The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1932
Page 4
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*AGE FOUR JHE TBLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS COURIER NBWS CO, PUBLISHERS . . 0. ft, SABCOCK, Editor H. W. KAIKES. Advertising Manascr Me national Advtrtlilng HepMs-jitntlvc'S' irt*n*as D«lltes ; Inc., Nevi- York, Chicago; irtrojt, St. Louli, Dallas, Kansas 'City, LIUle flock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as class inntlcr nt, Uie iiosl ofllcc at BIylhcvflle, Arkansas, under act ot Congress October 9. 1917 Served by the UnlW Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blylhevillc, !5c |Kr wi-cis or tfl.60 per jear In advance. By mail wlUiln a radius or SO miles, $3.00 per year, tl.60 for six months, 85: for three months; by mall in postal zones two to six, Induslvc, W-50 per year. In zones seven anil ciijlil. $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The Swing WdiCard Startling evidence of Ihe .sweeping change in sonlimenl townnl n:aioii;il IMohibition which Ims (;iken plat:; in the past yc-iir is fiiniisliccl by I he 1.1-M to 113 repeal vote of the iiiitumal American Legion convention yesler- dfty. A year ago, it will lie remembered, the Legion convention, by ;\ close vulj, weiit on record in favor of the legalization of beer of mild alcoholic content.' Yesterday Ijy an overwhelming vote the convention asked out right repeal _ of the national prohibition act and of the 18lh amendment. A year ago the Arkansas delegation to the American Legion convention was so dry that it cast its vote almost nn- ajiimously against even the mild heer proposal. Yesterday at I'orlland the Arkansas delegation voted 18 to I for repeal. The Legion is not alone in it; wet- ward swing. A few days ago .Maine, first American stnle to adopl prohibition, dry territory for over 80 years, and normally ono of the most solidly Republican states in the union, elected wet Democratic candidates over dry Republicans. A change is coming, ;md apparently it is coming sooner than the mo.-a sanguine anti-prohibitionist would have dared to predict twelve months ago. The Wrong Road With Htiey Long's desire to restore prnsnnriti- to the common people of America we are in hearty accord, but as regards his theory that all Dial is necessary to help the poor \ f to destroy the rich we have .serious misgiving.-;. . It appears even less likely to produce the desired result than the thoroughly discredited Hoover-Republican idea of taking care of the poor by so thoroughly loading Die rich man's table that some crumbs are bound ( 0 fall to the floor. Not confiscatory luxes, destructive of initiative and prmluclive effort, but elimination of special privileges and guarantee of participation in the rewards of productive activity by each on the basis of his contribution thereto are what are needed to achieve the desirable state of affairs Fought by the Louisiana king!L-h. OUT OUR WAY Waiting For a Man to Die Atlolph llilliM- iind his National So- uilist.s in Gel-many liiivt> ;iu unenviable I'l'puiulinii for bri'iilliiiij; I'urlh Imlml, iiiicrl:intul;lciiL>ss mul otln.T kiutls ul' vuvlwl poison. IU;l it ruiiiiiiiii'd for Hillui- liim.stli' to (.-I, liuyinui thu limit in a recent *|H'PC|| to lii.- lollnwors in H(!i'lin. In this s|H>cr]i lu> said: "My will i- iinsl)!ikal)l<'iinil my bivatli will last longer than that of my atlvui's- ary. President iliiKtcnluiit-', tho man on wlioin tin- piv.-i>nt ^(ivrniniL'iil is Ijnsed, is 8'i and 1 am I::. .My hour is I'ominu and I can |i:itiuntly wait for it." IlindL'iilniiv will he 85 Odoljcr 2. His birtlidity will l.riii^ him sincere IriljiiU's from all over the v:orM, in- cltnliiiB many from his fornu'r enemies. Meanwhile, |;is cliief tiuitieslic upijoitent admits tliat ite is simply waiting for a Ki'eat old man to die. NEWS A Worthy Amendment One hit of }{o(id news Dial almost passed unnoticed in the t-rnsh of more spectacular doings was the fact I hat Texas recently added its ralilicalion to tlie lame diiclc umemlrncnl to the U. S. constitution. Tliis, of couwe, is (lie amendment which would advance iiie date of )iresi- dential inaugurali and congressional session openings from March to January, and which would, thereby, do away wilh thu c . v il ,,f ij>e "sliorl term" in which dei'eatcd cniiKi-essmen legis- liile I'or'llie c-cnintry ,-'ftci' having been rejecteil at the pulls. Fifteen stales lm\v now i-itliiie;! the amendment. Twenty-one mure must do so before the amendment goes into clfect. It is lo be hoped (bat tbe.