The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1950
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BIA'THEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Dixie Farmers Urged to Speed Mechanization Banker Says Pae* Must Be Increased And Crops Varied GREENVILLE, Mis*.. July 14. —Farmers and their financial backers will have to shift gears to keep pace with a mechanized agriculture, in the opinion of some Industry leaders. Banks already have broadened iheir viewpoint on the subject, according to a Memphis, Teun., bank er. The opinions were expressed at .the National Cotton Council's fourth 'Annual belt-wide cotton mechanization conference which opened Its , second day here today. Darry Francis, vice-president of the National Bank of Commerce In Memphis, told dclcpales that most bankers are supporting crop diver-s if lent ion programs. "We will stay in the cotton busl- 'np-K.i but we are looking at agriculture on a broader basis now." he said. Francis' statements came after Council President Harold Young of Little Rock urged mechanization of - the farmer's entire operation, not Just cotton production. Urges Varied Production Francis also encouraged southern farmers to increase production of eggs, meat and other farm commodities to meet demand increased by high incomes. •It Is time for the South to make •its bid with these items." he said Meanwhile, State Sen. Frank Barlow of Crystal Springs. Miss., called Tor a review of farm lease arrangements In the light of a mechanized agriculture. "Mechanization, new farm practices, new crops and reduced cotton acreage have raised problems on rented farms that are not covered by our established customs," Bar : low said. Barlow, president of the Mississippi Livestock Council, charged that land owners do not share in livestock production profits under present rental contracts. Such contracts, he added, hold'back Initiative by both land owrifcr and ten- int. Ed Lipscomb of Memphis, Cotton Council public relations director reported that Farm Bureau organizations, the National Grange an< Individual cooperatives and farm groups are undertaking a nation, wide county by county fight againsi "welfare" trends by the nationa administration. He called on the 400 delegates to join the campaign. S/iriners Plan fish Fry at Club House • ',.. -5 -••v : ---;- < Snrinrrs 'will entertain ' 'their wives and guests tonight at the Shrine Club House at the Alrbase with a fish fry. Miss Charley Ruth Blankenship I/. T. Moore and Harry Fritzlus wi! present a musical program. E. M. Holt.- club president, .said • about 115 persons are expected to attend. Takes Command SAN PEDRO, Calif., July 14. W)_ Brig. Gen. William L. Roberts, who was In charge o( training the Soulh Korean Army In the 26 months before the outbreak of the fighting there, is taking over command 01 Ft. MacArthur. The Army indlcatcc the command will be a short one Gen. Roberta is scheduled to retire In a few months. Rail Strike Bill Shelved WASHINGTON, July H. M*j The Senate Labor Committee yes .terday shelved a bill to outlaw rai strikes. The 10 to 1 vote—with onl. Senator Donnell (R-Mo), the bill' sponsor, voting to send it to Ihi senate for debate — confirmed i recommendation made by a sub committee last week. R B.MCULLOCH Forr«l Citj-SI. Fruncls Coontj Associate Justice SUPREME COURT {Position No. 3} CAPABLE ENDORSED by his fellow lawyers in every section of ")kay Sought 'or Purchase Of Gas System LITTLE ROCK, July 14. M— lid-South Gas Company is seeking ftlclal approval of its: proposed pur- nase of gas distribution systems f the Arkansas Power and Light lompany in 21 Arkansas cities and owns. MId-Soulh yesterday asked the ikansa.s Public Service CommiR- lon to nuthorl/i acquisition of the yslems for tl.942,817. Previously. Die recently-formed onipany had asked commission Minority lo serve 22 East Arkan- TS cities not now supplied with atural gas. It proposes to spend 7,200,720 for a pipeline and dls- •Ibution systems for these 22 niu- Icipatlltes. Yesterday Mid-South also filed Us roposcd rale.s for BUS in Ihe "new" tics and lowus. Rales for towns aving 1.000 or more customers mild start at $1.75 monthly for w first 600 cubic feet, or less of as. Rales for amounts above 600 :ibic feet would range from 3'-i ?nts down to six cenl.s a cubic oot, depending on amount used. In (owns with less than 1.000 cus- omcrs the rate would start at $2 or month for the, first 600 cubic eet; in rural areas, $2.50 for the rst 600. The nbove-600 rates would >e graduated on the same scale