The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 3, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUWK I—NO. aos. KMTHKVll-LK, ARKANSAS, SATUttDAV, JULY a, 19.|« SUBSCRIPTION .RATES ON REQUEST THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published daily except Sunday* In the imprest of the personnel ol the Army Air Forces Ad- mxed Two Engine Flying School of Blythevllle, by th« Blythevllle courier Newi. It contains the new* of the Air Bue. Air Fields At Maiden And Blytheville Will Entertain Boys 17-18 Post Baseball Team Eliminated In Opener Of Midsouth Tourney Tlio Posl Baseball Team knocked ex-major leaguer Lee Grissom out of the box in tlie fifth inning oL' tboir game with the Second Army nine last nifhl but spent, their two- run lead in later innings and were defeated 5-2. Tliis loss eliminates tlie locals from the Mid-South Service Camp Tournament at Mom phis and sends the Second Army into the quarterfinals. The loss was a/heaiibreaker for Ihc Posl team. Pfo. Melvin Parncll, Blythcvlllc southpaw, pitched a beautiful tame until die .seventh and then allowed only two nils before being relieved by Pfc. Dill Ynrweick. These hlnsles, combined with lira errors, were enough to give thc Second Army two runs and n do. The Mcmphlans then blasted Yanvclck, who apparently never got warmed up, for their other three runs, Sergt. Max Vlckcrs, second baseman for the locals, was thc star of his team. Out of fou, trips to the plate he got. three hits, scurert two runs, ami was n bulwark of strength In the field. Sergt. Daniel 3'H,Grutta, left fielder, also looked gocitl. He got two hits out of four times nt bat. drove in one run, and was a capable bull hawk. . . The box score Second Army iiyaiii 2b Flmir. ib Castle If ....... Syl'stri c Roede ef Smith rf ;.... Juz'ak sa • • Grissom p xMulcnhy '...'.. Grlfforc |) Totals Blytheville Dick's ss Swan 2b Farrai io cf .... McWhorter Ib La Gruttn If . Grain rt Hogfri 3b .... White 3b ... P all. r. h. o. a Davis fe Parnell p Yarewick .... 0 2 .... 5 .... 4 4 .... 4' .... 5 ....5 2 .... 0 1 .. 38 all ....4 .... 4 •! .... 3 4 .... 4 .... 2 2 3 5 7 27 1C . r. li. o. a 3 0 0 3 0 1 0 11 ?. 0 0 2 BID ML PHI SMI Residents Of Piggolt, Ark', Will Stage Annual July 4lh Picnic To help sell War Bonds, the 351sl AAP Band of thc Blythcvlllc Army Air Field will go to I'iggotl. Mini- day. Tlie band will provide the music for a big mmunl picnic which is held on the Fourth of July ut Piggott, n city 55 to GO miles from Blytheville. This year the picnic is all out for Victory, and a War Bond .sale will be conducted during the day, with 5,000 or- more folks in -attendance. Thc band will get there in time for tlie parade lit 9:30 o'clock from town to Ihe picnic grounds. A concert will be given in the afternoon and evening. Laud Payne, newspaper publisher, is chairman. The committee in charge includes E. H. Scurlock, operator of thc Piggott Handle Co., and a first lieutenant overseas iii World War I; E. H. Ballard, manager of thc -Piggott Nursery Co.; G. "F. Gilbert, a contractor and veteran of thc other. World Wnr; and Denny. Scsirbrough, cafe proprietor, who, in World War I, was wounded in the Battle of the Ar- gonnc Forest. MALDEN AliMV AIR FIELD,] Maiden, Mo,—Young' men of 11 I'ears of nee, together wllh their parents and friends, have been lu- vitcd lo ntleud a special Fourth of July "Open House" program at this base mid to see the Army Air Forces Aviation Cadet training pro- ,nim In iictual operation. Gales of the field, where hundreds of cadels are' receiving their basic flight training, will bo opened to the public for (lie first time Sunday from I to 5 p.m. Visitors will be eseorleri about the field and invited to Inspect thc facilities here for thc training of America's wartime combat fliers. A special program has been arranged by military authorities, Including cadet drills ,a ' chemical warfare demonstration and mi anti-aircraft exhibition. Normal flying activities will be carried on UiroiiBliout the afternoon, permitting civilians- to see first