The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1934
Page 6
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i AGE *OUB (ARIL) COUEffiB NEW8 MONDAY. •• THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIEK NKW8 IBS CO0RIKH NEWS CO. PDBIABHHU -:•'.••• 0. R, BABOOCE, H. W HAINX3, AflvertUuw Bole National Advertising Arkansas Dallies, Inc., etrvlt. 6!, Louis, Dallas, m'.i York, Chicwo, City, Published Everj' Atiereapn occcol Enured us second u't&s malUr M the post odlcc at B:yli)evUle, Arkansas, under net ol cougresi, October 9, 1917. Served ov t"« By carrier in we city ol artwnue, l»c per •*«* or «,50 per year In «lv»uce. By mall wltbln s radius ol 50 milt* »3.00 Per year, fl.lii) ior aw months, 85o Joi lUnt monitor, sy mall In posia) zones two to elx, inclusive, Hi 60 |Kr year, In /ones sevcu ano eight, »10.00 p«- year, payable In »dv»nc». LeCs Have Confidence All the Way Around I'vesidunl Roosevelt's suggestion thai tile bunkers regain their conlkleiK'c in (lie people of the United States might profitably be extended lo all tfronps, classes, and ovgniiwationH in tlie country, \Ve have spent u gooil deal of lime, in tlic last 18 months, womicrinj,' about what this, Unit, or the other group SB going to do. Will the bankers stand for tin's? Will the unions do that? Will the industrialists play along on such-and-such a scheme? Will Ibe farmers support,. So-nnd-So's program? Will Wall Struct stay hitched?. Will the railroails play ball? Those arc the niiMlions we have been asking. Craning n|> al this piti- losis licaveim and receiving no answer, foine of us have mnnagnd to develop a pretty fair case of jitters about it nil. So ninny problems, so few an- sw'ei'K, so ntaiiy groups to bo accouiiU vil for—how arc. we to comfort ourselves* amid -so imidi confusion? The president seems lo have suggested the answer; Government, liu ronimilw us, is. siniply the fusing of all elements in tlio nation's life, it is I ho implement through which - the common will becomes effective. If docs not stand on one side, in opposition to all these'.gr6ups; it stands; abovc-jrUienv,\••.drawing;-, ils strength from Ilium aiurirom all citizens jointly. , "IjTSa being the case, it must provide leadership; and the leadership it provides must, in (ho last analysis, reflect fairly accurately the temper of the great mass of citizens, because when it ceases to do so the citizens inynriabjy got themselves a new' government. Over and above nil these questions about what the various groups will do, then, thcro is the <|iie.slio)i of Hit; temper of the puoplo, generally. In the Jong run llic majority sentiment will prevail. To have confidence in the great majority, therefore, is to have confidence in our fnluro course—nml lo be dubious about the future is to doubt the good sense, the courage, and the forli- OUT OUR WAY tude oJ' the people of (lie United iSVtjll»g haB'bCei) done in lliejio'vcry trying years to justify such doubts, The plain citlzeas of (he land liavc li)c)iiiv«ii ivith