The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio on July 9, 1978 · 32
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The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio · 32

Marion, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1978
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32 Jhe Sunday Star Sunday July 9, 1978 CANCER Answer American Cancer Society line Singapore Market 'Hawkers' Are Relocated A regular teature. prepared by the American Canter Society, to help save your life from cancer. .11 engineer asks: "Is it true that after surgery for cancer of the larynx, patients are unable to speak and have to use electronic devices to communicate?" ANSWERIine: Fortunately the answer to that question is no. After laryngectomy, an operation in which the larynx or voice box is removed, approximately 65 per cent of patients eventually learn a new method of speaking, failed esophageal speech, this method forces the walls of the esophagus and pharynx to vibrate which creates a low-pitched voice. Another 15 per cent of patients are able to use a combination of esophageal speech and an electronic device. Only 1 5 per cent of laryngectomees are totally dependent on artificial devices and for 5 per cent, no information is available. The International Association of Laryngectomees is an organization sponsored by the American Cancer Society made up of some 260 new voice clubs. Through their members, the laryngectomee is given encouragement and help in perfecting his or her ability to speak. A highway worker explains: "I have a small lump in the nipple area of my chest. My wife says that I should see a doctor, but I told her that men never get breast cancer. STOPS VACATION "STOPS"! ?2J Am I right?" ANSWERIine: No. Breast cancer does occur in men even though it is extremely rare. Of the estimated 90,000 new cases of breast cancer in this country in 1978 only 700 will occur in men. This means that while it is unlikely the lump that you have discovered could signal the presence of cancer, it is important for you to have it examined by a physician as soon as possible. Surveys have shown that because men are unaware of the possibility of breast cancer in themselves, they are apt to delay medical attention. The earlier the disease is diagnosed and treated, the better the chance of cure for both men and women. A law student asks: "Can you give me examples of what occupations may influence whether or not one gets cancer?" ANSWERIine: Occupational hazards associated with cancer are a source of concern and study. Rubber and aniline dye workers, for example are known to develop more bladder cancers than other workers. Woodworkers and nickel miners develop more sinus cancer. Uranium, asbestos workers and roofers have more lung cancer and vinyl chloride workers, more liver cancer. People who work with X-rays also have a risk. As these various occupational problems are identified, safeguards are essential to alert and protect workers. SINGAPORE AP) - Most of the cooks and peddlers who work in the streets, alleys and parking lots of this crowded city are being moved Book Review THE KAUSTBALL TUNNEL. By John H. Moore. Random House. 269 Pages. $8.95. Anyone who has read "Colditz Story," "The Wooden Horse" or one of the other accounts of escape from German prisoner-of-war camps during World War II, will find this book about American POW camps hard to believe. This is not the author's fault. His research appears to have been thorough, and his style is brisk. What is hard to believe is the sloppy and slap-dash manner in which the U.S. seems to have run the POW compounds through which John H. Moore's tunnelers passed and from which they escaped with seeming ease. Judging from contemporary newspaper accounts quoted by Moore, reporters and editors were equally amazed about it at the time, but somehow this never permeated into public consciousness. We have been brought up to believe that only Allied POWs escaped from custody during World War II, and that they did so at great personal risk, frequently facing death if caught. Moore's book makes it clear that this perception was. only partially true. German POWs also escaped including the 25 Navymen who briefly melted into the countryside from Papago Park, Ariz., just before Christmas in 1944. They used athletic pursuits as a cover, spreading the earth from their tunnel over a never-to-be-completed "Faustball" or volleyball court. HIT A a "prifnMvn a vv Ln hum i.: i SH M l U1 IUJ I , 1 STAR 1 II II WuTt Ton !( 1 MUCMWtt P SUBSCRIBER - " " 1 ll 1 1 WWtSS 1 I 1 wssssss-- SUBSCRIBER'S VACATION STOPS CAN HURT YOUR PROFIT ANYTIME. Sell your subscriber's on a VACATION PAK before they leave on vacation and enjoy the full profit from your route each week. Vacation Pak's are available at the Circulation Department, You can stop in and get them or we can send them out in your bundle mail. No charge for the packages. 