The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 18, 1943
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VOLUME-XI,—NO. 53. . <aa DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAOT AHKANIU.,' »„„ ^ ..».„.?!... ^ * •*-* " kj le Courier Mis pi Valley Under Today's War Commentary Nazi Industry Suiters Greatest Loss In Big Duitis Sy THOMAS J. UONOIIUE of Ilniltd Frew in a siiiKle, devastating .stroke, (lie Rovnl Air Force hns achieved more than cotilil have Ijecn accomplislicd in week- of intensive bombardment with thousands of tons of bombs' Destruction of Ihe Mohnc, Sorpc and Kder diiins in weal urn Germany in ail ingenious altaek with aerial mines Ivis. had and will have a tremendous effect on Nazi induslrv It represents on the part of the RAK ;i sfrihiiiK foiiiliin-iti of audacity, intrepidity and planning lls wc u ils bo | (j j 1 {nation. It marks the bcginniii K of n new'phase of the Allied aerial onslaught I hat will not end unlil Coi-ninn iv«i blast furnaces and the vast • bodies The millions of tons of flood water released from the blastee dams arc ripping through the Eder and Hnlir valleys, causing untold destruction and casualties, nut that Is .only part of Ihe slrjilcgfc objcc live of the RAP in wrecking the great Mohnc, Sorpc and Eder reservoirs. The Holme and Sorpc dams were the biggest source, of waler supply for domestic as well a.s industrial purposes'in the Ruhr valley. The Eder dam regulated the water level of the Weser River and operated important power stations at! and other cities in.the vicinity. It was the biggest in Gennany and probably in all Europe, standing 134 Jeet' high and 1300 feet long. All three diuns were vital parts of .western Germany's industrial system. They linked the teeming Ruhr valley with northern Germany, Berlin and the Baltic States. The immense reservoirs backed up by the dams fed water into Ocr- many's intricate canal system. The German canals of late have been bearing the heaviest burden of Germanyls inland transportation because of destructive Allied ail- attacks on locomotives and locomotive plants, railroad ami rolling stock. Berlin llsclf was hc-ully depend ent upon the shipments moving over the 'Ems-DortnVund and^Elbc- Odci canals Huge amounts of cdal coke and non Ingots wcie carried b\ these canals to Germany s gfeat lolling mills " ' " factories. Now ^!lh the vasl • bodies of water locked behind the dams spilling in an uncontrolledT^torrent across the lowlands there Is a grave probability that the canals/Kill go dry One can imagine an almost eomplj-lx! stoppage pf tiaffic to a.nd from Ihe Qermany i,,jvm wmcn .-•statics 'rfetKng'V^thelr tanks and planes. Depend On Power In the Ruhr valley; just below the blasted 'Mohne and Sorpc dains are the cities of Dorlniund,'Bochum. Essen, Muelheim and Dulsburg. Hundreds of Ruhr,Valley war plants are dependent to a large degree upon the power generated by the Mohne dam. •'• The mighty Krupp works at Essen have been blasted time and - again by the RAP, but apparently still functioned, as bomb damage can be repaired. Now, however, there is a strong chance lhal the Krupp works, which liave supplied (he bulk of Germany's heavy armaments in both tills and the last •world war. will impossible to operate with any degree of efficiency with a main source of lie power cut off. 7hc same holds true of Ihe cities supplied wilh power from the Eder dam-particularly the city of Kassel which has important locomotive works and