The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 23, 1947 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1947
Page 4
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f AGE POUR THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, OCTOBER 23, 1947 Mrs. Vern Dunn. Other guests Display QnlH at were Mr. Dunn and Dr. J. O. Latrd. Friend* at PinwTilr Party Mr? MSP "Wolf" and Mrs*. Fearf Klinp en!«-rtain''d at a pino<-hle party Saturday prr-nine at Mr?. Wo!Jp'« hnrii". complimenting Mr. and Mr?, f. L. Kunre. The EIIPF»S included Mr. and Mr?. C. M. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cun- nineham. Mr and Mr? Loui* Ha*s. Mr. and Mr? Paul Pe'-cer. Pr. and Mrs. J. W. Da'-r. Mr. and Mr?. ?. J. An<l'-rsc.n, Mr. and Mrs. Hpnry Alftrope. Mrs. Wilma I!r» iiid thp honorp'-?. Mr?. O. A. Strahan rallpd for a short visit Jipfcro coins: to ar.o'ht-r party. Ifcuvi-rs Kn term In finest« at Dinner SunOny Mr. and Mrs W A. T?r.-r f r «.-r--- home. f;u*='* i r. •• IU d ?-:! Mr sr..1 Mr? Ra'.r'n Ho-*--r sr. '. farr.i;?. Mr and Mr? r.pra'.d I" •* • r. V.rf Mary M-O.-rrr.i k. Mr. sr. i Mr? and Mr ar.d V:? f-'.'n ?.-o«r ar.d fa.r.i'y •: f K'vi Oak Mrs MSI Mr*. O. A. Strahan <Y>mpli- mrntfO nt Swial Aoiiitir-* Mr? O A .vrahsr. of Ix-nc FfS'-h. i\»: . a ruf?t in the Frederick J. !i-jt!~ar.r. hor.e the pa?' «w-*k. *ar <' "'. r'i";f n!ed at Fev- fral social a t:vlt>= duritiE her stay. Wednesday evening she and Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Buttmann wf>re dinner gufsts of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Summers. Thursday noon she was epeclal guest when Mrs. Pearl Kline entertained a foursome at lunch. Other puosts were Mrs. F. J. Buttmann and Mrs. Mae Wolfe. That evening sho was honor guest when Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mackey entertained at dinner. Friday evening she shared honors with Dr. and Mrs. Hlett at a no-host party at the Dr. T. W. Oldley home and Saturday evening at the F. J. Buttmann home. Saturday afternoon Mrs. H. T. Beattie complimented her at an informal tea at the Beattie home. Mrs. Strahan left Monday for Alexander where she will resume her visit with her daughter, Mrs. John Wright. She will visit relatives at Wayne, Neb., before returning to her California home two weeks hence. Honnr Giw*t« at Many Social Fn net lon« Pr and Mr? W. M. Hir-tt of Pan Francisco. Cal.. hon«e eupsts r,'. Mr. and Mrf. F. A .Muiholland. 'jam been honor rue«t? at many parties and get-togethers since thoir arrival last "W>dr.?«dny. f>r. Thursday th<y wf-r* iunch- rr.n cu'-sts c-5 Mr. and Mrs J N- ?ummf-r« at th'ir horr.'- That eve- rir.c they w.-re CIJP?:? at a r- r - r.fc surrer covked outside in the yard a: t!.f- Mrs. Zr-ims Fk-uher K:-,. J ..v.- fv.-::ir!C th-v w<=re sp p ..-.• £••.-*•; at a t'.c-V.f-?: party for '-'•".-,.,"•'.-.-' :"::•= '. f t'T and Mr?. 7 v, (-...'•.-. O A. Strahan ; ' :.c r--a-h. Csi . and Mr. ar.d y'-i K T. <"ovA of GJenwopd Vr a'r'.i 'MTS J. R Hail "*'* rp -. ->- 'iv ''ir-hP'Ti hosts to then ^ r .'...,-, -.-.,< ;h a ; r.ieht they «^s-.-d"'hor.^rs «ith Mr?. O. A. <-''a v 'i- of Lor.r H---ach. Cal.. Vr'.fr. Mr ar.d Mr?. F. J. Hutt- ~ar.r. fr.tmained at supper. t; u . f.s wr:e a proup w ho had en- •::\t-i Saturday parties together «l;fr. they re?i(]f-d here. Mr ar.<l Mrs. Muiholland com;::::> nted them Sunday at a V.arty for 21: Mr. find Mrs. Kobt. Miss Carrie Wilson, Miss Alice Nelson and Miss France? Muiholland. Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sharratt and chll- dnn. DPS Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. BuUmfcnn and Mrs. F. E. Muiholland, Malvern; and Mrs. O. A. Strahan of Long Reach, the hosts and the honor- oes were the participants in this cet-together. Monday noon Dr. Hiett was the guest of Dr. J. O. Laird arrd Mrs. Hiett of Mrs. ttobt. Boehner. Monday night they were honor guests when Dr. and Mrs. T. E. Shonka entertained at dinner. They departed Tuesday, going to Omaha, where they will be with Miss Frances Muiholland until Friday. They leave that day to return to San Francisco. Compliment House Guests at Family Dinner Mrs. C. E. Hilton complimented her house guests, Dr. R. R. Sawyer and M. L. Sawyer, of California Sunday when she entertained at a family dinner. Other members of her family present were Dr. Sawyer of Clarlndft. Mr, and Mrs. B. H. Cutler and son Byron of Oak Park. Cal.. H. H. Sawyer of Dea Moines. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hilton of Decator, Neb.. George nia snd observing the birthday ^of Hilton of Council Bluffs and Mr. -- — - *.<--- ... and Mrs. Ray Hilton of Malvern. ElU-n Connor Honor Guest on Fifth Birthday Mrs. Dudley Conner entertained seven friends Oct. 15 from 2 to 4:30 p. m.. celebrating the fifth birthday of her daughter Ellen. She was assisted by James Beckwith and Mrs. Garold Breeding in the contests and which th« youngsters played. Birthday cake and ice cream wtre sirred from a table with a Xrillx Entertain at Cooperative Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Neill and and g t ve n to the circle by MiBS Ernestine entertained Sunday Methodist Chnrch Nobel B. Blwkman, Pastor Rnth circle of the Women'* Baton T«in«it, finpt Societv for Christian Service of Sunday school 10 a »• the Methodist chnrch will have Morning worship. 11. Sermon on display at the Mansfield store Spiritual Footing. over the week end a quilt made Sunday. S p. m. *«"""'"'"- band at Wentworth «,„,, a(ren to the circle by Mrs. ference at Strahan. Dr. Cla>burg Academjr at L<, 5 | n g ton , horse favors marked the place? of the youthful guests. ,; U f=!= were Ann Beckwith. Carol Jones. Donna Dashner. Kay Newell. Linda Hoover. Jimmle Palvrrs. Robert and Carl ^Yood- f.I! and the hor.oree. Thrrv Junior .Misses Observe Hirllidajs Sundny Thre* 1 of the junior misses ob- ?*rved their binhday anniversaries with parties Sunday. Mr?. W. W. Aistrope entertained for Sue whose birthday occurred that day. The young puests were taken to the Empress theater and then to the Aistrope home where a two course dinner was served them. They were seated at one laree table decorated with a Hallowe'en motif. Besides the honor guest, attending were Anna Jane Sharratt of Des Moines. Sally Muiholland, Janet Anderson, Linda Byington. Jean Shonka. Marilyn Campbell. Sandra Breeding, Priscllla Blnckman, Eleanor Benton and Joan Kline. Connie Landls observed her birthday by having for her guests Dixie Zanders, Barbara Shonka and Joan Mackey. They attended the afternoon show at the Em- R. Hall. Bids will be received In charge. at a cooperative dinner ob- for tnig nan <J made quilt and Mrs. serving the birthdays of six of highest bidder the group. _ less. In the Attendlnc were Ernest J. Neill c j e { n e bid of St. Louis, Mo.; Miss Marjory Rrock, Omaha; Mrs. Nettie Neill, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Wilmarth and Library Clnb four children. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Neill and two sons and Mrs. urday afternoon at the Library. Presbyterian Chnrrh c „„... -.,- Monday. S p. m. Regular meet- receive it un- Ing of the official board of the cir- Wednesday, 9:45 a. m. District the W. S. C. S. meeting at Red Oak. Thursday, 7:30 p. m. Choir rehearsal. 