Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 17, 1976 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1976
Page 5
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*~> \Jc areat a hontJ r in G r aary / a ^f S and Leonard Clark ° {f ™^ are at nome in Garden City for the 2 n m rinnhio -;.,„ following their marriage June ceremony double - nn e 26 at Trinity Lutheran Church Mrs. Markes the former here. The Revs. Merlin Reitn Beverly SwlSson, is The MR. AND MRS. GARY MARKES (Beverly Swanson) Jim Correll OW& daughter of Ellen Wieseman, Osceola, Neb. Parents of the groom are Roy and Lucy Markes, Waukomis, Okla. Baskets of multi-colored carnations decorated the church. Joan Roderick was organist, and soloist Marge Vanderweide sang "Because" and "The Lord's Prayer." For her wedding, the bride chose a gown of pink satin with floral chiffon overlay, and a pink picture hat. She carried a bouquet of red and white roses on a Bible. Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Don Nelson, Garden City. Mrs. Nelson wore a gown styled similar to the brides of pink jersey knit, anda pink picture hat. Flower girl was Lisa Hendrix, and ringbearer was Bradley Swanson, son of the bride. Ushers were Larry Kadel, Deerfield, and Benny Thompson, Valley Center. A" reception followed at the Elks Club, and a supper to honor the couple was staged at the Grain Bin. Reception hosts 1 were Mr. and IVfrs. Don Ragert. Assisting were Sharon Kadel, Sharon Hendrix, Joyce Carr, Nellie Holmes and Nancy Rafert. After a wedding trip to the Ozarks, the couple is at home at 2016 Old Manor. The groom is employed as a cattle buyer here. Erma Bombeck's AT WITS END Joining the Working World Next to the oarsman on a slave ship whose captain water ski, the most maligned person on the face of this earth is the teenager who has just landed his first full- time job., No one suffers more and is appreciated less. Many of these "slaves" have heard stories of men who got up each morning, were fully clothed by 7:00and on the job by 8:30, but they discarded these as venomous rumors.— the kind circulated in Berlin in the 1940s. My son considers himself a "human sacrifice" on the altar of the Church of the Establishment. He was 15 before we could use the word "employment" in front of him. The word broke his face out and he preferred we spell It. The way he explained it to us on the eve of his marriage to a paycheck,. "This is an exercise in group persecution, isn't it? All of you have run the course and now before I come of age, I have to prove that I can hack the 9-5 number, is that it? Okay, you win. ,If I have to prove that I'm mature, I'll get the dumb full- jjo- The Summer Community Fair Sponsored By The Finney Co. Fair Board WED. JULY 14 thru SUN. JULY 18 Thurs & Fri 5:00 to 12:00 Sat. & Sun 12:00 to 12:00 Featuring Expo '76 Shows with 30 Spectacular New Rides Never Before Seen In This Area. —Swiss Toboggan —Italian Bumper Cars -YoYo -Sky Diver -Spider -Sizzler —Zipper Sat. & Sun Matinee 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. Family Super Discount Book-15 Rides time J-O-B. . . jjjj. oo. . . jooob!" Maybe a lot of you know my son — or at least have heard of him. He's the only employed person who has to work all day and then come home and feed himself. He's the only dedicated teenager in North America to work when the "gang" went tubing down the river one Wednesday afternoon. He's the first person to ever have half of his paycheck withheld for some service which he has never requested (federal income tax, hospitalization, Social Security, etc.). As he stated, "Someone is going to hear about this!" He stands alone as the only worker who is dominated by a senile boss (age 35) who engages in office brutality by insisting he arrive on time in the mornings, and after lunch. He.'