The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 11, 1947 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, DECEMBER 11, 1*47 STRAHAN W. 8. C. 8. Enjoy Dinner at (he Church The W. S. C. S. met at the church last Wednesday for a cooperative pot luck dinner and husbands' day. Mrs. Zeno Bass and Mrs. Harold Isom were ho*- tefses in charge of the food and coffee. There were about eight men present for dinner. A short business meeting was held and it was voted to lav the linoleum on the upstairs floor, including the vestibule. The churrh intends lo extend the pulpit to thp south across the front of the '.'.nrch. They hope to have this work done by Christmas. Mrs. Karl ronrnrl resisned a? •ecrctary of the W. S. C. S. be- cattse of her work at the school house where she assists with the hot lunches. The new president, Mrs. Tsom, will be In charge of the January meeting. T. E. SHONKA, M. D. Physician and Snrpeon Office 3 doors sotitli of Empress Theater Phones: Off. 4331, Res. 4343 Mrs. W. E. Waterworth was with her daughter Dorothy -who was ill the latter part of last week so was unable to help with the hot lunches at the school house. Mrs. Waterworth and Mrs. Earl Conrad chose Mrs. Tom White to be their substitute so >5rs. White helped Mrs. Conrad prepare the lunches Wednesday and Friday. There was no school Thursday due to the icy roads. Hue to had weather the Come Join r? fins? were unable to have their regular meeting at the church Sunday evening. There will IIP no December meeting. January hostesses Will be Rev. ami Mrs. Hlackman and Mr. and Mrs. John Bayes. Parlene and Susan Nortdn were Monday supper guests of Karen (Jipe. Dead Animals Removed PROMPT SERVICE 1 W. S. O. B. Chrtstnuw Party Held Iwist Wednesday Last Wednesday was the date for the annual Christmas party and gift exchange. Several could not be present because of bad roads and weather. A 1 o'clock pot luck dinner was served members and their families. After dinner the business meeting was called to order by the retiring president, Mrs. Ethel Grindle, and nil business was taken care of. A short but Interesting Christinas program 1 was held upstairs, conducted by Mrs. Marjory Gipe. The theme, "Everlasting Life," portrayed as coming from the babe in the manger. Scripture reading, Mrs. Renft Bass; Christinas reading, Mrs. Marjory Isom; solo. O Holy Night, Mrs. Anna Rose Co<idington, accompanied by Mrs. Bernice Gipe, who played all 1 of the Christmas music; a short sketch of famous artists by Mrs. Helen Summers who called attention to a colored reproduction of the babe in the manger which had been placed between two lighted tapers at the altar. A reproduction of the beautiful nativity in color by Botticelli, the finest illustration of his religious period, painted in 1500, was shown. This painting fs the mother adoring her babe in the lowly manger. Mr. And Mrs. Ellis Grindle and Kenneth were guests Friday of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright In Thurmaa. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nims and Shirley Lee were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom White and Mable. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Blunt and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Grindle and family. Dorothy Wftterworth wM tafc- en to the Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs last Wednesday by ambulance. She was brought home Friday. Mary Lou Laughlln spent the week end at her parents home, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Laughlln, near Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Coddington and children and Mrs. Zeno Bass were In Omaha Saturday. Opftrato**, t.80 ew Tractot orSctop Opwmtpft $jfto hour; Mervin Bolton, Labor C. L. MsvylJexTy, Labor __• Donald Mayberry, Lfrbor - Kmll Mayberry. Labor ... ' Thomas, Rtght-of- 128.18 Patrol 164.11 Tractoi .. r . ____ -»-,— 87.13 «.bb per hour; culvert Crew, $.65 per 114.46 hour; Dragline Operators, $90 per 133.03 hour; Grading Foreman. 