hand thc aerial Instruction given to cadels who conic to take their basic here, from nil parts of the country. The program will be of particular interest to parents of fliers now in training In other sections (if tlv United States, and lo n-ycar-olds who ale planning to join the Army Air Forces In the near future. There will be opportunities for the youths and their parents to stand on the flight line of the field, Inspect till; planes, and to see scores of ciulets actually flying- the fast, basic trainers used .at this field. Model barracks . will be . .thrown open to inspection .by the public •Hid officers, cadels, and WAACs will be on hand 'to conduct (ours of- the field and explain details of cadet life and training. Parking Facilities Civilian cars arriving on the field Sunday afternoon will be directed to a large parking area near cadet headquarters from where all tours wilt start. Young men and their families will be shown through the cadet area of tile field, including stops at the barracks, the mess hall, and he theatre. Some cadels will be nir to -answer questions; others vill give a drill demonstration mid >erform some of the physical train-1 terest wIP. be th? control tower, the 2-0. .1 2 0* 2 o i Totals ...'...' X 1. S 27 13 : x—Batted for Grissom in sixth. Second Army .:•.-. 000 000 500—5 Blytheville 100 010 €00—2 '.' Summary: Errors—Long, Swan, !Hogan 2. Parnell 2, Vickers, Grain. '- batted in—Castle. Smith 2, Attractions Offered At Recreation Hall (•Mffore. La Grutta. Two-base hits "-^Parnell, Flair, Smith. La Grut"ta.. Stolen bases—Juzwiak. Sacrifices—Swan. Left,on bases—Sec- .oml Army 14, Blytlicvillc 9. Bases on balls—Grissom 3, Parnell . 5, ^Yarewick 2. Struck butr-Grissom 3, Parnell 6, Griftore 4, Yarewick 2. Hits—Olf Grissoiii 5 in 5 innings, 2 runs; off Parnell 4 in 6 2-3, 4 runs. Winning pitcher—Grif- lorc. Losing pitcher—Parnell. Umpires—Campbell, Dempsey and Bos- we.ll.' Time—2:30. 326th Adjudged Most Soldierly Squadron The most soldierly ouUit in thc weekly parade ceremony Wednesday afternoon was thc 32Gth Squadron. It was selected by a board of three officers which served as jurigrs. Thc MGSh takes tin honors (or two successive vleeks, sinc *l;cy were the winners also u wee •o. Reviewed by Col. Kurl M. Landon, commanding o((iccr, and Mnj Harry E. McGuirc, executive offi cer, the 32Cth turned out with 154 men In the ranks. Judging was on the basis of in fanlry drill, promptness, dress am alignment, discipline, uniform, mas. movements, response to commands and general correctness of appear Tomorrow Is the day I Boys n and 18 years old will be he rviirlli of July t'licsU of thc Jlylheville Army Air Field lor the ntlre afternoon, from I to 5 o'clock. They will bo given the freedom )f the restricted areas where nobody Is permuted except military lersonnel on active duty, and will neet and visit with die aviation cadets and the flying officers. An aerial review of military s in flight maneuvers will be staged for diclr benefit, and dm com- nandanl and officers ol thc Cadet Detachment will review a formal parade of thc eadet squadrons lo die music of the 351st AVIUJ Air Forces Band. Into Thu ll'.uigun Clasc inspection of the big AT-0 and AT-lo, two of the slandim training ships, will be arranged and die visitors will pass along tin. long lines of aircraft parked nlon; tlie hangar Inxlways. What goes on In the Subdcpo hangars, where skilled mechanic, make the major repairs and ad Juslmcnts to crippled ships? \vha does It look like In the squadrot engineering hangars where the air cnifl mechanics .service lind repair die ships? All this will become an o]M book to the young fellows of prc military age. for they will get up close and have a look for them selves, besides being given an op witunily to unload all Ihe qucs .ions that have been adding 11 111' their minds, Colimcl To Speak Open Post for die young fcllov who, within a matter of month will get Ihclr call into die scrvlc of the Armed Forces, wus decide |wn In order thut they might t iven lull opportunity to