The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 3, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS I' 1 THB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHIA ST ARKANSAS AND HOHTHEA8T MI86ODRI VOLUMK X],—NO. 93. Blythevllle Dally News Blylhevllle Courier Blylhcvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader fflt BILLS Appropriation Measures Involved In Snarls; Nelson Gains Strength lly United 1'rrss Congress Is still on n treadmill in its drive lo piiss live major appropriations hills. • Over fli'f hlllion dollars in funds for bankrupt government agencies still is tied ui) in conlrovci sles that sprawl all over capltol hill. Today the House look up conference reports on the urgent deficiency and war agencies bills. The Senate was expected to pass iin amendment banning the National Yoiitli Administration—last big hurdle In the passage of the labor-federal .security bill. Apmo- pi'ialiciis for the agriculture and interior departments still arc stale; mated in conference. Along with the appropriations fights, the OPA's price roll back program faced n new attack in the Senate today. Anti-administra tion forces wlio lost the fight to tack on a rider forbidding subsidies to roll back food prices on the Commodity Credit Corporation bill now want to bold price roll-backs to those already planned for meat, butter and coffee. lint administration leaders now seem certain that the subsidy pro- Aeram will tjo ahead. Food officials "sire considering a corn subsidj and price control move as nnolhei stab at cracking the drastic, market shortage of corn. On, another shortage front, Wa Production Chairman Donald Ncl- • son has cut, away some yovernmen icd tape in the control of petroleum products. . Nel.son has worked out an agreement ' clearing up the sometimes overlapping jurisdictions of 'the OPA, the Office of Defense Transportation, and the Petroleum Administration. ;.;. •. Some .Washington observers wh< had written Nelson's political, obit uary 'now believe that. the ,.WPB chieftain has gained strength by asserting his authority over.i..war- tinie rationing Give us a proud faith to Tight for, A burning dream to defend, To battle by day and by night for, To follow through to the end. Give us A hope to achieve, for, A. height to urge us-alicad: More than, mere comfort to live for, Wore than our sleep and our bread. Give us a star to aspire (o, A stone to steady our-foeU Something the faint soiil can fire to, Something lo rouse the heart's beat. <jivc us the glory (o plod for, The courage and strength ol our sorrow •TPhe trials and the truth to thariic God for The peace oi theXworld ol tomorrow. / _;-.-.» Y SA& L'-JJJ. „.,' ,'jv 'lV 11,1,1';, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS But' Observer Says Colonists Refuse Certain Kinds, Of Manual Labor UOHWER RELOCATION CENTER, Ark., July 3 (UP)—Reporters I'.ouving the Japanese Relocation center al Rohwer arc finding construction work going ahead full blast. Heretofore the Japanese have employed passive resistance against doing any kind of manuel labor such as cleaning out ditches and certain construction jobs. An observer close to the labor problem there has told a United Press representative that the work was being stepped up .for the benefit of reporters. As he puts it—"the colonists know you're here and they're going to he bnsy while you're here." The observer said the colonists don't like certain types of manual labor, and it it is forced on them they apply passive resistance and sit down with a smile. - • He mentioned as an example an auditorium which has been under construction since January and has progressed only as far as the foundation blocks. Thirty-five nurses aides ol the colony went on a strike which.last- jcd a week before llicir grievances were settled. 