The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 11, 1947 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, DECEMBER 11, 1947 • WESLEY Wednesday evening presented by Glenn Kncrett. salary, members of the Sunday school General Fund 146.50 ttgwaijBWffliraiEaiggg (Dec. 4) W. S. C S. met at the church, last Tuesday for a special work' meeting. Mrs. Trimble gave a short Christmas devotional and several carols were sung. Christmas cards, wrappings, stationery and erecting cards were sold with the bazaar articles at the God's Acre sale Dec. fl. The Christmas W. S. C. S. party will ho held Pec. 17 at the homo of Mrs. Henry Washburn with a committee of live assisting. Kadi mr-in- ber is asked to brine a gift for a child which will be sent to a hospital or home for Christmas. Hev. and Mrs. John Trimble and children drove to Salina. Kan., last Wednesday to be with her parents and family for a reunion on Thanksgiving. All of Mrs. Trimble's brothers and sisters and families were prrs. nt. 45 enjoying the day tocethcr. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Wils.-r. had as their guests Thanksirivi:: c Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson jr. ;>••..i baby Jean. John sr. and |!.-:i and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Laidiaw a;-.: Mrs. Hosa Adams. Mrs. Paul Parker spent Thank<- with her mother. Mis. Keller, at Council liluffs. a - ,v- . panied by her aunt. Mrs. C, ;-.• • Plumb, and Kay. They ,-r. •;..•.-. d Thanksgivini: supp. r in th- K.iv I'lumb home. Mrs. Park, r i< -..,•••; visiting Paul's parents. Mr an-; Mrs. Ceo. Parker, and bis bro'h- ors and families. A number from W, sley attended the 4-|| bamiiiet in Malvern last Saturday nieht. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sower- and family bad for their euests Thanksgiving her sister and husband of Omaha. Mrs. So.vers returned home with them for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Parker took n load of boys and their son Dwight back to college at Ames Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hussel Acel and children spent Thanksgiving with his mother near Macedonia. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Parker drove to Ale.xandria, S. D., for Thanksgiving at the home of their daughter-in-law's parents. Their son Clinton Jr. and wife and baby Jo Ann expected to be there also but were snow-bound so were unable to enjoy tho day together. and school. Refreshments of sandwiches, pie, coffee and i-oroa were served. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Poxren and danchters visited Vi ar.d Mrs. Xoel Bowen Sunday Mr. and Mrs, Yoldcni Walls.-r and children were Tiinrrr cuests of Mr and M;s K-,,-\A:-r. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. Mar-iir l-r^rr. and dauchters V..-,:', .',« , ; .,r.rrr guests Thanksc.x ;:-.c ">'• a:,'. Mrs. Klbert W •;;-., h, >:, v :,: . :•-.- . c Mr. and Mrs V, :,= ,-;-, V, .V .-•,.-:• .',-.-. cbildr. :-. >5r :,:.o v r < '. :-. .•.-.-.-.-.•.•. Bower 1 .. Mr. av.,-. V ~ N , ••(. :'.>:-.-. and rl-.-'.ilr.-r. ar.,-. N,:.-.-, v.v •<worth. D.i'.o (if!-.TV. .v.. : V:". r--: A M. Armstrong, salary, Lihfrtv Memorial Main- unari.-e Kund 138.70 Hujrh 1\is<s Jr.. salary, >Va!r: 119.70 (' .i.v\*on. refund, WMrr r-.:-,'. 5.37 EAST LIBERTY 18.98 -. v-<ft--r. dr.iyage, >"'.-"• t* T A i.icht Com- '..' Liberty ,', Maintenance - .66 Motors, truck, 816.00 rr.s: & Savings ••.<• rost on war- .itrr Kund 127.95 rr. truck trans- r;-i! Kund Miss Edna Maddocks of Crete, Neb., came last Wednesday to spend her Thanksgiving vacation rflBKfflflKMftUgSBft from Doane college at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. 4 > H. Maddocks. Additional dinner Plans are being made for the guests Thursday included Mr. Sunday school Christmas pro- and Mrs . Ra i ph Maddocks of gram with the following commit- Omaha and Mrs. Glen Fitch and tees named: program. Thelma Joan ot oienwood. Benedict and Gladys Petty; music, Mary Terry and Ruth Watson. Hev. John C. Turner and Eugene Messenger left Sunday for West Virginia w.,ere they expect to do some deer hunting and visit Mr. Turner's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Watson and Wayne were guests at the Floyd Buffon home near Stennett Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thayer, Luella and Darwin of west of Oakland were dinner guests Sunday of Mrs. Laura Kerney and Josie. