The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas on May 19, 1939 · Page 19
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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 19

Amarillo, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1939
Page 19
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f FRIDAY. MAY is. int. THE AMAKILLO OLO1B. AMARILLO. TEXAS. FAOE KlNBlIJtlt AUTOMOTIVE W AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE HONEST VALUES IN Cheap Transportation J9W TERRAPLANB Sedan 1935 TERRAPLANE Brougham 1934 PLYMOUTH Sedan 1934 BUICK Sedan 1933 BUICK Coach 1934 PONTIAO Coach 1933 FORD Tudor 1934 PLYMOUTH Coupe 1933 WIU.YS Sedan '1934 TERRAPLANE Couch 1928 CHEVROLET Conch CULLUM MOTOR CO. Tyler at 7th __ phone 8274 GOOD USED CARS 1038 CHRYS. Royal 2-d. Trg. Bed. $6« 1B38 DODGE Bedan (radio) ttBS 1937 CHEYS. Royal 4-d. Trg. Sed *57S 1537 FORD Coupe ;-;"!5,S 1937 FORD DeLuxe Tudor ( r a d i o ) . - M M 1836 OLDS Coupe · · · · · · · · · · * 363 TERMS is TRADE Amarillo Oldsmobile Co.Inc. 810 Tyler Phone 5281 WORLD'S FAIR SPECIALS GET IN AND OO1 1937 DODG*: 4-pass. Coupe with radio and heater » 495 1937 CHEVROLET 1-duur Touring Sedan, radio and dual equipment S495 1937 PLYMOUTH DeL. Coupe; radio *395 1934 PLYMOUTH DeL. 4-d. Sedan $150 WOLFLIN MOTOR CO- Fillmore at 10th. Phone 5313 G939 FORD, exceptionally good price. ~ R. D. Moreau. 1001 Taylor. 2-3433. 1934 FORD DeLuxe Coupe. New tires, excellent condition, $185 trade and terma. 223 East TUv , 1938 CHEVROLET . TM«t*r DeLuxB Town Sedan.--We don't care where you've oeen or how many ·38 Chevrolet you've looked at, you 'haven't seen one us clean as this one. Radio and heater equipped: deluxe ac- · cessorles- seat covers; mohair upholstery has never been eat on. Not R scratch or a blemish anywhere on this car. We'll recommend this one to the limit as a real buy at $650 JIM JENKINS--BOO TYLER 1936 PLYMOUTH--$295 Original dark blue finish Is good a* new; clean interior; motor fully reconditioned; tires are practically new. Here's a real buy in a good late mode^ TERMS TRADE TONEY CHISUM, Inc. Folk at llth. phon *. .5231 TRUCK BARGAINS 1937 CHEVROLET tires; license 1937 CHEVROLET 1936 CHEVROLET 1938 CHEVROLET 1934 CHEVROLET bed 1932 FORD Truck, 1937 CHEVROLET 1937 FORD Sed LWB Truck; 6 new paid ............ $495 LWB Truck ....$120 LWB Truck ..... 8275 SWB Truck ..... $295 Truck, with grain 8175 with bed ...... S 85 Sedan Delivery. .$395 Delivery ........ $395 PLAINS CHEVROLET CO. 307 Fillmore Phone 2-1239 OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT OPEN 'TIL MIDNIGHT FORD DEALERS ' PRE-SUMMER USED CAR SALE 1937 FORD COUPE. Stock No. 188-A. Beautiful new blue finish. Good original upholstery. Excellent mechanical condition. Good tires. A real value at $349 WALTER IRVIN, Inc. Taylor at 2nd. Phone 4315 USED CAR SPECIALS 1936 PONTIAC Sedan With RdlO..$3B5 1936 CHEVROLET Muter Sedan.... 355 1935 PONTIAC Coach 275 1935 STUDEBAKER Sedan 250 1934 CHEVROLET Master Coach.... 165 HOUCHEN MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER Sales Service 910 Taylor St. Phone 6233 f See These and Save '1939 MERCURY 4-door Sedan $945 '1939 CHEVROLET DeL. Town Sed. 4835 1939 FOHD Tudor Sedan $685 1937 CHEV. Town-Serf.; radio, htr. $435 . -1937 PLYMOUTH DeL, 2-door Trg. f365 1936 BUICK Coupe $365-1936 FORD Tudor Trg. Sedan $295 C. 0. NIMMO 1001 Taylor Phone 2-3433 AMARILLO'S FINEST 1939 FORDS--All Body Types/ 1938 OLDSMOBILE 4-d. Trg. Sed. $750 1933 PLYMOUTH 2-d. Trg. Sedan $585 1938 FORD DeLuxe Coupe $550 1938 CHEVROLET Cou^e S495 ' 1337 CHEVROLET Coupe $425 1936 PONTIAC 2-d. Sedan, radio .. $350 HARVEY SOUTHWORTH -701 S. Fillmore · Ph. 6331-6392 GOOD AUTOMOBILES 1939 CHEVROLET DeL. Town Bed. $725 1937 CHEVROLET 4-rtoor Sedan .. J335 1936 FORD DeLuxe Tudor Sedan $325 1936 FORD DeLuxe Coupe S285 1933 CHEVROLET 4-door Sedan .. $135 Dewey Gray 511 Fillmore YOUR DOLLAR S T R E T C H E S When You Buy at Keith's 1938 CHRYSLER Imperial 4-d. Trg. Sedan. Radio, heater and overdrive. . - Next thing to a new car ,, $845 1938 PONTIAC Coupe. Radio and heater $575 1937 DODGE 4-d. Trg. Sedan $495 1937 DODGE Coupe $38b 1936 PLYMOUTH 4-d. Trg. Sedan $255 1936 PLYMOUTH Coupe $295 1935 DODGE 4-d. Sedan S235 1935 DODGE Coupe $225 1933 PLYMOUTH 4-d. Sedan $!5 1929 FORD Fordor $45 AND OTHER BARGAINS KEITH MOTOR CO. Fillmore at 3rd. Phone 7131 BUICK'S BEST BUYS 193B BUICK 40 BUS. Coupe $685 15Z1 BUICK 40 Sedan $695 1^37 PLYMOUTH 2-d. Trg. Sedan $445 1937 OLDS 6 Coupe S525 1937 DODGE 2-d. Trg. Sedan $445 1937 FOHD Trg. Tudor E315 FROST MOTOR CO. SOS Tyler Phone 4361 1937 DELUXE FORD COUPE, Mir or trade 'oy owner. S»e at Trl-Way __ Oarage. Phonf 5582. _ _ 1937 DODGE DfLuxe Coupe. Radio, Heater, np-w tires: good condition. Individual. Sell at bargain. Call TRAILERS. TR'LER HOUSES ; Theirs Is (he Most Select Group in World Of Aviation-Hie Men Who Fly the Clippers ON THE FLIGHT DECK OF THE YANKEE CLIPPER--In the left foreground is the Pilot-Navigator plotting his course as the Clipper speeds along its route. Forward are the Captain (left) and the First Officer (right) at their posts in the bridge of the great flying boat. In the right foreground is the Flight Engineer at his post, and immediately forward of the Flight Engineer is the Radio Officer (note the small typewriter on his desk). (Editors Note: Pan-American Airways probably will Inaugurate transatlantic air serric* before the end of this month. This is the first of a short series of articles detailing "How the Atlantic Will Be Flown.") THE CREW They are a race unto themselves, these fliers who man the flight deck of the giant 40-lon Atlantic Clippers, soon to begin regular service to Europe. Theirs is the most select group in the aviation world--and unique. The crew proper, in addition to the stewards in the big passenger cabin, consists of a seven-man minimum--captain; a first officer pilot; a second officer pilot; a third officer pilot-navigator; an engineer officer; a radio officer and a Junior flight officer. The engineer officer and radio officer are specialists in the fullest sense of the word, long-trained In the intricacies of engines and radio. Their training has been BO complete, both in theory and actual shop work, that they are qualified to trace trouble and rectify it in flight if at all possible. The third officer pilot-navigator has complete charge of charting the plane's position by celestial navigation by dead reckoning and by radio bearings taken on the plane by surface stations or vice versa. To the first and second .pilot officers fall the bulk of the actual flying chores attendant on the flight. And the junior flight officer might well be termed the handy man of the crew, for he may be holding down the copilot's scat, aiding in the navigation, acting as assistant to the engineer officer by inspecting fuel tanks or checking the big- engines themselves. And over all the crew, sitting at his throne-like desk, is the captain- master of all he surveys and in complete charge of the entire plane and personnel. He can and does handle the controls, but actually only on takeoff. Perhaps during the entire Atlantic crossing he will be at the controls only an hour--perhaps not at all. But, even though duties aboard one of the clippers are very carefully divided, this is merely a subdivision of continuous labor--for five of the seven crewmen are qualified pilots, capable of taking the ship off, flying it and landing it. In addition, each one of these five is thoroughly trained in naviga- tion, lii radio and in handling the four 1,600 horsepower engines. The duty schedule is so rotated that each member of the crew has one hour off duty out of every four. And there are bunks in a crew cabin behind the flight deck where a man can catch a little rest when needed. A clipper captain is about the most thoroughly-trained