The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 30, 1947 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE MALVERH LEADER, MALVER*. IOWA. OCTOBER 3O, 1*47 HENDERSON b* TV-it A ?ta¥ * C. D. TO THE APOVE NAMED 5 C 0. >f- t-r-i Jf.T Mrs. B«T»S. Tiya ar* hereby notified that a p-ti'jr/a of the stxm nara^d plafn- !a ROW va £!«> in ?fc* of?lr« of the Ja t&» p». COOK & BRAKE P)t!st:?r. Iowa! , ~*~.\- ''---<;•-:* = "l£*r. H*r it '* of E=rii»S tort* as* . c. 5- A f«* s for -r» of th-9 r»«;3»*te(l to In- oT. After t&* srn* »hf':h pv.itlrm pray* that ? lth ar,<l qni't In t rt <!•- ilwre «i in »r.4 asks * o-eeinr th*t i re* of ir«« takes ly * •*-»-:•• t *<J by -Vr* Es=«t Gip- ana Mrs. A5- .-?-2 Vertoa. n b* Mr? I>«t»r ...._ from erer ha?lr.7. «*- *ertir.? f,r 'JairMnsr any right, tl- *.'e ^/r is'eret* in of to *aid prem- l.«"wi. or ar*y p*rt thereof adverse to ».h» p5air.tif? or the plaintiff'* title therein, *nd that, ti'.ie to said above th (JOB. 17-2 OKI Re*m Ezyaad |T« woman Hke* to be reminded of B*r t e»-4wt oc« troop of women In th# eowrtry 1» prood to My Qu; it ij K y*»« flM au« yt«r. T1>« efo«jp ij ft* OM Se<»U — «> organization which hat jrown hs 15 yeari from a tJrs«3« trewj) <sf J2 gfrte to more th an 5I.O*» tr*5p« and * mjffion »nd a m«nb*r*. In 43 fca* tak*n tfae Jftad to bringing to ywth a b«tt«r waJerftasdirii of citi- «*n*h!p, cooperation, tndirkJual re- and »rric«. STRAHAN FARM SALES IUTO SALES LAND SALES FURNITURE SALES JEWELRY SALES PHONE F. E. "MIKE" BLOOMER •- -. r -.••.-! « -. .. : * "-'-> ".---=- •>.£- .-: •-.* ^-. '.-.-.=.- 5 "**• A_.--. <-e -,r--. i.t :•' •rit t Ivi- Tr.-.r^.'.>7 V.- i- : K-> A ; Hi-"- ! I"-- B..1'. Hi--.-.- •» : - < '- .' *.-.** -i;,*-» .»ir r- ifr> ITl-T ~,':'.f*r.x.-. ^ T - 1 ." i*- "* «7*r 't ^B.'r. '-* "•' -•-- ^..^ ',-r.. G-crr* W:::ia-s. Mrr Ralph Sruet. Mrs. Esssets G!p« and Mrs. AD«* Xcrtos. ... "Bark v. ^h'x-,!' 23 A r.---. -r -f -»!•=-••?_ rr>--i« z Ha;;- Blr-h- H*t*a»»T. Mr. 4»rry Irrfa Painful Jrrrr I at r«-:*iTm,j •putzJii ;-.r>* -..? %Ls foot - "-i»k»*6a;i it tti» — -*tis? . i»}4 »t >* list 73urs«5«T 43 t*k*a to Dr. rz H* sa?»r»4 a wffl Onb T!s* straiaa Garden 'Jab »ll! N'CT. 12 at t5» horn* of Mrt. *r Shook. As?:staB? h»»t«wa*> til fc- Mrs- Jar»<i WoMfiH and Mrs. O=3=r Coiad. Roil tali will b- aas-r.r«d by qnotln? a faror- It* pe-3. Mrs El Hathaway will a report oa the topi-: of aad rrjuf;rTr.i6«J in h!m, tfcft plaintiff har^ all *rjrh and fnrth<-:r *<3alfabl«- r^Il'-f th« Court may «i?^m J?j)!t. Tor a more particular rc^nt and notiri! of plaintiff'* eanw of action, R**T petition no* on fil». Yon ar<> also hTftby notlfi'"! to app«ar before naid roart at wood ia Mills County, Iowa, on or before lh« 2Sth day of Nor<>m- b»r. 1947, and that nnleM you •o appear, yonr default will be entered and judgment or d»crp«? m<?nts torn ;or« to<?, as »»;i a» a aid a broken prain?<l ankie. tt* fturmt er«nt »fth Mrs. Bernlo? Woodfiil fa charge of estertalnment. We are in tfie Market /or . Mr*. Ralph .v:oU. Mr- QUICK RELIEF FROM ££""£ ?[ s ' *>mpUrm »f Dhtm« Arhteg trasn STOMACH ULCERS *."• > rah rjonri ' 1 an<1 C1 ^ s*WAs">s?s9 •*»•"•* received word Mo r day that 'tACtSS ACID Conrad's granddaughter. Clyd'ia Fr««B««*Tt«»«fH***«Tr*ati»«wrt)ttt J f -an Conrad, fell while roller MMtlMt>*rnWBiCMtYMN«tMs« skating on their poroh and broke ^^^"o^ofcot'lwof tb«Wttij«B her arm. She In the daughter of fympvwS?