The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1932
Page 2
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PACE UTO COURIER NEWS to Hive Open NkrtlBi: Sunday. The local B'Nai B'Rlth organization, which has for Ita members citizens from southeast Missouri and throughout Mississippi county, will Jiave ?n important meeting Sunday afternoon, 3 o'clock, at the Temple Israel. Friends of the member^ arc also Invitee) to attend this gatJierhig. which ii to bo free. Louis Cohen at Port Sniliii, prcs- iderjt''of district 7 ot the grand lodge, and J. J. Friedman, ol the same city, who Is state chairman, wlll^Je. guests Pf honor. Bolh will Eiv«. addresses In which the work oj'-teis international organization wil£bc taken up. A musical program will also be given. la addition to supporting numcr- our.,hospltals-and 'crmrllabl; Insti- tuttjns the B'Sai B'ltlth group has a program ot activities which concert millions of people, reports Tbe local group plsns lo have a more active organization this year witS these new officers In charge: Sam Plorma!!, president; William LarJ;, vice president; Bcnnlc Ber- flelg. secretary. F»«nl-TMchfr Associations Wdj Btfin Mtttintt Next Week. The Parent-Teacher associations of-'llic five while public schools Pla^ to'have Iheir Hist meetings of the., new year with detailed announcements to be m»de Mondaj conjerning some of the meeting Distinguished New Wrap M llje Junior and senior high schools much tlrm; has bc?n spent by «iembeis ot these, groups in the tuition activities but It Is believed tha[ wlwn these groups m:et the eonynltees in charge will te able to . fnake very satisfactory reports Tlic senior group will meet Tuesday as will the P. T. A. ot the I>aKge 'school. Bolh the Central Ward and Junior high will, meet Wednesday, ' 8-B 1 clnss of Junior high schjol .was tiiD first class of this l to be given the last period holiday Friday aflemoon be- of having had five days or peqect;«ttendanc«, »t ... Entertajns Root Club. Btsldts the members of the Trrarsdiy Rook club which Mrs. H. MvAdJtinson enterUlwd. yesterday she also had Mcsdames : G«odwjn. C. L. Stubbs, E. F- ww. ' Joe S. DlUahunty o uro and B. H. -Bennett as • jueits. •tees and late autumn (lowers tattled out a rainbow motif also not«d in the refreshments of chicken <;alad course served with iced ; ; Hayti 1 Society—Personal The Woman's Miss!onar>' Union of -Jhe.First BaiitUt church held the^r monthW Royal Service program at the church Wednesday Bft«rnoon. Eleven numbers nnd on£ vi5itor. Mrs. Winnie Gwin were present, Mrs. Glen Sullivan was. In charge of tlie program and wa? assisted by Rev. Walker ;. « «. • . Tte Wpman's Missionary Socl3ty of "the Methodist Church held thefr meeting at the church Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Mac vsiighn acted as hostess. There vett twenty two present. One new member Joined at this meeting Plans were made /or n Missionary an* Pastors meeting lo be held heft nexi rak. About two hundred People are expected to attend The program BUS led by Mrs T A MeNatte assisted by Mcsdames Sherman Hill, H. B. MasOrson Lu» uflct and C. Rores X • * * • The County Leagues of Peml- sco« county held a gypsy parly at Nq<thside Park Monday evening. lite towns repr*sen(°d. Stecle Decrins. Carulhersvllle. Biagg Cily and, Hayti. The next nieoUrig -will be Jield at Caruthcrsvllle, OctotT 1st.' - - i$iss Dorolhy Hedjc entertained a number of • friends' with