The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1943
Page 6
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... , , rwasn Laye-Roberts Bout Will Hold Interest Of Wrestling Fans While the Roy Welch-Loo Newman match has top hilling Wi tonight's mat pro^mm »l the Aincrieiui Legion iireiia, it won't necessarily claim the most interest. Many fans fcre looking forward eagerly 16 the anticipated clash between Rough Red Roberts and Charlie Layc in the first match on the card. Something usually happens when* Roberts wrestles nnd it oflcn happens to the oilier fellow, bui to- Wght the freckle-faced ex-soldier 'will.lie inlo a gent wllh ribs of Temie.ssce o;ik, n case-hardened 'customer who can give mid lake— mostly give. It's no clncli Ihat Roberts will be on lop when the finish comes because Laye is exceedingly lined (o handle. , Welch Is a slight favorite over Newman but the old Canadian Wildcat is not as.-young as he teed to be and Newman has n way ol getting to the hard ones Ihal may put 'King Roy behind the 'right' ball. It's n cinch to be a fast, hard match. .The Welch-Newman go will be SO. minutes, or less, two out of engagement win not \ nR i nvcr 0|le - hbur under rules of the match, u «Bo Is a two out of three fall scrap, •;. The-weatherman did not indicate r«in for tonight but Promoter Mike . jleroney announced this morning that Inns will have nothing to fear from a leaky roof since ». new one has been added, complete with gutters' nnd everything. Baseball-Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE VV. L. Pel. Chattanooga ......14 7 .CC7 Birmingham 15 8 6M Nashville H 8 030 Little Rock 11 a 550 New , Orleans 12 12 500 Atlanta 0 13 .391 Knoxvlllo" ; c 14 .300 Memphis G 15 .285 NATIONAL LEAG1IK W, L. Brooklyn' 10 7 St.\Louls H 8 Sostjin .' n R jHttsbiirgh . ...... '.. 9 10 Cincinnati . 10 12 New York 10 12 Philadelphia ....'a 11 Chicago 7 15 Pel .G0<> .570 .570 .474 .455 .455 .450 .313 New York Cleveland Washington St Louis . Detroit AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L Pel. 14 8 .03 li 0 13 14 11 . 9 9 11 Philadelphia . '..'...... 11 14 Chicago .• 8 11 .501 .fiGO .500 .440 Boston 8 14 .384 Yesterday's Results' Birmingham 2-1. {Memphis 1-0. Nashville 14-3, Chattanooga 5-5. Llltlc jRock 20-4, New Orleans Kndxville 7-2, Atlanta 1-8. - NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston'3-6, Cincinnati 1-t. ••St. Louis 4-1, Philadelphia 3-'>, first game 11 innings. Brooklyn 4-3, Chicago Q-2. New York 3-1 .Pittsburgh. 1-2. AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington 7-10, Detroit 1-fi Philadelphia 5-2, Cleveland 3-3 New York 7-3, St. Louis 3-4, second game 10 Innings. Chicago 4-2, Boston 2-4 Braves Win Pair Yesterday By llnifri! Press Casey Stengel, popular'niiiimger 'f the amazing Hoston Hrnvo.i, probably Is n bit perplexed this morning, for Ciiscy Is on Ihc spot. His Dr'nvcs have soared Into n second-place lie wllh Die Cimli- nnls on Ihc crest of 11 victories In ID starl.s. AD achlevcmcnl, Incldenl- bcen In n hospital because of » pie-season. Jinlo accident mid olh- hands have been holding the reins on the Braves. True, Casey was one who shnpcd the Braves Inlo their present effective iralteni during Spring training. But ncv- erlhcless, it must bring « wry grin lo Ihe bedridden pilot when he considers thnt substitute pilot Ims supplied the spark Hint's making the hub tcnin travel. The Braves looked like champions yesterday as they allowed the fieds only one run i>cr game In a double victory, 3 lo 1, nnd li to 1. Red Barrett won the first and Jim robin the nightcap. Elsewhere In the National League, Brooklyn Increased Its pace-innkliiy margin by dumping