The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1934
Page 8
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Oiilslandihg Game of Year Should Produce Real Struggle'Mere Friday - • BV i. i: FRIIJND Thai ihe ' Blyihevllle Clilckasuws likely are going lo have tlielr hands full Friday night In Ihclr annual foolball tattle with Jones- lioro high school is evidenced by the Impressive 2G-1 victory of ihe Golden Hurricane over Sliawnra lost week. The Chicks were able to bent Coach Johnnie IJurnclt's crew but 25-1 in (heir owri back yard while Jonesboro turned the trick | n .Joiner with n point margin. Anyone who has soon the Green Shirts in iirttoii at Joiner knows they nre puh-lenly tough Ihcie. Tor a bunch of cripples sun- posetlly with one foot on the bed and the other on a banana peel, Hie tribe looked quite well In trouncing Piggott, «-l2, Fridnv night. The pawing of Moslcy WHS uncanny, i 0 sn y the least of me receivers, Tiplon, Crnlg, nnd Burns Incidentally, "Wimpy" gnve iris burn ankle a Uiorougli workout, whcii Ire prilled down the flying Davit, Plggoit speedster, from behind, ror a while it looked as if Oara was loose but the midget : sub back cnme from nowhere to innko the : incklc. The long Mosley to Tipton, for a loucliJown was a "honey." The Mohawks presented two hard charging bucks in .-. 190 pounder, and Dniis Hoyden, an end, who crossed uu the Maroon nnd White by running throiiglr the line for n touchdown when nicy thought he was brought hack lo pimt, wns oiie ot Die best ends to appear here this year Moslcy May lie Out Wlictliej- Coach -'Carney : Lnslle will be able to prcwnt his strongest lineup for tire Jonesboro giime Is. nn uncertainty. Hcrsliel Moslov triple Ihreat occ, who gained more m,YTHEVILI.E. (Am.) COIWIBR Winning Plays of 1934 BV AKT KKBNK NKA Service Siwrts Artist Prn-snuuoil--l'lttsbiirgli scored its second touchdown In Us t, victory \oi'cr the University of Southern California and gained In its 13-7 defeat by Minnesota' wilh the playc diagramed above, On tills occasion, the ball went i Wci.Lstock, who gave ii to Wcl<enbau E h, ntiti continued on It> the; rlshl, drawing ovcr-Sollh- was not .quite up lo the - past of a .^t'lllrtnr^lp rt 1*1,- i_ ... . ' . „. standards, although, some shifty backs. .were facing Suilierlaml Is Setting .-Giic'ssinir Pace 1 railing Ifajl by one less pigeon were Bill Smead, Osccoln trap- ihoolcr par cxcellcnl, and Joe Kueler, local baltcry specialist of 25 '' C8lS ' CrCti CK " h of 22 oul A ,, 1 .""''':. e r., of * 1 "««« l»k part Jock Suthjyliml, Unlvci-slly of Pittsburgh coabh, who last the lead in the three-way grid picking contest with the Courier- News sports editor and Harry Grayson sports editor, week before shot back out in fronl NBA last. suit of hjames the past week end The Courier picker led by a nnr- ron- margin of five jwints over Sutherland in guessing actual scores of games Saturday before last while Grnyson trailed the Courier picker by 102 points and Sutherland by 07. . \; Sutherland's predictions were almost uncanny last week < as grid Biuvws usually go,' the Pitt men- lor guessing 17 winners, missing on only 3 and having one lie. The Coiu-ler picker was next with H wins. G losses and one tie Grav- KOII brought up the rear with 12 wins. 8.losses and one lie. On Ihe basts of 'variance from nclual scores ihe Courier picker who .jot hot the week before was the worst of the three the past R-eek end. His score predictions varied 272 points on 21 games Grnjson was off 263'points and Sutherland 245. AS a result Sutherland went back into the lead with a 22 point lead'over the Courier picker and a 115 