n party at-ker lionie Tuesday evening. '{Hospital Notet \Bss Dorothy Lari£ .Dell, and Misj' Frances Harrell. Tyler. Mo.. wer« admitted to the Blytheville hospital today. \Hardesty Mr. and Mrs. tec Oldha'm' the'Jiarenla of « 9-pound hoy. B, B. \Vhltc p.nd Arthur StuUo gitliered about 60 gallons of wild . grqjcs Sunday which made up . Tlie new gin at Armoral Is run- i nitij night and day. | f4RT;,WORTH, Tei'as.'iUP) — , ^^Si a .rhan bites a oog, a storj | abojl lt : ti .supjivod to hit page i one? acco'rdir;; to an ',ld IICIYE- . P«P{r axJon i Honors"' for reaki.ij t'nc' iier!cct i new story %p to"Lotto liai'Svell t thrs% y«ra'o]d.'.Ouij.i, :p«t.."r'a!l. r c ; kej{. lnterf'-r:nj hi Louis' play ids l«et;i in ll;e Presbyterian Women ol Northeast Arkansas i n Meeling at Osceola. OSCEOLA, Arfc.-Mrj,. lGeoig<> Edrinsloii of Osceola was named chairman of Group Four of tlie Arkansas Presbylerial at the annual imcttng here Tr.ursday, and Para- gou.'ii was cliojcn for the next nisjt- hi(j, whiclf will be held the second MV S1STEK MAHV Thursday In September 1033 NBA SUtfr Writer I One of llic easiest wnys to (iir-'p,^" 5 ' W ,' J W ' Ura|>C1 ' of Forr " t lilsli up an odici-u'lsp orrthmry meal n , l ' re , sl ? e " t of , llie Arkansas Is by means of sweet pickles The ; Pfcflj s'<erlal, presided In ih ; ab- slrnplcsl meat dish ualns //>st mid ts " u ; «' ««. J. W. McNiilt ol 1'^r- ' no relish tray spoms complete with-1 lsC "'' cnall '" la « of Oroup Pour. j oul Us compartment of this pl-lf,"" * l Uc altcrnoou session <•«- 1 [|imnl uccessory I llvc '«l »» inspirational address Nearly all the fruits and ninny from thp subject "Vision/ KITCHEN New Mode ; ol the vegetables lend themselves >' (c (his method of preserving. o»r- jiots and cucumbers are most do- u. K . j Icctabtc of the vegetables. Carrots M,' • retain their color and are very I decorative to serve. They are eas- , ler (o mnke than cucumber rings r!? C T,,Mn thel y i ™ ! " rftl n »»^sf! ,Ws. Ray Worlbington of niylhe- , h ?' >, , cucunlb =" v "!'- acted as secretary and Mrs t at the right stage of maturity s Calchin»s <' ;y arc apt to become soft and ( man of the' rti Tlie meeting wns held at the r 1'rcsbyterian church lisre, with a welcoino address by C. Bryan, to which .V Oray of •Blythcvllle re- Not salisDcd with scoring one uolnt. this waist line virup of white transparent velvet uses six point sleeves Shat are decidedly new. The wrap crosses In the front, molding Itself to the tody, u depends 01 tlie richness of Its fabric and (he liurlcfllc cut of ihe full sleeves for decoration. Bits of Nets Mostly Personal - Miss Ftanclsc. Rosciittml and Mrs. Allsu Wnlton spent- ycslcrdny In Memphis. Dr. c. E. Wilson, who lias teen ill from rheumatism for two weeks, is sllghlly improved today. Mrs. M. Fitzslmmons Is 111 at her home on West Ash .street. Louis Wilson Is attending to business in Memphis today. Miss irma Laura Barnes has gone lo JCDesboro where she will enter Arkansas A. nnd M. college. This makes a tot«l 'oj. 98 students wto aj»; attending jchools and 'colleges •-Mrs. Hugh Neisoii Thompson of Jexkr. ^^•J., ^-ni licrp- yesterdny for a short time enroute to Memphis. 