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Marion, Ohio
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14 THE. MARION STAR Friday, July 18, 1969 Apollo 11 on All I Television Networks Sunday Noon to Monday at 6 p.m. Television and Radio By CECIL SMITH Can You Separate TV From Environment? a letter from producer of theatrical Hollywood whom I do which poses an intriguing question: Can television be properly appraised apart from the environment in function? Bow en's thoughtful letter is con- Cecil Smith Cecil Smith There's Bowen, a films in not know room screening. cerned with critics of this wind-blown theater, particularly in light of the current move to invite reviewers to see programs and comment on them in advance. "It is possible," writes Bowen, "under typical review conditions to evaluate the effect of any program accurately in terms of how it will look on the boob tube?" He explains: "I don't work in TV, but, thanks to a schedule mixup, I got to a lab to check an answer print of one of my pictures just as they were starting through a I don't watch 'Bonanza'; don't especially like But this show, up on a big screen, clear and bright, with good sound, in a screening environment, with a small audience, with no distractions, no kids.

no beer handy, no toilet 20 feet away, no commercials this thing hooked me. "Later I made a special point of catching that episode on the set at home. Little reaction; what I did feel I could trace to a recollection of that projection "THIS LEADS to another point," Bowen went on. "Everyone decries the quality of the staple TV dramatic show. Still, I wonder: To be even moderately effective under the really adverse conditions of most home viewing, don't these shows have to be considerably better.

point for point, than their theatrical equivalent viewed under far better conditions? "I've reached the conclusion that a lot of what people take for granted on TV is really a lot better, than it's given credit for. Some shows mind "The Wild Wild 'Mod Squad' and some of the early 'Invaders' that, in theaters, would have been real grabbers. "PERHAPS what all this means," writes Bowen, "is that no idea to be expressed, or the summation of technique emplayed to express it, is independent of the environment of the recipient. "Just as music doesn't exist until it is played and heard, in real time, by a listener, so does a film (or tape) not really come into existence until a mind receives its message. Lots has been written on the Medinow maybe it's time to look at the environment in which it must function." Which leads Bowen to the conclusion that networks that refuse to preview their shows may be "losing more than they know their likelihood in getting good grades (from critics) in advance showings must be much greater than if they rely on on-the-air I'M NOT SURE 1.

go along with Bowen's conclusions. It seems to me a critic has the obligation to see a work to be reviewed under the best possible conditions; thus, a movie reviewer does not see films amid popcorn-gulping teen-agers and fat women stepping on his feet; a book critic does not take into account reading the book in bad light on a swaying train. Nor do I feel the image of the beer-swilling pop and the quarreling kids grouped around the living room set is as representative of television as it once was. The two set and threehousehold becoming as common as the two-car family. which is the selective, reason So is viewer, that advance reviews of television programs can offer the sort of service that book reviews, play reviews, movie reviews and the like provide SO that one can decide whether to spend that precious time, on it.

FURTHERMORE, a work of art, I believe, transcends its environment. Thus, "Citizen Kane" on television, festooned with commercials. is still a masterpiece; the Lisa painted on an ash can still would enthrall. Though works of art in television are as rare as they are anywhere else, it would be of value for people to know when one happens. Saturday Night Programs Ch.

4 Ch. 6 Ch. 10 5 PM :30 W.W. 6 :30 Baseball W. W.

T. A. 7 PM :30 Adam D. Col. D.

J. 8 PM :30 Get Mrs. L. J. Three 9 :30 Movie J.

L. Pet. Hog. 10 :30 Movie J. Movie M.

11 :30 Movie Movie M. 12 :30 Movie Movie Wrestling AM Movie Wrestling :30 Naked City Ch. 2 5 PM :30 Happy Dennis the Time Menace PM Jeff's Collie 6 :30 Rifleman 7 PM Frank Daily Pattern 4764 SIZES 8-18 By ANNE ADAMS Look, feel light and lively in a skim that slips on and buttons at the shoulders in two seconds. Just 2 main parts--a snap to cut and sew! Printed Pattern 4764: NEW Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 12 (bust 34) requires yards 35-inch fabric.

Sixty-five cents in coins for each pattern add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and specare of The Marion Star, 100 Pattern cial handling. Send to Anne Adams, 243 West 17th New York, N. with Y. Zip, 10011. Size Print and Style Name, Number.

