Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 15, 1976 · Page 10
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 10

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1976
Page 10
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Forced Busing: What Does It Do to The Kids? LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — It's dark as 12-year-old Mark Jump hurries toward his neighborhood school. There, he will join about 30 other youngsters on a yellow school bus which will take them across town. Mark is white. His new school is in a predominantly black neighborhood. About the same time, Babbette Norfleet, 12, leaves her home in a housing project on the other side of Louisville. Shortly, she will board a bus for a 25-minute ride through the rolling Kentucky countryside to suburban Middletown. Babbette is black; Middletown is not. Mark and Babbette are among 22,600 students, half of them black, who participated this past school year in the massive and often wrenching social experiment called forced busing. There were 119,000 students enrolled in the school district. Their movements were dictated by the federal courts, which found Louisville's school system to be unconstitutionally discriminatory. Busing is one of the most emotional and controversial experiments in the nation today. It turns ' law-abiding parents into rock-throwing rebels. It disrupts public budgets. It swings elections. But what does it do to the kids? Mark recalls his fear nine months ago when a rock crashed through the window of his school bus, showering the children aboard with broken glass. His friend was cut. "I was afraid," Mark said. But as time went on, he added, the fear lessened. He now says it's his parents who are frightened, not he. "I like it here better than my old school. The building's much newer and the teachers aren't so old fashioned," the youngster said. Interviews with other children on Louisville's buses brought much the same reaction. For most kids, busing is no big deal. There are no traumas, no nightmares, no instant geniuses, no unexplained dunces. Just kids. Adults are a different matter. One white Middletown student, 8-year-old Kendra Bryant, wrote a letter to the Louisville Courier Journal, saying, "I think busing is good because I've gotten to meet Former Missouri U. Prexy Named Visiting KSU Prof MANHATTAN, Kan. (AP) — Dr. C. Brice Ratchford, former president of the University of Missouri, will join the Department of Economics at Kansas State University in August for a year as a visiting professor. Cotton Crop 'Mostly Fair' WASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's cotton crop is in "mostly fair" condition and is in the best shape in Oklahoma and • Texas, says the Agriculture Department. By July 11, development of the crop was lagging behind a year-earlier in many areas, including Alabama and Georgia, the department said Tuesday in a weekly weather review. The cotton in Mississippi, however, was developing ahead of July 11 last year and "rains in Texas should help the crop in the high plains," the report said. Dr. Paul L. Kelley, head of the Kansas State Department of Economics, said Ratchford would explore new extension economics programs, especially in the area of international marketing of agriculture; commodities. "This is an area vital to farm incomes in Kansas and the Great Plains and, because of its impact on the American balance of payments, to the national economy as well," Kelley said. Kelley said that before Ratchford embarked on his university administrative career he was nationally recognized as a top extension economist. "He was nationally known and recognized for his leadership in agriculture marketing and policy. We are delighted, to be able to benefit from his broad experience," Kelley said. Kelley said that in the fall of 1977, Ratchford would return to the University of Missouri- Columbia as a faculty Let us help you get to know your new community as quickly as possible. Our hostess will call on you and present you with gifts, greetings and useful information. immt 275-5644 member of the Department of Agricultural . Economics, where he is a tenured professor. Ratchford resigned in May as president of the University of Missouri after receiving increasing fire over a controversial university lobbying plan. Y to Start New Session Garden City Family YMCA will begin a new session of classes Monday, July 19. Tennis lessons for women will be conducted Monday and Wednesday mornings between 9 and 11; women's fitness classes are at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; Youth tennis lessons are taught Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11 a.m.; and the adult swimming instruction class meets at 7 p.m. Monday and Wednesday. Swimming lessons begin at 8:45 a.m. and run until 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday for children. Waterbabies, Tadpoles — which is designed 'for 4 and 5 year olds — and the YMCA progressive lessons from beginner through advanced swimmer make up the program. Waterpolo instruction with class team competition also will be offered. Red Cross beginner and advanced beginner classes are taught along with the YMCA lessons. For more information contact the Y at 275-9107. Farmer Pilot Program Set WASHINGTON (AP) - A Farmer-To-Farmer pilot program within the next three months will be initiated by the Agency for International Development, Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan., says. Dole's announcement followed a meeting Monday in his office with State Department officials. The Kansas senator said he originated the farmer-to- farmer concept in an amendment to the foreign assistance bill in 1975. two new friends I would not have met before." The Bryants received a flood of abusive telephone calls and hate letters as a result of Kendra's letter. Gwen Bryant, Kendra's mother, said one of the letters was signed by the Ku Klux Klan and another by the National White People's Party. At least one of the callers identified himself as a member of the KKK. Kendra, unconcerned about the names she was called in the hate mail, said, "You should have seen the writing on those letters. They write worse than first graders." "What parents don't understand is that we're all the same inside," said 11-year-old Dorris Holloway, a black student at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, the same school Mark attended. "Even if you're red or green or purple, it'll still be the same. You have a heart, a brain, a nose