The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1938
Page 6
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. PAGE SIX Blytheville Takes Early Lead But Luxorans Finish Strong ' BY J. 1'. FRIEND LUXORA, Alt. Jan. 2C. — The Blytheville cliickasaws kept their county cage record int.-ict liy <lc- fealing Ihe I.uxora I'anlhrrs, y>. 19. here lust night in n rough but exciting basketball (dime. It was the Chicks' fifth trinmiih of Hie season. Taking an early lead, lli<? lower- i ing Tribe it thronshinit hut were forced lo throw all I heir resources together' to snull out a promising fourth quarter Luxor.i rally that threatened lo tit! the score. With the Maroon Maulers lending. 20-12. ami less thiiii five minutes of piny reuninini;, coach Joe DHdy removed his regulars nuil' sent in a rcmbinafion of second \ and third stringers. That was Hie I signal for Ihe home team spun., Successive long field goals !>v Alvhx 1 licks and Billy Ixm« pulled the two teams closer together, jack irer&lnx. ;Mbstituts Chick renlcr. relieved the tension some with .. field goal, but Hicks again found the rarr?e lo stay lour points behind. H. Potcel intern! two foul throws, nlltly decided HIP pressure was a litttle two orent after H-i-li Harbert. sub guard, had tallied the final score of the game on a chunk, and sent the varsity hack into action. They turned llic liict iieally, neither team scorlno in tin- last minute nnd a half. lAixom outplayed Blytheville during the sccoutl half, amassing 13 points lo the visitor's II. TheiDiHly- nien scored six points in every Quarter except the last when they fell one short. They were especially ineffective under their own basket, repeatedly mtssin.» short, shots., '"Wild Bill" Godwin, with nine points, paced the scorers. Ltixora's sharpshootin;; forward. Hicks, wns hot on his trail with seven. Blytheville led, fi-2. at the first quarter. 12-5 at halflime. and 18-11 (!«hig into Ihe final period. The box score: BLYTHEVILLE FG FiG !'!•• TP Hughes, f 2 (1 1 I>. Warrington, r 3 o 2 Godwin, c 4 iVfastev. 9 1 COURIER NEWS Do You Know The Answers? T. f . Childs, f Jenkins, Harbert, Fiorina n. c .. 0 n o i . 0 . o 6EOFI6& WAS TtlE. o,VLy P 76 BAT 7iV/C£ /H -fife SAW- AM WAS OUCE KNOCKED iK THAT 8UCHANAH WAS WE FIRST MAIDEN - To WM fa^tci and is expected to [;lvi> pepmn- Irick on .Jim. knocking liim ot'i Martin :i close race in sirthiU in one round. l:ases. He stole 18 bases last jva. lor Columbia;. M«l\vlck on the ta.-is the ".M:mnsf.a Mauler" turned llr If; 1 poM.cTses a powerful throw- S JflNFSBflBfl u. wiui_Uu UliU WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1938 rai" Sends Amateur MiH- men Tlirouf.»!i Drills For A unit|Hi' IX-ature of Jnpani'so wedding brirln and groom to drink selliiv,' I ho nll-lmpnrlnnl .s!;,-,-i or, "™ R " m ™ out , ol l:a(;l1 ol ""™ U fly lmll~-|y,- ( , (mulliien that :.i-« " " S ° f (llltr ' vll( S17C3 _ j likely In place him imvni'diau'lv —' " ' iiinoni! (Mr inp iifiirb (!(.|Vn:.i\o /U-Ui( rs in (In- liK'.'jm':;. The only v.rril iliirerenco bc- lin-rn siaiH'hLcr and Alc'd-.-.ic!: I'-V .1. I'. ritll-.N'K AiilU-ipalin;. kc-n,,-,- ('(inipeliilon in n,c reliirn cn^rmc-it with the ;'•''»•••''"»' MtiaK-ur |,oxin-r ( ,an/. hi'ri! 'Mnir-di,-, ,,i-M, crntl, ,[,„. (ii'.'u-; M.;I| iiii; Ohiekasinv AHilcllr i biffci-K tbiou;'li an intcii'ii./,'. worVnut yr..';> ( .rdi,y altt-rnoiui. Many out'.tamliiu; fault; v.'crr di•-•••ovr-red in tin- fjiildi-n Cilovos '•liiiiiNutu.ii.-, l.