point lead over Grnyson on total tabulations tt> far this season. Hums And Byrd Meet Again; Lawo Takes On Smith Cyclone Burns, tin swift working grapplcr and crowd pleascr, takes on Floyd Gall Byrd, the semi- comic, In tonight's feature match on the armory mat card, Burns defeated Byrd, two out of three falls, on the first program staged by the American Legion this Tall. Both are fast, c | ever workers and give a mil en faster performance than Usually seen. They are down for two oul of lliree fato, two hours or less. In the preliminary match Ralph Smilr, Jackson, Tenn., professor of physical education, will meet lonv L3V,o. Ihe Memphis do«n Smllh is adept, at squirming out, of holds and usually manages to work in EOnuvvumbllng acts his match Lawo Is fast nnd ex perienced, Hoone i-lall i,s Sunclav's Host Skc(M Sliootc us,, •. His Hip in tV.e 'final period m.d was forced to leave, the game, H ms first ihought his ankle was turned 'fn'll Y"? " hip 1 " j " i ' 5 ' UuiL llcc - [•ssltnted his removal. Basil Locke hard hitting back, who has been sick, witnessed the game with the Mohawks, it is hoped he will be ,S l "j£ kC l }l l '' OB " 1I1V llnlf Ullck Bootle "»" -s'">wcd the way tD S ""'W ," Ullrns . although In- participants in Sunday"%) oot "at jurod, turned in a creditable game, the Blythcvillc Skcet c lib In the dully, drills. The tackling the. Adn days In the court named in caption hereof and answer complaint of (he plaintiff Rider. Dated Mils 15lh day of Oclolwr, n. I,. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sartaln. D. c, 15-22-29-5 . turned In Ihe best card of ..uUprnoW wilh 23 targets out 25. in the Sunday event. Turkeys ure lo be olfcrcd prl/es in the club. for near future at the COMMISSIONER'S SAI.F NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner In compliance with Ihe terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba DIs- rlct of Mississippi County, Arkansas on the 22nd day of Sep' wllcrcl » Equitable ding and Loan Ass'n. W ns PlftintllT, No. 5288, nnd Sain Ht.ll et al,, were rxfendniiis, will sell nl pubUc lufciion to the highest and btisl bidder, for cash, on n crwljt. of Ihree months, at (lie rojil rtoor of the bt'tlvecn the hours renowned Cotton-top left Halfback, took out ern California's defensive left tackle, Dlttborner, and tin: safely man, (he Warburton. Nlcksick, Brscos, Icfl end, and Cjuarterback nTtmJit.s look Jorgenson, Trojan linemen, in. Rooker, end, and Hoel. taekje, dniible-lramed Poiv- cre, guard.' Hartwhj, guard, . pulled out (o take out Clemens, the Trojans' right halfback. Oet/cl, tackle, went llirough lo cul down Woi- kyns, back. Siiotivcll, center, blocked Sanders, guards. Ormiston, gnurd, clieckcil Ktihn, cenlcr. Buster, back. end, bothered Propst, ™fc back quickly nflei- going through the lio]e. ills change of p:ice fooled Warbnrt'on and ire crossed lire goal line stonrt- |I«B up. law. Court ))i House ,,j lire City of BlythcviUY, , Arkansas, on the 12th day of November. 1931, tile following real estate, lo-wil: Lot Tira (21, Block Elgin (8) Park Addition to the City of Blythcville. Ark. Said Sale will be had to satisfy raid decree In the sum of $122733 ' ' Isl. 1932. TH<! purchaser at sard sale will b= required lo execute bond with with 8 per rent inlercsl from approved security, to secure ttie I-ajmeiit of (he purchase money ami d lien wit; be retained upon J.ii>l property as addliional security lor lire payment of such pur- . ase money. IT.VESS „„. „,,„„ lino t|ll . wal of wml Com:, on this, the 22nd nny ot Oclc'jc-v, 1034. R. L GAINKS Commissioner in chancery 22-29-S WARNIXO OKDKK IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA U I ST RI C T' MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS. Ada Rider. PlainlilT No. 5783 vs. Tine Rider. Defendant The defendant, Tine Rider, is WARDING OHDKR fN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT' AIISS1SSIPPI COUNTY AK- KANSAS. Bella Conner, Plnlnllir, , : N'o. 5817 vs. Virgil G. Conner, Defendant. Tlic defendant, Virgil o. Connor s warned to appear within'thirty lays In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plniirtlir, nelln Conner. • Dated this 20th tiny of October, 1934. Ft. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Snrtaln, D C C. F. Cooper, Ally. 25-5-12-10 WARNING ORDF.K N THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY AR'' KANSAS. ' Kalhryn Westcrficld, PlalntilT No. 5820 vs. Joe P. Westerfield, Defendant The defendant, Joe !' Woster- fleld. is warned to npj>;ar wilhln hilly dnys In the court named In Inc caption hereof and answer (he complaint of the Dlnintlir, KiUlirvn Wfsterlleltl. Dated tills 23th day of October, n. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sarlain, D C C. P. Cooper, Alt;-. 29-5-12-19 WARNING ORDER THE CHANCERY COURT ?. f .'J!9K- AS AWBA DISTRICT COUNTY, AU- plier. Is wnrnnd to appear within thirty diij. s i,, tl, e collrl „„„„,,[ In the caption hereof and ansv.'or the plainiiff. tlic comp]aint of Millie Chrlsloplier. Inlricatc Pass Attacks Rely More On Speed Than Bnile Strength IIY JIMJiy DONAHUE, NUA Service Siiorls Writer The old order passcth. The grand old football pastime of knock - 'urn - duwn-aml-wnlk-ovor has l.'ccn chnngcd lo a cojhpnra- Hvely peaceful sport rcscmbllnj basketljull through ihe use of forward passes from double lalarals, reverses, sp;nners, print forinn- tlons anil confusing shifts. 1 .' Two clll/.cns got a real lircai: when the game changed. One is Simeon Spectator, whose yowlln'u thai loo much concentration -on (lelcnse made for a less sjicctacu-' beheinotii buddies banged their open contest, dismayed Oil; season. The other k ihe litllc H'j- ponirtJ guy who nscd lo shine his lanus on the bench while hi- behcnroh buddies skulls flesh, pounds, call, playing his first collegiate game, was sent' in agiiinst Colorado College' hi Iho. final miarler and scored three touchdowns In low limn eight mlniiics, a;ltr runs of from 15 to 30 yards. Anotbrr • miniature edition 'or a grldder .brought Michigan out of 111? doWrum-, to victory over (Georgia Tcfh recently. He Is 140- poitnd Ferris Jennings,, who wns ' far down on ihe list nl the ilnnlnij of Hie season Ural Coach Harry Klpks forgot all 'about him —until ncnncr'.s Injiiry and casualties to other signal callers fore- fid him 10 cat) out the rear guard. The sophomore turned into a sensation ngnli.'fit the/ fioullran boys, and was responsible for the 9-2 victory of the Wolverines. * « • Tlic case of Bill Dye al Ohio State is similar lo that, of Jennings. IJye followed big Slan Plncimi and Prank Fisch when Ihe eal| came for service at (|uar- lerbuck. But when the latter two were Incapacitated, . little Willie went In against Colgate and earned himself a regular job on his performance against ihe Red Raiders. And lie weighs ontv 34! Down al Arkansas Ihey Dave another half-pint who's ,i ; .sensation. He's Elvin Gclscr, a 150- pound haltcack who's playing his MONDAY, OCTOBER 2 <), 1934 On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" Hot Spriiigs Uesl n e t Over in the part of the sinle where they consider only teams of Unit area as state championship possibilities, nrsually, but not always, they're i-Jght) four learns are counted on as .still in the running, two very much