cxoniplao' patience ami intelligence uhder extremely difficult circumalanccs, Once we beeonie fully coiilidunt that they will go on doing so, -we can imto- ina^ieally ccotorc our confidence in (lie behavior of the various groups into which the i>coi)le nro divided. —Bruce. Ciittou. We Need Upheaval Deun Luther A. AVeijflc of the Yale Divinity .School told the New Jersey Presbyterian Synod recently ihal< Uie ' iwramouiit need of the moment is foi' Ihu fuller education of adults; and in his remarks there is u very .sensible iiuprnaclrto thcr problems of the day. "BndtinitK social chinigcfi, sucli sis' \v« (iro. attempting," !H'. .said, "cannot In! had unless men nru willing to change llicir diuiiositipns. The Christian adult ('<hit'(ilioii we need is siicli ;t; riulical inin.sfovmixlkm llwl il wairuiHs the name of conversion." CoiiKide'rihg the normal human re- .si.sUince to any cliange of mental altitudes, this looks like a large ,order. But it rcnmins IVMU tliul in the lotiK run we ahull get precisely the kind of social organization thai we arc mentally and emotionally ready for. If we ai'c lo rebuild the world so ;is to wipe out tin; old almses, • \vu .shall eventually have lo remove from our own hearts- ami, minds the twists which made the abuses possible. SIDJE'GLANCES By ^George Clark \ What Depression John 'J', Flynn's riitcnl -analyses of Ilio things tluit luipixMiwl following the J929 .stoclc iiDti'kct cnisli huvc contHiti- 0(1 a.grual deal of sound .sunsc.• One ut the l)usl bits vras hiw (.Iclinitiou ol' u depression. "A man 'out. ol' work," wiys i\Ir. Flynn, "is n '-(Itspression.. A t'uctory closed down is a depression. An industry a loss niul without b'nsiDcss is a still bigger - depression." • : Elementary,' "'of course] BuL ! Mr. J''fynn points otil that even in Uie prosperous years before 1920 we Ir.ut many "individual depressions"'of. that kind. ' . They formed, as he pointed out, focal points of infection. When a-mil check to national-prosperity crime, ..they helped RjireiKl the. infection everywhere. All of which is just'another remind-, (.•r thiil/iilliniately we all stand or fair together. Unless all arc'gelling a • share of prosperity, none of us<is>really safe. "Qlga, you will have to U-iul the customers. I'll be bus; ivilh.the federal government all day." The Clew of the <„••• Forgotten Murder ULGI.N IIERU TODAY When €|IARLK) I40HOEN, „. piirlef fur T*e R oUf, • II • (onid <h-na 1UN BLUEKEH, »uWliS«i, cn.|.lo;» blDNEV GIUFF. (•««•• fi'fiulniiloclil, in lolve Ike Murdrr. Worsen hid bc» l«>t*rlcMtl>IC ';<: *««'"«" FHAKK B * CA- tact outs of Hie boys who look » pint 'ol wl)!»Hy up lo Ills room, \ rcmonibar, the 'W ni'Ucd nie- for an oVoy on Ijlni." ,,,', i rultimliir Ike arrtil uf «. lm p l<ir clulvlma In he l altnj md TUc ility Cullovtlne Joalli CiitbHy 4lg* iif p i;rJJl leant ibut iHlli'il fUe HLmrlnieait ut At.lCK I.OIITOM »lui fcn. rtvuri.a (o l»ollc<- tkc dltupueiirfldre <if hvr roommate. IJS'lllliH OUUWAV, i;rlii; siien 10 ire mitt and n c. ra»f» hn lit telrK "Estlitr Oril- M:I>.'