Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on September 26, 1952 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1952
Page 9
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERb40N, ILLINOIS V Answers Questions of Reglstfer-News Readers Ha\p you writlpn your Query? Then read the Register-News for thr answer to your problem. See her—hear hci-, through Friday at the Granada theatre. Q_Mrs. AS., of Ml. Vernon. Ahnut your hu.sband'.s joh? A—Your husband wili be worl<- InR in his old position with the railroad and here. I do not be- lievG that there is any change indicated for now, or at this time. Q—Mi-s.s Worried of city. Regards wii>' ho don't write'.' A—By the linio \ nu read this ans- wci- you will have had yoin- mes- .saRo. Q—D.M.C. of Itl. 4, Ml. Vernon. Regards your letter? A—You will make the trip this .\par. I believe that you ai'e plan- iimg this for next year, but you will have changed your residence by the end of the commg year, to the place you now plan to visit — California. Q_M. A. of'Keenes, 111. About vour hopes A—They fx)int in many directions. You will find that contests • re not only interesting and a good nobby, but can be lucrative as well. You will win. Yes, time and again, and in more ways than in contests. Q—Will we move? W.O. of Dahl­ gren, III. A—Yes, you have been contemplating this move for some time, and this plan will succeed for you. tiave no fear, Where? To PJdin- boro. Pa., as N-OU now anticipati>. See me for further advise, if you so desire, at the Granada. Attend ladies only, Friday p.m. at 2. You will enjoy Ihe show. Q—D.R. About your girl friend? A—You arc lucky in having a friend so WL^C . She is right. You concentrate upon your education, and work hard towards making yourself into the competent person you wish to bo for success for the future. Your future. Y'ou are young, though your heart tells you you are in love. However, it would be wise for you to listen to your sw-eetheart. She is wise for her age. Yes, \ou have a chance, later on, you will marry. Q—Mrs. R.L. of Bonnie. Regards your husband? A—You, my friend, are seeking that which yon already ha^e. Why do you turn your eyes inward, on your true treasures? You have a husband who loves you—though he thinks it is silly to keep saying so all the time, and he is perfectly satisfied with you and the old car, and the roof you have over your heads. Isn't this a good way of life'?—not to be in cieht to the e.x- tent of agony, for nothing makes a man more unJiappy than to be obligated to the e.xterit of his earnings. If I were you I would find no fault, either now or in the future. Q—.Miss Hopeful, of Salem Road. About your boy friend? A—If you would send him the pen he needs so badly—one that .•ill not shed ink all over his uniform— this is some of the trouble he has been having—and you do want to please him. You will have had your letter by now—written with a borrowed pen, and station­ ery. If you want letters, send some supplies. —R, N. of Mt. Vernon. About the contest? A—Why not. This is something that interests you, and you have as good a chance as anyone else. You have your true treasure In the person initialed—T. See me if you wish, regards your many other problems. Q—E.R.B. of city. Regards your plans ? A—The future holds your hope now for a new home. This u ill not be here, however, for \ ou will make the change of residence you have thought about next year. Q~B,C. of Mt. Vernon, Will he ever find out ? A—Know in your own mind that it is human to err—and there is no one who doesn't make some mistakes some of the timb. You have the knowledge of yours—and it will not happen again. Forget it. Q—L.G. Will I win my divorce? A—Yes, and then you will marry him all ovep again, for, you see, you love your husband and he is in love with you. All this is such a waste of time, in my opinion. The divorce courts of today, the recording places of human ignorance—If you would take the time to understand one another—a life time if necessary. Just keep your pledge—for better or for worse, and when you would find fault with him, search yourself—and when you find no faults of your own, then find fault with others. Just place your faith, my friend, with the one to whom you have pledged your troth. See me if you have any further doubt. Q—Miss E. of city. Where was he':' With whom? A—Get yourself another boy friend, for this one is interested in another. Now, how about your old boy friend? He still cares. Q—Mrs. EM. of Kell. I believe jou are allowing fear to retard you — if you uill tal<c the advice of your physician, you will have nothing to worry about. Just make a business of being well, feeling good again, for I believe that good health and happiness go hand in hand. Weather By A>ioe!