Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on September 27, 1952 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 27, 1952
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NF\VS - MT VERNON, fLLINOIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1952 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS (DAILT EXCEPl SUWDAT) MT VtliSOH KEW8 ESTABLISHED 1871 irr VEBNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 18M CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28. 1930 EDWLN RACKAWAT O, J THOMPSON . OBIA.N METCALF ^ O L 8HEH0BN Editor , BniineBi Manar«> New* Editor ^. Plant 8up«rlnienden» MEMBER OF THB ASSOCIATED PRESS— Th* Adoclated PreM t* exciufivtlj ea- titled to the ass lor tbt oubllcauon o1 all cewi credited to It or not otherwiee credit ed In <hli paper and also the local aewr pnbllBhed therein Entered a> Second Clai» matter for trane- portatloD ihrourb the mails at the Post Olfice at Mount Vernon. tUlnoie. under the act ol .March 3. 1879. aUBSCaiPTlON ftATES Subecrlptions must be paid In adTan By mail Jefferson county and adjoining countieii per year a moe S3 75 3 moe $3.2S. I mo. By mall outside JeflersOD and ad- Joining counties within 250 milce! year S8 00. 6 mos $5 00 3 mot. S3."5 per single month Outside 250 miles, year $9.00 8 nioB S5 75: 3 mos S3 75. one month Deliver (N3 by carrier In city per weeh . fB.OO 1.00 A Thought For Today eternity.—MaccuUoch. Editorial ARMY MULE LINGERS I T SEEMS THAT THE .-VRMY MULE is almost extinct. He is weak in numbers and he cannot perpetuate himself. But, actually, the old reliable mule has not been mustered out. There are 658 mules in training station at Camp Carson. Colo. They are mostly being trained for mountain work—pack-carrying, howitzer moving, etc. The biggest job of all, however, is to train men to handle mules. For all their sturdiness and value, mules are pseculiar and temperamental. Special skill is needed to get along with them. Generally, however, the men and mules get along finely, A mule doesn't play favorites; he may love a common soldier and stili delight in kicking a general or a first sergeant into the ne.xt coiral. « • « T HE PEXT.-4.G0X, which seems to acquire that a mule shall carry a 350-pound pack 25 miles a day—no more and no less—up « mountain grade, has shipped about 10,000 mules to Greece and Turkey; they were sent out under the military aid program, presumably to be used in rough country. There do not appear to be many muJes in Bervice except the few in Colorado and the bunch overseas. The CivU War used up a vast number of mules: the Union army alone is said to have had 450,000. The Spanish-American war hauling was done almost entirely by mules, .\fter that the machines came in, but the animals were still necessary in the first World War; about 25,000 were sent overseas, and they helped a great deal in winning that war. They'll Do It Every Time B\ Jimmy Hatlo mmmmm H ePMANS ThH kind of UtoRk-MAN WHO >iB^R LiKeS TO LEAVE A Joa UNDONE- AS^MSii^/FS'- Bur Three WONT^AS OR So Aeo HE START^O Tc PAPE^ A 900^\ W His OWN ^OUSE-T^r^V/FF/^RBrr/ CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ••Rememb«r w«Ve keeping this campaign at a high yievalii —if we tay a man is a no good rapscallion, h« hM to bt « high type no good rapscaJlton!" Minnesota Mix Answer to Previous PuzzI* BOBIZONTAI. Ifi Capital of Minnesota to Minnesota -ed the Union in 18M 11 Adjust ^Landed property 13 Cause to remember 15 Balance (ab.) \ 16 Christmas figure 18 Pedal difit 19 Sheaf <• 31 It is (contr.) : 22 Withered S3 Genus of herbs 25 Apple drink 36 Drone bet 37 Heart 38 Abstract being 39 Mimic SO Bowling term S3 Dispatcher 