the Chicago Cubs twice, 4 lo o mill 3 lo 2. Kd Head won Ihc opener and Bnba .Ncwsom the nightcap. This Philadelphia Phillies barely missed healing the'Ciiidjijiils In a doiibleheiidcr before a lino crowd of more than 30,000 In Khlbc Park. St. Louis wiin the tlrst game, 4-3, but il took 11 lon« Innings to do It. Whitey Kurowskl's fount cut down the Phillies nnd provided Howard Kris t wllh n win. Rookie Al Ocrheauscr matched seven strikeouts wilh a seven hit pitching Job to win ihc second, Mnnngcr Mel Otl homered for the third successive day nl (ho plants whipped the pirates, 3 lo 1, In the opener- and Ihen bowed 2 to 1 In the nightcap. Johnny was Ihc Giant winner and Hob Kltngcr the Giant killer. In the American League, Washington's surging Senatorst racked up a double win over Uie Detroit Tigers, 1 lo V and 10 to (j lo climb Into third place. Enrly'iWynii won the first .gninc and M'llb Cnmllnl the second. Tlie Yanks split with Ihe St. Louis Browns. Tlie American League pace sellers Icok Ihc opener, 7 to 3, behind Spud Chandler but diopiml the second, 4 to 3, in 10 innings, Charlie Keller cloulcd his fourth homer of the season and Rollfc Hcmsley his first to ndd to the New Yorker's margin In the opener. Chicago divided, with Boston. The White Sox tool;'-the first gmm. 4 to 2, and droppcd.tne second by the same score. Bill'.Dietrich of the White Sox won his' first game of the season and Skectcr Ncwsomc was charged with J thc loss. Lou Lucicr pitched the Bo-Sox win. Jesse Flores registered his fifth straight victory us the Philadelphia Athletics won' over Cleveland, 5 to 3. Tlie Indians bounced back in the nightcap loMtakc a 3 to 2 decision. 3 TIMES AROUND THE WORLD DAILY ON SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL Thie« times around the world—more than 75,000 miles-is the mileage flown daily by American Airlines' pant fleet of Flagships. And every ship is lubricated with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. When you use Sinclair Pennsylvania in your car, you're giving your engine the k same protection given costly airplane motors. So take a tip from American Airlines. Use Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil for safer, quieter lubrication. BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.)' COUKIEU NEWS Wood Was One 01'Top Pitchers, Star At Second and In Outfield By HABIIY GKAVSO.N NBA Sporls Kdilor 1'opiilnr story on Joseph Wood i Ihat a Kansns wind blew Ihc famous all-around slar into fessional baseball. pjo- - yarn has leam of Bloomer Cllrls playing I own team. The gal was not si long enogh lo blow nwny the smoke that enveloped Hie ball thrown by Ihc benutlful yomi!; .'Oman on Ihe slab, however', and the tmvnlo.s .struck out with disgraceful regularity. The yum um-s thai eiitltuslnslic local spoils risked considerable slims Hint the record of Hie villagers would remain untarnished, Iho short end of which wageis were taken by the malinger of the Bills' team. Imagine the excitement when, nrliiB the lust luilf uf (he eighth Inning, wllh Ihe .score 0-0 in favor of Iho Aiiiii/ioiis—four of Ihe runs having been scored or balled In by tilt; pllchcr—a gust playfully carried nwny the cap of Ihe pitcher and "her" lovely blond wig. The closing chapter has all rec- irrts for running the distance lo Ihe rallrond slHllan')>cln« Irrcpa- rnbly shattered,, and U is related Hint shortly thereafter 11 mere boy In n Hiitehinson. uniform was selling down, the best hillers In the Western Associulton wilh Ihe same ease ns Hie Dlrramcr Girls' hurlcr had treated Ihe Kansas farmers. They called him -LlUlc Jcc Wood. I'KCUUAK TWIST OF WHIST At his peak, Wood stood six feet, weighed