The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas on April 26, 1945 · Page 4
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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 4

Amarillo, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1945
Page 4
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PAOI THE AMARILLO GLOBE. AMARILLO. TEXAS THURSDAY. APRIL 2«. 1»4» CLAP-TRAP Some Quips That Flew In From the Air Front (Charlr Clapp. an Air Force major OB, fiiMtlTe duty, ttlli tht« anee- eSnt, remembered from hi. Hrrlce h*r« »n« In I5n»l»nd.--Editor). By CHARLV CLAPP When General (then Lt. Col.) Jimmy Doolittle returned to Washington trtth gome of his crews from the first bombing of Tokyo, one of thf pilot* said that Immediately after dropping their bombs he WAS unable to contact his bombardier due to a. damaged Inter-com. The copilot went up Into the now and found the borbardier loudly singing- "I Don't Want* Set the World On Fire." Upon hearing the Royal Palace in Tokyo had been bombed Kip Fadiman (Clifton Fadiman of Information Please) ducked his head as he exclaimed; "Hlrohltp today, and gone tomorrow!" On Thanksgiving Day in England I had to make a speech at an English school and was told my subject, was "What Thanksgiving Day Means in the United States." Assuming the children over there knew Once Fat! Now Has i Model's Figure "I lost 32 Ibs. wiar tlzt 14 again" fatty Kr/neldi, ».-oo*/yn OKI IS* Ibi.. Mln Reynold! w«iiht »telcly with-A YDS Viuimln Cindy Ktdudni Pl»n. Xew ih* has a model'! fliure.' Your «»p«ricne« may or may Mt k« the ««m« but try thli Miier mladnjr plan, finl to* Hail 5«ow fti*lu or ntoiur bacV. Xo exerci«. No luaiivei. No drum. Eat plenty. You don't cut out mraJs, potatoej. etc.. ypujuit cut them down. Simple « ·hen you esjoy delicious AYDS before mull. Only II.2J for 30 dayi' tupply. Phooi nothing about our holiday, I arrived at the school with air of superiority; I began my remarks to the 300 little girls who sat cross-legged before me with; "Of course, you don't know what Thanksgiving Day means in the United States." A* one, they chorused: "Oh ye, sir, we do! ' The American actor, Ben Lyon, who is extremely popular with the English, was tick and I was forced without notice to substitute for him as master of ceremonies at war bond rally in a large Iiondon factory and to introduce his actress -wife, Bebe Daniels, and the screen star Ellen Drew. The two thousand workers groaned as my replacement · of Ben Lyons was announced. I told them they were not as unhappy about Ben's sicknesE as I was because I had only 20 minutes notice and ·was completely unprepared. A high British accent female voice shouted; "Oh yeah?" Martin Dies once called Rex Stout, the well known author and creator of the mystery novel detective Nero Wolf, a communist. The next time they met, Rex said: "I hate Communists ns much as you do, Martin, but there's one difference between us. I know what a communist is and you don't." An Air Force officer was attending a completely social tea at an English country home. He put on a tweed civilian suit. Suddenly a large American staff car drove up and a brigadier general came in. A little later the general approached the mufti-clad junior and said: "What are you doing out of uniform? Don't you realize the regulations forbid you to wear civilian clothes?" Yes, cant glance'toward where the staff car was parked and said: "I check up on the misuse of. military transportation, sir." It is the r\il« for an army plane pilot to report to the-tower by radio his approach with "wheels down and locked." .A disgruntled lieutenant, who had been assigned to a West Coast base as instructor instead of tc combat, was bringing in a basic trainer, a plane that docs not possess retractable landing gear. 'As he swung in for the landing he snapped over his mike: "Army 219 on approach leg, wheels down and welded!'