Spring Summer Pattern Catalog. Free pattern coupon. 50 cents. INSTANT SEWING Book-cut, fit, sew modern way, $1.00. New INSTANT FASHION Booksecrets of successful wardrobe planning, figure flattery, accessory tips.

$1. Development Chief Lashes At Tax Critics COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Ohio Development Director F. P. Neuenschwander branded as "completely and obviously, false" a recent report by Cleveland economists critical of Ohio's tax system, government services and industrial growth. In response Thursday to the charge that the state ranks low nationally in manufacturing "For the Neuenschwander, Ohio growth, said has led the nation in manufacturing expansion, capital investment job opportunities." He said the state has had over $10 million capital investment since 1963 which, he said, was the highest five-year total in the Neuenschwander said the Cleveland State University economists apparently used the persince 1950 as their base period.

This, he said, includes years during which Ohio suffered depression and high unemployment. TV. Highlights TONIGHT book: "Mother Goose" with 8, (6), John Davidson: Paul caster. Shirley Temple and Elsa LanAnka is a guest. 8:30, (4), Name of the Game: Publisher Glenn Howard (Gene Barry) is kidnaped by a group of radicals who demand that he witness their "protest" suicide.

Also starring are Keenan Wynn, Tisha Sterling, Jackie De Shannon and Jordan Christopher. 9, (10), "U.M.C.": A pilot film for a fall series filmed at UCLA Medical Center and starring Richard Bradford, Edward G. Robinson, James Daly, Kim Stanley, Maurice Evans, Kevin McCarthy and William Windom. This story is about heart transplants. A surgeon performs a transplant on a close friend and the donor's widow brings him to court charging he let her husband die to save his friend.

This is also on 8. 11, (12), Concert Hall: A concert recorded at Severance Hall, Cleveland, featuring George Szell conducting the Cleveland Orchestra in Tchaikovskyy's Violin Concerto in and Debussy's "La Mer." Erica Morini is soloist. 11:30, (4), Tonight: Carl Reiner is host and actress Judy Pace and comedian London Lee are guests. 11:30, (6), Joey Bishop: Comic Bob Melvin is scheduled. MOVIES 7:30, (5), "Curtain Call at Cactus Creek" with Donald O'Connor and Gale Storm.

9, (6), "Another Part of the Forest" with Ann Blyth and Fredric March. 9, (7), "The FBI Story" with James Stewart, Vera Miles and Nick Adams, 9, (11), "All the King's Men" with Broderick Crawford and Joanne Dru. 10:30, (5), "Kiss of Fire" with Jack Palance, Barbara Rush and Martha Hyer. 11:25, (8), "Most Dangerous Man Alive" with Ron Randall, Elaine Stewart and Debra Paget. 11:30, (10), "King of the Zombies" with Joan Woodbury and Dick Purcell and "Genius From the Dark" with Jerome Robles and Julie Aleman.

11:30, (11), "Don't Bother To Knock" with Marilyn Monroe and Richard Widmark. 11:40, (7), "The Castillian" with Cesar Romero, Frankie Avalon and Broderick Crawford. 1, (4), "Falcon's Adventure" with Tim Conway and Madge Meredith, 1, (6), "Ride Lonesome" with Randolph Scott and Karen Steele. 1, (8), "Voodoo Woman" with Marla English and Tom Conway. 1:10, (7), "The Hired Gun" with Rory Calhoun and Anne Francis, "The Loser" with Jack Palance, Sal Mineo and Eddie Albert and "The Girl Who Had Everything" with Elizabeth Taylor, Fernando Lamas and William Powell.

SATURDAY DAYLIGHT a 8, (4), Shirley Temple's 1, (4, 6 and 10), Apollo 11: First special program as the spacecraft enters lunar orbit. This is scheduled for 1:27 p.m. Coverage is from 1 to 2 p.m. The next special program is set for 4 p.m. and is the fourth TV transmission from Apollo.