as i the larger municipalities. fiatcs in (he places now served by • rkansas Power and Light would eniain unchanged. The Public Service Commission as set hearing on the applita- ions for July 20. nur* Minn, Forrest CUy, AT*. -ivesrock NATfONAf, STOCKYARDS II] Illy 14. (Ti-IUSDA)—Ho«s 9500: arrows and gilts .50 to mostly .75 jwer; spots more; some pigs 1.00.50 lower; sows mostly .50 lower; ulk 180-230 In barrows and gilts 4.50-24,75; top 24.75; scattering 40-270 Ibs 23.50-2430; 150-170 Ibs 1.50-23,10; 120-140 Ibs 18.50-21.50; 0-110 Ibs 19.50-18.SO; sows under 00 Ibs 19.25-20.25; heavier sows 6.25-13.00; sings 11.50-14.50' bonrs .50-11.50. Cattle 800; calves 100; generally Icndy with cows making up bulk ( supply; small lots medium to o\v good heifers and mixed yenr- tngs 26.00-28.00; common and medium beef cows 19.00-22.00; cans ami cutters 14.50-18.50. 12 Airmen Ki In B-50 Crashes Huge Bombers Fall In Accidents in Arizona and Ohio LEBANON, O.. July 14. r/P) — Only x gaping hole In a field and shattered pieces of metal today show where an Air Force B-50 bomber crashed yesterday, carry- Ing al least 11 men to their death. At El Paso, Tex., BIRRS Field officers today announced the names of six of Ihose killed In the crash. They said the names of the others would not b« announced until later In the clay. The dead; Ca|>t. Paul E. Anderson. Jr., 29, KI Paso; S,Sgt. Ellis B. Smith. 40. El Paso; SISgt. James A. Travis, 29, Bertram, Tex.; 8 Sgl. Russell B .Moore, 22, Snlern. W. Va.; SRI. Alclde Danes, 22, Baytown. Tex.; Pic. CJeorpe I.,. Martin, aboul 21, Danbcrry, Neb. Biggs officials said the plane was on a routine practice mission and was carrying practice bombs. The plane plunged- Into the ground on a farm near Lebanon, O., and exploded. The Impact and the blast lore a hole in the ground that was about IB feet deep and Must You Avoid Favorite Foods? ,.. btcautt of Acid Stomacfc? FRIDAY, JULY 14, 1950 nt least 75 feet wide. Nearly ercffonc hmt favomr (VxxJi thai bring on hcaflburn . . . xinrnc.** . . . jicit indigestion. Bui millions have found th< finiwer S< simple as A-B-C. They jus carry a hamly roll of Tumi in pocket 01 purse. Kai I or 2 like candy for quick soolhing relief. Turn* contain no iod« to OYer-alkalire or cause acid rebound. And ihey are FASTI Colt only • dime. Get a roll luclayl 1UMS POC THI TUMMT CORRECTION: Dr. Pepper, Seven-Up COCA-COLA GRAPETTE Delbrook, Ib. 23c OLEO Case of 24 case of 30 75< Ibs. NABERS [Freeman-Henley Grocery & Market I Grocery & Market Everything Will Thornberg Ate Disagreed With Him Until He Took Hadacol Found his trouble was due to lack of Vitamins B,, B 2 , Iron and Niacin in his system! fn case after case where people had given up all hope of obtaining relief from such stomach distress, simply wonderful experiences are being reported after taking Ihis great new HADACOL for deficiencies of Vllams BI, B;., Iron and Niacin in Ihe system. Everyone is talking about. HADACOI. and the wonderful good it is doing £or weak, rundown men, women and children who have such deficiencies. For instance, here's an Interesting experience which Mr and Mrs. Will Thornberg• jointly write about. They live in Garner. North Carolina. "My husband, 60 years old had suffered witli slomach distress lor quite some time. Everything he ale seemed to disagree with him. A friend told me about HADACOI, and how much it had helped her. I Insisted that my husband RlTe It a fair trial. He had tried so many medicines without any result that he had begun to think nothing would help him. "He Is on his fourth bottle now. He can eat anything he wants, and It doesn't hurt him. He says he can recommend HADACOL gladly to anyone suffering as he did. Thanks so much for HADACOI,." Mwiy I>«clom Rivimmirntl HADACOL Ask your own doctor if this Isn't so. A lack of only a small amount of Vitamins B,, B 2 , Iron and Niacin can cause much stomach distress—Indigestion, heartburn gas, bloating, a "nervous" stomach which can't, and refuses to digest your Jood properly So why punish yourself and tcep on taking quick-acting antacids which give symptomatic relief. Be fair to yourself —relieve the REAL c*usr of your trouble due to such deficiencies. Another H-50 K.dh TUCBON. Ariv,., July 14. f/IV— Survivors of a 13-50 bomber crash said today an explosion occurred just moments before the plane plunged out ol control, carrying at least one crewmen to (tenth. Six men parachuted to -safety. Three others are reported missing. The four-engine air force plane carried TiSgt. Robert L. Jones of