3he will return for a longer ilny wllh relatives. Mrs. Florence nlytlie, who has ten quite .111, is no bctler. Miss Mary MoHaney went to Ken- nctt this afternoon for the weekend. Carl Coble, ot thai city, motored over Jor her, Everett B. Ucc Is attending to business In Kennett today. Mrs. Baker Wilson anrt son Billy will spend the weekend In Memphis. Mrs. Everett B. Gee and son Everett jr., will return Sunday from His Baptist hospital a t Memphis. Mr. c;ce will go down for t!:cm. Arten B. Crowder, svlio iindsr- veut on o|>eratlon for appendicitis . Sunday at tl«T B.iptlst State pllnl of Litic Rocs, will return home Wednesday. His condition is very good. Uookie Allen and John Cooke „, Memphis nre attcnrting to business today. R. A. Nelson and son, Roy, and ' Leon smith attended to busl- ^'s. Proxy ness in Harri.sburg yesterday, Mrs. Milton Stcrnbcrg is in Mem pliis today. the wife of a university president hnsn't cramped tr.c "style' of Mrs. Robert M. Hutchins, whose husband, president ol the University of Chicago, Is America's youngest college hend. Mrs. Ilulchins is | sliowu above she she nrrlvcsl n N'ew York with 1'resident Hutchins after a vacation abroad. Her doiiblc-ureasted white sports jacket, I eny polka-clottort jcarf. tied Afcol i fnsltion. nntl tilted frit hat are I smart enough for tuiv co-ed's ward- New Liberty Mr. ami Mrs. J. M. Aycock and ; iimlly s|Knt Sunday with Mr : •ncl Mrs. E. H. Snr'avberry. Mrs. Lrathie Baker returned (o •;cr home in okalona. Miss g nt . '"lay. She was accompanied uv i" jiarrnts. Mr. and Mrs ,J K -Pjv:s:n. who returned Monday ! Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pochard' »'trc Sunday j.nests ol Xfrs. Prlch- ira's parents. Mr. and Mrs. T«'ii' "liltt.c. ncnr Olylhevillc. [ Mr. and Mrs. Vcslcr Pierce an-! ncuncc the birth of a daughter : jcptcmber Cth. Edward Marshall Im moved fio-r ^!Par Lake la this community. •A nunjbcr ol people from ol'.-.rr. P«ils of Arkansas and nen-ov! ,!,-.-'! Alton Thorn is ill at his home Mr. and Mrs Medley, of Osre>.> e guests of Mr. and Mrs. claade Gray. Sunday, «i ,? n< * Mrs ' Jack Simmon Blvthcvillc. were Simdav Bi.-ests of the latter's niece, Mrs". Lo^, , Perkins and Mr. Perkins. J. B. Lloyd is convalescing fol- i hMT' CrM *" k5 lllllcfs fn » Uphold fever. Kidnapping Aids Dog Breeders ALLENTOWK, P,,. .|j]>, _ TJl , Mnapmg or orurlo; A. l,,nd- «fg», Jr.. has dovohpoa ,1 i;r.Ts- perouj business f.iv John no))r»r in many m.vlj., h,,ds , ls well i in America, liomer is *imi; i« a breeder of ,,„«. ,j.,,.. cl ; A ; fi Mnco the Unfo, a 'h i w; e,'v -|,, 11.13 ICM I110H. .h-, Bl! n;,/ t | .,„" animals to per-ois wnn »MV •]'..., to protect the!.- c'.iiW.rn. ' Plan tio-w to atlc/ia the * FAIR * MEMPHIS. Scf>t.2S thru Oct. \st Bigger and Better Than Ever Before • Thrilling Western Rodeo Real Wild Wesl Cowboys, Indians, War Dances. ..all Nice daily - 2:00 and 7:30 p. m. • Death Defying Auto Races, Saturday, October 1 * EXTRA u* w Railroad Fares entire iimo of Fair — One-half cent a mile on State days • • •' -• COME! • lictls, small green tomatoes and i . Tilc de votloiiat service was con- ripe small yellow tomatoes can be. Dunecl b 5' Mrs. W. S. A. Castles used to make appetizing and col- ! t«a:lwr o ftt.e Christian Service oilul sweet pickles. They are all! cl »«> of 'he McLeirsore Presbyteriau InvHlm, nti>.!.A* f~- ,,il«i nu -.1 . rill rrli nf ftlr»*...i.!_ .... pces. ey are al > e ceusore Presbyteriau Inviting S"rn!5hp5 for wintor sal- 1 cl " rch ot Ncniphh. and later In ads us well as meal dishes. ,; ' .Mrs.^Casllrs talked on per- Fresh, canned or dried frui<! wnal evangelism , an be used with good results. Thl» Mis. W. B. Burkctt chairman nf makes it ^sslble to make sweet the Rassett Auxlllarv. .