The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 30, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 30, 1934
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Served by United Press BIYTHEVIELECOCKIER NEWS V TM UOlllNMiT NKWUPAPEH OP NOKTHKAST ARKANHA8 AND SODTifflAirr MUflODRI "^ ^""^ HOME EDITION VOL; XXXI—NO. 103 ffllrai i Blythevlllo DiUy Newt Blythertlte Ocuitar Ml»Utlppt valley Leader BlythevUl* HeuM _m,YTHKVIU,H. ARKANSAS. TUKSDAY, OCTOBKK 30, I 300 ° Stores Closed Reopening of Atlantic and Pacific Stores in Cleveland Is Goal . On,. 30 (UP)— Pen«-f:il- settle'- 1.1^ 01' the .serious Cleveland -.'l-aiii store labor) dispute develop j'l as a possibility | today vlipn IxM, fid'.sAi Hie ct"i- ' tii.v<i£.v Ijeld |><!:liin<i>no' conferences i>rior lo mrii'ntr with Hie nnlio- f.\ lalwr rehil.oi:? board. pris<('.cnt William O'ven of 'he AiiK'iicnn Federation of Labor "aid he '.vat- hopeful itr .>,i immediate £clllcim:il. Ai. the s:i>.-c time it was l.Miied tlis'. tin- Great Atlantic and Pacific Tci. ia::ip--::y mnnacy?- incnt might' a« :cc it. an em- ployes' election 10 ilcUjiiiine collective bargaimj-,! moihods. Ho'i/cver there v «s no immediate sign rrt-f-idenl .'John would bj'.ck f;own . fYoji hi; decision 10 wirlK'.imv Hie'Com- pany from the Cleveland area. Tlirealwi BoyiuU NEW Vork, Ocl. 30 (UP) — Socialist headquarters announced today thai a "committee of hoiiae- 7/ive.s" would go to the general offices of the Great Atlantic auO Pacific Tea company tomormiv )ivep£ied to order a Boycott of the company's stores here unless the Cleveland units are reopened. T)M> committee, composed of 15 lo 2G representatives of various organizations "sympathetic to labor," indirectly influences approximately 500,005 wives of union members, it was claimed. Denies Police Failure -- CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 30 (UP) —Charges that, the Cleveland police department caused the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company 10 abandon its business here by failing Lo protect the company's property during labor troubles were emphatically denied today by city officials. Mayor Harry L. Davis, who had abandoned local efforts to bring agreement, between the A. and p. and union tabor, said "every possible" police protection was ' afforded'(he: company." : ' .•Davis, read.-a.-, statement'-by John Hartford, A. and P. president, to the effect that the company had been forced to close its stores and throw 2,000 employes out of work because municipal authorities stood by and let pickets destroy food supplies. OF THREE: mm is sd FORM Jury Indicts Barnes Pleas Have Not Been Heard _Wln;dci- Da»i Sfmwn in Amaajiij^ Kcaul-y by Architect SINGLE COPIES FIVR CENTS Grim evidence of the determination of the Orent Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., to close permanently their 300 stores In Cleveland because of labor trouble was seen iti' the moving from Cleveland wars- houEes (lower photo) ,of huge., stocks for unnster. to regional headquarters in Pittsburgh: Desperate at the prospect of losing 'their jobs, employes (upper "-right) signed petitions to the mayor asking to try IQ ^get tiie company to reconsider its action. him Convention Business Aids Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA CITY (UP)-Con-' ventlon business and trade brought $1.618,680 (o Oklahoma City through the first nine months of ihe .year, the'Chnmber of Com' merce estimaled. More conventions are scheduled to meet in Oklahoma City during 1934 Uran in any other American city exeepc New York. Records showed 311 conventions held through Sept. 30, with an attendance of 101,230 delegates. Another 82 conventions are coining September ivos the best month, 64 meetings bringing 28.000 delegates. Woman May Fly Plane In Transcontinetal Hop . CLEVELAND (UP)—The Uendix Trophy Race, a Los Angeles to Cleveland dash, with added money to