learn first hand the things (hey iha want to know about thc Army A Forces. Col. Kurt M. Landon, couunaiK Ing officer, will talk to the vis tors in an informal gathering the 'flight line hcadqimrtcrd. A group of pilot Instructors, detailed from -among the officers who train the cadets, will escort them about the flUjht line. Among the points of special in- State* Represented At Blytheville Field The 48 states of the Union all c represented among the soldiers die Hlythevlllc Army Air Meld, of only Ihal, but there's ono oin Ilio District of Columbia, one out Canada, and one from China, New York lias eonlrlbut'id Ihu rgesl number, Arkansas nmn ext, with 'i 10 from this slate. Thc IdSouth is well represented, wllh from Tennessee, 5S from Mts- iinl. IB1 from Mississippi, 100 om l/nilslana, 85 from Alabama, ml til from Kentucky. Pennsylvania ts about us well cpvesenlcil as Mississippi, and New crsey luis sent 110 of Us young icn. Capl, Green berg Has Praise For AlliLclic Program At Field Here vireenwood Boxers Lose To Locals Tlie 1'ost Boxlnu Tciim wiped up he cunvas with some toii|;li vist- ors from the Greenwood, Miss. Army Air Meld In bouts lit llwi American Lotion Arena Thursday pro- "Thc best physical I ruining ram In die enllri' l-'ourth 'raining Command." This wus the lUdhoiUaltve slute- niMii nt "lliuiiineihiu Hunk" li;, Idol ot the baseball world wlille lie was Hut .star (list jascnuui of Ihe Uelroll Tigris, as le inspected the alhk'lte program uf die lll.vllievllle Army Air Field I'liursday afternoon, "llaiuiiiHlng Hunk", now i\ captain In the Air Oii'tu, assigned us iwilslmit lo tlie pliy.slnil director ol tlui 1 "urn Ih Training Command, wa.s Iwrti on n lour of all physical training dcimrluiouls In (he command, whleh comprises training Holds from California lo Florida, lie made his .statement after witnessing every plmse of the body building activities eimled on at this post for officers, cadets and enlisted men, anil lifter be had worked out wllh several calisthenics elasses. Musi Itiilhl Men "The imllcrn here li what we would like to have adopted at all stations In Ihu command. Unlj Maxwell I'lcld. Aln., «m equal It,' he asscilcd. "Your allilctli: depait- iim;i nun I.VKIUII Mieua inm.Mmv i , , ilBht. Well-lralned and capable,' !'"' ia Has lUnii! u wonilerriil Job. 11 Every, night of the week there'll be Something doing at thq' Post Recreation Hall, according to plans eing worked out by the Special jcrvice Office. ••...-.' Boxing, wrestling, dances, com- nunity sings, Gr shows, stunt! , musical appreciation nights, liusses in 'foreign languages — liii hesc and many more epents, arc n consideration,'and Lieut. Oscar Benson, special service officer, nvites suggestions as to. what the GI would like in tlie way of tliver- ion, entertainment and recreation. How about an inteis<iuadri>n table ciinis tournament, for example? Or Inlersquadron competition in Badminton? Or chess and checkers? The idea is that if the GI wants t, he can find something going on any evening so that he need not !eel obliged to go to town to avoid getting bored. Monthly dances already arc held it the Rcc Hall, to be sponsored Hereafter by the various squadrons, detachments and units in turn, the first to be on July 30. Dishpan Kills Pheasant PORTLAND, Ore. (UP) — A mountain pheasant crashed through the kitchen window of the home of Mr. and Mrs. George G. Root, hit a dlshpan and fell dead on the floor. The impact had knocked the dishpan from its hook, and it fell nently over the pheasant, covering it completely. ill; exercises which are a part of ;helr daily routine. A squadron recreation room and a squadron orderly room, . where adininlstativc wort'ls-carried outjwW be on display. ; '. • • Tlie chemical warfare demonstration, which • will be continuous throughout the afternoon,- will include a gas mask 'drill, methods of decontamination of passed areas, USB of Smoke screens and ways of extinguishing incendiary bombs. To See Link Trainers Guests will be taken through the Link Trainer department nnrt will be