37 Limbs 38 Witticism 40 Foot part 41 Snooze 42 Greedy Ung (myth.) 44 Burmese wood sprite 45 Masculine eppeUation 47 Spotted :49 Expunge itO Choice part '•IHardeu, IS Drunkard . ynnoAL tEastlodtwi herb SRorr 3 Philippine Negrito 4 Seines 5 Handlers 6 Entreaty 7 Point a weapon 8 Minnesota is one of the States 9 Girl's name 11 SkUls 12 Dark 14 Forest creature 17 Symbol lor nickel 20 Horsemen 22 Warning devices R A V L. o V H • A u E A V E ft A • • I. S E A B E a A »A o T » P E R S O Kl $ M K I. A m. E E w A 1 T T A * m « o S 1 S N I T E 1 C I. • 5 1 a KJ E R # V E M • • R B o « /'•'/ B. S S WL '0 e o R E K •p A R ±r o M M gfe C O N T K o l_ P" »? E c E E K 1 p A O <s e 1 P L. E * o M T Y < E c E E R T R A 24 Not one 25 Combat 27 Musical instrument 30 Without (Ft.) 31 Prattles 38 Most U. 8. iron ore comc< from Minnesota's —s 39 Alleged force 32 Electrical unit 42 Disorder 34 Give 43 Alone 3$ Click beetle 46 Salt pit 36 Network 48 Cant • Dr. Jordan DR. JORDAN ANSWERS FOOD-PRESERVING CHE.-MIC.4LLS HA\T: NO ILL EFFECTS WHEN THE FOODS .ARE ORDIN'.ARY .\ND UNSPOILED B Y ED\\TN P. JORDAN, M. D. Written for NEA Service People often get stirred up and worried about things they hear, and it is good to get the facts. If what they fear is really harmful then evervone should know; if it is not harmful, then everyone's mind is relieved. Q — Aren't all these cliemicals that are put in bread and flour likely to harm U5? It seems that if oiie ate these substances for a long time they might cause a lot of trouble. What about this? —Mrs. J. R. B. A — One of the chemicals commonly put In foods today Is sodolm propionate, wbilch is added for the purpose of preventing the development of mold. Studies have shown that this does not have any harmful effects, that is, no to.xity. The siib9tanc« Is handled by the body in very much the same way that sugar Is. It should not, of course, be included in the production of bread with low-salt or low-sodnlm content, which is used for special purpose*, but otherwise there appears to be no harm. Another food preservative is sodium benxoate, which Is sometimes added to prevent or delay the growth of germs In foods. This i substance Is rather promptly cx- • creted and Investigations of it have j led to the conclusion "that healthy Individnais may safely consume reasonable quantities of benzoated foods if these are not otherwise spoiled or nnhealthfnl." m m m f Q — Some tune ago you printed a letter from a Mx-s. A telling of her 19-month ?old child who pulled out her hair and began to eat it. I had the same exf)erience with my daughter and after mucn difficulty, a physician voc nn- mended vtamin A '. .-Viror a MIOII time she stopped the habit, - Mrs. I. T. A — This is an intert'stint; suggestion and 1 do not st-e how it could do any harm. Q — For the third timo in two years, my husband has had to b.a\o sofe polyps removed from hi.-; nose. We have heard that mild iroat- ments with radium will prevent their retm-n. Is this true? —Mrs. A, A, M. .4 — Recurence of polyps is all to common. The radium treatments might do the job if so recommended by your husband 's physician. • « * « Q — My husband who i .v onl.v 3.'^ years old. is rapidly turnm.: t;ras haired. We have read that this could be due to a diet deiicienc>. If this is true, what types oi food should be increased in his diet ? —.Mrs. R. F. A — Unfortunately, in human beings, there is no clear-cut evidence that premature graying: of the hair is caused by dietar>- deficiency, nor can one recommend any vitamins or particular foods which offer much chance of halting the graying of hair, * * * . NOTE ON QITISTIONS Dr. Jordan is unable to ans\s-cr directly individual que.'