The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1934
Page 7
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; • ARKANSAS, [ MONpAY,: OCToBBft 20, 1934 . <Aftt) oraip son, in ? «m Building for : M"<*M 'ft ' Vie". qo<xi coil(llfjo»;!> oftrt- NE 045. REWARD for leading ' (p lu>il 5lzc""«4IOVOLE. PHONE ol your lire! tw llio ronson ittimi Hurry Ifomto, 1221 w. Aih iii\)»i) in case. Re- Salesineu Wanted cm, Sales oxpei! desirable, $100 wecitly, 117 a, Biosd^ay—P. O Box, Potionality Essential Oto.Scope In twl(flite cote [voln S rOLEN from my residence li(sG , . iu front oi MIIM ii. S: pttvls' 1 rcsldmiM on \V«i Ash. POO, 8 linjr, wlitii to vcl»ru to Or, I. R. John w 111 ui'own i|KJUi. TO THE HKSCU15! HEY! CAPTAIN OF TH' -TH'KING'S IN r A , A JAM, OUT IN TH', ^$ JUN6LE-GIT60IN', WAKE IT 5NAPPYY IN SOME TERRIBLE ; TROUBLE/ QUICK - . SOUNP TH 1 ALARM CAUL OUT TH' ARMV,' HbVB THAT ? SOMEBODY'S HOLLEKIM'- PER HELP; Kcslauiants Oyster* * Klvtr Cat Fl»t) Chicken Dtenen L\ur D*gr Jimmie. O'Brien 105 S. I AM 'TAYINO BEBT PRICES FOR PLOW UP OPTIONS J, E. HASSQN Grand ixmder Bldg.—Phone 4SO Mas- We Dj-c i'our Sliois? SEE OUR SAMPLES E. E. Ratcliff ! Across from Huooard 'Hdw, 'Go. vftAT DYA RECKON HAS HAPPENBP •YGUZ?. , WENT OUT TO 6ITOOPA SPOTTED CAT SKIN Try our 3000 mile SOLES—proof of the pudding is th.o eating. When Tractor FUEL for Mile nt'.'iiluiil or where you got It. PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHO1 103 Sotlth '2nd St. delivered. NO TAX. BrtRNSUALL OIL CO.' Ro«l - - Phono 40!) O. M. WllSOtl, A«ciU. . Choice Ozirk fiiruis on gotnl ti-riiis. J. C. Clihiilii, Mnnllii, 1 Ark.-2(l|)k5 Hnving ninno all kinds • ot shoes lor ABNORMAL leet/ can 'repair Hiivo n few more good bargains In POTTERY. :I50 b. Division, elioes to correct, ABNORMAL tect. les, 'between ''Lcvec Room & Board MOLES, HARNESS, WAGONS & TOOLS lor farmine .40 - acres. Plone 'J43 or 2ia Office Grand Leader Building WANTED: Roomers ami boardois $226. M. G. Csugliratl, Wlllillc f»nn 25-cfe-l on Flat LdkC'.Toad. , .f.».HL6.0.'»>AT.brt,' : v HOOTS AMD HER BUDDIES or towiet A.MA&—ov coo'a.'b'e. SO WWOMVNOKV'. *£WS.W(\\tR - VOO THBY'RE OFF! INTRC5U8LE! PRIN JAOA-.IN TROU8CE? AT'S WOT I'D LIKE TO MR. SftSV AND MP.,TUBBS, SIR, FCGRET THAT THBY ARE OSJABLt TO REMftlKJ FOR DINNER,; MR.TU&85 : ~AH»-GPWWDMOTHeR DIED. ' IJS5EM TO WOT TH' WEU.,WHflT THE WE WAITING FOR? LiSSENTOTH' REST OF AND SPEEW ARfWAL OF UTMOST (MPOfliwW 8V ALL MEflWS COME . JADA; -MU AMP CAPTOIM EftSV CflNISAYE ME FROM DISASTER. MV STARS' MV'STARSf IY lUMSKl.''! SALESMAN SAJ1 ^f«eRe<; * V GOOD GAME f <. 6000 .0, I -NieftN Pi 616 -GAME— \ SURE COLLEGE STUFF'.AM' I CWOER-/MICHK3ftM, COR— STAWDS DIS SrroRe SELLS J NBU-, ptAWNiw' ow SBEIN' SOMS ) THAT'S BIS FOOTBALL GAME DIS /OF TH' HIGH SCHOOL? COMIN' SATURDAY, PAL-! X TDlOM WILL GIVE Vfl ft U3KV DONtCHA \SALES— TAKE" FOpDHftM?) TICKETS TO SPME'A DEM! Furnfclicd Apurt- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I 5TUPISD HA(3D>,HOR THAT t.'CAMT OyOER SOBRY. PRECKLES, BUT T MOST H'WE MISt,A.IP YOUS.TEST PAPER,. OMLY O^E'TKATs HISSIMG! TT ISN'T FOOTBAt-L THATS 80TH6RIM3 ME.NUTTY.... IT'S THE IDEA THAT I FWLE& TO DO SQMSTHrtJG I SHOULD HAVE DONE ' TAKE LON6A HAVE rr so HARP, FRECK! THE t/iosr THIMG IH THE WORLD .'.' NBVEP, WILW KNOW t (JEWPOTE MIS '.VHOLE TESTPAPEI? cuisifIED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING IMOPIATION Dally rate j*r Wie lor consecutive Insertion*: <Five average' wprtls to a line) One time per line . . ........ . lOc Two times per line per day .'. 08c Three times per lice per day . . 0£c Six times pef line per day . . 05c Siootb rtt« per Una ......... 60c COo ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINE "Simmer** Polly-Prim" ,Milce»* Work , Fun. TERMS, OH, STOVES, 'WOOD STOVES, COA1) STOVES ' SPECIAL SEE OUR NEW LINE Opposite Old PostoHice Phone 252 Ads ordered (or three or &U limes and stopped before expiration will be charged tor the nmu- bw ol times the ad appeared and aflustment of ow owe, All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside o! the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Automotive Jto fesponslMUiy w)ii t tor jpbrc than one Incorrect Insertion ol any classified afl. Advertising ordered Jor irregulaj Insertions. taJte the .one time rate. J. Ben dune Battery. Service We recharge, rebuild all makes. Generators & Starters Repaired. At Tom W. jMkKm'« SUtloa ASH A SECOND Phone 8 — Residence S17-W. Heal Estate TOR SALE splendid HOMES- On" move in lie day you sign the conU'ucl, 103 El. Kentucky, Corner home hardwood Beautiful on'S. 3 bedrooms. Sliady Lot. 'rice reduced from SWOO to S3.MO. 6%. 250 Ca* - 522-50 310 Missouri, Corner Frankltii, 0 room stucco wltii 3 5*00 Cash - SIC Monthly Why Buy Coal From Uj? We will clvc ii cash discount, ol 25 «nl« [or tons of COAL purclmscri from us If you -vclll ijonglit It from this Him. —Somo Itoaoiis Wliy You SlioiiW Trodi} Will) ^ Us— 1— W years in business. 3-Prompt U—Quality of coal Imiidlcd. • 5—You get all you pay ("or. "QUALITY GROUt 1 '' is Districted, \>y GAY & BILLINGS 70 Let us show you (liesc places. Thomas Land Co. Sole Ag»'i)U. AH'kinds . paint and body work done, 'Cheapest prices. JOHN HEARN Baruett Auo Sales Co. Business Directory Factory,. Authorized r FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Factory Tr.ilncd Mechanics Day Ii7—Phone— Night S8J W 'Mate. St. W.B. GEE SALES CO. FARMERS! Have your TAX FREE COTTON made into excellent' mattresses. SPECIAL PRICES'-' ' , UPHOLS'T U6 S. GHjtwood & \Veidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues WE . SELL CHEAPER OUR.,8TOCk IS COMPLETE MECHANICS' S1DPPL1ES REPLACEMENT PASTS, TIRES. TUBES i: ACCESSORIES Free.Servke Hubbard: Hardware Co. SEE ME FOH BARGAINS In the following real estate offerings; Small acreage tracts practically in Blythevllle, bul outside city limits; a acres :anu ncur aarn road southwest Boynton; 20 acres land, all improved. near concrete highway, mllo of Manila. E. M. Terry Automotive Bept. Picnc 476 eoa]:& Wood Filling Stations Southern Service Station Steele, Mo. Phillips CO FrodcicU ANTl-KKOCK OABOLIKB Fanns ior Sale! Terms RcasonaWe ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Carutncrsvllle, Mo. aJiCo. '-Gin . /Photic. -110. SPECIAL PRICES Between I 1 . O. &. . Plionc 266 B[dg. AUrO GLASS ARR-S10 I.UUBEK CO. OBtoE KEirrupKy COAL, all sines; ALABAMA iRED ASH & QUICK FIRE ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, CORN, HAY 'If you arc down in tlio mouth, think of Jonah; he came out. BEST COAL FOR MONEY "Acwe Alabama" "Black Royal Kentucky" N. W, Trantham Coal Co. ; PHONE 864 GOOD LAND AT LOW 'PRICES 400 ucres all in wood, between Icvcc and river, taxes almost lOthlng, can sell for cosh, or part ash and terms for balance, in'ico rom $12.00 to $15.00 per ncrc, will sell 20 acres; or more to one pavly, vood siiid timber'on land cnouBli I[iay ' : '!of. If • placed on market. ma to, '. .'W. M:- Burns Agency • PEBMANENTS BttUr - - Spec4»l Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop U05 N. 5th - - Telejihone 560 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE <fe CJUAHTY AMBULANCE Pluuie ZS My Cwu Js Btaci but t treat jou wliite. Fill np now. JOHN BUCHANAN.. PUONE 107 FOH BKADTIi'UL FLOOK3 RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. BUYING IN CAB LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PHICES FOR. THE CUSTOMERS. I. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES • WHOLESALE &. RETAIL TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER BARKSDALE & PAGE -200 N. .Second MODERNIZE YOUH COUNTRY HOME WITH A DElvlING WA . HLBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING of aU kinds With automatlo rUing .j BARKSDALE & PAGE •'. 200 N. .Second See l/s About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. ; "Badiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT STKRNBERO'S GIN PHONE 116 ALABAMA, BUCK CREEK, KENTUCKY COALS WE SA.TISFY OUB. CUSTOMERS' Parks Bros. Coal;Co. .977" "Ri-Lo Alabama" "Black Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PH-ICEI) Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC wort ni night. Reasonable rates. Call or 102. . "ALWAYS. AHEAIX''.FEED BEST FEEU-GHEAPEST PRICES Oberst Store Co. For Rent ror. 'Rent—1'iiniis-hcd apartment. SI. 3' rpoiii.' ,1-pHNISHED, APARTMENT, garage. 13i5 >Vi '- - •' BK BCONOMIOAl, . . BUY IT. RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OF' FANCY &, STAPLE : PRObERlES, FRESH MEATS, 'tV^ETABLES, PRODUCE, F^OUR.filEAL; 1BTO., AT THE • / ? ..vtT,;'.. .'"-•' RITE PWEqROCERY B^jU'cvlUc 2j^^ • \Vc.-i)e]iwr "TT COMJNQI SSI" • PRKHjS"" ON STOVES, —— TApgRtJ AMU "i'EE aCU'il'LES, ,.. OEERStlSTORE CO. STRir , Saves' fuel at small cost rktativLumbei- Co, FURNISHED .•.APARTMENT. „„ WV Kentucky. Phone.,83." 21c ktf THREE Rooiit meiit. Call: 183. TWO nicely FURNIBHL'D BEDROOMS, inoderHtcly priced. Mre. ^. A. Hshcr.ylOl E. Davl*. 24-pk-29 QARAOK. Close Tin. Ross Beavers. NICE . Bedrooms,- V steam Gentlemen or couple, Phone -5«0. • • ; -• Ranted A >WHriK HOUSE ,KEE!'E|. Inollicrlcss home. V. O. BOK" Blj-mcvtnc. .... -.- '' ' WANTEDW-Bidii.'rrorM iiiVli'. v,'c)l; urxjut' 000 -feel CHAPilAN' &• DBNVEY LUMBER CO. Marked Tree, Ark.

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