1.90 per nanlc, * . 6.14 hour; Mec tac »2»00 p*t 393.56 3380.63 There being no stogduf. Surfacing B B. Simmon* j^ggce. - Ja ££ c S Unley> crusn ~ .„ 1396.30 joum to meet again on Raymond "Love" "Hauling - 14.78 of November. Russell Good, Hauling ... 440.10 Claude Barns, Right-oi- ineeg fti 65.10 Proceedings of Mills County Board of Supervisors °'& e e i^«S1S£^ MJpSg « Soldier's Exemptions of Ronald tie 6th day JOHN W. CLARK, CHm. Brd of Supervisors Attest: DONALD,E. STRANtf., . Mills County Auditor. the PBOCEEDINOS OF THE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Phillips Petroleum Co., Gasoline Omaha Welding Co., Welding - •Jebr. Trac. & Equip., ti-iuipment N. W. Bell Tele., Service " Co., ort approved' the "oSk-rterty-Bcport of F&* of the Recorder, Auditor, and Snerin. The Board of Supervisors approved the Application for Permft to Sell Beer and the Bond for Sale of Beer of Roy Lorlnger, Mineola, Iowa. The Board of Supervisors decided upon an Increase In wages for the 33.60 following: Bridge Foreman, $.90 per R. W. SOWERS Back in the Trucking Buftiness Ph. 27 Henderson Hauling Sand & The following claims were allowed: County, Iowa met In regular session COUNTY W. E. Agan, Per Diem ..$ Burlington Transp. Co., Freight Hattle Brown, Rec., Bee. Fee Burllu & Co. Inc., Merchandise Mrs. Dahle Boyer, Brd. Education City of Glenwood, Repair to Sewer Collins Radio & Elec., Repairs Office, Mills County Auditor Glenwood. Iowa October 6, 1947 On this 6th day of October, 1947, the Board of Supervisors of Mills with Supervisors Clark. Agan and Swarts present and acting. The mln- ' meeting were read L H Katelman , E aulp. . Co., Merchandise Glenwood Water . Depart., Service 117.50 Gearhart Lbr. Co., Equip. Gamble Store, Merchan- 1.20 disc .-Gamble Store, Merch. 2.00 Goy Oil, Oil Russell Good, Hauling -900 Gerald Flckel, Postage -Emerson Mut. Tele., Serv. 150 Cappel Mach. Co.^ Equip. The group singing of Christmas carols reminded us again of s - M "- Criswell, Brd. So'c., the Christmas spirit that never grows old. per Diem F. R. Chantry, Board of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Norton Gerald CB pickel,""sfa"mps"III and family were Saturday supper Fidlar & Chambers, Sup- guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bayes. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Norton were in Red Oak Tuesday. Board Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown and family went to Council Muffs Saturday. South of Highway No. 34 Call RAMSEY'S RENDERING CO. Dial O — Ask for 9000 North of Highway No. 34 Call OAKLAND RENDERING CO. Phone 4000 We Pay Phone Charges plies J. Frank Durbin, Education Glenwood Water Dept., Service —' Glenwood Opinion-Trlb. _ Thelma Hill, Extra Help . Hoist Printing Co., Printing , Frank Logan. Mileage Mintle Elec. Co.. Repairs . Omaha School Supply, Supplies " Mrs. Kobert I. Moore, Brd. and Lodging Prisoners Rouert I. Moore, Mileage McCormick Mathers Co., Supplies Faye McManignl, Board Education. N. W. Bell Tele.. Service Peoples Nat. Gas, Service L. b. Robinson, Supplies . Gordon Stelncr, Mileage . Donald Strand, Co. Aud., Miscellaneous Off. Fees Silver City & Mills Co. Times, Printing Klipto Loose Leaf Co., Supplies _ Mark Swarts 1 . Mil. & P.O. Feme Wallahan. Mileage H. W. Washburn. Board Education