aircraft factories The timing of tlic dam-busing attack by the RAF Sunday night was precise. The big structures were blown up just at the beginning of the Summer season when water demands upon them arc at their peak. During the Summer, tbere arc few other sources of water Im consumers in the Ruhr and Rler valleys aside from the three wrecked dams. Hence the effect upon morale should be important. Gi'.'atesl Catastrophe Destruction,of the dams has been culled the greatest catastrophe oi he war for Germany. The lives lost, the properly inundated, the power denied lo Germany's war factories-all represent a smashing blow at the Reich's ability to make war. But the impact of Hits icrrific . war plants of western upon which the fla/t House Votes Anti-Ruml Third Time WASHINGTON, May. 1C. (U.P.) — The House has refused to accept the Ruml skip-n-ycar tax plan foi the third lime. The House rejected, by a vote of 202 to 1D4, a motion lo scinl the pay-as-you-go tax bill to conference with instructions to accept the Senate bill which embodies the Kiuiil plan. :Hnd the motion carried, ratific.a- llon—anrt final legislative approvn —would have been a mere formality. The bill now goes to an nnhi- structed conference committee which will try lo compromise differences between Iho Senate'. 1 ; total forgiveness, plan and the purlin foiRi - i,iji passed by the "- l.o action docs not necessarllj spell final defeat for tlic Ruml plan. .The Republicans still believe they can deadlock the conference negotiations and force the conferees to return for instructions, tlhls would oiwh the way for another vote on the Ruml plan. The action came on a motion by Representative KnuUson, ot Minnesota after a bitter one-hour debate It also came after President Roosevelt denounced forgivhcss ot *. full year's taxes to gel Rs-jon-go, witli the clear inference he would veto such a measure. - ^ Lot e BitUctins ••-... ; LONDON, May 18 (UP) British submarines have sunk an Italian destroyer anil five Axis supply .shijis in Mediterranean sweeps. At least six other ships were damaged. LONDON, May 18 (Ul'| Reconnaissance pictures taken today slinwcil flood waters spreading lownrri the center of the Ruhr and cxlcnsivc flcind- inc in the region of Kissel as a result nf the bombing of (hrcc German itams. WASHINGTON, May 18 <W — Deputy Price Administrator GailbraKh indicates that the OPA will not sit ceiling prices on live hogs after all.. He says tlial since it was on'smalty proposed in March to set ceiling prices on live animals Chicago market hog prices have ilroppcrt lo SH.10' a 100 pounds. i . s errfc assault upon German morale must strike an ominous note In the con- t'cioiisncss of the German people as they begin to realize what im- |wnds for them. ' This is only the beginning. Thcr c is nothing; now that can slop it The luft»affe has been dwarf ted by these amazing armadns thai strike from the West. The Wchr- maclit has been humbled at Stalingrad and Tunisia and there will oe more of these closer to the heart of Europe as time goes on. Germany now b feeling the hot breath ot war such as she lias not known in her modern history. Always before it was the German yrny that went out lo'pillage and Destroy Hie works of centuries on lands far from its own. Now, the German l«op'c arc seeing for the nrsi. time the aworome power of an enemy destroying their own land l ' le '.f 9*>l\ monuments and the fruits of their own labors. One is Inclined to wonder whether they will want to make war soon again after this one ends. New Orleans Cotton ' '• open high |ow close prcl. Mch. . 