Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on September 24, 1952 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1952
Page 9
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Vv'EDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24,1952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIl 4) f J 0 is) •2/ SOCIETY l\Ir. unci Mrs. Homer Pace Celebrate Anniversary More than 100 persons attended the golden wedding celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Ifomcr Pace which was held Sunday at Pleasant Grove churcii. A basket dinner was seived following the morning church service. Mr. and Mrs. Pace were presented with many lovely flowers and gifts in honor of the occasion. Out-of-town guests in addition to those from Mt. Vernon and nearby communities, included Mr. and Mrs. Louie Mcffrrt of Marion Mr. and Mrs. Al Robinson and children, Linda and Rodney of Ottawa, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Robinson of Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cox, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Johnson, of Evansville, Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Pace of Dix. At the close of the afternoon's program, Miss Carol Sue Moss sang as a benediction "Till We Meet Again." Wesleyiin Gtiild The September meeting of the Epworth Methodist Weslcyan Service Guild was held Monday evening at (he home of Lois Culli. The meeting was opened with prayer led by Doris Atkinson. After group singing of "Jesus Saves" and "He Lives," Jennie Ruth Estcs presented the lesson on the theme of the new year's work, "Proclaim the Good News." Testimonies from various countries of (he results of the Woman's Division of Christian Service proclaiming the good news of the Gospel were given. One very inspirational story came from India whore the new Christians were bravely facing starvation rather than to deny Christ. The Laubach plan "Each one, teach one" to combat illiteracy was also discussed. Clarice McCauley read the goals for the Wesleyan Service Guild for the next four years. After the business meeting the benediction was given by Lois Culli. Refreshments were served by the hostess. Junior Women's AlisNion Circle Maisie Coleman, Joan Carothers and Polly Carr will be hostesses Thursday evening for the Junior Women's Missionary Circle of First Methodist Church pot-luck supper, scheduled for 6:30 o'clock. Margaret Ann Cummings will speak on "Churches of the East." Rotary Club John Stables and William Wechsler, members of the Mt. Vernon Jaycees, presented the current Freedom Forum topic "The Power of Your Vote" at yesterday's Rotary Club luncheon meeting held in Hotel Emmerson. Visiting Rolarians were C. R. Hall of Mission, Texas, and Virgil Duncan of Salem. Reverend William NicoU of Rockford was a guest at the luncheon. Presbyterian Choirs Rehearsal sessions for the youth and adult choirs of the First Presby terian Church will be held this evening. The .youth choir will meet at 6:45 o'clock and the adult group at 7:30 o'clock. Bethel PTA To Meet Friday Evening Mrs. Dean Carr,^ president of fhe Bethel Parent-Teacher Association, has announced that the association will hold its first meeting of the current school term at 7:30 o'clock on Friday evening. The program will consist of Boy Scout demonstration, a membership skit and quartet singing. Royal Neighbors Social Club Mrs. Harry Hefley of 500 Opdyke avenue will be hostess for a meeting of the Royal Neighbors Social Club to be held Friday afternoon at two o'clock. Westminster Society Mrs. Walter Merkelbach of Centralia was guest speaker at the September meeting of the Westminster Society of First Presbyterian Church hied Tuesday afternoon in Fellov/ship Hall. Mrs. C. L. Taylor, society president, conducted the business session. Members of the Ruth Circle served as hostesses and Mrs. Richard Austin and Mrs. Charles Nation presided during the tea held after the meeting. It was announced tjnat family night will be observed Thursday night in Fellowship Hall, with a pot-luck supper at six o'clock. Those who plan to attend are asked to bring table service. The Men's Club will present the program and Lydia Circle members will be hostesses for the evening. Hats and Shoes of the Atomic Age Take on Strictly Modernistic Air FREE FORM . . . Here are three versions of John Frederics' "advanced modern" cloches for fall (1. to r.): The sequin helmet, the winged velour helmet and the rocket helmet. Colors Include voltage blue, future pink and a series of "bleached" pastels. By DOROTHY ROE Associated Press Fashion Editor You're all set, fashion-wise, for a rocket li-ip to the moon in some of the more advanced fall styles in head-and-footgcar. Among the millioners, John Frederics plunges farthest into the future with his new collection of "advanced modern" shapes, which include Ihe "linear cloche," the "free form" and the "light struck" designs. This strictly contemporary do- signer feels that hats should be pure form this ; year, uncluttered by trimmings, hugging the head and ready for whatever space flights may be in store. Fall shoes are just as radical, going in for invisible foot coverage. Clear, transparent vinylite is used in some of the season's most advanced styles, giving the illusion of bareness but actually providing full covering