a record-breaking finisher in New York, may have a woman entrant at (lie National Ajr Races here next year. Mnxine Howard, wife of Ben O. Howard, Cleveland pilot and plane designer, hopes to fly Howard's "Mister Mulligan," high wing monoplane of 850 horsepower, in the race. All but seven slates were rcnre sentcd- J 1934 r bile Club -has just reported" A crowd of more than 100000 swelled tiie stands and grounds en Ubor Day. final day of this year's cvenls. $5,000 Legal Fee Never Forma) ly. Approved, Smith Charges LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 30 (UP) — Payment of a $5,000 claim made ay Frank Pace, Little Rock at- torusx, for legal services in 1931, was contested by State Comptroller Griffin Smith today in - n fmir- page letter asking the highway audit commission to reconsider its approval. Two vouciiers. each for $5,000, were issued, one "as per resolution of the Arkansas state highway commission, June 25, 1931," and the other "us per resolution of the state highway commission 3-29-31." One of them has been paid. There was no record of a meeting ol the highway commission on March 29, 1931, at which thc resolution for one of the vouchers Finds DoUar ?1ll Woven l Wo 01^ Bird's Nest LEPANTO, Ark.—It's an ill wind hnt doesn't blow soniQbody some jood," says L. Jones, ithierant cot- on-picker. Jones was waiting In lie yard of J. T. Lee sr, planta- .ion owner at West nidge, when le espied a bird's nest lying in the .'ard. He nicked it up and idly icgan picking It to pieces, and in- envoven in (lie nest was a dollar Jill, completely intact. According Jones that was one "smart" Jird. allotedly was passed. "The records fail to disclose -t nny such meeting was held." : letter" to the highway audit roiimUsiun "The last meet- in? held In March was on the 25lh and no 'such allowance appears In Ihe minutes. The next meeting. April 29, 1931, likewise fa"'£ to diS'jliso such an allow- nr.ce." Freak Auto Created Interest in Boston BOSTON (UP)— A freak automobile— a sort of cross between a racing car and n -speedboat— is creating Interest here. Wilbur Storer, of Waltham. n senior at Boston University's school of education, built It from parts assembled from the country. various sections of . Port of tho equipment was lakcn from an old airplane. The weird-looking contraption Is eaixible of 80 mites an hour, according to storer. Take Your Choice ,,n' Conn - <up > o u! way wm thc WW«i vote? HC-publlcans nominated two mar- vied men tor the state legislature. bachelors, with two WIIH copies of Indictments barging first degree murder,• which hey would be unable lo rend even I nol couched i in stilted-,'jeisnl >hrai'lng, jn ;|helr posse.w/oii, •tnuk names, 50, Ilaytl, Mo., (sii'm- •r, .nml'hl.s two sons, nil), 27, and rticliie, 19; paced a third door' bull ten ut llu; county jiill today iwnlling lln 1 ;nost Important'event of llielr lives->U'hcn they -BO to rial Mondny for 1 Die brutal sla'y- 'IK; of C. A. Murtin. youthful ln\l I river. : • - : ' ' : ' 'Ihc stale svill 'seek the fiet'iiilty of death by electrocution foi" 'Ilia Ho who allegedly' clubbed; liiid aiifed young Murtin until he^ was nlally wounded :md Uien vcreteil ilm In a cot I on .field to die ,011 July ri. Martin left Blythevllle si night with Ihe trio ns his 'pns- sengei-s. (he slate contends, : nnd wns futaily assnulicd when he refused lo take Diem finiher (Imn -heir': announced,<rdcsl!niUlon of Manila. What actually occurred on (lint lonely side raid off nigh- way 18 is known only through purported' confessions hirer ottnlr.- ed from the Hi rce a ( Little Rock following their cnuUu-e in White comity lifter K n-nft .'light, in thc stolen laxi. Mniiin, fonrid unconscious in tl-.e cotton field, died n n hospital here. t< diclmcn;:- Voted Promptly Indictments Against the Bnrni-s «crc relumed |n short order by the 'grand jury which reported true bills i^ninst them among nine brought, inlo open court yesterday afternoon. . . The father nnd elder son Bill were brought luld coiirt mannclec! :ogether by handcuffs while Archie iraiM along unshackled. With them was n negro, Jess Claybourne alsu charged wilh nrsl degree in ' der. All were visibly nerrau.