1964 1977 1963 1975 1964 May . 1058 1972 1958 1967 1957 July . 2012 2025 2011 2024 2010 Oct. . 1987 2000 ,1984 1999 1987 Dec. , 1973 1986 1970 1984 1972 WASHINGTON, May 18 I Uf')—Canadian Prime Minister MacKcn/ie King h;is jiiin- ert the Churchill-Roosevelt conferences in Washington. Me arrived in the ca]ijt;il today lo lake p;irl in current discussions on Brand war slral- csy. U is reported that Kim; will spend In-day at the Canadian tcgalien and wisit the Wiiilc House tomorrow. A. F. L. Delegates Resent Attacks On Union Labor HOT SPfllNGS. Ark., May 18 (U.P.) -Members of the Arkansas Federation of Labor, meeting- in Hot Springs, have expressed bitter resentment of those attacking the labor union. Labor leaders have urged a dc- nuncialion of Ihe Farm Bureau, the United Stales Chamber of Commerce and of a subsidized press. Thoy approved an.appeal of William Green, president of tbc American Federation of Labor ,for aid in defeating a bill by Senator Connelly of Texas to limit strikes. Charles Dickcrson of th c International Plumbers Union asked n greater interest in politics for the PMtlNANTNgWBPArKB Of NORTllEA^AHKANBAS AN1> SOUTHEAST MIB8OBHI jUUUNSAS, TUKSDAV, MAY 18,'KM,'! SINGLB COPIKS KIVE-*CRNTS TAKE RIDGE ON ATTI) No Let-Up Injtir Offensive Nazis Learn Mean ing Of Blil/ As Allied Bombers Pour It On Smoldering Monument to German Defeat the heaviest c-onlinued to lly llnllfil I'rrss Ijuliisirial Ceniijiiiy sl ; , m >red today under 1 , i ? w , 10 . W JV: , wllilu Alli( ' (l iMiobcrs prnnul the heart of Hitler's Kek-h Reports from Europe n, ly GVriiiHiiv h;u< ' niirercd its Ki-ca esUatastrophe.ur the couMicl in ll,e B "' II1U ' K<lL t b - v Air Whole cities are snid to be under »- •alfir or isoliiled by the singing loads by the wrecked diuns 1 and hcusamls of. people me reported o have drowned. Swedish news rendrl.s from Jirr- in says German iiulhmiiit", are 'highly disturbed." The whole cily )f Mui'glhclm Is said to be Hooded iailroad traffic in tho war-busy Ruhr valley i.s reportcd almost at. standstill. A stale of -sle^o has )ccn proclaimed throughout the irovlncc of Wcstpbiilbi where lhc Ruhr l.s located. A state of cnici- :cne.v has boon declared In lljc fesel, Dortmund anil Duisburp, lislricts and photographs reveal ipiwlllni! destruction to liridiics, icwer plants, purnplng slntlon.s anil docks. SivDi nay nf Offensive Still the assault goes on. Today, irilish bombers attacked un.speci- icd Inrgcts In toullinrn Gennany, carrying the unprecedented ofreii- Ive into, ils sixth day. Last niKlil, • toriwto-cnrryfng Coastal Command bombers left, wo ships sinking out of a Gernan convoy: encountered off the Dutch coast; And patio! planes hot up roads and rail lints anil enemy air buses ; In north France ind Italglnm. An .Air Ministry iiinouiicciticiit said - a Whirlwind lombcr attacked "a', 40-truck con- •oy northwest of .'Ghent nnd that he pilot saw trucks blown to >it.s, set nflre.'dnd 'overturned Tbc United:' States 1 Eighth Air •'orcc announces ; that it destroyed 21 Gcnniin planes in three d'nys of operations, just week. In'tile same' period llic-Amcrl- ans lost 37,, planes, including' 24 cavy bptnbemi.. . '/The Eighth', Air Force, in Newsmen Still Seek To Crash Allied Food Discussions Opening Tonigli I HOT SrVMNGS, Vn., May HI ilJI'i— The Allied land conference "liens toniisht wllh newsmen still clamoring