- Death of Fuehrer Now Boon to Future By DeWITT MucKENZIE . Associated Press War Analyst of Hitler's Berchte with a 12,000 poui has provided City Employes Magazine Seiit ~ ' . To Servicemen Copies of the City Employes Mag-- azine, monthly issued by the- p e r - j jonnel department, are mailed to 351 former city employes now in the| armed forces. There are about 60 former em- ployes of the city in the services, j Names are added to the mailing list| of the magazine as addresses are! available. ' j The May issue, to be.released Sat-| urday, contains ' pictures of the. late j President Roosevelt and of his successor, Pres. Henry Truman, on the inside cover pages. . - · . Besides the copies sent overseas, the magazine has also been sent to the librarian of the municipal reference bureau, Cincinnati, O.; personnel director, -Dearborn, Mich.; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. " Other copies go to Col. Ernest Thompson, members of the city commission and 1 of the personnel board. In the May issue will be a letter from Cpl. Theodore W. Tedford, f,or- merly with the trash department, now with a quartermaster corps unit in Italy. Under date of April 10, he i thus add to the Allied difficulties , I in the reformation of Germany. j I Perhaps luck will be with us in ei-thQuaKe DOITID ma pi-unucu a I this respect,' since he apparently is happy departure from the general |moving about In the danger zones, war-practice of not gunning for j under normal circumstances it heads ·· of states, -although 'unfor-|has been the practice for bombing tunately the chances seem small that the barbarian was in his house. The dictator's death might easily erid thq war immediately, making It unnecessary to sacrifice ' more Allied lives to clean up the last pockets of German. forces. That is, It probably would end the war if ( his death became generally known to his scattered forces, since loyalty to him provides the main reason for continued resistance of the Nazi fanatics.. The fuehrer's death: "in action" also would be a boon to the postwar world, because his-captui'e and punishment.' after trial. most.' cer- will make a martyr of him in the eyes of his followers ana expeditions--both In this war and the last one--to avoid the residences of rulers and other chiefs of state, who fall in the category of civilians. The case of Hitler the Hun, however, is unique in that he not only I is the actual military commander but, more to the point, his hands are wet with the blood of hundreds of thousands whom he has murdered, and he is a fugitive .from justice. During the last war even the Germans followed the code of not FLAN PHILLIPS SCHOOL Field reporters for Phillip* Petroleum will be. in Ainnrlllo for ft one-day school, May II. .Arrangements for the meeting, which will be held in the- Herring'Hotel, are being made by Helen Butler of Bartlesville, Olcla. ·HEADACHE- A: 'x s Ctpudlno quickly Mile · ~*" retultlny and Skin cancer Is comparatively rare! in the negro and American Indian. 1 HMdtehvl «jon.~Acta fafMMeauM lt'1 liquid. DM! I only u directed. At all druuUt*. 10e.| Liqu.dCAPUDINE molesting rulers. manded. The captain cast a signifi- WANT TO LEASE OR BUY WAREHOUSE BUILDING For immediate or 30-day possession. Dimensions-J400 to 4000 SQ Ft Trackage not necessary--preferred location North of Tenth and East of Buchanan. Cash transaction. J. M. RADFORD GROCERY CO. 91 Fulmar* St. Mi- 2-3257 sir. I do," replied the younger offi- wro te: cer. "I have a sort of peculiar job "j have received the February and and sometimes I can function more March copies of the-employes mag- effectively this* way." "What do azlne an d think your magazine is tops. It has so many interesting things in it that we fellows over here like to read about. It does keep us posted on how things are going back a t - t h e Job." Corporal Tedford has been in the Army"since Jan. 19, 1944. STRIMPLES ARE .GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. 3. A,. Strimple of Dumas are guests of their (.laugh- ters, Misses Stella and Lila Beth Strimple, 714 West Eighth, BACK FROM FLOYDADA Pvt. and Mrs. L. M. Wheeler and son, Gary Leon, 826 Virginia, have returned home after visiting her , parents, Mr. and Mrs, Claude Price I in Floydada.. look Yean Younger with Try Hot Water Plus If Stomach Pains You after Eating- Thousands' of urifortunnle -people suffer from sa-cnilcci dyapcpsln, nqld indlftcstlon. food fermentation, sour stom'ncn, ncld stomncli, flatulence, sns pains mid other . stomach . distress brought on by excess »c!d. If these people would try drlmtlnK slowly after each meal ,ha!