-, The father wns first, to rise lo hear the indictment ughlrist him. With him, uccnuse of the steel Jond • Hint bound them, rose Bill to stand beside his father. . No pica was received, the d'c- fcndnnts • being allowed. 48-, houri "-'" forma) .notification of llurin- cnls before iheir plen may t-c Two Freed, One Convicted in Trials Involving Liquor The steady grind of misde.nean- ™ r "'. c "" e "epartnicnt " crc CAr or appeal cases,'up from Blythc- '- afterilo °" thllt M >'- Wiscm: vills municipal court, continued In response to of • *" 'ii>*-anuiis [U Ji.dge O. E. Keck, presiding, the Barnes- rcplied'Hhat they had no counsel nor money with which o rcnrewni n, n lev - ---- •* " attorn <tfs Communists to Cost ":;'"~: Syracuse 187,000 SYRACUSE. N. Y. (UP)-It',,., cost (he city of Syracuse $87,00( In order (hat the 23 enrollcf Communists here may cnsl thei votes In the November elections. Lii'e Restored To Man "Dead" For Three Hours IESILEB IIS Ijlariliujf |» ((.; nusslve beauty, the $-10.0(10.000 Wheeler cliiin Is shown IIIMV hi Ttixni.ri prajeet ; r ," ucc ^^^ ™*» »*<* <*™ w ^^ ,„ ,„„ Rive, and Is part of (lie TV A. program. Move ilm.v « mHt , long and 00 [eft, high 'll I, boms built primarily tor Hood conirol and navigation. ivUI, ^ m al ,,,-sl being m,i>' V y ™L A -Mco-horsepower t.irl-lne '.-ill l, c Installed, 'with spncc for iiddlttonnl Inslnllnilonsn°,| will total 450.000 Horsepower. , Six Lose Lives When Flames Destroy House EAST LIVERPOOL. O., Ocl. 30 IUI')—Six persons were burned to death loday when fire ol undeler- nined origin destroyed a two-room home on what police described iis 'squatter laud" In the Dry Hun dislvicl here. Thc dcnd: Ralph Lnne, 38, n mill worker; nn unidentified woman, nboul 40, nnd Lane's four children, two girls nnd two boys, ranging from 8 lo 16 years in age. Tire fire wns discovered by n wnldimnn nt the Johnson China company plant. Advised by neighbors Hint the Unc children were believed In the structure, firemen .broke down the thawed sides uf / the home nut found thc bpdles of (he children fr bed. In another room lliey rounl Ihe bodies of (he man nnd woman erect in chairs. MOSCOW, Oct. 30 (UP) — The irst, known InstnncG of revival of luiinnn being "nctimlly dead" was reported to the United Press today by n high Soviet, mcdlcul authority. The .Contra) Institute of Blood I'rousCuslon, which hn s conducted numerous experiments in reviving aniranls, claimed 11 luul recently resloi-i' life (pi r.vo "iinutes jn a man who luvd keen dead foi hours nfter committing sul- •'tlr by hnnglnij. /M^hninntion wns snld to hnvt been .vstorcd by means of the "nitlddal heart," invented by Prof Seigel Brulkhaneiiko of thc Instl- AHcr the artificial- heart luu been pumping blood for some mnl utns the ' man purporlcilly' bcgni brta(h;ng nrxl, showed, olijfr :Slgiis of :ife.for / nb6urtwo mtiuites nm i Manntt and Roy local attorneys, were nVe Ken? 0 a defendanls n fan - y punifhment, it Ls reliably reported! Commissioner Wiseman To Aid In Gas Cases LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 30 (UT)_ Earl R. Wiscmnn, commissioner of revenues, went to Blythevllte today to assist in (he prosecution ot three cn ses of bootlegging of un- taxcd gnsolinc inlo Arkansas. It was staled at the office of the revenue department here early Mayor floltnnd B io [appealed lo Governor Herbert H and Lehman in nu effort to nml it wny 'lo avoid the expense. The slate's chief executive, however, replied (hat according to law Syracuse must permit the enrolled Com- As a result, the city must buy ones which do not have the necessary eight rows for various party