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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas • Page 8

The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas • Page 8

Amarillo, Texas
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BOUT THE AMAKIL10 GLOBE. AMARttLQ. FKIDAT, AU008T IMC Thanksgiving Is Seen Through Party Glasses By DR. GEORGE GALLUP Director, American Institute of Public Opinion PRINCETON, N. J.

Aug. 25- What John Smith, U. S. thinks about President Hoosevelt's plan to change Thanksgiving Day pretty much depends on what John Smith thinks of President Roosevelt. That fact, which explains a lot of the tumult over the President's plan, is indicated today in preliminary returns from a nation-wide check-up by the American Institute of Public Opinion.

Though President Roosevelt acted In response to the wishes of retail organization who want the period of Christmas shopping extended, the survey shows that 11 majority of Americans and particularly Republicans--are in favor of letting nation's turkeys live a week 'onger. No issue (o make cabinets (otter, the turkey day issue is, nevertheless, a prime example of the waj Americans sometimes see questions through party-colored spectacles. The American Institute put President Roosevelt's plan to a cross-section electorate in every state a receiving letters and telegrams from the public asking for such a survey. The Institute asked: "Do you approve or disapprove President Roosevelt's plan to change Thanksgiving Day lo one week earlier?" Preliminary returns fiom New England, the East and the Midwest with a few returns from the South and far West, arc: Approve the change 38 Disapprove 62 "Dictatorship," "whimsy" and "just upsetting everything he can" are some of the typical charges leveled against the President's plan. In general, the comments of the Republican nian-in-lhe-street echo the sentiments of Alf M.

Landon, Roosevelt's rival In 1936, who complained last week that the President "sprang" the change on the country "with the omnipotence of a Hitler." A majority of Democrats (i. those who voted for Mr. Roosevelt In 1936) loyally back him up today on the Thanksgiving issue. The usual words the typical presidential defender finds are (hit "it will hfip Christmas business," or that "the business men asked for it," or that "one dale'i good ati another," the survey show. A substantial number of Democrats, however, couldn't, find it in their hearts to subscribe to the change.

CLASH OVER THANKSGIVING. President Roosevelt and former Governor M. Landon, 1936 presidential rivals, were on opposite sides again as Landon criticized FDR's move to have Thanksgiving fall a week earlier. The majority of public--according to preliminary returns in an Institute survey--are on. Landon's side.

Nobody -sympathized with the turkey, center. The vole by parties is: Approve Plan Oppose Democrats 21 79 Others 33 67 Approximately one person in five said he had no opinion on the President's course. Typical of many of these was a Massachusetts carpenter's assistant who said: "It makes no difference to me when 1 celebrate Thanksgiving. It'll be just beefslew and A flay off--whenever it comes." INSERT THANKSGIVING COME TYPICAL REACTIONS Folio whip are some of the most typical individual comments both pro and con on the question nf movlnp Thanksgiving to a. week earlier: PRO Rhodfi Island wouldn't nave done it unless it were for the people's good." Ohio doesn't make any difference; if helps business I'm for it." (araway TENTH ADAMS PHONE 2-1206 A A In Caraway's Super-Market FRIDAY and A A LOG CABIN SYRUP Mtdium 3Sc MY-T-FINE DESERT.

for Puddings. 3 Bom lOc POPCORN, Extra Golden Monark, 10-or. can. RICE, Whitt Swan, 2-lb. Bos 15c SNOWDRIFT, 3-Lb.

Pail 48e BUTTER. Armour's Clavtrbloom, Lb 22c DINTY MOORE Corned Bttf Cabbage-- A meal in one can, 1 Vj-lb. Can Ifc CORN. Minion. 2 No.

3 Cans, Cream Style 2Bc COFFEE. Folger's, Mountain Grown, Lb 24c KRAFT'S MIRACLE WHIP, Quart (Limit) 2Sc TEXUN ORANGE and GRAPEFRUIT JUICE BLEND, 3 No. 2 Cans 25e CASHMERE BOUQUET SOAP, 2 Bars 15c MILK, Armour's, 3 tall or 6 small Cans 17c CORN, Mission, Golden Bantam, Country Gentleman, 3 IS-oi. Cans 2Sc; or 2 No. 3 Cans 25c APPLE SAUCE, Premier, 2 No.