£ a ilnsn ol real hot water containing R spoonful of Neutracld; they can usually *«' blessed relief from, distress within a very few minutes. / Neutracld will quIcKly help to neutralize this excess acid, and thus help moro rapid dlnestion. You net QUICK relief from the acute distress and dls- Crctney DruK Stdre, Bush truK Store, and Pool DruK Store or any drug store. COLORS Black Patent Beige Watersnake Mexican Multi-Color Beige and Brown KINNEY'SJ? i 620 POLK t^JB 3 Times A Week-Pick-up Service WEE INFANTS DIAPER LAUNDRY SERVICE "The ONEY Service of Its Kind In Amarlllo" Your baby'n dlaDen : are laundered In Individual-net bags with no chance of contamination. UMnr nine waters. Ivory suds and final rlnne In boric. Soft- Ironed ready for me. All Ihis for only £1 CA A W E E K , . . . . ^···WV PHONE MOTHER VERNOK about thii ,, modern diaper urvlce . . . ihe'll explain handllnr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . · · · · · · · · . . - · · P H O N E AMARILLO LAUNDRY convmcmo IDEAL FOOD STORES Bright's Dainty Salted CRACKERS WHITE OK YELLOW SQUASH 2 FRESH, TENDER CARROTS .. 2 bimchM SUNKIST JUICY ORANGES r n Italian P R U N E EXTRA SPECIAL! 25° tdDflY RED, ROUND RADISHES Fresh" 3 LARGE BUNCHES PHILLIPS ORANGE JUICE 10* VRYDAY I D E Blends' 1 with Your Complexion I Scarcely Noticeable I modern styling did for eyeglasses, thij great new Zenith "first" does for the hearing aid--givei it n new" "look of youth" never known before! No longer need charm *nd ability be buried beneath » hearing impairment. Come in--see for yourself the new beauty of the Neutral-Color Earphont and Cord--the'result of more than two years of laboratory research. Both are now included at no extra cost with the Zenith Radionic Hearing Aid. The new Neutral-Color Cord is per- ipiration-proof, water-proof, kink-proof, washable. It will not fray and may be wiped clean with a damp cloth. THS NEW RADIONIC HEARING AID A MOPIL FOR EVERY TYPE OP CORRECTABLE HEARING LOSS lack Cofflphte, fttady-to-Mfear 1 M*4*l A-t-A Air C«hdufll»n. New, improved mode! of the funouj Ztnith i»nJ«rd hnrinf »id for the person of ivtrige heinng lo»». Only*««. · M«4«l A-t-A Air C»n4uill*n. A brand new lupef-power initru- ount with ttfmtndoui volume in laerve ro mure muamum cl"^ iKd tone qu«litr even under mosc difficult conditions, Only »*0. l i-l-A ln C*n4uilln. A new precision instrument cteited « n NUNN ELECTRIC CO DISTRIBUTORS FOR PANHANDLE PLAINS 421 St. Pharmacy, Imr Bonir B«rt«i Tmf, Shamrock OpUml Co., Anurtllo Dr. t C. G. New Mexico City Dnw,* Amarlllo, Texas EE YOUR DEALER - Drnfi Herc/«rd, T«XM Ooldrton Druf, Cl»r- Donflmi ·ndon Durhmm-Jone* Pharmacy, Mcro- phli Ja«kion Druf, Guymon, Okla. MeDowtB Druf, Whwler, Palace Drur, WeUinrton, Texai Dr. L. D. Porter, Dalhart, Texa« Powers Drug, McLean, Texas Sandft-Dorsey 'Dru«, Tucumcarl, New Mexico San ford Drug, Perryton, Texas Spearman Drug, Spearman, Tex, Held B. Scott,'Children, Texas April 28 Thru May 5 NATIONAL ei-ber's V E G E T A B L E S and F R U I T S S c a n s . 20° ASK ABOUT MY BABY PICTURE SPECIAL OFFER! DR. PHILLIPS -- "direct from tfct grov« ORANGE JUICE 46-oz. Can ELLIS--With Beans CHILI 19c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR £ lb $1.19 CORN MEAL /*rtCCpF Chase Sanborn COMIT Whol* Orain 2 Lb. RICE ·ex AiMrt*4 tiruit Navwt KOOL-AID ,,,,, 5« In th« ntw Vacuum Packtd Jar Carnation 1 Lb. Jar MALTED MILK CAKE FLOUR srfl " ta 40 Oi. ·« 29« 38' 23« NUCOA Ib. 25e BorcUn's Cocktail Ch*«f* 5-oz, 19c RiNSO, large package . . . , ·· · · · LUX FLAKES, large package . LUX or LIFEBUOY SOAP, 3 bars . . . 19c SWAN SOAP, large bar, 9c; medium bar ... 6c 600 N. FILLMORE 6TH MISSISSIPPI ROAST AA BEEF CHUCK ARM. LI. .... 28c SAUSAGE S 29c LOAVES B 27c FISH ·ONELESS PERCH POUND .. 39° STEAK AA-BEEP T-BONE POUND 49c P.HFF^F -- 14c U fl 11v it POUND ' ~

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