'Hie competition for white collar jobs is very keen, and many of-the stenographers and office assistants are college graduates. Sixty per cent of the evacuees are Ncsci-or citizens of the United states by birth—and feel that they are being held prisoners in their o\vn country. Officials of the War Relocation Authority emphasize that the centers are not. concentration camps. They are snpixiscd to serve merely to care for Ihe evacuees until they can be relocated in jobs and homes in olher states. mam FLEET FURIOUSLY HI HULK'S'HEEL' Bui Big Invasion Anlicipat- cd By Axis Fails To Ik- come 'Reality By llnllnl I'rfss The greatest puck of American Ubeuitor bombers ever used by Hie MIddlc-l'.iiHt Cuiiinmnd has torn three new chunks mil of Ihe Iliillan hool. " . Almost 100 of lh« Liberators raked Hi ire main airdromes In Southeastern. Italy yeslerday iylth 200 Ions of bombs. Thu ahporls were al I.eccc on the heel of Ilic Iliiliim bool, at Grutlnfillc, Ihe principal airfield proleellni; Ihe I'Hi'uiiio naval busc and tho San I'lincra/.lo ulrdrome. At Lccce, hits were scored on the dispersal areas, haiiijuis and runways. Flre.s starled and fuel ilump* were blown up. Twelve of 40 enemy flghlers that rose lo defend the Held, were snot down, (Iromnlcil rianrs llll The Allied filers at Clrollaglle destroyed u number of grounded planes. All of the Han i'ancra/Jn uiget area was covered with biimb wrst.s. Opposition by enemy fighters proved futile. These ntlftcks were Jusl three of seven lluU hit Italy mid her island outposts In the lust 24 hours. IIAF Middle Kasl bombers .started fires In n dmnuglng nild on mil yards at the Port of Catania on Sicily's east coast. Medium bombers from North Africa struck at Castel Vclrnno airdrome In Southwestern Sicily. Escorting Warlmwks downed an enemy Interceptor. And the night before — Major General Doolllllc's filers dumped blockbusters on Palermo, anollicr Sicily port, and Ciigllurl, the largest sea bnse on Sardinia. It was the second assiiull on Ihost! targets wllhln 24 hours. Allied Lasses Light Allied lasses In all operations yeslerdny and Thursday nlghl to- talled five pintles. The Germans, exaggerating us usual, claim 'i\ Allied planes including many heavy bombers. The German rudlo says a small force of British nliincs lilt Western Germany and occupied tcrrl- U. £>. Naval Forces Thwart Effort Of Jap Warships To Shell Rendova Positions Today's War Commentary Why Invade Italy? Allies May Waul. Only Southern Ti|> Hy THOMAS J. DONOHIIC Df United V?r»t As llio Allied iti'inifis stand poiticd' on the lower I'iin of tlu> ModiloiTiiiioiiii for it luiiK<! Itilo Italy's dotaiiHCH, it initdil. bo asked whnl. Kiich a move would prollt us. Suppose wo wore to iiivndi! and n>iu|itw Sicily, Sni'diniu mid even Italy Until f. Where would Unit, put, us? Obviously, wo still would lie on (lit! milor rim of Hitler's fortress and even if we hold all Italy, the forbidding Alps still would stniul n.s n bai'fior to miy iimrcli inlo the Ilnicli. And As (or Sicily and Sardinia, what can wo hope to obtain from their •bomb-blasted' niins? ' 'Ihe answer In Ihose questions Is • ; part. and parcel of Allied (jrimd slnilr^y. We would not drive Into Sicily, .Sardinia or Italy unless such notion would conlrlhute Inward, winning lh'« \vnr. It Isn't territory we seek but complete victory and novo thill brings us closer to vlc- nry will not u« -overlooked. Sardinia Ls not important to us it Ih'e moment unless' we 1 envlsane I . . i linidliii; on the lioulhern umsl of Ait •Vunce, Since that seem* unlikely it present, It muy be excluded from my Immediate Allied utfonslve iperalloiis except for pILslc'rlng ulr altacks lo ulilUfy A.xl!i,air|M>wer on thai Island. • Sicily,'howiivcr, Is vitally linpoit- int. Here is thu main nest of Axis alrpower In-.tlie Ccntrnl Mcdlter- "iiiiciiii, irere 1 ,': too, Is the nnlunil tories last . There is no an- Civilians Prepare For Holid But Army Won't Take Time Oft regular training program and iilj the same lime entertain 17 and I 18-year-old youths interested in aviation. But, because this Is a farming section and most of the crops are maturing, farmers are able to cn- joy a brief holiday. Other businesses, nob