able to watch cadets in the process of learning how to fly by use of instruments alone. Link trainers are dummy airplanes which never leave the ground, but which can simulate every possible condition met with in actual flight. Highlight of the tours will be a visit to the night line of the field, where dozens of trainin,, Jlancs will be taking off and laming on routine flights. A plane will be on view there with its side lancls removed, so that visitors can see details of construction. Another |)l«ne will be drawn up beside i ramp, so that civilians may look "to the cockpit and see the delicate and complicated instruments used in actual flight. Mechanic: will be near at hand, iuspcctinp and checking the motors of other planes. The mammoth recreation hall of the field will i )c open ns a rcst , center for civilians, and the post band will offer a concert on the lawn in front of the building. Religious Bulletin Trainer buildings, Hie weather tation, and the dispatcher's of- icc, . . Jalholic Service*: Sunday— . • . Masses .at C:30 and 9 a. m. (Confessions Saturday, G-0 p. in., and irlor to masses on Sunday.) Week day masses as announced at Sunday services. Protestant Services: Sunday. Protestant services for Negro soldiers at 8 a. m. Oilier Protestant service (for all Protestant denomination) at 10 a. m. Wednesday- Devotional service (or Negro troops at 7 p. m. Jewish Services: Friday evening- at 7 o'clock. General Announcements— he MlMlsslpplans fought gamely iiul well, but a draw In one bout, was thc best they could do against (he locals In six matches. In one of thc double main events, veteran middleweight, loosed a bur- rage of block busters at Pvt. Fred Sorgl. A. J (Cherokee) llcndrlcks, Darker of Greenwood, lie knocked die visitor down In thc first and sullied in for din kill. Darker wasn't having any, however. He slugged back until he made, up his mind what lo do about die iilooil- Iblr.sly "Cherokee". H was Ilicn Hint lie proved his ability as a good "country flghlor." He looked like i\ farmer al a square dance as he blopkcd, ducked, and stayed away from die K. O. bent BlythevHIfl soldier. Can't Hit Him It worked, though. Cherokee complained to all and sundry ut the end of thc second, "I can't hit Hint dude." He found die range in thc (bird round, however, anil gave die guest a rapid-fire pasting dint almost put him down (or thc count. The bell Intervened and Cherokee was given n unanimous noil from the Judges. Morgan \Vhis Corp. Robert J. Morgan, Arkansas AAU welterweight champ, won a hairbreadth decision over Tech. Sertjt. nichnrd Mrolefc In the second bout of thc dual main event. Morgan as usual boxed beaudfiil- ly and slammed vicious rights lo bis opponent's heart. Mrotck, liow- evcr. was no sissy. He took everything the. Blythevllle soldier offer- .1 and came back swinging. Ag- rc&slvs as a hungry wolf, he uull- tl Inlo the champ lime after time ml hurt Morgan with heavy rights > Ihci Jaw. Both men were glad hen the final bell sounded and Irotek didn't complain when die uiiges picked the champ as victor. Hopes Help Heavy Scrgt. Joe Holler, Icfl-handed iciivytt'clghl, ivon n decision over yl. Mello Ollvcrl, u football play- r by Inclination. Hollar battered us opponent from post lo post but vas considerably hampered by die siller's fouling tactics. Whenever ic got in trouble, Oliver! wrapped ils iiyms around Holler'smlil-secllon and rushed him against the ropes, trying to shove him out of Hie ring. H didn't work, though lie mrt the niytheviUc soldier's back, ind thc Judges chose HolUer by a lias a splendid staff and a gonr organl/atloii." Captain Grccnhcii! emphaslm the jiced fur the development endurance amoiiK Air Corps men "The primary (unction of (he phy sleal training program In the Aimj LWY.DFERS A chaplain Is on duty each evening. Soldiers arc welcome to their counsel and help. The chapel is always open for private piayers and devotions. mice and execution. The squadron was led by Capt. John F. Mead, commanding officer, mid Second Lieut. Francis X. Foley, arljulant. FUNNY