8:15 p. m. M. T. F. at church. Primary Library club met Sat- ar , icle . Rob't Salyefa hi Band at Wentworth Academy Cadet Robert Salyers, son O f Mr. and Mrp. R. W. Salyers, Malvern. hag been accepted into the membership of the marching Military Mo. Sal- yere plays a drum in the hand. Last week end Salyers accompanied the band to Columbia, Mo., where the cadet mupHa ns participated In a band day program held In connection -with the University of Missouri - Kansas State game. McElroy. Corning; Mr. and Ten members were present and Mrs. Sam Neill and Becky Lou, seven stories were read. They Ciarinda; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Picker and two children and Mrs. were Farm Jerry, Story Pictures of Work, Farm and City, Elmer Johnson. Glenwood; Mr. Spick rnd Span. Billy and Blaze, and Mrs. David Oish and Mrs. Ida Leech, Council Bluffs. Those honored were Ernest J. Neill, Mrs. Sam Neill. Mr». David Glsh. Ernestine Neill. Floyd Neill and Mrs. Ida Leech who had reached her 91st birthday Oct. 15. M. Strong. Minister , H. L. Campbell, Supt. of S. S. Church school, 10 a. m. Common worship, 11 a. m. Card of Thanks I wish to thank all those who showered me with birthday cards during my recent stay at the hos- Attend Luncheon In Omaha Mrs. Robert Hageman Is entertaining at luncheon at her home in Omaha today complimenting Mrs. W. M. Hlett of San Francisco, Cal. Attending from Malvern are Mesdames J. H. Beckwith. F. E. Muiholland, E. W. Knight, F. A. Muiholland. J. R. Hall and F. J. Buttmann. Mrs. Ben and Alice and Christmas Time. Sherrill and Loran Mitchell have earned their Library club pins. Present were Bill Collen, Edward Seaton. Sylvia Campbell. Joyce Emerlck. Joe D. Coons, Jimmle Salyers, Bill Wortman, Loran and Sherriil Mitchell. Entertain at Dinner In Honor of Brother Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Walker entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of Mr. Walker's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Walker, of Sioux City. Their guests were his father, Charley Walker, and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Special music by Miss Jane 01- p ual and also those who have re- son and Edward Wearln. Oct. 26 is Seminary Sunday. The cause of Presbyterian seminaries will receive emphasis. membered me with cards, flowers, gifts and other acts of kindness during the period of my illness. p.17-1. J. N. Summers. Card of Thanks We wish to extend thanks and appreciation to the Hastings and Card of Thanks I -want to take this means of Malvern flre departments and all thanking my others for assisting in putting out the flre at our place Tuesday evening. . p.17-1. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Clark sent to me, during my stay in the hospital. Thry were much appreciated, p.17-1. Charley Taylor. S. S. Boord of Omaha, a former Wayne Walker and son, Mrs. Vi- Malvernlan, will join them for ola Parks, Elizabeth and Morris the party. Mr?, H. G<';\rl>art F,nt<r(aino<l nt PreOfuptlal Shower Mrs. Howard Gearhart entertained at a pre-nuptlal shower for of Glenwood. Hosts at Duck Dinner Vern Dunn and Harold Grindle played host at a party Tuesday Miss Delorls Kelley at her home evening when a group of friends press and then had birthday cake Wednesday" evening. Ten guests complimented Clarence Kunce of and ice cream at the Landls home. Ruth Joy Byington was complimented at a 6:30 p. m. dinner at the Byington home. Following dinner games were played. Guests were Joan Taylor, Mary Burdic, Marjorie Clark, Barbara Brewer, Janet Martin, Linda Byington, Lois Pontow, Barbara Shonka, Ruth Baker and the honoree. Dean Johnson Weds Phyllis nothkf Oct. ft The marriage of Miss Phyllis C. Bethke, daughter of Mr. and were invited to share this courtesy. Miss Kelley'B marriage to Kieth Adams will take place Oct. 30. legion UcRUlar Meeting Tuesday, Oct. 28 Huntington Park, Cal., who is visiting here. With the assistance of Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. W. J. Wll- cynski, who