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Watson and Wayne were guests Thanksgiving day at the home of her sister, Mrs. Gus Bergstrom, and family at Oriswold. •>» Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Messenger trip very much, speaking especially of New Orleans and Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Iowa. They enjoyed the entire Charleston being of outstanding Interest to them. Police Chief Jesae Morse of Red Oak got a message on his radio-controlled car recently to proceed to the fire station to see returned Saturday from Waco, the Maryville (Mo.) police chief. Tex., where they had visited at He carried out the request but to find any police " rar.sfer, truck(" t T,'.-ral Kund rs.-i-.-r. labor. Gen- Kurd .iil >v Son. labor. Kund Vunty Abstract ]Mv.y. services, -ral Kund .50 (.73 The W. S. C. S. plans to lunch the Frank Culley closing out farm sale Thursday, Dec. 18. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Scott Mr. and Mrs. John Bartholo- an d Roger spent Thanksgiving mew, Roger and Billy of Tabor day in Malvern at the home of were dinner guests at the Paul Benedict home Thanksgiving day. Paul and Alex Duma who had 4.50 5.00 17.05 y iif ;ter ;.;•• :-. ..:-.! Don T- rry. I-s !. !•: Pramtnei'--!-. ''•\ .,!-..! Karen Teiry. - I W. Castor. Mr. rris Tripl.-tt ; ind baby '1 Mrs H.-nry Schil- s-.ippi't- L'tiests last Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Sandra K of Hed Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Urainmeier, Twila and Karen and Don Terry, Mr. and Mrs. Volney Warren and lUrls, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Marsden and boys were supper guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Castor in Krnerson. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Marsden and sons were Thanksgiving L-uests of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jones In Red Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Woods and sons were guests last Thursday of Mrs. Woods' sister and family in C'arson. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Marsden and family entertained Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hicks and family and Mr. 9.46 •1.33 2.24 6.or, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Washburn ™** r *L Barren Achnnbaugh and had as their dinner guests Thanksgiving their daughter Mary Alice and fiance of Omaha and a nephew of Mrs. Washburn's of Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilson had Thanksgiving dinner at home for her mother, Mrs. Harris, and daughter Daisy of Macedonia and two other daughters of Henderson and Omaha and their families. sons Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Vlner and Mr. and Mrs. Will Viner attended a program in Omaha .Sunday. Mr and Mrs. Dean Warren, Afrs. Earl JlutJedge and Stevle and Charlotte Warren were in Shenandoah Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Thurinan Howon were supper guests of Mr. and Mrn. Donald Godfrey Friday. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haney and Cindy, Mrs. =; L — Gordon y^S^^^SW^MMi&£M3^S2^ Charles OAKS NEWS (Dec. Mr. and Mis. Kl ter and boys and Tliurman llowm dinn. r •:u ; -i> ,,: Hoy KriidiMin ai.d bert Winches- MI. and Mrs. wer.> Sunday M r . and Mrs. I'at'-v of near ART FRITCHER General Auctioneering find Kverett McGrew. Mr. and Mrs. Don Terry spent the week end with Don's parents in Glenwood. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Anderson "'ere Sunday supper guests of i.. K. Ilrumm.'ier and family. Mr. and Mrs. ll.-nrv Schilling, Mr. and Mrs. Harry KkoniM'ttor nnd Sandra Kay of Red Oak, Mr. •"id Mrs. Ni.rris Triplet! and baby, Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Castor 'i"l Mr. and Mrs. Dean Warren wen. Sunday supp< r gin-sts of V.dney Warren and family. Proceedings of the Town Council of Malvern, Iowa The -r iiy .. VAUGHN HOOVER Dial ;vl51 Kei-'iilin-, Dec. 1. 1S47 meeting was called to or- Mayor Mansfield, and. the r.'il ln-ing called, there were l>r ' " '"• : Mayor Manslitld, ' Mini ihi.eli Steel,-. Piper, Pace, Slut bower and N.-l.