The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1931 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1931
Page 10
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.PAGE TWELVE rr Two cents a word for first lnn*rtlQn niid one cent a uord 'or corn fnhs'.vj Irrc-rlion. No acjveri!y : mnit t?';en (or li-ss than 'Mi'. Count tlie words and scud the cash. Phone 300 von SAI.K FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All var- ic-ties. Custom l-.atchinj sollcli- cd. MnTllv-n llalcliroy, jjtv.Ii liO-CK-TF MARCH 20, 11)31 i. AL J PA LO U BOOO K MAN .-.': : Author : of WART Just inirrhiisrd liuitk- nipt sforlc nf USED CARS Ifl.'U) Chevrolet (.'finches 1ft29 Fords Di'Solo ItoiitlsU-rs null I'mitiitc Sedans LEE MOTOR CO. FOR SALE--Good, dry cook wood. KtlClnilUll COill CO.. PllOtll! 107. 11P-CN FOll SAI.E—10 acres Oli'sr I-iiio, hn:h. \vi'll <!ra1ned land. \\'(jr.drr- fnl ?oi!. .O\v]io" inn\'cd away niui fays 5f!l lt-SU»l No ir.o' nsalnst if 40 or 80 ACRES—,1-4 i-iiies of lll.v- Uievilic. Bi'M .«oil—SS5.CK) an aero. ROOM -COTl'AGE—on and till conveniences, owned who hns moved away Will let. it t;o for S1MO. 5!00 rash balance $20 per mcnlli. Tnomas Land Co. 3-2-1C-K27 FOR SAljE—Howdeti Cntion Sow!.; Sre Wolcli Foitrr, Grand r^cndev. | 2SC-K281 I-OU HENT i £;ft^-;:€:: : SERVICE:. _ !°UR BOARDING HOUSE Hi.iv nun! 1 uJhtr hi'l;i rlo you have?" "Why —you si-0 uo'vo huil n cook .s hi 1 ' n \villi Iho faintly for .'. A woman coiiioi tbri'o [linos rk lr> tluUlL ;'li<l d:) llic w.lfillitj 1 " IronluK. 1 v.nsu'L ijlpjiiiinii oti tH- anyone -.'Is-'O In tl:*j lioil'ij nil "Tlio cook 1 lilreil couldn't conic nnlll tomorrow." Don't you like "Sure. Walt a mtuuto—I'll open that can for you." Oy-iiy rclluqiil.olici! opener nnd nislicil to (ho can tho utovo wns. ho'.vcvcr. a good coak of ii!nln fooih. Ham l<c|it tlic Kirs as nsnnl mill Cora caino (o rJo the lauiMlry ' ••" ll clpanliif. . • . ... A N ' Tuesday Aiint Rllen trie- i plioned to say (lie dinner c.:iny yju vi.-iiilrd a; ' Is tho ' unii lowered Hie blaze. I "Wlial I!D yen wont mo to nut >...;*"- -»J|'-,J i. .-H.IU, 11.11 ,!,„;.. ,.., - ' 11:111 «a.i i>n hf-r f-a-i. iiijiin'r In- Inii-nMi-d." Mn. i "aid. lilsli lii (In; air.j " iat cnpliKinl." Tho chop* were i:.'t :--.-.! why tho Ili'llalilliiy ] Klf ' mi! me. (o inn-It u |dn:..-!"l to n« iilr of offemli-il dlijnliy siio I f" 1 ""' - 1 ' lfpl1 lo I' 0 ' 11 U'o baked! il tuiiaul ihc liull. ' lie.ins silo liail them healing over i ... ' i [lie lire. | /"> Yl'SY «au-li(!il her swo"p mil 1,1 ; He loun^m! awkwardly against : tiic huiifo ami down tlio MI-I:I. : " 1C tn1j1 ° wllllu (; >'I )S >' stt u »' I'lulcs , nail dishes. Iie.