BUSINESS Eric. Pa. (up) _ pg, aktiH _ gmshed service on the "farm .rout," Eleanor and Cynthia Lane Watei-ford were admitted (o the Erie Times Legion of Honor. To relieve their father of a "hired man' shortage they aided in thc harvest of !)0 lons ot 1l!1V| |ll( , kc( , half a ton of cherries and a quantity of strawberries last summer Between "field hours" llicy gardened, drove horses and milked cows. cwel Cave National Monument, S. D., was visilcd by 3744 persons during 1910. SMALL LOANS Om AnrtMar •* ValM. Eart Main Lou Co. SM t. Mala _ Pb«M MM stocky poker-diced fill boy, I'vl John Heed, '('ho latter looked aliou as dangerous as a Sunday Bchno teacher ami fought like a demon, Brandon nearly lore him in two with scurclilng uppercuis lo the stomach, but the fill IHIlu biixx. saw kept rushing In and slnunlnti It out. Hrandon landed the more tell- ng blows, however, and won the dcclsluu, l.liOilwciRlit Cases Corp. Ivn Spiinn, name lightweight, spotted Corp. 1)111 Case a couple ol |»mnds, then held him to a draw. Case drew bluod with a first round poke lo Spann's hose, bill, the local boy slayiul wllh him and In latlor rounds was trading lick (or lick with Ihu Ml.sslsslpplau.- In till' thst prelim, I>\'l. Kay Deruhc, lightweight, declsloned I'vl, Frank Wardlaw. six pounds the heavier. In one of the best brawls 'of Hie evening. Making his first public appearance In llu; ring, tlcrube came back from a llrst round knockdown lo blast his vcai'lcr opponent all over Ihu ring. The gnjim lilythcvlllc- soldier lill the Misslsslpplaii wllh everything but lliu bell and had'the visitor stunned and almost oilL on his feet when the bout ended, ibt! got his decision uiianlmous- y. Corp. Don Burton rcicrced the jouls, which were held under the iupervlslon of Slaff Scrgt. Jesse Elements, post boxing Instructor. -, the building of stamina. Filers ctidtmua'c and conditioning the Improvement In enemy iitl-alrcralt fire makes high alll- ido (lying a necessity and this upases physical sliuln on mem- ers o( a plane crow. Members of round crews must be In »hapu be- ausc they .soinellnu's have to work s much as 30 conseciillve hours nder thc trying conditions ol Ihu ombat urea." Nut it lilt Tim captiiln Hindi) n big hit with lii> soldiers. Quiet, unpretentious ind friendly, the lull, lanky, ex- rlnci 1 star was the center of al- raellmi when ho look the field as list baseman (or the Athletic Dc- larlmenl soflball (cam against (he Mill Squadron. l-'cii seven Innings he held down .ils old position, took his turn at Ilic plate, and Joked wllh members ol both teams, Spoils • writers wouldn't go Into hysterics over his jerformance. In face,, he wasn't wvltcnlarly onlMumllinj in softball, He imulc several errors and didn't gel a hit. Hut every man who saw llin game remembered Uic Clreenbery who wa.s thc Tiger's gold mine from niKI mill) he cn- Icred Ihu Army In mil and knew (hat all Ihu big athlete needed was imicllcc, Hull Tan'/ Nut Him "This Is my second snfllmll name Hhls, .reason," ' llaniniorlhg I^ank grinned ii|x>ioi;etlcally as lie came In (loin the Held, "1 wasn't so hot, wa.s (?" Someone asked him 1C hi! was ilavlng much baseball. "Khncks no," he replied, "t lake iiart In physical IralnliU] every day mil I don't have time [or bull play- Inn." Someone else asked who hu Iliought would win the American league pennant. "Your (JMCSS Is holler than mine." replied (he former Tiger. I clim't even know who's leading." "You mean you don't keep up with tlie garni!?" "Nope. I'm a soldier, not n baseball player or fan," svas Ihe firm reply. "I'm glvlnn the Army nil I've got and I don't have lime lo think ofbascball until the war Is over." Hack to Work •lust then an elderly Negro approached (lie captain :iiK)lo;|cllcal- Military Personnel Here May Learn :Terms And Customs Of Briloiis Among Ilu4 nuniy books and iwrlodlcals available lo mllitar/i personnel ril Ihc new Post Library' in Hie slono house between Headquarters and Ihc Post Exchange, is a pamphlet entitled "A Short Clulde to Great Jirllaln" which explains what an American -'colitltr ' should expect on KnglLsh . soli and how lie should behave to. gain the esteem of Die British people. The pamphlet explains among other things Hint there arc mni'iy- words which have different mean- • Inss from (ho way we use them and ninny common objects have (llffcicnt.iKiines. •...