* Shr ilt;nU» ihla hut cUuhtv" ficr lurjucr bfor)'. M'hen Crlrf IrlllM lir lUNlruutn deltcllrr* la iiltnUuu 1 the tffrl. i\o\v to o\ ivrnr 'cm: STOKY Ctl.U'TEtt XXU CIDNKV CR1FV returned tu liis "^ own car iijicl drove at oucc lo the llillci'cst hold, lie got iu tcna-li wjth Ilio bell. captain ut> the Hlfht stilfl mill gave lilm a .55 liiii liv ««)• of ijjlruducijou. "t want Hi liiiil mil," lie. salU, "al/oiif ;c ni:in lij' tlic naino or Calliay who was roistered licru oa i'llotictay nigljf. in Itcuiu SCI." "Tlicrc's liecn tn-o or tlireo Dcoplo ;'.:-kiug Hlwiit liim," (lio liell Ijoy said. "Sltowcil you nliolograjilis!'' "Yos." "The )iliolcai'i\phs llio.y sliwved yon weren't the uliolosvaulia of tlic umii \\'\]o svny liyrcT' "Xu." "(,'nii you vciiiembor wliai ho lookinl likoV' J "lie wns rather a b!g fellow and I think lie hutJ blue eyes. I can't rcmcinlicr cnoueli about lilm (o ilc- Pulicher W (lit , way ' house, . hi » . slippers r |iJlE licll toy •^ Dally. "Ot course," ho saiil, "llmt's just bclivcco j'oti an«l mo, chief." . . . fjrlff nodded. Tlie bell captain iii<pavtcil »»d was hack ivllblu lets than live uifu- UtM. "fro tot litm located for you," lio Bail). "Hie Homo is Harry Fan- cltcr nod lie Ikes ut 3693 Kemvood iironuc, Milli'olo- Al any rale, Unit's the sdsivess r.o guvo on tho Kidney Crlff looked at Ills walth. "A night drive," lie said, "would bring me into MlUvnlc just about dayliglit." Tim liell boy regarded liim curiously. "U would," lie said, "lie :L lollij vruy lo KU It UHJ man Imd Kkon.u. phouuy address, l.ols of tliciii ilo, you know." Sidney liHIf noililcd lliouslittiilly. i hauilcil tho boy iinotlicr ?5 blU. Ho wcnl to tho tclciilioiio booth ami pul through a call for tho police headquarters at Mlllralo. With- iu 10 niiiiiKes he had them on the lino. "You have n cily directory llicrc, as well :is,:i register of voters'!" lie. iukcd. "Tills is.Sidney Url/f, tuc "VVlmt is it you-iwinl?" n gruff voice al the other cud of the liue. "I wnut lo find out whether you have a Harry Funelier registered in . . Iba floor. He waTciTa tiad }'• u cb»lr in; thi «|H [ room. , - j , -. . •:• "I'm sorry," bo said, "(lip r c looks like (hie. It's just the wo left it when I went' to b? d j I da aulto a kit of read and research wort, and I'm n?!/ wajs ttuy about putting my -us bact." . j Grid Biinreycil Uio lllleved Is, nud nicked up one of (lie ii town, wliat Ins occupation . - . him, but ! uonlil tell lilw If I where'ho lires.' flnd U/no/ n By m[zm '• WUKLL) Ferguson THE MONTH OP FEBRUARY CONTAINS FIVE. SUNDAYS ONLY ONCE IN 20 YEARS, WITH PERIODICAL QAPS OF •4-O YEARS, Due. TO The New Deal is no revolution. Under It, economic, p'ollllcnl mul social;power .reside cx- Mlly -where they did More—in the hands of lln: caiiitnlbllt class ot tlie nation. —Charlts Solomon, Socialistic «uWrnnl6r!i\r cnirtllnutc In New York. . • ' *' » w • k ' In the. Hid, a hurd skull and--a strong will must conquer. —Chancellor Adolf Hitler ol Germany. Bv William ENGLAND, TWO " MUSHROOMS UFT£D-'UR AN S3 ROUND PAVING BLOCK WHICH HAD CEMEMTQD IN PL.AC&/ Jj-M DO NorGROW 014 THE. TRUNX. DO HOT iVQVE UPVWRD AS THE T'RtE fippv« TAUUER/ 1 MW him ;ig;iln." "He WHS imgcil scvw.i! !:ino3 diir- In.i; tlic evening';" "Vrs." "('.HI Mill (I'll IHC Illlulll. (110 Cllls he received? You iixgKil Itim diir- iiiE 111'. 