Alfred B. Stille, Apprals. School Land J. H. Deltchler, Apprals. School Land Carl J. Or*en, Apprals. • YEAR 'ROUND, RAINPROOF, DRAFT-FREE, FILTERED-SCREEN VENTILATION can be secured with Roseo Windows by simple adjustment of sash. RUSCO IHI WORLD'S FIRST PATINTIO AU MfTAL COMBINATION SCREEN AND STORM SASH G/v«f you AIL fhes« b«n«fif« • Storm Sash, Screens and Weatherproofing all in one permanently installed unit with nothing to change, nothing to store. • Proper ventilation during any season ... in any weather. • Patented Rusco THERMOLOK* Frame. • Plastic screening that won't rust, rot or discolor. • Control of steaming and frosting. • HimpHfted window cleaning. • UP TO Vj SAVINGS IN FUEL BILLS. CAN AE INSTALLED ON OLD OR NEW HOMES FOR ONLY A SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENT For Full Information, Mail Coupon Today (•ciitlriiii-ii: I would like muro information on your HlSt D \Vl\lxi\V.S I'U-ux- Srsiil Me Your J-'uMi-r Illustrating HUM-OS.. Have lfe-prf.srut.uUvo ('all on me al (l>aic) (Time) NAME _. TOtt.S MASK MAIL TO Mrs. Wilbur Younjr, Mrs. Dale Nims and Shirley and Mable White nmtle a business trip 'to (!Ien wood Monday. Mr. arid .Mrs. Charles Amick of Kiiierson were overniiilit guosts Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gipe. Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Conrad and children and Miss Odette Bruce were in Glenwood Friday. Mr. and Mrs. George Steele of LcMars were visitors last "Wednesday and Thursday in the home of their brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele. They were on their way home from a vacation trip through California and Mexico. Mrs. Lloyd Wilson who IB era- ployed at the Mrs. Leu Kline home spent the week end at her home. Mr. and Mra. Harry Conrad and son were Sunday dinner western Xuto"Store,""6ar- Kuests of Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Wil- Da 8 e Can son and Polly. Ros » Daniels, ^Freight .... Mr. and Mrs. Harry Conrad were in Red Oak last Wednesday. Clade Clark is in the Mercy hospital at Council Bluffs following an appendectomy. Mrs. Frank Stevens has been in the Kdmundson hospital at Council muffs with an infection following a ginus operation. She returned home Sunday where she is recuperating. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Young and Alvie and Uichard Vance helped liuster Summers celebrate his birthday Saturday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Buster Summers and family. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Watts of Council Bluffs were week end Kuests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Storms. . H'K K nd i l 7. Jafed WoodfiU Mer * Wright. Grocer! and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Mar- Mercy Hospital, Medical vin Woodflll and family and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hathaway and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Woodflll. Mrs. Henry Nims spent the week end at home. She is employed in Malvern. Mr. and Mrs. Emrnett Gipe took Donald Gipe to a skin specialist In Omaha Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Shook and daughter were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Ginger in Kinerson. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Norton wt-re Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton and son. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton and Mrs. Howard Kayton were guests at a 1:30 dessert luncheon at the H. W. Salyers home in Malvern Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton were in Red Oak Friday. Mr. and Mra. Dale Nims and Shirley were Sunday evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Irvin and daughter. The S. H. D. club has postponed its meeting until Sunday, Dec. 14. because of bad roads and the illness of Xeiio Bass. Tbe club will meet at the home of Mrs. Fred Newell in Malvern Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Briley and 'laughter were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Briley and daughter. Tbey were joined in the evening by Adrius Hartley and Alvie Acbeubach. I Zeno Bass took suddenly ill at i his home Saturday. Service Webster Printing Co., Books POOK FARM Jay Wright, Red Clover . Robt. Caley, Jr., Labor .. Davis Market, Groceries Harold Deltchler, Labor - dlenwood Feed Si Seed, Poultry Sup. Keefer Elec. Co., Repairs Malvern Service Station, Skelgas N. W. Bell Tele., Service Paul Noah, Welding Mlnlle Elec., Repairs Safeway Store, Groceries . Slix Rexall Drug, Drug Supplies Slref Dept. Store, Overalls Western Iowa Power Co., Service Boyle & Empkle, Coal ... N. W. Colling, Groceries . Dept. Soc'l. Welf., County Share Mrs. Harry N. Eyberg, Brd. and Room Fisher's Market. Groceries Gerald Flckel, Postage Gearhart Lbr. Co.. Coal . Maggie Horton, Nursing Care Hinky Dinky Store, Groceries Kier dc Wright, Groceries Service A. B. Newton, Rent N. W. Bell Tele., Service . Rexall Drug Store, Supplies L. S. Robinson. Supplies Mrs. Henry Schroedtr. Brd. and Room Safeway Store, Grocer!M . J. O. Sltzman, Janitor Walter P. Smith. Repair* Western Iowa Power Co.. Service Marshall Stockton. Care it Keep ......-INSTITUTION Iowa School For Deaf, Clothing LIBRARY Matthews Book Store, Books Scott Foresman & Co., Book Webster Publishing Co., Merchandise L. S. Robinson. Books — COURT EXPENSE Malvern Leader, Printing Mason Publishing Co., Supplies H. O. Ferguson. Court Rept. T. R. Young. Bailiff Fees W. P. Allbee. J. P. Fee* INSTITUTE Elizabeth Brown. Instlt. Meeting Faye Layne, lustit. Meet- Ing -E. L. Rltter. Instlt. Meet- Ing -DOMESTIC ANIMAL Ray Miller. Damages BANG'S DISEASE J N. Summers it Sons, Salvage - CHANTRY F. J. Steele. Labor MO RIVER LEVEE C. E. Lorlmor. Services -REFUND E. N. Schoening. Overpayment F. J. Wallace. Overpayment A E. Stokes. Overpayment SiUyers Auto Co., Equipment Crxim & DJureen, Equip. Beyer's Hardware, Files — C. B. & Q. R. R., Freight . . . „ .. Bain Auto Supply, Equip. 3 - 44 A. S. Bloedel, iHerch. — . i o nn Wilbur Benscoter, Labor. 18.00 Arch Decker, Labor ..... Ira Hayes, Labor -------- idd.zo ivan Dusenberry, Labor , E. M. Straight, Labor ____ l.OO ivan Snook, Labor -----3.00 Arthur Wax, Labor ..... . George Brower, LSbor — 246.43 F. B. Vandershule, Labor Herbert Smith, Labor ---2.30 Everett White, Labor ____ John Shannon, Labor ___ 51.50 Robert Booth, Labor ____ 76.94 Romlev Webb, Labor ____ 6388 Argil Bacon, Labor -----Cobe Klllmon, Labor ____ 43 58 Gu y Stranathan, Labor -. 2.55 4.75 Price. Labor Henry Tlmmermnn. Lnbor Jr. Tim merman. Lnbor -_ mnn Ertdle Hammers. Lnbor .. 10.00 Ted Bncon Labor Dormlri Rnrnn. Lnhor o!,,,, Louis Mayberrv, Labor 26.40 Lowell Wiles, Labor Rny Boyd. Lnbor 19.10 Hny Chnpdnn, Lnbor Gerald Hindman. Lnbor .60 rinlr Jonrs. Lnbor 75.03 Grant Chamberlain. Lnbor 5.51 Hnrrv Potter. I,nbor 1.81 Rov Robinson. Lnbor 260 s - D - Mnvherry. Lnbor Mf-vln Bolton. Lnbnr C. L. Mavberrv. Labor Donnlfl Mtivbrrry. Lnbor - ^mll Mavberrv, Labor Tt A. Ppvn"'ds. Lnbor _ „. M. n. Llnvlllp. Lnbor °'°7i Gordon Penecoter. Lnbor Highway Brlrtep Co.. Eno. CONSTRUCTION 7.42 116.91 16.99 1506.98 . 