The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas on August 20, 1945 · Page 7
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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 7

Amarillo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1945
Page 7
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»-HE AMARIfLO GLOBE, AMARILLiU, FAOE A 'LADY COURAGEOUS 5 MADGE LEON MOORC * ¥ ¥ * Daughter of Leon Theater Owner Was in Air Service A member of the short lived but serviceable WASPS. Madge Leon Moore, daughter of the Into H. S. Leon, is typical of the women portrayed In "Ladles Courageous," which will show at the Leon Theater Tuesday and Wednesday, In ft recent letter to Robert Sparks. Amartllo manador of the Leon Theater, Madge Moore outlined her experience* while In that organization. She hnd her share of excitement by flying crncked-up planes to repair depots and once by getting hopelessly lost. The former WASP went Into training at Avenger Field on Nov. 1, 1943, and was retired when the KHOURY BROS. Orlentel end Denteitto RUOS 117 W. «ik rh«n« MTl SPRINGS NKWI Truck e Trailer* e AnU. Comcloto aorlni Rcpitir Scrrlct Rebuilding · una Ro-Aremm Spririf Service ft Supply J13 Vwj Burtn. organization was discontinued I year, The one time she got lost -was en the shortest -fligh from Swcetwatcr-to AbUene, Latei she managed to make ferrying flights to suoh dittant points Chicago, Kansas City and Atlanta without a bobble. Her toughest assignment was fly ing the war weary planes whicl were usually without any instruments. In such cases she had to fly on dead reckoning "and prayer." Like most of the girls in "Ladle: Courageous," Mrs. Moore wound up her career with a husband, an Army captain. "Ladles' 1 Courageous" stars Loretta Young, Diana Barrymore, CJeraWini Fitzgerald, Anne Qwynn, Evalyn Ankers and is a thrill battle, .o hearts and wings from the take-off Ph. a- '· of Cvinptio* ^MIVU to hJi* *nd »(ln|i« of noit* {»#»*, CurnpncHPhimqu* w» ·· 11 mild JiurUca nnnthetlc 10 h*l^ HOP npvlnfuJ Jrriution. A!M combntJ in* tection. 3oothinj«n4ai)ilnl«»i. Famous *Jnce 1N72 for cold Mircj, minor cuts And bufat, lai«C( bjtii, CAMPHO- PHINIQUI ORISSINC Quilts ToBe Sent Overseas Beginning 'Imm'ediately/'a nation wide campaign to provide woo quilts for overseas civilian relief 'Ji to be carried on by the Bed Crow snid Mrs. Floyd Jones, 806 Mary? land, who is in charge of the program in Amarlllo. Mrs. Jones said various clubs AmariHo would be' asked to n\ quilt* as a Red Cross project. ; The Potter County .Chapter of the Ameriotin Ked cross is also sending out a request to all AmariHo cleaner*, tailor shopi, department stores 'and dress shops for donations of wool scrap* and trimming to be used in making, the quilts. Scraps will bo pinked .up irom th stores by the Red. Cross Moto Corps, The Rod Cross Chapte House, Tenth and Tylor, will b open e a c h morning, Monda: throush Friday, from 9 o'clock Unti 13 o'clock' to receive donations o wool scraps from individuals, Mrs, Jones has asked that : th ·craps be clean and perferably new "There is an urgent need to ge the quilts finished nnd in the hand or the needy in the war ravawad nation* before cold weather be comos imbpnrnbln," Mm. Jones naid "It IK hoped It will bn posulble to Ket the program underway by 8ep lombor," · The Red Cross will furnish thj olubs making the quilts with all at the- materials required. The quilti will not .contain any cotton, slllc o rayon, - - · IN NKW TORK Fvt. and Mrs. Stanley Bettlnger and daughter, Sandra, 305 Fairmont arc spending two weeks with frlendi and relatives in Utlca, N. Y. Globe-News Want Ads Get ReiulU PILES had wne DOWN can let a penon "down" --the dliturblnf peln, the burning and itching pull you down physically and mentally.Buc p'ilu euffercre can get quick, p»Ill- ·tive relief with Thornton . Minor'· Kectal Ointment. It tendi to nooth the nor en en and rCduce the invetllng of pll« not requiring ·urgicul treatment. U»» IN NOTID CLINIC Thornton Cc MCnor 1 * Rectal OinJ- I've Lost that FROWN! ment In the imra* formula uicd ·djunctlvcly by doctori in th« tnatmvnc of inouiandt of men ·nd wom*n ptclinu at ih* noted Thornton Minor Clinic. . . Now thli paln ; -alleviating elnt« ment !