-e 31 ratifications will lie obtained witn- ont delay dircinc the coming winkr legislative sessions. H is worth repeating, once more, that hero is an amendment which simply cannot be opposed on any ground except that of selfish parlisaii politics. There can bo no excuse for delX'aliijj; n, oY e\'en for delaying ratification. Citizens i,, states which liijve not ye I passed un it'wotiltl do well to insist that their legislatures take it up at the earliest possible mo- I ti-lirvc Hint cue of the bi'iicficiiil rr.«i!ls thai will come fi-o;.i (lie painful cxpcrionre of (li-pressloii will n- IOWL-I- taxes ror the j:co- plc ami Bn:ater cltirinicy nnd ^rvlcc In every phase of tlie govei-nmeiil. -Sriialor Arllim- rf 1 ivcro 110 ycais yoiniucr and con[rm<e.-| will, this crisis I would try very hurt] to con(111110 my education.... Ix't-aiis,- iu mis new workl winch nill cmeriji; from this rrisis there will be a di'inantl for greater skill, tottov cducalioii and broader imrtoralamlinn. -Glenn Fnu.k, pioskiciit University of Wiscoiislii. * * » The fc.-iei-.-il biid?e: iias not i- C i, bHhiurcil nnd it will not l )c - iiuiil the government ec-ise, us uivaiuii; exijciiilltures. -Senator ' People in n-.e cities eannnt he profiH-roiis ,11:less the penple in the rmuilrv are prcspeioi;.-. — CisiUTimv Kianklin i). KoDsevclt. By Williams 1M PK-.OO OF HIS BUT O OF Tl-V _ S1DE _ G - LANCES By George Clark widened ant! the position of llr Second Army was cxtr?incly critical. • The advance of the two days oiienod up the oy for an allied drive Into (he heart of BulgarU Itself. Military observers: rci»rt:d that Bulgarian resistance half-hi'urted and expressed the opinion that Bulgaria H-oiiU scon lie out of the war. Paris was biJiiiDcrt by A laroe «iuadion of Unman planes. Six persons were killed and 15 were Injured. One ulanc was brought down by anti-aircraft flic. The KdiJor'i Letter Box "You sec, doctor, it's her dollie that's sick." om " co;ton ~~ I-axily of Parathyroid'Glands Makes One Tired and Irritable i:i)ri-oit-s XOTI:.- is thr I'lrd (if :i srrii-s nf fivr special ar- li'lrs by llr. I islilji-in un Ihu [iurt "c elands play in thy iiunun buily. II V DIt. ,'UOnHTS FfSIIBEIN :i-'U(ir, .Iciirnal of ||, c American Mriliral ,\u.:rt:itlnn, ;..ii.I n f jly. SL-ia. (lie llviillh Mn s aii nD ' The small nodules of lissuj call(1 Ihe paraUiyrold glands arc oinid in pairs on the hack surface I the two portions of tho thyroil land. Removal O f the parathyroid production of I: 1 . 1 calciitin properly with degenerative changes; in tho tones. s-ich patients tend to lose Height and to have a spasmodic cough. Iccro arc 1 also disorders of b'.- liavlor which are associate:! with tu-r changes in th? n:rv:us syst;m. * • * When the condition Is prQp«'rly <i:.i4noscd and treated by th> afi- n:!:i!=tratlon' of suitable prepara- ii:::s of the paratliyroid gland ami of iiiflicient amounis ot calcium |l:orc is lemoned tension, a decr-as" irritability aiiri a * not our It is the collon thieves ivlio need etching, we steal 300 pounds of cotton from a farmer ant! get three jcars in the pen. They 5 tea! three bales from us and get glory. T.-.ev tell us the mnrket went do.ui s'o we ar3 just going to raise what we ran gather ourselves and if tlie other fellow wants lo "o -n the road with his wife and c'hiWi-jii he need not expect our sympathy. Sol you need not, com? to 40 <i- J -' seeking cotton picking. GO to "f fatigue. Sleep becomes' n-.oro normal and the conduct of the patient improvevs.' Sarlden and. severe ovcractivity of lands results in onvulsioiLs and an excessive tivily of the nervous system. As- HJiairrt with this thjre Is a spasm f all the muscular tissue- in the .«.