^i: In?" Jim demanded, "Aiiyllitiu-. Vnn'll find n dish In ." Tlio chop* wore Cypsy turned back 10 tnlilc. My llio lime Jim had 1'i'd In llio llvliiu i llio irii;irr^::loii dial snmniuivs- lil-i ~:-lt w:!H in Ilia v-TO!l;;. Tlit In-n of Aunt Kllcn'a furniture •\-:H won- [>I!ril inly tlio miiviiiK and liu-appcarcd ilown ihn :i li:ilf hour hsur. Harriot j ITU! J:OMC ahead lo ECO•thai l!io i tlilnoH were nnloaileil properly. Aunt KlK-n, her black Juit pulsed x'juarHy on hor ahout !ic-r cliin. i' hcail, coat collar av<M-d In the hall- FOR RKNT -- S room furnUlipd 1 aparlnipnt. lleUts. liall). trli-'ihone. j paramo. Rcorl locaUnit. IGOl Asli. j Coll 339. 2flI'-K31 I FOR HENT — npdrooin. niivnlo i hith. c'lasc in. phor.n 785.1. Mrp Bolle Xt. Wood. IRC-n^ FOR. RENT—1 room furnished Hat. rfirrnje and coal house. C-iil C7R-W. 7C-TF she Paid. "I'm leaving." I ....-^....j. Aunt KUen. I. li.jpo j you're ;;ii!iif; to like Ike new house." iriipu mm, p:!/ziru. i "i hope so l.x>," said tiic older "V.'iiiii lime ar.: ilm mnvurs IMTII-! WOIIKIM. "if liicro's anylliins 1'vu !r. !: loium-ruu- for A.,,,1 Kill's' r °'' : "<>"" ™ •*<•'' >'-y^'t hack." llihr-i'"' 11> -i-.l-1-d l-u-n-ly put her lik:tk nnilirclla under 7 .' p ',.' '" " '. , , i ln'r arm ami slc.i]>cil outside. lr:d in i.i'iiv.- al nine o'cli w:'d l::nro l:ll'; of ineiiiisisiii thin-js unl tlioii Y.'ailai-o 03 ijulet llirnimli.ini il Inner. Afscrv.-.inl wIiL-n they all won: in Tim ]i-. ini; lax work, to d<i. ile lufl Idem runl ll Inlo Mis Illinny. f,y|i.=y "Ijlslcn," .Ilm HiiRKratcd. "what's Ilic nso of rarryiiiK all thin stuff Inlo the dlnin;; rooia? I,ct'a tat out lieio!" "Do you want lo?" "Why, sure. U'hnt's tlio mailer Nvllli lliat?" "NolliliiB.". ^'altl Gypsy, "f Ililnk it will ho fnu. Here—I'll give, you a Joh If you wain it." Slie set him to wlilnplnfi cream in a Wuo crockery howl and to keep litui from opatteriiiK himself Wrapped an n.iroa slrnihr to thu ono Biio wore about !iH slionhlcra.;!,,"., Presently Iliey nat down before a meal of liakcd lieaus. tried pnrk ultilit. Gypsy passed tli3 word on lo Jim as soon as lie arrived home. ".No way of Botlln;: oui of it. I su.iprj^o," he said slnuinlly. "l.l^U'ii, ;,uis'il tic-tti'r KO duwistown ami l-ny your.-'olf n now dross. Dull n|i. Tlivy i unko Hit-so oule:its as nneojiifuri- iiljleas po.sslhlc. Host bllid and tuck- c-iM am] all that." "Not cveulii;,' clothes!" (-xclalmed "Oh. Lord no! Aunt Mlleli win tin spruced ll|) lll:i! Quorn Vlu-tiiri:i in her fairions Ji!iuk bee, I snppi.te. Yi.n'U sec the r.iinily Jcivi'ls—" "llns Iho litack Inco dress got sin MS;" lie c.ild that It had.With this In- foi nrilitiu Oyps) 1 set fnriii nii\t ijnjiiiiin: on a slLnpijini; tuur. she filmy liiilii-* wilh a i'u[i]ii'|-y rhiir'on fn rk lltree shades deo;iL-r lli:ni licr skin. It liuil shoi-t plcateil sl« vo* re.