The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 16, 1947 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, OCTOBER 16, 1947 HASTINGS HAPPENINGS A dcpnrtrm-iit derotod to nrw» of Hn«tlnR* nti<l Hnstlng* citizen* and to the promotion of the Rcnrrnl Intfrcstd of the Hastings commnnlty. T-'nrnlly Dinner In Honor of Priori*; Kt-llrv Tu'i nt v-t \vo ff'lat ivr-s pril h^rnd Sunday and fiijoyrd a pot luck dinner at tlif hornf of f'has. f.'arl- sori. Atu>nditi2 were Mr. rind Mrs. A. It. Al.-paiiiih and Virgin!:!. Mr. and .Mis. ftrdirrt Walton and J'anny an.! Mr.". Jlaivy l-'ryo of Council Hluffs. Mr. :irul Mr?. Harry H«u.< nnii'T and Jam t nt Thurmuii. Mrs. Ada It' L'ft\nn'-r of flli'iiwiidd. .Mr. and Mrs. Hay Kc\Icy. Dwiijbt. hf'iuris and Jamos of Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. \V. Carlson of Criston. Mrs. Anthony Hril<'.v and Donald and Marvin find Norman Nelson of Kiiu-rson. '('li<' dlnin r was in honor of 1!< v. lnu* Mi-flioilM riinnli Marc II. lino*. Minister Miiriiing \\orsliip sr>rvi(o, I'l. Siindny srliool, 1 1 n. m. VOIIIIL- peopli.-'s mi-fting Thursday, Oct. ID. S p. m. Mrs. II. E. Johnson is, Dora Man and Hcd Oak callers Mr. and ,in<! t u o ila .Slilrl.-y. wi Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. \VItlt Dalzell and son Hicklc wi'i-f visitors in the home of Mrs. Ethel Evrrhart Knt- UKlay rveiling and Sunday. Hill KiOloy visited In the honin of his mother, Mrs. llpss Kelloy, Frldat and Saturday. Mrs. Amo Sillier was a Shenandoah caller one day last week. Mary Cayle ('rouse was home over the \vpek end. Mr. and Sirs. Jack Hudson and daughter 1'atrlcla were Hod Oak callers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Larson and children of Emerson were visitors in the home of Sir. and Sirs. Hoy Qiilmliy Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lew Miller left for Heatrii'e, Neb., Friday to visit of Sir. and Sirs. Fred Sirs. Sandersfeld Is in the hoine Kandersfeld. thrir niece. Sir. mid Sirs. Lowell Slooliev for 1'iittonshurg, SIo., Sun- left dny. Floyd elites wns home over the week end. Sir. nnd Sirs. Richard Johnson were Shilveni callers .Saturday. Mrc. Hes.s Kelly wns in Slal- VPrn Saturday. Sir. and Sirs. Vernon Crouse left Monday to ultund Grand Lodge nt Sioux City. Mr. nnd Mrs. Elbridge Shook were visitors In the home of Mr. and Sirs. Milo Schick of Malvern Sunday. Mr. and Sirs. Hector of Stanton were visitors In the home of Mr. and Sirs. Ed Hathaway Sunday. Mr. and Sirs. Slervin Turner and children were visitors in tho •home of Mr. und Mrs. Oscar Leu Su inlay. Wendell Ord arrived homo Friday evening. Sirs. Khun Ord U-fl Tuesday to Visit xvlth Sirs. Dariell Uou.ser of Mitchell, S. D. Sir. and Sirs. Fred Hunter of Hedfurd were visitors in the homo of Sir. and .Mrs. Charles Hall Sunday. Sir. and Mrs. P. L. Qiiimby of Lincoln, Neb., spent the week end visiting Mrs. Nellie Fisher and Hetty Slue. Sir, and Sirs. Weeren liowen find Sir. and Sirs. Clarence lioos vero Red Oak callers Saturday. Sir. and Sirs. Parker Ft rrell, Mr. and Sirs. Cecil Judd of Pickering, SIo., Sir. and Sirs. Mil lard Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. George Curtis and Sir. und Mrs. Virgil Curtis and children of Hastings were guests at a birthday dinner honoring f .,rg t > Curtis .Sunday. It. was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Curtis. Mr. and Sirs. Elbridge Shook and -son Edward wen; Ked Oak callers Saturday. Susan Lambert and Eilecne Jones were Omaha callers Saturday. Sir. and Sirs. Lowell Mooiiey were visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Leu Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hall and son left for Turin after a three wtvUs suiy iu the lunnu u f Mr. and Sirs. Keith Shaw. Mrs. L. C. Goodnight suffered a heart attack Friday. Shu was taken to tin- lied Oak hospital and reports, are that she. is improving. The Howens took Hutu Horz-* berg and Mayrus to Clarinda last Wednesday. That evening ,Mrs. Herxberg and daughter left with their sister-in-law and husband for their homo in Clear Lake, Wash. Hob Slienard is home for the winter. Sir. and Sirs. Harold Sroit and family were lied Oak culler.