and eyes. You're just a different color outside." Doris, who expects to be bused outside of King's district to a school in a largely white area this fall, said she looked forward to it as a chance to get to meet new people and "observe how they live. "Parents should give busing a chance to see if it works. If it's bad, they can do something about it. But if it's going on fine, they should leave it alone." Doris' best friend, Dianne Guess, 12, is looking forward to what she calls an "adventurous experience." "Your mother and father will probably tell you that they're (white students) different from you and have different ways, but you should go and see for yourself. ALL THE SHRIMP YOU CAN EAT This special Fish Lovers Delight includes unlimited Shrimp. Also included in this price is a hefty piece of Texas toast and your choice of potatoes. Remember, if you're still hungry, paddle back for more. OF NORTH HIGHWAY 83 GARDEN CITY Sometimes your mother and father could be wrong." "The children have adapted much faster than 1 expected," said Evelyn Ashkenaz, a student counselor at King. "Their problems are the small petty ones of childhood. "Somebody snatched somebody else's pencil. There may be a quick tussle, but its all forgotten by three o'clock. But when the child goes home and his parents ask what happened in school, its all blown out of proportion. "I have one child, whose mother insisted she resume taking medication (a tranquilizer), the doctor said she no' longer needed. The little girl said to me, one morning, 'You know Mrs. Ashkenaz, my mother needs the pills, not •me.'" Bernard Minnis, associate superintendent for human relations in the Louisville system, said many of his department's programs . are directed toward parents. "You can't just dismiss the parents and their feelings, that's why we spend a lot of effort on the parents in the community ... not trying to sell desegregation, but trying to curb the overt behavior tozard the school and the children. "We do not dealt with preparing people so much for busing itself, but to ease the strain caused by desegregation and busing. "It's really unfair to ask if these programs are working. Over-all, we could say within our own gut feeling that we've seen change but we can't really point out statistics and say this is so. "We just know that the people we've worked with aren't out there throwing rocks." • Dr. Kenneth B. Clark, a psychologist and professor emeritus at New York City College, says parents who violently demonstrate against busing, "inflicting their children with their own racial bias .../are examples that tell the detriment of segregated schools." He compared the need for federal intervention in desegregation with earlier cases requiring federal intervention when parents resisted in- noculation of children. "These parents are the product of segregated schools," Clark said. "They don't even understand what they are inflicting on their children." ' Not all Louisville parents are manning the protest lines. At Middletown, where 76 black students were bused in daily from Louisville's inner city, Principal Josephine Trowel says the parents have been an asset. Mrs. Trowel, a black, said the parents "have leaned over backward" to make the new students and their parents feel welcome. School officials also believe the chronic truancy of the past year maybe eased next year, n the past school year, about one-third of the 300 white students scheduled to be bused into King were truant. "They just never showed," said Principal William Horan. School officials say about 1,000 children were transferred from the public school rolls to parochial or private schools at the beginning of the 1975-76 school year, and an additional 2,000 are truant. Most of these lost students are Page 10 Garden City Telegram Thursday, July 15,1976 attributed to the antibusing feeling among parents. Dr. Marie Doyle, the system's director of public information, says she thinks that many of this year's truants and transferees will return to class next September. Experience in some other major school districts desegregated since 1970 shows that antibusing violence, protests and parent resistance eventually decline. Charlotte, N.C., began its fifth year of court-ordered busing last September with only one picket. Walter DeVries of Duke University said a recent poll showed 2 per cent of 563 North x. Carolinias thought busing was still a serious issue. "Nobody wants to go back to the way things were," DeVries said. Hobby Club A 'Typp-Face' Profile Interesting Fun Project Outline a Face This is an interesting fun- project for boys and girls who like to make pictures. The idea is to form' the profile of your favorite movie star on a printed page, cut it out and mount it on a background of contrasting color. The result will be as in. Figure 1. The background may be colored construction paper. There is a great deal of character to printers' type. When a large area of it is assembled, all the size and face of type, there is a uniformity in the appearance that implies a great strength and orderliness. The first thing to do in making a profile from such a printed surface is to find a suitable side-view picture of the movie star in a newspaper or magazine. Clip it out and trace its outline on a field of type that is uninterrupted by large display lines of type, pictures or other distracting things. Cut the profile out of the field of type as the boy is doing in Figure 2. Paste it on the background. TOMMOROW: Unusual Pictures Made Of Hairpins And Nails! MANAGER'S SALE] from America's Largest Bicycle Manufacturer Flying MOTO-CROSS BICYCLE $5476 ^J^W REG. 65.95 • 20-irt. size, strong cantilever frame with heavy duty front fork. Wide angle reflectors for maximum safety. Motorcycle style handle bars & grips. Moto-cross number plate. Knobby rear tire for extra traction. Sporty Moto-cross fenders. 65119-9 Partially assembled in the carton. ., Dan Johnson Manager 308 N. Main Garden City, Ks. REG. 54.95 Neatly compact — fits in cars where space is a necessity. Automatic tape head cleaner, fjne tuning, channel indicator light, built-in burglar alarm. Volume, balance and tone controls. 85-290 MONTCLAIR 8-TRACK TAPE PLAYER OTASCO SALE PRICES GOOD AT OVER 600 STORES THROUGHOUT THE SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST CUTLERY & GADGET TRAY 5 comportments, plastic, assorted colors, so no i 8-PIECE SALAD SERVER Glass, 8-piece, i like finish, so-ia-t TRASH CAN LINERS

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