· available on « firtn,mon«y- buck |uar*nlce, ar a low coitfor homeuppllcatlon. Get the ea»y-to uteappllcatornonletubeofThorm ton . Mlnor'« Recent Ointment lit f t or Thornton Si. Minor'i Rectal' 6uppoltorl» for only $1.10 a box of 12. Your money refunded If not delighted with the retultl. AT GOOD ORUOOItTS IVIRYWHIRI * if ' i f THANK GOD 1 Yes, the war is over. Yes, it is natural that we should exult and that we celebrated. But it is also a time for soul searching thinking. · A time to think of the men who are beneath crosses at Anzio, St. Lo, along the Rhine, at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. · A time to fhink of th f fe men who could riot march in victory pa- ·- f»-- - - , - - · ' ,,c . ' : ' . · i| ' · · ' ' · ' · · · rades. The 300,000 wou.nded who are still suffering, still struggling to recover what they gave up for us. · j , /· L ' ' · A time to think of the 7,000,000 men . .. sons husbands, brothers, fathers, who are still thousands of miles, and weeks, atid months i : , ' , ' · · · away from the ones they love. ' ' 'i . . , · ' . ' · · , " , - ' f t 1 ' · W e must . . . we will take care of our own . . . by buying another Victory Bond now . . . and continuing to buy them for as long ·as the need exists. ' t , · ' » · Surely you can see why the most important bonds you ever bought are the ones you buy now to complete the peace. 1 · This is your biggest and greatest chance to salute the brave men who fought and won this war for you. i / · · This advertisement prepared by the War Advertising Council is published by special request of the Treasury Department. * * * * * - if"if, * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * N*. m e* · «erie« ef ·4 Amarltte emlneii Hnmt AMUSIMINTS NI«HT CLURS IN ·rlV^rl*! CMM The Reineew APPARIL STORRS Rert Levy LuclNe Snepp* Hetty w eeel Drees ·ranklln't ~ Lere"i Army ft Navy Srere, AUTOMOTIVR v . Reb Cnidglngten Merer Rqnlpmeet Shep · Pale Dure Meter TeiM Uf . Tkel. S. Cewle Rtodric C« Walter Irvln; Inc. Jenkins One-Step Servlc* Plelnt Ckevratet Ce. Deck Ceffey PenrtM WllgenRattwyaiMtl Service . RAKIRIRS AMMrflW ·MkieM O^» Ren Ten Rehery OMe.Denuti CAMS Thomas Dinner CLIANRRS CONTRACTORS D. L. MeDeeeM DAIRY PRODUCTS Lone lee Cream Ce. MeVJalnl eCve^BBBOBBaBaBW !···*' - · ·^···oj vB?e^n"apnaa*ryi elfV* DRUftS TensMftMC*. Maer Drue. Ce. NX Drvc. Stere ' Sewtkwettern Draf Cerp. Five Star Dr*f IUCTRICAL end Supply Co, ·MD-SaO-CHICKS Ream* ·rota ft Seee* AAluen Hetceery FLORISTS Amarlllo ·toratC* FOOD AND MRATS Panhaedle Pratt C*. (·eel Fee.) Stere.. Me. 1 ft Vlf«II R eaterVMerket HARDWARI AND PORNITURI Hetoy Pwrnltwe C*. Ce. Refer W. Herrta ICI AmwIN* !«· C*. INSURANCR JIWILIRS The Diamond- Shay Spleer't J«w«lry Ml*'i J*w*by C*., IM. LAUNDRIES ·ntf Dry ClMMtaif Trey Uwmlry LUMIIR The Sfwr Limeer Ce. MACHINIRY ft IQUIPMINT Tern W. Cerpeeter R«|ulpmeMt Ce. * Ster I qulement Ce. MANUPACTURINO Superior AmerlHe Cee»Cel« RettHef Ce., IM. Crewe'9nMe Cemwrt Ce. WIMken Irethen Ce« IM. MIDIAADVIRTISIN» Panhandle Outdeer Adveitfslnf Ce. ·leke-Newt PaMUtof C«. Radle Stvtien K«NC - MISCILLANROUS / Danube OH Cerp. PreeiMer'* ·rain Cerp. Mr*. O. K. Meye PMhandto SpecMty PACKAOI STOKIS PROPRSSIONAt SroneASteee RIAL ISTATI R.S. White SHOI STORES THIATRIS Interefete IUU ' C*plt*l TRANSPORTATION San Jaclnte Rat Ce. MIHer ft MINcr Meter Freigkt Llnee McKnleht Transfer an* Stereee Ce.. Inc. Panhandle Trallwaw ana* Panhandle Shuttle WetterfleM Track Unee UTILITIES AmarlHo Om Ce. Service Ce. '' td ·

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