-.ori. Absent : None. The minutes of the last met-tint.' were. r«-ad and approved as read The f,,li- ed for pay l-ii-.i i en, e Junes, salary, \\ a-.-r Kund _ $173.2S '>•'>• llateinaii. salary, Gfin-i-ui Fund . _ _ l .wiiitf bills were allow- r, S. 4 o Christmas - 1947 PRACTICAL — WANTED GIFTS Station. eral Fund n. legal eral Fund 100.00 -. publica- Fund _ So. 32 Clerk's neral Fund _ loH.OO llyini:toii. services. V.'at'M- Fund 20.00 lilo.-del Hardware, merch- andis. . \\"ater Fund _ 2.S3 J. H. Cardwill. labor, Water Fund 16.00 Crum & Djureen, weld- iiii:, Water Fund 15.50 J. II. Hell, stoves ,£ labor. Water Fund 104.65 Holden Service Station, merchandise. Water Fund N. W. Hell Telephone Company, services, Water Fund Culligan Zeolite- Company, softeners. Water Fund 3 Gamble Store, merchandise, Water Fund J. I. Holromb Mfg. Co., sweeper. Liberty Memorial Maintenance Fund Klsie Warnke, alarm, Fire Fund 1500 Breeding Implement Company, truck repairs. Water Fund 23.38 Breeding Implement Company, truck repairs, General Fund __ 26.15 Gearhart Lumber Company, materials, Liberty Memorial Maintenance Fund 18.59 Gearhart Lumber Company, materials, General Fund 17.06 Salyers Auto Company, repairs, General Fund- 18.12 Salyers Auto Company, repairs, Water Fund _ 4.49 It was moved by Slothower, seconded by Nelson, that Hay Bateman be allowed only the Bum of 15.11(1 for use of car during the month of November. Tho vote on said mailer was as follows: Aye: Steele, Slothower, Nelson. Nay: Pace, 1'iper. It was moved by Steele, seconded by Slothower, and, upon vote being taken, unanimously adopted that the Clerk be allowed a salary of |:!iiii.uo per year from the General Funda and $ per year from the Water Fund, cl'toctive i;s of April 1, lft-17. It was moved by Nelson, seconded by Slot bower, ami, upon vol.- being taken, unanimously adopii'ii thru affective January 1st. Ill is. i be rate for water .soft- em rs shall be $i.fiii f or the first soficner and $1.00 for each additional softener used per month. The Council was In receipt, of a communication from the American Legion Post of Malvern stating that said Post had elected Dr. T. K. Shonka. Clayton Hertz, Floyd D. Smith and Dudley Conner as commissioners to manage and control the Liberty Memo- iial Building. It was moved by Strele, seconded by Slothower, and, upon vote being taken, unanimously adopted that Dr. T. K. Shonka, Clayton Hertz, Floyd D. Smith, Dudley Conner and the Mayor of the town, as an ex-offi- 'io member, be appointed commissioners for the term of three >eais. commencing on January 1st, 194S, to manage and control ihe Liberty Memorial Building as provided by Chapter 37 of the Code at Iowa, 1946. There being no further business, the Council adjournt-d. Woodford H. Byington. Town Clerk. been at Excelsior Springs, Mo., visited briefly early last week at the home of their sister, Mrs. Ger- 3.65 altl Jlldnn . and family. They and their mother, Mrs. Anna Duma, who had been a guest in the Judah home for a longer time left Wednesday for their home in Bismark, N. D. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Proctor and Kdward, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Proctor. Uilly, LeRoy and Jimmie were Thanksgiving day guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Lutz in Malvnrn. her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Haines and son LaVern and her father, W. O. Howard, moved early last week to the Frank DuVal farm. They were assisted by several neighbors and Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nelson of Glenwood remained for a few days with them. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Scott and Bert of near Hastings were guests last. Wednesday at the home of her aunt, Mrs. B. J. Lookabill, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Benedict and Phyllis were calling on relatives in Tabor Sunday afternoon. the home of their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Messenger, and baby boy, all of whom accompanied them home and will locate here. Shortly previous to this visit Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Messenger had returned from a three weeks trip which took them through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, was unable to find any chief from Maryville. A Shenandoah radio station came in with an explanatory message. It seemed that the original request was beamed from a similar radio system in Pottersville, Cal., and referred to the Maryville, (Cal.) police chief. Sometimes, radio is too wonderful. Bargains in the Want Ads! AUCTION SALES I am still in the ring and I solicit your farm sales this season and believe I can satisfy you in making the sale. W. H. CRAMER, Auctioneer Emerson, Iowa 24-tf. tb people want — have wanted for a lung time but probably wouldn't buy fur themselves. for a line selrciion at prices you can atfurd — in.