The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1943
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 2, 1943 ' BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER 1 NEWS IMPORTANT * MTKE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier Newt WillB* CASH Flrmi. Hie low catt tt fled nil do« nut Justify tb« «- peMe of bookkeeping and col- (ecllonj, we have adapted thta policy rXhtr llun * ralM In No EiccpMons lo thla Policy I CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rntc per Jine for consecutive Insertions: Ulnliuum Clinrgo 60c 1 lime per Hue.. 15o 2 times ptr line per day -X2e times per line per day 9c limes per line per day Vo 12 limes per line per day Be 1 Mont!) jwr line SOa A'ls ordered for llirec or six times BIX! stopped before e.xpirntlpn will be charucd for the number of times tlituid appeared nnd ndjustiiiftit of lll^indc. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must IM accompanied by cnsh. Rules nmy be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken Tor more timn one Incorrect Insertion of any classified nd. 'for Kent Two room furnished apartment- Couple only. 901 Lilly St. 2i>k3 Bedroom for working couple or employed girts. 622 West Main. Phone 204! or 235G. 2-pk-7 Modern bedroom adjoining ball). Man or working couple preferred. •11G East Kentucky. Phone 2581). l-pk-5 Two large bedrooms convenient lo intli. Close in. :)10 Walnut. Ipk5 Pnrker's .Rooms—:o« KaSl Main. ' ; S : 22-])k7-22 gomfortable bedroom. Twin beds. Bream lieat. OhlcKasawhs & 10th. Phone 2413. 11-ck-tf [Jjmfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut Phone 2510. 11-7-ck-tf Help Wanted Want man who can decorate show windows and inside store, who can also write advertising for newspaper nnd radio. Ton] Little Hdw. Co. • C-28-ck-4 Department manager for paint dc- parlmenl. Want man who has had either experience selling paint or as painter. Tom Litlle Hdw. co. G-28-ck-4 Herdsman to Like care of IIORS. Man under 40 preferred. J. n. Whistle, Duroc Farms, Phone "67 Manila, Ark. 23-ck-7-7 Wanted To Buy Used filing cabinet. Petwi-Cola Co Phone 2322 or 2058. 1-pk-t 100 tons alfalfa hay. We have our own Irncks nud will haul same, r while ffal Taylor, Cren- Miss. Phone 29S1. l-ck-15 500 Tons Alfnlfa liay & corn. 131y- Ihcvillc Grain & Elevator. (i-28-ck-ll Good used visible Cjmlcx fili cabinet. Courier New. 1 ; Office. C-4-dh-tf Will pny caah for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Warte Furniture C 1-20-ck-tf Will pay 20c per cloz. for wir hangers. Hudson Cleaners. lfl 0-ck coat -U w< I h i la rash m iscry. Rprinlibon MciKinn, for- 'ncrIyAtcxic.inlIcatPon-- dor. Costa liltle, nm | you e.-\\ p c luta in larger sizes* Used John Deere mule power hay press. Good condition, priced to sell. Jess Homer, lilythevllle; Crockett Wright, Manila. E-llnt Conn saxophone. Almost new. Cost $180, will sell for $100. Also diamond engagement ring. SeiBt. Costnnza, 212 West Ken- lucky. . l-pk-9 12' Meal Case. : Perfect condlllon. New comprc'ssor. All aluminum meat sllcer. 