-ii-IiliiK lialf *-.iy (a llio elbow, and a full sliirt. 'i'licie a Ilm an- l>li IIIL- ornament of hrlslil corai bilk at iiio side front, 'i'hu coral \VLIS ox- the sliinti- of Cfyp.-y's ll|j-:iii-l;. iila- hiru.^lit slimiers a shaiie il.nlu-r and hii.M! like tiiii:-spiiu eoliwcl. ll;:il v.t-i.! |ir2i:tii'ally invlsililo. ttlui i;>psy Ilkud Ijcst atmiii ihu nini-i M| in-.ini •k. Tlii-ic' 'i'iie MI; hoaso becmed futiol afler tkt; nolso ami hiiaile of the movers. 15111 i Tiic roym^ l^ikeil half-rTlrliiped and Sl!<l | liiiircn. Fanilllar pieces of fnrni- ivris i line WCTIJ i;one. It was a niclaucLoly i ;-ci-::i' hui (Jypsy's lie-art was ulnu- | in.:. At h't l!ils was her home! i SUn telet>hf>neil Uic eniptoymcut i c.-ii'.uuy and iwo moro npplkiinlis i airlvcd. Tliu said sho tonld eliop^ and a ratlicr desultory sMnd. TJiero ivere liol rolls and Klo.ixniii,; coffee that, was delicious! For des-luas : 'i tiny Lonnut-llko iiat of li-ii-li sell Ihoy had apple pio from the brown ao close-lining U looked liia- delicatessen with thick cream poured over It. «' In- .• - ,rve. n, is sa so con. il I lOMOlni he,lid not reappear.] u;((k , J!lt , lim i Uc d her only «perl- 'ill? iijonii!; van was Mill l,:u!;v.l I VMa ll;1 ,, ,,,.,„ aj „ lm room vM , FOR RENT — MixJprn rp?iclrnr?. newly romortrlrrt. Dr. Snllha. Phnue 4in. 20C-K27 tho ill iVL'way lit •i-.'xl nun nine; wtn-a t Cvpsy HIM nul til tlypsy was too skeiilieal lo ! her. The Uilnl Introduced her- lenibly fattenln loi . "I cup. said with a "Host ir.cnl I'vo had In a time," declared Jim staunchly thoro any inuro coffee?" Slio pourc-n hUn f-. Recoud Scarcely « r : mmb renulued wnea tho Jncal was ilnislicd. Jim leaned baek lu his cJiair cunlentcdly and crossed his kiu'cs. "Looks as llioiij:li tliat (Iralmin enso IH col'ip: to turn into a gnuil row," In- aiiiiouiiced. "I told you hair. A tiny bow ot r.iral • [H-ri-linl wiiiclly hcliind c::ic ear. i "Aiirl just one miinili.-. .M;u!;:ine. I Ift niu' simw yoti- !" .-\olainK-tl :lie j ri.-rk :is Clypsy SI.HH] liefnrt; ido I miirnr in liur IIL-W tiuery. Thu lull. j.iln:! ?Ci!rsivi>man di/apiK'nt ed lo ri l In; u wiih a hrmvn ur.ip nvcr l:ei ::i'i:i. "'i'iii.i!" sht <aiil itlunijfliai '"J':-y it on!'-' "Hill I didn't rmno lo liny a cual." Gy]i x v proli-stod. "Try it on. Maiilm. See for your as Matilda Schwartz. Sl:o was j about that, dlda't 1!" For half nn FOR PENT _ KeaulSfil) slilr.lrl" liomo. w!!h 4 bed rooms. KupI I<liii?alnv.-, iviili. .tpwor. IteliK'w .'tor. ihnrio Itees. enrages. scrvnPt j house, chicken 1'onso am! yni-'i. j R"nt rpafovnhle to parly wlio will I take care of it. Thomas t.inel On. I 3-21C-K271 a Idacl; plush roal and blue Inn. Tko woninn exlended a card. "I'm fruiii Hie itoliabilliy ABI-IH-V," sin; -• : '"'- ' The r a nl Iwio the name ".Mrs Ii IIK/ Ctniii-y." ninl ihi> priiiiul' \ a small, r.iiiidlly-lmllt wonian who Innkpd well np In tho tlilrties. "Arc you iniirricd?" flyi'sy a^ked. li!