc coming up with ever larger ships to blaze th e trail. The Pace ts Terrific Olenn Martin, for example, frankly doubts there will be a 1 mil to the size of tomorrow's great Hying boats. He . started with the f'3,000-pound China Clipper and he 1-fls just laid ilie fundamental de- rign for a 250,000-pound, supercharged stratosphere ship to carry '10 passengers. "Ships like that," admits the Pan American's Atlantic manager, "will i lake the new ships now under (-.instruction but not yet delivered, obsolete before they are put into operation." Trans-oceanic plans are moving just that fsst today. STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY This Whiskey Is I s Years r. Mas. old 90 PROOF IHIRSCH DISTILLING COMPANY CITY MISSOURI Hew Revolving Oven Bought By Bakery A new type of electric revolving oven has been Installed by the Blytheville Baking company by Mrs. Ijiila Sellers, owner of the local concern. The oven is one of the largest and most modern pieces of bakery equipment in this section and was installed at a cost of approximately $4,500, Mrs. Sellers said. With the nen- oven it is now possible tor the bakery to produce n total of 800 loaves of bread per hour, or a. correspondingly large volume of other bakery products. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Dealers For G.M.C Trucks and Trailers Offers A New and Modern Auto Repair Shop WE CAN MEET EVERY AUTOMOBILE NEED Including - - HODY, FENDER REPAIRS WELDING LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile and G. M. C. Trucks Sales and Service 307 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 329 PAGE THREE Luxora Society — Personal day nluhl, Jan. 28lii. at the Shawnee school i;yimiu.slum. The music j will be by Coley Stollz's ten-piece orchestra. The Y. W. A. met Tuesday evening in the home of Miss Elite Davis Cnlloin with the counsellor, Mrs. D. D. Scgar teaching a Home Mission' Book. After the study, puzzle games were enjoyed by Jill present. Delicious relre.slnnent.s were served by the hostess. Those present were Misses Louis Jean Cireer. Jean liundy, Wlnona And- erion. Marjory Hill, Mary Hill, M«ry Knthcrlne Dclauoey nml Mrs. D. D. Seyar. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jno. E. Cralh Tuesday afternoon at their home. Tlie baby weighed seven poiuxl.s and is named John Jr. Mrs. Garvln May nml two (Inughlcrs of Sleele, Mo., arc here for a week's visit with her mother, Mrs. J. P. Vick and family. Miss Pauline Daily, telephone operator, has been ill for the post, few days with influenza. The Lion's Club of South Mississippi County is sponsoring n President's Birthday Ball on Pri- Increase Over $600,000 County Clerk K. S. Huffman Reports — --*..'i»j i, j j/ivr>, J\|0 —Accordlne to ngurcs set an HBSi't'Biilo abstract ol IB-ourriy in I', m isc 0 | ,-omi pared by (,'uiimy clerk (.; j mnu. and :;iibmllt,d rcci'iill iilnli' tax vointnissloii find peisiiiui )mvo nuTi.ii- Jiin. '.'(I out In laxulilc 'iitly to tin- veal c.-iiftii- valuations over $cnu.