The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1943
Page 8
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'. JPAGE EIGHT- .*' IUATJ1RVILLE (ARK.)' COURIEK..NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 2, 1M3 Vols Grab First From Barons, 14-6 >-v2 -,By United Press J Ttic Naslnllle Vols opened a fl\c ItfTes .^saw 0 «W» Blimlngham Thursday "night in Naslnille by (•ahlng the Barons with a 14 to 0 defeat. The Vols— winners of Ihe •olithern V Association first half . from behind in Iho flrtt and fourth innings to win the 'Charlie Gilbert got homers in l»6th the flrsl and fourth innings. Tlie Vols hit safely 15 limes and the Barons i3. , In atlanta the Crackers staged •n uphill battle to win over Ihe Little Hock Travelers', 7 lo C. Little Rock scored three limes In the 'first inning and again in the second; to.l.akc. a 6 to l lead. 1 But the Crackers pecked away at (he Peb's Ed Lopat and finally shoved over the winning run in the eighth Charlie Cazbrl started for At- l»nta, but was relieved by Vernoi Curtis In the second: Curtis, sold to \Vashinglon Senators Thursday, was given credit for his 10th win of the year. .New Orleans in Knoxville ant Memphis in Chatlanoogn were 'postponed. : Storking Sale Kept Safe \-OAKLAND, cai. <UP>—A depart ment store here had, the genia Idea of hoarding 4,000 pairs of silk •lockings and offering them at 1(. »peckil niuiiversiiry isale. A riot ] ns •quad of seven policemen kept the ' building from being lorn down or •ny loss of life among Ihe customers. Grandpa George Wins Regularly [n The Interstate League At )odgers On Short End Of 10-9 Score; Tyvo Teams Use 10 Pitchers Hy.United. Press Leo Durocher's Brooklyn Dodgers Mew an opportunity to tnkc over lie lop spol In tlic National League jy losing to I he Cincinnati Heels n a 12 Inning contest—10 to 3. The sec-saw game was replete wllli sloppy play and saw a lotnl of ten pitchers go to the mound or both lenms. . Rav Starr got credit for the win after being relieved by Elmer Rid rtle In the 12lh. Riddle laced the llircc lop guns In Brooklyn's baiting order—Vaughn, Mcdwlck and Cnnillll—and matte all three walk back to the Dodger ilutjont. All three batsmen went out on foul flies. Buck Ncwsom was the losing pitcher. The Soiilli Carolina ace had pitched a full game on Wednesday and won It. In oilier National League names, a jnmc apiece went inlo the win column for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies. Schoolboy Howe won the first one for the Phils G to 1, and Bob Kllnger won the second game 2 to 1 for the Plrales. ' The Chicago Cubs made il scv- 57 CHICKASAW •West-Main Near 21st St. •at. starts 12:15; Sun. starts 1:45 Nljht shows 5:45 •Except-'Monday, opens fi:45 Continuous shows S:it. and Sun. ' Friday & Saturday Double Feature _ "HIDDEN COM)" with HopaloVis Cassldjr and "CASE OF THK HLACK I'ARROT" " "' M itli William" I.uiuligan SERIAL: VTlick .Tracy vs. Crime. • " "• Comedy. en straight over (lie Boston Braves old Paul Derringer won the me fl to 5. j, The St. Louis Cardinals and the cw York Giants had a day of si. In (he American League, the evclami Indians won a close one er the New York'Yankees,- 3 to Charlie WcnslolT added to his ird hick laurels by losing a scv- i hitler. Another one run decision was on by (he St. Louis Browns ' ol) Muncrict bested Don Black it Ditchers' battle, 2 to I.. 1 ' The Washington Senators wore uly able to get to Big Bill Dict- ch, of the Chicago While Sox, ir four,hits as. the Windy City itls woii a hall game 2 to 0. Dizzy Trout won a hall game or tlic Detroit. Tigers with the ielp ol a pinch hit single by Ned Inr'rls In the nin^h. Tlic final core was 3 lo 2! The Tigers had tied the ball ;iune up In the last, of tlie eighth. Here Is today's major league By HAIlltV (IHAVSON .Thoiims Edward Georg? Is wln- ling regularly for New York of the Class » Interstate league at tlic ige of yi and after pitching for 40 .