-i»"V loading that cf 11,. l:ea» | br!,:,, 7bonCc^M^inn^'' nil the bowels, as well as th« broil-' the human hofl'y Th- b '" ^Sff-JSTBtlaH^I:?,^ Sec'V'Ti 51 ''' 1 '' 3 """ I'"'*'." 1 * l«!«s in tl,c jZ, s "^ n ™°™ illlpl £Hl?liEH '%-il^.llUlli, OI milSrlPc inrl 11.1....^.. nt-^fr. _ .., .... fc-.*JU LJ """ norvcs ' o-vcrl, ' ,". " 'OAcring of the amount, of ciik'nnn In the blool overco ""> coiKliJlon t ... *m. u,.,,,^^ u, uie SKl] j[ you easilv rxt- her cases, a failure to util- you to, m« C h Why It's "FnllyivomV KKVT VOHK. Sept. IG. — Smal: wander that they often refer to the film rni)it:il a.s Follywoml,.. Almost dully some new syiirt odd vain drift? back to Broaclwny con- ceruini; the odd anil lucx^ilicnb'.e behaiiur of thc movie moguls. Take, for instance, the case of the slap int. "Cynara." Title and drama were purchased for n huge p.'ice by one of the cinema outfits. New comes a note that a new ii- lii- will be attached. The nlibi is that tlu'a(:r-yoeis will not kuo-,v v.hai "Cyiuira" means and may think it re.'eis lo the second c;m- ^in to the prince of Abyssinia, or fr.ri;cthiii3. u isn't unlikely that a couple of th? Hollywood riomor. \verc equally iierpbxed. Why. one is Inclined to ask. da ! ire movie concerns pay large pric- r* for a title they never use? Th;v ' r-mclKue prize plays and best scll- ns anil a film apnenrs afterward i under the title: "Hot P?pi»r" or 'Paprika l.ove' or something of [he sort. l-"or an entire winter ,crowds | trn; [n -Cynara" liecausc \vovd «!. co.-it- round lhat it was a con:I play. They were much th • MHV.' iple :is attend tb.c mnvlc^. And i If ttu-v didn't know what the tr.l;- ; lefrrnrl to when they went in. ! they had :) pretty sood notion by thc linn- they exiled. Our of (he current uri?<- Htm" concerns Cnrcy Ford, writer of comir- and satire ccpy. For year; he has used Ihe pen nams of John Hidden. The ta'-j ROCS that shortly after he arrived In Holiy- u'cod came notice that a certain concern was interested in "John Riddcll" and wanted to sign him. • « * Filming Football Then iliero nve abo:;: the possible fate of "Dacoty Ra\." This u.i5 n short .'-lory written in .1 key of high s.itirc. h'.irtcsr.:? aii.i slapstick. Joel S.,y:e. :he a 1 .:- tl-or. mixed up in his plot travesties on 'commercialism in collese athletics ami rackctcerin. A fan::d l:ix>7;-runnhij gang typ^ :; pictured as Belling control of a college football team. A rival ."frp in. Tlxe oii; scene comes off In wit the most f'aicicul fashion, ictigli miderworM eggs fighting it ! nut, and finally machine gi;i-s .snipping from the giandstands. Vet, comes the iuforniatiDii a moi:e concern ins hired two fquails nf nll-jtnr football pincers and a couple of celebrated coach's for this picture. One asks- what for? Obviously, if the story is fol- lo_wcd. the players should bo almost Keystone comedy tyi-es and thera should not IK a serious moment in the burlesque. I may be wrong-but it H-ouMn't be surprising if this B ay and runny tale were completely twisted about. Which raises the finostion again -why do they buy the story in :!ie fir.-t place? Why don't 'they :inve a good rc-writc man sit down .ir.d turn out what (hey want? What, for instance, ha^ th? cin- i-ina riom- to "Siranse Interlude"? Uliy was the title -The Way of All Flesh' taken Irem a classic at a record price- oiilv to be Ma;>;>rr! • u a l»x-off,ce 1 ;t? \Vhy arc M,? i-fst and most r.i:acd writers ni-ti plnymakers hir«| ;i { /abiilocis sai- ,i:lcs only to bo kcp: under Hie riucma tluunbi ov given notlv.n- to do? N'o CofliKi fickcrs -Vei-iled (To the editor:) We noticed In tho Courier where we needed cotton pickers In Mississippi county. I wish to state In our community we all are idle this week an account of catching up with our picking. We n:ed no labor and could pick twice the amount more. We gave a man ai!j Ms family i lift Sunday. There were seven In the family. They heard Arkansas In need of collon pickers, so they crossed Ih2 Mbsisslppl frcm Tennessee, trying to locate a place. They had no household good!. T.:e,' •''ere Just walkiuj and trying to get ;o:,-ODiie la gniiistai;? them. I was mce situated lo give folks like thai TOrk to do, but now we all arc '.ak- '"g care of ourselves, if y(m have place you had better stay with it Aiother thins, you l:ad batter quit listening | o rioosevelL and Hcover WITH THE EAKIfl'S ROTATION 1000 MILES PER HOOK. . THE SOU AT , OOO MILES PER HOUR, } HOUR,/ , we ARE •ACTUAUY MCVIN6 A&ouT 112,000 EVERY HOUR. MOSQUITOES HAVE' A WfNG AREA of AlMOSr fwf fQutae >*MWJ FOK eaoi OMB KXJND Of Bom WEK3HT. talk and p,o to work. They s. ' f THE lire OF OOLLAQ WAS Cur DOWN ^* THE -Au!