essential, The Fourth of July, 1943, arrives on a werkcnd .which gives many heat-wearied Americans more than a one-day vacation, but which will bring no rest to those of the fighting forces in the present war. Although people of Blythcvillc and surrounding section may not be able to motor long distances for a holiday, because of gas ratios*, ing, or cannot have first choice of accommodations on trains and buses, due to service men and their families traveling for the war effort and in the hop3 of being together--as long as possible, they can celebrate the holiday without fear of boinbs killing lliem. It will, no doubt, be the most serious Fourth of July in many years for scarcely a home is not, touched by the war because of a loved one fighting for the freedom of the u'nltcd States first celebrated 'in 1716. Because essential work will help lo win Ihe war, Uie Blythevillc I Sabbath Day programs will Army Air Field will continue its I carried out by chtirches. Kiwanians Plan Picnic Talks were made al Klwanis Club Tii»v;da.v noon at Hotel Noble by Mrs. I). J. Allen Jr., and Hal Richard Thompson who were sponsored by Ibis group for Girls State and Boys State held In Little Rock recently. Plans were marie for- a barbecue picnic Wednesday afternoon at Walker Park for the members and their families. Guests were W. P. Nicholson. recently named superintendent of Blytlicvllle .schools. E. R. Dlckln- t soil and N. S. Roiill of Memphis. Rogers Heads Rotarians CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July 3, —Lloyd Rogers, Jeweler, assumed duties as mcsldenl of Ihe Caruth- crsville Rotary club Tuesday nlghl, replacing R. E. Kent, whose term had expired. Rogers, who has been ncllvc In civic and community affairs, will .announce his committee appointments at Ihe meeting next week. i.J.H, ELLID1T HIES 111 DElill will be closed one {lay or longer lo give employers and employes an opportunity to benefit their bodies, minds and hearts .with relaxation, so as. to be better able to continue their tasks oficr the holiday. . Among those businesses to be closed will be the offices of - (he court house, city hall, postoffice and Courier News, which will observe both Sunday and Monday as a holiday, along with a number of retail and wholesale firms ami other stores. No official celebration has been planned and the regular weekly be Shavp'Action Reported On Central Front; Berlin Admits Retreat By United 1'rcss Eleven hundred more German soldiers have been killed by the Russians In sporadic fighting along the entire front. The sharpest action occurred on Ihe central front southwest of Moscow, where GOo Nazis were destroyed trying lo jmsh back Ihe advancing Soviets. Berlin broadcasts admit a retreat before repealed Red Army blows in the sector some 50 miles cast of Smolensk and large numbers of Russian soldiers have been brought up to the area. The enemy says for once again that the Russian slimmer often sive are complete. But Moscow communiques still report activilles in Icrms of jabs and feeler ihrust.s Other fighting took place on the northern fronts al Leningrad and along the Karelian bolder. A special communique says the Red Air Force renewed raids on Nnzi supply ports on the Black. Sea In Ihe northwest Caucasus. New Orleans Cotton Mch. May- July Oct. open , 1907 1036 2075 2C29 . 201(1 high 2000 1989 2075 2932 low close •'" 2000 2008 1093 1982 2072, 2026 Arkansas Briefs MTTI.E HOCK. July ?.. IM'.l—A n-j'car-ohl liny who disappeared 'J'bHr.sftay from tbn Inter-City Nei\s Service in ilc Kock with apiiroMmaU'ly S1500 lias been arrested in Khawncc, Oliln. Selective' Chief Martin sairl nil except sonic S10 (n $59 has been accounted f»ir or recovered. When arrrslrd. tlin hoy had S2W in his pockets and lold police he had hiiiitai Ilic rcsf in Ills aide and garage. NEWI'OUT, July 3. (Ilri — ('•Tpl. Ifank Grcciibcrj; nf (bn Army Air Form lias anivnil al Ihe Newport Air Held (•> in- sped physical training facilities al (he field. Grcnilwrf; Is Hie former star