- („ Vct 0 va ( K • Veterans Ot foreign Wars To Hold Election - Offlccrs for the reorfanlml Veterans of Foreign Wars will be elected at a meeting of the group nt Woodman's 7Iall tonlglu. A number of Osccola members arc expected to be present to elect their share of officers for the ensuing year. After the election, there will be. a .social hour during which a dutch lunch will be served, and Johnnie. Burke, vaudeville star nml member of the Rainbow Division, will present his famous soldier monologue which has made him famous on liroadway and which Is known all over the country. Arrangement.'; will lie made for (rips to Jonesboro. Leachvllle, and Manila to contact members belonging to the Blytheville Herman Davis Post, The plans for tonight's meeting were made nt nil informal meeting ol this organization Thursday nigh when 25 local members and sevcra mil of state numbers were present Rtad Conner News Want Am 000 lui |ii;;s a , : comiiaivd figures . 'I'' 10 1<>l:l1 mil (-sliiti- Is shown tor IW ixi $111,471,9-11), which Is SMIUH-l Jiior<> (rum iLsled for li)37. Personal ))ro))erty valnnlloiis «n> tumtM'l un .nci'cnse ol $:i. r( 3,a9:i, 'I'he lolnl Vi.x- uble vuliiatluns for real i-slnte lind iwrsonal [iropevty imiouul to $n.- 970,48:) (M nil increase of $[ilO!l17 over ih,. im'vfous ycur. The tiKiiri's nb.stniclcd by Mr. Tliillmau wi-n- taken from Ihp assessors book , m ,l the i-nilrtind ""ok lur i!):m. A summnrv of the report of raluultons as shown on these books Is us follniM: Kenl Kstnl<--A(ycji w on n>nl m- tnte book value $7.142,010- I.OU on real eslutc book 5.14:1, vnlue $2.VM.!)30; Tola! real estate. $10,471.910. I'momil property—Horses, marcs, yc-ldlngs. 8!IB, value WO-MO- mules «,WO. value $281 .:!'.>[); caltli- •t.'.OT. value $(i2.;tiiS; sliei!|) 75. value $100; hti-s 7.M8. vnlue $10.875- farm mni-mwry. $15:1,820; household Pl-op,-rty, $31)2.001; money, notes nml .bonds. $49.011; motor vehicles 27UO, 3'28. Total 4U8,ri43. pei'.sonal propertv. Sl,- Tn Oemmny. bonnllfiil onion harvests are appropriately celebrated by bands playing In honor of the onion, houses being dee.- oriilwl tt-ltl, (|,c vcgelable, nml children wearing Ihem driiped In strings about their necks. Mayor, Minister Will Address Negro Meeting _ Mayor Murlon Williams, tin- llov. S. 11. Halmiin, pastor (if (he r>>|rsl t'rrsbylnlim llnu-cli, inul a toprc- sciitutlvc of tin- t'luimtxT of coin- im'iiv. will *|jnik l>rli>lly kmti'ht in the I'llurlm Host Dajilist i-liiirul) lur iii'Ki'ui'.s. where a series ol "Willy si'rvlCTs HIV being held by (lie rtrlcui.sat, Cluodwill Kndcuvor I'OJiBi'ivM. Tin 1 lii'V, Wlllliuu (irccii. pastor coiidiieU'd lusi nvjil's Mivlrc, when lie wus assisted Uy Dr. n |.; liuliiTts. tlii' Ki'v, W. A. Atklm V. Hoyd. c. r. 'I'ncker. Ihr |(,. v ' J W. K, |:;,,M. (Jiislor III (lie Itvlhi'l A. ,M. !•:. I'lum-li, Dcm'on |.ov<- iM<- tiilKT, of (li,< hist liuDii,,, ehnvcli •'M ni'i'iw:,. A;. .1. Shivers hh.i Hi Mid- I'ai-dc, i<•!,•; sentIny \\. ttl \. KH'.I Illllll ,'MlM/l Mill W. ']•'. Co!) 1 ) 1'f. «-' <-'. I'r.i.iian of AlUMixIa 'Vk., | S i,,,,.,, I1S ., ,1.,1,-iventalive <'f nil nenro i-hurcli nmps In ait::.!.>u . »» i|.>.,.-.oi ,n (h. slot:- J.iiilfiii-i,!-. Tlii-i i>r<.