The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1932
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPTKMBKR 1C, 1JI82 Trqop^Asked In f^m^tr^^rm HrrLrlL Id MrUJL On Tour With Roosevelt UlfFQT IHRPIMIIIIll Ml Q IIMAim OVl^teranSha^ unrn nmiirnn ra?»^am •*••• u \\ \ m "' 'HinilillHIil U, j, UnlllllUiLU Dli 73 Year Old Beard HFTER 5TBNE BEPUIIES lowu Governor Hopes for Settlement Without Use of Soldiers. SIOUX CITY, Iowa, Sept 1C (UP) — Sherll! John U,iven|X>rt today telephoned Gov. Dan Turner asking that the militia b? sent here after n critical situation developed in the farm strike blockade of highways leading to tire cily. 'Hie governor was reached at hii home in D;s Mollies. He leainil from Die second |!oor wiiidoiv of i)is Iwmc ana talked to i:ewspaperm?n. Turner suid he still hoped to settle tire matter without, resorting to i the use of militia and announced he planned to confer with Uavcn- poit anain today. Town Losing Kus'inKs Approximately 300 business m;n attended a protest meeting last night at which speakers declared the blockade of Sioux City highways has cost ihc city thousands of dollars daily in tost trade. Sheriff navenpori called on the governor for aid after the picket forces lured a group of his deputies into a trap and stoned them tcvwely. The men irore stoned in retaliation for arrest of 15 pickets by dciMitics yesterday in a foray in which night clicks were swung freely and a roadside picket camp burned. ;Kor>c Troops Unnecessary IJES .\fOINES, S?pt. 1G. (UP1- Oovernor Dan Turner expressed ho|)c today that local authorities at Sioux city could solve the farm Picket problem there. His statement was in reply to a request from Sheriff John Davenport of Sioux Cily for state militia 'S PLEDGE I'AGE THREE Will WAI.l.A YVAI.Ul. \Viuli. lUl'l — ! Sevi'iiiy-lhiCL- ynus u%o, Ciruri-i- H. Mkhllclon Ix'KUn a bsnrd, and luo; Tcxns anil Southern Isag'tQ, Uulliw otid Beaumcnt aril In a play off for the Tews (Hie. Beaumont now hm "^cft I two games to none for Dallas.".* Martin also announced [hot PiwWcnt Alvln Gardner of the Texas league hod permitted the ., substitution of Andy Reese, Meni- IVlCCt I Phis outfielder, and Ray Bcrrts in Clas sic Starting his 8800-mile presidential campaign Jamil through ihcj Johnson named ccminande-r country. Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt was greeted by uoivdsl by acdainaliuii nfior rwlvin a Oil! he talked to Bellcfontaine. O.. voters. His special train will umkc I'Jeclion follows mont of Bonus and Repeal. 1'OHTLAND. On-.. S<'|i'.. Ill iUI'1 - -Two tna]or ubji-ctives, Sjimn-d- i:Ur.- c.ish iiayjneiit nl the Hiltlirrs baiiiis a:ul ri-j:ra) of all wuhi.'ji- lii-ii laws, lixiay lay Ijdorc 50.- Cl!(] !h;hlhls mm uf the American Li-ttinn us they mined homeward li-rn llu'ir national lonvfntlim ! lUTI-. | Led l;y l.ouis Johnson of Clarks| bun-. W. Va.. '.he new nailuiial j (uiiiiMiidiT d-.u.M'ii l,y ai-dunu- i li^n. Iht 1 U'vlontiahc.s WIMV [ili-dyed i to work In fvay possible v.ny fur I liilhlimenl cf thrsi! uvo end.