candidates. Leo Kahh, Memphis Merchant; Fatally Beaten by ' Big^Jim" Clinkstock MEMPHIS. Oct. 30 (UP) — The Shelby .comity Brand Jury todiiy Indicted . "nig Jim" Clinkstock, Memphis', wrestler, on first decree murder charges In connection vvllli Organization* I'Foimeci • (o Promote Sale of Stamps to Finance Relief " V. A campaign to rev lv«, the uea, ol scrip lii'local tinde and Uius provide the .money-heeded foi the community's sharp of next win-' Icr's rpller: pioerpiu v/p-, Inunclied at a 'inc'ellng ut Iho city midlloii, luiu Insl-'nlglil hi which nbout JOO persons,: ; miiny of thein heads 'of business liistitultonij, pledged' their cooperation. _ k ', A new brgnnlr' itlon formed lo handle lliu sc Ip progrnm.^Jvitli C. If. • Wilson : ns clmli'jnnn. Worii Ing wllh'-hlm, R3 members of;,(he general coiinnlUce oh exeoutlvo board,.will be Charleses Lemon?, vlcc-chnii'inan, Oscai Fendler, se^- relary, Hoilni:j Banistqr, and W. J. Wuudctlleh There will also be nn advisory board, to consist ..of ciwls.ot various trade and pro-; ossionnl 'jjroupj and of officers of •omen's organisations ami clyle Plcdse cnids, promising full oo- liernUon In the program, w^r"e ii'i'.iiUUeil last nlglil and wef? iKiicd by nearly everyone' present, jlnnw-s will receive 'window cards or display at their places of busl- iess. A vigorous camixilBH to .ob- aln promises of cooperation from 11 business and professional meni ind from the public generally, ^|)1 )e inunchcd at once. Oruccrs Organize ^ liclnll groccu, Of whom H wcro »i'fscnt Insl night, were the only rnde Broup to complete tlietr;or-i snulKnllon. 'lliey elected W B. McMullln theli chainnnn nnd. G. W. Itfooro Ihcii secielnry Whole- inlc .grocer's planned to meet to- lay lo oifc'onl/e nnd other gioups the fnlnl of Leo Knhn widely known Memphis furniture denier. Cllnfcstock, 225-poimd n-foot 4- tuoh grnpplcr, snid to be-the only person ever , to seriously Injure Champion Jim Ixmrtos, paced bewildered In county Jnii. •• The big pnrl-lndinn. wrestler, u victim of the .dreaded trnchonu the post three years, was formally charged wltlr inurder loday \n connection with flhe' deo'lli n Knhn, 44, furniture jdc'alcr, civic leader .nml radio- announcer Hi lilunrted not guilty when forma ' - were Issued against liln by. Justice of uie Pence (his morning. Morris Two Held for Questioning in Dillinger Jail Break CROWN POINT, Ind., Oct 30 0 ~." "nun™ uy umiKstock annum (DP)—Leiv Dnkcr, warden of thc-l ml " y "' Bhl/ in " n argument Shone. Lake county Jail, and Ernest! 0 ™!' ", S39 °" stove uili > died Into Knhn. attacked by Clinkstock •ijun^ iuiLiiiy jnti, niiu r,rncSti t , ' '••"-*' ""•*- Bliink, county finger print expert 5 r p slc ™»>' r ''o'» severe injiirlc.'i ... L . • . . . . . * • • nhniif hi it fnfr, ni,*i i,-_,i i >.. ,i Consumption Would Aid Unemployed SACRAMENTO, Cnl. (OP) -There would be no unemployment problem in America if wine cou- sumplion in this country equalled Hint of France. California wine men insist. French people consume nn average of 37 gallons per capila annually. Americans consume little more than n gallon. Should America per capita con- •siimplion be increased to approximate that of France, 21,000090 Persons would be employed in th» wine manufacturing business In this country, wine experUs esu mated. This would bo more than enough lo provide Jobs (or «u unemployed. "Vcyclablc Jlan" Displayed PA1NESVILLB. O. (UP)-From a . few carrots, four or five bf3115 and a conplp of eggplants a Palnesvillc gardener fashioned a "vegetable man." The eggplnnu one wilh an oddly shaped "nose"' form thc body, Mill ca'rrots as the "legs and arms." The banns serve as thc teeth. to occupy circuit criminal court as • the second day of the two- ivecfc's term was reached. Carl Ledbettcr, resident of Gosnell and Blytheville, received a verdict of not guilty at the hands of the first jury impaneled to try n case. Lcdbetter