filer in the world today. All Pan-American pilots are college graduates. Most of them also are graduates of army or navy training and have had a year or two of active duty. Their first rank with PAA is that of apprentice pilot. For two years they work in maintenance shops, Pan- American offices to acquaint themselves with the work of all departments, and qualify for airplane and engine mechanics licenses. During this period the men also have begun studying for future examinations for advancement in grade. The future captain must qualify first for a second class radio license. Finally, after passing a stiff examination, both written and practical, the apprentice pilot is advanced to the status cf a junior pilot, second class. Here he has to learn dead reck- oViing, radio navigation, basic meteorolgy, blind flying, and roll up an Impressive total of actual flying time, before he Is advanced to the grade of pilot, first class. A minimum of one year later, he may take a further examination to step up to the rank of senior pilot. This time he is quizzed in international law, basic celestial navigation, seamanship, and the history and cultural background of countries served by Pan-American Airways. But that is not the end of the advancement trail. After 2.500 hours of flying in command of PAA air craft, he may sit for further examinations in advanced navigation, plus 18 other advanced subjects. Then, if he has had a clean record and has shown outstanding ability as a leader and manager, he MAY win the highest rating posslbli master pilot of ocean flying boats If you ever take a trip on a clipper across the Atlantic, you'll fine one on the bridge of your ship. Fort Worth Negro Dies in Chair HUNTSVILLE, May 19 (U.R)-- James Ervin, 35-year-old Fort Worth negro, was executed in the electric chair at the Texas penitentiary early today for criminally as- eaultlng an elderly white woman. Asked by Warden W. .W. Wald If he had any last statement to make, Ervin replied: "They didn't let me say nothing up there (apparently referring to his trial), so I ain't got nothing to say here." Ervin was scheduled to die ft month ago, but Gov. W. Le O'Danlel issued a reprieve. Which Do You Prefer--Song, Dance, Laughter or Tears? Seniors Offer You All Uproarious laughter and subtle comedy sprinkled with a few tears and sliced by a little of song and dance art would constitute a full evening's entertainment In any man's language. That is exactly what the senior dramatics students are offering tonight when they present three one-act plays and vaudeville to climax their high school dramatics training. The plays, which will be presented In the High School Auditorium at 8:15 o'clock, are "Cabbages" and "Nine Lives of Emily," comedies, and "The Valiant" a drama. All three are royalty plays and have been produced with much success In high schools throughout the state. Miss Oretha Jane Cornelius, dramatics Instructor Is in charge of production. Chamberlain Offers To Lay Down Definite Peace Program II Hitler Will Play Ball LONDON, May 19 (/P) -- Prime Minister chamberlain offered to- AUTOMOTIVE 70 TBL'CKS AND TRACTORS TRUCK BARGAINS 1937 CHEVROLET LWB 1^-ton Truck. New 7:00x20 front tires. Nearly new 7:50x20 dual rear ttres. Overload springs, oil bath air cleaner. Frnmm Oil Filter, new paltil. Engine UXe new. Sec H at General Truck Sales Co. 10th Taylor "CMC" Phone 9335 EASY TERMS 1934 DIAMOND 'T' Truck, good condition; grain bed; stock boards. MOTORCYCLES H. D. 45", $65: 1937 Indian 74", 7.000 miles. $275. Harley-Davlfison Motorcycle Co.. 310 West jOth. AUTOMOBILES WANTED lid cash lor bctfpi TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY TERRAPLANE 4-door Sedan. 16.000 miles; by owner. 