-! Saturday. Paul Moran of Crescent visited with Hill lluinea Sunday. Kyle Peterson was a week-mil guest iu the llolij. K. llaroit home, SCHOOL NEWS Prlrmiry: Th" following children were not ahpent nor tardy the Inst six weeks: Hcatrire Iliishnel). fnrolyn Croiisp. Sharon f'ni ti«. Hilly Kites. \Vnde FRIT. K"nt Axtfll. Keith Shaw, Larry Lee Taylor. Larry Weak and Meryl Itefiear . . . Sir.". Ralph Hfc»sle visile,! o\ir room recently. \\'e are always clad !o have vis- Hoi's. \\'e hope jjoiup more of the mothers will come to visit school . . . Hot lunches started last Tuesday. Wo are very glad ns a hot meal at noon tastes good to us. Third, Voiirtli, Fifth: Last week ended our first six weeks period. We were very busy with examinations, etc. ... In our six weeks examination in spelling all In our room, except three of tlie fuiiith grade, received lfH>. Those three had r»2. 94 and rtfi. We were so pleased tliat In the afternoon we had treats . . . The fifth Is studying The English Settling in America . . . Mary Lou C, ood niL-lit has linen absent because of the IlincFs of her mother. . . . Those having perfect attendance for the first six weeks were Aaron f'roiiso, Louie HeGcnr, Gary Taylor, Juanila Henson, Arnold Courtier, Slnrle Crawford, Suzanne Hudson, Alice Johnson, Rosnlip Sawyers, Kuthniuip Sawyers, Colette Crouse and Rethn Plumb. Sixth, Seventh nnd Kiglitti: The hot lunches got a big start Tuesday . . . We are going to have a quarter holiday for tho pupils who weve neither absent nor tardy. They are Cecil Clark, Herb Hoover, Patty Straight, Hobby Shlrlpy. Joe Hoover, Par- win Schurr, Donald Crouse, Chester Hall, nanny Hall, Peggy Hockabout. U o x n n n a Hodge, Keith Sawyers, Patty Weak, Slil- fred Ilenincosa, Shirley Johnson, lilllic Haroff, Carolyn Ord and Hetty Weak . . . During physical training time we have been play- Ing kitten ball and during the morning recess nnd noon hour we play basket hall. , High school: Hot lunches were started last' Monday. The menu for each day presents well balanced and very well cooked meals and country people as well as town students enjoy the warm food each day. Each meal costs 2'ic and is well worth it. Mrs. Hoy Qulmby. Mrs. Harold Sawyers and Sirs. Bill Granteer were in charge last week. Donations of food for anything that can be used for meals would be very much appreciated . . . Two baseball g;:ines were played here last week, lloth games were played with Stratum and both were lost by our boys. Hotter luck next lime ... Six weeks tests have passed once again and our worries are fewer for awhile anyway. Thai time rolls around rather quickly you know . . . ]las- ketbnl! practice started Monday. Our lirst game is Nov. 14 on our floor with Strnlian. Cheer leaders have not been elected yet. W. S. r. S. Held October Meeltnc nt Church The W. S, C. P. held Its monthly meeting Oct. 1 at thfi church. Mattie Phelps was in charge- of the lesson and Crystal Hites was in charge of devotions. Stella Phelps, Truly Strvi ns and Grace Antrim served a delicious lunch of pumpkin pie, whipped cream and coffee. An enjoyable time was had by all who attended. Sirs. Mabel Gamble and mother. Sirs. Frank F.dip. are visiting with Sirs. Edle's sister in St. Joseph, Mo. They left Friday. Sir. and Sirs, fien Shaw. Sir. nnd Sirs. Grrald Slosier and Terry I.ep. John Slosier. Sir. and Sirs. Jack Niday find children. Sir. nnd Sirs. George Sliaw. Sir. and Sirs. Kfith Shaw and family. Sir. nnd Sirs. Eldon King and Ilonnie, Hob rihepnrd and Charlie Chipps attended a weiner roast held :it Sir. and Sirs. Hen Shaw's Sunday evening. The box supper held by the Rebekah circle at the lodge hall in Hastings was a success with ap- proxlmntely ,"><> guests attending. Silver City lodge was also Invited. Visiting and games were played and an enjoyable time was had by all. Tla Hamilton invites yon to attend praypr meeting held at his home every Friday evening and the regular service Sunday at 7:30 p. m. Sir. and Sirs. Donald Johnson visited in the home of Sirs. Ethel Kvorhart Saturday evening. Mrs. Roy Crawford and Reta were Omaha callers Monday. Sirs. Eleanor S.