The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1956 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1956
Page 8
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PACE EIGHT BLITHEvTLLl (ARK.) COITRIEK MEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1966 Nekrus Sister Moving Toward Political Life By K. SATAKOPAN NEW DELHI India (AP) — Prime Minister Nehru's daughter Mrs. Indira Gandhi is rap Idlv moving from a life as her father's official hostess to a political life of her own. *"' ,, T. ju: oo * n irno oftoT- hoi- father in manv \vavs •— in facial aooear nlOVlIl& iriml A UlC as Iici iai-iiv-i " «**—.-- -- - r _ Mrs. Gandhi, 38, takes after her father in many ways — in facial appearance Mrs LiSnQni 00, iai\ea aiLci uti Aom*-i "» *i.«.»j ..« j « — —CL ' sophisticated mental makeup, in sudden bursts of temper, in her manner before large, adoring crowds. _. * As a Nehru, she draws these crowds wherever she goes. The Nehru family long has been ideneti fled with the Indian independence* movement, and with the Congress party Which led the fight. Mrs. Gandhi's initiation to public life was in this movement. Her interest in independence never subsided as she traveled from Indian schools to Swiss acad HUNNERLY MONKEY - "Chipper," an owl-faced monkey, didn't waste any time in picking up mealtime maneuvers and manners, U.S. style. Since becoming a pet of the Arthur Lebeaus of Holyoke, Mass., she has learned how to handle a knife, fork »nd spoon. So the Central American monkey has won a spot at it* dinner table. Accountants Work to Weed Out Unsound Insurance Companies Bf BOB BYEBS AUSTIN, Tex. 1*1 — Texas' 2,600 certified public accountants have been enlisted by the state insurance commission to weed out with- SB a year insurance companies "which are unsound and unsafe and unworthy of the public confidence." The vast audit was projected by fee commission yesterday as a state Judge called for a new Travis County (Austin) grand jury to investigate .diligently what he called the "recent insurance debacle." The audits will be aimed only at the approximately, 1,400 firms chartered and headquartered in Texas. The companies will have to bear the expense of examination. The board promised prompt action against any company that re- fuses to make its records available for CPA examination. "It will be our policy to suspend that company's license to sell insurance immediately and send our regular examiners into the firm within 48 hours to make a thorough audit," 1 Commissioner Garland Smith said. The commission said it hope: by use of the CPAs to complete in one year "the process of weeding those evils out of Texas insurance which might continue for several years" if the commission used only its "normal procedures and normal staff." The mid-December seven-million- dollar collapse of U> S. Trust and the state receiver's 46,640,000 damage suit last week in connection with fte 19S4 demise of General emies ana men to Britain s uxu where she studied history. More Votes Back in India in 1942 she married a young lawyer, Feroz Gandhi. He is no relation to the late leader of the Indian independence movement, Mohandas K. Gandhi Mrs. Gandhi—with her two sons Rijiv. now 11, and Sanjay, now 9— moved in to become her widowec father's official hostess whene he became prime minister in 1947 Her husband, a newspaper -executive and member of Parliament remained close but appeared to take a back seat. Early this year she stepped' fully on the political stage. She was selected to the 21-member Con gress Working Committee, the high command of the Congress India's biggest party. Her political emergence was confirmed by two later develop ments: Married Lawyer She received more votes than any other candidate elected to the Congress party's 11-member Cen tral Elections Committee, which will pick candidates and plan strategy for the 1957 elections. She acted as chairman for special government committee which arranged the reception for Soviet Russia's two visiting leaed esr r Premier Nikolai Bulganin and Communist party chief. Nlkita S Khrushchev. There is talk her father. Is grooming, her to be his chief aide There is talk she perehaps holds ideas to the left of her fathere's Many observer:- disagree with these viewpoints, but (II concede she is becoming a political fora in India. American Casualty Co. of San An tonio, Tex., set the stage for yester day's drastic commission action. The receiver's petition in the General American case named Chief Insurance Examiner Larry W. Blanchard, Asst. Chief Examln er Robert Butler and Examiners William J. Noad and Lee J..,Pfef ferkorn as having had a part in an alleged conspiracy to defraud th< public in that firm's operations. The four examiners have been suspended without pay pending a commission inquiry into the charg es against tiiem. Nothing flts your future finer than a reserve of dependable U. S. Savings Bends TT't TSUE. United State* Saving* Bond* have never been more in style. According to the latest figures, the dollar Tolume of Series "E" and Scriej "H" Savings Bonds outstanding has soared to a new peak . of over 39 billion dollars! This all-time high in Savings Bonds did. not just come about by chance. The fact it more and more people every day are discovering that Savings Bonds are one of the world's surest, easiest means of amassing big sums of money. Did you know, for example, that "E" Bonds earn such a good rare of interest that in 9 years, 8 months, they pay you back $4 for every $3 you're put in. Did yov know that these Bonds art just H good as ready cash . . . since they can be cashed id aof time after the one two months. Did you know Aey'ie ktlltr then ash, because they're registered ia your name ... so can be replaced if loet, stolen, or burned. No wonder to snany people we HTJog for til their dre*<M the US. Savin*. Bonds way. See your book for hiflher iaformetiool Ifce O. I. tees a*t paf fer tkk» «e» AarertMiif CesiswM mt II h eenatei ky Uito pfkHeatlesi to Newspaper FaMMiers si AMertee* TAKING CARE OF MOTHER-S<*ool officials aren't interested only in youngsters. Especially in Neillsville, Wis. There officials permitted teacher Eunice Richardson, right, to