iov freer access to the mcelinus. However, baiTing a liisl-niinule chanxe of heurt by president, Roosevelt, there doesn't seem lo be any hope of easing news restrictions. There will Iw Severn! committee meetings during' lhc duy. And nl tonluht's plenary session, Judge Marvin Jones, chief of the American itelcunllon, Is slated for election us permanent conference , days of fjrealcst activity, (lew bout 1500 sdrtles over Germany France. Belgium and'Holland. In so n't hern Europe, Africa- aaccl bomliersVset big fires in a aid on the jliortMind nirfleld of .Ighero, Sardinia. An Axis schooner was damaged i Hie Aegean Sea by British Ion" lighters. And lhc Italians (heir pjnjiui sunk mi Allied Bhl cruiser Aid .a'merchant vessel esterdny off .the Algerian coast Today in. Commons, Deputy rime Minister Atllee revealed that nlish and empire .casualties in frica and the Middle EnU since of 134(1 totalled 220.000 men casualties, he raid, totalled 2G,flOO. And Sir .lames Griqg said tat, half a million Axis rlsoners are in Allied hands. Stalin sent, conyriluliitions today > Generals Eisenhower and Alcx- nder and wished (hem Inrtli'c'- ngnlnsf, what he called the Hitlerite robbers." chairman. The delegates, who now are arriving from 45 Unllcd Nations, will Bet down to work on the problem of working out an even distribution of incrcii.scd world food production. Most of the delegates reached Hot Sprint's last night h, „ ifj. C ar special train, Townsfolk, who nm<|c «.' holiday of thu. nrrlvnl, stared curiously at tlic alighting foreign- 5'.".'cr<.!.,correspondents yesterday asked - :onfeivne<! iliittmlrtle's;"' liS ; free access to the Iloincsleady Hotel, whpre delegates will sla/. nut It was denied. And a.s 11 -.stands Ls newsmen have only these privll- Miners Won't- Quit Work' For Prcsciil But U.M.W. Head Still Defiant ' better protection labor. of the rights of Flooded Arkansas Breaks Pipeline LITTLE ROCK, May 18. (UP>The Arkansas river flood has broken the "big inch" transcontinental oil pipeline, causing a drop in preisure. The line is shut down while repairs arc being considered. The Red Cross has more than v . wlo uuo IUUIL; intlu 30 case workers in Hie flood area and Mrs. Hcbeccn Pond, supervisor of nurses, has started a tour of the state, The oil pipeline, operated by the Defense Plant Corporation, feeds East Texas oil to an Illinois lank car (Icixrt. •'foods Sweeping Indiana, Illinois By United I' Hc.sidcnls of Indiana and njj- ols arc nccini! before Ibc rising filers of the Wabash, White, and ois rivers, in the worst flood nee 1(113. It is not yet possible lo estimalc ic extent of the dninngc. BM many areas, crops have been nshcd out. sinie and clly p 0 ii c(; working to evacuate scores of idlnnnnolis families homes •e under water. In central Illinois, more than 125,000 acres of rich laiiuland have Ijecn Hooded. At Granite City ill school children were sent home when 18 inchr., of water surrounded Ihe school buildings' Three hundred residcnls of Kokomo, ind., were evacuated, as MIC swollen waters submerged their homes and propertlc.s July's accident losses avcrace al»ou 2-1 per cent higher than thole of the average month. cges; Use of n news hcadmiarlcrfi In tlic hotel grounds. Permission to arrange news con- feinnccs with delegation chairman. Daily news conferences with chairman Jones. Unrestricted telephone loins with ilelerjalcs. Unchapcioncd meetings with ciclcgates outside the hotel grounds And attendance this