prepared some of the dinner at their home, the men served a duck dinner to 25 friends at Liberty Memorial Regular meetings of the post bundlnK . F O i, O wlng dinner card. and unit of the American Legion will be held Tuesday, Oct. 28, at 8 p. in. The county meeting for both groups will be held at Mlneola Thursday, Oct. 30. Nelsons Entertain nt Family Empress Theatre Phone 5521 Malvern THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, Oct 23-24-25 BOOMERANG with Dana Andrew*, Jane Wyatt Also — FOOTBALL THRILLS SUNDAY, MONDAY, Oct 26-27 STALLION ROAD with Ronald Reagan, Alexis Smith. News, Cartoon. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, Oct 24-29 THE CORPSE CAME C.O.D. with George Brent, Joan Blondell. Also — KING OF THE FOREST RANGERS COMING — THURS., FRI., SAT., Oct 30-31 - Nor. 1 BLACK GOLD with Anthony Quinn Mrs. Philip J. White of Chero- Cooperative Supper kee and Dean C. Johnson, son of The home of Mr. and Mrs. Al- Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Johnson of bert Nelson was the scene for a Red Oak, was solemnized at a cooperative family supper Sun- home wedding on Oct. 5. The cou- day honoring their son-in-law pie will live in Red Oak. and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. OB-___.. car Hall, and their son Rodney Group of 50 Ladies Attend Auxiliary Tea The Friday evening tea, with officers of the American Legion Auxiliary as hostesses, was at- ot Yank ton, S, D., wbo were here for the day. Members present were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nelson and Donna Rae and David, Oakland; Mr. and were played. O. K. S. Kensington Hostess at Pot Luck Pinner Kensington of 0. E. S. was hostess at a pot luck dinner Wednesday evening in the chapter rooms, complimenting Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kunce who are visiting friends here. Fifty friends were present to enjoy the evening with the bonor guesu. Cards were played during the evening. Committee in • charge of the party were Mesdames Albert Nelson, W. R, Byington, Vern Walker, C. E. Nagel and Ell Springer. tended by 50 ladles, members and Mr() WJ , stou ;_ Tabor . elfgibles of the organization. A program was presented in the Legion club rooms consisting of a piano solo by Florence We- Gary and from Malvern, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson and Frederick and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Baucom, Larry, derqvist, vocal solos by Mrs. Anna Rose Coddington of Strahan and informative talljs by the chairman of the five-point program. Each chairman explained The Haj returned to Yankton Monday. Entertain in Honor of First t Wedding Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. KeJineth Aliens- News of the Churches the work of her activity and these worth entertained at dinner Wednesday evening, observing their first wedding anniversary. Guest* were Mesdames Eula Ellison, Wilma Smith, Bess Mansfield, St. Johns Lutheran Church Paul Olahn, Pastor There will be no church service nor Sunday school here Sun- gone to Concordia, Mo., to be with his ailing mother for awhile. No Walther League meeting la scheduled for next week. Phyllis Conner and Eunice Gear- were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Adams, day, Oct. 26. since the pastor has hart. Mrs. Lydla Krogman, presi- -- - -- -- - dent, presided at the meeting. Refreshments were served from a tea table with Mesdames Gladys Steele and Mildred McCausJand pouring. Mesdsmes Eunice Chamberlain, C. R. Brewer and Clay Griffin assisted with the serrlnf. Martha Circle Costume Party Oct. 97 Martha circle •( the Womsn'f Miss Dorothy Alley and Dan Myere. Birthday Surprise Party for Mrs. Albert Jobsusoa Mrs. R. L. Campbell snd Mrs. Frank