had appealed from a line of $100 for illegal possession of liquor for the purpose of sale in the lower court. Raymond Ross, negro, was convicted of transporting liquor and fined S100. Surprised when officers raided a negro honky-tonk, Ross struck out across u field with a jug of whistev in«'"r >• .arm bill broke it when pursuing oflicers gained oil him. Cln:dc Young was cleared hi short order of a charge of illegal possession of liquor for (he purpose of sale tin's morning. Molion for n directed verdict of not guilty was sustained by the court. Claude P. Cooper, local attorney, appeared ns counsel for the three (rial defendanls. 'The grand jury continued in session todny and Indications were thnt-the tody would not submit 11^ final report before noon Wednesday or possibly Thursday. Will Douglas, negro, slayer of Wels Bro- ncr, negro, was iiidiclcd for first degree murder in one. of Ihe latest Indictments rcturmd. lad not yet arrived. Ho«'e«>i lie was exacted to reach here (his afternoon. Little possibility existed :hiit cases involving gasoline bootlegging would be called in circuit criminal court here today. will lie urged lo n'aitic officers before tomorrow night, when n meeting of 'group hcsds and ol officers of women's and civic oigan- izntloiis will be held." The construction Industry wilt elccled .K. D Ferguson president and U. S. Branson secretary. This unit h made up of the lumber dealers, clcctiicians, carpenters nnd. allied workers. ; Wliat the -scrip program has al- reiuly accomplU-lied^ what mils; be (lone (a insure" an 'effective , 'K}f program next winter, nnd \ i ivt kind of cooperation Is,, need ' to make the scrip piogrntn praise Ihe nccessniy money weie topics of brief tiilfcs uy L B Tull, city engineer, n. N Wilson, county FBBA ndmtnistrntor, nnd Mayor Cecil were taken into custody by stnle police lodny for questioning In connection irilh John Dillingcr's "loy pistol" escape from the jail Inst March 3. Deputy Attorney General J. Edward Barce, n&sigucd by Gov. Paul V. McNutt Investigation of Ihe Dillinger break, accompanied Ihe state police officers to the- homes of Ihe two officers before daybreak. He denied that they hnd been -jjlnccd umlcr arrest. Bnkcr and tJluuk were aroused from their beds and laken to jnll lor questioning. Pastor Gives Pint of Blood to Parishoner AKRON', O. (UP)—A Nebraska minister administered physical as well as spiritual aid to one of his flock, at the gcnernl conference of ClfRYENNE, Wyo. (UP) — Most Evangelical Churches. hc|d here. Wyoming crops arc the poorest ^n W. B. Ttoltz, 01, of Milford, Neb,} record, Arnold K. King, agricu!- commissioner of Seward counly,I lural statistician, reiwrtcd. The se- lay delegate to the conference nnd j vcre drouth wns given as thc cause Nebraska, was taken (o People's i for (he crop shortage. The corn hospital alter suffering an inter-1 crop was reported nt 21 per cent of ,,ni i.o.,,,,,.,.!,™/, m, ,,« c i^ r r,»., jiormai as compared with n fil per cent a year ago. Spring wheat yield was cut to six bushels nn ncre compared with 10 bushels in 1934. nnl hemorrhage. Fits paslor. Rev. B. Hillicr. also of Milford, furnished a pint of blood for » Irans- fusion. ' The scrip program, Inuncl ibout the end of last 1 Aprlh >rot!nced 53,000 Use of this Mr. .Tull explained, hns Headed J'or Utopia? Well, Any Place Thai's Warm Britain Will Not Resist Japan's Naval Demands LONDON, Ocl. 30 (UP)—American hope for unequivocal livltlsli support ngalnst Japanese demands , 'or naval equality seemed quashed today. Maybe he's looking for Uplon Sinclair's Utopia, in the rush lhat thousands of jobless are Said to DC slaglng toward California, but it's a safer bet that this battered veteran of the trails Is just hunting .1 good ivnrm spot for the winter, as he nears thc Golden Slate with his midget prairie schooner. And If he's thinking about the economic uplift, It's probably only