.s the only full-time worker in the country who has not gained the respect of family and friends for his contribution to labor. Last Saturday, I tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, George Meany, out of the sack. It's the crack of noon." My son rolled over. "I do not believe this is happening to a working person," he said. "All week long, I work five days a week, eight hours a day, and what to I get for it?" "You get all your meals served like a sultan, your bedroom cleaned, your clothes washed and ironed and a full- time old family retainer — me!" Something tells me I'll have the first kid to retire three years before he has anything to retire from. MR. AND MRS. KEVIN NOEL (Deborah Need) Johnson Photo' Deborah Need and Kevin Noel exchanged marriage vows June 25 at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The Very Rev. John P. Bartholomew and the Rev. William Macmillan officiated for the 7:30 p.m. double-ring ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Paull E. Need, 511 Bancroft. Parents of the groom are Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ochs, 2512 N. 7th. Arrangements of green and yellow carnations decorated the church. Wilda Ladner, 811 . Pat's Drive, was organist. Selections included "Ode to Joy" and "Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary." Given in marriage by her father, the bride selected a gown of white embroidered organza featuring a fitted empire waistline. The chapel- length train was encircled with venise lace. Her fingertip veil, trimmed in venise lace, was attached to a cap of seed pearls. Attendants were Karen Matthews, Tulsa, Okla., and Scott Galliart, Jtt. 1. Ms. ANN LANDERS Repeat Clues to Drug Abuse DEAR ANN LANDERS: Will you please mention the symptoms to look for so parents can tell whether or not a child is on drugs? We realize you have devoted a lot of time and space to this problem in the past, but our children were younger then and it didn't have much meaning to us. We know now we should have clipped those columns when they appeared, but believe me, Ann, when parents look at their nine- and ten-year-olds they never think those kids are going to grow up to be drug addicts. Also, if it turns out that a child does happen to be "on something," what should parents do? Please, Ann, help us. I'm sure you can tell from the tone of this letter that we are — Worried Sick Dear Worried: Pot smoking can be easily detected because the room has an odor of sickeningly sweet tobacco. Kids who smoke large amounts of high-grade (uncut) pot often become red- eyed, runny-nosed, lethargic, zombie-like, lazy, unmotivated, unkempt and have a "what-the-hell" attitude about many things. They may also get into auto accidents because their vision and sense of timing are impaired. Pill-popping can make kids high or low — depending on what they pop. If it's uppers, they're high. If it's downers, they're subdued. Parents who notice wide personality swings should be alert to the possibility that their child may be on both. L.S.D. is a hallucinogenic and produces wild trips. When the trip is over the crash can result in unconsciousness, deep depression, nausea, vomiting and the worst imaginable "hangover." Heroin users often wear dark glasses during the day and keep their arms covered to avoid displaying the needle marks. The best clues are the equipment which most parents find sooner or later. This consists of a syringe, needles, bent spoons, and a "'M*A*S*H'on wheels! 9 N.Y. Dally New. BILL COSBY RAQUEL WELCH A PETER YMES | TOM MANKIEWICZ PRODUCTION ALLEN QARFIELO • DICK BUTKUS • U Q. JONES^ BRUCE OAVISON .~ LARRY MAOMAN JOSEPH" R BARBER* PETER YATEs"..d"TOM MANKIEWICZ PETER > YATES TOM'MANKIEWICZ STEPHEN MANESMTOM MANKIEWICZ NOW SHOWING! 7:35 9:25 Columbia Pictures «~,,"ORIVf.-lN-, GEORGE UNO «,,„, H »*BOB PEEIE ,«.**„, ROGER! S. BREMSON-HARRY N. BLUM CKWailllOiw^ttMARAASSEYEV-AlEXROSE *,«*RODAMAIEAU OPEN 9:15 Come see "Drive-fa" at a theatre or drive-in near you, .Plus! TAKE THE MONEY & RUN small hotplate for heating. Parents who suspect their children are on drugs should seek help from the nearest drug abuse center. Contact the city or county mental health center for details — and God be with you. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: My charming and attractive 24- year-old sister-in-law is planning to be married this fall to a 28-year-old man. She has accepted an engagement ring from him although they've known each other less than five months. Suddenly, Tillie is aware that her fiance lacks the knowledge of the niceties of life. His table manners are an embarrassment. She insists she will retrain him once they are married. I notice, however, they always seem to be arguing about some klutzy thing he has done. We suggested to Tillie that she push back the wedding date, but she ignores us. How can we make her see that small irritants before marriage will become magnified after? What advice do you have for Tillie? She reads your column regularly and respects your judgment. — Family And Friends Dear F and F: I have no advice for Tillie. She didn't ask for any. If she is a regular reader of my column, she has seen the phrase, "Marriage is not a reform school." As for you, "Family and Friends," my advice is MYOB or Tillie will move the date up — instead of back. ' * * * Parents, what should y ou do if your teenager is having Matthews wore a gown of lime green dotted satin. Ushers were Tom Need and Bruce Ochs, brothers of the bridal couple. A reception followed at the home of the bride's father, given by Dorothy Weber. Assisting were Mercedes and Lindy Matthews, Monica Galliart, Terri Ladner and Dorothy Weber. Honor guest was Mrs. Orville Pete Ochs. The bride is a graduate of Garden City High School, attended Garden City Community College, and is employed by McDonald's. The groom attended GCHS, and is employed by USD 457. After a wedding trip to Colorado, the couple is at home at 401 Washington. Calendar of Social Events • MONDAY OAKDKN CLUB - 2 p.m., Mrs. Edna Clarkson. 1706 Parkwood. TUESDAY ELKS COUPLES BRIDGE - 8 p.m.. Elks Club. ROYAL NEIGHBORS SOCIAL CLUB - 9:30 a.m.. Mrs. Carl Nail. 1606 N. Main. Note change of place. WEDNESDAY ODD FELLOWS AND KEBEKAHS «:.')0 p.m.. • all-branch family picnic supper, Mrs. Myrtle Whitehead. Paged Garden City Telegram Saturday, July 17,1976 Childbirth Course Begins Monday Another session of instruction on the Lamaze method of natural childbirth will begin Monday night in classroom l at St. Catherine Hospital here. The course is being taught by Monte Mathias, R.N., Lakin. Mrs. Mathias has conducted similar classes in her home in the past. Those couples participating in the six-week class will meet each Monday night from 8 to 10, and a few openings are still available. Cost is $25 for the six-week session. The course is designed for women entering their third trimester, or seventh month of pregnancy. More information can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Mathias at Lakin, 355-6851. Dr. M. I). Medens Chiropractic Office 811 Main Garden City Hours 8:30-5:3(1 Thurs.-Sat.8:30-12 sexual relations? Ann Landers's new booklet, "High School Sex And How To Deal With It — A Guide For Teens And Their Parents," gives no- nonsense advice on how to handle this delicate situation. For each booklet, send 50 cents in coin plus a long, stamped, self-addresse'd envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, Illinois 60120. FRANK'S STEAMWAY CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING 708 W. Campbell ' 276-3737 NOW OFFERING A large discount to customers who move their own furniture when we clean their carpet. TUESDAY EVENING FOR LADIES ONLY PLEASE QbD Ffl&HlQNEQ SPEEIflL LADIES FILET OLD FASHIONED PRICE ONLY INCLUDES TEXAS TOAST AND CHOICE OF POTATO :#;'"' NORTH HIGHWAY 83 GARDEN CITY v Serving Only USDA Beef * •V NOCARRYOUTORDERS Limited Quantity SALE STARTS JULY 16 JULY CLEARANCE While Rhapsodic Violets Iff % Price Mexican Pots Painted Your ]/ firr Unpainted Choice 73 UlT All Vegetables, Ground Covers % Price All Seasonal Plant Food ( % to % OFF Window Box Planters Redwood 10% OFF 48 Inches Self-Propelled Jocobsen A/lower R Tc£ 95 *193°° Cottonless Cottonwood Reg. 14.00 $1flOO Limited Supply • ** Large Leaf Baby Tears Hanging Basket io.oo e i5.oo 1 /2 Price Cactus Closeout Reg. 1.10 87* Reg. 2.50 *2 1B Entire Stock of Large Tropical Plants 15% OFF Roto Tiller -5 H.P. -Chain Drive *<innnn Reg. 259.00 *l89°° 2 ONLY Pot ' N All Plant Starters Reg.98c MQO Limited Supply «Kf Fuchsia Hanging Baskets Limited *<• f)QO Number 1 U Used Mower -3\4 H.P. -Runs Good $1(100 1 ONLY! «*W Canning Jars Pints - 2.35 w/lids Quarts - 2.77 w/lids. Lids - 12 for 1.29 Mason Commemorative Design Petunia Hanging Basket Reg. 15.00 OOO Limited Number 1 Garden Dust Contains Sevin 4Lb. $977 Reg. 3.98 *£ Fluffy Ruffled Fern Reg. 2.00 $|50 Shademaster Locust 20 to 25 ft. $OCQQ Reg. 55.00 £3 One Group Of Evergreens '/ 2 Price 1 1% miles iAfjtnrft'0 PHONE N. 5 Points WARD S HOME, LAWN, & GARDEN CENTER 275-1902

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