afternoon. at reception Two-Room Buildiny Burns This Morning Firemen answered an alarm at ,'101 Sonlli Lake street this morn- ins shortly Ijolorc noon when a servant house uns heavily damaged by fire that started from an nil stove. The two room house was virtually destroyed, according to Mrc Chic; Hoy Head, who snld lhc flames nlso caused damage to adjoining buildings, all owned l)y C. w. Glenn. An alarm !nl c yesterday afternoon summoned flic fighters lo the Tivsaco rilliiif .station nt (lie corner of Ash and Rl m streets when a small .shed room adjoining* lhc main building caught lire. Daniiigc was comparatively small. Mississippi Loses Former Governor JACKSON. Miss,, May if) tui') — Lee M. Ilnsstll. governor of Mississippi from 1020 to 1921, died al I Ills home in .Jackson Sunday after an illness of several months. 'Russell also .served the slate ;i.s licutenant-Rovcrnor, as stale Snn- alor and as stale Kcprescnlalive. tfc was a native of Lafayette coun- ly. And was 07 years old. The body will lie in slate nt (he capital from 10 a. m. until 4 p TRUCF. 13 for WASHINGTON, May lli,''(U cbril flcliis' lias""'f)(icii averted the present, l/ut KOlniion'.01 in,: problem seems as far awny iu> ever. John I-. Lewis hn.s utiiceil lo' n 13-dny extension of tin: liuce whli'.h would cxnlre nl, inldnlglit. Hut the United Mine Workers chief Is n s dclcimined us ever lo leiive the War Liibur Hoard out ol negotiations, nnd lhc liiiind l.s just us div tcrmliii'd (hat it will nrniiigr liny re.sninplioii of ncsotlafloii.s. So far Lewis has Ignored nil cciniimnlrnljnns from Ihe WLI1. Hi! Is lielicvcd lo be hold out for no- KOllntlons wllh Secretary of Interior lekc*, who Is operating the mines for Iho novcrnmcnt. Mcnnwhile, the House Is Kdllni; set lo net this weel; on (he Con- iwiIly-Smtlli uiill-slrikc bill which nhendy has the Hcnato'.'i .stamp of approval. However, .several luplllghL government olliclnls have come out against the measure. They Miy n .would hamstring the war cllml. War Lnlior Hmird Ghnlriiuin Wll- llnm Davis prolcstcd tigJiinsl |] 1n hill In n lellcr (o Mouse Hiwiikcr Sam llnyburn. And n J«i n i, (, om .. niunlcatlon ojipDMng tin: bill IIUK l:cen siBiicd by Kecrcilnry of Nnvy Knox. ARsislanl .Secretary of Wnr McCloy. Kccrclnry of Lalmr j' ( ,|.. kins. I'rodiicllon Chief Mi-lpon and Clu.liman Land of Ihe MiirUlmc Cniuinissioii. Tlic CIO nnd AFL ulso have Joined lhc fight tin; bill which, would outlaw strikes, compel unions to file membership and financial slnlrmenls :ind irr/ulre M days nollcc nnd « i.rcrrl worl:- eis bnllol before wiill-.jui.s be callcdd. Howard Hughes Injured IlOULDEIl CITY Ncv. May 18 i UP)-Howard Hughes, the nolcd movie producer and round - Ihe- world pilol. has been hurt In an airplane accident. The amphibian plane lie was pilotinc crashed Into the lake behind lioulder num. A Civilian Aeronautics official Midtlleton Suffers Wound In N.Africa Mrs, I'cnrl like', ivlm llvc.-i on Route I IITOI-' Hlylluivllli!, lins Imcn nolllleil by the Wnr IVpiirltiirtit that .her bi'ciihei', I'Ic. Tluiinris.G. Mlddlelon,' lins been wounded- In iictlon In Ih6 North All lean nreu. 11 was leiiriied hero tixluy., ,-• Addtllmuil' ilcl^ils were nol"iivnll- nblc here. Prli'iilu Mlddlnlwi wns one of .siiVtiv 1 Aiknn.sniis iiipliii'lnd In n list pf Uiil'k'd'i '' ' reported £!n't" y ;r,M T'lu'! llme -^ rvircs ; wns ™^ ^ the accident wm h= held at Wright an,] Few:- throe other members of U,c sons I'uneral Home. I were injured. The