so, one n lltlle lc.v> And the fourth will, a bare chance lo tie .someone. Hot Springs, undefeated, Is given !lrc best chance to annex Hie mythical title, Pine Bluff, unbeaten nnd tied only by Port Smith, is given a good chance. Port Smith tied by Pino Bluff a »u Fiiyctlc- rtllo. is a long shot. Lilllc 'Dock, beaten by Hot Springs, has « slim chance of scrambling the situation so lhat it- might ':ind of claim. Including games of i' make menu or a schedule that Fom'e thing. Don'l .ills., IJon'l nibs Friday ball game! Probably you who are noi s; einhiisinstic about fooltal] but ilke to seek a gcod aame nre lie ginning to believe lhat every gaim is preceded will, ballyhoo lo make il sown like the most linporinm on Ihe schedule. Wii.Movev your feeling in respcci—ihe chicks have i , su,prised .even their most arderii supporters--don't be misled um thinking that KrWaii's game wn Asid; from the fact thai Jonesboro and Hlylheville appear a bom evenly matelrcd on the dopa .^ii always highly mieslionnble. tlui schools are rivals <>t long stiiiul- ing and the gnjne is anirual|i in both schools, rt usually cairii:- it the football s'ui probably the mast Important the minds of the students into Irard lines of human Present-day football is right up the little gent's alley. Cotton Wr.rburlon proved last year- lhat a fast, shifly midget with plenty of weight above Ihe eyes can pluv just as good a grime as the beef trust variety of player The Iricky formations that Coacli Howard Jones devised were developed lo.fjl the style of al- tnck Witt-burton was able to give. 1'nc only reason the whltc-halrcd mite isn't going places this year s tjccausi! the Trojan line is 11 bunch of stay-at-homes. But while Warburton's cITeclivc- "css is being hidden under n bushel of ineffective blockinn oilier tots have risen to take their places among the year's football greats through Hie 'medium of a more open game. ' There's little Tommy Neal, lowii ' instance Stale's quarterback, for hcs Dated this 2!)th day of October. )i. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliotl C. P. Cooper. AUy. , weighs ISO pounds when sopping wet and full of bas and cream. Yet the midget crashed the headlines In bl" type when he led the cyclonic attack of the Cyclones tliat snowed under a favored Iowa team by a - score. Three touchdown; the Snrtnln, D. c I mft| 6<H scored in that game" o'iie | of them a, 20-yard gallop. riipi) there's Newell quarterback of the in K in , n > ' ^v 29-5-12-10 • Utah, Ch|l, University of last year Ihe Razorlracks. The kid is a good ball carrier, but, despite his short weight, he's ' Ihe relegated almost blocking position solely to •and when his ISO pounds hits 'em, they sluy hit. Carnegie Tech has a 142-pound halftrack in Steve Tcrebm who Is an ambidextrous lad. Steve has scored all of Tech's touchdowns this year, is an excellent runner, and probably, can pass better than any man on the stjuitd. Football had few tales of ihe Eireccss of the little IHX4. nert Molzger, charm" guard develop... „, „.„„„. Rocknc at Hotre Dame, probably was the standout of ths old lot. But the old order has changed. WARNINO ORDER FORT SMITH! North Little Rock, Van Huron. W'lTLE ROOK: Searcy, Pine Bluff, Little Rock. men up to -o-., the "watch charm" guard developed by Kmite reek-end the four teams mentioned face the following opposilioi the rest of the season: n OT SPRINGS: Bentoh. Ctun- :lcn, El Dorado, i'orl Smith Pine Rlult. PfNE BLUFF: Fort Arthur North Little Rock, Little Rock, Mc- Geliec, Hot Springs the next i of northeast Arkansas Little Rock, riot springs. Fort Smith, Hope, North Looking Ahead Negotiations looking toward an agreement for an annual game between Cape Girardeau, Mo.. Central high .school and. Blytheville high may be. undertaken and cnmpleted before next season, ii. is believed. If pwsible. ihe writer believes (he gams should fcs arranged and in !