Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 11, 1964 · Page 12
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 12

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1964
Page 12
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JUNE 11, 1964, Pesticide Bill Is Advanced By Committee BATON ROUGE CAP) - The House Ways and Means Com- mitloc has given a favorable vote lo a hill exempting pesticides used for agricultural purposes from the .s!ate sales tax- Hep. Lantz Womack, Franklin Parish, said Wednesday the bill would give "agriculture a break in the face of the current cost squeeze." The bill passed the committee without ! objection. The committee also passed and rejected two other tax exemption bills. A bill to exempt local transit companies from the fuel lax was •• unanimously approved. Lamar Polk, representing the Local Transit. Companies As- 1 sociation, said, "The financial j problem has become acute with I the loss of passenger loads and increasing costs." A representalhe from the State Internal Revenue Department said the bill would cost the state about $350,000. The committee injected a bill to exempt parent - subsidiary corporations from taxes on both corporations. Negroes Will Begin Classes At NSC Today MONROE. La. lAP) - Two Necrroes bccrin classes today at Northeast Louisiana State. 'Collece They are the first of then- race to attend a desegregated educational facility in north Louisiana. Sarah Louise McCoy, 22. and Bobby Saucer. 23. both of Monroe, registered quietly Wednesday under a federal court directive ordering the college to accept Miss McCoy and other qualified Negroes.' Neither asked to live on the campus. "We will work with Negro enrollees in as good crace as is possible under the circumstances," said Dr. George T. Walker, the college president. : "I deeply regret the decision '< of the federal court that we ! must admit Negroes." said Walker. His college had an enrollment of 1200 for the spring term Glass Containers jrom Harahan Rockers from Natchitoches Farm Machinery from ]eanerette Flooring from Farniei'i ille Acetate': front De Ridder ff'i n in^rcds of ;...".«..... :-. <;• rr. 're fj '.' r.ti '.-'. L':;.t:- Lo' s ei r . c!itr.t port fecihues. JUw material* for Lo u ie;. »na'» growing manufacturing plerts sad other r.ems not ava~abl« dometUcaUy a.'» brought :n t'. <,r.c,v:;C£.'.'y through the Snate'g ports. Expanding f-rtiga and domestic t'' e thr-j^gh Ihc-at p'.-is :.c.'ps t.'np.'oy- rat:;', andpr jspcr.'.j,. jn- £>_'. -j'^r Stale. L's* ji j'.r port /acjijtifes md Srgt sh:pp«r* ever) » here to Me lrjt/n to build » y*t Louisiana. 1*011'!' OF NBW U.S.A. RED RIPE EACH Onions" 29c Onions Cucumbers 2 LBS. 29c Peaches U. S. NO. 1 FRESH -LB. Apricots CALIF. FRESH —LB 29c 2 FOR 29c Lettuce Lettuce ROMAIN OR RED TIP Brussel Sprouts GOLDEN EAR-EACH Prlrps Good In Lake Charles Thursday-Saturday, June 11-12-13. Right Reserved to Limit Quantities. ^^$j^VA!LUA91B COUPON « 50 EXTRA FREE f BIG BONUS STAMPS f with this c^jpon ond purchos* c' K 1 2*$'*i$s Chalet £>' COFFEE MUGS Ea.59ct! Coupon Expires 6-13-64 VALUABLi COUPON ADD TO YOUR swissCHALET Be sure and redeem the lost page of coupons in your mailer 8-A thru 8-E by Sat. June 13. DON'T LET YOUR COUPONS EXPIRE! Layer Cake Coffee Cake Blueberry Sfrudel Oatmeal Bread COCONUT BUTTER 2-7" BUTTER LAYERS CARMEL PECAN OYEN FRESH HUNGARIAN STYLE 1-LB. LOAF 53$ 39<: 49$ 19c FRESH SMALL SIZE 2/2 to 3'/ 2 IB. AVG. LB. CHOICE BONELESS HEAVY MATURE BEEF STEAK LB. Top Cube Steak Beef Roast Sirloin Tip Boneless Rump SJ SCTELHBEAYY BEEF Club Steaks U.S. CHOICE BONELESS HEAVY MATURE BEEF LB. U.S. CHOICE HEAVY BEEF RUMP OR PIKES PEAK LB. U.S. CHOICE HEAVY BEEF ROAST LB. 79c Fish Sticks 95(i Rib Roast GORTON'S LB. BOX U.S. CHOICE HEAVY BEEF ROAST LB. 67 . < Chopped Sirloin &&£& LB . v Beef Sausage £ s Sz RLs , N i« U.S. CHOICE HEAVY BONELESS BEEF LB. 89( I Beef Sausage 97( Breaded Shrimp FISHER'S LB. ROLL 39c Coupon STAMPS With This Coupon and Purchase of $5,00 or More Behind Grocery Turnstiles TENDER-AGED U, S, CHOICE HEAVY BEEF LB, Hormel Bacon KV^ 10 Beef Ribs U.S. CHOICE BEEF-28-37 LB. AVG. CUT AND WRAPPED FREE-LB. 59t Hormel Hams ^^111^^ Canadian Bacon ROSE BRAHO PIECE LB. 100 EXTRA FREE \ BIG BONUS STAMPS [(with frit coupon ani p'.rcnsse of 2-L'c. Box Goi^'n'M Bmici | SHRIMP 1.99 Coupon £xpir«j 6-H-6J CLIP THIS VALUABLE RIG BONUS STAMPS COUPON! ausage 1.05 Hormel Hams 79c Neuhoff Smokies Micelle's Smoked - Lb. CURE 81 BONELESS HALF LB. 120Z. PKG. Beacon RUBBING Fiyers * Alcohol 5-8 IB. AVG.