so far us thc prices ol beans, bacon am donkey feed are concerned. Dig time wrestling for Clink- slock ended when ho contracted trachoma, caused by perspirntlon running inlo his eyes during wrestling matches. He can hardly sec across n room. Wrestlers nnd promoters Jmve shunned ' him for fear of contracting the disease friends said. Clinkstock knocked Mr, Knhn clown in front of the Chlscn holel yesterday afternoon, following nn argument which started In (lie hotel. Clinkslock was inuncdinlc- ly arrested and Inken inside the hotel while Iho officer called n police Clinkslock (hen walked oulsido to meet thc car. Clink- slock saw Mr. Knhn, slill prostrate on the sidcsvRlk awaiting nn nmbiilnnce, and ran to him. kicking and striking Him in the face. Extradition of Bond Case Defendant Delayed NEW YORK, Oct. 30 (UP)-The :xtraditton hearing of Harry Grceiiburg. wanted In Arkansas on i federal charge of possessing stol- ;n bonds, wns delayed today by .he failure of several witnesses from Ihe wcsl to arrive in New York. Thc hearing wns scheduled to open at 3 p. m. before U. S. Commissioner G.itrett W, Cotter. As- slslant U. S. District Attorney N. T. Rodgers said he was walling for word from federal authorities at Little Rock as to whether the witnesses would arrive in time for the icaring. Grceiiburg is held In J.ill here n default of o -57,500 bond. He.wns one of six men indicted In Little Rock on the bond charges. Seek Cancellation of Philadlephia Contract WASHINGTON, Oct. 38 (UP>— The public works administration, claiming it has received evidence of faulty construction, violation of plans and specifications, nnct 'failure . to meet stipulated requirements, today demanded the Immediate - termination of a subway construction contract in Philadelphia, • Benefits Described mndc- nliout his face nnd head, Including n brnln concussion. He never regained full consciousness. .„,. „,,„„„„„. „„, maae He ciii-scil my wife-he tried to possible 01 contributed to n work nit nic-i bent him to the punch," relief program that has involved v.ns Clinkstock H terse defense. total expenditures of approximately $50,000 and brought-substantial ana badly needed improvemcnts'-'to Blythevllle. Helief during the ctmi- ng ivliiler, Mr. Wilson said, wilL'tw! largely on a work basis. The government will try to find work'"of some kind for all of the needy iiii- cmploycd, he said, but If the community Is to derive maximum ocnelit it must cooperate by paying at least part of the cost, of materials. Other relief expSTSes which the community: must meet- ni'c •rentals on FBRA offices "and' nl least 50 per cent of the cost a/ caring for Hie neetlj sick, nged ariiS others classified ns unemployable; Mr. Shane uppeajjd for whole hearted cooperation in making the scrip plan nn -effective source of revenue. The enlire community shares In the benefits, he declared, nnd tiie scrip plnn provides a method of raising the necessary money without burdening anyone It everyone cooperates. $2,118,000 Allotment , for November Relief WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (UP)— November relief allotments -to 47 slates nnd Puerto Rico were made today by Adinintslrator Harry L. Hopkins. Tiie Arkansns allotment was $2,118,200. Treasury Employes Must Take Examinations WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (UPX—. A((y. Gcu. Homer Ciunmings in an opinion made public today held that 898 employes of the trensufy alcohol tax unit must be dismissed December 1 nnd stand competitive civil service examination. ' WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. ; ' Memphis anct vicinity — Partly < cloudy tonight and Wednesday,'tibt much change In temperature. : Thc maximum tanperaliue here yesterday was > Si', jninfmuni 34, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor^ rts, official weather obaerveri vs ~ ,

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