former governor Is survived I Ilughc.s wns Ipslinc lhc by Ins wife, an adopted daughter, boat when the ship nlinn-cd Uircc brothers and two sisters. ilecp water and went down 'inn, 299 Perish As Japs Sink Allied Hospital Shi By United Press Allied Indignation Is scetblnp to day over the sinking of an Australian ImspitaUship by a Japanese submarine. Two hundred and ninety nine lives were lost Prime Minister Cnrtln of Austra- a and General MacArthur brand It a savage and deliberate atrocity ranking with the execution of the Tokyo raiders. Prime Minister Curlln Ka ys the •laps wantonly torpedoed the 3209 .jiftrklnes. He promises protest Immediately and Indemnities from Japan after the The survivors drifted 3B-Iiours war. General say.s tbc on rafl.s or boats. They wi'ic lilLs- annex is part of an enemy horror lerert by the sun and" foimht »ll ca l" |lal8 , n : Ishnrks with planks. Finally Ihcy The .ship was torpctloed last Fri- were picked up by a ship day as It made Us way off the I A new force of A3 Japanese eastern Australian coasl bound for planes attacked our , New Guinea. Fortunately, no pa tlcnts were aboard, The torpedo hit fuel tanks, setting the vessel afire, it ,snnk within three minutes. Sixty-four persons escaped. They say some of the crew were burned to death below rtccks. Others drowned In oil slicks or fell prey deal Iryl: to sharks or were dashed lo while lo leap lo safety. airnort at Wau. New Guinea, yesterday for the second time hi three days". The Japs are trying to break lhc Allied Rrtp on the Mubo area imperiling the enemy stronghold ol Salninnna, Allied plane.s continued to riddle Jap enemy nlr bases. They touched off bis explosions at (lir> Gasmala airdrome on New Brilnla anil wrecked Ihrce enemy planes nt f.anggoer In the Kal Islands. (EffJCE ii.s.ipn Arkansas Guard Officers lo Accompany Army, Men On Tour Friday Inspection by United suit™ Army officers ol tlic National Gilurii armory on South Second .street nnd personnel ol Company K, Arkansas Oiiurd, will be here Prldny I, 11 was iinnminceil today by Until. Olivet'!'W. Coppedge. company commander. This will lie the first fciictnl Inspection ql tlic unit since It was oiKimlwd 'mid, "mustered Intu wr- vlce lust November. Army ofll- tom mnkc ||frlodlc Inspections nf this and- btlic, sliilc guard mills which me under federal .'iiHinsor- slilp .since former National Ounrd units all fmvc become purl of (he regular army. Company K members havn undergone Inspcr.limi several times by MaJ. Curl-I. lloaack of Little Rock, pliiiin nnd training officer i)i) till: sluff nf /Jcnl. Col. llciidrlx lackey, reglmcnlal commander. It Is understood 1.1ml 'Major ilo.sack and his aide, Lieutenant, Ward, will accompany the regular Army officers on their tour of Inspection here and in other i»ilii|.s In Arkansas where there are state yuanl mills. Giant Tank Clash Looms In Itussia Uy Unikii 1'rcss IJoth sides arc celling rcutly for one of lhc greatest tank bullies of (he war on thc central front In Russia. London observers look for bis scale opci.illons within two or three weeks. Moscow reporl-s N:i*l smiiidrons of German Mark 15 liters arc lie- ing concentrated In the Orel and Itolgorod sectors north ot Khar- kov. llul British military circles believe Russia will be able to mnlch this power with thousands o( lend- lease American nnd British tanks delivered and ready for action. Thc British fed that Hitler has .something up his sleeve for lhc Russian front-perhaps a