flrsl liasrinan of Ihe Uclroil Tigers. Services Will • Be Held Here For Wife Of Navy Surgeon •Mrs. Pauline Flowers Elllotl, wife of Dr. John Hugh Ellioll, died Mils morning al a Dclroil, Mich., hospital aflcr having given birth June 26 lo a daughter. She was 32. The body will arrive .tomorrow aflcriioon wilh .services and burial •xpectcd lo he held here Monday ilthough arrangements were in- -omplctc this •morning. Mrs. ISlliotl. who was reared In A>rl Smilh. and Dr. Klliott, son of Dr. and Mrs. F. B. Elliott, were narrlcd eight yrnrs ago when Dr. Elliott was a student al University of Arkansas School of Medicine In Ultlc Rock. She was a Prcsbyte- ilan. •Iliis is Iheir first child. Dr. Elliolt i.s noiv in the Navy slationcd in Detroit a:s a surgeon n the Naval Hospital thure. Mrs. Elliott's parents of Fort Smilh and a .<islcr who lives In Little Rock will join Dr. EllioU here tomorrow. Cobb Home will be in charge of arrniiRcmcnl.s. nouncement of Ibis from London but British planes were .seen to cross the channel lasl evening. [ :Desplle':the calm on Ihe western front, the Axis persists In .snying Uie zero hour , for- Invasion Is some time today or tonight. When Ions alter dawn, no Invasion had developed; the Paris radio declared In a "tongue-ln-thc-check" broadcast — "Iherc will be no Invasion until the Allies have finished breakfast." However, the Allied pushed. Invasion preparations by bringing green gucrrllas under the rogitnlz- cd Unlled Nation:, command. Even without Invasion, the Allies now have n regular nrmy unit In Greece. 'Hie Greek patriot will carry out assigned missions insleart of the catch-as-calch-can depredations characteristic of guerrilla warfare. board for the ultack Into Italy. If Sicily falls to our armte.i, It seems •unlikely Unit Italy Will be able lo prevent a landing on the mainland.. And this brings us to. Dm corn of Ihe matter. It Is very probable thai Allied grand slrnt'cif'y does not cn- vlsngd a complete•<occupation of Italy. For soimd military reasons, a landing, on the loe and heel of Ihe boot .might be nil' we. plun al present. ' ' . .RrltljEr..To llulfcnns A glnnco at the map will why. Tm'. purposes of 'illustration, suppose • .we*.look,,,Slclly,,:uiid the wlinlc , "fun"!"'of Ihe IliillnU .bout. We Ihcil. would have n bridge entirely across the'Cenlral Mcdilur- anean and the. Adriatic Into thu Ualkans. Thnl Is Ihe gain for m In the event of n successful Invnslon cr Monday ThrccrDay Waiting Pctiocl Must Bo Observed In State CAUU'niF.USVlI,I,K, Mo., July II,—It's the " chuiicc' this week end for Dnn Cii|ild and ills ncl- maiTli'd-qiilck roiunhccnt In tti- riilhoi'svlllft .ami I'oitils.col County as well a.s In, the whole state of Missouri. After Monday, July 6 Ihci'e musl be a waiting twrlod ol three duys before »• couple can secure a marriage license. lieiiularly, the comity scat cdiirl- lumsc in Canilhorsvlllc, and the office ol recorder of dfcds In par r liuulur, have been u "boon"To ro- miUiccr.s, (and Dun .Cupid) who make up their .minds quick,; to gut married, ami get married Just us qulvkly. Fipeclally hnve couple's from 'ArkansasI' nnd Tennessee — JENElfflFI . Is fought In Dark-, ness; Allies Within Sight o( Salamaua By. linltal I'm* American and Japanese warships, lave fought the llrst ntival action f tin,' new biyllle.of (he Solomon';. American 'warship'; have brnkcir ip nil attempt by seven; hll'.s to bombard our positions on tcndova ' fsland. • • ' . ' Three enemy enters and four leslroycra (lulled up In loday'r>. iirly darkness mil started sliellln;; he Islanil. iPromplly nil American mvnl tnnV force arrived with yum, The Jap .ships turned and steamed right out of there. > Rombcrn Slant K>I<1 The brief sea light came after Jap boiiiber.s. escorted by Zord fight- cm |wd. raided liendova. The Navy the damage done us neu- thMh the.nlr attack unit. the ..shelling. < The Japs have good reason for wanting to, smash our po-sUlnns on, Rcndorii. Oiir'Rimx on Rendova uro- rmurini! ' (i tci'rldc urtlllery (Ire. 1 1 |o bit! Jnp ba'C. al Mnn- . IH— ant) ll\c milcvi ucios-s a iccfy, liiillllrl fn fact, the threat of heavier. morr, desperate enemy tounlM blows at ' . Rflnclota'i'.'nrui .cm New Ueorgln : ls.iirQw|nK( Our troops art) (hiding the iiqliiK hauler both on Mew Ocnruln and at the New Old: nna end .'of the 100-mllo land mid sen front, There 'are .only incager . ,:rcport.i of progress In the Hfi-mlto drlv'o up the- New Georgia Jungle coast from Vlr'u '.harbor ;'to . Minida. nut, U Is clear that enemy resistance IVfitlflenlllg ' I Pi^li Upon ^.ilamaua The : Americans and; Australian:, forging northward alcni; (lie cast cm Novy Guinea toast toward lfu> ' Jap of Bttt no more- after July'5. Afior 'that date, •'Tennessee < and Ark»h'-' sas couples, .nnd Mlwourl romancers, will have to fill out -proper application blanks, then wait three days until the ceremony caivbe held. Applications may bo filled' out, before any public official au- p °_ " ) ''. : i . ,,,,,,,, , , {limited lo take aiicji «cknowlcdn- ™.°.'."l.' 0ll ',! .".„!. ",. ".."", ".' .'"»'>la. l)»l cannot lw done by Usle- '" """ '" -"«^' ,,• • "• »•^-.« p| l(] , lc ()r -'proxy", and the innr- rlage license is not turned .unlit nf- oil-the .maps as the Apcii- I nine Peninsula, the heart of the MTTI.E HOCK. .Inly 3 (Hi') —Hnrr perm its for Ivvo men under indictment in connection nilh horse race cambliiiB will lie renewed tiy Revenue Commissioner Murray n. MrLcntl. Mcl.cnd said th^l if be dill not pcrmil renewal of (be |icr- mils be would be assuming powers which bis department dirt not h^vc. He said, thougb, I hat if the men arc tried anil found guilty of the charges their permits will be revoked. firothcr And Sister ttoth Serve In Navy A biodicr an<l sister arc .serving Ihelr country In the same branch of service. Mary E. White, seaman .second class, dauchler of Mr. and Mrs. Hen White of Huffman, is now sliUlcncd at, the Naval Air Station. LakehurM. N. J., where she is a parachute rigger. Her brother. 1J. W. White Jr.. is stationed al Han Diego, Cahl.. in a Naval stallon. Both of these volunteers wrllc I Ihrir parents they arc very happy I in their work. Adkins Deals Hlow At Gambling Setup LITTLK ROCK, Ark.. July II. (UP)—A vacancy In the ranks of the Hot Springs Justices of the pence has given Governor Adkins n chnncc to deal a blow at Hot Springs gambling. The governor has Appointed the Rev. Floyd L. Hurst, secretary of Ihe re-sort clly Ministerial Alliance, to replace Henry c. Covington who failed lo (umllfy for the office after his election last fall. Hurst l.s a recognized foe of the Mcfjanghlin political organi/atlon, and slatchousc circles recall that he appeared before the Hoard of Elections last tall and denounced McLaughlin and his candidates. The new appointment will provide a law enforcement official In Hot Springs with authority lo Issue search and sei/.urc warrants lo laic nollec. When notified that .some Hot nrincs sources doubled his an horlty to send stale police to scl?,i ambling equipment, Governor Ad- Ins was (jiiotcd as saying: "Lc hem take It Inlo court If they on't believe we have this aulhor- ly, That's a good way to scttli hat |>ofnt." restless Balkans l.s exposed. The heavy American and British bonibarrimcnU of ai>les and Fofmln Indicate that we're trying to cut. off the Appennlni! Peninsula from supply. Similarly, we have smashed the Mcsslnii ferry Icrmlnal which connects Italy and Sicily thus . virtually Isolating Die island from the mainland. Hence, there • loonij the ixwsl- Illty that when the offensive gels nderwny, our troops will move not nly Into Sicily, hut also veer io he norlhcxnt and try '.to force a andlnc on the Xncnnlnc i'cnltisuln. Once firmly established there, ve. WyOuld be In excellent position or l.h'e drive Into the nalkaim. When ftaly Invaded Albanlu and alcr moved Inlo Greece, the Fa- ilst Army ciiBlnficcrs performed the nosl notable feats of those cxpcill- ,lons. lliey built fine roads and railroads from Dunma and Valona nlnnd to carry Mussolini's liulom- itubles across the Balkans, Significantly, these route. 