Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 14, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a cold Call and get a sample bottle of Pineapple Cough Syrup, at .RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. (cent* from tlie Note-Book oi' Our Hallway Reporter—Poin iu)dOt)ierwlNe. 50 PUG DOGS To be sold tor 4 8 Cents at The Grand Bazaar, " Special Sale for this week only. ' 5 ;.:\:,FRBB . READING ROOM, ; ; Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. A -' Welcome toIAll. MONEY TO LOAN, B uij (urn »t toe LOWEST rates. Private tcndt "only, Moo«T alwayt In hand. Ho red tap* or dt- t»y. InMiMt and principal payable to lagatif- port. • Spoolal arrangomente »B to payment oi principal and Interest, mad* to salt thtfwtahsiol .' Dorrowtr. For tnrthtr particulars apply to rFrefl W. Mimson, 1 On Mondays, mdays or Saturdays. 214 Jonrtli •••• . street, opposite Court House. *~ MONEY, • a*n*i«l iBfurano* and Loons. All kicdf of In imr«no« plac*4 In first elaja companies. Endow mn>t poltclM purohaned, Bonds of suretyii. written (or parties holding posltlenn of tmsi «h«r» a bond li required, 319 PEABJL ST. S. M. C loss on OUEY TO LOAN! any sum overSZSatlawe e amounts 6 percent. FORGY. And Notes Bought In any sum overSZSatlaweat rate*. Large amounts 6 percent. Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING, FEB. 14. See our 4 : j2ent per pound sugar, at McCaffrey & Go's. Don't forget to DINE with the W. R. C. at the G."A. R. hall. Leon McAllister is home from Purdue university to spend Sunday. Mrs. B. F. Keesling and son A'rthur are visiting friends at Indianapolis. Granulated sugar, 6 cents per pound, 16J pounds for $1.— McCaffrey & Co. Smoked white fish, smoked halibut aid smoked sturgeon, call on McCaf- "frey&Co. . ' •Misses May and Josie. Gallagher' have returned from a visit with friends at Richmond. • M. Eornoff, jr., went to Marion ves terday to play for .a dance at that place last night. Lorenzo Laterette was yesterday fined $10 in the circuit court for disturbing a religious meeting. George W. Seybold departed yesterday, on a few days business trip to Indianapolis, Terre Haute and Lafayette. Don't pay 20 cents for butter when you can buy it at Dolan & Twomey's for 17 cents; fresh eggs, 17 cents per >dozen. .'• . Leav.e your, orders for chickens early so'we can dress them. The fin- eststock to select from in the city.— A.._Hubler. 'Harry Eversole has written to friends here stating that he will leave ;»« ; nver, Cokvuand join his father in Seattle, Washington. The trial of Willard Harvey for the murder of Samuel McClosky, will begin in the circuit court before Judge Cox,- of Peru, Monday. At Barnett had on exhibition in the vrindow of his chop house last evening^ the biggest lobster ever seen -ins'-Logansport. It was indeed a ; ~ v 'corker." "^ , „ , - ^ '*-.- Thos. Cummings, an employe of the plow handle factory, lost three fingers of his left hand which was caught in the machinery yesterday, A slight; blaze in the roof of Chris. Keizling's residence on west Bates street yesterday morning about I'D o'clock was the cause of the alarm which called the fire department out at that time, The blaze was easily extinguished. Oldest inhabitant is again given an opportunity to express surprise at the present state of the. weather. The memory of o, h. has been racked considerably this season in an attempt to call to mind a winter similar to the one through which we are passing. The agent of the Ameirican Gas Company, the new company which pro'poses to bring natural gas into Logansport cheaper that it is now fur- nishe'd, had an ordiance prepared yesterday looking in that direction, which •will be submitted at the next meeting of the council. The new company evidently means business. The mystery surrounding the identity of the stranger who died from the efforts of an overdose of morphine at Royal Center Thursday evening has not been, cleared up, no one having yet appeared w ho could identify the remains. The case is a very strange one and has created a little sensation in the village. The suckers, who were taken in by he bait of the fakir on the corner of Fifth and Broadway Thursday evening werearound yesterday quietly comparing notes. It is said that the fakir iook away • over at hundred dollars ! rom the victims which came his way so easily. When will people learn to give such fellows a wide berth? This is the day dedicated on the calendar to old St. Valentine and the occasion will-be seized upon by the .ove'lorn swain'to send a dainty and >erfumed missive, to the ' ob ect of his affections. while others differently inclined will exult antly firasp the opportunity of ''getting ven" by sending his enemy 'one of ,hose hideous cartoons to which" as .ttacheda worse verse, which -have filled the shop windows for some days past. Jordan Hecht began , yesterday removing his stock of clothing from the old stand he has occupied for many years into the room lately. occupied • by Emerich on Market street. The room" vacated by Mr. Hecht will be opened in the course of a few weeks by George Lucy, lately head clerk for Mr. Hecht, who will put in a full and complete line of clothing. George has a practical knowledge of the clothing "business, and will no doubt succed in business for himself; The London Gaity Girls to be 'here' Monday night.were