2 sels hydraulic scnlcs. Bos 34U, Osceola, Ark. • T-l-pkU !ood milk cow. 715 North Broadway. 30-|)k-1-3 1941 Plymouth Coupe. Radio, healer, 5 good lires. Excellent condition. 19,000 actual miles. Call Mrs. UeSliaxo, extension 203, Blytheville Army Air Base. W-pk-3 7-foot Frlgldalrc, completely reconditioned. Call 2828. 0-30-pk-3 15 weeks old reglslered lenmle cocker spaniel. 529 North 6th Street. 28-pk-7-5 Furnllurc for living room, bedroom, kttclien, roll-away bed. A' few antiques. Electric range and refrigerator. In bulk or piece. 107 W. Davis, 2tKl floor. C-28pk4 Feed for sale. Oats, chops, wheat, .shorl.s, fa nlfalfii hay. Blytheville Grain & Elevator Co. G-28-ck-ll A few gilts left bred, to Square Deal. Also a few nice boar pigs double treated, priced right. Josept T. Cngle,' 2!i nil.-'South Highway Cl. 22-ek-tf Price .sacrificed. Complete Grocery & Market. Ill E. Main. 0-22pkl8 50 head of fine bred Jersey' co*s. Some with calves at side -and others due to foal this spring. Bang and T.B. tested. No finer cows can be found anywhere and the prices are right. Come and see them. Write or phone W. T. Beall, Phone 7F4; Wilson, Ark. ia-plc7-3 ladies' deluxe bicycle. Like new. $40. May be seen at Courier Office. G-11-dii-tf Electric posting machine. Box S88, Osceoln, Ark. B-9-ck-tf Services Sewing Lessons, $1.50 for two-hour lessons. Complete eiglil lesson course $10. Personal Instruction. Your choice of dressmaking, nl- Icralions. Afternoon and evening classes now forming. Singer Sewing Center, 114 South Broadway, phone 2782. 7-2-ck9-2 New garage opening 004 N. Fifth. Phone 942. .Bring in your tractors and ears. 0-22-pk7-21 Laundry—rough-dry only. Mrs Mick. 010 Lake Street. 2C-pk-28 All kinds of automobile Insurance. Fire, .theft, liability, etc. J E Johnston, 112 N. 2nd St. 6-15-pk-ie Lost or Strayed Mixed white )W lth brindle face calf, atout 7 months old. Notify 11. c. Weathers, Rt. 2, Blythe- vil 'e. 30-pk-7-8 Loaf Billfold containing nioney and valuable pnpers. Liberal reward for return lo First National Bank. 2-pk-s *.«, Save Money on Repairs. and f.n« of Time FORD HEW RECOMDITIOHED MOTOR $107.71 IKSTAUEO . Valves, clc,, w. I provide economical, 4ti*ni*b"*™£&: factory opcralion of jour Ford, eliminating excessive c«t *f eairs, gasoline ami loss of time. «<.C»H V C COM or VKKKI.Y, .MONTHLY OR FALL TERMS. INSTALLATION BY TRAINED KOKD MECHANICS I N ONI.1 ! « IHWRa 'TIME. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. 45,? Wahit at sth WITTY PIANIST HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured humorist, ' ; 10 Clearer 12 Rowing stick 13 Truth (Scot.) 16 Installment . paid (nbbr.) 17 Narrative 19 Direction 21 Sun god 22 Suitable 24 Biblical ,.; pronoun 1 Answer (o Previous r^ C A ae Lfe T|R TR V A fft OE T£ 0> A R A 6 t A C T D F. R H R | A P A C H 0 $\ N E A R M 2; j_ M r T I R f_ V C o s 6 A N I 5 A G r_ i T i? I K o u N E R 4 v\ Y {5 1 T t£ B A|L cjr 1JE G A E Fi -A R E L E G E N 7ACIC .UN A C E R F S E V A A S ^' E f S D b 5 U t U R E n (?rl AR f A 6Fi SlF N A AR RN EJ f lower ' ••', 14 Copy. ', ,. I 15 Stops ".M . 