•enrs, If you don't consider that rc- nmrkalile Just lake n took as some blokes In (he mid-thirties trying lo liuslle up a Illsshl of stairs. Lefty George, out of Pittsburgh's LawrciKevllle district, In 1001. blanked college teams in Hie south for Washington and, where he took the straight pitching course. He broke Into organised baseball In 'OS, crashed the majors for the first time with tlie Boston Nationals In '09. !le die! a couple of hllcli- cs with the Braves, Cleveland Naps and Columbus, put in lime wllli the St.. Louis Browns, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Toledo, Kansas City, New Orleans and Minneapolis. George's greatest thrill wus beating Ihc immortal Christy Mathcw- son and Ihe Giants, 4-0, while with the Reds in '15. George's fast ball disappeared oil!; 11 B°, of course, hul he throws tantalising variety of soft stuff —wide, sweeping curves come from evcrai different ddlvcrhs. Old )all players conlend he still has he best screwball In the business. lis knucklcr seems to flap wings is it comes flnaling up to the dish. OLD INSTITUTION' IN VOKK The fuel lhat George, the father of five children and a grandfather, is still pitching—and winning— tB&B nay seem phenomenal to outsiders, - Sunday & Monday '"BANJO ON MY KNEE' with Barbara «. Joel McCn Universal News Cometly. but to York Inns It's just the nat- Ihlng to have Lefty out there- year after year. George was wllli York of the Ti'1-Stnlc League in '10, returned there to play with an industrial teftm In '22, joined Ihe York club 01 New York-Pennsylvania League in '23, and has been lu Ihc neighborhood since. He won in games for York In '23, 25 In '24, 27 In '25, 20 In '20. He led the league In '24-25, established tlie loop's strikeout record wllli 161 In '24, had a streak of 4li scoreless innings In '29. There are a inlillon .stories about George, Wllltamsport newspapers USEd to say that the baseball season \vas officially open when Lcfly reached around wllli his left hand to scratch his right car. That was enough to gel him In shape. George has been n practical joker since he was old enough lo think them up. He is an expert marksman with B-13 shot and quill toothpick, amuses himself by shooting the little pellets from between his teelh at nuy Appropriate tar- gel. | built up n mellow and pleasant i background during Its n runnings, Probably Ihe greatest thrill the ifans ever got at Goshen was in won the 1035 when Greyhound Hamblctonlan. Hambletonian To Be Run The race Is kicked off In three .heals or more with a horse being i required to win two heals lo be At Yonkers; Pleasure •»« Driving Ban Blamed NEW YORK, July 'i (UP)—For the first time In 13 years, The Ilainblctonlan — Kentucky Derby of harness racing—will move from its hallowed site at Goshen, N. Y. The grand old race Ihal has fostered many champions will be held at Empire City Race trace, in Yonkers, N. Y., on Aug. 11. IL was undoubtedly with a sad icart that •William Cane—president if the Goshen Track Association— 'otcrt for the transfer which was orced by the ban on ' pleasure Irivlng. Cane and his publicity agent — \lden Calkins—took a good race jack In 1030 and built it inlo a traditional yearly event. R>r 12 seasons, people have tra- velled to the little whlsllc-slop at Goshen, N. Y., to see Ihe Hatnblc- lon won by such great horses as Greyhound, Rosalind, Peter Astra, Lord Jim and Calumet Butler. The race Itself does not have Ihe traditions behind It that some of the longer-lived straightaway nice meets have-but it already has :*« way back „„. of hea^ mm, there was Hie finish and there was Greyhound out in front. For Ihe next heat the bookies— ol controlled by I'ai'l-muluel bet- „„..;.