(fdJ«S«,»i.wi^«1f^»iui^.' R * T and Mrs - L*««« Conrad of ED STEMGER, DRUGGIST , Iowa Mr. and Mrs Tom Brown and family were Sunday dinner guests of the Sam Taylor family at HasU McKEE FUNERAL HOME Lloyd W. (Mac) ifeKee CARSON, JOWA Herricc 1M Mr. and Mr*. Leon Lemonds and family were Sanday erening rlaltora at the Tom Brown home. Mr. and Mrt. Dalla* ait«« and son were Saturday sopp«r yueata at the Jake Merchant home in Red Oak. Mr. ac<i Mrs. MiUard Curtis of Ha-'inzs were Sssday visitors at 'he Dallas Ciit*« home. Mr. and Mr«. Charles Kayton ar.d son -rero Sunday dinner su^f! of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Dye in MaiTern. Mrs. H»nrj- Sims who Is employed Sr. Malvern spent the week end a; hora<?. Mr, and Mrs. Dale 'Xims and daughter were Sanday dinner iruests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom White and Mable. Mr* Bob Blunt and Mrs. Haroid Grindle were in Glenwood Monday. Wednesday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Amick of Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Codding- toa and children and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gipe. Mrs. Guy Grindle gr. 1$ slowly Improving following a recent operation. She was able to sit up four hour* Sacday. Glen Baalee spent Saturday night with Bobby Hall in Mai- Strahan fhanh Jfob*I B. BUckman. Pa.«tor Altfti .Vortoa. Sopt. Morning worship. 9:45. Sunday Kbool. 10:45 a. m. Monday, charch school board meeting, 7:30 p. ffl . Wednesday. 2:15 p. m, W. 8. C. S. win meet in the church. 7:30 p. m., senior M. T. F. Hay Recipe for a Grain Sandwich Slices (generous) of complete market coverage. Your jrrain as the filling. A relish made of a sincere desire to have you as a regular customer. Put them all together and the result is a satisfying treat Sell us your grain, we'll combine the three, and you'll be pleased. Bates • Collen Elevators • at Malvern. StraJian, CUrk «nd Sidney Phon** !U&\ aad 4551, M*lrern CoUen Gueata for dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Norton and children were Mr and Mrs. D. A. .Vorton, Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Sowers and daughter, Mr and Mrs. Raymond Trive- Jy and family and Mr. and Mrs. Alien Norton. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wlisoa and daughter of Shecandoah and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Conrad and s/>n were Sanday visitors at the Lloyd Wiison home. HAMPSHIRE SALE TUES. NI6HT, NOV. 4 40 IOARS At Radio .Sale* Pavilion, Bhcnuuidoah Coin, Iowa Randolph. Iowa The practical farmers' type. Boars backed by Champion *ires and by the highest producing sow herd in the breed. SPECIAL! We will include 10 gllu bred to farrow in February 1J48. Just right for 4-H and FFA projects. State rule* have been changed to let February litter show. HENDERSON FARM DON JAMISQN I B g • & W Pi I SIXTH FIREMAN'S FALL FESTIVAL Armory Ik Glenwood, Iowa Saturday, Nov. 1 DANCE DON RHOAOES - HIS TRUMPET AND ORCHESTRA Indoor Carnival - Floor Show Tumbling and Specialty Acts • •. .A.M Adm. AdulU$J Children 50c, Ux Mr. and Mrs. John Bayes spent the week end at the R*ed Snover home in Northbend. Neb. Mrs. Lyle Coddington » at the Malvem MethodUt church Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Coddington were Initiated into the Eastern Star chapter at Malvern last Tuesday evening. Mrs. Coddington sang at the meeting. Geraldine Glp* attended the' homecoming at Tarkio college and spent the week end at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Kettleeaoip at Tarkio, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass and grandson, Lyle Coddington Jr., spent from Friday until Sunday • at the home of Snpt. and Mrs. Walter Roberta at Troy. They attended a school carnival while there. Mr. Roberta is superintendent of the school there and Mr*. Roberta is mueie instructor. Mra. Roberta presented a Boor show consisting of musical number* as her part of th« carnival. Included ia the musical number* WM a song by Zeno Baa* on the harmonica with Mrs. Robert* accompanying on the piano. Gneat* Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele were an uncle. Will Hendry, of Primjhar and a cousin. Je«*e Fi*h, of Wonhiag- ton, Minn. Mr. and Mr*. Joe Hathaway and family were in Shenandoab