>r avii Ii rve.-i nf iliu unit. Tiic and downy. Tile wup while Jim explained details of a : , w fetlly. About Hie thr,,at law r.nlt. Gypay asked questions. ] u, ls liour moro they fr.t at Hie table..- nf i|ii< Ucli:ihilily l:ii:pl..y. !.\flci lie k-ft 1 weal lo st-e a law- ii^-iit AKCIK-}-, "V.'o never fall." \ yt-r. 1 didn't rit (lie niuiiey hack "i:«:iic In," C.yi'?y Invlled. Slio'hut I L-OI a ilivorec." led I'm way Into the living n,o;:i. > They settled iiimu ilie salary. U "Wim'i you sit duwn?" I was asirail that Matilda was lo "'i"i:nk yon. Ma'am." Mrs. Citnley 1 l::iv Mil i!.-.v, n. "Thoy lold IHC you Miilihla Kho-d: lior head. "Not j Bho found Ihe bita of information' sho fal:l. "1 had a man but ; Jim dropped about conrli; and mm-. To;>k the mu:ii>y I to S:IVL- for ihreti yeTlra. shirt flared gently, making the girl - .s"--!ii taller. Uypsy winnueil the'ccal tansies very .ibsnrliiriK. It 1iu-i;j|,,,nt he,. ,-| u .- c |y -.1 lire-wed her lo Uiink that every day I -s, c . Mr.daui. II'-.VIH n-adc for Foot-ini', M4f?TfU — PAL,ED HAulkTS, 15 A StAlELU FEuLA ' I rlA"Tfe TO SEE rflM IM AT "THAT PIM^V DOWM-TOWJM -^-vlF-frlERE WAS OMl-V SOME PLACE HERE WHERE AE COULD STAY, 'FEEu UOME50ME/- ZK PAPER-H/U16ER BV -TRADE , A ~<Q Wrfl-reuJAS^ I — -fH 1 LAST VJORKEP VAJAS WELL. -fleri — -it** rfw ' OUT rlese .' — IF HE'S USED rfARPSrllP, HE MIMD '£>HARlr46 A ROOM vJiTrt vou i —- I deep SOME pAiMi"iM6 porje AMD HE CA/J PO \-f FOR BOAR PIf •~ NOul^AKE, Wlt-L. BE SOUR HAM PS, BE ABLE TO Pllf WIDOWS BAUKRUP-T STORES .' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHAT FOR? By MartiL al his olh'co Jim was de.lllni ihe lives of men and women. fiKlil- Ins for Iheir rinhts and iryiua lo ilcfpnil tlic-in in iheir dltili-iiltlcs. POULTRY WANTKD — Markot pricM paid at O. T,. TSrnnrlt Co. Pf«l Co. 2111 N. Plllroad St.. WMt nf courthouse. J. K.- Pi'lier. piirnr< «4. ' 2-IC-TF prinr/rpv WAKTKH— AT ' rr.5. nnr niinntltv \rn r-hfry. 210 S. Fourlli St. nc-TF fnr~n WANT TO TiORFOV/— f^SO plloul. p»vaM« n->". Is! rnrlnr^empnf. a]-;o first inoit:ra r 'e. Tiiomns -Land Co. 25C-K?0 TRFAKDRY DF.PARTMRXT. Of- f>c nf tlie Pfcr-tnrv. \Va«Wneto:i. D. C.. March 7. lfl.1I. Prnnrral*! hcrptjv jollcitort. lo b^ rwno'l ' In Mie Offiro of the Snnorvls'iM! i Archiicct. Trca^nry Deuirttncnt. Woshinplcn. D. C.. at 9 n'rlock. a. m.. on Anrll 13, 1931. "for tho sale or donation to thp Unltprt -States of creferablv n corner lot containing approxlmatch- 27.000 square feet, wilh a dimension of npproxi- niately IfiO linfal fret, on il:c more important of the two slrect'front- tiges. centrally and ronveniently located and suilablp for a Federal- building sile at- Elytlierillc?. Av- \ kamas. Dpon applicntion. the! Postmaster will supply prospecliw bidders wiUi a circular fiv particulars as to requirements and, . Instructions for preparation of bids! and data to a'ccompany same ' PERRY K. HEATK. Assistant Fc?