• ,• like to see In the National League , the lmn ollcc m a w)l Dodgers again play host to the' Mnclnniitl Reds ". In a twilight .nine at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field. The St. Louis Cardinals ' and the Mew York Giants cross bats in New York's Polo Grounds. At Boston, It's the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Braves. And, the Pittsburgh Pirates battle the Philadelphia Phils at Philadelphia. In the Arnerlcan. League, Wnsli- inglon again 'plays at Chicago, the New York Yankees face Ihe Indians at 'Cleveland.' The Philadelphia Athletics and the SI.: LouLs Browns meet In St. Louis. And, the Boston Red Sox and the Tigers Lefty walk a Ic Just to see once more his famous move lo first) jase. His windup with a man on first is so bewildering thai frc? with tlie Browns and being hit hard In St. Louis, Ilhody Wallace, Ihc manager, wejil out to the mound, asked for the ball pending Ihe arrival ol another pitcher from Ihc bullpen. Lefty got the ball back iind rjtgan lo tap Flhody on the head with it. George can lill and run. In a recenl game he went lo bat with the bases loa'dcd and two out and York three runs behind. Hitting from the left side of the plate 1 he drove a liner back of third' base rmd scored from second on a single with Ihc winning run. York county kids adore George because he has never been known lo pass a kid's ball game anywhere in his travels without stopping to watch or help. George was one of tlie men who helped bring professional baseball back lo York tills year. He solicited funds, ami when the pitching staff went bad, put on n uniform, worked out for two evenings, thciv went in to relieve and was credited with a victory. ' •'-• Time and Tide and Lefty George. Enjoy a Patriotic ,4 th and 5 th IN MEMPHIS '* * * ' Fairgrounds Amusement Park Devices Open at 2 P.M. Sunday Special Qpening I P.M. Hon., July 5 At you enjoy a wa!l Jetervod rest on thoie days, join Iho throng for fun and features. * JOThrillEngRides ; . *.'/ a Mile ol Mid-Way Regular Daily Hcun 7 p.m. to 12 p.m. Sjlufdjyi i Sun Jay i 2 p.m. to 12 p.m. Free Picnic and Playgrounds . Open All Day Fairgrounds AMUSEMENT PARK MEMPHIS, TENN. ftmustmenl Cenler ol ItieHid-Soulli ling standards—dropped Ihe odds on Greyhound to one to 100. They were wise, because Greyhound lin- ished Jlrst again. Sep I'alin—his drjver—lield the big horse back until" the stretch and then let him have hLi head lo win going away. Tlie Ilambletoi.ian resembles the Kentucky Derby In nnny respe:t.s. In the first place it is restrlcled to throe year olds—colts, fillies and geldings are eligible. And. It's the biggest in Ironing, usually being worth around $10,000 to the winner. At any rate, on Aug. 11, a guy named Cane Is going to have tlie pleasure of .seeing lib beloved rut: run—even though sleepy Goshen won't be able to hear the cheers lor the winner. NAPA, Cal. (UP)--Thc local police lifce to be courteous and liclp- iul to the armed forces, so they are whistling for a cat. The wife of an Army officer in a small town in Washington advised them that while stopping In Napa her pel cat, Perry, had gone AWOL. Fortunate^ ly, she explained, they only had H£' whistle the same as to a dog and tlic eat would jump into their automobile. They are still whistling THE OLD JUDGE SAYS.,, "Jusldropped by to tell you, Frank, I had a fine letter from your son, Joe, this morning. Mighty nic'cof him to take the lime lo wrilc me...I know how busy they keep the boys. Thai's a fine camp he's been transferred to up in New England." "Yes, Catherine and I had a letter (his morning, too. Said he was writing you... he's very fond of