-.. II ua.s to be a DL'acc-iiiii* 1 liijiit, I Ihi-ir U'.itli'i:, i:idifat<-(i. u'a^t-ii ::•'• | vi|;uiuii!.ly as were UK' ballii-.s oi i Hi-. 1 v.urld war. Huv.e iiiajorllli-:i j'.'.rii' lollod nji lu-liiud ii'.solutioiv; , vii-chiK the demands for llu; b.-.nus .. Q . 11 M osition Sllll W and Catcher . n> i Uisle sales will open In llennmont, I, I'IVxnr., next Tuesday If llcaiuiiout Q . in- nirvivcd i wo o.iturs and kriil wins Ihr T,. SIIS j^iuumi. but win h.s Ik-aid and inoustai-he Inlacl. ,.,>:„ i,, CiLilliuW 1 ,-, Wrtlnrsiluy .But iha otlK-r day Geoi'nv, |ir':b [[ Dallas Is Iho -|'« fs winner Hibly reluelaiilly. |nvl:d J,,!,,, u. M»illn. urrHdenl of the iil.i_) »»*' HI* two 1'lo.w roni|ianl(in>. He Kuuihtm luanue. anniiuiKCd tcdny. ..luveil tlie u jv.n-.s yi-ovvl.i O r Clintlanar^ii, winner of the Son- Lvanl and mou«lacho fioin lii.s hiMd.. it;un leauui- llax. will n-pj-psi'nl ' | Hu- Si)uth-:rn assoehllou In tin- Ui-ad Courier News Want Alls. i elrumh . annual --liisMu U-twci'ii Rend Conner r,en-s want Ads. |i.', • Japatr.s IM-CJM.INC tu nnun- " lln 1 "i:i'n door ol Kjiial track•• iiuiii'.y lor all hi Mani-lnikiio. - ::ran liilic-ials today shuwi-il | _|^'a.i Courier News iiidiratlciii tif n-l.i\-fii': iht-fr up- l'KU.MANKN'1'S- SH.r.i) - $5.00 - s;i.r,o .L lit-.'AUTY SHOP !:•:: in China's "ilnci- (^^Icm pro- Vi:-.-.': .". '•'• :i i.-l .M^nchnkiio n. 1 ; an i.-iilcin-n*!- < :.'. ri::l!r-ll. Sc-i-H lury Klilili-i.n lias. I! :n::niit d u!i [j!lli-l:il sllnui-. 'I'lii 1 ] " i diii.ii-.iiH-ii:. liiiv.'ov.-i-. ha. 1 , no! t!!-i'i::ht o| am-iiiliii!';. in-1 i:-i:iy I'li-yi':; KdveriiniL-iil. C.'onL-i _' ::lv all Minh-ations |io;m tuivani i'i ••N'iiuifd Anu-ilcati co-oiH-ratlcn | ,v.;ih ;]ic l.ragui 1 cl Millions In at-i • l-n:uilir{ lj cliaivji- what they KT Ji.pan's unjnsl v.obhhm. \ he talked at Bellcfomaine, 0., loicrs. IMS sjiecial train will nukf many such atoiis. WAKlllHCiTON, Kept u; (UP)— AinLassudur Joseph Cirusv In Tok• - io the smic depavl- 103-Pound Caldsh Caughl , TEXAHKANA. Ark. (Ul'i—The Cotton Crop 'Thrives STEflLINC, Col. (UP) — C. C. Harvey's COUGH crop is doing nicely, thank you. Cotton seed, ou- aincd from Texas v;as planted | largest catch this seasou i,, ,:,c! favor >ail> this, spring, grew well, Mos- Sulphur nivcr iviis mailr- In- t'tc Hi- a niajuiitv. on ilu- first tjal- ficorjL 1 Matone of Nevada was 5ecoi:d with W> roll's nml .., Frank UclsniKo. Jr.. uf ban l-'ran-! isient today 'that the Japam-se irlsco Ihir.l with 15!. j luseiBii ollh-e had Infornied him il"'l it attache;! "no blame or s-n- The Arkansas delegation to (he I ,-!i!on" to tin- action cl Ihr national eonveniicj] cf ihe /uni-r-. .Naiinnnl City uniik In takine scan Legion voted unanimously i'i lii'Mosraphs of Japanese Ijiilldln^s of immediate payments oi i A Japanese ni-wspniii'r h id al- i-ki'il 11 BY SISTKR MARY NKA Srrvi« Writtr It's easy to plan September nieaJ If you use originality and imagination. Vegetables and fruits ore abundant and they all tempt us b; (heir own perfection. VegelaWr cookery should continu; to b: stiessed throughoul Seplembor. Pi\r quently a well-planned vegitabl;' combination, containing a suial: amount of n:eat or fl5h. will rervc acceptably as ' a main dish for luncheon or supper. Veal ctitleis with stuffed sweel peppers is a splendid dish for r, September dinner. Serve it wlt'n o tomato and cucumber salad anj : fresh dessert. Cutlets With Stuffed Prppcns Wur veal cutlets. I egg, crack: crumbs. 