- i <!ypsy iifldded. Sho hud never beou on iho employer's side In such on Interview. "You've had cxiierl- .CIICC. 1 6I!]>])050?" "Vo.-:, Ma'am. [ J vo cocked lu res* lauranls and hotels ami ;'il\aie homes. 1 was wilh .Mrs. llurk-jilay over on Manlo Ktreet for livo inoulhs. Fancy rooking for parlie.s is my specially. How many mo there in Hie fninily Iicio7" "Just myself." Oypsy lold her, 'Und my inisbani]." "Nu chllfironV" "No." "That's |;oo:." Mr3. Cooley said approvinsly. -'1 never work wlicvu they hnvi! cliildrcn ».il(-.=s llic.Vs a iinr.^e. Thu lii-mlry SUM out of course? 1 don'l like lo !:avo laundry ~ovk clutlvrlug l:avo Thursday nneinuons nnd Sun- j I.aior Bho witslicd and Jim dried parly without a wrap "HI lake II " i d::y cvcnhi K :: ufi. Sho Ml. • ihnn. lie ilrop.ieil.lho i-rcaia pii^li.-r she rr::,| tf:oi:i.-!ilf!illy The price i IL-IUK l.ypsy lo return nc.\l uioinius I nic-Ucil it up with' ll:o lian.ilu mlfs- wn.-; more than =lie would have "u.i lur ii-un!;. !!„,,_ ,||sp]ayi]iK the two runs with Left r.loae, llio girl hurried to) fo much humility that ihe liio kitchen. It wrs Ehiiiins and t laughed at him. Thoro was more s|iotles3 as Harriet always kept It. There were bailor, (r lelluro and .1 l:i>\vl. oi brcnkf.isl occiiplcd olio slmlf. Tlinl The swllfish is ? .1>1 = t o pump itself full of air wilh amazing .swift- 1 ness and swell u;> into r, liuio bal- I oon. Tne:-^ fish when pursued by enemies rush to tho surface, in'- flate themselves ar.d then ab'.v the '• wind to blow them along the top ; o! the wat:r like toy balioonr-. ALL KINDS OF MACHINE \YORK Electrlc antl Gas Wrlrtin- dew at OSBHON BLACKSMITH SHOT' 11.5 X. Franklin St. Invest With Safety 6% paid quarterly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on lionies in Blytheville. . Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association . ' W, At. Burns, Sec. ROUHO COt-b NO VJNOW intu ihe iv as lilted ero collar of fur. The you! I no yaii.-ivcly. "il-jt I didn't—" Clyp^y ::Siln and then stopped. Siic had no oman cpolie per- ciypsy cleared away the dishes ; rout. She couldn't KO to the dinner spent on an entire season's ward robe a month i Jim was enthusiastic In his praise when she entered the living room Thursday evening. "Look like a million dollars lo me!" lie aa- smcd her. Tho compliment gave- her a pleasant sense of warmth. It the Wallace "home refrigerator. s. a head of Iv.'n f;r;'.;;t fruit, .