-ott, Mrs. Harold Sawyers and Strs. Ruth Bow- pn attended the Slills county women's chorus practice In Mal- vorn Monday evening. The North Grove children enjoyed a train ride Friday afternoon. They were taken to Emerson in Slark Bowen's pickup and rode the train to Hastings with their teacher, Mrs. Cronkhlte. This was enjoyed very much by the children. Myrtle Rockafellow and Ruth Bowen attended the district convention of the Woman's club Tuesday at Sidney. The township organization meeting was held Friday at the home of Hetty Dunbar. Sirs. Wee- ren Bowen was reelccted township chairman. The next meeting will be Nov. 5. They will have their first lesson on salad making. The hayrlele which was sponsored by the Methodist youth fellowship was a Miccers with approximately .TO attending. Refreshments consisted of weinors nnd marshrnallows. Everyone had, an enjoyable time The fellowship wishes to thank Oliver Weaks for the use of his wagon and Weeren Ilowen for the use of his tractor. Ruby Schurr was a Red Oak caller Slondav. • News of Malvern Schools Pep Club Initiated New Members Friday Wednesday morning the high school was slightly startled to see several girls with stringy luur, pule faces and dunce caps on their luads. These poor so.uls were trying to break into the Pep club (a very select society that only). To become had to be properly the realms of the is for girls members they initiated into club. The night before they asked to wash their hnir comb It immediately. The morning they did not comb were and next their hair nor wear make up and wore dunce caps to distinguish them from the rest of the students. That evening a supper was given in the school house at 6:30 in their honor followed by further Initiation of the girls. In The Grades * First; We have nine boys and 14 girls in our class. We are now in our third pre-primer and have a vocabulary of 70 words . . . Sandra Dickersbaugh brought us a winter bouiiuet of bittersweet for our room. arc very glad to have our six week tests over . . . \Ve }iave 27 in uur class now. The seven new pupils are Lois Hardy, Louise Ir- wln, Allan Hurdle. Matt Young, Donald Hnldon, Hubert Alexander nnd Nathan Miller ... In read- Ing wn are giving book revk'WB on books we are reading or have read. KlKlith: Mrs. Crink and Mr. Hulsinan are our junior high teachers. Mrs. Crink is our home room teacher and teaches history, English, spelling. Mr. Huisman teaches our arithmetic, science and reading . . . Our class officers are: president, Danny I'helps; vice president, Roger Starr; secretary, Lois Pontow; treasurer, Barbara Brewer . . , We have organized junior Garden club for the coming year. Members are eighth graders and freshmen. The officers are Carolyn Alberts, president; Jerry Anderson, vice president; Lois Pontow, secretary; Dwlght Miller, treasurer . . . Xew students are JoAnn Taylor, Mary Burdlc, Patty Brown, Dan J'helpa and Lester Hutng. LIBERTY A surprise birthday dinner honoring Sir. and Sirs. Siark Howen, Sirs. Ted Howen and Clarence Boos was held in the home of Sir. and Sirs. Shirk Bowen Sunday. Attending were Sir. and Sirs. Ted How en of .Malvern, Mr. and Sirs. U'eeren Howen and Jimmy, Sir. and Sirs. Clarence IJoos and Everett Colter. Sirs. Ruth Herberg and daughter SUiyrus of Clear Lake, Wash., were visiting in the home of Sir. and Sirs. Weeren Howen. Sir. and Sirs. Fred .Martin were Omaha callers. Monday. Sir. and