1 Vacations are a twelve month profit takerii J. use vacpak''ll be glad you did A colorful part of old Singapore is passing as the government relocates thousands of food stall operators and roadside merchants, who are usually called "hawkers." There are 9,642 licensed hawkers in need of resettlement and 5,370 are expected to be in new markets and purpose-built hawker centers, mostly in government housing projects, by 1981 , parliament was told. Most are moving in the name of urban redevelopment and for hygienic and environmental reasons. A few specialists have been picked to set up shop in elaborate compounds designed to attract tourists. Nocturnal food vendors are being shifted from Orchard Road Car Park, known as "glutton square." A parking lot by day, it becomes an alfresco restaurant a dusk when hawkers push in their cooking stalls onwheels. Folding chairs and tables are set up, gas lamps lit and the place is ready for business less than an hour after the last car . leaves. Because it is on a main road near busy tourist hotels, a car park meal became a must for many visitors. Free-spending foreigners ruined it for Singaporeans, however, and the name glutton square came to apply as much to profiteering hawkers as to hungry diners. The Consumers Association criticized some car park hawkers in 1976 and again last-year for unreasonably high prices. To make sure foreigners have a chance to sample good hawker food, officials screened 700 applicants and picked 29 veteran street chefs to open shop in the new Rasa Singapura Food Center. Night markets evolved 20 years ago as unlicensed hucksters started selling merchandise Out of suitcases or by unwrapping bundles of drygoods on the pavement under a lantern. If one hawker found a profitable pitch, scores of others would cluster nearbv. By 1970 there were 5,000 licensed hawkers and 66 official "pasar malam," or night market, sites. - There were no price tags and shopping was a family affair. Mom, dad and the kids haggled over clothing, textiles, toys, cosmetics, jewelry, footwear, small household appliances, tools and pirated copies of books, records and tape cassettes. Pasar malams moved each night, open from dusk until 11 :30 p.m. at different locations around the island. By day they vanished, leaving nothing but painted numbers on the roadside indicating where each hawker was assigned. . Licenses and other controls were imposed in the 1960s in response to complaints about littering, noise, traffic jams and unfair competition to established stores. Officials announced the phase-out of pasarmalams in 1975. Mrs. Suphlina says part of the "Superwoman" myth is that "every Superwoman is super- organized" and is theretore able to handle her various roles with ease. "Well, I like to think I am organized, and yet what used to constitute just changes in my life when I was home with my daughter now constitute upheavals. Babysitters get sick, children get sick, babysitters quit for better jobs. ' "My daughter's school closed for a week last year because of the energy crisis. I ' was . organized, she was supposed to be in school. And that's where the craziness comes in. Because there's a constant need td remake your time, rebudget your time, again and again," she said. There's another myth that Mrs. Suphlina would like to get rid of. The one that says "having a job makes a woman more interesting to her husband." t . "Well, my-skills have sharpened since I went to work.. My intellect has grown, and you know, I hope it's true, I hope I am an interesting person. But I hope that I was an interesting person before 1 went to work, as a matter of fact. "And as much as I may be more interesting as a person, the 'day-to-day intimacy of a marriage is much more difficult to'maintain when both you and your husband are absorbed in your work, you're both tired, or you simply don't see each other. And that's true many nights, especially if you're trying to work out child care on a standard basis," she said. Despite her busy life, Mrs. Suphlina finds time to appear on panel discussions about women . and work, sponsored by the " Clairol Co. And she is actively involved in the founding of the Manhattan Center for Children of Divorce, an interest she gained while teaching a college course about divorce and children. Does Mrs. Suphlina regret her decision to go to work? She is emphatic: "Absolutely not. If by some fluke of fate, I became independently wealthy, I would continue to work. I don't want to trade my children in. And I like being married." . 1 - , . Ride more rides than ever before. Racing on the Gemini . begins with a paralyzing climb of over 125 feet into space. Next you experience a terrorizing plunge, as you nose-dive at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. Then the Gemini racing coaster thunders you into a fiendish network of dips and dives, through six merciless acres of winding wood and steel. And the day's riding has just begun. Because Cedar Point has the largest ride capacity of any park in the world. You can cruise up the river on a paddlewheel boat or float across the park on a sky lift. You can get triple looped on the sinister Corkscrew or spin multi colored circles on an old world carrousel. Watch and play and see and do a whole lot more Cedar Point has over 200 rides and . attractions. ' You'll visit the log cabins and craftsmen'of pioneer America along Frontier Trail. You'll see a menagerie of . ferocious performers at Jungle Larry's African Safari or gaze into the jaws of a man-eating shark at Sealand. You can relax at one of our16 live musical shows, or go "North of Superior" on Cedar Point's seven-story screen. Open daily from 9 AM to 10 PM (Rides start at 10 AM) $8.75 Adult Admission (Ages 12 and over) $7.75 Junior Admission (Ages 5 to 11) $6.00 Senior Citizen Admission (Ages 65 and over) Children Ages 4 and under, FREE $5.75 Starlight Admission (Daily after 5 PM, all ages) Master Charge, Visa and American Express cards accepted Share if with hv somsona . 4 ;,. vou love. I I EXIT 7 'i-A W''" it t II Tm I iHit fcM m ---- ...-.-.-. - - --

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