for the foot. These, too, manage to have a look of the future—the sort of footgear chosen by ladies of the atomic age, who expect to travel about the firmament at supersonic speeds. PERSONAL Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gibbs and son, Ronald Wayne, of Newport, Rhode Island, are spending two weeks here visiting Mr. Gibbs' mother, Mrs. Bessie York. Mrs. Gibbs is the former Eva York. Charles E. Hargrave, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Hargrave of 312 south 22nd street, has enrolled in the freshman class at Tennessee Temple Bible School, Chattanooga, Tenn. Students from 28 states and five foreign countries are enrolled in the school which includes the Bible School, the College, and the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Reverend William NicoU of Rockford was a Mt. Vernon visitor yesterday and attended the Rotai-y Club luncheon meeting held at Hotel Emmerson. Virgil Duncan of Salem was a Mt. Vernon visitor yesterday. Mr. and Mrs, Al Robinson and children, Linda and Rodney, have returned to their home in Ottawa after visiting relatives and friends here. On Sunday they attended the golden wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Pace of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Louie Meffert of Marion; Mr, and Mrs. Ed Robinson of Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cox, of Evansville, Ind., were among the more than 100 guests who attended the golden wedding celebration held Sunday at Pleasant Grove Church for Mr. and Mrs. Homer Pace. Walter Sanders and Glenn Shehorn of McLeansboro were Mt. Vernon business visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Breeze are moving today from the Ashley Road to 2529 College avenue. Mrs. Walter Merkelbach of Cen- traiia was a Mt. Vernon visitor yesterday. In the afternoon she was guest speaker at the Septem- GLASS SLIPPERS . . . These are for strictly modern Cinderellas (I. to r.): Sling-back \nunp in clear vinylite outlined in satin strips by Palter de Liso; mule-back sandal with vinylite bands studded In jet, by Newton Elkin; suede-and-vinyiite as>-mmetric sandal, by Jerro. with an arrangement of pink and white gladioli. Prizes for games were awarded to Mrs. Donald Dipple, Mrs. Robert Archer and Mrs. William Jones. After the guest of honor had unwrapped and displayed the many lovely gifts, the hostess, assisted by Miss Margie Cullins, served refreshments. Methodist Choir The choir of the First Methodist Church will hold its regular rehearsal session Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock. To make the task of ironing easier, have your basket of dampened pieces within easy reach; and a table nearby on which to pile the freshly ironed clothes. Fopget-Me-Not Day Proclaimed By Mt.V. Mayor In support of the annual Forget- Me-Not drive of the pisabled American Veterans on September 27, Mayor Milton Forsyth today issued a proclamation calling attention of the citizens of Mt. Vernon to the sale. The pi'oclamation follows: "WHEREAS relief of needy veterans and their dependents is frequently necessai-y in_our city and community and "WHEREAS aid is gi\en those in need by Gold Stripe Chapter No. 28, Disabled American Veterans and 'WHEREAS funds for these re- liof activities are obtained through sale of the Forget-Me-Not to patriotic Americans and "WHEREAS residents of Mt. Vernon have always been glad to patriotically support and assist our veteran organizations in this commendable work therefore "BE IT RESOLVED that I, Milton D. Forsyth, Mayor of the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois hereby proclaim Saturday, September 27, 1952, to be Foj-get-Me-Not Day and call upon all our citizens to wear a D. A. V. Forget-Me-Not to signify we have not forgotten the saci-ifices made by our men and women who served our country in time of war. MILTON D. FORSYTH. Mayor, City of Mt. Vernon, 111." DITCH DIGGING By Machine Jeep-A-Trench Phone T775-J Jabe Anderson, Operator "JOHN LOVES MARY" THURSDAY, OCT. 2 Sponsored By Mt. Vernon Grade Schools RESERVED SEATS Sl.OO her meeting of the Westminster Society of First Presbyterian Church. Friends here have received word that Mr. and Mrs. Pete Peterson, former Mt. Vernon residents, have chosen the name Jeimes Allen for their baby son who was born Sep- temiDcr 7 in St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Granite City. Mrs. Peterson is the former Corrine Scott, daughter of Mrs. Roy Hanley, 107 south 17th street, and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. W, W. Waitc, 612 Jordan street. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Owen have returned home after spending the past three days in Springfield where they attended a Business Men's Assurance Company meeting held at the Leland Hotel. Mrs. Archie Cameron and daughter of Bluford were Mt. Vernon visitors this morning. Carl Purdue of Kell was a Mt. Vernon business visitor this morning. Dr. and Mrs. Roland R. Cross of Springfield, Mrs. Jasper Goin and her mother, Mrs. Mollie Hunter, of Dahlgren, have returned to their homes after visiting here with Mrs. S. N. Hallowell. 