The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1931
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Served by the United Press V01,. XXVIII—NO. S BLYTHEVILLE 'HIE DOMINANT NEWSPAl'Ell OF NOHTJIKA ST ARKANSAS AMD SOUTHEAST MISSOU1M HOME EDITION ; Ulyihevllle Courier, hijtheville Dally News, niytlievlUe Herald, MviixK. ARKANSAS, FKIDAY, .MARCH 27, i;m SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ; ; « ' Says Girl Holler 1'iU'hi.T Than Some Me Mad Last Year VOTES 10 ' tt Figures In Missouri Poison Milk Case Notre D;imc Priest Identifies Accused Mem in Chi i:a"o Courtroom. CHATTANOOGA, Term. March 27. <U1>)—What does Joe Eii'jel. | president of the Chattanooga Look- Jesse TavloV Heads Coill- outs, think of his new pitcher. Ms* - .' ', . . . jaek Mitchell, n, Chattanooga i mittee lor Annual Agri- Cultural Exposition. CRIMINAL COUP. 1 ! 1 . March 27. <UPi—Father John J. Reynolds, |j"ufe.-sor of history at '- "I know .she is better than some 1 had here last season." he lul.l the United Piess. "If not .she won't | T1 W annual Mississippi county i stay long wiih my club." I fair will be held at Blylhcvllle, Miss Mitchell is en route home j this year, as for the past four . from Ihe nation A. A. TJ. women's years, under the sponsorship of: C.,icar;o. | )nlk p ttau to .| rlicy j,, Dallas. Tex.,' the lilytheville Chamber of Com-, .where she played with the Chatta- ! merco. it was determined at n- team. She expects to arrive ! meeting of the board last night. ! ,'n (o pitch against Babe i While it was recognized that! business conditions may make rais- V. Brothers, on uial charged with Ihe murder of Alfred J. Lin 1 ,]'?, crime reporter fr the Cliicag Tribune. Tiie Catholic priest who saw Un- Rle in the Illinois Central subway before the murder last June, walked into the courtroom through a barrage of flashlights. Father Reynolds idcntifirc! Brothers as "answering the description" of the J 1,1. blende young man he saw fleeing jl'JiS after Linfile hail been shot. | s j "I came to Chicago June 9 to j consult a physician, ami was walk- j in^ through the- tunnel when I re- j. traced iny steps to obtain an in- j Ktrixtion book," the priest said. As he apiircached the s 1 ing of Hie necessary money for • premiums and other expenses a' P T II i little more cliJIiciill than in the I I] I oast, the board was unanimous in i I i II i " 1C V ' 01V lt ' nt ' to nl) andon 'he fair. ! or even to permit, its suspension : for a year, would be a serious loss . j to the community. j ! Jesse Taylor was appointed gen- i ! eral chairman o'. the 1931 fair or-; ganization. and with him will be j Bob . I i ivfM r) gam.'.ituDii. itiiu ULUI mm wi A. L.VUCh Wll! rre- asked to serve C- G. Smith, at District Se at Eai'le. Mrs. B. A. Lynch of this city, ! Blaylock. J. E. Critz. Jeff Kotand. j Department managers and special, committees will be announced later, j In vottng to continue the fair | es. said. >eslciollt of , hB Drst riet 3 . Arkm . | ~^ s "Sat th™ ' „ i-ainvay a Eas Congrtss o( Pal . cnts nnti Teac ,,. ; lhc.i.schC5__ns feeling that this 5 cai, t!ie west smu> ui the [iiimul he sue! | eis W JH preside at thc meeting in r.c heart a shot "reverberate thru I garle Monday '.vhcn rcprcscnta- the t!ir.nel" and turned to look for , ,, VCR fron , six counties will atlcirJ \Z\::::'"~.,:.",,~:Z~"~-Z' t ,™' ^~,\ a tody, ready to jive re'.iRior.s a-.I- ; i| lc al| day session, ministration. • Nationally known speakers will addresses on themes which Race Horse Wins Million For iPeddler cdiclcd for Tonight; Little Damage Likely Here. If the threatened irsc/o materl- I hi're losses lo Mississippi y farmers will not be heavy. LONDON. March 27. lUl'l-Alt | llnllan who came here thirty yean | nijo and pushed an Ice cream ca.'l I c „ tlnoiwh the ilrrcls became n mil-OCVd'C rl'CCZ.e llonalre today when Gracklo won j the grand national steeplechase nt | Alntice. Clayton C. Woods, nullalo. N. V., won the second prize, ; Einlllo Scala held Crackle's tick- j et In Ihe Iilsh Hospitals sweep-i stakes. The first horse won approx- I Imately $1,172,700 for the lucky •*• ''•• ,,.'111 ""' ticket holder. Scala shared his for- \<** ni - l '" 1 ' 1 , l11 , lis '«°™">'i- .-. tune with forty relatives. Seccml I ladies will Drably be hard lill. -Izc was worth about »B8G,3BO. i"'"' " " * v ">' ,f rl >' fV ""f . ;suircr, while recently seeded alfal- AlNTItFF Livt-nxiol Fni! ;,,„,. U« «»tl pasture crops will receive, a 27™-C. U 1TO G™ckle: ! 5S'-^^ " f <"<;. "-rcnry ,oes far', an outsider, won the Grand Nation- &f ow the fieczlmj mark, Mr. Grit? ._ said, but in general ctops that'arc arc not far . aluii'a' lo te hurt. There has' 11 no planting of beanr. for the' il canning factory, and tome gardens will be small. uuiiu, from a field of louy-lhrec. - ,, Mrs. M. A. Gammell's Orcgnlach. 5lls ™!!! l ^.'.. t .° 1 . c ?!? 10<0 winner, was second, and Lady l? nr "' napp's Annadale was (hlrd. • i . acktc was 100 lo six in betting, I [- oe n d 'nlach was 25 to one, und An- | irdale 100 to one. K-rs. Chester Bcatly's Swift Howland, an American ott'ircd liorsc, i "I ^aw a number of men rnnnine, ! mr street, I heard a hysterical hi' =r iiip n vc,i,"e crying 'E*op ih?t man: stop j ct)! sEreet and saw a blonde voting rn : with the rather general tendency : 1 toward crops other than cotton. ! presented an opportunity for the 'finest agricultural exposition ever • held here. Despite limited facill- j i ties Hie Blythcrille fair has enjoy- j ' eel remarkable growth, both in ex- j l-.N'ur lorli and Ills wifp, ilpslilulc tenant farmrrs of nrar Ilarrifimvlllp, Mv.. fai-eil nnmlur >,,.,. tl , In cmsiii-i-liiin will] Ihe pntauiinj; lasl wtrli uf llldr 21-inuntli-iiM sin VVinfr.'J Voil nil tlic iiillllnrllir- k-aniwl Hint the i-hiM h:ul Ix-en pmsuui;,! i,y Mrs. .Marlha IvMiin-dj tu save On- iiinl at mlll< n iby slir lisil limi [Iiiiialin- lu lilt ncnniU-ssTariiii.-. hi ihc iilinve |ih(i!iicr.i|ili arc Ycirli, his wilu anil Ultlr survivini sun. Dunald, -1 years old, ivliu. wuuld "'Jl Urinli UK milk litrausu il wn, lilllcr. l.ITPLK HOCK, March 21. - lUl'l-.' -Winter tbrealened to make Ar-. 1 was killed when he fell on tho sec- ikansas a belated visit today. I end round. Ills Jockey was unln- rolli --Inp a steady downpour of jraln : day aml^la^l nljlit lem- . ! nnrati. ..