1 ; cross the north-south railroads and ilghways running up from ftalonl ka. They link up with the Jugo- slavian railway lo Skoplje, which l.s a Junction on Ihe Orient Express Railroad from Central Europe all the way lo Salonika. Once we could eel our hands 01 tcr the three days waiting period has passed. , .,'..' Meantime, "Just ln.,c«so," local ministers and Juatkcs are^'geltlntj. set" for tbo liuil, week etui, which Includes a 'double holiday, since. July Fourth tails' on- Sunday, mill •111 be observed In rnosl'plnccs on New York Stocks A T A>, T IBS i/\mcr Tobacco G2 1-2 i Anaconda Copper 281-8 Beth steel 155 Chrysler 84 1-4 1986 2072 2029 IMS 2031 2038 2017 2MJ! 2015 2024 No Paper Monday Following a long-established 'custom, the courier News will publish no paper Monday in order that employes of the newspaper may enjoy the Independence Day holiday. • Coed Cola 108 1-2 'Gen Electric 30 3-8 Gen Motors 55 3-8 Montgomery Ward 181- N Y Central 18 Inl Harvester 13 North Am Aviation II 3- nepublic Steel '201-8 Radio 11 3-8 Sccony Vacuum 133-4 Studcbaker 12 3-f Standard of N J 57 3-4 Texas Corp 53 Packard 43- U S Steel 57 1-2 i Livestock ST. LOUIS July 3 (U P.)— Ho •ccclpts 2.300 head with 500 u<ly Wouldn't Rule, So She'. Gels'"Escort the Adriatic Italian-built IcnnlnnLs ol railways and those w.iys, we would actually be on the road lo Merlin. In such circumstances, A cost! sen-borne Invasion of Salonika past the myriad nnd heavlly-ilc fended enemy Islands defending Greece would not be necessary. could streak across Albania nni Northern Greece and attack Snlonl ka from the rear, thus milllfylir Its tmiKjrlance. Then, willi .this Ihreat removct 1 we would be comparallvcly free I advance northward up the Jugo . iblc. Compared wilh PYfiday mar- Slav valleys, over virtually the snm ' OltlOAOO, July 3 (U.P.I—Judy, i Hf>-ycnr-old lady filcphnnt reused lo be Inkcn lor a ride In ChlcnRO, Ho she walked 18 warm nlles through (he heart of Ihe VTIdwcst metropolis It all begun when the Brookfteld loo sold Judy to ttic Lincoln Park ioo for $2500. The deal was made my enough Hut 11 wasn't easy lo nove Judy. Judy's keepers first tried to coax icr Into a truck. She refused. Then ,licy took a chain and hauicd her nlo Ihe Iruck, but she soon go out, by simply kicking out the .sides of the Iruck nnd breaking the chain. .So. with an escort of motorcycle police and 20 armed allendants, she went by fool. The trip was made wllh two .slops—once lo lake on fotir buckets of wnler nnd !i(jnln for n Illlle snack of '200 pounds of hay. The children of Chicago loved II. And Ihe OI'A should approve, loo. Think of the gasoline Judy saved. Pickets Hampering Kack-To-Work Move comes, hardest „ „. „ " >-' Ttie^tjlogfit* gain (licrc tf« the unIon,of American forces with Ihe Aii'tinllRrts The. Aiivsies stretched coastwnrd.. from Inland "areas near Mubo, hurdled .Japanese patrols and nude the junction wllh the Amci- cnns The Allits nny are creeping ilosei 'lo' 'Edlamaiia from Ihico ,ldes However 1 ,' |i military, spokesman nnkos it clear lliiil Ihe fighting Is till dii 'n •shiaH swile iiiiil Li being waged only by advance paliols So Saiamaiia' Ls not likely lo fall soon. The lerralh, facing the main forces Is a ..series,'of mountain - spurs n Hie Fmiiclsco river sector. Salaim K close enough from there o be seen r , . ' Ilic .enemy stem's' lo he: trying to bind and air irelnforcements lq' both the Munda and Silamiuo. -..l.