Tucson, Ariz., lo a flaming death on a hillside In the (iatiuro Mountains, 40 miles northeast of the city. H exploded and burned when it plunged into tlie ground early yesterday. The pilot, |,l. Jerome M. Mc- Ciuvllle, 25, of Darlington, WIs., said: "The first, indication I had of any (rouble was a terrific explosion. There was a flash of rirn from Ihe number three engine and a few moments later the plane began to fall out of control. * Names of the missing have not been released. The plane was from nearby Davls-Monthan Base. NOTK'K Of GRANTING OF I.IQl/OK J'KKMIT Notice Is hereby given that the CommLsIoner of Revenue of the Slate of Arkansas has issued & permit No. 234 (o Fred P. Alexander to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 111 So. Main St., Leachvllle, Ark. This permit Issued, on the 1 day of July 1950 and expired on tne 30 day of June 1051. Fred F. Alexander 7-7-53 1-14-50 | NOTICE Of GRANTING Or I.1QCOK FKKM1T Notice Is hereby given that the Commksioner of Revenue of the Slate, of Arkansas has Issued a permit No. 223 to Harold T. Lewis to sell and dispense vinous or splirtu- ous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described gj 406 W Ash, Blylhevllle. This permit i/sifed on tlie 1 day of July 1950 and expired on the 30 day of June U61, H. T. Lewis NOTICE Notice Is hereby giom that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit lo sell and dispense beer at, retail on the premises described as Hlway N. 61 (State Line) Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned statta that he Ls » citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involvisg' moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by (he undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other slat*, relative U> the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on thd 1 day of July 1950, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1951. H. Modlnger Subscribed and sworn W befora me this 13 day of July 1950. Mrs. Marshall Blackaid Notary Publie My Commission expires: SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KIND! Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soulh Broadway Phone 2651 And thanks to HAUACOl,- it's now possible to do so. G«t That WiiniU-fful IIADACOl. K«»llnjr HADACOI. not only supplies deficient systems with more than their daily needs of Vitamins BI, Bz, Iron and Niacin but beneficial amounts of precious Calcium, Phosphorus and Manganese—so vital to maintain good health. Know the joy of being able lo eat a square meal. Be able to eat the (oods you like and enjoy them without suflcrlnR cas heartburn and painful indigestion afterwards. And the besl news, yet! Continued use of this great HADA- COL helps keep such stomach disturbances from coming back' Truly one of the greatest bless: Ings of the times! So start this very day —get that wonderful wonder/iil HADACOL feelins everyone Is talking about. Trlal- st7.e bottle, only tl.25. Large family or hospital size, J3.50. •Photo by pro!fMnn«t mod-Is ® 193(1, Ib, LtKUn, Corpar.tli. BEFORE YOU CHOOSE ANY NEW CAR TAKE A LOOK AT • Is PRICE IMPORTANT? The Sludebaker Champion 2-dnor Sedan is only $1552.27 delivered in Ulylheville! Yes,' Sludehaker is one of the '1 lowest price largest selling cars in America. And, if you prefer a larger, more luxurious automobile, (he Commander and Land-Cruiser will exactly fit your desires. • Is Economy Important? En the famous Mobftgas Grand Canyon Run, (he Slurle- haker Champion equipped with overdrive heal 31) other cars in actual gas mileage. . .delivering a startling 26.551 miles per gallon. You'll save on operating costs with Sludebaker. • Is Driving Ease Important? Sludebaker now offers you the newesi and mosl advanced automatic transmission. . .Studehnker Automatic Drive. Simply set the selector lever and feed the gas—no shifting. Good gas mileage? You bcl! This is the THRIFTY automatic drive. And there's no creeping... (he car won't move unless you touch Ihe accelerator; and you get down-hill braking equal to or better lhan conventional drive. • Is Design Important? Raymond Loewy, America's most famous industrial designer, s«t Ihe style for all postwar cars with his revolutionary streamlined Sludcbiikcr body design. The Slud- ebaker is a beautiful car you'll be proud to own. Why not come in today? . See Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer For A Demonstration CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Railroad & Ash Streets Call 6888

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