18 Limb V ',>A 20 Ucvcicnce V' 23 Dross (slung) 26 Friend "*>' 27 Unorthodox doctrine* JO Flawless Tj 32 Instrument . S3 Bustle 35 Exhausts • °\ 36 Apart J*. 38 Official $; function \f\ 42 Ecstasy, " 47 Loiterer 4801 a lyre ;,, <%j ;.vf: 49 Grow old 50 Therefore 51 Neither 52 Proceed 53 Because 54 Any 56 Measure 57 NoOiiriB ril 58 Weep ' V CO Mineral rocks 61 Female sheep VERTICAL t Either * ft, <VI * N 2 Matched •' pieces 3 Colored pencil 4 Species of deer S'Tc'lk-iinSltile" (abbr.) .,...„. G Before «-• S 7 Aver fe ii In no way OK. «Toward 'f JO He plays the:, - ^j 11 Opposed to' 28 Insect form j 2!) Elt ' 30 Impoverished 31 Half a ...u.; liumirei! p® 34 Perform '.'TO 3fi He Is a screei 37 Music not» ^ WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS 333 1 m m 1 m 3D Therefore 1 * 401lcgrct ? ' 41 Shoe's Inner solo . .. . 43 Gratify 4i 44 Vase H 1 ] ^45 Disturbance' ,'46 Unbleached ;r.3Trec -J 55 At this tlmc- 'S? Negative fji ! 59 Exist FtfJJ 15 m , Wciglil of the carlli is 0,000000000,000,000,000,000 scxlillloii toiLS. according to Hie U. .?. Bureau of Standards. We want l« bay BrjOwria* Boat*. We b»re pnrchuwi for •U kind* of home*. If JOB want to Mil tolek. n« THOMAS IAND COMPACT H. C. WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING tsu 1111 Main Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist BlTtbcTllle, ArkatUM SPECIALS XxtractUNu I].M Fall Vf'r & Lower Plate» 135 up 1«U . BlythevlIIe 1M3 Defoe Fonutnre Co. 128 E. Main Dial S22I Wanted: TI»e4 rnrnltan. aj. J^yw eaa, trade jtmt tit nmltan In *a new. Farm Needs Bring ua your poultry, hug and Etock heallh problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Ledcrlc serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug gtore, Main & RaUroad H you want to bay more War Bonds SKI.J. US THR FURNITURI' VOU AKE 7VOT JJSING for cm^li! Also llht-ni] tradr-in allowance (or old fnrnKurc on nf.w. f l '"** Alvin Hnrrty Turn. Co; 1 .'(Of E. Main .i ' riione 230? Spend Yonr Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Get More and Belter Food for your ration booka, I DeUwrlei Daty C. L HABERS Grocery & Market 1M 8. DlTWon Bt Phone Ml ••b DRS. NIES & NIES r / Osteopathic Physicians f RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY i (EXCEPT CANCER) - r >r OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and l:30-5:te .Clink 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2121 Your Car FIGHTS On The Home Front! People Go to Work — Production Hums— Supplies Move— While America's automobiles are on the job! They are doing a vital part of the work for wctory here at home, and it's up to every car owner to see that his car is kept in condition for the duration! That means care- conservation— attention to litle details! Safe. guard yonr car! ^Replace worn parts *Reaular check-up oil Rotate tires LOT EKH CHEVROLET CO, naeX Smtn Dejt, DISCOUNT F, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. W, Aih n. ui Wayne Chick and Houllr.T Fctdi Iiulsl an Wnynn quality »hfn buylnj feeds of all klmU. HAYS STORE REFRIGERATION ELtlCTRIC MOTOR SERVICE! V. W. 