mi) .pounds, but was so syintnclriciilly ' built Ihat Ihey called him l.lltle Joe unlll his blazing .speed earned him the appellation, Smoky Joe, in 1912. when he powdered Ihe Boston lied Sox to three World Series victories over the New York Gianls after bugging ;n while dropping no more thnn 5 for n winning percentage or>.H72, Ihe highest In'llic majors until '31, when Roberl Moses Grove copped 31 while losing nnly 4 for Ihe Philadelphia Al.hlclics. Wood actually made the ball look like n pea. He threw n heavy ball, and a peculiar twist of the wrist nuido It Impossible for him lo throw It .slraighl. Tn this twist of Hie wrist ciislly could be traced his eoinparatlvf'ly .short life us u pllchcr. Because of it and his blinding swIIlncKs, his curve exploded like n giant cracker, broke like a ball rolling off Ihe rail of a (able. He had excellent cnnlrol find knew all Ihe (ricks, when lo hitch his bell, i:lc. Smoky Joe Wood Cleveland paid S15,00ii .-or Wood n 1917, bill Spake also knew-the ndlnns had insurance in the way f Ihc Kansas City product's thcr capabilities. Speaker realized thai Wood wa.s imlural alhlcle who could play lost anywhere and hit : In lam. Wood, a ilfjht-haiKl Iiower hitler, batted .2011 In 11!) games nnd was .so superlative in Ihc outlield Hint he took the vct- enin Jack arnne.v.s job. When CHICKASAW i-nte Iho Wood of 1012 willi tlic live lop pitchers of nil time," says Andy Cunklcy, the old mound luminary who has been coaching Columbia for :)0 years "Once while his nrm wits' Iwln'^ treated in New York, he worked out with my boy,s Ijulnoivi. I couldn't ciitch him when lie was throwing easy. 'Die ball jumped all over the place." i Wood established )m American! League record for consecutive victories In J312—1C—which he still shares with Walter Johnson and Schoolboy Hoivc. He struck out 15 St. Louis Browns, .inly 7 l!)ll nnd turned In a i,o-hi(, no-urn game against them '22 date luti-r SPOKE KNEIV UK C'Ol/I.I) Hrr Wood was not yet 19 when ho first, showed up with din Ked Sox in 'OS, only 22 when he hud his Iremcnrtoiis year In '13. no won 11 and losl 7 wilh airrarni-d run avccngc of a.37 in '09; won 12, but dropped 13, despilc a remarkable earned rim murk of in 'lo and while he won 23 In 'H he wa.s ehnrewl with 17 reverses despite an eiirncd run average of an even While Wood won 11 mid lost 5 hurt records of 9 and :t nnd 15 and 5. and an earned run mark of 1.40 in '15, Im spent the better I'arl of MIC live seasons following Ilk big year trying to pul the brcaih of life back inlo n dead arm. illness kepi him oul iil( 0 - RClhcr in '1C. Trlslrmn Speaker, who so gicnl- ly admired Wood In Braton. hoped that one of the fines! aims he had ever seen would mend when West Main Near 21st HI, Sill. st;irl-c I2:«; Him. .starls Nislil shows fi-.-K livcp|il Monday, opens «:•>!> Continuous shows Sat. and Hu TO Locals Outscore Visitors 17-9Yesterday -Schoolboys Defeat Kress The fSlylhevllle independent. 1 ; Imcball club swept to Its fourth sli.ilghl win yesterday Kill Wambscanss was called to Ih Army, Wood played second base like Napoleon Lajole. Four lime.s be beat the Yankees at the Polo Grounds with home runs, manufacturing two In a 19-liinlng fray. Alternating In the outfield, he helped Ihe Cleveland club lo a world' championship in '20, hll 100 III such a role Ihe following campaign and .297 in H2 games In '22. In an old-timers' game as recently as '40. Wood was about ns good ns ever. He kept In .shape LO idling and pitching to batters at Yule. . > Wood could have been a champion pocket billiard player. Smoky Joe Wood had a .slrady hiincl and knew how lo put ew- ll-li on Ihe ball. Armorcl u 17 lo U ficroiil at Hie