^ slid toward the freezing the cold : talks In the morning session the ( his way to the curb. 1 Col- | t, ]re attraction is an address on . ] him wit!: my eye. He panwd. ! "America at the Cross Roads" bv ssociate council I lie ran 15 yards up th" street and , MJSS Eleanor Brannon. turned nronud. pau.sinj about ten I secKtaiy of the national .seconds. I looked down thc street, i for prevention of wars, which will The po!iccmar_ on duty was chaig- be followed by Mrs. Charles K. Roe of Washington, D. C., field secre- ing rapidly. The man ti;rned and laa up an alley." Question: "EH> yen fee that man in cour^?" Answer: "Mr. Brothers answers _thc ^je_scription." • ' hasten thc lime, when it. may be established in permanent quar- 1 tcrs and become, perhaps, n reg-; ional fair for the whole St. Fran- j cis delta. ' i The chamber of commerce board | voted to look into the offer of A. S. Earboro and company lo - tarv of the national consrcss. wv:o i dccrt , l ° " 1D dty of Blythcvlllc ' will sneak on "The Child Four three lo , u ncnr thc company's plant : g^y,,.,;,. |on South Second street for a pub' I'upiis of the Shawnce cons-Mi- ! lic ' P'^eround. Dr. H. S." Davis, a' [date.! school under !!ie tupervai™ i nn>mber of the. city council. ssil'iVi- I of John nurnctt, director of phy- ' ll . I!lt lhe "'X was not-now in i CHICAGO. March 27 lUP) — Jack Dempscy. former world's heavy.veieht ciiafnpion, won an in- stnictcil verdict in the suit of the Chicago Coliseum Club SSCO.OOO rtnma^es from him for al-' irje;! breach of contract to fight I Karry Wills. nc;?ro contender, in! 192( value of'a'"cou 1 nty"hralih"nnVt' and ! mattcr v:as refeiTed lo a commit-' Arkansas' consisting of U. S. B-ar.sou, i Dr. Davis and J. A. Waterman. | tile development of the district P. T. A. will b? recounted to collect 'by Mrs. L. U. Reagan r.t Litlle T^ock, iircsidenL of the Arkansas j congress. | Perry Acquitted in In the afternoon session Mrs. N. j Plvilp Wkitn B, Mcnard of here, stale chairman ; Viyue rrtlHC , , the' ot t!lc summer round-up, and Miss : erling > Annie Camp of Jonesboro. stat; li- ; Ths j;iry v.'as absent from room v.heii Circuit Judye Sterling P,-meroy warned spectators against' bral "y chairman, will discuss a ricmm^ration. and then found i P™jccts. Mrs. Roo Dcmpiey had net breached his ran- :I° und lab:p tnli? on tract. enUi:i^ the trial lasted five days. COOTER, Mo—In lhe XTarch i (.hoir >erm of Pc-miscot county court thai' will lead the' convened Monday (he state dis- lu „, ,.„„ 'Activities and : missed a murder charge against E ' wh'Ch had '. Projects." and Mrs. Reagan will an- , M - 'footsie) Perry. He was cliarg- j jnonnce plans for lhe national con- c(i 1 " tn ':i"i»8 Clyde White on 1 IJune 22 of last year at Cooler. HI i point v.'ith thc crc-st of the cold I III ! wove ex'H'Ctec! lo to rer.ohc'J to- I 111 nlqhu'accordlni; to ^^cteoro!o3Ist H. •S. Cole of lhe local weather bureau. LITER! MEET ither bureau. Kul)-free?lng temperatures and , snow were reported In Oklahoma . today. The storm .; cxnccted to • . Mveep into Arkansas thl 1 : aftor- . noon with snow a possibility in fie . nernp^"to C bSlie <! wms'^lhal r™uneheon is to be served the vta- ; tory dalmri that he shot While l-o backed out O f Ihc contract., ltor s by members of the Earle n self defense when the latter at- Collseum promoters testified $287,-1i™ip. '.^ cA hinl a , ft f having beaten two COO uas .pent en advance arrange- i n "? ^ *'" """tics included . °>her men into insensibility with MCIUS for the- Denipscy-Wills fight. 