Mrs. Bill Mings of Griswold and Sir. and Sirs. Bill Waterworth and family of Stratum were visitors in the home of Sir. and Sirs. Hill Courtier and family. .Mr. and Sirs. Dale Alexander were visitors in the home of Sir. und Mrs. George Clark and family. Sir. and Sirs. Ivan Jackson of .Malvern were visitors in the home of Sir. and Sirs. Steve llaines Sunday. Mr. and Sirs. Floyd Timsoii of Malvern were supper guests at the home of Mr. und Sirs. George Palser last Wednesday. The party was in honor of Sirs. Timson who was celebrating her birthday. Mr, and Sirs. Ralph Hall were Omaha cullers Sulimlay. While there they visited Hill Young who is in the .Methodist hospital. Jack Bowen was an over night guest in the home of Sir. and Mrs. Ray Kelley Saturday. Lawrence Martin who is employed in Norfolk, Neb., was homo over the Week end. Sir. anil Mrs. Ula Hamilton were dinner guests last Thursday in the home of Sir. and Mrs. Bill Courtier. Thi' dinner was to honor Mra. Hamilton who wua her birthday. Second: Jerry Higgfrstaft" and Bill Worttium have been sick. Last week we visited the lire station and learned about fire extin- gushiers. Our reading chart has the names of Shirley Bell and Jean .Mason. We have nine names on our dental chart. Fourth: We have two new pupils, Hetty Alexander and Richard Benedict . . , The home ec class made new curtains for our room. We also have new lluor- escent lights which help us very much ... In geography we are finishing our Belgian Congo unit. We were divided into groups and each group had a topic to look up. Then we put them together and made a little booklet. Next we shall study the Eskimo . . . In science we are collecting different things for our science discovery table. So far the buffalo head, rocks and goldfish seem the most popular . . . We have five new library books. Sirs. Boehner has read "Slonkey with a Nation" U) us and is now reading "Uogue Reynard." Fifth: We have 10 boys and 14 girls in our room . . . Beverly Campbell is moving to the country und will no longer be in outclass . . . The history class has completed the study of "Early Transportation" and have made posters showing means o£ transportation in the early ISSU's. Sixth: Our total enrollment is eight boys and eight girls . . . Newly elected officers for thu Citizenship club are Verlin Shere, president; Joan Kline, vice presi- " CJ , ""'"V. 1Y dent; and Scott Starr, stcretary -. raim >y- Mr. and Sirs. Harry PuVal of Hemingford, Neb., were guests for a few days last week at the home of his brother and sister- in-law, Sir. and Mrs. Frank DuVal. On Thursday all drove to Murray and visited relatives. Mrs. Jane Benedict of Tabor has been spending several days at the hAmes of her son and grandson, Frank and Paul Benedict, and their families. Mrs. Laura Kerney and daughter, Sliss Josie E. Keruey, returned Tuesday from Pipestone county, Slinn., where they had spent about a week at the home of Mrs. Kerney's son-in-law and daughter, Sir. and Sirs. \V. C. Stotts, near Ruthton. Sir. Stotts accompanied them home to visit his sister, Mrs. Frank Decker, and family near Silver City. They report crops both there and enroute quite spotted, the same as here, with some corn fields yielding practically nothing while others are a fair average. After services Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Frank DuVal joined other relatives for a pot luck dinner at the home of his niece, Mrs. Walter Nosekable, and family near Strahan. Mr. and '<-,. Gerald Deal, Kathleen and KusSel of Missouri Valley wt- dinner guests Suu- day of Mr. ;aid Mrs. Koy Pvoctor and Edward. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Curlstian- son of Flint, Mich., spent a few days last week at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Kenneth Proctor, . . . On our science bulletin board we have a very interesting seedpod collection . . . Mrs. Stevessou is reading "The Thirteenth Stone," one of the books selected by the Iowa Pupils Heading Circle for our age group. Each gradw receives four or live books u year selected by this group . . . Our sixOi grade librarian reports that over ;i(J books have been checked out for hoiijo reading this past uix weeks. Seventh: We hud our 11 rat lire, drill of the yeuv Monday . . . Wo Jim Watson spent the week end with friends near Wayne, Neb. Mrs. Watson's nephew, Carroll Johnson, of Mindeu stayed with her and Wayne during his absence. Crime Uoei Not P»jr Federal statistic* «how that in 86 out of 100 cases there ar« arresU that clear up the crUnei committed. Half ot them result to tome typ* ol punishment and two out of 100 re- lult In the death penalty being lm- po»«d. PUBLIC SAFETY DEPT, STARTS NEW EFFORT TO REDUCE ACCIDENTS Five-Point Program to Develop Better Drivers, More Strict Enforcement A five-point highway safety program, sharpened by "concen- trnted" enforcement and aimed at a 15 per cent reduction of traffic deaths in the state for the remainder of the year has been announced by Alfred W. Kahl. commissioner of the Iowa Department of Public Safety. The opening day of the Safety drive. Oct. I. was underlined by deaths of nine persons in Iowa traffic accidents in the 24 hour period. The five points by which the Safety Department will attempt to reduce traffic deaths are: 1. "Concentrated and more comprehensive enforcement by the highway patrol." 2. "Promote safrty through a more complete public Information program." 3. Develop a driver improvement program in Iowa. •4. Encourage driver training courses in all public schools. 5. Encourage organization and active operation of public support groups In the interests of safety. Explaining the enforcement point, Kahl said, "A number of all-nlRht cruiser cars will be put on the highway for criminal apprehension including the late hour drunken driver. Caravaning of trucks and failure to dim lights will be given strict attention." he added. Warning or memorandum tickets and faulty equipment tickets will be given freely in an effort to correct the "minor violation habits of some drivers," Kahl said. He reminded drivers that a record of all violations will be entered on the back of the drivers license. "When these records roveal n poor driver," Kahl said, "he will be personally contacted by a member of the Department for assistance and instruction." Minutes of the Town Council of the Town of Malvern, Iowa Regular, October 6. 1947 The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mansfield, and, the roll being called, there were Present: Mayor Mansfield, Councilmen Steele. Piper, Pace, Slothower and Nelson. Absent: None. 8.05 4.61 The minutes Ins were read read. of the last meet- and approved as The following bills were allowed for payment: Lawrence Jones, salary, Water Fund $173.25 ————•—•-—-=—-™^»T«««3«r5M*esB»^*sw»^^ MT. VERNON Little Nancy Wright, daughter of Sir. and Sirs. Charles Wright, underwent a tonsllectomy at the .Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs last Thursday. She is now home and doing nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Shaw of Hancock and Mrs. Dewey Bowman of Carson were visitors in the A. Alberts home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Snyder and family of Omaha were Saturday visitors in the Dale Bell home. Ralph Wederrjulst spent last week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Wederqulst. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bell and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Fred Bell at Tabor. Silver Cloud Cilrls Klii-t Officers Miss AMce Conaway was hostess to the Silver Cloud girls 4-H club Monday evening. Election of new- officers was held: president, Ros- ulie Alberts; vice president, Darlene Scott; secretary and treasurer, Vnnda Bell; reporter, Naomi Chamberlain; historian, Carolyn Craig. Meetings for the coining year were drawn. Four new members were added, Mary Lou Evans, Lu- cllle^Jemmell, Darla Jane Baucom and Gwendolyn Asman. The next meeting will be held with Carolyn Alberts at fcer home. What Is a Good Horse About 400 B. C., Xenophon, a Greek historian and soldier, wrote a description of a good horse, explaining how one might be least deceived in buying a horse. In 1535, King Henry VIII of England had laws passed for selection and mating to improve horses and to eliminate scrubs Ray Baternan, salary, General Fund 158.lo Glenn Eacrett, salary, General Fund 146.50 Hugh Doss, Jr., salary, Water Fund 99.00 A. M. Armstrong, salary, ' Liberty Memorial Maintenance fund 138.70 Ray Hateman, use of car, General Fund 10.Ob Iowa Power & Light Co., pumping, Water Fund- 50.30 Iowa Power & Light Co., street lighting, General Fund 59.G3 Cross Transfer , freight, Water Fund 3.09 J. L. Schilling( refund of deposit, Water Fund-- 3.98 J. H. Longstreet, refund of deposit, Water Fund 5.00 Forrest Hatfield, refund of deposit, Water Fund 4.86 Cross Transfer, freight, General Fund 47.04 Collector of Internal Revenue, withholding tax, General Fund 35.70 Collector of Internal Revenue, withholding tax, Liberty Slemorial Slaln- tenance Fund 29.40 Wilma Schultz, refund of cigarette license, General Fund 37,50 State Treasurer of Iowa, sales tax, Water Fund- 28.52 U. W. Slanstleld, Mayors salary, General Fund _ 37.GO Woodford R. Hyington, Clerks salary and postage, General Fund 48.00 Fannie Clark, Treasurer's salary, General Fund - 25.00 Dr. T. K. Shonka, Health Physician, General Fund 25.00 Albert Nelson, Councilman's salary. General Fund 9.00 F. E. Pace, Councilman's salary, General Fund _ 9.00 R. K. Piper, Councilman's salary, General Fund _ 9.00 W. D. Slothower, Councilman's salary, General Fund 9,00 J. M. Steele, Councilman's salary, General Fund- 9.00 Homer Jackson, labor, General Fund 4.50 Otto Hall & Son, labor, General Fund 23.89 Malvern Leader, publications, General Fund 11.29 Ray Hateman, killing dogs, General Fund __ 3.00 Gearhart Lumber Co., materials, Street Construction Fund '__ 34.58 Koldroc Asphalt Co., as- t phalt, Street Construction Fund 188.90 J. H. Eeckwtth, compensation Insurance, Fire Fund 141.12 Elsie Warnkt, alarm, Fire Fund 15.00 J. R. Cardwell, merchandise, Liberty Memorial Maintenance Fund 2.04 Iowa Old Age & Survivors Insurance System, tax, Water Fund 17.70 Iowa Old Age & Survivors Insurance System, tax, General Fund 19.20 Iowa Old Age & Survivors Insurance System, tax. Liberty Memorial Maintenance Fund 9.00 Cappel Machinery Co., merchandise, Water Fund . 59.80 Cappel Machinery Co., merchandise. General Fund Holden Service Station, merchandise, Water Fund Holden Service Station, merchandise. General Fund 13.55 Wnller Transfer, merchandise, Water Fund __ 22.10 Waller Transfer, merchandise, Giyieral Fund _ 23.18 Breeding Implement Co., labor and materials. Water Fund 57.55 Culllgan Zeolite Co., tanks and parts. Water Fund 63.25 Bloedel Hardware, merchandise, Water Fund. 1.19 Collins Drug Co., merchandise, Water Fund - 48.75 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., fiervlees. Water Fund- Addresfograph. services, Water Fund W. R. Bylngton, water bills, Water Fund 15.00 Sir. Edward Harmon appeared before the Council regarding a vacation and purchase of Second Avenue from llth Street to the C. B. & Q. R. R. right-of-way. Sir. Harmon Indicated a willingness to purchase this street for the sum of $100.00 and thereupon the Clerk was directed to prepare the necessary ordinance for submission to the Council at Its next meeting. The application for a cigarette permit of Hernice Caudell d/b/a SlalverneltP Cafe and the bond therefor was approved. There being no further business the council adjourned. Woodford R. Bylngton, Town Clerk. 