'J'litum, Jr. l>h. 557 UlyUicvllli;, Ark. . 1'i'rtfslrlan Dratlis Klso I«S ANOKI.ES, (O.l>.)— «s a result of blackout mul dim. ""I- I'i'Biiliilloiw, imres'.rlnii clcnlli rose (10 per cont In this clly (Hiring niu mmilli ol Mny us iigiilnsl Muy of l»iil your. Rinlly wnlklim |)i'no- IKO.V ill nlBlit wcivj blumcd for most. of tin- casualties. p«llslrli\ns Imvu been warned only to cross the Mivi'ls tit tiio mast llliinniliitcd ID- tt'rsoctlons. i J. E JOHNSON I'trr, I,lf« nun (.'xHuaKj INSURANCE 'la N. 2nd Slrrol Ilottor Snfe Tlmu sorry" KOU SALB SfTftaf miiiill ]|lyllii>vlUn UnniM —flusrs In. ?I25U lu $1M)0. Term* ire;itilc. THOMAS LAND CO. OONCKKTK OIW SKWKH l''or Sale 'AM, Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. I'hnnc ftfl Oscrolii, Ark, STOCK ,"i- l'()UI,TUY TONICS & FI'HOnS H«K Cliolorn Scrum STEWART'S Drnf Sttrt Main & Lake Phiinc 2822 DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man ROYAL, SMITIt, CORONA, AND UEMINQTON POUTAHLS TYPBWRITERa | 118 N. 2nd STREET PnONE 3382 (Every.lYnnsnctlon Must Be Satisfnctory) EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Co millet* Slo«k •( rait*. HARRISON Auto Parts ft Carafe Oilier Farm HI W. Adi Pfc. tiO 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE B*p»Wni. AH Work Qoaraotcetfl WADE COAL CO. Z»l 40 Outstanding, Late Model USED CARS The Largest Selection In The Mid-. South —Chose Yours Now! Mill Clli:VI((H,KT 1 i|<M)r lltll rOHl) Z Itiuir l!ltl 1'ONTIAC 1 Door 1041 Ol.DS I linor 1911 r^OKAItt) 4 Door Mil CllltVSI.I'lt -I Dour 11)12 OU>S I Dnnr 11)11 ItllICK 1-ilnnr. 1(111 f:illtVKI,i:it New Vorlc- rr 2-ilnor l:lll DOlldlv Oiilirlolcl lilll MDItCJllllY Caltrlolel lilll NASH 4 Duor MANY OTIIKRft TO CHOOSE K!t01\1-$75 up. Kasy G.M.A.C. Payment Plnn We Never Close Sale.s Dcpt. Open Until 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 678 . '! WASH TURKS Ry l-KSMK TUKNKR you CAN SEE MARDO THOUGHT THEX'O NEVER , BLWE6! GEMU1NE UNnED S7A^E6 BILISJ MUST BE HE WILL M^KI REPAIRS VMHILE AT THE HOSPITAL LEAVE! HERE'S THE CUPLlfATE THE WEATHER IS WARM NOW.SIR. BUT IS IT KEY TO THE tRUNK! WISE TO LtAMB THE THERE IS HO DANGER According lo 1'lun lly VRKIY HARMAN You TELL ME WHERE YOU HID THAT SILVER, RYDER U RE ANYTHING DOC.'TH'EARM'S ON FIRE-HELP EMS THESE TASTY mRs OUIA o\e^^3 PLENTY QUICK S AND IIKK KUDDlliS By KDGAR'MAItTIN .. AUO Wt LOCfsV ttfs COOYO'^'t. -sv-^f Thai Should lteKasy j, y v _ T .. HAMIiIN , ^S IUTO THE TWO TRAMPS... AN' ONE PEEP OUTA EITHER OF YUH AM EA5Y THERE, OOP/ REMEMBER PLAV < t DUMB ^DeFINITELVX?* -- vRTHE LEGWU TMEV'RE WOT /P"£8B6 t-,SER6EANT, ' aiv THEVRE vaivee FRKCKLES AND HIS FRIKNIXS BUT i TetLYoU.MR.SllERMER, MV SOM IARO IS , — -'MRS, MISSING.' HE SMITH, ARE VOUTRY- HASNT BEEIJ MOMe W & TO ^ ip THESE POR.TWENTV / ^^ pur OVER. AN- FOUR HOURS I i- 7 OfH E R. GAG ON THE What Are You Waitin' For? Ir^ ^H 4f^ iv * YOU SHOULD BE ASMAMEO OF YDUt SELF...A GROW14 WOMAM / Ah4O IF.-'- lly MEKRITJ, HLOSSER •\

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