-ir.l, ..ivi-l: and tj ri ,i t / set riboul i» <-)ii,)iiiui<.' OIL-HI •('.'; fiir fin po-Alble bc'loio liis rJinnipioiis i purnde at Mi.uii)hi.i. Momlay iti«ht •fonesljoro bilVei-s an- anvions to deem llu-ii- :i-| di-ieal nvo weeks i> nnd n-ixtfl", aiv lo Ihe crri-l dial Ilicy have been wurkijii. hardi-r and will he in far better eondUUm thiiii in llielr, ii, s | intcr-i-llv innti-hes. Especially is cilcn .Sninlock, wel- ni-ci-^lit, chaiiiuloii of llu- Nution- Ciuanl for two year..:, "iinnfii^ for yoiin.r Hei-i, .. Cl ,' ( , nall'-'oliild.':' Spm-lock is said to have entered Iho rini,' al Joncsboro against the <Ioc:tor's orders. He was beaten by Childs in a hairline decision. Childs' accurate left bpini;. the deciding faclor. It was a corking good .scrap and kepi, the fans on their feet most of Hie time. .Toe Heevcr, 12G pounder, who .scored Jonesb'oro's lone victory by decisionin;; Sonny Lloyd, has predated that'lie will haiiir a kayo on sonny's chin when they meet again. Ciaifj is undecided about llic remainder of his card, bill promises to parade every inomlxu- of liis championship outfit. In order to da thai, he probably will match Car- Iliol Hyde with Manila's Billy Price. Price has been havm? difficulty fiixliii? opposition an t ( Hyde may provide just the amount needed lo put both on edge for the Tounia- inenl of Champions in Memphis. Price is much taller and is more experienced. Hyde will have a mere five pound weight ndvnnliise (a offset these. Ani-on liyrd will again face Adrian Taylor. These two welters bat- tled to a three round .standstill with lionorr; fairly even. Taylor, tall and rangy, iia.s fouijhl considerably in college ranks. Atlas James, Holland dynamiter, will be forced lo uive several pounds to Hiicih Recil. The Jouesboro boy- scales 12U |;a:i)iJs v,hl!f James is down lo 1)5. .Just who will be pilled against RufiLS MeDauiel viill 1101 tx- deler- inini-d until D,,. nii;ht of tlie flshls, Craig said. He is C'JiiMtlr.-rinv Huali Haibart jr.. di-.spif? Die fa'.t that Hugh will v.ei'ih but ]57 to Mc- Danlc-r.-; 1IJ3. 'ihr-re i.s n possibility li'-'il Homi-r lin-.hiirsc mi«ht be thrown with him. As an added nt- tincllori the C'liickasiiw director is Jilannin;; to miiMi wJDi Willis I'fjni in ihi' event )iarbeil O ' » ' *•• lit-'..I LI II j i i. •. • 11 i.yjii u •.• (in'i ;t nil AI('([", K''" ' ,' • Mailed As A Player ^, J'T^'n J' s . I(I ''- |w ""-' l 'i .„.. .... .' Meu.-.ick is iii'lH-liandi-il on iius Wilh hvnrylhini; ] llc ' ui - ' Totals 10 3 8 23 LUXORA Ftt FIG PP TP Hicks. I 3 George, f 2 H. Potcet ( Roberts, g-f fl Long, g ., 1 l l l l Lynch, g C. Poloet, V. 0 n 0 n o i n , Webb, g 0 0 0 Totals 7 4 8 IS Summary: Free throws attempted —Hicks, George 2. II. Potcet 1!. Long. Lynch, c. Potect, Wamu^lsn 3, Godwin. Mosley 4. Harbert. Free throws completed — Hicks. George 1. 1/1115 1. C. Polcet 1. Godwin 1, Mosley 1. Hnrbert 1. Referee: BUUnssley. Timer: Shearin. Time of quarters—s minute. Golfers Await Crescent City $5,000 Tourney NEW ORLEANS (DPI—Lending amateur and professional golfers arc cxj>cclcd lo compete in the. S5.GOO Crescent Cily Open Golf tournament Fob, 17-20. The City Park course will bo the scene of tlie 72-hole medal play event, A pro-amateur tourney . will be played Feb. n. followed by I 18 holes of medal play on the istii and I9tli and Mth holes on the 20th. Amateurs will compete for prizes. The $5.000 in cash will be distributed amoiiff loiv scorin" professionals. " A demonstration of trick •will be held. T'cb. 17. . tchiiut him, EloiiBhier soaicd i-o»< (lie cbscu.