The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1934
Page 2
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TWO J -A" f 1 f-\ (=., r , Sncuj C«lend«r H r , Joe'crJtg's pr«-6«'h'ooi cl»5i lja))o»een party xta/Mr* B s shejtoii! »w p- ^^• pudbuxj 1 school to ha'.o Jlallo. w'tn 9»rr||v»l Muilo dspartiafnt .Woman's c]ub. > in . .. tVENTS Klrschner hsving ..^on duo Bridge dub meeting Joel cn»nd!?r. . Ernest HK 1 Contract dub — tVENTS ^ r , .., r rien'6 clyb „.,,, Ing jfote! Noble, JC> s. m l*dks Bible clot*, of FirH Mcih- oiut church rnceting at home of Mrs S p Msf-tlni 1 30 v, M ^ . , i ,—-— • , CtSebntc Bifllidajs Wltl^ DUM At Club Mfs Evtrett B Gee and Oscar lUriJaway cnwrlalned 125 tr|enos wtrt a d&nce at the country e]uu luit 'evening In celebration of tll?lr olrthdays, both ol which nerfc ^ytstcrdij Hiss Pauline Stuajl TO Wecj Oscar Harda^vay Is bclns made w. lagemenl of Miss , -..oy Hiirijaway, ol ,,. r . ,..*. T||q wedding wil| bo £0l9|illll«d trine time |u l]ic win- Of ter. is the Arif,, and the late Mr. iStmiruTiia ri;s|ded In Mcna, Ark., for a of years before moving is two. »t . ,T" -. TT-r-y-T*- •• fflf "**V |y iJIftiU U( hislng tnc a P' H*rd»way' option Co., is prominently known in cotton circles. Jio rcslcicri (n ^lcmphl6 w- i-lire coming i^re u ycaru ago :o .cnlfl)-' (hut business, Mlts Stuai't |5 (•])« hous<!guc«l ol Judee pnri [*:((. O. B. Koplt and Mrs. Wh|(, Goodman for Junior High r. T. A. Will Have Carnival Mrs, f[. M. WMhbiirn.'iiiL-oiuKHi of the Junior High Parent-Teach. "" nssociotlon, has PWns (or the minimi llallowo'cn carnival'Wednesday evening, 7:30 lurnlshcd music for d»ncins in the ball loom Klileh had been transformed into ,i Hal- loT«en scene Slack ca^ gliosti "rtf mlohcs were on the nilb. tUto of corn nnd tree branches »eie macMd sgaUiit the « alls and Various rooms will .prcEcnl Clul fculurc.5 IticliKlliig w w continue In (ho auditorium where ' November lo. " ., _ Jr and the fireplace ,,.» especially attrctlvc with its Jacl^-, Olantera on the nii-ntel wlnklna •'•"" »'»*IIWHHUI wjifn; Mystcrloiw Howard", farmour mnBlcian. will present n series of buffllng Irlchs. Mu.sie and dnncimr ICnhlrfntF l«^ n l ,_,-.., ..... . *'*'O, The euwts *fre recehctl by Mr and Mp Gee, Miss Paulino Stuart of Memphis, and Mr mid- Al IlitcniiiK-ioii n bufTcl supper w<is scr\td In the urn room from co!priul|s decorated tables which emphasizedy'tlic'Hallowe'en motif. Bags of confetti and seraphim Here shcn as fnvors Deluded In the guisls were Mf. and Mrs Earl Koonti of Fill ton, $lo, houscgucbt of Mis L M Bryan and daughtei w^ tl- len, Jlr and Mr? Rcnkcrt Wolen- kamp. ot Charleston Mo anesls of Mr and N|rs E l\t Tern MI ajid fits Hale Jackson ot Os Ltola, ami MISJ Maiilu Un Nor fjt, of Eureka Springs, Ark, liotisc- FWrt of Wr and UK, Samuel p Norrjs % » fr Mufc OfpKtaKnl to « 'Member? of Urn Muiio (ii|nrl • 'i~^~" '"".JTW "/f**.^ ni it\ ., ,„ it tfie ctuo house ton*or- row afternoon, 3 o'clock nhi study wonicii IH nius|c Mis C \ircpaicd tin. pro- Mn, J p Frjcnd nnd Mrs Charles L Bright nill be hostesses Janici H|l| Jr, gnu D Ics boy, from the book, aizukl Loo^s at J,ap«i}," at the meeting of tho wojpan's missionary society of tile First Methodist church MonCaj Ian R thrcu gucsti Mrs H ' 10 <>pe. ui. u )lu . Mrs, M. O. U&rey and most famous mountain vlllsee" fmnlly iwi'o inovcd back io Ilielr «'ill 1)0 presented at Hie Baiitlst home which was recently duuwiiccl church loyalty ilevival (onleht bv by (Ire. The hoiite has been re-1 the paslor, tho, Uov. Alfred Car. dtcornlcd and repairs made. pcnlcr. He will describe the town Mi 1 , nnd Mrs. Elton W. Kirbyinnd iho customs of i|io pcoDlo Imvc returned from Knoxvllla, Wlillc there do was n 8"esl fn the Tenn., where they siif»t the week home of Hans Mayr, who plavs end and MIW the Tcnncsscc-DulioHho part of Jjcroil In the'~ football game. U'liiy. 1LHTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Gertrude Stein Still Confusing , - -_,*,._. • " Passion Play Js Baptist Pastor's Subject Tonight Oljei'innmei'BUu, "the world's Mr. and Mrs. Fred Uonllield, formerly of hero and now of Hike- alon, Mo., wero Guesw of Mr. ami Mrs. P. 3. Joiner yesterday. Miss I'aullnc, Stuart, o( Memphis, io the, of Judgo and Mrs. O. K, Keck and Mr. and Mrs Whit Goodman. Mrs. Bilen Moore, Miss claucle Cooper nnd Miss Agnes Rumcy spent Sunday In Mcmphfe as guests of Miss Ramcy, An it was not nernilssable to lake moving pictures of the Pas«ion Play, tho-pastor will paint u word picture, reproducing the play which portrays thq irijt \yeek of Christ's life, from trie cleansing "' ""• '"•""' - crucifixion Will Attend State Teachers Moisting Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county examiner, mid her , ol the feinplo New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 30 <yp)- Cotlon clo«d steady. ':. open lu't'li low cloic Dee 1223 1225 1218 1221 J'an 1226 1220 1225 1225 Mar 1228 1231 1221 1326 W^y 1234 123V 1230 1232 Jul 1234 1238 1230 1232 Oct , 12az 1224 1206 1208 Sjwts closed steady at 1245, unchanged. iwMiictiigi:. • IOUUUUK >ut smiling, as though . This year's was Hie Trlcenl«narv 'I"" 1 ." 11 *,?' as , most "Hous smlilug peculation of the play Since its ? f " B ' y 50noUK ' ll '° confus- (Irst peculation In 16M M a lo- " 8 i , i Cl0rl ""<e Stein re- urnni™ ,,fr.,i.. ii i... ..... B lo turned ID lier native land afler i ' ! , i° u Camber ol|ant, Mrs. Thomas Ivy. will attend At 8:30 o'clock the show will the ilute Iciichers 1 meeting in Ul- Rock November 0 through be This Yocnl year's carnival is the third kind spansor- Uecimsc of this the Blythcvillo office of Ihls deportment will be :loscd Saliirdiiy, November Iff. Shelton Baby Dies cd by tho p. T, A. Proceeds will bo ol1 ' 'Inuisnlcr of Mr. and Mrs, used lo buy books for tlio library. !'• Shollon, died Sunday aftern Osceola Society ~j Persona] Miss Mtmilo Belle slnuv and Mr, Waller. C. Emanucl .were married Saturday.afternoon -nt 3:30 o'clock in u pretty ceremony at the home of 'the Rdv. ami Mrs. E. L,. Co | Qi Inn Rev. sir. o'olc, pastor of the Urst nuiJlist church, said llio ring i-eroinony.. The receiving-, rooms were clcco- raied in chrysanthemums, dunlins JiW rows;, in •ilmrmo'nblni; shades. JUtt Mrcmpuy. .