1 " 1 <V^"' 1 3: Craighead. with Mrs. : a ^- bot«c at. Perry s home. JR. L. Muse of Jonesboro president; ' lf ieo. D:ldme was found guilty PI IT r 1 1 C'l Criltenden. \\itli Mrs. Renfro Turn- ; I) >' a J ur >' on a charge of felonious V i^W'j UD Loa! at Olte !er of Marion president,; Poinsett . as -' a nlt. in seriously wounding Calc nv DM Pn-nmnrr PTint' wl(h Mrs - E - A - Eflsl of Tyronza Bradford at Holland, three milcsi Ul V-'iQ I U:l!^ing J i<i"i . p rcS Mcni: St. Francis, with Mrs. W. southwest of Cooler, last fall. He j '|M. Crow of Heath president' Mis- was fine{ ' $-^- Tllc cns= lvi11 prob-! COOTLR. Mo.—Beneath the ruins fjssinni. with Mrs. T. E. Tatc of A;-- abl - v be "PI>eaM. ; —?,'?clal N. K. A. S-rrk#. Workinj (lirpc d.iys nnd nights. \V. SI. Ainli-rsnn, prnsrciitor of Cass Caunty, -Missouri, anil Sheriff lioy \V. Moslty fastcnpil lllc iKilS'inhi.i; l:isl wc-di nf tl-rnnntli-i;lil Wiifrrd Vnrii. son of ^ ilrslilutc trrant (antuT, on JIr». M:irtli:i Kvniinly Swan, niviuT f)f tlie farm' where lln- Ynrli family livcil. I.pft In rlellt— Anderson. Mrs. Swan, Sheriff .Musliy nml Prank U. B>lx«, jiutico of lliu p«iA. t,pf c r/ »IIA.U Mr»- Ajwan \\;\s arrnii;iufl tin » finjl dPurco murder char^fi. Hich School Students Will _ . . ... VI ULJV t ,'"- l;lll -' l;i >t«IfH UUJHU^U Represent BlytheVlllC at , might result from the c-^W snap. rv • . p , i I' 1'i-aches \VII1 Surfer District Lonlest. I T. Hoy Reid, assistant director in . • ... -charge of the 'agricultural cxt?n- ' .. The city high school will .send sioh service here, said frnlt ernn'i ' able representatives to the district i probably r.-ould juftormost damage. •• literary moet. to be held in Jones- ; Northwestern Arkansas peaches : > boro. April. 17 and 13. In the prc-! pntild be severely damaged It thai - lltnlnnry contests last night at the'' mern^. reaches below-the tlilrty' 1 ; '.; school auditorium the selections I degrv^i.''.^'--^^^!'^^'^!.-Apr>le3 are 1 were made, lifter al! applicants for ' nowj<fe;-;;ii><j;<> jisif unless the : JLhe-varlon.5 honors had performc;! !.l<!l/.'<^'<'-ii.^^£3wnly. • •-. leading contest over Miss Mary :'crriiiV; : »,;"fcJ'Jt^ JS§1« R freeze. Clinnnlngs and Miss Mary Louise. [ ElcctrtcWstof&gSsfrcpt .several '"-' McLcod. .sections of ) lie' elated disturbing-, In 'the lioys' voice contest Ken-I power ntitl communication lines 1 In 5 - nclh McAnally wnn wimuT w'.th ^some liiEtanccs. Thc most severe "of '.' lioycl Godwin. Rc.bjrl Fisher i tho.'c was reported at Camden' Carl Rylee. Claude Alexander and:wjiere power lines were disrupted Lester Gill also entering. : for more than an hour.. Miss Lillian Briscoe won the . : . .: right to enter thc',. niizmd Sweeps East over Miss Virginia Tompklnn an'J CHICAGO, March 27. (UP)—A Miss Lorna Wilson. She will also', post-winter bll/zr.rd today, swept • ' represent the school in Rlrls' voice, across Ihe ••.-estern plains paral;<-z- havlng been unopiioscd In tlilsjlns traffic nnd driving the tempsr-.'- event. 'attire to below zero In rnany.citle.3 Miss Kathryn Den ton will be In i for the first time since 1030. -, the girls' debate, Evrarrt Wcl:.biird , Carrie;! upon gales which varied in thc boys' debate and Byren in velocity from 50 to 72 miles an • Morse In the declamation contest. | hour the storm blew out of. the There were no opponents. j Rockies and lost little of Us sovev- • • Members of the boys' quartet who l Ity as it traveled eastward. Forc,-.