3.51 5.40 F. A. \Vortman, Malvern, Statement of Ownership STATEMENT OF THE OWNER. SHIP, MANAGEMENT, CIRCULATION, ETC., REQUIRED BY THE ACTS OF CONGRESS OF AUGUST 24, 1912, AND MARCH 3, 1933 Of The Malvcrn Loader, publlstifd each week at Malvern, Iowa, for October 1. 1947. State of Iowa RB. County of .Mills Iteforc tin', a. Notary Public In nnd for tin. State and county aforcs-ald, personally npiican-il F. A. Wortnmn, who, having been dnl.v Huorri accord- Ing to law, tli'iuiHca anil PIIJ-B Hint he Is the Publisher of The Malvern I.eacli-r and thai the following is, to the l»vt of his knowledge and belief, :i trui' sliiUment of th>- nwni>rnhl|>, niaiuiKeiiient (and if n dally paper, the circulation), etc., of tlie afore- Haiil publication for the date Hhown In the above caiitioii. required by the' Act of AuiMiNt 21, 1DU'. .-is amended l>y the Act of March 3. ]fi33. embodied In nectlon 537, Postal Lawn ami HeKiiialloiiH, printed on the reverse of this form, to wit: 1. That the tinmrn nnd addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and lniHlnesH inanaset-H are: PulillHliiT, K. A. Wortnmn, Mulvtrn, Iowa. Kditor, Iowa. .Managing Killtor, K. D. Herlng, Malvern. Iowa. Hu.slneaa Manager, P. A. Wortman, Malvern, Iow«. 2. That the owner Is: (If owned by a corporation, Its name and address muni lie stated ami also Immediately thereunder• the namt>« nnd address?)) of stockhoders ownlnR or holding one per cent or more of total amount of Block. If not owned by a corporation, the nnme.« nnd addressee of the individual ownert) must be given. If owned by a firm, company, or other unincorporated concern, Its name nnd addresn. as well as those of each Individual member, must be given.) F. A. \Vortmnn, Malvern, Iowa J. C. Worlman, Council Illuff.s, Iowa. ' 3. That tlie known bondholders, murtgiiKt'es, nnd other security holders owning or holding 1 p,.r cent or more ol total amount of bonds, mort- trnurs, or other securities are: Xone. •). That Hi.' two parasranh-' next above. KlvliiK the mimes of Ihe owners, stockholder*, and security holder.-i. If iiny, contain not only the list of Ktockluldi-rs and M-curity holders as they appear upon tho books of the company but also. In cases wlu-ru the stockholder or security holder np- pi-nrs upon the books of the company us trustee or In any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trunt««j s iictlnp. is Riven; also that the siiid two paniKruphs contain statements I'inbraclns affiant's full knowlcil BU nnil belief as to the circumstances nnd conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the hooks of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of n hona tide owner: and this affiant has no reason to believe Unit any other person, association, or corporation has any Interest direct or Indirect in the said stock, bonds, or hlnf sccurltiea than as so stated by 5. That the average number of copies pf each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails or otherwise, to paid subscribers during the twelve months preceding the date shown above Is 1,637 „ . P. A. Wortnmn, .Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1st day of October, 19-17 tt, KAL > , , J- R. Hall. • (My commission expires July 4 SOYBEANS We pay highest cash prices for your beans. Phone us for quotations and we'll be glad to buy what you have. \ Bates-Collen Elevators Elevator, nt Malvern, Strahan, Clwk, S»dn«y Phone 5021 or 4551 (Ret.) Mra. Hussel Copnoek Is tisslst- )K la tlui i>oat oftlcti were liusllU'88 cutlers Iu (,'Urltlilu Friday. McKEE FUNERAL HOME U»y« W. (Mae) M«KM CARSON, IOWA AwbttlMn ttervte* 1M UV011I11K. lionim Muo Alluimwurth rv- lurni'd Ut Hfhuol Itut w«i<k ufli'i' U tWO Wk'ftU tlllM'lUV QUO U) 111- IK'** KrlcmU haw rt'i't'tvud Ike HU- of tlu' btrlk ot a KUU. Jutvl'b, (u Mr ttUil Mr*. vi Ml \Vruou, Wtub- Tt>t« unUv* llirtu buy* lu tfct fttmH.v Swansea's Worthmore Feeds HOI FHDS • 40% B*l*Ac«r

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