^s ijtleiitled by rel- m* 3 UI K#f c IJ < fc*'-Pf fliC COUplf. .file bride-wore an clisemble of brown with matching hut mui uc- q!S w^' S !'° was ' allellcf ed ">!•• Miss 5uc WDIpplc or K«lscrsiiml Mr H J. Blimclrard of Ostcoln aorwl us beat inan. Uavlng immcdliUelv af- lei; the ceremony for a'short motor I"P, Sir. mid Mrs. Emaiuin! will jwturu soon lo mukc tliclr home In Osceola. The bride is Ihu dmigliUji- of Mr irl M ": J ' E- a i«>r oronatta; . Mtes. She school at M a c. W., Columbus, Miss nnd for ' . . ., s, ss nnd for afternoon at the church There sc vcral years has Uuglit ni'the Kcl- ' school. Mr. Emanuel, who is from PaycUe, H»ve F»wi|y Kwmlon AtiCJwr [fk« Sond»y A, reunion of (ho (amity of Rlpjey, Lauderdale county, Tcnn, »as hel<J ai thc\home of Mr and Jto Walter Lujiffonl at Clear Wte Sunday alien 85 relatives and W?? 51 ?* att«udec), T\t<f affair was JspecUlly in h<mor of trielr son. Louis r Craig, of Washington DO, *Bo is \^ltlng them Mn Luns pther out of town guests includ ed Ralph JBrjant of Detroit Mich Berrj' A Bezell of St Louis. Mr and, Mrs Bob Anderson and Mr and Mrs James Johnson of Memphis, Jerry Butler of Etoflah, Mrs, Bob Hoolpson of Lake Cih, Mr and Mrs Cozinc Blactocll of Armorel, Mr. and Mrs J o Crincr of BlsthedUc and 30 guests from Rlples, in addillon to Clear UJe lr}ends ^ .Pho'oaiaphs nerc ma de of the icumoii and of four geiicrallout> —*-*-- river ivituLitiiiv iv lieiidqiiurtcrs in Osccoln - ••, *.' ; * » MIT. 11. U. Qulnii, Mrs, u. S Wil"" ,£,.?,'}. d '^ 5 ; P. hurle - s «<wc nrc house, Ttlrtay aflcrnoon s. aocifrcy white ;m<i Mrs Fran!; willlanis arc CHlcrlalnlng ui brldga at M rs. Williams' home no rt| of to'.™ Thm-sday afternoon. BecaiiBB the natives rciuso | 0 l, c M'.tn to European hospitals, the a leper: Mil) lurgc numbers of and liimtlcs in British fear they will ;, cvcr com( . of the hospitals alive. Loosens Cough ~ " ^ For Mis, Mrs AUred^^rpenttr, «lie ot he IKK {wtor'of the First Bap- fist c|iurch, ft» fc BUet t ul j, 0 , )Dr «. «l» |ntonna| [cce^ipii g| v< , n Mo ndBj_ afLCfllooiL at Ihc Woman's <-Ui»bi the VornmiA Missloiun lOplely of fliit c|iurc|l • HalloTe en decorations were ircd JWJlg «l|li IwfKets of chrramhe- milnts for dit-fcuftunn nolc isUP Eaul L TIpton, soloist, and ' Murray Smart, pianist rend- '' ^ 1 r prpsra\n dunns ProofI en I village affair It has grown ! world renown. Tho pastor will ex- cut contribution lo Christianity. La M, ninht 11 full house heard tlio pastor discuss Hitler nnd the Nazi mivemciit. Some conflicting opln- IOD.S have been expressed today They will receive brief consider'a- llon lonlgiii. Services begin ciicli night ul 11 JO. - ' • to in i ..I,. ycar3 In Paris to J««c niilli at a o'clock ill the months C. •noon family horn HIM West Ash tired. Her dentil wns attributed to pneumonia. Funeral services were held Monday iiftcrnoon nnd interment "was ninths at North Hawbii cemetery. The O'oljlj Undcrloklng compnny was in cliurgv of funeral uininjfc- enlfi. The deceased is survived by, lic- sltlcs her purente, one sister. , it 1ms lirai