at Peru earlier in. the season and the Journal of that place gave the company the following flattering notice: The London Gaiety Girls appeared last evening ai Em erick's opera'house in good numbers and with plenty of life and variety about.them. .'The mosVor the fun— and it wasuprorious—-was occasioned by Sam Collins and.John Flynn. Collins was.a clever fellow and: his comical twistings and nonsensical actions were' really amusing. The .. girl's were on the etage.nearly all the time and were attired in good clotkes. The jokes were all original and all decent, the '.standing room only" sign was put out at the door for the first time this season. ' " U.K. K. P. Election. The regular annual election of the .Uniformed Rank Knights of Pythias was held Thursday night and resulted in the 'election of the following officers: S. K. Captain — George Gonser. S. K. Lieut. — George Sehafer. S. K. Herald— Will Porter. S. K. Treas; — John Lyman. S. K. Recorder — John Burrows. Trustees— Jacob Mo.rehart,-, John P. Foglesong-and John Flanegin. S. K. Installing officer— C. B. Stevens. These officers will be installed on the evening of February 26. D. W, Glasser, of this city, a brakeman on the Logan, was killed' yest^r- day morning at Rosedale, his hejid being caught in a heading spur. Glasser had a wife at 702 north tenth street where he had recently begim housekeeping.-—Terre Haute Express. Yesterday's developments as regards the Lake Erie & Western, and the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago deal go to shoiv the coreetness of the statement of a railroad attorney published in the Journal of Wednesday, in which he expressed^ the opinion that there had been no sale of the Monon to,the L. E & W., but that a close traffic alliance had been formed, and that the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton was to be included in that alliance. Judge Field, general solicitor of the L., JS T . A. & C., returned from New Albany last evening, whei-e he was in conference with- President Breyfogle, who assured him there had been no sale on the road. Judge Field admitted, however, that a favorable traffic alliance would likely be perfected. .From another source is; learned that the Brice people came- West to inspect the property, proposing to help the company out of its financial troubles if they decided that the collateral they could give would justify the syndicate in doing so They have decided that it will, and will advance to the LI" K A. & C. company $1,500,000, one-third, of which sum will be used in properly equipping the road, and the remainder in improving the road-bed.—Indianapolis Journal. After Llqiio • L iw Violators. The action of the Grand ;Jury is already making a stir among the liquor dealers. As a starter Michael Wagner was charged on three counts-in the circuit court. On one he was .round guilty and fined $20; on another he was acquitted and on another he moved for a new trial. Ransom Ice was tried in One case and acquitted. There are several other cases against him to follow. John W. Williamson was found guilty on three counts and fined $20 in each case.. John Ubel- heiser was acquitted of a charge of violation against him. Win. Burgman was convicted on two charges and fined §20 in. each case. There are, many others of a. similar character .to come up before the indictments' re-turned by the g. j. are all aoted on. ••' A Strange Humor. Yesterday morning' the rumor was widely circulated over town that Barney Klein, the murderer of John Gibbs,. who on account of his physical aliment is being kept under guird at his home instead of being confined in jail, had escaped from his guards and had left' the country. It was soid that he had gone to St. Lewis on the 10:26 Wabash train Thursday night. It is needless to say that the rumor was composed entirely of wind, there being absolutely no foundation to it. Klein is so crippled by rheumatism that if he, made his escape at all his bed . would have to be taken with him and he carried on it. A Stricken .Family. , The heartfelt sympathy of the entire community goes out to Dr. and Mrs.'J.' B. Shultz in an hour of bitter trial. Only a few days since they buried their bright-eyed little daughter. The stricken parents returned from the funeral of their daughter to find that their little boy Carl, had been seized by the dread disease. . The child has been the object of unremitting medical attention'but science has proven powerless to cope with-the disease and .at 2 p'clock this morning the little sufferer was dying and all . hope was abandoned,by tlie. physicians. If Your IIouKe In on Fire You put water on the burning timbers not on the smoke. : Add if you have catarrah you should attack the disease in the blood, not in your nose.' Remove the impure ca,uae, and the local effect 'subsides. '^° ^° ^>is, take Hood's Sarsaparilla, 'the great blood purifier, 'which radically and perma-. nently cures 'catarrh. It also strengthens the nerves. Be sure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla. 3 SHORT SPECIALS. .Mrs.. Theodore French, aged 105 years, died at Syracuse, N. Y. Jacob Autia, a miner, was killed .at Houghton, Mich., by falling-800 feet down a shaft, Hon. William ' \Yinram, speaker of the Manitoba Legislature, died at Winnipeg- Thursday. :: The mines recently discovered at Florissant, