The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 23, 1947 · Page 9
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 9

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1947
Page 9
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THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN. IOWA. OCTOBER 23. 1947 PAGE NINE * NEWS OF EMERSON * * ftem« of Interest concernlnr Emerson and Emersonian*. This department Is detoted to the welfare of Emenou and 1U community actltitl Mrs. R. <>• Sitiltli (Vlrhrntps j»oth iHrthday Sunday Mrs. R. O. Smith celpbrntfd hf-r 90tli blithday anniversary Sunday in thf home of hfr daiiphter. Mrs. Elmpr Bass. RPV. C. H. Rooa was also a puf?t. In the afternoon Mrs. Smith went with Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Itass to take Rev. Boos to the Rptl Oak airport to fly to his father's bedside at West Bend. Shortly after returning to the Kass home, Mrs. Smith's daughter. Mrs. Delia Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Campbell and son and Mr. and Mrs. David Moody and son came down from Shelby county to spend the afternoon and evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilson of Newport News, Va. t were with them. Mrs. Smith received many cards and various other remembrances to help her remember the occasion. Others who called In the afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hosste and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Douglas and family. A granddaughter, Mrs. Max Naylor, and family phoned congratulations from Pocahontas. Emerson Baptist Church RPV. C. H. Hhanklln, Pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m. Worship service, 11 a. ra. Nursery for the babies. B. Y. F., 6:45 p. m. Our Junior group. Evening service with the Junior and men's choir. Message of the Book of Revelation. We welcome you to our services. \V. S. f. S. M<-t nt the The Methodist Women's Society of Christian Service met last Wrdnoslay at the church. Cards of thanks were road from the Wm. Huntsman family, also a note of appreciation from Ethel IJoswell and a thank you lor cards received from Mrs. *L». H. Vnrdaman. Tt wan voted to send a donation of $10 for the DPS Moines Hospital Blank Memorial fund for free bed service lor children. Mrs. A. F. Smith, chairman, reported for Esther circle for the past three months for their activity and $141.93 was taken in by their circle. The Spiritual Life meeting -win be held in the country Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Martha Honeyman. A new bottle gas stove has been purchased for the church kitchen and will be Installed at once. Several members volunteered to meet with Mrs. Kate Steen Friday to tie a comforter -which she pieced to be sent to Esther hall. Mrs. Rollin Bass was appointed chairman to collect articles for a layette requested for Riverside Center 1ft' Des Molnes. Devotions were led by Mrs. E. B. Westenburg. Plans were dls- «ussed for W. S. C. S. members to assist in the drive for funds for the new oil furnace for the church. The program was In charge of Mrs. Elmer Bass with the subject, "Gospel for Our Generation." ATTKXTTOX VKTKTUXS! The past week about ISO let- tors were mailed to veterans by Lev! Burton t'ntt No. 575, the American Legion Auxiliary, Emerson. Our aim Is to compile a Historical Service Record of World war II veterans of this and Hastings community. This will be a bound book with pictures of you and your friends, servic" records and pictures of landmarks and places of interest. This book will be a treasured keepsake of the future. It will preserve memories of yourself and your buddies. Pkase cooperate by filling in the blank sent you and getting a picture to us for early publication of the book. If you do not care to buy a book we -want your picture and service record. Do not delay — let us hear from you at once! The Community Service Committee. REPORT OF CONDITION OF EMERSON STATE BANK of Emer«on, Mills CVmnty, in the Stmo of Iowa at thf rlo«c of l>ii«»- neso on (^tober 0. 1047, to the- .Sfl'KRIXTEXDKNT OK HANK- IMJ, STATE OF IOWA. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other bank?. inolndinp reserve balances, and cash items in proems* of collection 2. I'nited States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 3. Oblicatlons of States ami i>o!iii>-;il subdivisions 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures -6. Loans and discounts 7. Bank premises owned $1,700.00. furniture- and fixtures $2,447.f)0 11. Other assets 12 TOTAL ASSETS »1,2:>, ,1 2,>.;>- LIAHIUT1KS 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations *• 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 15. Deposits of United States Government (Including postal savings) 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions _ 19! TOTAL DEPOSITS $1.190.628.14 23. Other liabilities 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below ) $1,192,142.88 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 26. Capital* 26. Surplus 27. Undivided profits 29. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 241,"i47.0fi 7 0:!, 2 t"i:!. 1 7 4. ( 3,110ft,Ut» 2 9 0, fi fl (J."' S 4.147.50 1.471.21 $ 9CS,27fi.l7 110,791.44 14,892.25 96,608.28 1,514.74 35,000.00 25,000.00 4,982.64 64,982.64 Mr and Mrs. Jnrk Taylor of Will Cnuvf.>m of Om.iha vH- . Do? Mnlnes wen- wcok end it.'.l her" tlu- t\r=t of ttu> w.T-k in cliffs here of th.- fnrni'-r's th.' horn.' of hi* rl:\n-ht. r. . Ir*-. inotlu-r Mr< M. W. Taylor, and M. D. :m.l • i* ino'li-'T in is, in Uurl-in <""!< 'van Sirai -h! of a nine:. Mr. and Mr?. II. W. WharfV r"- ttirnnl homo last Thursday from sp.'iidini: sf'vernl week* In Colo- to Ai rado due to Mr. Wh.irl'f.s hKiltli. Tinn- Mi- and Mrs. .1. K. Shrlli y l-'ft Wffliii'-.lay to visit rclattv.-s at Kairlf, Ni'b.. and t» K<> with thorn on ;i (rip to tin; sand hills. M'Y- S.-l'liH' Ci.-uit.r all'-ii'le :i «i)ii>i-i-' Mnli.liiv .liini- r Tiif-*- day evi-:i!tia in li'»nn' <>f ''' '' Mr. ard Mrs. Ike Anderson find | M nih,r. (li-i>r-'- M.ini'ini-t. 11- ;ir H.'d Ollk. Camlyn of Id d Oak and Mr. and Mrs. John M'-ak of cliadrmi. .Wli . \\-i'i't> ilinn-T utipst* of th"' Charlie .\ndf>r:;oiis Tuesday rvt-nina. J. The Kmerson fin' d«-l>art;;i' nt was .-all-'d over n> llastiia-« tn th<- Jiss I'll. dps tiarau'.- about A. Jenkins look i I of the r, • 1 r, a. in. Monday. Otli'T fin- Relief Corps inc-mbprs mirks were '-ailed lull th>- liuild- u eoulil tint be saved. to Koiitiuiello Krli'ay to attend the dlstriet convention. Haled hay was put in the trmk and served Original Notice J" «» '« "" '""" Mn ,«" * Mr. and 'Mrs. Anthony Brtley were Sunday dinner guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shook in Avoca. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Allen and Patricia were afternoon callers. GLASSES COMPLETE Eyes Examlaed, Glaww* Fitted GlMMM MMle M§a Repaire U our own 8b*» DR. L. H. FETEMEN Optemetrtat Red Oak, Iowa SncceMor to Clyde B. Cwtte, <M>. Pint Door N*rth of FMUMM* Refreshments were served by Mrs. F. D. Snograss, Mrs. Ward Cooper. Mrs. W. H. Schlck, Mrs. Clara Dunn, Mrs. M. E. McMillen, Mrs. Merrill "Warren and Mrs. Frederick Larson. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson and family and Mrs. J. A. Jenkins and the letter's mother went to Chilllcothe, Mo., Saturday to see the letter's brother who is ill. Mrs. F. B. Johnson remained at her home at Bethany, Mo., and Mr. Johnson came for a visit with his daughter, Mrs. Jenkins, and other members of his family. Miss Doris McDowell of Omaha spent Saturday here with relatives and friends and -was a dinner guest in the homo of Mrs. Joanna McQrew. Misses Grace and Leona Dlxo* attended the school carnival at Coburg Friday night. Mrs. Myron Shlpman of Portland, Ore., came to attend open house for Mrs. Mary Crawford at Red Oak and la visiting her« this week. < 'I W. B. C. Honors Mrs. A. E. Bmlth Monday The Emerson Women's Relief Corps No. 214 met In regular session Tuesday evening. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. Myrtle Shelley. The chaplain read a portion of the scripture. The secretary and treasurer's reports were read. Plans were made for a group going to the convention at Fontanelle Friday. The corps gave a party Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Marie Jones for Mrs. Artie E. Smith in honor of her 90th birthday anniversary. Several guessing games were played — "When I Was a Baby," "Can You Identify These Slogans" and "What Kind of Cake?" 30 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS - —- $1,257,126.52 •This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with total par value of $35,000.00 convention. Them were 90 In attendance. > *. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ilhoads of Joe F:. May; Gladys May; Alfred (llenwood visited hero Sunday in D. May; Ktlu-l May; Halllc K. the home of Mrs. Mary Hlrdsall May; Krert ». May; Elsie Schiml- and also with Mrs. Minnie AVhls- er; Charles Schooler; Purl Moore; l er I'atrk-la Moore; Monty Moore; Alva Moore; any and all un- Mr. and Mrs, Dean Gallopp of hnown nc | rH o ( Robert I. May, Glenwood were week end guests ]jp teagfl ,j ;any and all unknown In the home of Dr. and Mrs. C. fre\rs of Sadie Moore, Deceased; Harman. an j any and all unknown claim- A group of peop,o enjoyed . -'f ^** .^™ ln * < 1<> ' Crlbed ^uuiiuvik DIWW«* T» .,.....«•.—-j — - T „„. . . . A KrOUu Ol peopjo tfijjvj eu » . , ,. We. L. H. Vardaman, President and E. M. Whlsler, Asst. * < fry Sunday at 4:30 «•» Mt » te - t °; w . lft; _ .. _« j * ,*_J« « n i~*««i.f B«r«nt< a t\A affirm *4 »• *•«**• ri*-« v * TVmTroHf ifnii Cashier of the above named bank do solemnly swear and affirm that the above statement is true, and that this report fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein conr talned and set forth, to the best of our knowledge and belief. L. H. Vardaman, President. B. M. Whlsler, Asst. Cashier. State of Iowa, County of Mills, ss. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of October, 1947. (Sr MO c .- H - Amlck, Notary Public, My commission expires July 4, 1948. Correct — AUest: H. E. Greenwood, Dean McLain, S. 8. McKee, J. Frank Durbln. p. m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Vardaman. Mrs. Pat Porter of Council Bluffs has been here the past week visiting In the home of her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Lang, and family. Tho East Hajf of the Southeast Quarter (EMi 8E%) of Section 13, TownBhlp 73 North, Uanpe 44, In Mills County, Iowa, Defendants. ORIGINAL NOT1CK TO THE ABOVE NAMED Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Jenkins and DEFENDANTS: baby returned home Sunday from You are hereby notified that a a weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. petition of the above named plaln- D. B. Nelmau at Waucona. 111., tiff in tho above entitled action and Mrs. 0. Carlton at Joljet, U now on fllo In the office of tho HI Clerk of the above named Court, Anthony Brlley returned last and which petition prays that tho week from Oakland, Cal., where Court establish and quiet In tho It's time to get your Holiday Gifts Our big itock brinct you an unusually wide wlectlou of quality gifts in a wide price range. Ute our lay-away plan. A umall deposit holds any gift you may want until ChrUtmas. L S. ROIINSON 10-d*y Watch Itopftir Stfric* Glwwood, Iowa Mrs. Cora Comer paid tribute to Mrs. Smith, relating some of her early experiences in the corps and then presented her -with ft bouquet of red roses. Little Arleen Jones gave her a birthday cake and sang the birthday song. The tea table was beautiful with a lace cloth centered with a glass bowl of snapdragons and white tapers. The snapdragons were a gift from Mrs. H. E. Greenwood. Fruit salad, •white cake, mints, peanuts and coffee were served to 40 members and invited guests. Hostesses were Myrtle Shelley. Cora Comer, Rosa Clltes, Olive Thrapp. Lm- ville Huntsman, Anna Westenburg and Marie Jones. Myrtle Shelley poured. The next regular meeting -will be Nov. 7 In the Legion hall. D. M. Elara of New Market spent Sunday here In the home of hla slater. Mrs. George Ginger. Mr. and Mr*. Virgil Potter and family ot Nodaway, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Potter and family ot Lenox, LaVern Potter of Omaha and Mr. and MM. Harold Culver and ioni ot Red Oak YlalUd the patt wee* In the home of Mr. and Mr». Harry Potter. The men assisted with the work ot putting a new furnace In the Potter home. Junior Class to Prow-nt Kinerson Mrtliodlst Cliurc-h "Girls AV111 be lloys" Sunday school, 10 a. m. The Junior class of Emerson Morning worship service at ^ „„„.„..„ „„ „. high school will present their 11:15. . he'was'called'by^the death of his plaintiff the tltlo to the property class play, "Girls Will be Boys," Sunday school board meeting 8lgter Mrg Frfid BorchcrB described In the caption hereof, on Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 27 Monday night at the home of Mr. Mr and Mfg Eftrlp Craw{or<li an(1 af)kB ft decree of court de- and 28, beginning at 7 p. m. and Mrs. Elmer Bass. Mr ftnd Mrs CInudo Barns and creelng that the defendants above Tho cast In order of appear- Mr and Mrs w v , Morrison named be barred and forever ance is: Gubby Carter, majoring CA1UJ OF THA>KS ' t gun(lay ln u n( . 0 i r i. Neb., estopped from ever hiivliiR. as- in biology, Donald Drlley; Pee- I wish to thank all those who ^ v , s)ted MrB Dora Robb , a Berlins or claiming any right, ti- wee Tozler, the pride of tho team, so kindly remembered me in the friend Qf tjje CrawfordB| ^0 \ a llo or interest In or to said prem- Uobert Wlnchell; Uunny Chase, a various ways on my birthday an- & }}Vrae there. Ises, or any part thereof adverse Gamma Beta, James Burroughs; nlversary. A number of ladles from here to the plaintiff or the plaintiff's Rip Daggett, another Gamma p.17-1. Mrs. R. O. Smith. went to Red Qak Monday a f t er- title therein, and that plaintiff's Beta, Berkley Greenwood; Babe — —• noon to ttUend open house for title to said above described Orzie, a freshman, Junior Hunts- Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McLain Mary Crawtor( j who was , )rem iBes be quieted, established man; Rowena Phillips, a Sigma and son Paul of Davenport were ce , ebrat , ' ner 89th birthday an- and confirmed in him, mid that Chi, Darlene Hevern and Mari- guests Tuesday night in the home nlver at tne home of Mr . and the plaintiff have all such other lyn Haney; Faylene Blair, an- of Mrs. Carrie McLain and Pearl Mrg c , ftrenco BarnB They al80 and f urt her equitable relief as to other Sigma Chi, Kathryn Smith; as they were enroute home from called on Mr(j Eugenle McPa don the Court may seem Just. Professor Potter, dean of men, a trip to California. and report-her gaining nicely. She for a more particular state- Duane Porter,'Miss Tolbert, dean Rev c ^ B£)og c&me home j s able to walk some with the nient and notice of plaintiff's of women, Dorothy Hossle; Avis • ^ ^^ BeQd ftnd then use of her wa ii{ er and ] g gaining cause of action, see petition now Mayhew also a Sigma Cbl, Mary » gund be wlth hu welght . O n file. Jane Lewis; Mrs. Tliomklns, th You are also hereby notified to president of Colfax Historical So- • Stephens is under a ' • " " "*~* appear before said court at Glen- clety, Darlene Edie; Martha doctor ', B care SCHOOL NE\VS wood ln Mllls County, Iowa, on Briggs, custodian of Colfax His- Frank Qravett of Des Molnes ———————- ••• - « •• •• or before the 28th day of Novem- torlcal Society. Betty Mensen. vlgUed Mr ftnd Mrfi Clyde Qrav , The th|fd fQurtb flfth ^^ ber , 1947, and that unless you m> , « t,h i. ™,tt"in. tin a ett over the week end - Frank htts seventh and eighth grades enjoy- so appear, your default will be Charles Smith to putting up a ted a |t|on M halr 8tvllst fc ,, h , M Fr , da aftep . entered and judgment or decree garage for his own use on the lot beau galon fn D<jg > ^ wlll be rendered against you for south of the locker. Mojne8 fect attendanceyfor 20 daya they> the relief demanded In the petl- Dr. and Mrs. C. Harman of A. H. Culver of near Glenwood ge t a half day off. Uon> nnnif t, Glenwood spent the week end and brother, C. C. Culver, of Se- The Juniors have ordered their IAJUK. * here in their home. «ttle, Wash., called Saturday aft- class rings. nl^a low* ernoon In the home of Mr. and The sophomore claw Is work. l7 ' 8 - Qlenwooa, Iowa. Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Mra E< T> g» wyer g. The latter i ng on a school paper and the Mattle Roberson in the home ot worked for Judge Tuhbs here first Issue is expected to he out Mr*. Joanna McGrew were Mr. many ytTM Bgo wnen j uit a boy . the , Mt of iMt mont h. — J "" **-'- °- v "— Mr. and Mr». fYank Wallace Our Supply of — Seed O is limited. • Certified Clinton and Colo. Colo is known at Ames by No. Ci3972. Hancock — Morata — Bond. We were able to get a limited amount of these Colo Oats. After Oct. ,25th the price will advance 25c. ORDER YOUR Fertilizer for spring seeding- MOW! We'll have the first car load in December. Best Prices For Your Grain Good and Mri. Dale Roberson of Mace- Mr and j| rl|- fYank Wallace A man from the National donla, Pay Roberson and Mlas ot Glenwood and Lester Barnum School studio was here last Wed- Mary Jane Leonker ot Carson. of Monmouth. 111., visited here nesday taking group and indivld- Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wolfe ot gy n «i t y w j t h Mrg. Mary Birdiall ual pictures. VllllBca were week end ruesta In tnd otnerii The y-Teens are Bp9naorlng a the home of Mre. M. W. Taylor Mr ^ Mra lk< Anderson and high school masquerade and hay- and other relative. Mm. Wolfe Carolyn and Mr. and Mrt. Char- rack party for Oct. 30. remained tor a tew daye while J10 Anderson and Roger were Snpt. E. W. O*ias took Marjo- Mr. Wolfe wa§ employed at Ham- Sunday cueaU In the Albert Che- rle Dounlas, Betty Vestal, Duane burg. ney horn* near Malrern. Porttr and DOB Brlley to Villisca Mre. Will Mart haa moved to MUeea Betty Shanklln and Sunday to attend the convention her property at Hamburg and Kathleen Cheney of Omaha vis- for the T-Teena and the Hi-Y. Marvin Nelson and hU brother | tefl nere lMt Thursday with The above named were delegates hare moved Into their property home f O j Ki selected by the two groups. vacated by her. -;' -_.."•' " L . Miss Mary Crawford left Friday to visit her sister, Mrs. L. E. Ivie, at Davis City. Mrs. Ivan Shook plans to be home Sunday after spending the past six weeks in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ungry and daughters at Salt Lake City, U. The Junior class play, "Girls Will Be Boys," will be presented here Monday and Tuesday nights, Oct. 27 and 28. Mrs. Jennie Hard- Ing is directing the play. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Blrdsall of Des Moines spent the week end here with the former's grandmothers, Mrs. Mary Birdsall and Mrs. Carrie McLain, and other relatives. Allen Rowe who has been working as a welder at the compressor station, has been transferred to station No. 2 near Stin- uett, Tex. He left Sunday. Dr. and Mrs, A. E. Stokes spent Sunday with the latter's mother, Mrs. Gus Sehulte, at Eurltug. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Short and Mrs. Bertha Seigfreld intended funeral services for Mrs. K. L. Steuinger of Parker, S. I)., held at the Perrymuu Funeral home In Red Oak Saturday. Charles Edward FurrU of Truro epeut the vvm>k tmd Utru Iu the home of hU parents, Mr. aud Mra. Ed Furrla. A. uuiuher of -\Vttlco tlou people «iivo u ttvirprUe _ Monday evenluu honoring Suut. MvKlroy who Uvu» to the trailer Uousu wpftt ol the W«lk«i- ero- ««*y. U waj» hep to -'— of Bhoopii Mr. mud Mr»- TRUCKIN6 Atao Ordera for Com Sh*UUif MARVIN NELSON Pk. 188 Em«raoo p.17-8. Andnton Bros. HAMPSHIRE BOAR& GILT ' at Riverton, Iowa — 7:30 p. m. MONDAY •Sff 27 SALE 25 BOARS - 35 GILTS Musi uf olYi-riiiu is sired by Curry Again, Tup Dour of Juliti KustiT Kali- at Clfar.vattT, NYI)., ill li)4ii, iiiul .Silvi'r Still', sun ot, Sluiif On, Uraiul Cluiiu- liioii Hour at Ni'hrasku iu m-i. NEW BLOOD ADDED \\\« Will llUVl' \l'W llKnnlllll".-i t'u.MomiTs. huvinn i ,' pUI'l'lKUSlul Hi.'Vi'lUl jioWS ^ lU.St SJtl'lllK. Dllc'lill.; ||,( S lli'l'U'd on Cli-uti AlMU;i i'.i-.- luw, Mitiiy wvixli '.tint lint or uuii'it umv. t'oiiu 1 uiitl mi' tlu'Mi. \Vrlto foi ii'wo Culaltiu ANOUSON IIOS. IOWA

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