^ a «?^ plck',5 at any time during the of 'The R ed Men's Trail » Si'mu yenr and not only when fresh fruits sto, study book rcccnm,. ^" nre available. Melon rinds, both (he Ai"niaH« n? ih J by antaloupe and watermelon, should !j w Hirin , trOIlp - Mri be added to the list and In - " *" " 2 ° m lte , j w be added to the list and In a sea- fc," fruits and ve.etabU* C should are genorally scarce they not- be overlooked. Canned pineapple is extraordinarily good when prepared In swec;i pickling syrup. Cut in slices nnd wedges and pour boiling syrup —or the fruit for three successive! arid Mrs. sallie 13. Hook of Os posed an Indian tableaux Mrs^ Marsh M. Callaway, Mvs. '.- A. Dabyus and Mrs. C. M. fay of Blytheviile were on the over the fruit for three successive! pr 5» TTam 'o describe a visit to the mornings. The fourth morning,'* nania offlc*, which is southern fruit and syrup nre brought to! ™ at! 1 u « lr '«rs for the Auxiliaries 11?? bollins point find put into ster-1 : Other Blytheville women attend Illzetl jars and Hnl«l. tog the meeting besides «,oje o,, Fresh plums, pears, peaches, up- [I* program were MeMlames Wil' pics and the seedless snipes are! 11 *"! Easley,. Ross Stevens si iellctous wbon put up in a sweet Swlmicy, c. J. crane R i \tV.' pickling syrup. Any fruit which ;T. j. Mahan. B R /'s pickled without removing the King, D. c McLean ] .kin or rind should be well pierc- j •Jack Roach ar-d J p id over the entire surface. ! . The time for cooking fruits Jn ihe syrup varies. The fruit can be cooked until tender In clear waist and simmered in the pickling iyrup until transparent. Or ths whole cooking process can be done in the syrup, The pickled material should be tender and clear but firm ami unbroken. Pour/ing the syrup over the fruit or vegetabl: several mornings tn succession li'.xmvs a perfect and unbroken pickle but prolongs the time of win ration. 'II:? same general rule can be used lor almost any variety of fruit or vegetable. The spices can be varied but tire proportions ol susar nnd vinegar remain the umc. The sp!o:s arc used whole and tied In a small cheesecloth b.i(? if clear, unclouded pickles arc Minted. Powdered spices darken tie syrii]> and discolor the fruit. Sweet I'icklint Syrup One quart vinegar. 4 jjouiids : i?ht brown sugar, 1-2 cup whole spices. Break cinnamon into short pieces. Use nior c cinnamon than craves. Put ingredients into prc- *:rving kettle nnd bring to tlie boiling point. Uoil five minutes before adding fruit or before pour- T.B the syrup over the fruit. Calculate one-half cup vlncagr and I-.! pound sugar lor one pound of fruit. puffs, ' crea '». rice ' t«»5t,' milk, coffee. po(a(o alld ereamjd caulSflawcr, ^ raWn brcatf ' Jc ' , hnjibut and oi corn soup, radish salad, shoe ras salad, shoe string potatoes, baked cuciimb-rs poach cottage puddiiif wit!) sauee, milk, coffee. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Sliced poaches, Sweet Cream Butter 25c Lb. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered I'honc 74 Bulgarian Buttermilk 15c Qt. Go to Church Sunday They're Here! BLACK SUEDES 7 /»e Popular Ladies' Footitiearfor Fall H Eye lei Tics With the jiopnliir Cuban iiiul Hoiilcvnrd llocls. vSlyk-d High, Triced L:w A-H-C Willtlis 111 style - s In Pumps Spike and llciliimi Plain ;in<l Kid Coniliimilirms. Stylcil Higli. Triced lav; AA-A-I! Widths In CO OH Styles $2,95 NTAV STYI.KS UKCK1VKD TODAY Dnvcilown 0 , Sheer 70 •«' ,. ClulTon ° NKWEST SHADES: Tsil|)e '^ lisL I'clci- 1'iin Caiinonca Biwn \\'o«l F;nvn 0. C. GANSKE 20S W. Main ' It's A "The Shoe Man" To Show Yoi: new moie which is castin-j Its voles for complete lemliilnliy iu woman's dress apiirou-.s c: cariv - The coiflfure, shown nhovc, tlic ears ,intl <-lus:-rs it3 curls at the irapo of tli? :ici-k. Miss Marian Cheney models tliis cn= a! the American Beauty Styles Exposition Jn Nevt- York. tV Complain of Enthusiastic Transients MF.UFOfin. Ort. a;p, - state I'.o.lcc ncL-.r here recently Ineraliy v.e:-c' witli reports fioru aniry inotoriiis c-f tr.iiisicnls bj- ica einphailc in : "tbiimb- 'II:: wifhhi'4 trKiiMcnt roin::- t'!l'<-i V.OIcld il.l.'ld I!l tllC illlddli! .f ihrj Iit5!;v..iy v.avinj hh hand*; t: ifi'L-3 Oic liio'.ui'ict t.i st:;)>, or, would, calmly lay what fca-jcago ii* j:os-:cSEi;d ::i (he inidclli; uf the ;;:itL' of ti^fli:; t-::u:;i(j^ the 'Jrivt : v to c!r:I.jc j.ilj i!i:- ol!i:r | a iie in the lace of C:K-::IU::; nuiiic, stu;i. ••»' run iulo the Iwjsajc.'. Anuthtr inei: ciuijiuytd \\-AS a wallet on tbc puifuifiir and r.-)b the p?r.wn who Eteppcd frctn the car lo pick up the invi:i:r;ly Lu^:oni purs:-. Ai:io:'sts wore advlsud by blate officers not lo ttop under any circumstance, unless safety 1 Into at night, s'.vatlicd in his 'p;'it janws. and making enough; noi« to upset the pcacs of the neighborhood, Claude had a stout defense. His wife uglified her husband was . .-jUbjccl to nighiniiircs, and that | he "roared like a lidi'' when un- i dcr.tlic spell. : > • j . Jud;c Wiliwm Stc-iiuaul hid a |.tl'ou(jht. , He, ln!d Claude, jifter j ruling htm yiillty on both \ cp'iitiU and 1'cntoiicin^ him to.JQ':lays;in jail, if he uoijlii siibjiiil I.) :i medical c:;aiuiim'tioji : for ii «s(|idJ' of stopjiln; .the nlghimarcs, 1 liir; Kiitsncc would bo suspended. i:-d:r.r.:n:tly 'Clauife retard. Jn:l3e -Steincauf cnit-red him tom:nittcd. New WonderfuT~ Face Powder Trcvents Uea<l Courier Ke-vs Waul Ate. Neighbors' Bring On Jail Sentence TOPEKA. K:in. i UP)—Neighbors loosed ci<r.i-;t.s in police <o;irt :i;;BliiLt CliiiKlo Kv.-ii, a , ucciisin-j liirn of diiinrlKiij the poac: arid i.T-rin; vile lLinsi;:-.a;\ H seems fr:-:n fn,. evidence Claude had dcseloperl a habit of .'iL'rpinj tin OLI his front pcrcli on Longer l-'or :t yo'.itliful complcxkn, use nnw wonderful MKLT.O-OLO Pace Powder. Hides tiny lines, u-rhililca au<l pores. New French pioces? makes it spread more smocthly and stay r.n longer. ,\'o more .'.hiny noses. Pirrest face powder kuuwn. Prevents large |x>res. Ask today j lor new, wonderful face powder, I&1LLLO-OLO. that suits every com' jiioxisn. Kirhy Drug Company or Kirby Brothers Un:g Co. —Adv. Here at Last New (Jem Minmiiiilic K-ixor &~) ami HVK lilmk's - - - - $1 E'nlmolivc or Cotyale Shav- Qr'j ing Cream 03 $135 Value for 49c Ne\y Gilletlp !<a/. or with One Genuine Rlue;Uta(!i; -- SPECIAL, 50c Pipe and lOc Cans Union Leader BAYER ASPIRIN 12's BATHING ALCOHOL I'int W FOUNTAIN SYRINGE •& $ c BTOAYANAMIBSIC 69 L raMAiLJ^ OTROCARBONATE 89 C FJITOMCAgTQKiA W VICKS NOSE DROPS tf SI.IK) Km 2 mm- 1 KLEENEX 59' : 1 COUETTE MWNfflNERAL OIL 38 C ABSORBINE JR $1,19 CIGARS tremo ZforlOc Havana 8weel Garcia Grande. Isabella 2 for 5c (j f or 25c 2 for 5c Wings Cigarettes Twenty Grand . DRUG CO. --DRUG-CO.-

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