2 large sweet green p;p liers, 1-2 cup diced green bean' (rooked). 4 (ablespcons'cinj- cooked onions, 1-2 cup diced new carrots (cooked), 1-2 cup diced cock"' beets. 4 tablespooa 1 ; Hollandais.-- S;IMC or melted butter. S'.eak can b; used and cut ii- licit nieces, each one large cnoii?!- to a serving, or "cutlets" can or used. Trim meat and roll in crunibE Dip i:i egff slightly beaten with 1 lab'.cspDon cold uater nnd rol' again in crumbs. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and saute .1 rich brown on both sides. Reduce heat and co; 1 slowly for 30 minutes. Place on r hot platter and on each cutlet pi:' •air a pepper filled with combins lions of vegetables. Pour the saiir Or melted batter over each stiilTc" M Pper. and serve at once. Aftr cutting peppers in halves and re mov m g seeds, simmer for ei?hl prunes in boilir.? salted waler ™," a "<I fill «illi combination o' ri|in " '" "' li: " 111 - TIlis ' s a " "• tabfe' WSy l ° USP "~ !t - ovcr «B°- • • • „ F-Xsplanl Ilalicnnc M eTs'T" ° 5glll! " Us - 2 lnr(l CODk - Smhikic 8 !'""" 15 '' lnd Ollt in slicre er. Cove? wit^a™^ ab ° VC i 1 " ° lh " '"''wU^^S^'ti' 11 '?! w 'th half f- lmv baking dish s;>rinkh' tho ri','L": ° VC 7 lh; C 'S' ™«£rLt:r;;~''«.'S 'S-s^i'^ BREAKFAST: ~'K sno»'. mlllc, ua. pick" his crop olf a dozen plants. V^HESTERFI EL THE CIGARETTE THAT'S dip rornnr and down your way lie conies wilh n M \\ mv ac-conliou ... a amg oa his lips iin <l tlic love of song in I,; ri l.cart, like a wandering Iroubiidonr of old. Liglil up your C!ie*tcrfid<l, Hiiii; uide your ntdio winilowancl listen... for lie has many talcs to tell you. Every Tuesday and Friday night. FREE DELIVERY PHONE 603 McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY SPECIALS for SATURDAY and MONDAY Butter All liranils - Salad Dressing Dainty Post Toasties Oranges or Kelloggs Corn Flakes, 2 Pkgs- Nice, Large, Juicy A Real Buy 15c Doz. 25c A (ioix) I't-alii-rry ROYAL GHATINE :,„. 25c .'! I'liirs. Premi "m Rake 91 ^ 2 Pound BOX 41C HUM SALMON Tall Can BROOMS A ' ;n(1 " 0n " "S Mgllf Evaporated AN Brands C A " |g< " Small Can 2' Tall Can OC Bananas VoJlow Jiimlx) Fruit Pound fr ; Siriclly Frtsh C Infortik- O 25c Ivory fi-Ox. li;ir fit 10-0/. liar 8c !);intly THI CIGARETTE THAT Chester/mid rfWi'o Pm^rnni— Kvi-ry iii^fit Si.iul:iy,Coluiiiliia c.aM-lo-co^t Nohvork. lOc Catsup ';.-"':' IOC Cleanser?--lOc lOc I'OST HIIAN FLAKKS, KICK KUISI'lES, 1'KC HUAN, EACH Sheet Koii CHIP9PL VINEGAR 25c Hulk tollon 20c Picnic Hams, Ib. 12c SAUSAGE J'tirc I'ork I'oimrt lOc JltNS - FRYERS ~ OYSTERS NECK BONKS „„„„„ 5c n3, Ib. lie ran AILS -EARS -SNOUTS Spare Ribs Fresh Meaty Ib. 7c Su S ar Cured, Center Sliced |L Ib. 25c. 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