cstlinatcil, luis approximately 10,000,000 sheep yldiling from 22,000,000 lo 24,000,MO poujjcls or scoured wool annually. Curried Snake Was Too Much for Jaranwala LAHORE, India (UP) —Curried nato as to Jaranwala Sadhn whe/ Mii-lrldgc is to a Scolsmnn. ' : -.' For years the iiori-iioiBonbiis brands of reptiles were this In- liar's fiivorlle dish. The other day he caughl him- >ejf n tasty serpent for lib lunch •Io ,\vas warned tliat tlic snake was nnisonoiis, but he ate It, ncvcrUie- jariinwnla Sadhu died • u, few Hours after lib meal. Positive Relief MALARIA! Sure End to Chill* and Fever! .re's rciil relief ior Malar! Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic Quickly it stops tho chills and fever nnd restores your body to comfort. Many remedies will merely alleviate the syuinluniis of Malaria temporarily, but Drove's Tasteless Chill Tonls goes all the way nnd completely rids your systcii of Ihi! infection. Cirore'.s Tasteless Chill Tonii a real corrective, of Mulnrln be ciiusc it contains two things. First tasteless qiilntuo which kills th Malarial infection In Iho blood Second, ioniu iron which help; overcome Ihu ravages of (lie chills and fever and forlWes against fur thcr altaek. play safe! Take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It now comes in two sizes—OOc and $1. The $1 size contains 2!-: times as iimi-li as iho Me size and gives you 25% morq for your money. Del bottle today at any drugstore. —Adv. 15 Japanese people use crit'kels as \vulchdogs. lliey nrc kept in cages uicl stop clili-piiig if a stranger cn- lalnto'i liy- commerce. Tlii-llled to ha K-dOs In llio United States? "Don't ask silly questions!" she said, Slio'a Dktured oi! arrival at Kc\v VhrU Garter Snakes Tied Bodies Into Knots HOMT1AC,' Mich. (UP)—Blasting io-cnllcd cstabliEhcd facts of sci- •ni-e Ls Ihc ,• particular' hobby of Milford (Audy.V VValkcr,' truffle of- liccr and scientist. \Valker said .thai', in the carlv sprlny his 'ciirlosily was aroused by the finding •'of.'numerous garter snakes strangled • to ".death in their own colls. He investigated. Ho fiild ho saw u garter sjiake crawl up toward a an attempt to traditionally do—swallow it. But Die frog lenpcrt backward as (lie snake struck. The snake threw ils tKnd ovor its shoulder nnd the tree jumped as. tho snake instinc- ™-** M *"»^—^— Today's Markets _TUESDAY,-OCTOBER 30, 1954 Ncw Orleans Cotton ttiM OULKAfiS, Oc f , 30 <(JI')- Jicas months rn i:-.» cotton es- t-liujlge moved :'j* a i;;inov/ ranijtr loilay and close 1 ppictically im- -jngic! while t^udtrs hammered tin: Oitober, 1911, isurli-on to senrt ce; down nine points to 1211. open high low close --C 1222 1225 1217 1218 Jan 1223 1232 1221 1221 Mar 1228 1233 1225 1223 May 1235 133D 1232 1233 Jul 1338 1242 10)4 1330 Oct 13U 1211 1208 1211 Spots closed steady at 1250, unchanged. Chicago Corn Dec May open n 70 c!o*e ll igh , low 75 1-8 TJ 4.2 70 7-8 75 3-8 70 3-4 75 phony concert*, the Fnlladdphln Orchestra Association announced Dl -this begirmlns of its 3Jt» an, nual season. . ' '. Operas worn aided to the pro, gram- when- the Mel|x>po!!Un On, era Company, of New York, omit, li'd Philadelphia In arranging' i| 5 production schedule . for this y^ar U Is the Hist venture of the Orchestra atic field, Closing Stock Prices KB;V YORK, Oct.. jo. (up) — QiObit were d il 1 >m lirm , today with poor leadership. Pierce :Ar- roi'-. about to :uir,>.iyc Its third rccr:ri:iizalio]i til.; vjvlf wipe on'. all stock equity, sold • down- to - a reco;: low be.nw vi ii share. A. T. and T.: ......... 