>l! probability would prove gcod drawing card. An annual , Mittie Christopher,. Plaintiff No. 5819 vs ' Ixiwis Christopher. Defendant. The defendant. Lewis Christo Kead Courier News Want Ads. HOTEL NOm,E Is Now Agent For American Airlines Inc Call 835 For Information and Reservation.! WRESTLING Armor?/, Monday Night CYCLONE BURNS VS, FLOYD GAIL BYKI) T m ''n "' L Louisville. Kv. Tivo Out of Three Falls, Two Hour Limit RALPH SMITH VS. TONY LAWO Jackson, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Two Oul of Three rails, One Hour Limit IN THE CFIANCERY COURT " CHICKASAW'n A DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. liutli Ti-uclove, Plarutilf, i No. 5810 vs. Ritliard Tniclovc. nsrcndnnt. Tlu> defendant. Rielmrtl Truc- lovc. Is warned "to nppntr within tlilrly days | H the court named n the caption linrcof and answer tlic complaint of the plaintiff. Ruth Truelovc. Dated this 29Ih day of Octobf- 1934. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sarlain, D. c. :. P. Cooj>er, Ally. 29-5-12-10 game, u lioine and homo arrange- |:neut, svltli some ontstandinj .southeast iMIssouri team would b< Slip into a Wrapley Topcoat $25 T/ie MtrrorShouts "STYLE" One flash in the mirror at a Wrapley Topcoat—and you see the better style and fit that would lake hundreds of words to describe. NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. move. One such game, another will, an outstanding Memphis team, others with some of the stronger of the chicks fljsciem rivajs and the taking on oi .'.liong teams In the state who have not trefoiv met t], c chicks such as Ko-:dvce, Camdcii,. Searcy if iroL tlic stronger group of Little «iw. Hot Syr'ings, El Dorado Fort Smith and Pine Bluff would ROXY LAST TIMIE TODAY Matinee 2:30—10^"" v 25 JACK HOl/f in Two learns lo all appearance!, of about equal strength, size and ability, n rivalry of I(iii<; tljindiiij- and a colorful background of sirs- dent enthusiasm not nurldrrd al any oilier game of the season be offered. * Don't miss it! OKHKlt IN THE CHANCERY COURT CI1ICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. . ' Clialmcr a Lovell, piainlill. No. 5318 vs . Marjcrie .Lovell, pefendanl. 'i'he defendant^ Marjorie Lovell. ; warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer Hi" complaint of the plaintiff, chal- mer D. ijovell. Uatc<i this WUi day of October W.H. R.- L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elliott Sartaln, a c C. P. Cooper. Ally. 29-5-12-lif f TboTie 777 Al Nljchl—Snnilay—Anytime I'or Quirk and DeitendaWc Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co/ !v3Jj RESTS' Musical Short Comedy Tues,-Wed.-Thurs. Last Time Today ( Mat. 2:30, 10-25c ., Nile G:45—10-;(5c Cl.AHKK GAl!I*R and Cr,Al)l)KTTK COUiERT in IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT' Paramount News Finrenpc anti Arthur Lake' in a iMusical Shnrl Tuesday - Weds. Whoiahuibandft he?...That's the quejffon Hi«y try to settle in the sprightllejf, iplci-' eit <om*dy of rhe^ wsgton. EDWARD EVERETT' MORTON) G E N E V I E V E ' T O B I N Will, PAUL CAVANAGH, Mary Naih, RenceGiddjGeoigeMeeker.l Dorothy P«l«t»on. Produ«d by, C«rt L««mm!t, it. Diitcltd bf Xtri Jfcund. Prcuntid by Cirl L«tm^l<..' A..UNIVERSAL.MCTURE. KOX NEWS COMUDY 4,"^ «»p;;'.w. **«ij ***» dry "?£<.?-,. I'nrnmounl Screen Souvenirs No. Cnmoilv

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