3, (10), 21st Century: "The First 10 Months, Part 2" is the conclusion of a survey concentrating on how doctors are acquiring the skills to reach into the world of the unborn. Shown are genetic analysis of chromosomes to show the chances of a baby being normal before it is even conceived, and surgery on fetal monkeys. MOVIES 10:30, (10), "Nancy Drew, Re- porter" with Bonita Granville, John Litel and Frankie Thomas. 2, (11), "The Mudlark" with Alec Guinness and Irene Dunne. Sports Events On Radio, TV -Television- TONIGHT 7:45, (13), Baseball: Detroit vs.

Cleveland. SATURDAY 1:30, (8), Baseball: Cleveland VS. Detroit. Dugout interviews at 1:15 p.m. The game is also on 13.

2, (7), Soap Box Derby: 32nd annual derby from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, 4:15, (4), Baseball: Los Angeles vs. San Francisco. This is also on 9. 4:30, (10), AAU Track: The world's top track and field seen in competition stars teams representing United States, Russia and the British Commonwealth clashing in the World Triangular Meet at Los Angeles Coliseum. 5, (6), Wide World of Sports: Live coverage of the Trenton (N.J.) 200 Indianapolis Car Race and a visit to the Washington Redskin's training camp at Carlisle, are scheduled.

-RadioSATURDAY 8:35 a.m., WMRN AM-FM, Heart of Ohio Golf Tournament: Live broadcast from the tournament at Hickory Grove Country Club. Other broadcasts are at 11:35 a.m., 2:35 p.m. and at the completion of the day's play after 5 p.m, SUNDAY 8:30 a.m., WMRN AM-FM, Heart of Ohio Golf Tournament. Other broadcasts are at 11:45 a.m., 3:05 p.m. and at the completion of the tournament after 5 p.m.

The isle of Nauru has one of the highest living standards in the Pacific. Per capita income exceeds that of Australia, which has administered the island as a U.N. trust territory since World War II. -Tonight's Television Programs- Ch. 4 Ch.

5 Man Fr. Big Top Man Fr. News Local Donald Donald Truth or Donald Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch.

8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Mr. Ed Flintstones Steve Movie Early McHale's McHale's Navy Steve Movie Early Merv Local City News News Merv Walter Walter News Merv Local Truth or Mr. Ed News :30 Make a High Movie Make Wild Wild Wild Wild High Wild Wild Wild Wild High 8 PM John 1 'High Movie John Wild Wild Wild Wild High Wild Wild Wild Wild Outdoor :30 John Name of Movie John Gomer Gomer Name of Gomer Gomer Cleve.

Name of Movie Movie Name of Movie Cleve. :30 Name of Country Holiday Movie Name of Movie Cleve. Dick The The News Movie Movie Defenders Defenders Movie Movie Cleve. 11 PM I Love Lucy Movie Movie :30 Joey Movie Movie Movie 12 Mid. Joey Movie Joey Movie Movie :30 Joey Movie Movie 1 AM :30 No Sign Off Program Late Show Show No No Program Program Movie Movie Movie No Ric Program Bratton Movie Movie No Sign Off Program No Program CHANNEL 12-5 p.m., Misterogers' Neighborhood; 5:30, What's New; 6, Bridge; 6:30, French Chef; 7, Critique; 8, Joyce Chen Cooks; 8:30, French Chef; 9, Accent; 9:30 Art and Man; 10:30, Heifetz Master Class; 11, Concert Hall.

-Saturday's Television ProgramsCh. 2 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch.

7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch.

13 7 AM No Program Leave to Gospel No Program No Program Tom and No Program Op. Alphabet Black 'Round About :30 No Program Untamed Am. No Program No Program Zoo's Who Mr. Big 8 AM No Program Am. Fun for Black Abbott No Program Mr.

:30 Program Herald of Gospel Show Bugs Bugs No Program Bugs Bugs Davey AM No Program Super Cartoons Road Road Super Road Road Super 9 :30 No Program Cool Com. Clubhouse Wacky Wacky Cool Wacky Wacky Cool 10 AM :30 No Program Program Adventure Fantastic Fantastic Archie Archie Adventure Movie Adventure AM No Program Adventure Center of Center of Adventure Movie Adventure 11 :30 No Fantastic Fantastic Ken and Movie 12 No Program Storybook Sat. Matinee George of Storybook Storybook Sqs. :30 No Program TBA Sat. Matinee Glory Jonny Jonny Untamed Jonny Johnny Untamed PM Program Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Sports Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo 1 :30 No Program Apollo Apollo Apollo Apollo Cleve.