-lty of a Class I) |« n ;r to o;;tdlsl;niiT completely tlio ('/'-Id -. l-ast year Klai^hlcr led ;i,e Asynelulioii hi hiltiii;;, with an'i.v- <ia;e of .:m. Tie lud'in total iv.mi- Art Krenz Cartoon | 1. Orm-trc niirn.'i halted ,-r ,'n,,? 1 "'" 1X I Here Arc Answers To ST. LOUIS. iUP>—MnnaT.T FYnnklc of the St. I.oiiis Cardinals, nlomj with most of th'> Cardinal fans, has 1) t «::m in ,'wi- dcr if he hasn't a .woml--.v,icl possibly Rii-ator —,lne "I)'.i.-!:y' Mcdwick.on liis hands in ':t-ye:,i- cld E'nos Slauuhli'r. KlauijlitiM-. a recruit from liv Americnn Assoi-iaiion CnliimSi'i n«l Birds, lias mulched cveiy .-v\[i ct Mi'dwlck's palli in bj.s'.'l::!'! lanii. rnns say lu- i.s the In-irhjo.,: oullielil siar ID bnal: iniu in,; NuUonnl U'usue since NU'ilv;,. k canu- up from the Curdinals' ton fjirni in JM2. On the record the careers c: the two athletes are .siii-piKi;^)-- rlmllnr. With only two jeavs "of made Hie first p.nd last out of :..e .'/.s ;:evi-nlU inniui; 10-rnn i.illv i,i[ the fiiiiilii I'.aju^ ol UH< !02!) \V.-,rld 2. Al!hr>u,iji i(. is .;i.|i,.rall.v (]••- ncvc-il ilml Kir Uarion -.vas 1)1.! first niuiden lo win tin- KenUi.'k.v P-ei-by. the "Spiiil «r n». Tnn-s" i^stic of April r, IHM. :,.;.ii--. 'Tilli-llaiia!! has yel (u sedre hi; maiden virlorv." ,M;>y nili i-xi.v, day of ni'il)y. niciiiionln" Hip lu- vnritcs. reads: -Uurlnnaa is r.f/.l in favor. He was pisu-cl in all his lain' al K«vt H!ii.riii.ui, )]!ino:>.: Irs. ¥/o,'| K, \Vrr! OPTOMI;THIST,S Over Joe ;<!aar.s' fitcrc "\VF, MAKK with H7. lie bit .)•: dniibli-.. ' ;'i triples and 20 lunn,. ,- m ,,,. ' 5lj; mi's ba'ted in anumnied lo 12:! Hut the siniihn-ity ,,1 t!m r.vo records doc-.s not end with I'-.'-ii-'W prott-ess on Hip !i,.! : |. -- ' ' ' SI ill his first season with (be c-.i-- dinals in 19:13. 21 when (be on April Ifl. - _> McilHick .slandr, s fer-t. <i int'i-.- i$li?&?^^-^-?^^~:*WfT'''^ in his ^'lil-es- vn rl.'i^ <--i '935 "*~-^*'w.-i.^<..-- i .f "—•-•---vt.J, *.^-,.'. : j^il 'a~'^:::<p^-''.-'^..:':.^3,^L'T_Vjy.^^'F-«i^-',->''.. : ' .ft ... Jiio ...Jj,.l.l. .Ml (((>->> ri.'ul'r.l- *crl .-"4-.*Jl._ • -«.i: unn ;n,' l .-(! - in . i r, ;ii.-»i\i-. I..1J ,M-.r. i; Slimi'hM- vdli b-'ljij I'lione Bio jj, 5 lh .t \Vi •All YEAR ROUND Vimr car will iiclfe,rm | M -ltei- if you h-l IK lieep it in •I'aii;'. !!!-:.\il.;,\i|i|.:n ... A far Ui.-if-. -Hi- - ls . „„„.,. e( .. imoimra!. BODY a «a FENDER REPAIRING You Will Increase the VALUE n' ye.ur en- if you have I [»-.•:;• (!<'nls li-iraivecl I'm in the irmly alul fe-.i,I,.ix Kik'lit bouts ...ill compose, llic card 'lic-h v.ill he held at the Anu-rir-an I^-;.;ifjii ;i!'.'-(ia >;!;iMifi'.; time is II n in. !)elj Boj's Successful In "Iron Man" Role Hell boy.': urui.-iiook ih'e -ii-,>n man" lc ,i,. |u.,t ,ij.,i,i and weiv Hie V'aibru and lilvllieviile jiinior hoys ul the anuiu-y lji-ic. The Vnrbni ln,ys lu.(, if) lo It. whili- llic Hlvthi'villo jiinlm-ii wfn: beaten, l) lo 7. The Yarln-o (jirl.s blanke<I (lie D'-'U girls, 20 tn {). ivll failed lo tnakf a single conversion ul 1-1 dee .shots. Why Athletes Past 30 Are Old, Is Explained CLEVELAND iUI'1 — A highly technical reason for loss of athletic ability by persons passing Hie age of 30 was advanced here by Dr. Virgil Halliday, anatomy Instructor iu the Still College of Osteopathy, of DCS Maines. Lack of outstanding athletes over 30 is due to reduced elasticity of the "nucleus palposus of llic Intel-vertebral disk," he told a meeting of oiiio osteopaths. These elastic disks lose their spoiife'int'ss in persons past 30 thereby reducing the pleasure of exercise us well as agility, he saltl. Gunlioal Captain in College SEATTLE (UP)—Capt, Fred W. Griffiths, as, retired navnl reserve officer, is the oldest student at the University of Washington. His experiences have been many. He has been a gunboat captain, Indian school teacher, a nurseryman and now college student. Kentuchian, 69, Rides to ! Hounds Since Age of 101 CYNTIIIANA, Ky. (UP) — fifty- nine years of rJdliiK with die hounds "jf I Jive until May 5." is the goal of John Ingles, O'J-year- okl dean of Kentucky fox humors. Junta's, known to his friends «.s "Cnrver," said il was when In; was only JO years old that he started on the cliasc with his fnthci- at Omul's BI-JIU. His lirst puppies were those fivcn to him by Gen. "Wash" Grant. Although Ingles .saiti George ]i;;)iin«ton was a real fox chaser, In- avi-rs lie has ridden with Ihe hounds a UJUBI.T lijru- Hum did the h'rsl pre.side-ni. Inslf-s said |-,c was president of h«- Fox Hunter's Association when il>|. lirst Niitionnl Clmsc wa.s held in O.viHlHana many years DUO. lie dec-lured .sorrowfully thai the <<l!l-timn lux hunter;; urc dlsap- Hi'iii-iiiK Inn assi/rlcd then; was u "Howl <TO|I ot ipOiini'iU-rs i-oming up win, v.uuhj ) ( -:>w- :> meal if j-inl mentioned -vu gn tj lt . hound-;' (u Uii-m." luglts, who claims the distinction of Ix'Int; known by "every prr.xm i|, Ifiirrison <'i)im(y,"' at one Dim- Ki-i-vi'tl us liJyli i,|i<.,in .,, lt | county iissewor. IJm-jnj. ]|> s term iis xhciill he captuu-d si'v notorious criminals. moored to a dock on Die southern., rim of the university campus, te'-t sleeps in one of its bunks ^mfc cooks on a small gasoline stove. ]! Sludnil Lives in JJo.-tt SEATTLE (UPl—Robert L Rllt- ler. University of Washington student, lias solved (lie high cost oi Jiving- u-liile he is going to school He lives aboard a 36-foot ynivi HAVE YOUFt PHOTOGRAPH MADE NOW Satisfactory Work I.ou' Prices SOUTHWORTH Ovftr .Toe Isaacs Road Courier News Wnnl Ads, FOR FUN ____ FOR SPORT Bring Your Party ALL WILL HAVE FUN Sudbry's Playhouse ter. Med-.vlck wra:hs ,„ sbn'i ' :ollnds : Slaughter piays at ;.u s "°' i I same wdglvl. I Slaughter is said to b, ,>yi':r [ft OPEN FOR BUSINESS IKK\V MAXACSEMKXT) NEW DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BIUIE'S TOURIST COURT ' , , LIMITS Off Room Music Home Cooking ; t Hot - - - Barbecued Ribs rnea Chicken Sizzlin^ s*nkp Di ™«s Lunch« SPECIAL PARTIES l.NVlTKI)-riK)XE PLENTY OK PARKING SPACE 1934 Ford V-8 Tudo A 30 day Satisfaction Guaranteed. Onlv S(!5 Oil down and 514.00 per month. ' ' ' iith & -Walnut MOTOR CO. Walnut I'linne SIO 85-H.RVALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE THE CAR THAT IS COMPLETE PE ^CTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES the only low-priced car GENUINE KNEE-ACTION* with all these modern features. AIL'SILENT, AIL'STEEL BODIES FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION TIPTOE-MATIC CLUTCH WWROtET MOTOR DIVISION, G.« ra l «of», Jot,, Corponfl,,,, DETROIT, MICHIGAN D, l°! "$." „,,. 301 W. Walnu IEE Ins, Dealers For *F i K •£?* "i Bracks and Trailers Offers A 11*9 ife^ir mm i. Q "!' KVKHY AUTOMOHU.10 Xi:i;j) Oldsmohilc and G. M, C. Trucks Sales and Service . 307 K. MAIN' ST. PHONK V>\ i^BEH^SJ^i

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