you, Judge. Catherine is certainly proud of Joe and proud of the great Army he's a part of." "She has good reason to be, Frank. Joe is one fine fellow and the Army he's in is the best disciplined, best behaved in our hislory. Just last night I was reading an article that quoted a report signed by five chaplains in the very camp where Joe is now training. I remember their exact words which were "there is no liijuor problem at this Post." And I understand that's true in camp afler camp all over the country. And if Catherine would like to see ilia I report, I'll drop it off at the house tomorrow." koMit Bmiagt Iniliultia. tr.c. qucnlly the runner dives frantically back lo Ihc ung only lo find Ihal Lefty has thrown a strike across the plate. George stood six feet but weighed no more than 145 pounds when he first' exhibited his rubber arm for the Pittsburgh Collegians, an independent club, in '04 and '05. He wore several pairs ol stockings lo make his skinny legs appear thicker. He now weighs 105. George was in no sense a screw- box, but enjoyed afternoon In 'II, his laugh. One while Iicfty was :•:. Open 1:15 Show Starts 7:15 Adm. Always lie and 25c ; Friday and Saturday 'Sunset On the Deserf :,.. !'• r';"' with rKoy,' ]ioj;crs & Gabby Hayes >'. iSEKIAT/i "I'crils of Nyofca." \ ' Comcity. •;:; • Saturday Midnight Show •; Starts at 11 o'clock 'Wrecking Crew' with Richard ' Arlcn & Chester Morri • _.' Sckctcil Slinrls Sunday & Monday ALWAYS INSURES :.l . taffMsf FAMOUS LITHO GEORGES SCHRE |Pi& i '*^fi '&* •••;'* ^^"JEiife''''^ - , • v •** Similarly, ftmctef by J I fliy by J«liu* J. fc tTiiSia G. E< - - - n«Pl»yt>V u .mB lfllobb, . "of Ihc Hay '-:H 4 j'ftf Selected Shorts 3 TIMES AROUND THE WORLD DAILY ON SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL Three limes around the world—more than 75,000 miles—is the mileage flown daily by American Airlines' giant fleet of Flagships. And every ship is lubricated with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. When yon use Sinclair Pennsylvania in your car, you're giving your engine tlie J> same protection given costly airplane motors. So take a tip from American Airlines. Use Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil for »»fer, quieter lubrication. 5 |)rn ifoftlu Oiuilily of lliis grr IH.'IT. Millions rnjoy n brimming ^lass Vri'inium Quality Fi slntT the ultimate l>€cr gootlucssl B. J. ALLEN AfMl — BlytheTille, Ark. For Your Greater Pleasure « the Famous Flavor of Falstaff is brewed from a Thorobred Yeast insured for $1,OOO,OOO! IN ON BOTUES DRAFT HAVE YOU HEARD?.., f you drink Falstaff when you eat Then every meal ••> will be a treat. A a true work of art—in brewing as in ]>aiming— is always recognized. Your tasln reveals that here the sore? of Premium Qualily lias limi captured. In lirrr, lliis achievement takes years oflircwiiii;'lakes tlic choicest ingredients money can liny ... il takes all time ... unit s<micf/u'/ig rtwrr: That "something more" is llie ycasl used in brewing. I'or experts agree: IT'S THE YEAST THAT HE.U.LY DECIDES A UEEIl's VI.AVOKI PUT EXTRA MIGHT INTO THE FIGHT. And lucre you have the. secret of Falstaff 8 Famous Flavor. Premium Quality Talstaff is a lircr lirewcd from a rare, iliorolmil jwut . ; : WITHOUT A IHJl'UC.VTK IN THIS WOHI.II. So iligld/ valued is tliis S-genrration-old ye.isl that it's iicliially insured for ONE MILLION noi.L,vns! Knjoy llic subtle ditfercncc $ncli premium qual- ily lircwing brings. Make it a point for keener pleasure, lo say, ".MAKE .MINE KALSTAFF!" Ill THRIFTY QUARTS for generous Uonlo cllUr- lain'mg, as well as Iha familiar pinl bottles. ..CCT AN EXTRA WAR BOM) TODAYI .^' ia< Corporation, SI. Lcuil, Ouulu, Nc» Orkiat

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