-LB 70% ISOPROPYL 16 OZ. SIZE! 59 ( 39 10< ladies Cotton Blouses 2-Col. Alpine Spigot Jug TOJKO Freezer Containers Men's Sport Shirts 32-33 5.99 S,/,-s V. \| 4.99 m 1.94 'Plui Fed. Tax -LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! Tampax «'* 1.15 Coljate Toothpaste g zH f Rise Shave Cream Rr f 73t Clairol Creme Formula Cover Girl Make*Up 1.20' Brylcreem KING«ziTUBEI Coiitac Capsules w. 97^ Siin j| flt y qui( j moi . Breck Shampoo so. 69<t One4-Day Vitamins lOO'i 87t 73( 20( 1. St. Joseph Aspirin BOTTIE Of DOMINO WITH 2.50 PURCHASE OR MORE BEHIND GROCERY CHECKSTANDS Weingarten Sherbet Quarl C..n. Golden Corn UGRAND6 CREAMED NO. 303 CANS 1.00 Pork & Beans JACK 3PRATT 3 NO. 303 CANS 27 * Assorted Flavors - 1 Gal. Ctn. Pane LE GRANDE reos Blackeye Peas WHITE Heinz Ketchup BTLS. 3 NO. 300 OOA, CANS 29^ SPAM BY HORMEL 12 OZ. CAN 1.00 Scolt Tissue gS5»«* '4 S?; 37* Royal Gelatin *K . 4 i 39* Sauce ^ c 37fc IlKt Cftffoo MAXWELL HOUSE «"V HIST. lOTTee «oz. JARMETI NO. Vo CAN 1.09 Pard Dog Food FOOD n OT CLUB CL QT.JAR &°Z SW B E A E G T Stick Candies JuJu Toys Baby Ruth Nuggets Butterfinger Chips Shoestring Licorice Sara Lee iBpAFfAll TOP FROST IDrOlCOIl 10 OZ. 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With one councilman to be nominated for the vacancy on j the Lnkc Charles City Council, a ' list of voters registered and eligible to vote in the 32 city precincts, reveals that of the total eligible to vote 21,098 are white voters and 3,935 are Negro voters. Mrs. Llllieon Cutrer, registrar of voters for Calcasicu Parish, listed each voting precinct : throughout (he city, and shewed ! seven voting places with more , than 1,000 voters registered in I each. Largest voting precinct is Pet. 38, Dolby school, in University Place, with 1,434 registered. Next largest is Pet. 35, Brentwood Elementary School, 3825 Rrentwood Ave., with 1,402 registered. , Others over the 1,000 voter imark are: Pel. 20, Coo Icy I school, 2700 Common Si, 1,183: i Pet. 7, Hamilton Elementary : School. 1415 Eighth St., 1.143: iPct. 18, Oak Park Elementary School, 2000 Seventeenth St., 1,136; Pet. 36,-McNeese Arena, 1,111; and Pet. 4, Pine Street Service Center, 421 First Ave., 1,031. The smallest voting precinct is Pet. 40, located at the Port Security office, just outside the main gate of the Port of Lake Charles. Only 169 voters reside in that precinct. j Fifteen of the precincts arc fill i white precfncU and two others are heavily populated with Negro voters. Pet 4, one of the largest precincts in the city, has 1,031 eligible voters, seventh largest in the city. Of that number 1,020 are Negro voters. The other large Negro voting place is Pet. 11, W. 0. Boston Mian School, 707 S. Shattuck Street, where 5G3 Negro voters are among the 597 registered. House to Take Second Look At Pay Boost WASHINGTON (AP) - The House takes a second look at a pay raise for itself today as it acts on a bill proposing $533.2 million in salary increases for 1.7 million federal workers. Three months ago it rejected a $tO,000-a-year pay boost for members of Congress in a vote widely interpreted as reflecting election year jitters. This time around the proposed increase is $7,500 and House leaders expect approval. Although once again the pressure is on the members voting to raise their own pay. the bill would provide salary Increases ranging up to 22.5 per cent for one million federal career em- ployes and 585,000 postal workers and would boost the pay of Supreme Court justices, Cabinet officers and top department heads by $7,500 a year. WrfeTS Oswald Is Recalled WASHINGTON (AP) - Lea Harvey Oswald's Soviet-born wi- I dow, the first witness questioned ' by (he Warren commission in its investigation of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, testified again today as the inquiry nears its end. The commission gave no explanation of why it was recalling the 23-year-old Marina Oswald. Presumably it intends to ! ask her about details developed I in the hearings since her ap- I pearance in February. She was questioned for four days then about Oswald, her life with him and his movements around the time of Kennedy's murder, Nov. 22 in Dali las. Sen. Long Says Civil Rights Bill Will Become Law WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Russell B. Long, D-La., says the ; Senate vote imposing cloture . means the civil rights bill "will ! become law." ; Bat Long said Southern sena- 1 tors haven't given up the battle against the bill. He said it j would be the most unpopular act since Reconstruction and ', would require "tens of thou- I sands of marshals and federal troops to enforce the various things proposed." The Aleutian earthquake of 1946 produced 55-foot-bjgh waves un the shores of the Hawaiian Islands where some ISO lives lost.

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