surprise offensive against Leningrad or even Moscow to bolslcr home morale. But they believe thc chances of victory In such a campaign are greatly weakened by the reported deterioration of the German air force. During the past week, 370 Ger- ninii planes were reported destroyed by the Russians against Ihe loss of 101 Soviet nlnncs. • French Patriots Face Stcni easures.; Nazis Jo • Railroads s .. : ^ . > "y.ll rJint|,,,.li.'iK|(;rs itrc Imposing , ... Iliiij' piopuru to fiice.nn Allied, Invasion. j , / '•',',. I'lciru -l,nv(ii' iiiii;'']itfiVi ordered ' on ' I'rtiiiol ' lo crack .down.l ., Dxtrlols, flnd ho 'lins lici.'n' (old (o cull ll|c. (''rcncl'i militia "" '' " under dlrrullan of Uio .,,., Thn Vichy [jovarnmnnt. lins u'cen wnrned ih;it It. will niiyn (o hum: nil nillroiid.s In France over lo till. OoiTOiin.s'.on •«-, moment's notice when invasion si rlkos. Mml Minsbiil noinincl is In h-ni,,,,,:.,, I'1-nncc in Ills., new, role as'chief'of In Holland,, .Nav.l Ciiiniiiissin tlfy»;-liu|ii«rl Im.s oiilcnil tin tlcalli penalty for strikes' ami • A hi(!li CiCKlapo niricliil luis arrived .In Iliingnry. Jfl.s nrrlvnl lhc Klgiinl for Ihe muss iiiicsl of l/uni;jirliiii.<j .sii«iieti<!(l of bcdiR un- Irlendly to thi: ^tuilii. Anil down In Greece lline nro I new i-ijporis ul, patriot leslslimcri Hmlhi Matiiuw aiyi; d'rccrk nnrrrll. Ins liiivr wlprd on! ii Nuitl.puiiltlvi (nii'i; near oni; (licek lown. lllnl.s come from nmiiy purls of Kiirfps llnil lhc Nazis Intend to luavc Ikrillo Mnwollnl t)> his own ill-. Ire. 1 ;. There nrc numerous rc- imil.'i Illllrr, to i m ,kp his lll'.Sl. .'.t.-UKl III (lie |,|,, TOW „,,,;,;,,_,. of I In: Alp.s lo the nortli If Halv is invaded, Miif.'.olinl ,',-ccin'i to be In a lough :,pi>i. Thri-e l.s no end to icpiiil-s lo iiiirLsliign and desertion* In lhc llnllnn iiriny. The Ijifest tell of lhc execution of la .soldiers (In- wcupntton forces In .(HKOJ,,,,- vlii lor innliny. Two tiiindii'd are fulil In li,-ivc descried fiom u single Italian gnnlsun In .Serbia. Anil niiiny mo even irrjarted ihrou-liiii In Ibclr lot W llh (he •Jujoslav New York Stock» rjf Chicago Wheat open jilgh low close July . 142% 145% 142 142S 142',<, SC|). . 142'>i 143 142U 143 142)1 A T A-. T , Amor 'I [)baci:o Aniicniulii Copper lirtli Slct'l Chrysler . ... ..*'' Coca Coin ' Ovn Kltctric r;cn Molors ^ Montgomery Wnrd N Y Ccnlral Inl llarveslcr ...'.,." Noitb Am 'Aviation Republic Steel Radio ]\[ Eocony Vncinun Sludcbakcr . ., ..[ Standard of N J '..'." Texas Corp \\ 1'ackard U S Steel Mch. Mny July Oct. Dec. open high low close 1D3B 1D18 1932 IS4G 1928 1937 1025 1037 IC83 1SD6 1S80 1034 1950 1073 1055 1972 1913 1958 1943 1058 3rt 3-8 64 '••I 3-1 100 1-1 37 1-8 IB 3-1 CO 12 5-S 17 5-3 11 1-4 12 12 55 1-2 '19 5-8 4 3-4 55 3-4 pr.el. 1935 1925 10B2 1953 1943 July Sep. Chicago Rye open high low close prrl 88>i 89 (U)'.4' 88S 88?; 90 5S .91 90!4 90?i 90Ji FIERCE tlif On Wake Island S "Attack B) llnlirrt 1'rcss ' Aiiici|tan 1 ioop-> havrj hain- nibred out ,111 imjiottant victory on A|iu and c<dn now inny In, linked with () )c ( | c . (,i|)s in This Ins jusl burn tevealed by the Niw\ .ttong \\ilh .111- oi.hi>r |)toic ol (food IICHS— (lint Amoiic.m boinbei-i ha\fs mided ,j!i)i-iield Wake Island !tno\ first annonnLc I ly tlml tin! Yanks Inivp .»,,v...i-u -i stronglj dtfondcd ililge on AUu cklni! oni) of the main tenters ejiinij iCiMnni.0 :niix snya cuptuio of tho .lioiig ,uiti milled hclBhli opci.s tho '«y foi n plnui mine iii,ii!iisl