2318 W. 6th. MODERN" TRAILER HOME. 1250: trrmi 69 AUTO PARTS, SERVICE | USED PARTS I FOR ANY MAKE i ¥ CAR OR TRUCK SM Us FIRST ftnd SAVZ | the Dllference i UNIVERSAL PARTS CO. ; TfcTlor at 2nd __ Phong 4.11A ; 69 AUTO PARTS. SERVICE | NEW AND USED PARTS : Wrecking 1P35 Forfi V-3-- 1?32 Ford 1931 BulcK-- 1932 Cn-rrolP*. ] KPT Pprlncs for Tord. DodRp. Fljrrr.otith [ ELMER, BROS. ; TO _ TRCCKS AN*n JRACTORS AMAR"l L LCTs" B F, - 1" " · ;VM~r r i f X s ·"" V a : c-j« ,-r.ak-f K:J":»;I, Diamond "T Truci C«r,pft.ur. TRACTOR TIRE REPAIRS We hay the Equipment., the Experience and the Quality Workmanship to give you EXPERT SERVICE on All Tractor Tires E»pa!rs and Vuletnlzlng A Trial Will Convince Yon AMARELLO TIRE EXCHANGE Whr.lrf.alr and Rflail 723 N. Fillmore Ph. 2-0098 day to lay down a definite long range policy for European peace If Germany would renounce in a convincing way the "intention of aggression or the further use of force" in her relations with other countries. Speaking in foreign affairs debate in the House of Commons Chamberlain said, however, Britain was "not prepared to buy peace with concessions which would only lead to further demands." He was replying to David Lloyd George, war time prime minister, who had demanded speedy conclusion of an alliance with Soviet Russia, and Clement R. Attiee. leader of the labor opposition, who had urged a clear and firm foreign policy. Chamberlain declared the German government itself was responsible for A lack of faith in its assertion of non-aggressive intentions and added: If we could have such a renunciation (of aggressive aims). If we could have the conviction that there was no Intention of aggression or lh« further use of force in the relations between Germany and other countries, then I think we would find we would not hn backward in statin? what U our view of the lines on which we would di*cu*; the terms of a permanent pcacf." Though he said Germany's demands for her war-lost colonies undoubtedly would to invoWrtl m | such a noac?. he Fair! that, would not mean Britain "will rrluse to discuss any method by which we ran fatlsfy reasonable aspirations x x x." Answering criticism by fpea'jcen- of delay in British-Russian ,1*50- tlationfl and ir.dlrertiy Ru-^U's own charges that Britain's proposals leckM 9 bus!.-; of full reciprocity, the prime rnlnJMrr fold: "Thr British govprnnvnt havp n*vrr dr*irri! to a«ik (h* Soviet ; govf.rnmrnl to do anything which they were not prepared to do BILLY COOK has the title role in "Tom Sawyer, Detective," the screen, adaptation of one of Mark Twain's best-liked stories, coming today to the Rex Theater. Donald O'Connor, as "Huck Finn," shares the spotlight with him. H ollywood Round-Up HOLLYWOOD, May 19 (U.PJ-- Dorothy Lamour. the actress who put on a sarong and made the Jungles glamorous In the movies, will Inaugurate radio-telephone service between Malaya and the United States, It was announced today. Government officials at Singapore will put In a call to Miss Lamour on May 31, at 3 A. M. Singapore time, which will reach the actress while she Is at work on a set of the picture "Disputed Passage," at 4:10 P. M. Paciflo Time. Capt. J. R. Durhnm-Mathews, tired officer of the Irish Quarts, was hired by paramount Studio as a technical adviser today to Insure authenticity of Egyptian battle scenes In the filming of Rudyard Kipling's "The Light That Failed." The former officer served in Cairo and Alexandria, He was obtained on Uie recommendation of Ronald Colman, star of the picture. Robbed Once, He Was Ready This Time NEW YORK, May 19 (fP)--Last Thanksgiving Day, Samuel Glb- lin, 37-year-old delicatessen operator, was held up and robbed. He bought a revolver and carried It under his apron. Last night, a negro strode into the store, leveled ft gun and ordered Giblan and his 16-year-old daughter Phyllis to the rear of the place. "Have you got anything on j f ou?" demanded the negro. "Yes," said Olblan. His hand moved under hLt apron. Four shots sounded, and the robber fell dead. themselves. Thty have always wanted the arrangement to be reciprocal." Ho said he found It difficult to understand "why It should ever have been thought that our suggestion was lacking In reciprocity." Then he declared: "We are not concerned at all with the Russian International doctrine, x x x We arc concerned with building' up a, peace front. We want it. We attach value to It. But, he added, "we would rather have a delay of a few days than to tnkc a step which might result in the work already done crumbling before our very eyes." Chamberlain said Britain hnd asked Russia to make a declaration to aid Poland and Rumania similar to the pledges given those countries by Britain and Prance. When this was not acceptable to Russia, he said, "we tried attain. x x x We- were anxious that, we r.hould be able to come to an agreement quickly." Just before the House began its debate, Russia's amlwssador. Ivan j Mnisky, delivered a note to 1 he foreign of/Ice. It wn.s understood (his r*p: nzain the Soviet position in favor of a Brltish-Frpnch-RiLwian nrrord involving definite military commitments and tHll« airinng the con- era 1 litaffs of the thrrr powfT?;. Previously Lloyd Gnw .ifri I" Great Britain, Franrp nnrl Rnv had reached a point whT*? fl'Tlrim taken in the next f r w davr. miaht. j bo "the most Important sinr» the j drriKfons tak^n In 1914. j The veteran l^adT Paid "there JM tenAlon firKl f t rain. There i a (t^neral fe*)inj[ of rirpad. We are all v^.-y nervous nnd nnxio-.j.'i. I think pvrynn'i i r - con'rmplalinij a n o f h T blow fr^m \\~\f r i k t s t o r poa 1 - PTF. No or:* 1 K.nm'r. ivhT* 1 i' 7111 c ( 7m' 1 . bit*, there 1'. a g-:n*ral f e e l i n g of dread it I* coming somewhere." CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES "Soul and Body" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read in all Churches of Christ Scientist, on Su*nday, May 21. The Golden Text is: "If thou draw out thy soul to trie hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise In obscurity and thy darkness be as the noon day" (Isaiah 58-10). Among the citations which comprise the Lesion-Sermon is the following from Uie Bible: "Ye are al: the children of light, and the children of the day: we. arc not of the night, nor of darkness' 1 (I The-ssa- lonians 5:5). The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passage from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "As light destroys darkness and in the place of darkness all Is light, so (in absolute Science) Soul, or God. is the only truth-giver to manl" (page 72), Canada taps' approximately 25,000,000 maple sugar trees every year. Most of these are In Quebec. NEW LYRIC Here Again by Popular Request "Manhattan Mtlodromn" JAMES CAGNEY starring in "Oklahoma Kid" to be prevued Saturday midnite at the Capitol. JAMES STEWART, JOAN CRAWFORD AND LEW AYRES in a scene from "Ice Follies of 1939," today : and Saturday at the Capitol. UNDER THE BIG TOP for fun and thrills with Tommy Kelly in "Peck's Bad Boy With the Circus," now playing at the Texas. JOAN CRAWFORD James Stewart -- Lew Ayres In "ICE FOLLIES OF 1939" THEY DARE TO LOVE WHEN LOVE MEANS DEATH! with CLARK GABLE WILLIAM POWELL MYIWA LOY A Great Picture, a Grand Cast Jills ad and lor. tnnd for adult admission. STEWART FRATERNITY NIGHT AT THE ISA MIRANDA RAY MILLAND , HOTEL IMPERIAL WITH LLOYD SNYDER AND HIS ' ORCHESTRA FEATURING MISS VIRGINIA LEE Guy Nat Fraacu KIBBEE . PENDLETON · MAKE Edgar KENNEDY · Ernest TRUEX Scran Play by Bn Hecht Directed by W. S. Vin Dyfct II Produced by Frank Davis MARCH of TIME STARTS TODAY! L A S T D A Y ! ADMISSION: Ballroom--3flc Prr I'mrm Nile Club--(Or Prr Pcrinn R E X MTKTIV£ TEXAS Matinee--lOo Nile--15o "PECK'S IAD BOY IN THE CIRCUS" TOMMY KELLY Saturday Mldnlle "TBADEWINDS" Joan Bennett -- Freflrlc March H E Y ! K I D D I E S SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY-- 1 TO 6 P. M. ALL RIDES AMERICAN' LEGION CARNIVAL 4TH AT JEFFERSON ST. LAUGHTER! SHOUTS! CHEERS!

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