<:i> (ins ro,' ii-, ililel r.iii'ixw. l!n- liilldlnii „„ „( •'• for ivmlsrot county. Karecor rc- lioriod dial lowilfi batw had been fclneicd In this countv on Jim, 10, JVM, as niiiiliwl III.1M Oalss on tliu sniiii' dale In 1D37 or B.tMfl bnlos less limn (ilmu-d on the sume date In I 1937. Thc llniil re|K>ii for 1D37 will show un Incrcasi! ol |M>sslbly I.COU Iwlrs ubovc Die I02M links re- l.'iiflt'd In the .Ian. ID statistics. A bamboo 'grove at Chlco, Calif., lias shoots sixty to ninety Doeil tnivi-li-rs uctmilly liope fur uilinc.c.s. vjlitcli enuble tliem to sir beyond the liorinon, Mirages have li-d niiiny desert, travelers on In <li»lh. but they have saved tho hvrs ol i'uunilr.s.s others, Drs. Wert & Wert O1TOMETRIST8 Ovrr Joe Isaacs' Store "WK MARK 'KM SKK" Pliono Mo Uiiiili), 'I'nblrl.H Kalve, l)ni)i:i Try "Uliti-My-'I'ls FEVER II re I liny lli'adai'tu-, :ifl intnnlc.s. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We iniy highest prices on poultry nl nil times. $ SAVB MONEY AT GAMES MKT. 118 W, Main I'hone ».l Pneumonia Is Fatal To Biirdelte Baby ,, Fl '"I -wi'V'li'i'.s wi-re held mis itltcrnoou tor ll,.(| y site J(-rnl s an, i 18 months old dauiililcr of Mr..ami ! Mix lllrliimi ,/cnili'iiu, who died ! ut llu- lundly rcsldeni-i' mvii' })m-- di'ltc yi'slcnliiy. ncalh was rauscil ffom pneumonia, Hiirliil WHS miHlr ut .sandy indue cemetery wllli Cubb Pimmil home in churue of funeral anmifjomenl.i Besides her iiarcnls lh<> little Klri l.s survived by aw brother, Eugene niitl two sisters, Ixiulse nml Mn'ry Evelyn. Pemiscot Ginnings Go Over 100,000 Mark CAUUTIIHItSVll.l.K. Mo., Jan. 28 -Cotton KhmhiKii In petnlKcot iminly went <IVIM- tile 100,000 bale murk for Ihe ina7 season Ihls month with the rciinrt, relniscd by Murray X.areoor, statistical uncut BOWL FOR FUN.... FOR SPORT Bring Your Party ALL WILL HAVE FUN Sudbury's Playhouse FOR LOWEST DELIVERY COST ... ONLY $475 Ford V-8 Stake Body Pickup fins one. Only $187 down m»l liil«; now—Snvo on ?itr>.0() ]>(>)• month. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY p honc 8IO SENTRY W AxbuzEf) CAA1 "DUST TREATED" U %|^^jj^A|i by the WAXOL Process ir If our NE W SENTRY CO At this time It's prepared in America's Most *- AA . Modern Preparation Plant. We 57 .UU lOH Guarantee Every Ton. GAY & BILLINGS I'HONK 7f, GAS REDUCED Fri. Sat. Sun. January 28, 29 & 30 Only Qunl ity. While Hal. lOc TAX I'A11) pod reason -"/• •• for Chesterfields they give me more pleasure than any cigarette I ever smoked. And if a man isn't getting pleasure from his cigarette he might as well quit smoking. C/iesfcrfiolds are milder , . . they've got a taste that smokers like . . . they have everything to give a man MORE PLEASURE. Approx. ]2c Less than Arkansas M.-tjor ['rices GAS ALL TAX Super "72" Anti-Knock ... Gallon ±12V J>A]|) With Profit Sharing .Stamps life s °""' KEROSENE *,£• T «„. "Tank Car To Your Car" MARTIN OIL CO. "Always Less" WALNUT ST. On U. S. 61 STEELK, MO. Weekly Radio Features LAWRENCE TIBBETT ANDRE KOSTELAMETZ ^^p^^^^ ™B * inj«. »H.\juvjL-r\j w f \^**/\ Chesterfield • • 1,?3B,

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