- wlll sing are: Kenneth McAnally.; casts were the bli/zard would ar-Claude Alexander, Carl Rylcc and ! rive here in time to cslcbrntc the Woodrow S'ishcr. There arc in mem- j first anniversary of last year's rec- bers of the boys' glee club who will! ore! in.2 Inch snowstorm on March also enter that event. 20 and 27. 1 ed on the basis of road revenue i paid by the counties as provided In ;Act 63 of 1931. The method of distributing thc other two-thirds of S the turnback, on the basis of area and population, was the same In the .two ir,ensures. Broker, Deranged by Tir old station, w-iich was f or-j Ear i<. i, (gil school. meriy located one mi!o ea?!- of Coo- ' ler. was installeri many years a;p | in an effort to drain a" lake whic': i then covered many thousands of] acres of ivhat is now tillable. an,i! fertile soil. T)IK inummotli pimip- inj fnnipmcnt was the largest eve er, Deranged by j Executive Approval Given \ Changes Announced in j Chicago Father Defends tntc? ™!i %£ '^SS' «l Stock Crash, Suicides, 71 Acts of Legislature; Frisco Train Times I K illJ n2 Saying "I Merely ^ lin.^Ktoni'Tt ~ " 1 Attend Bankers Meeting at Minneapolis' hCE " il . Rl hcre J r wounds inftici 1 HONOLULU. T. H.. March 27. i (UP)—Dudley W. Wallace, wealthy' New York slock broker, died In a I Last Night. froni LITTLE ROCK. Marcll 27. (UP) -With only three days left in ; Several trains will be affected by the change in schedule announced inflicted in a suicide at- which he 'might approve u. ~.mday, according to E. F. Blo- 7 n =i,i<,, ( r 11 lcm P l aftcr llc nad attacked his two : measures passed by" the JSth Gen- , me >' er ' local a B™t- 'resident oi vne crt ^ c u . u >, „„ nv . n „,„! A^,^^.t.i,. /-?^,-^^.,^^ Parn°ll i "^^ ^^ train will leave here at Did What Was Right". CHICAGO. March 27. (UP) — Thomas Calabre^c. -H. father of six children, contended Irxlay hp hr.r 1 ! "done the right thing" when h™ Urges Immediate Filing | Blind RI:TU Violatn;- :'. of Farm Loan Applications! Freed With Reprimand Mississippi county farmers who- Ham names, blind man In whose wish to lake advantage of federal house sheriff's deputies found a. dronlh relief crop production loans, quantlly of liquor yesterday,' was now available for lood and cloth- released by Justice Ed Walker, with Barnes' home in the Robinson addition was raided by officers- after complaitits had besn lodged by. neighbors. He was arraigned on ed or.ce by J. E. Critz. county agricultural agent, who todsy express- a charge of Illegal possession of ed the belief that the rush of ap- liquor. plications from other counties may The blind man's last appearance exhaust the state's share cf the : appearance in court on a similar loan appropriation before all local - ctmr s e was atout two years ago., needs are met. . Barnes vas convicted but did not Applications for many thousands pay his fine and after spending a I killed his neighbor, James Hill, 45. Farmers Ban kand Trust company ' collections in. returns for the month mi t.-j March 2S s;ood today at only r.c • • Yj i l i SH.1.B84.85!! w'Meh compared with . Mrs. Annie Hi' j03rd S5-12.432.S41 for the uicnsh to the' sntr.o dale last year. I This Indicates that total collrc- i ticr.s for the month will fall even br'.o^ the low figure of S350.000.CCO i of Xfrs - c - c - Stevens, suffered a i Assesses Fine of $50 i"«s. to prevent the insurance com/.