1 cvcniiic, hufc lit the lobby." "It must ira'vc iJcen 10 or i?0 times." "U'crt; tlio call* (nletilione c-ill!.', or wu:} it ^oiiieojiL- n-lio \vys licro In (iic liol'ji ami wnntoil lo ttilh with hi in?" "Someone lion- in (lie hold—.1 lllllo guy witli grtiy Imir 11111! Dlno oyo.s. } rotnc'iiilier liinr \vcU. Ilo \v;iK mad ;ifj a wet cat Jibout liouiu- Miiu:;. Ih: bad ail .-ii'ijoiiiliiiutil \vitli 1 lliis KII>', Calhiiy, llml Cathay, hmin'l tejit. |Io was aoiuu liiml ot im inventor, 1 tliiuK, ami lUcru 'v;is souio kluil of n deal on Unit Cntliaj- tJriff'M eyes were Uioiislilful. "I wonder il iro eiti liiid oiil who ttiat mau was! 1 ' lie salil. "I think so," (liu bell caiilalu tolil liim. "I Uiliiit tho uuin had a room licro In Ciio .hotel, at lu-ust for tliu night, iuid I- tliiiik li<i walled over. It iccma tu uio ! saw'bim cliccitlng out aboul the Uino I L-auio on tlnty TiiosiJay nfgUt." "Let's so aco if we can Hurt out." "Oliiiy." (ho bell hoy said. "Von wait here, cliicf, anil I'll so proivl around a llltlo bit. f think instybc at rauiloui. "You're on Inventor, 1 licllc<! 10 said. j "Well," I'Vlicbor saW. "I d! mow as you could rail me tj tiiikcrcr. 1 like to tin wllli things." ' > "Did you Iinow Ki'ank 11. Cjti oC lllverrlciv?" njlioil Bvlff. ! was n llickcr ol firi, tlie meek brown eyes. i' ")!o bail mo uomo on :i wlW a* chase all the way lo the c l-'aiiclicr reiiiJirkoi). .."If lie 01 want to fiimnre. my invention, didn't lie fay eo in tlie lirtt pi illc! he no lo llie troubK writing mo a k-tter mid fellfnf liow woiiilcrful he UiDUglit iny volition . ourt then fall l "Hold (ho line," s;iiil llic voice. n-illt n Koary lack of curiosity, en gendered by a life that made crime n mere itiiUler of (t»f]y routine. After 11 HKjmenl Ilin volre over (lie u'lrc. "Yes, lliurii'ii a .Harry Kniclicr registered, lie Urea ai ^C5-' Jvcu- wood ftvciun.', ;iutl U«'a ;ui Inventor atid maeliiiilsf." you," s^W Crift, ami t'cbruary limlfivn Sundays In 11120, but this will not happen a jllitll 1818. It. Is ixAssible 'to liavc ten Smidu.vs In one Febninrj'. crew of'n liont nwXhig rcgnlnr (rips fvotn Siliciin to Alaska tuultl t«o Suncloyii on successive clays :il tlie diitt [inu ____ or li-n in r'elmiary. Tli NEXT: 1'ur. jiff do .sheep in Uiu (roimv; cron : can lind out. tliinlv I can do. - I lell you wliat I I Uunk 1 cau con- r.'f^rtliV FAN't-'IIKt;. nttircil In - t.iiu-^cl^il i>aj;ii)];is. uitli his liair in uj'Jd di.sarniy, regarded Sttlncy (.iriff v;ilh meek brown eye?. "UiU t Hal you uiiV" aikcd GrlfT. iinilius cordially. Harry Kanclicr imtm^il his head, Uien ailrteil after a inoiiiciu, "I'm .orry." (?ri[f raiiicil