the principal enemy poslllons 113 iy, tlml flKhthn, h contiiiiiing—hul- trntlni! that the fln,,| slimv-down chish no« may be golinj on Utci UH NIVVJ Issued 11 com uilnlqiio (isplnmltl), Knoxs dlsclo iiifc more fully, u fiultl our soUllcral ittnckcd ciiLinj posltloiH on a I'lilgc connecting lliu two 111111-, uf 'luitu liny ycstjiday \\jirshlns Lo\cr Advinin '('In! ci)inmuni(|iii. added tlmt in •Pile of stiong inciny lounUi ai ;ucks. we took posisslon of tiin ridges. Meanwhile, 0111 ftnrslilpj pnni-qd shells on the lupf to cover 'iidvnni.2 ol Ihe Bioliml troops rhe communlmic added "In spiln bf Iho dlfflciillles iinel hnzards of o|ier"iitloiis On UIL Is- liuid—U B ensualtlcs lp date have l>eeii light , NC\VH ot tho Allu fighting oaina In n i-alliii drniniillo way • I'.lvitt the Nivy Issued n c6m unl(|i[(S snjlng stiong cnuiis op piiHillon on thp'ildte was. holding t'li oiti ndvji.ncc . ^ \ ^•-'rivc'nn rtlvluou'r latc^Bccrcfarj Knox rcvculcd that the rldgo wir ours.; uaei/lhe Navy Issued another- conmuinhiiie elaboialliii, on ;;.••[ Urst Details Given Tim first communique, for illto first, time details of the -Blniilni, of [he Atlh Invasion , H/rcvcalut tint laildlnt!' weio mude both on the noithcns-tcrn uitl soiithenstein paili, of the islani! uiuier eovei of hombiudmcnt'i bj bcilir «aishl|).s and pline-i rts tin. soldiers ntninced acio 5 Iho licolcv, fou bound islind y inn Into liaubWine enemy mcnhlne gun nests ind plenty of oilier .opposition The Nivys sceonil commnnirjuc of the day nlso tine Amcrlcins their srcoiid liundle of Bood newj from the -Pacific. Tills lommuiiliiuo siUI thai on May 1 11 force ol Aimj Libeuito'i heavy Irainlicr'i bl isted the Japs on Wiike ihliuul the dot In Ih6 IM' Kiltc where the Japs' first learned wlml'n louBh bunch the United Slnlos Mni'lncs are. The NIHI doc'ilt «i> whul Atne oiin losses were. Unfit,' reveal- Unit tin Yanks inn Into 11 dctcmi Ing Zero planes two of which were it says bid weillier pie vented obsen alien of rcsullj, The -communique- .Also reveal' Dial the tiexl day Navy ami Mii- rlno Coriw dive obinbers.'csc'jnpd by flplitcis. houilKd- unrl strafed Jap Inslallnllons nl Ilekata Bay, on amin Isabel fslnnd. .. Hat lie: For Levees In Pine Bluff''Area Urn.E HOCK May IB (UP) — U. S. Engineers are conlinuinj; (heir flBlil to save major -levees tear Pine nluff after the Arkansas River apparently crested there it 32.U feet. A vigorous fight wllh santl bags nid seepages Is being nude to save lie Tucker Lake Levee and ollicrs icnr Pine niuff. More than 300 fiinillics have been moved to-tem- :orary living quarters 'and 30 (locks within the city limits we're 'looctcd yesterday. ', In Pope County J. 13. Hart County agent, says flood waters are •er.ediug and all roads are open fo raffle .this morning. He reports from 30.000 (o 55,000 acres of land inundated. He says 350 farm illlcs have evacuated; and about, 1000 families ; in Pope county mvc been affected by>thc flood. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, May 18. (UP)—Hog rc- -cipt-s 11,000, all salable. Top price 4.50; , 180-280 ' pounds 14.«-H.50; 140-160 pcimds 13.60-14,10; sows J.75-14.10. '''-.' Cattle receipts 2,500 and calves i.20t> head, all salable. Slaughter ilecrs 1L50-KS.75; 'slaughter heif- *,s 10.75-16.00; mixed ' yearlings Hid heifers'. 14.SO-14.75; slockers and feeder steers 10.75-15.25; can- icrs and cutters 7.50-10.75; cows 1.00-13.00. •:••..<.•..«

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