«.,.,^, w * l ^ t- , •-— C«CLHAIJON ANO COHSTANf KANOl-INGJJysRMSY rtANOs.) RV Before the days cf the automobile, our one-dollar bills ivc-e scort for about n months- use. but no*- their | 1{e Is only about half that. Motoruts carry much more cash than did the horse and buggv travel- Ms. A ««.*• stream of one-dollar bills is kept C oin E lluoiuh tho oil} nands ot garage men and gasoline station attendants amf greas- is one of Ihe greatest, for.? of paper mcnoy. CHURCH EXCUSES . By or West Memphis, get you a !>tec2 and stay wilh it. is on- ad- V1CC - -Arthur Slcbbs. Armarel, Aik. I have been so busy with' my social affairs that I have not, kept up with the growth of Sister and Junior and when thc Board of Education made thc rcnulrement. dren and her church as I do Of course, on account of my inability in the past three or four years to find a suitable person to send them with, they inav be a hit DETROIT, .Mich. <UP i — when John BlBkcsley, veteran contluc- tr of the Michigan Central rail- md. retired at thc a°e of 11 iller 51 years of ,-ervicc" with the company, he l.r.d n Ie «- regrets but no loss of ambition Ehaktnj hands win, William Bi-ack-en/ cngincc'r i!lafccslcy..anuoimci-:l Ji.-rt reit he me anoth I amined by all kinds of doctor.,- •ancl when th; weights and meas- I lire doctor sent me his rcpait I I was surprised to find Sister ! ami Junior can go lo churcii and Sunday School without me as 'hey linve grown a lot in thc past lour or five years and it only seems yesterday that they -.vere just I can find (he time I can take an hour or so wilh them and tell I -.em Juit how to ace. Having a-mother like me is an advantaf,: a lot'of children do not have. When the members of our Saturday NiRht Club learn that the question oi sending my children to church has been setl.'sd. they will nalur- _ ...... W....I otn..^u, LJICJ kkm llHtUI- I m sure glad of ally feel that 1 can put, my mind nf his train,! 5raa u children that after a| Jhis as „ ir religio^"^l hi^nT^k b.Uer' Jnd that'win out io, means a lot to me as it 'doe^'to i mean that we will have a'much i any mother who -loves her cliil- J better time. t BVI.GAUIAXS RETREAT On Sep!. 16. 1915. Allied troops , remiiuicci their hot pursuit of Ihe I nulgarian Second Army, which had been completely beaten in ll'.e 'jtarted thc day c.ifmslvc- More. The tueacli bftv.een the. F.rsl and Second B'.iiganan Armies was] An bon marche" . . through Advertising One of the largest department stores in Paris is named "Au Bon Marche." Translated, it means "at a bargain—cheap." Actually, "au bon marche" indicates to the French what a true bargain does to Americans—dependable merchandise at fair prices. When so many shops everywhere are full of merchandise on which the "price appeal" Is prominent, it is necessary that the wise shopper insist upon products of known value and proven merit. The clock that will not keep time is hardly a bargain at any price. Foodstuffs and drug-store supplies must contain pure ingredients and be prepared under hy- gemc conditions, lest they become not only cheap but dangerous. Wearing apparel at a mark-down is only a snare and a delusion if it lacks the quality that will result in wear. Wise shoppers, these days, are refusing substitutes, are weighing true worth against price appeal. I hey are using the advertisements in this newspaper as a shopping guide. When a merchant advertises ins wares consistently, you may be sure that he is telling the truth about them. Pie could not afford to do otherwise, even if he so desired. When a manufacturer of national scope appeals to you through these pages, you can believe and act upon his words "Au bon marche." Today advertising points the way to the only real bargains!

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