The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California on November 11, 1971 · 13
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The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California · 13

Santa Rosa, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1971
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Victim's Death Described in Baron Murder Trial By BONY SALUDES It is "very probable" Clay Wilson was lying on the ground when Joseph Barboza Baron allegedly fired two fatal shots into nil head, last year, a pathologist disclosed yesterday. But photographs showing the bullet holes were withheld from the jury's view when the defense claimed they'd "inflame and prejudice" the Jurors. The photos and details of how the 28-y e a r -o 1 d Santa Rosa heavy equipment operator met his death occupied the first day of testimony in the 39-year-old defendant's murder trial. Dr. David T. Clary, a Santa Rosa pathologist, testified Mr. Wilson was shot at least twice in the head once through the left eye and once through the side of the bead near the left cheekbone. The bullet holes, the doctor said, were so close together one to two inches apart that the victim almost had to have been lying on the ground when the shota were fired. He said slugs left two exit holes on the right rear of Mr. Wilson's head, but there was a third larger hole in the back of the man's head which the doc tor couldn't account for. In answer to questions by Dis trict Attorney Kiernan Hyland, Dr. Clary said the hole could have been caused by a third I gunshot or an "extremely hard' blow to the back of the head. Mr. Hyland insisted on showing four photographs of the skull to the jury, but Public Defender Marteen Miller gained a temporary order from the Judge preventing their public display. Securities In his opening statement to the nine-woman, three-man jury, Chief Deputy District At torney Ronald Fahey said he would prove Mr. Baron killed Mr. Wilson in a dispute over some $140,000 worth of stocks and bonds. He said these were part of $250,000 worth of securities, an tiques and jewelry stolen in a m burglary at the Petaluma borne of Victor DeCarli. The two men, Mr. Fahey said, formed an alliance whereby Mr. Baron would convert them into cash. j Mr. Wilson, he said, turned: the securities over to Mr. Bar- on, but later became distrustful and demanded them back. He said Mr. Baron on the night of July 7, 1970. took Mr. Wilson, his wife, Dee Mancini Wilson, and a friend, Paulette Ramos, for a walk sear the Wilsons' Glen Ellen home and then1 shot Mr. Wilson. i Later in the night, Mr. Fahey, said, Mr. Baron dug a hole on a hillside, put the body in a car, Coast in 1968. trunk and had Miss Ramos He said Mr. Baron lost the drive the auto to the hole, where book and it was found by a per the body was buried. son "familiar to both Mr. Baron Mr. Miller, told the Jury Mr. 'and Mr. Wilson." Baron killed Mr. Wilson in self' "Confrontation" uciense ncr iwr. mison puiicu, , k.- hu tin,, h a gun first and fired at his cli-L, ,wo nM, wm deepy in. K Ivolved In trying to convert the Mr. Wilson was killed on June DeCarli securities and Mr. Wil-30 or July 1, 1970, not on July l.n't subsequent awareness of lne namcs in Mr. Baron's ad The snooting, Mr. Miller con-1 dress book "gave rise to a con tended, stemmed from an ad-ifrontation." dress book, in which Mr. Baron had names and phone numbers of various government officials he'd dealt with In the past in aiding in the conviction of several Mafia figures in the East lie said Mr. Wilson always carried two guns, one in a tai lored pocket in his pants and one in his boots. On the night in Glen Ellen, he said. Mr. Wilson, who allegedly . . . OUR REGULAR DISCOUNT PRICES: ii jpx p IIITES! if SIZES I fclO. 25CFf SALE! 