Apollo Apollo Apollo 1 Apollo PM No Program Splash TBA Apollo Soap Box Cleve. Movie Job Movie Outdoor 2 :30 Scene 70 Splash Soap Box Cleve. Movie Hollywood Stars Movie PM Scene 70 Beaver Big Soap Box Cleve. Movie 21st Movie 3 :30 Putt-Putt Golf Knock at Door Roller TBA Cleve. Movie Marshal Dillon Movie PM Apollo Wm.

Buckley Apollo Apollo Cleve. Apollo Apollo Apollo 4 :30 Wm. Buckley Roller Race of Outer AAU TBA Needle Pattern 981 SIZES 10-20 By LAURA WHEELER This year, fashion loves embroidery in bright colors! Dramatize new, fitted line with embroidery on slimming contrast panel. Pattern 981: transfer, printed pattern sizes 10. 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

Size 14 (bust 34). State size. Fifty cents in coins for each pattern- add 15 cents for each pattern for 1st-class mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, The Marion Star, 86 Needlecraft 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N. 10011.

Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. New 1969 Needlecraft Catalog- -best townsport fashions, most new designs to knit, crochet, sew, weave, embroider. 3 free patterns inside. 50 cents. NEW! "50 INSTANT -make it today, give it tomorrow.

Marvelous fashions, toys, decorator articles. Ideal for all occasions. 50 cents. Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs to knit, crochet. 12 sew, Prize weave, Afghans.

hook. 50 50 cents. cents. Book No. 1-16 Superb Quilts 50 cents.

Book No. 2-Museum Quilts12 rare, outstanding quilts. 50 cents Book No. 3 Quilts for Today's Living. 15 unique quilts.

50 cents. 3 Are Fined Here For Destruction Three men who pleaded no contest to charges of malicious destruction in Marion Municipal Court Thursday were fined $100 each and given suspended 30-day jail terms. John R. Rizzo, 18, of 274 Lafayette Donn C. Kraner, 18, Lincoln Ave.

and Don W. Throckmorton, 18, of 401 Leader St. were found guilty of destroying chairs, tables and window glass at the Haze Club on Ohio 98 June 14. The charges were filed by the sheriff's department. The club is owned by Jack Chivington.

Jaycees Honor Rock, Members for Efforts Matt Rock, athletic director at Harding High School, honored at a Jaycee meeting Thursday for assistance in group's youth projects. Other special awards presented included Jaycee of month, Delwood King; Heart Ohio ad sales, William Loop; chairman of the month, James Payton, and Spoke for 1969, John Trent. Ch. 11 Ch. 13 Show Merv Show Merv What's My Bowling Green's Survey of Elgin Being Evaluated Elgin's Board of Education is evaluating a survey report presented at a special meeting Thursday night by Robert Beynon of Bowling Green State University.

The university's Office of Development and Research Services was asked by Elgin officials last September to survey the district in the areas of pupil population, curriculum (especially in the junior high school category), school plant and community relations. After the 70-page report is Three Cases Heard GALION Results of cases heard, Wednesday by J. Ben Romine, acting mayor, follow: William Keesee of Harding Way $10 and court costs for disturbing the peace; Thomas Boyle of the same dress forfeited a $50 bond on charges of disturbing the peace; and Raymond Patterson, 21, of RR 3, Galion, $10 and costs, petit larceny. by individual members it will be evaluated in depth by the board as a whole. Findings will then be presented to district residents at meetings called for this purpose, Supt.

Thomas J. Lasley said today. for -Pizza it's ANGELO'S with the 109 year old secret ITALIAN RECIPE 3 Locations To Serve You! Bellefontaine at Davids-383-3243 E. Center at Grand 382-0303 176 S. Main 383-9971 Read The Want Ads NOW LEASE A NEW Option To COLOR TV Pith, at Jack's TV and Appliance 389 W.

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11 Ch. 13 B. Walker P. Wagoner D. J.

J. Three Hog. Pet. M. M.

M. W. Adam Get Mrs. Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie was the the of 1968- Marion's Best PIZZA Friday-Saturday, Evening PIZZA VILLA Phone 382-5602 for 127 S. Main Delivery MIKE'S CATERING SERVICE Picnics, Parties, Banquets.

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