«t«d Prtst Q—MB. of Mt, Vernon. Regards starting a family? A—You will regain your future. When you are reunited with your husband, and when he comes back Cincinnati, part cloudy .... Cleveland, part cloudy.... Detroit, cloudy . Indianapolis, part cloudy Memphis, clear Milwaukee, cloudy Des Moines, clear Kansas City, clear Mpls,-St. Paul, clear Omaha, clear St. Louis, clear Atlanta, clear Boston, clear Miami, pa'rt cloudy New York, clear Fort Worth, clear New Orleans, clear Denver, clear Ifelena, clear Phoeni.v, clear Los Angeles, cloudy San Francisco, clear Seattle, cloudy from over seas, after the holidays of this year, you will then begin your future together—as you planned before he went away. Q—E,W,H. of city. About your present plan ? A—You will carry out your idea, to sell your business and rein\'est. SO 57 79 4fi 1 .1 72 ••58 77 49 8,3 49 79 54 82 4fi 87 7^ .5.5 46 8.=) 80 .5 ,3 5.5 ] 7,3 58 ! fiS 54 1 89 75 ' 74 8.5 fil : 8 .3 81 8 .'"i 36 : 98 fi8 73 65 ' sn 5.'"'. 64 50 , Q—L.M, Regards marriage" A—With the boy you are now going with, the coming month, for he will be leaving for the service soon now. More answers tomorrow. ZANDORRA Complete lines of standard brand Instruments In stock. Organs, pianos accordions, guitars, amplifiers and all band instruments. Renf-als as LOM* as $5.00 per month 20 Years in Business YAREL'S 816 S. 17th LOSES 48 POUNDS Round Lake Pork Lody Pleosed ' "In the paat few months I have gone from 218 lbs. down to 170 lbs. (While taking Rennel Concentrate. I have had a very bad heart condition |for the past few years so I wanted to get my doctor's permission before taking; anything to lose weight. He said that there was nothing in Rennel to harm me so I started In on the home recipe. I feel so very much better now and don't seem to have those bad heart attacks that I had iljefore taking Rennel." So writes Mrs. Theresa Dokman of 230 Highmore Dr. It's amazing how quickly you can lose unsightly fat at home. Obtain liquid RENNEL at your druggist, mix with grapefruit juice as directed and take two tablespoonfuls twice a day. That's all there Is to it. If you do not lose weight with the very first bottle just return It to the maker for your money back. You need never know a hungi-y moment while reducing with RENNEL. IMMEDIA TE DELIVERY ALL MODELS CHEVROLETS Liberal Allowance on Your Old Car WE NEED USED CARS DAVIDSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 513 S. 10th STREET PHONE 3120 Last Two Days Saturday — Monday 2.29 Value Sheets 1.88 81x9!) Muslin bed sheets, fine white cotton, woven tightly, firmly, better than U.S. Government tyn^ 128 specifications. Famous label on every sheet. Limit, four to customer. Irregulars. 49c Value Percales YARDS Bi-and new patterns, lovely new colorfast colors. 80 square weaves. Full 36 inch widths, In solids, stripes, plaids, florals, small prints, and modernistics. Cut. to order. Every inch is sanforized and perfect. Display Curtains-Blankets OFF Regular values in blankets to 9.98 and curtains to 6.98! Every blanket or curtain on display is on sale at 1/3 of the ticketed price. Figure your own savings! Every curtain or blanket is useable, after either dry cleaning, or laundering. AH are perfect. Girl's Wool Coats Limited quantity girls brand new for fall wool coats. Smart new styles in lovely new colors. Sizes for girls and young girls, 8 to 6x and 7 to 14, All coats in the sale arc guaranteed perfect. Men's 8.98 Dress Pants PAIR Biggest bargain ever offered! Brand new hard finish fabric dress pants, styled with hollywood pleated front, and full zipper fastened. Snug fitting tapered waist, with gripper Inner waist band to prevent shirt from climbing. PJvery man's sizes from 29 to 42. All new shades for fall. SPECIAL PURCHASE, 400 PAIR SHOES FOR BOYS-GIRLS Evei-y one made of selected genuine leather, custom designed over lasts built to conform to children's growing feet. In brown, tan, black, and two-tones. CASUAL LOAFERS FOR GROWING GIRLS Genuine leather uppers, and long wear crepe soles. Smartly styled loafer with saddle stitched trim. In natural, tan, and burgundy. Sizes 4-9. 98c SUITINGS Ffkc AND COTTONS J J 29c UNBLEACHED J Yd* $| MUSLIN 4 I 1.00 NYLON ^ Pr.SI HOSE i, I 1.59 GIRLS' $4 DRESSES I 39c MEN'S SOX 39c Canvas Gloves 5"M 1.49 WOMEN'S 3 BLOUSES 39c RAYON J For PANTIES 4 1.98 GOWNS $ AND SLIPS 1 $ 1 1 4.98 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS 2 $5 6.96 WORK SUITS 5 39c ANKLETS WITH PEN . - 4 -s| 1.49 PRINTED CORDUROY.. 1 rO 10.98 WOOLENS 2Sc TRAINING PANTY...... 6*1 19c WASH OR DISH CLOTHS .. 12'$! 29.95 WINTER 4 A AQ COATS I J.JO 1.59 DRAPERY 3| FABRICS I 1.49 INFANTS' $4 DRESSES I 1.98 TWO WAY $4 GIRDLES I 1.29 NEW 54 TEE SHIRTS I 39c RECEIVING ^^"$4 BLANKET J | 1.49 BOYS' $4 FLANNEL SHIRTS I 9.98 BOMBER JACKETS, Sizes 8-14 19c DRESS OR WORK HDKFS..

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