-frojiis So bigger air battle-, probably < can be "expected Infor matloii; Director Elmer Duvls says ultimntc , vMory In :the \faclfiv battles hinges on domination of the air. A dispatch from United Picss Corrcsiwndenl William Tyrce reveals Hint the, spade work for the landings on New Georgia was done by Mr.rtnes from Guadalcanal. They landed there .several cluys before the actual occupation. They won support of . Ihe natives and established beachheads. And when the major landing forces puik'd In—everything wns ready for the' next advance. Tyree says It all sounds more spcclacultir ban 11 was. For Ihe Jap resistance was negligible. ... From China, Major General Claire ChcnnSull submits some figures li) show how good American liters really are. The commander of the American I4(h.Alr Force says lhal ih Ihe 10 days ended June 30. nol one enemy plane raided any objective In Unoccupied China. Said Chcnnault: "I Ihink that is almost »' record." '.ct generally stead yon limited supply; odd lols good and choice I 200-240 pounds $14.15 lo $14.25. Around 303 pounds $13.65; few 160 pounds $13.50; odd lol.s of medium to heavy weight sows 51285 to $13.00. Compared wllh close week, market on 180-2*0 pounds 15 lo 20 cents higher; heavier weights steady lo 10 cents higher; 170 pounds down 10 to 15 cents lower; sows 10 to 15 cents off. Gallic rccelpls VOO wllh 100 salable; calves 50 wllh all salable. Compared with week ago. steers steady to strong; mixed yearlings and heifers slcady; cows 25 to 50 cents lower; bulls 15 to 25 cents off; replacement steers slcady to 25 ccnls lower; vcaler.s 23 «nls higher; tops for week: 1,229 pound slcer s $16.15; 1,006 pound yearlings steers $16.25; 1.050 pound he fcrs 15.65; 838 pound mixed yearlings $13.35; cows $12.75; fausnge bulls $13.S5( replacement steers J15.00; ' $15.00. • . route followed by the Germans when Ihcy CAme lo the aid of the Italians, only In reverse. The Germans clearly recognize PITTSBURGH, July 3. (UP) — Picketing continues lo hamper the bacl>lo-work movement among Pennsylvania's coal miners. In Ilic soft coal regions ol ecu tral and western Pennsylvania officials al several mines expect to- the danger to Central Europe 1 day's production to fall nnctcr yes- should Italy Mumble before an Al- ^relay's. Some locals In the soft- lied onslaught. They have been coal areas have voted by sccrcl trying lo strengthen the. Italian'liallol to return lo the mines but garrisons on the Adriatic Coast,. dlssallsflcd objectors formed pick- but have nol made much progress ct, Hues. l because of a sudden upsurge of 1 The so-called captive mines guerrilla resistance which may have .owned by lesser slccl companies, more than passing significance, conllniie to suffer most from the Jugoslav guerrilla operations now ilrlkc. Unless more miners returii are on the scale of a full offensive, perhaps to coincide wilh the expected Allied offensive. . Germany was slarlcd on Ihe road to defeat in 1018 as a result of Ihe victorious Allied offensive from Salonika. It is just possible that hlslory will repeat llsclf In lhat sector. At any rate, it should not be loiif before Allied Intentions become apparent and the nerve war .In progress will give way lo Ihe real thing along Ihe Mediterranean. lo the caplive mines, some steel companies may be forced to shut ctown furnaces. However, subsidiaries of U. S. Steel have been enabled lo reopen of H blasl furnaces that had been shut down by the stoppages. Chicago Rye open high low close Sep. . 103« .b,...103U ..... IMS Dec, . 106% 105% ..,..'108% Victor Ivy Awarded Commission In Navy Victor Ivy, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. 11- Ivy, has completed his mid- shlpmans work at Northwestern University, Chicago, and now is an ensign in the Naval Reserve: Mr. Ivy arrived last night in Memphis by plane, where.ho was met by his parents. He will spend a 10-day leave hero after which he will be assigned to sea duty. Check Food Stores CARUTHERSViliE, Mo,, July 3. —L. w. Dillriian, chairman of pem- Iscot County Rationing Board, stated TlHirsdiy. thai members of the Price Panel.organization are making » courityrwlrie checkup of all food stores ^.determine the accuracy of/'each" merch'ant's celling prices No Irregularities hart been reported, he staled, and added lhal prices\ t of stores cf- the same'" class 'may vary''.slight; ly, due to variations In cost of securing and, transporting the foodstuffs. ,.

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