2 Cans 25c 'CORN, Swan Cream Style, No. 2 Can lOc DEL MONTE, Assorted Preserves, Finest For Flavor In 5-lb. Cans, Per Lb 15e PEACHES. Del Monte, 9 to 11 halves, No. Can TOMATOES, Del Monte.

3 No. 2 Cans 25c PINEAPPLE JUICE, Del Monte, 46 -01. Can 25c 3 Cans 25c DEL MONTE Early Garden Asparagus, No. 2 Can 19c WHITE SWAN LUNCHEON PEAS. No.

2 Can ISc 17 i FLOUR 71 cox Pennsylvania housewife believe In custom first, lust and al- ways--whenfver possible." Vermont stalo tradition; Roosevelt's violating states' rights again." Massachusetts shnuld he change something traditional just because somebody might scrape up a few extra dollars?" Illinois ought to be railed the 'Thanksgiving Reorgan- isation It shows the same kind of disregard for traditions that the Court plan nhowed." PRO AND CON ew York fruit like a to me, but maybe It'll help business." Connecticut great 'Turkey Issue of what I want for my new comic opera." On the Railroads (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6) returned from a tour of New Mexico which took them to Raton, Red River, Tao.s, Vegas, El Porvenir and many other points of (Interest in that scenic territory. Mrs. John F. Daniels and son visited over the 'weekend with friends and relatives in Upscomb, Texas. Mr.

Daniels is employed in the audit office. D. V. Linker, engine fireman at Amarillo, wife and sen have returned from a visit with friends and relatives near Abilene, Tex. Maxine Mrxsley, daughter of fireman, is visiting her grandmother in Dalla.s.

She will return home in time to enter school. Mrs. Mosley and Benny, are visiting friends in Kansas City. Lepke Details Kept Secret NEW YORK, Aug. 25 U.W--Th Federnl Bureau of investigation to day withheld nil details of the sur lender of Louis (Lepke) Burhalter head of a band of labor racketeers and fugitive for two years with $50.000 on his head.

J. Edgar Hoover, head of Ui FBI. announced last night tha Biichalter had surrendered an hou earlier "to me personally." On th subject of rewards, he said, "thcr was no money passed in the proces of his apprehension and no prom isc of any kind made In connection with it." He added that "Lepk X3ld me he never left New York City since he became a fugitive." District Mtorney Thomas Dcwcy of New York had wanted the gangster so badly that at JiLs request, the city had offered $25.000 reward for him "dead or alive." lad assigned 20 detectives to nothing font hunt htm. Subsequently, the FBI, which Istcd Buchalter as public encm No. (Dewey called him the mos dangerous criminal at.

raised Ls reward from $5.000 to $25,000 to natch the city's price. Buchaltcr had been a fedcra 'usitfve. He disappeared Dec. 4 936, after having been sentencec two yeans imprisonment ant 1 fined $10,000 for violating the ami- rust laws by racketeering in the ur industry. He was released ot $10.000 bail, covering only rh amount of his fine, by former Federal Judge Martin T.

Manton, since convicted of accepting bribes. After his disappearance. Dewey obtained several state indictments charging him with racketeering in he fur and bakery industries, and charged that five prospective witnesses against Biichalter had been slain. A grand jury is now taking evidence against Buchalter's relatives and former associates suspected of having harbored him, am against business men suspected of having paid extortion money to his henchmen even while he was in hiding. Five of them were indicted last week.

Hoover said he would consult, with Attorney General Frank Murphy in Washington or New York today before deciding what disposition to make of Buchaltcr. U. S. Consulate Investigates Arrest JUAREZ, chihuahua, Ang 25 (U.R)--The American consulate today was investigating the arrest ol j. A.

"Wilke, executive secretary of the County Board of Development at El Paso, who was jailed on complaint of a Juarez taxicab er that he had advised American iste not to patronize the local drivers. Wilke and L. P. Blood worth', as- istant manager of the El Paso Chamber of commerce, had acconv junled a party of 72 American tour- sis across the Rio Grande on a sight-seeing trip here yesterday. Several tourists allegedly accused taxicab drivers of molesting them.