- D . ; mis3ioncr from appointinc a tnist ; lor Liquor rosseSSIOn : company or any financial institu- the 802 leaving Memphis at 8:35 jjj^' , ]s ; j a. m. will arrive here al 10:233 a. m. j ,,' There arc no changes In the SOS ' Ca iic- oi tension o: patent laws to plants toda'. the iiiv:?-|has created a difficult siuiotion grr? easked tnea! which probably will result in (UP. the. irking g;ess • r.amrd head of the con.;at:on to the second Indian round table C':i'..'crence. Suffers Arm Fracture . c 'f c "! •">• •'"st 1 " uscar Aiesanaer mis amounts due the state, nni to pro- I north and south bound between to do" Mrs Minle Hubbard 75 mother mcrnln . ? on , "„ chaI 8 c of 1Ilc S ftl vidc security of deposits of state : Memphis and St. Louis, will make miDoara. o. mother ^,^^,0,, of u quor He Bas ar . , unds deliveries ready at 8 a. m. daily. Three shots struck Hill in th? of Honorl'" 110 ls PARIS. March 27. (UP> - ! Charlir Chaplin was decorated to- i day as a knight of the Legion ot I nz- on- Iv P-Mi lent ccncril^rc^rvof T ir ' crrc!rlr 5 of " ver> ' ;vc " Asks Bank Statements Traffic Violator Fined Woman Fined on Rum Institutions. Governor'Parr.cll also! Charge This Morning' 4 r j zona gQQ ]^j[ es Ahctdy about 33 applications for patents have been received by the head, shoulder, and abdomen. Ho patent office and the department died nn hour later. Cahire;? sur-iof agriculture has begin the tssk rendered to police. jot deciding whether or so', tin WEATHER ! approved a measure to prohibit j n i. r, ' transportation and pos5Ts;::>:'. o! i in rOHCe LOUrt machine guns. ', er of currency r ' of y «h S> '«,H ? M n f »H -1<> he condition of national " , OUt fine by Judge W. D. Gravetle which provided that a third rf the policc °"" ' lls mcr " lne cn ""'^ t«m»»ck money shou'.d ' from Cape Hatteras WASHINGTON, March 27. (UP) • ! —The battleship Arizona carryin" force exhibited as evidence a q'.ian- President Hoover homeward, tarli Dlllle Derail was fined $50 by j Justice Oscar Alexander on a charge j Governor Parnell yesterday ve;o- ;of Illegal possession of liquor this | A!?KA::SA3—GenerMlv fa;-, pre^. ceded by snow in -st pori'.on; severe cold 'Aavo \ ..i liard freeze plants are "new. There are thous- '™= ht: £ ^^' fair ' =™"nuca ono's of varieties In some speeds ' ' and the Job admittedly Is a dim- According to th» ofiirhl weafn-ir cult one. observer. Charls? PhiliijK. tt:e rni'i- There is Ihe hypothetical, case ( mum temperature here yistcrcliy of a flower having a new cdcT. OD- VSis 45 degrees and thc maximum vicusly It would be Impossible to GO degrees, cloudy with .7 inch of. tlty of home bre- found In ! at the close of business March 25. ordinances. I counlies, instead of belnt; distribut- .tion. ocd ths na;>- dcparlmertt todnv it , . s charges of violating city traffic divided equally amor,? t'-e 75 i wcman's house In thc Pride a:!dl- was COO miles southeast of Cape Hatteras. | keep all flowjrs available for smell - Ing tests. The lav- does not apply to seed minimurv plants such as the grains but in- grces an cludcs most of the fruits. rain up to 7 o'clock this On tlie same day a year a;r> thj t-mpsralur; was 3P, do! tho r-.axraur,! 52 <iegrees: clear.

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