his eyebrows. Fancher \vr.Tit oil tu explain. "I iibuulclii't have ylcpl KO lulff," lui eiiiil. "Usually I'm up earlier lint, Ihia belli;; Sunday niuniins. I stayed in bc<l." (Iritt rcsurtlcd tlic muti with curious, -stnjeulativc oyes. - ' "I mil Ibti-ont-wha ^.hcuilfl iiKt^o tho apologies," ho. 6:iul. "for ilia- turliiiip you at this hour. 13ut ^ droTo al! niglit iii'ordcr to set lioro —that Is, the Iic5t part ot llie Hlglil," "To me?" askcil Kanclicr, raising his brows. "K.xactly," Sidney Grift agreed. "Won't you conic. In?' tlio appointment lie e?" "He wrote you'!" asked Grit! "Vcs." "Have you liis availnl- CrlK luijiiired. "Why, yes, I tljink so." "I ironder if 1 coiild see U?", handler's sTipucrcd feet' .ti shuttling'sounds ns lie crossed ; writing dosJr. Jio opGTicd and turned to t}ic ci-lui "Here it is," lie said. (irift examined ilia letter i fully. It wns \n-itten on t tic tioiier.v o£ Frauk 1!. Calliay, tinncrv wliieli rnad ; a i in i B. CATHAY — IN'VI J1KNTH-SOS Klrst N'lilioual I Biiildin;,-, liiren'iciv." . •.-. / There followed 'n dale, Hue, llic naino of the city find BlBte;^ Ifcllcv, wliicli «na addrcEsc fiarry V'anclici-, nt Mll|ralo, flCQr Mr. ^'uHCltc^: / Imvc 'vciv much iHlcrcfieU in youi statin clltniitaibr jvf rci'aioj.M Ifwit, / icyiiM be rct'j iilail to <i discussion Kill' U<JK tor Iho )iosc o/ ui-ccr/uiiiifi.q upon • mutually jirofitabli: 6?jla tee tirramjn lor (lie iiuiiiii/acfurci safe o! your ilccicc. '•• . Will von jilcusc wccl me al ors/ liolct on Hmia-iy, llic IS March, in Die 'tour o/ : IU Vij !>. m.r. I Kill .c-c'-glai to sii nailers ii* dcluil at thai', I'm 1 collect to lie in llwctt'ttin ncvtion ,Klth°-,othcr businCs: ^icuuid afygcst that you, &rfnp lion //uiirjj(//crtrs~(i7iir nuy 'fait wait note 'flit tlic cost of n factiat. ' . ''cry Iriiltf yoars; -fK'iijnKiI) Frank V. Oath (To lie Continued) cuailatcr, in tfcc we bccunn; ]iale. in hbiler -shops, in musical in- of the finite, uml «Ua( Uuxniu'iit, U-sCiiu: lahoraloricF, lair- i^ein'riilly called .siiotiT, If tills hupiicns fruiiUBiilly, llicre j tries. .shops, anil Kimilar iiHiirj- e.sult.s, of course, exliauslioti and n the cnfl breakdown. It is In'tuutie of tliiH' ^liocK.s to Uio' nurvous system ll>:il noiw is tirituj. To pi-ojilc who arc quite ill It, may be so serious as lo have an unfavorable effect Icadlns; even lo <lc>ill\. There arr. of COIIIM-. people who do not react as mucli lo noiiic as do others. They have Uic abil- ly to concentrate and to .sn»t out Wlulc a healthy mini can stand ordinary noL5t.s of the streets, inehidiii;: ttven unexpected blou 1 i»E of'motor horns, « lw\w.-vs<'iisi-' tivc or v/eakly man sullei-;s cx- cccUiinjly lo such stiimilnliim ofj HuMl , e or Ulc 1)V cliistorit| I boLs niiiy show monument pneumonia, sepsis,.] tlic «-jy to an old Indian • Indian Aids Experts Decipher Petroglj COOHDOt'TAriz. I UP)— A linlian lins hel)x>d fmd tho in;; or anwnt iwlro^lyphic .si Hie El Morro National Moil jit wan learned here today. • his nervi'S. IF IT WASM't TOR MESSING \ HELP-HALP ' OCTOPUS • 1 CSUM, HAS <SOT —HELP! "I'M ALL GUMMED UP. VJELL-X.