Saturday. The Strahan school base* were taken to Shenandoah last Thursday by the regular driver* for a checkup by highway patrolmen. The buase« were in pretty good condition and will need only a few minor changes In order to conform with the new laws. Mrs. Gertrude Brown and daughter of Arlington, Va., spent the pas', week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton and son and Mr. and Mrs. Allen Xorton. The finst quarterly conference was held at the Strahan Method- ise church Sunday evening. Rev. Clayburg was present. Plans for (he coming year were discussed and reports were given on the year. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Grindle and daughter were Sunday visitors at Bob Blunts near Randolph. Archie Shaffer and Wilson Clark made a business uip to Malvtrn last Thursday. Attending the funeral of Miss Ine* Bradley Friday, from a distance, ware Mr*. Gladys Earnest of Glenwood Springs, Colo., Mis* Lottie Bradley and Mr*. May Starr of Caldwell. Ida,., an4 Mrs. 8. J. Clark of Omaha. Mr*. Charle* Gipe took Mr*. Juiitt Robbin* and Mrs. BUie SAT- age and drove to Tabor Monday to sto Mr and Mr*. Arthur Marshall of Canada who ar« vtsitlog her foiks there. All wer« school- uutM In Forrest Oovw country •chooi and the good old. Friday Mrs. Emmett Gip« took the Ore wnlor girls to Council Bluffs to have their pictures taken. Tom White and Jarae« MacDonald made a business trip to Red Oak and Tabor last Thursday. Mary Lou Langhlin Is staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs Omer Cozad and family in order to be able to attend Strahan high Mr. and Mrs. -Wilson Clark and children spent Tuesday night with Mr. Clark's mother in Hastings. They returned to their own home Wednesday to move their furniture back Into their home. It had been removed Tuesday nlBht while a roof fire was being extinguished. The Clark family live three mile* northeast of Strahan. Their hou»e was insured. Original Notice In the DUtrlct Court of Iowa, In and for Mills County R. F. Bryan. Plaintiff, vs. Jo* E. May; Gladys May; Alfred D. May; Ethel May; Halite R. May; Fred D. May; Eisie Schooler; Charlea Schooler; Purl Moore- Patricia Moore; Monty Moore; Alva Moore; any and all unknown heira of Robert I. May Deceased ;any and all unknown heir* of Sadie Moore. Deceased; and any and all unknown claimant* to the following described reml estate, to-wit: The East Half of the South- «*«t Quarter (BH BE*) of Section II. Township 7S North R«J»*« 44. In Mill* Coantr. Iowa, Defendants. Our Alfalfa Mill has been dehydrating Alfalfa since the 29th of July. Now that trfe green crop season is over we would like to buy your excess baled or stacked Alfalfa for grinding purposes during the next few months. Anyone interested in selling their hay, either on a delivered basis or at the farm, should call, write or come and see us. IOWA ALFALFA COMPANY Phone 20 Pacific Junction, Iowa BUTANE PROPANE Underground Tanks You can modernize your way of living by installing a system with which you can heat, cook and refrigerate ; a system that has automatic control without electricity. . FORCED AIR AND GRAVITY FURNACES Also Floor Furnaces, Circulating Heaters, Ranges, Hot Plates, Hot Water Heaters and Chick Brooders. Also have some Conversion Burners for hot water or steam. Midcontinent Butane Co. CD* SHIKEFLEW, Rock Port PHONE aM Pint Door South of Greeolcy Market Art Tu««day Gtaiutt w«r* Ut Our Supply of — Seed O is limited. Certified Clinton and Colo. Colo is known at Ames by No. CJ3972. Hancock — Morata — Bond. We were able to get a limited amount of these Colo Oats. After Oct. 25th the price will advance 25c. ORDER YOUR Fertilizer for spring seeding NOW! We'll have the first car load in December. , Best Prices For Your Grain Good Grain Co. PiMM**8tt

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