Zanders were hostesses at a surprise, birthday party for Mrs. Albert Johnson Monday night at the R. L, Campbell horns. The «Tenin»'s diversion was Ws*. F. Baker, Pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morciac worship, 11. B. Y. F.. 7:80 p. m. Choir practice Thursday, Society for Christian Sorrte« ar« •>*»«<>• Prt*P »•'« »«" *T haTinB a costume party In the ^«> Hereof and Mrs. Max Ben- p . m . ehnreh parlors Monday, Get. 17, toB - Get, 31 will be the qaarterly at S p. m. The ladlea of the §TOB» Refreshments consisted «t -an. taainasa mM tin«- of the church will take boxes for a box supper K»M<»« an«1mrnt sujar cake, ba- wllB . 9ot Jaek iUpMr . which will complete the evening^ *»*»•» "«•» »** «>**•• '**°? — and decoratiana wers on tas Hal- MM lows'en them*. Cook with Gas For greater convenience and greater economy gas brings you the best. We have SHELLANE GAS RANGES in stock. Also MONARCH COMBINATION MONARCH GAS RANGE GARLAND GAS RANGE We suggest that you order at once while these are available. THIS IS Philco Week The Philco brand is your guarantee of lasting quality. See us for your Radio and Combination. Some outstanding values in stock. HUNTING SUPPLIES Guns Shells Boots Hunting Coats eatertainmeat. TTBONS SPEF-QV- l pONfr SEE 1 " "~ CA-'s i-i^l SO MUCH frgP IMTO A CAR Used Cars We have a number of good used cars which are priced for good value. If in the market be sure to see these: 1941 Ford Tudor 1841 Chevrolet Co*ch 1942 Ford coupe, 9 cylinder 1934 Chevrolet Master Couch Better order your we TURU <*n ; MISTS? OW DleCT Mg "TO THE FOM FARM? SALYERS AUTO Co V,A OawpUssent Gaests at _ _ M _._ Dinner Monday Shower for Tws> FaD Brides) Mr. and Mrs. Albert Seipold •* Otto X«««J» rf Vom " entertained at dinner Monday A double shower was held si erenlng eompilmentinf Mr. and »»• O"" Menschel home north of Mrs. Clarence Kunce of Calif or- Hastings Sunday afternoon hon. ' oring two fall brides, Mrs. Flo Plumb Klingemsn snd Miss De- lorU Kelley, who Is to be married this month to Kleth Adams. Hostesses were Mrs. Otto Menschel and daughters, Mrs. Robert Hopp and Mlsaes Agnes and Cynthia Menschel of Clenwood. The home decorations were pink and white. The game of SO furnished amusement for the 30 guests. Mrs. Everett Plumb won high score and Mrs. Marion Wilson woe the consolation prize. Then came the opening of gifts which were many and very lovely. Refreshments of angel food cake, frozen strawberries with whipped cream, coffee snd nuts were served the guests. Friends Surprise Geo. Winters on Ills Btetjiday Sunday About 10 friends and relatives brought vail Ailed baskets and surprised fl*ors;e Winter* on his birthday funday; also his granddaughter, Mr*- Paul Durham, whose blrthdsy was a tsw d»ys later. Tbty recelrad man/ njre*. sat* and a pleasant day was enjoy sd by aU Boloyiaf lh« courtesy were Mr. and Ur*. J*« ?«*•' °< Haat* inft. Mr. M4 Mrs. Paul Wlnurs and o»«i»UNf, Mr. and Mra. Kaa. neth W lours and so». Mr». Fay* Wloiers aa4 lajiUf, BiaaraM) Mr ao4 Mr* R«jr WUttm ajk| funny, lira. Ttan* Mte> DH* Edts aad teat and the Pan! Dur- ttMit faaUjf at ANTI*FKEEIi We have Type C in 5-gal. cans or bulk. •ATTEIUil Better anticipate your needs in these. We have a good stock now but another ahorUge later in the aeaaon has fate* predicted. DEARI RFFS Phone 4611 • FRIDAY and SATURDAY Malrern WELCH'S TOMATO JUICE 46 ox. can- HUNT'S SIJt'KJ) PEACHES No. can TONE'S Pure Black PEPPER 8 OZ. C4UJ .. WHITE SYRUP a pt. bottles )Sc MOTHER'S BEST FLOUR 10 108.-- 94c APPLESAUCE 9 No. 8 cans— 25c NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT *** A A LUX, CAMAY, PALMOUVK TOKAY ORAPES ?Ef JUICE iTvV H SNo.aceu».. ^IWB^HP^P w Lane teach.

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