park her mobile home next to Benjamin School so she could keep an eye on her 81-year-old mother, Evangeline, seated. This unique arrangement lets Miss Richardson make frequent visits during the day to see if her mother is all right. It also eases the teacher shortage. The two women have lived in mobile homes since'1944., At left is an unidentified neighbor. ' STARR GAZING Bf BETTTE NELLX STAKE Center Mm Ma* Cerreeasaaiat George Washington delivered his first message to congress on this date in 1TOO. Louis Braille was born on this date in 1809. Joan of Arc was born on Jan. 6, 1412. The first national election was held on Jan. 7, 1789. The first steamboat thriugh the Panama Canal was on Jan. 7, 1914. Alexander La Valley, happened to be the name of the Boat if you didn't know it. The first ship to go through the canal was in August of 1914. Battle of New Orleans occurred on Jan. 8, 1815. President Woodrow Wilson's 14- point speech was on Jan. 8, 1918. The first balloon ascension in the TJ. S. A. was on Jan. 9, 1793. President George Washington was on hand that day in Philadelphia to witness the event. The first railroad in Arkansas'was incorporated on Jan. 10, 1853. Economists now say we move in cycles instead of running around in circles. It may sound better, but It means the same. They say there's nothing as frequent as "an occasional drink." To his dog, every man is a hero; hence the popularity of dogs. Try cooking your rext pork chops this way for a change from the same old fried ones. Spread a small amount of mustard over the chops and do buy the loin chops, not the cheap, first, cuts, though as whit-leather. Dredge the chops 'in seasoned flour and brown on both sides in hot fat. Arrange them in a glass baking dish that you can serve from at the table, pour a can of chicken- rice soup over them and bake at 350 degrees for anout 40 minute. Baked apples or old fashioned fried apples go nicely with this dish. Pone, corn bread passed with this combination wiU make your guests say, "Well, blest my soul I" Can spring be so far away? Hyacinths are pushing hard to make their appearance. Daffodils and Dutch iris are making a, good showing among the violets that are beginning to bloom and now's the time to bring,in branches of burning bush to have in bloom in about three weeks. Keep near a window for darker blooms . Here's a good one for you folks who got something for Christmas you either have no use for or that you had to ask, "What is it?" A friend of mine received a fancy done-up creation from Wisconsin, which appeared to be a wooden tray filled with fancy cheeses and thinking so, she had the tinfoil individual packages stored in the ice box until special company dropped in and they did. She remembering the fancy cheese '.thought what an ideal appetizer they would make to whet the appetites of the company. So she got out her fancy crackers and Melba toast round and passed high' On unwrapping the assortment of "cheeses,"' she discovered they were only blocks of wood from the Cheese State of Wisconsin wrapped up in fancy cheese wrappers. Now ye* tell me one. The most useless day a person can have is one where they didn't hav« something to laugh about. One ot the most important" part* of a human being, .is their funny bone. A diplomat is a man who know what isn't safe to laugh at. We've all heard the expression "There's no pocket in a shroud." Well here's the poem in its entirety and was written by John Alexander Joyce: ' • n "You must leave your many millions and the gay and festive crowd; "Though you roll in royal billion* There's no pocket in a shroud." Some people use one half of their ingenuity to get into debt, and the other half to keep from paying it. Something good to remember, pay no attention ^to what the- critics say; there has never been set up a statue in honor of a critic. Be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down. Too often it is the love of the other fellow's money which is th» root of all evil. Nobody in the world has the will power equal to that'of the woman who eats one half of a toasted pe^ con. I'll eat them as long as they're in reach and that's one of the curses of the card table. Constant nibbling. Ninth knowr planet, Pluto, was discovered at Lowell observatory on March 13, 1930. Rita and Haymes Sued for Fees LOS ANGELES (JP) — Although Rita Hayworth divorced crooner Dick- Haymes in'Reno last month, she is being sued with him for attorney fees. Robert A. Eaton, lawyer and son- in-law of Oov. Godwin J. Knight, sued the actress and singer yesterday for W.400, saying he performed services for Haymes in connection with divorce proceedings by hi» former wife Nora Gdington, and with a deportation action against him by the federal government. Eaton alleged that Miss Hayworth agreed to pay for the services but failed to do so. S^TYi :KiN« ; r ,- A iqrps= Starting Jan. 9 in Hi* Courier Newt It looks hiah priced «ZP JT ...but it's the "56 Chevrolet! Who wouldn't mistake this handsome new Chevrolet for a high-priced car I It looks strictly "upper bracket" with its bold new Motoramic styling ... its longer, lower hood . . .its'proud new grille that spans the full front end. ' ' Even the details would do credit to an expensive car ... like the sleek, high-fashion taillights (the left one hides the gas cap!). But, even beyond the costly appearance of it* Fisher Body ( Chevy gives the. high- priced cars a run for their money. For it'* THE NEW BEL AIR SPORT COUPE-dne of J9 niafi-prieeo'-looHna Chevrolet models. one of the few great road ears built today! It brings you the added security of nailed- down stability on turns and lightning acceleration for safer passing. Horsepower now ranges all the way up to 205! All engines now have, hydraulic-hushed valve lifters. Of course,- Chevrolet has safety door latches in all models. In addition, you can have seat belts, with or without shoulder harness, and instrument panel padding at extra cost. There's a new Chevrolet just made for you, So come in and highway-test it THE HOT ONE'S EVEN HOTTER SULLiVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. Ml Wnt Walnut

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