109 5-g Anaconda Copper .. ____ , to 5-S iiethlehcui Sleei . . ..... M 7-S Ctoyclcr ..:...' .......... '34 Cities Sen'ice ....... '...- 15,3 Coca Cola ..: ..... -. ..... 1421-8 dcMi'Rl American Ta.ik 34 - Guneral Electric ...... • . .17 Ociipral Motors Inicinational J MoiHsoinery-Wurd .'•••w York .Centra! " Louisiana State School • Will Exchange Students -BATON ROUGE, La. (UP)—Dr, H. W. Sloplicr, director of music flcparlnient of Ixjtiietana State University, lias completed ar- ranepmenla witli tlie lamoits Mo- aarteum, Austrian National Con- servntow in balntinj,, wloreoy livo students from lii'at sclioo! will be exchanged with t»'o students from I.. S, U. for a year's study riio, plan will become effective in 1JJo-36. Louisiana's lira students will he cliosen on a competitive! oasis Austria's students, Greta Halicrl singer and Trudl Swatchek, pianist, already have been , chosen. Philadelphia Orchestra Plans 10 Grant! Operas PHlLODELPl7lA~ (UP) -Ten ^.qu, u grand operas will be presented in Salve- connection with 20 weeks of syni- into (lie oper- YountMl Globe Trotter MILWAUKEE (OP)-Mllwauljce's youngest slobe-lrolter, Miss Lorraine Schroeder. 13, i s tomln« again after penning n note lo lier parents to "save my 'dolls aiid dollies, for when i C0 mc back" Lorraine was bitten by the ,wiir,. dcriust once before several nwritlis ago and was found in ciilcaco after she had hitch-hiked thrown several states. In the note she to'd Her ixirents not (o look for her oo or er because slic intended to got. a'job. Tablets First Day Headaches Iu 30 Minutes 1 WANTED TURNIP GREENS IS': • SEE Blytheville Canning Co. FOR PRICES Dr. Floyd D. Howlon, Dentist Announces the open- of an office for dental pniclice in the Lynch building on South Bvoad,\vay. pumpkj,, p!cf>and cof- served ^ GQRRECTION j 1«. our iielvoHiKeinetil in Jnst Sulw'ilay's Courier NWS. •gafigline was quolwl id n c \w gallon, whereas-.jl, slionld; have been Y Texaco and Conqco -.,••• ,v.: teolinc 12c and i21^c 1% (iallon H^RRY BAILEl'S 20 20 3-4 3 s-a M 3-4 5 1-3 40 1-8 M 3-1 31 l-_ 112 1-2 G 5-8 3 7-8 I'liilllps Pctrolcuin I-X'lio Corp .' £l.iiMard of N. ..'. Ttxas Co .... II. S. Stec) I ; Chicago Wheat lively struck out for it;; neck and strangling. ters during the night, and sudden. wiikcniiig the master. '- Head Courier News Want AUs np laste. rp ihe world } s finest tobaccos are used in Luckies—the "Creum of the Crop"-' only the clean center leaves—for die clean center leaves are the mildest leaves cost more —they taste better, "It's toasted" Y Your throat protection—against irrithtltiti—against cough

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