2.68 1736.26 31.22 536.90 7.64 5.36 1.50 1.41 437.30 62.50 12.00 2.70 639.31 6.54 5.09 3349.42 290.56 18.12 195.20 173.95 165.67 164.98 157.78 164.98 53.94 34.65 136.13 148.50 118.80 151.24 112.86 67.62 27.72 24.25 24.25 24.25 20.70 24.25 24.25 24.25 in 71 68.47 165.67 172.78 1G5.G7 1G4.0R 1R0.1B 8.09 76.94 ™ 7 -°° , _„ Argil Bacon, Labor ______ 1.60 Cobe Killmon, Labor ____ Guy Stranathan, Labor 3.35 N. W. Price, Labor ...... Henry Tlmmerman, Labor 4.20 Jr. Timmerman, Labor .. .. ,~ S55 le « Hammers. Labor „ 4.30 Te«i Bacon. Labor ______ Grant Chamberlain, Labor 24.97 Roy Robinson. Labor ____ George Brower, Labor 36.40 Donald Bacon. Labor . ". 2.54 7.69 145.53 an .60 14R.14 37.12 34.B5 K.I 4 PT nn 5RRO 1S.R5 31383.59 159.78 141.42 156.62 157.21 115.93 127.88 136.83 145.09 34.65 34.65 74.80 129.78 Diamonds Fine Jewelery Leather Goods Stationery . Pottery Glassware Manicure Sets Dresser Sets Compacts Books — Bibles Desk Sets Largest Variety and Display of Gifts in Southwestern Iowa VISITORS AND PURCHASERS EQUALLY WELCOME — Come in and Browse Around L. S. Robinson, Jeweler Sw. Corner of Square Glenwood, la. 33.60 5.00 64.64 39.20 7.00 32.35 8.01 2.81 1.50 9.95 6.65 5.87 6.91 14.37 6.62 41.50 271.09 31.00 23.97 9.00 12.24 30.00 39.44 43.35 212.75 30.00 8.98 7.08 0.13 61.50 33.83 35.00 1.75 1.03 45.00 19.98 7.91 6.87 .93 3.43 49.98 12.50 176.90 30.81 7.50 33.00 32.00 37.46 24.00 137.50 130.00 42.00 87.15 43.13 7.50 20.58 PUBLIC SALE AS I HAVE RENTED MY FARM I will sell at Public Auction at my farm one and one half miles West and three quarters mile south of Randolph, the following described property: Tuesday,Dec.16 1 P. M. Machinery MICKLIN HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. St. OMAHA 2, \KiiK. Wtt,tern Engr. Co.. Equipment - 19,665.28 Jack Stanley. Crushed Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roberta Gilbert "stbgdTll. "Hauling 50.40 F J Steele. Services 538.00 Western Iowa Power Co., Service 3.98 C. M. Wilson. Damage __ 10.00 Standard Typewriter Co,, Supplies 2.30 Sucony-Vacuum Oil, Gas 353.68 Standard Service Station, gasoline 36.34 Ivan Shook. Laih - 5.00 Paul SuLhoff, Insurance . 6B2.00 Paul Records Hardware, Merchandise -.- 13.56 Farmall M Tractor 1942, IHC 238 Cultivator, 14 in. 3 bottom IHC No. 8 Plow, IHC 2 row stock cutter, JD 15 foot wing disc, JD Lister Pull Type No. 1-C, JD GO-DEVIL Tractor hitch, 3 section harrow, 4 section harrow, JD Elevator, 40 foot and speed jack, JD Corn Picker No. 101, semi-mount, Jay Hawk Stacker, on rubber, Tractor 7 foot IHC Mowing machine No. 25, Tractor sweep to fit any tractor, JD 6 foot mower, IHC Sulky Rake 10 foot, 15 foot cultipacker, JD Endgate Seeder, Duplex Scraper 4 foot, Bearcat Grinder No. 2 Single Wheel for IHC Tractor either H or M, 2 wagons with flare boxes, IHC 3 or 5 horse engine, Hayrack and running gears, Jenny Lind Cultivator, 14 inch walking plow, Walking Lister, Disc Killers, 275 gallon gas tank with hose on legs, Gas barrels, 3 belts a 50, 20, 10, Grease guns. Plow Shovels, Pitchforks, hay rope and many other articles usually found at a Farm Sale. The above machines were kept in a shed. Hay i.f Troy canje Saturday and spent .Sunday at the home of Mrs. Rob- t-trs' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass. Mrs. Guy Grindlfi was taken to Council Bluffs last Tuesday where doctors lanced her side, and blie is feeling much better now and hai returned home. 12 Tons loose Alfalfa Hay in Barn, several bales of Oats Straw. The Following Property will be Consigned by CLARK VANATTA John Deere Model D Tractor, 2 row hor?e Layby Cultivator, Wagon with Flare Box, No. 62-64 Hay Chopper if not sold before sale. TERMS: CASH. Nothing to be removed until settled for. J. C. Vanatta MclNTYRE and BELL, Auctioneer*. RANDOLPH, IOWA Randolph State Bank, Clerk.

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