-UH- VOU DO IT, VCXJRS'et-F/ VOU LIKE HtKl, AMD Ht UKES THAT, UP THIS ROOM, I'D PUMP "THIS RIGHT ON Hlg t M.-'.-trA"! PUT MV GUM UNDER IHffl T^BLE FOR WEEKS—THAT'S AN OLD RUBBER TUBE HtV-3 CUT UP—AND VoLl UET HIM E FUN OF Mfc, AMD jus; SOUL VOUR EVES AMD QR.OAM VJMV-MOTHERS (SET Noises Have Very Definite -.-,. Effect on Physical Health lie world from icss. Of eoiirei; wlicn we custoinc(t lo v.c it. This npiille IIV 1>U. MOKIilS tdilor, Joum'dl of Die Aiticricu Medical' Asswialitm, unil ot lll'Si'ia, tlic Hciilfh .wnrltl -Ihal- wai. mm fairly quick ir> now teiogtil \>y .notst of many , vnrwUrs •['he coininc ut Uic ' machine aw, ot rapid tninfporl.iliim. nnd »i new devices tor •: carrying', sound Ilirougli Ihc air .liay(,',niiiUtj)lk'<l iniii\rn»cly the Eounils. Iniit arauili tin:" eiira. , EnslHoevs IHIVK in u\u mc;ia- c! been developing mcihocts ol soldiers who :irc inarchiti!;. that iire nol rhylliinlcul Marllc, <li£turb. w iiritalc. The n-nclion to ;\ r.urWtii, nr unexptCieil ;i\,' L in(l i^ n inyscu- lar cposm. H Is un GMlievtuG of llir ninv.Ic-o lor or -for (Icfenrc. With Ilii-, ; Inusciilar :;p:iMii liicro me tlic usual accompaniments t il fuJir: namely, a coiuruolioii of thu blood couseious- hcuoiiie uc- Icnrn (o iy- to workers accompanied will) | ter always was lo Iw foum who are niueli, where in nine of drou fn cjiKc.s of ticurt. disease Insomnia, and people wciiV.cned utlev surgical optralion, ncLsc is a .S'jrious inciKicc. Fur this reason in inftny cllics HKTI: art: proyisions for zones of iinict. nroimil l>w|->i\als anil sanitariums SH as lo Rlvc Ihc sick the opportunity lo recover without the menace of esecssivc noise. pl nrcs ol hands and -feel, a sisii, and ii round liole, w( ciphered lo mean: "By hanfl and fool on climb an wduous trail to ; where water is lo IK found. Head Courier News \Vani OUR BOAilDliNG HOUSE liv Ai >wslblc for tiiosa win) wish .to .oiil aounfo lu'. i> certain niiionnl or qiilclmle. In Englan.l licy. : )mvc an.- anli-notee league, concerned with cmum; down Uio .olol number ol IIOJM\\ l;ce;ntbc it s fell flint llicM- i-outdmt jilinnih nay .seriously iriihiir tin; .sK* ubo grciitly • Inipnlr recovery.. certain sounis urc o'tid. 11. can IK lak'.n lor gnnilctl j liul if they nru ,«o. ihvy arc hurm- j lull)' tone! cillicr to tlic car. or the bnilu, or liovii. AUOtlUT t-,icl«v t>[ HHiuO wlvtrh IK ininoyini!, il nut iitunaslni: tn UcaHh, l.i, KS Dan Mnv-Kcw.- |>olnlt out, tl"' inli.vMiiincal or uti- 'icctcd fuuiKl 'Uii'ic :irc, count, soini- pnji'i,- \vlio have na' t:cn'M of liu'lltin or no • cnr I"i i music iiinl othin.i \\i m liavc no sciit'C.of pilcli unil \\\\o mv will lo !«• luiii'-drai. Wlirrca.s rhyllnnlcal sound !»;<* Ihc I effect ot prevailing or past- R/\CE WORSE:- A JOCKEY— "BOSS, WHO'S OWED WlfA ?o OV/\VA A V/X-R, /\M V COULDN'T Hlr^TH'PAC.t, HOSS HE WAS WDIM, rXS AH VO "RACE HOSS

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