-peci uur 1947 showing. Early last spring the Gust Larson family of near Swea City found a young fawn with a broken leg. They took it home and splinted the leg. meanwhile getting a permit from the game warden to keep the young deer. Now the animal is hale and hearty and is u great pet of the Larsena, being bo tame it will beg for food of any OIK- who comes by.,|,,.!),, |,,, la Clair Schuler, 20, o£ near Atlantic lost his left baud recently in a ,-urn picker accident. H»> was Aurkiui,' alone on the madnn. "hi.-u l.i* liaiid be i am t- caught iu III' l.dU.-l-s. '[he inoderu a.-'e cr»nM-d trail- "i'h I'll.' old ne:ir Manly r.VL-utlv. On-.- of the Ku.:k Islaud Rockets •i ruck a L'4') pound deer, killing i.i-tautly. Auction * * * * As I have sold my farm I will sell at public auc tion at the farm located 4 mi. north of Malvern or 2 mi. north of Cross Roads garage, on gravel or 8 mi. southeast of Silver City, on Thursday, Dec. 18 commencing at 11 a. m. Livestock 2 Long Yearling Steers. 2 Yearling Heifers. 9 Stock Hogs. 3 Spring Calves. 1 Team — Mule and Horse. POULTRY 8 doz. Buff Orpington Pullets and 8 Roosters. Tractor & Farm Equipment FARMALL TRACTOR ON RUBBER, Al Shape, Power Takeoff. Tractor Cultivator. Little Wonder Tractor Plow, new lays. 151 IHC Lister, new lays. 15 ft. Roderick Lean Disc. 9 ft. John Deere Disc, tractor or horse hitch. Corn Elevator, 40 ft. and Hoist, used 1 yr. IHC McCormick Mower, tractor hitch. 2-rmv John Deere Stalk, tractor hitch. Mclu'ering Manure Spreader, tractor hitch. 5 ft. Tumble P>ug Scraper, nearly new. IHC Rake, 11 ft., i/C. teeth. P & O Corn Planter, 80 rods wire. 1 3-section Harrow. 1 2-seetion Harrow. Empire Press Drill, grass seed attachment. 12 in. Oliver Gang Plow, new lays, horse drawn. P & O Western Bell Lister, single row. 14 in. Walking Plow. Horse Drill. John Deere 2-row Lister, horse and tractor hitch. Hay Rack on steel wheels. Weber Wagon, heavy, in Al shape. High Wheeled Wagon. See Saw Riding Cultivator. Jenny Lind 6 shovel Cultivator. 7 ft. Deering Grain Binder. P & O Go Devil, horse drawn, in good shape. MISCELLANEOUS Grapple Hay Fork 2 Feed Bunks. 1 Pump Jack. Post Hole Digger. 4 good House Doors. 1C ft. Brooder House. 6x9 Brooder House. Electric Brooder Stove. 2 Oil Burning Brooder Stoves. Hog Waterer 100 ft. Extension Light Cord. 132 ft. 1 in. Gas Pipe. 2 hole Corn Sheller. Household Goods 1 Bedroom Suite. 2 Beds, Dresser. 1 9x12 Axminster Rug. Redding. Library Table, Extension Table. Electric Washing Machine. Galloway Electric Separator, No. 18, new. Large Water Tank. Post Driver Set ! J /2 in. Harness. 50 Ib. Scale Tester. Horse Scraper. 20 gal. Rendering Kettle. Large size Sausage Mill. Lard Press. 4 ft. Hog Wire Stretcher. Block and Tackle. Wire Stretcher. i 2 long Chains. Set Furrow Openers. 2 Lawn Mowers. Hand Seeder. 64 Steel Posts. 79 Oak Posts. Post Drill, Vise. Chest Set Wood Auger Bits. Set Dies. Power Grind Stone. Garden Plow. Hog Oiler. Hog Troughs. Set Tractor Chains, new. 1 Pole Light, new. Satley IV* h. p. Engine. Oil Burning Tank Heater. 1 Set High Wheel Wagon Wheels. Truck for 2 or 3 horse Engine. 2 60-gal. Gas Bbls. Lot of articles not mentioned. Hay and Grain 75 or 80 bu. Canadian Oats. Some Marion Oats. 8 or 10 tons Baled Alfalfa Hay, second cutting. Some loose Hay. Some Ground Oats. 50 bales Oat Straw. 50 bales Wheat Straw. CONSIGNED BY IVAN JACKSON 1 Great Western Heating Stove. 1 Hot Blast Heating Stove. 1 Quick Meal Range. 1 Sellers Kitchen Cabinet. 1 Steel Cabinet Sink. 5 10-gal. Milk Cans. 15 doz. Fruit Jars. Several Stone Jars. Terms: Cash. W. S. C. S. Ladies with Lunch. A. F. CULLEY, Owner r.ud Whitney, Auctioneer. Malvern Trust & Savings Bank, clerk.

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