-•'. r-'or liiMniice, instead of railroads, automobiles and radios,'Ihc British will talk about railways,- motorcars and wireless sets. A railroad tic Is a sleeper. A freight, car Is" a, goods car; a streetcar Is a Irani.-A llxlil truck h a lorry ami gas is petrol—If there Is any. Your first .Furlough may find you In some small difficulties because of JaiiKungc difference's. You will < Have to ask for sock suspenders to ' gel garters and (or braces Itislcad of suspenders. If you want a quick beer you had better 'ask for the nearest pub. Yon will Bet' your drugs at the chemist's and '• your tobacco at a' tobacconist, 'llie measure ot length and weight arc i\ the same n.s those used ill America but you should , remember that the Enfdlsh gallon contains about ouc-Nflh 'more liquid than Hie American gallon. . : • : Head Conner'News »»nt thc KcrldHs-mlmtal ex-hero of base- ball's' millions.' And he and Llen- tenimt Hill Adams Iriuljicd oft to Jlie- Alhlclk Area, deep In conversation over the physical training. o( a Fighting Army. - large, margin. A HIiiff Fcsl Sergt. i)on Brandon, light heavy climbed into tlie ring against i WK FIM, AM, DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK YOU MONKV STEWART'S Drug Stor e .Main ft Lake I'hcmc Z823 FITTKI) HY Doctor* J. L *ad J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS "Sense me, .sir," he said. "1 Just wanted lo say 'Hello. 1 I've read sej much about yon." "Glad you did.' was the cordial reply. "Take care of yourself." .And Hie captain flashed n 'friendly smile al the Negro ns llio latter walked off happy at his contact wllh baseball royalty. "Now let's get back to work," said 'Flowers For Kycry Occa sitm . . . li'iinuriil designs; wedding , flowers, cor- HllfJCS. ... ... ._ .. . : . THE FLOWER SHOP OLENCOE HOTEL BLDO. rlinilc 4!H ' '-' IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acrwj frvm Hl»h 8eh<wl PRESCRIPTIONS freshest Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores . "My husband rigged il up—it makes Ihe baby think we're i walking thc floor with her and she sleeps soundly nil i" Skating Kvcry Afternoon And Night! GUY GEAN'S SKATING RINK rx)rslcd on Snulli Second SI. Across From Nad. Guard Armory SPECIAL RATES For Service Men Repair Service That Is Fully Guaranteed! Kxpcrt Mechanics—Body Men Lee Motor Sales Eui SUae, Shop r*nnun JOT E. Mkln Fh. 519 The Modern Ice Box COOl.KKATOK For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Pbon* 111 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. tANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw»7 A Walnut Fb. IM Our CHILDREN'S KHOP. HI.- TAIRINO l» Hio kind llial * lancl * «li splendidly lo Ihc lonsti. !I»M "»• >gc Ilic »cllvu youngsur elves iiu roolK-ejr—wo rchiifld I" f " ots solidly »n<l honeslly. Let >" 1" OTC It. H-flLT€RS QUflLITY SHOCSHOP 121 W M fl I N S T. BPTICDL STORE W. Main St. Phone 2912 Just Kccclvcd New Assortment CHROMIUM FOG LAMP SETS DRIVING LIGHTS Officer s ? Uniforms Compare (lie (alirlc mid Horkm.insliip of Ihesc line K»rmcnl5 before buying! lilmiscs ............. .37.75 ue Trousers .......... 13.75 ............. . /. ..... '•.13.75 Slimmer Trousers ., ..... ..;. 7.90 Summer Shirts ......... ..... 8.90 \ LOV EICH Chevrolet Company I'lionc 77 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider election of shaving nctds, cosmetics, nb»eltle«, etc., In Blythevllle ttmn at ItobuisonV L*teat Ilagaxlne*—Foun- tain Krvice—s»ndwlche4l Service Men! Meet Your Friends at Robinson's! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations nODlf OF UNIFORM SHIRTS, MADE SMALLER Khaki.. 15c; Tropical $1; 3-diy Serrice GarrisoD Caps — Accessories — THEY SCRAM. 'WHEN YOU

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