Effren Herrera, manager or a taxi stand, told police that Wiiia had advised the tourists not to use Juarez taxlcabs. Wilke denied the charge. He was released on his own recognizance. I Quality Fruits and Vegetables 18c $1.60 5c 14e PASCAL CELERY, Family Tie. Bunch Now is the Time to Buy -PEACHES, From the Western Bushel WAX or GREEN BEANS, Fancy, Lb CAULIFLOWER, Colorado Snow 2 Ib.

av GRAPES, Fancy Table, Thompson Seedless or Red Malagdas, Lb SPUDS, Burbanks, 10 Ib. Clofh Bag ACORN Fine Baked, Lb BEETS, Radishes, Carrots, Leaf Lettuce, Extra Large Bunches, 3 for PURPLE CABBAGE, Extra Fancy, Lb! BELL PEPPERS, Extra Fancy, Lb. We l-ridr Qunrlvcs in llanillinc fs i Krull.s anil Vft In Our Meat Department BACON, Caraway's Special, Sliced, Lb. 1 9 5 6c 1 6c HAMS Half or Ib 39c A Round Steak A Steak ,.29 T-Bone Steak 39c Iff" Jl Shoulder Steak 23c Iff fl I Rump Roast 25c WCHL CHEESE, Full Cream Longhorn, Lb, 15c FRYERS and BAKERS, Drtsstd Weight, Lb. 18c George Policy, rate clerk in ment, has returned from a two weeks' vacation which was spent vlsitinf in Kansas nnd in Colorado.

R. A. a rpportcd at- Cur. Us Sunday to relievo Agent A. JLudcieri for a week or 10 a T.

M. Tweedy ha.s been quite busy I dishing out cigars subsequent (o the arrival of that bouncing boy August 20. i A Mrs. E. G.

Scriven.s and daughter. Wanda, who have been i vacationing in California, returned. they, with Mr. Srrfvens, who is a coppersmith for the Santa Fe, spent week- visiting the home folks In Wellington, Knn. Leon P.

Kicks, traveling account- a in the auditor's office, has been off from work this week due to ill- Merle Clark, of the division accounts bureau, is his an- a vacation in the adjacent to Pueblo. Colo. H. Thompson, of department, is a i his vacation at the present, time. Visit hiR- representatives from foreign railroads this week: Roy K.

Hull, trawling Orient flcent. Great Northern Railway Company, Dallas. John R. Latlnicr. traveling freight and passeneer airent, nen- vrr and Rio Grande Western Railroad.

Dallas. Claude H. Tuch. grnrral freight Pacific Lines, Unuslon. -lohn E.

Druminond. freight and passenger agent, Missouri Kansas Texas Lines, Wichita Falls. G. F. Kay, district freight and passenger agent.

Southern Railway System, Dallas. Chile Dominates Attempted Revolt SANTIAGO. Chile. Aug. 25 (U.W-- The government announced today a loyal troops had dominated attempted revolt by the Tacna artillery regiment.

i The uprising was put. down "1m- mrdlfttely," the covpnimrnt Army, sir force, navy and Carabtn-i ero leadrrs reiterated their support i of the government, It was an-1 ttounrrd. BECAUSE SHE CANT SUPPORT her 13-year-old son, Carl, right, but wants him to have educational opportunities, Mrs. C. G.

Fikdal of Pleasantville, offers him for adoption. She has hung "for sale" sign on rickety trailer which has served as Fikdal home for i vears. A I I TW KGNC watts day. 1,009 nijht. -Ill) Kc.

Ordinary Folks, Levy. Your Amtrlllo Institutions. Medley, Memory Organist. Party. NBC.

Baseball. Service. Krcw Quartet. Family Robinson. Unlimited.

NBC. Savltt Orchestra. NBC. time with Fred Warlnr, NBC. Review.

Veterans of Foreign Heldt Orchestra, NBC. Berigan Orchestra. NBC. Ellis Orchestra. NBC.

Levant Orchestra. NBC. Tucker Orchestra. NBC. SATURDAY MORNING Sky pilot Flashes 'n' Shine Medley Club of the Air--NBC Tunes Fltushcs Melodies Tune School Today.