^tions iro.-ii readers. However, once a ueek. in the "Q & A" column he will answer the most interesting and the most frequentl\- a.skP"! qu-.-s- tions received during the week. 70 BATTLE C.4SU-ALTIE.S Ey Associated Presi WASHINGTO.V — The De.^-n^e Department Friday identified 70 battle casualties in Korea in a new list that reported four killed, 64 wounded, one missing and one in' jured. I LAST TIMES TONIGHT i TIM HOLT-LYNNE ROBERTS ''DYNAMITE PASS" PLUS SECOND FEATURE GEORGE MONTGOMERY . BRENDA MARSHALL 'IROQUOIS TRAir — MIDNIGHT SHOW — Saturday Nipht Only FREE TO ALL ATTENDING EARLY SHOW "SPOOK BUSTERS" — SUNDAY and MONDAY — JENNIFER iONES<. ^ Color W,T?CHNlCOLOR^ ^•f «fce mtkm of The Red Shoes." A KmtXX PKESSBDRGERPRODUCTtON Wrintm, ProrfwrtJ >iid Directed by WICWAn. POWEII. tno EMERIC PRESSBITRGER SHOW EVERY NIGHT-RAIN OR «.EAR To Remove Town For Copper Mine By Associated Press ni, .\ev.—This little East- .M; ;S to be moved so miners lieneath it. I."- Kinnear Jr., general ,-o:- tor Kennecott Copi>er :;ere. said half the town • ' >h ;fted to a new site not tiy next summer. •Mh:'v half will be moved the •..••.L ; year. :.>\\n of "New Ruth" will odern in every respect, he uith wide streets, ample ipintr, a theater, hospital ;:ier facilities. !\-nine buildings are marked imeriiate removal and several vaildings are to be construct- :r, '.V i Apple Festival Time in Hardin By Aiioolatcd Pr«>« WARDIN. 111.—They're polish- iiig the apple — figurativelyfor thousands of week-end visitors expected in this tiny town for the sixth annual Calhoun County Apple Festi\nl. Apples will be an\body's for the asking, and more than 500 gallons of apple cidor and 1,500 apple pics will be served to \isitors at the Hardin high school grounds. But that's only the catin' and drinkin' phase. There will be dancing Saturday and Stmday nights. Kids will parade down the main street Saturday afternoon. There will be a bigger parade Sunday afternoon. It will move to the mu-sical beat of high school bands from East St. Louis, .Mton, Carlinville, Pittsficld Hardin and Brussels. Crown Two Queens William G. St rat ton, Republican candidate for go\ernor, has been picked to crown the Calhoun County apple queen Saturday night. Lt. Gov. Sherwood Di.xon, Democratic nominee for governor, has been chosen to crown the Illinois apple queen Sunday night. Sentner Fails To Make Bond By Assoet.ntr-d Prcs* ST. LOUIS—William Sentner. one of five Communist party leaders indcted here on charges of conspiring to advocate overthrow of the government by force, was brought to St. Louis Thursdav from Peoria, 111. where he had been held in jail. Sentner to.d U. S. Commi.<;sion- er Edwin J. Bean he was unable to make bot^d for $25,000. Indicted with Sentner were James Frederick Poorest and his wife, Mrs. ')orot!iy Rose Forest, both of St. Louis: Marcus Alphonse Murph\. .\'egro, Charleston, Mo., and Robert Manewitz. who moved to Los Angeles from St. Louis last year. 'The company wants to go under p,e.<ent towTisite to dig a new This will subject most of to cave ins. The town has • ". on its present site for about \ ears. T. B. RUSSELL AUCTIONEEH Land, Furniture, Farm. Phone Mt. V 127, 170 Hoyleton Safc. isfaction guaranteed. All sales broadcast over W^IIX. !Vrn <ICAL rNSTRUMENTS RADIO & TELEVISION Guar*nte«d Ssle» & Servic* 1228 Salem Road — Phona 2323 ^BRYANT Gas Maqtinp OLEN EATER .Heating & Sheet Metal Works' Telephone 849 < - INSURANCE For as.surance of friendly, understanding and dependable service and helpful fieldnian— SEE OR CALL W. W. (BILL) COLVIN 701 Casey, .Mt. Vernon, Illinois Phone 2147 '^h.U.iJ.i.Ui'J DRIVE-IN THEATRE ^ ottM$^uym44?