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INSTALLATION AVAILABLE! (o)(o)lK6. TO 0(o)(o) 1045 S5 OPEN Y0UX ACCOUNT T0DAYI Pres. Democrat, Santa Rosa, California, Thursday, Nov. 11, 197113 Stowe Jr., Mr. Fahey Intro-j duced 27 photographs, including some blow-ups, of the gravesite,! shooting site and body. j Mr, Stowe said he, Detective Sgt. Timothy Brown and CuptJ Kobert Hayes, using a metal two Guerneville men hav was uer of drugs, pulled out a gun, fired a shot that went through Mr. Baron's coat and .hen Mr. Baron took the gun away. He aid Mr. Baron shot Mr. Wilson Uice as Mr. Wilson was 'going for his gun irwide his boot. Mr. Miller said he'd prove Mr. Wilson by nature was a vio lent man and he became more violent with the consumption of Seconal. I Mr. Wilson's "excessive" use of drugs "gave rise to his quick' temper and violent disposition," Mr. Miller said. The public defender said he would snow Mr. WiLson attacked his former wife, Pearl Wilson, with a gun while she was holding a child, staged an "unpro voked attack" on some young well wiiu a uivncu uuiuc, diivi at and threatened "numerous and many people" and threatened to kill his wife's former husband. Ken Mancini. and a man, identified as Ray Pinole. Mr. Fahey objected to the statements, contending the information was inadmissible and improper for Mr. Miller to mention it before the jury. Superior Court Judge Joseph P. Murphy Jr., however, said he hadn't yet ruled on the admissi bility, but said Mr. Miller was duty bound to support what he said with "admissible evi dence." Barun's Gun Mr. Miller said Mr. Baron was carrying a gun for his own protection because he feared for his life after testifying against several Mafiosos, who were con victed of murder. He said a "contract" of $300,000 was put out by the Maf ia for Mr. Baron s life. During testimony of Sheriff's Identification Technician Robert 2 Guerneville Men Fined For Killing Deer detector, found two .38 slugs been sentenced for spotlighting buried in the ground near the Jack London Estates on Oct. 19, 1970. and killing deer near Guerne- ville Sept. 14. Municipal Court Judge James The spot, with a discoloration! E-Jo,,w! j!;! bothnien in the ground, was about one-third of a mile from where Mr. Wilson's body was uncovered in a shallow grave the night of Oct. 12, 1970. One of the slugs, Mr. Stowe said, contained what "appeared to be hair." The revelation strengthened the prosecution's contention that that was the spot where the shooting oc curred and that Mr. Wilson was' shot while in a prone position. Sgt. Brown testified Miss Ka ntos, 20, led him and other offi cers to Mr. Wilson's grave on seeing liny weapons during their probation. One of the men, Clarence St. Clair, 32, Guemevuie, was placed on two years probation and given a 00-day suspended jail sentence. The other, Dale Lowrie, 36, Guerneville, was placed on one year probation. Man Set Free; io Complainant 1 9-.varjilH man arrAstd hv the night of Oct. 12 after he' , ,. c , . quizzed her about a murder, re- Roiia PUce ve: ported to police. n"ig has been ordered released Sgt. Brown and Mr. Stowe f"m custody by Judge James said they had to remove a huge ! Jones Jr. tree stump from atop the gravel Thomas Bechtol was booked before they started digging. , around 9:30 D.m. on Mr. Stowe said they over-uuroaB f acailH .ith n dnadiv looked the body's right forearm . . . . . ,. and had to return the next day weaPn- bem dru,,k and mah' to recover it. On the ring fingerC'0US mischief, of the hand was a ring, which' Police said a witness reported helped in the identification of the suspect was breaking out Mr. Wilson, Mr. Stowe said. vehjde windows at Sixth and At the onset of the trial yes-:...;. in al!i an1 whn htt terday, Judge Murphy ex- . . t. .. ,.r plained to the jurors the tight Proached lo fon ,hm1' security measures were im. young man raised a claw ham-posed by him because of the na- mf above hl3 in a threat- ture of the crime charged and "'""" the fact the state had an obliga- During his arraignment how- tion to insure the safety of Mr. ever. Judge Jones ordered the Baron and two prospective wit- suspect released because no nesses. the three of whom are complaint had been filed against all serving time in state prisons him through the district attor- in Massachusetts. ney s office. ll'.ii ,Q 1 1 B 'filiiill yp tab If you're a customer of California Canadian Bank, the answer is, "Plenty!" 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