NBC Bright Idea 'Club, NBC Ads Medley Morris Splcer Quartet, NBC Radio Round-Up Wnltz Melodies, NBC Farm and Home Hour, NBC nnd Music. HBO or the Farm ATURDAY AFTERNOON on the Street Radln Round-Un News Flying Dutchman Tline Ads Review Extension Service Medley Leval Orchestra, NBC Be Announced. NBC Woman's Party. NBO Swing, NBC Kindergarten, NBC Scores Art or Living, NBC Quartet. NBC Savltt Orchestra.

NBC Looks Ahead. TS" Miller Orchestra, NBC KFDA 00 Watts 500 Kc. Preston--Un SpOlllgrits Symphony wor-Lsn. Heidelberg Concert mbs-wsn-tsn. Serenade.

7 :30 Ernie Flo Rlto's mbs- wor-tan. Eddie Gibbons 1 Orch. Ted Flo Rlto's mbs-wgn- tan. ConRrcsplonnl Review of the Week, Pulton Lewis, inlw Promenade mba-wgn- mbs- un. McLCi wcae-L-in.

Lone Ranger--mbs-wxyz- tsn. Seller'? True and His tsn, Barnet'e wor-wn. off Programs subject to change without notice. SATURDAY MORNING fi: 10--Farm Roundup Devotional News--ten Pitrol tan Kaye at Organ--tsn and Gene--tsn Swing--tan 8-M--Arthur Chandler, tsn Fay Bulletins S. Army Band--mbc-wnl-ten chasers-- mbs-wor-tsn Views the Revue Inquiring Reporters SATURDAY AFTERNOON House Concert mbs-wgi 11 Melo lodies London: BBC Hevvie mbs-wMtc-ten AnnouacM--mbs-woT-ttB Book Mu Local Bcrcnadm ten JCrwln'i un Bon 5 Concert Looks Ahead--mbs-wor- Un 'n' Jammen BwJnf Sewloa NETWORKS FRIDAY.

AUGUST In programs tut lifted to last-mlDUte network Belles Quartet-- nbc-weal. News; ERF! Wild, Plunlst--nbc-wjt. Broadcastlnn News Period--cbs-wabc. Muted Music Orchestra--mbB-chain. Kitcnell'a Edwin C.

HilU Talk--cbs-wabc-bMlc The Aeollun Milcolm Cltlre--nbc-weal weaf. Dancing Music Orchwtrs--nbc-wjz. Sports: The 4 Eton Bojra--cbs-wabc Heal; stamps--wear-only. John Ourney, Basso--nbc-red-cJltln. Dancing Music Orchestra--nbc-wjz.

"Uncle Jonathan," Comedy--cba- wabc. H. Weber Concert be-chain Stern on PporU--wear-only. Silhouettes by Saion--nbc-red-chaln Lowell Thonisa, Talk--nbc-wjz-basic Lynn Brandt. Sports--nbc-blue-wut Judith Arlen and Sonus--cba-wabc.

Waring Time--nbc-weaf-eaat. Dancing Music Amos Andy, Skit--cbs-wabe-east. The EmoMBy Boys--cbs-chaln-weat. Fulton Lewis, Talk--mbs-chaln. Crawford Orian--nbc-weaf The Pnrker Family--coo-wabc-btslc.

Serenade at Organ--cha-cha in -west. Dancing Music Dancing Music Three Cheers and Vocals--nbc-wjz Prof. Quiz nnd His Quiz--cbs-wabc Lone Hanger. and Hunter--nbc-weaf To Be Announced (15 nbc-wjz Belter's Sports--wgn-wlw-kwk 6.00--Lucille Manners "Outcasts of Poker Prom Under West. Welcome Neighbor Query--mbsw-or Welcome Neighbor Query-mM-wor Forget." Quiz--nbc-wjz ProRram Johnny Presents--cna-wabe.

WOB Symphony The Lone Unnger Lynun Waitzes-nbc-weaf Plnntatlon Party Program--nbc-wjz. To Be Announced (30 Dancing Music C. Hill--to wor-wol-waab Valley Hurry Horllck' fl Concert-- nbc-wjz. First Nighter. Dramatic--cbs-wabc DanclnR Music Ixjmbardo Concert from Grant Park--nbc-wjz" In Orana Central Station--cbs-wabc.

Danclny Music The Bob Rlpley A "unced (15 8.45--Dancing Music Music' wa rCpeat nbc red west Dancing Music News: Dancing for 2 hrs--cba-wabc. Amos Andy rpt uance Munlc Hlt i rpt cbs-bixle. nc Orch fc 12--nbc-weaf-wjz 9.3ft~-Dancinc Orch. to 1--mbn-chaln. Hour--cba-chaln-west.

ADULT PANDA ON EXHIBIT ST. LOUIS (U.R) Happy, 250- pound giant panda, first adult nber of Its species to be brought the United States, has been placed on exhibition at the St. Louis Zoo. Happy, between 3 and 4 years old, is said to be the largest panda in captivity. 'Rogge To Fly To I Bedside of Family OALVESTON.

Aug. 25 (U.BI--J- John Bout. U. S. attorney general who is Investigating Louisiana political scandals, was expected to arrive by plane Iron) Washington today be with Injured wile and two children.

iire. Roger, her son, Herman, 12, and daughter, Oenevleve, II, weri hurt severely last Tuesday when their automobile overturned on Ivar Peninsula while en route for a vacation. They are recover. Ing In a hospital. In Los Angeles there a drive- in bank In which the driver of a car can stop and deposit his mon- PAY CASH Grocery 2300 W.

SIXTH WHY PAY MORE? WE SELL FOR LESS! FRYERS Each 15C BANANAS per Doien IUC Chewing Gum 25 FIGS per Pound LUNCH MEAT 8V2C Per Pound WEINERS P.r Pound IOC RAISINS Per Pound 5c GLAMOR BABY Sandra Kirchmann is not only a good baby--she's the best. So judges declared when they awarded her top honors at the annual Ocean Grove, N. Kaby Parade. APOLOGIZING for slap- i i Sirs. Frances Mary Kichard of San Francisco by sentry at Tientsin.

China, Japanese consul Koneral in city says slap- pcr has been disciplined, asserts orders have been issued "to accord courteous a to American citizens as far as they assume a similarly courteous a i NO. 1--1222 PIERCE ey without getting out of his ear or looking for a place to perk. That Sweethcart.1 Sing-- USED TO FffL 'LETOOHN BEFORE I STARTED EATING SHREDDED RALSTON. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE WHOLE WHEAT TO KEEf A FELLOW FEELING YOU SAIB IT. SHKF.DDED XALSTON TASTES LIKE A MILLION OOLLAIti, POTATOES NECK BONES FOR QUICK ENER WHEN YOU NHD IT SHREWMiSTOM GROCERY MARKED NO.

2--W. TENTH and JEFFERSON Specials for Friday and Saturday A DEC Fancy Thompson Ib OC APPLES rTM onathmn, Ib. 3c ORANGES BANANAS Sunkisi. Doi. 17c I'cllow.

Ib. 5c BUTTER rialm cmmcfy UK SOAP RINSO Uw SALAD 5 Bars PORK BEANSl a COCOA? -Ib. Can Alaskan Pink. Xo T11 Can 3 for Fane? Red Triumphs, Ifl -5 Ibs IUC TOMATOES Sa GREEN Colorado Snappy, Ib. LETTUCE Heads, Each Tc OLEO COFFEE Schiltinn's.

Ib. Oc 24c 15c TOMATO I4-oz. Boltlf 9c POTATO CHIPS 15c MEAL 51 SANIFLUSH lOc TISSUE 24c FRYERS Nice. Colored All Sizes Dressed and Drawn While 1'ou Wail and Brawn 4 Pound PUHE PORK-- Cnunliy stile POUdQ JLU 2 BOILED HAM SUN-RAY Pound 35 AvcraRC. I Armour's Slab, Sutar-ctirrd one- hair or Whole, 8 lo 10-lb.

Brookfleld. Ib 17c DRY SALT SIDE lOc PORK LIVER 10c BACON TM IOWAyA 20c STEAK 1 27c PORK STEAK 15c HEARTS Pound 7 V2C BRAINS Per Pound 8V2C ROAST BEEF 8V2C Pound STEW BEEF 7V2C Per Pound STEAK Per Pound 12V2C DRY SALT Pound Sour PICKLES 9c Per Quart Salad Dressing rt I9c DILL PICKLES 9c Per Quart SUGAR 100 Lb. Per Case BEER $1.65.

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