1907 west Broadway. Dr. Cross, Director of Public Health for the State of Illinois, was the principal speaker at the dedication of the new hospital at Effingham. Mrs. J. H. Adams, who has been a patient at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis the past week, was moved to the family home, 329 Broadway, last evening. MARRIAGE LICENSE Frederick Proctor, Ellery, 111. and Wanda Janell Green, RED 2, Grayville, 111. 1 RUTH MILIETT Mt. Vernon's New Citizen LUCKY "Al" Coming Soon Most Men Help In Kitchen But the Minority Lingers On According to a recent survey 91 per cent of American husbands that help their wives with the housework. That figure seems incredibly high unless the men queried felt they could give a "Yes" answer, if, in their long memories they had ever hung up their own clothes, made the morning coffee when their wives were too illl to totter to the kitchen, or graciously consented to help Mama move the piano at housecleanmg time. But let's not quarrel with statistics. Let's consider what you ought to do if your own husband belongs to that small minority who still cling to the old-fashioned notion that housework is woman's work. Shall you try shaming him with the fact that his wife is among the underprivileged 9 per cent of American women whose husbands refused to lend a hand around the teepee ? Wife Has Choice of Action Or should you take decisive action by handing him the tea towel next time you start to wash dishes and saying: "Here, Busier, the honeymoon is over?" Or should you just forget those humiliating statistics and go right on being, not .just the chief cook and bottle washer, but the iol« cook and bottle wushor? For the sake ot your httppy home, the last answer Is probably the best one. Some men feel mighty strongly against doing any housework and just because they are In the minority doesn't mean they aren't convinced they are standing on their rights. Just the other day a wife said in court that whenever she asked her husband to hang up his pajamas he would remind her that he had enough of being ordered around in the army. And whenever she tried to reason with him and explain what she thought were his responsibilities around the house, he'd tell her how much she reminded him of his top sergeant. So you see how strong some of those minority husbands feel about being expected to do housework. ECZEMA A simple way to quick relief from Itching Ecze^na oimples angry red blotches or other skin arttations la to apply Petersons Ointment to affected Darts Relieves itchlnp fast. Skin teels oetter looks Defter 40c all druggists Qoothes Itchy teet, crack.' between toes, Peterson'i Ointment delights or money back. , ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE Mr, Walter Sanders of McLeansboro, an old PACKARD owner has purchased another New Packard. This is futher evidence to Ask the Man Who Owns One For Long Trades See: SOUTHERN ILLINOIS EQUIPMENT CO. GLENN COLE Waltonville Road — Phone 1953 ^^^nolly Advertise ^ MEDANA yTHBSE me rresniy ironea ciotnes. nL-t^u uy -JUJU ^L^' IJ ^ ^'•t^.f-^'^ '--"-J — • —^ — — • Pliiiiiiiiiiiiili^^ Old Union PTA Meets Friday Mrs. Meri'itt Green, president of Old Union Parent-Teacher Association, has announced that the first meeting of the fall term will be held at 7:30 p. m. Friday. Woodlawn PTA Mrs. Kenneth Bevis presided at the Woodlawn PTA meeting held last evening at Woodlawn grade school. The other new officers of the association were introduced and committee chairmen announced. The officers, in addition to Mrs. Bevis, are as follows: Mrs. Allie Beckham, first vice president; Mrs. Ann Endicott, second vice president; Mrs. Opal McMillian, secr'^tary; Mrs. Mildred Braginton, treasurer. John Stables' and William Wechsler, members of the Mt. Vernon Junior Chamber of Commerce presented the 1952 Freedom Forum, "The Power of Your Vote." A social hour was enjoyed in the school dining room after the meeting. Mrs. Tobin Is Honored Guest Mrs. Robert Andrews entertained 15 guests last evening at her home, 1909 College avenue, with a surpi'ise nursery shower in honor of Mrs. John J. Tobin, Jr. The dining table was centered #1 gned stainless. T0\. o ' C 7 mm The prettiest, sturdiest, softest little casuals that ever winked an eye at Fall. All are wonderful exciting values, unequoUed at only ... MEOANA 17-JEWEL WATCH With Expansion BomI • M Fad. Tox Outstanding water-re$i$fon» and shock* resistant watch with stainless steel back. Sweep second hand, antimagnetic, radium hands and dial, unbreakable crystal. Favorite of sportsmen. ^DANA NEW 17-JEWEL CAIENDAR WATCH • ^ Fid. Tax Tells the date, hour, minute and second instantly. Wafer-resistant, shock- resistant, anti-magnetic, radium hands and dial, unbreakable crystol. Ruggedly styled stainless steel back case. ID,, img MEOANA ^17-JEWEl CALENDAR With Expansion Band J^tMM F«d. Tent Tells everything at a gkince—dale, hour, minute and second. Water-resistant, shock - resistant, anti - magnetic, radium hands and dial, stainless steel back case, unbreakable crystal. SEE OUR WINDOWS C €R 'S SHOE STORE 114 north 9th St., Mt. Vernon M. E. JACKSON JEWELER Mail and Phone Orders Filled Pt«a$« Mnd iiM watdm d«*ck«al below at odvarttoedt • • COMAAANOe« • OdPHW • DATE CUPfBl • DATE JET /Mr • Employad by- 4 wey* *• ur O »wonltoo|»«i« occQunt. • ,OMrgato«y«' :,.nttaib«r.. . • Chediornioney •fldoMd • Sntd CO.D. iiiiiiiiMi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

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