-old cereal left. Urcnkfasl ne.-it iiiornini; v,ns likewise served In the kiu-i:cn. Al nine o'clock Matilda Schwartz was Uio extent of the larder. rived and Gypsy turned over to !ier f think lliia morn- when Anal Ellen ureeicrl Ihctn in the roins of Ihc household. There llio doorway nf her new home. "Coruo in," .Miss V.'allacc said ,. ,* , , . were minor instances of fricli — Onco more she went to Ihc . (jin S|1 Ulc telephone. main affaire .Matilda v/orked brusquely, "the others are all here." Jim look his wife's coat and hat .Hid was liknly lo have breakfast TT/HKX Jim Wallace arrived home '' at 5:30 he found Cypsy in the kitchon onvoloi anil the hostess led hor forward table at S:3i) instead of ci:;ht. woinnn with a sharp nose and small dark oyes tin nod at their approach. that Inil b-:-en ii:s.-ardi-d hy his aunt. ( look one look ni her and Oypny i;;-.vo Iho ilnily order or lu "ilel-loh!" oxtlaiiacJ Jiu. "What's kilcticu. going on here?' 1 He Continued) slnm[H:cr on Cumir.iTrc. have been picture of ilic ilam slnnnml I'RKCKLKS AM) A SPECIAL ItOOM! CLOSED m>TH is A SooD ~ ' ' ••FOR BUCK MR. ME&TD2, IF ^TACT'S W'Hy I SHUT PoS YaU'LL TELL ME JUST )}fc>O..->CO SEG,1 A^ A OlD^foO VZZP THIS ROSY, . HEclbR o? TM& W.i^S WhllCH 1 A,',\ EriXJSH To POSSESS ACE OF EXCEPT;ovjA 1 i <3'JA"o Tne\\ CAPSPOLUY THS Kl>3y TUtT IU-5 DISAPPEARED f^VMA'S Pa-=ELt!3,S IrJ A SPECIAL t TbOK OVER. THIS House I HAD A SPECIAL ROO;A BUILT CORNER op IT To IM MAY 1 see THIS ROOM T^K.-vJ -Q F.H.XLVfrt WASH TUHHS bsys Colors r;u<5 LiJa's .IKAN PUTS IN \ v;e cft^'T \l DOUT VCOnRVl WE EOSS'lt SOOM POT fOU TO Vv'OPl' ^ C GUESTS U '.•JvWtWJ&OPT.lC FISHlMt, BOATS. 'fVlEW WHWL1 ) FOQFVFO. IV Geco.v.E 01= POOR. LITTLE JPA.M' r— -^ UMTlU VOU CAME, I NtARLV WENT COO-COO/^N NOTHiMO TO 00, MO OfVT&S, NO O.M4CE.S' AND »AE.N W?E IMPOSSIBLE. WHY, voopE: THE HONEbT-To-doowjEss HUMANS >'V£ r-^ it* A toows A&e. I'M NO SW&MP R(VT- I'M A. R6D-61OO060, Tv«!O OC-LOtK BLOND. IMAGINE MS on THIS omvv, MOSQUITO FI\PM,WITU VOOT OF A 8ROTHE.U l>)rtOM L HADN'T SEEN SINCE. HE. RMJ AVJM FROM WOME,FIFTetM > ^E^RS A.faO. 1 TELLXCHJ, VT'S tUfSSTlX; IPS l COME CMEeR ME OP, I'M (JETTING MUSHY, Of POOR. LITTLE JEAN: i Or i ' *nr^ te'Jrr rr^nVI I'urr? j If y^n c!f>- 't'.- | v.ay {o nt^in your :s by WMvinrr tlie At wro:v_' for !'i" in ':to proprr rn'o.-s id,-- of nr anil pnrplo •<!! i niDrry. veliow will ore Rod . ;\n;: and yo'iv nerve.-. Av.d if yo-j -xnrc.=o-!cn, llitu '.vrar pii.'c. H's very «imp'.o. | t.,\s VJ:RAS. NCVOO.I. air- _. ; Pi oofs of th: Bcii'idrr c.invo'.i project coin, which vill lv;;- larl'.ircn m qiMiitity for li.o

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