Falrgruunds. As usual the independent alluck was carried mostly by Hurl Wilson and Jim Henry Lutes. Lutes gol two hits, one a triple. Wilson gathered a couple of blnglcs while ".Itching ei»hl Innings. Although allowing 12 hits Wilson struck oul eight and kept the hits well spaced while his mates were making the same number of (ills count for n rmis Buddy Caiin shortstop of n, c Independents knocked out a triple In the fifth inning. In the second game a high school team beal Kress in a close jjanic 1 Pitcher Duel! Housh led Hie'k'rcss team while Charles I'arkcr proved effective for the High school boys. Lineup for first game: Independents: 1'osilion Lutes i> Wilson c ', Ihlllcll II! Thompson 211 Claim , ss West an Armorcl: n. nates ., While J''. Hales ... liairil . Jinyles Sleivartl Hampton lip liaye Johnson Cl'' Oassidy llatlcries for first ycnnc: Kro.s.s; lioush and Chapman. High School; I'arkor and Thompson. INDICATED s "" (ll ° i( . 1 '!'"' Bim " lc raslu-n wilh Moxs:ui:i, POWDER FOR (<>"""Iy Mexican tAUHU IIPC *' oa *'^' OW( ' cr - Hellovp rflmlLY USL diajjcrrjujh,Iit'ntnisli. Ocean waves Ho not move liorl- /uuliilly (hey midulalc. They rise. mid fall and get nowhere, sl,|r Male of Texas. as MONDAY, MAY 17; 1<>13 — — ..-..—» TE ST M'tleam Mli ffi/jif HltcaiJ MijKJllJlQ hctWTfll thumb «nd [IJ'KtT. J-OIIK illjrw pnjve Morulltitt'4 hlBlj quality. KooiW dliycr nuto, emlUm. bcra[>*s and itiUior t>urris, V«u KU a lui Ivr :^, triple sue, W> 1 WRESTLING Let/ion Hut, Monday, May 17,8:30 p. m. rawest Admission or any Wrestling Arm* In Arotri c ». NOlljJF.! CIMNUJE IN AfiMISSlON J'KlC'K-AdulU 30c Ul Inc.; KcscfvtJ «•«(» 15«; Children 15o. RfifM'e Seat Tlcktls un Sale Corner Main and Division. 8t«nd»rd Oil St»l|,n. TWO FAST MATCHES MAIN KVKNT (M mill. Limit— 9. of 3 Fulls) ROY WELCH LEO NEWMAN Sl-ICONI) MATCH '" . (1 hour Limit—2 nf 3 l^tlls) CHAS. LAYE RED ROBERTS Time Today "ISAM, OF Ii'I ' . with ; , Ooiici K 'llarlmni Univei-ial News Selected Slmrls TUESDAY BUDDY NITti I'wu llckcls for ihc prict- nl one, "HKM.O SUCKKR" iiith lliieh llcrlirrt C'umcily—I'alhc News Open 7:I;> Show Starts 7:ir> Ailtu. Always lie anil 25c B. J, ALLEN Pfc« 2M|5 •- Afent ^ Bytkefilk, Ark. Monday ONK SHOW ONLY Itox Office Opens 7:,'!() I'icl lire Slnrls 8:00 i».m. 'My Sister Eileen' wilh Uusaliml KiisM-ll ,v Hrian Alicrnc News of (lie t)ay Si'lcclcil Sliinls . TUESDAY PAL NITK 'i Tickets for 23r 'Shepherd of the Ozarks' ivlth 'ihc Weaver Hros. x- i;iviry Srlcclttl Sliorts »vcs, and you "«<v^:fS'^--- WHk bic war centers or lo cilic-s sever , \f\ »- . n w a y.altl. a t.O"='' or ' cr; "' C3 ' fOC ' ^ff^4, "See as w' '" " 10S( M6 ° S - ^m^- SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY o o o with proper war-time care T HANKS to Uie army of Homc-fr.... service men', motorists who formerly Considered a car "shot" after a year or two, now are surprised lo find Uicir cars delivering mileage they never dreamed of before. With proper care, your car can go on delivering faithful service for thousands of miles to come. That's why Magnolia SUMMERIZE Service is so important right now. Fresh Mobiloil for your \ LISTEN TO RAYMOND GRAM SWING, News Analyst, Blue Nol. work—Monday Ihra Thursday nights. motor and gears .,. correct Mobilubrl- cation for the chassis ...radiator cleansed o£ rust and sediment... a thorough check of tires, battery, air-filter and other vital accessories, all add up to longer car life, more economical war^ lime mileage. , Yos sir, tlicre's more life in your car than you think. Protect it... at the sign of the Flying Red Horse. TIME IS SHORT TO UP- tm«ili« PMralMl C* l&'i^'.

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