-imoetcftfetr *» em^c^^rr • LAST TIMES TONIGHT ACTUALLY FIlMfD IN THE PORT OF MARSEILLES WHERE PLEASURE IS EOUGHT FOR A HIGH PRICE MARIA MONTEZ • JEAN PIERRE AUMONT- LILLI PALMER -PLUS SECOND FEATURE- BARRY NELSON LYNN AINLEY JOHN HARVEY CAROLE MATHEWS 1HE MAN . WITH MY FACE SUN.-MON.-TUES.-WED. CAPTAIN PIRATE Ccloi^tyf^CHNfCOLOIt lOmS HHYyjlllO.,F.w.<iMt«ii .MiaiTW Lay Cornerstone Sunday At McLeansboro Church McLEANSBORO —Tlic Hamilton and Franklin County Fo.x Himters meet will be held at the Hamilton County fairgrounds, Sept. 29-30, Oct 1-2. There will be a musical program each of the four nights as well as contests in the afternoon and night. The bench show will be hold at 7 p.m. Monday night. Hounds will be cast at daybreak on Tuesday, Wcdneiiday and Thursday mornings. Lucky Leroy of Mt. Vernon will entertain on Tuesday night. The corner stone of the new ,?S0,000 Educational Building now being erected by the Fii-st Baptist Church of this city, will be laid Sunday morning, Sept. 28th as part of the morning worship service, according to the pastor, Rev. Charles Langston. The public is cordially invited to this historic occasion. Claude Curry, manager of Fischer Hobby Distributors, will fly his model radio controlled model plane at Wilson Field this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. He is coming to McLeansboro at the invitation of the Prop Busters Club 6f Hamilton County. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Wright have returned from a visit with their daughter, Capt. and Mrs. R. J. Bailey who are stationed at McDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Fla. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ciltaevt Gersh- bachcr, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Dell Gershbacher wore Tuesday visitors in St. Louis. Mrs. Florence Anderson Burns left Thursday for her home in New Orleans, La., after spending several days here. Mrs. Hester Hargrave and Mrs. Euln Spain were in Carmi Tuesday where they attended the 24th District meeting of the McLeansboro Evening Club. Mrs. Baily Williams, Mrs. Hubert Jordan, Mrs. Lodge Grant and Mrs. Ralp Mangis wore visitors in St. Louis Tuesday. Mr. Walter Sanders and Mr. Glen Shchorn, motored to Mt. Vernon Monda>', where Mr. Sanders purchased a new car. Your Manners You are writing a business letter and want it to sound informal. WRONG: Use the .salutation "My dear Sir." RIGHT: Use the person's name: "My dear Mr. Smith." ("My dear Sir" is not incorrect —but it is the most formal salutation for a business letter.) O Be Sure to Get Your Lucky Key. MOVIE TIME TABLE- GRANADA "SCANDAL SHEET" 2:35-5:40-8:40 "GLOKl ALLEY" 3:55-7:00-10:05 STADIUm "Where's Charley?" 3:30-6:40-9:50 "Flesh »nd Furj" 2:10-5:20-8:30 PLAZA "Yukon Gold" 3:25-5:55-8:25 'Roll OA Texas Moon" 2:20-4:45-7:15-9:45 Where The BIG PICTURES SH ow First AtR CONOITIONtt) FOII rOUR COMFORT ENDS TODAY Brad Crawford - Donna Reed in "SC.AND.AL SHEET" plus LesUe Caron In "GLORY ALLEY" * STARTS SUNDAY * K I UNIVIUAl. INTEINATIONU fiau«i Rocky EXTRA! J«"^y MARCIANO vs. WALCOTT See the New Champ in the Greatest Heavyweight Battle in 20 Years Round By Round—Blow By Blow AIR COMDITIOHID fOR fOUR COWfORT Now Showinq — Two Big Features — She's a He and he's a HOWL! c»vs« mi CHNlCOiOR R ay OLGER t'X AlIynJlklfRIE jAN STERLING • MONA FREEMAN * UNIVtRSAL.INItBNATIONAl riCtUKE ENDS TODAY Kirby Grant in "YUKON GOLD" plu.<! Roy Rogers and Trigger in "ROLL ON TEXAS MOON" i^STARTS SUNDAYir THE IIIIUM; ACROSS . THE STREET tnsunti by WARNER BROS. ^ WAYNE MORRIS-MMIGE-IIIIICEBENNnT MAROUfRin CHAPMAN • ARCHER ADDED: SPORT SHORT

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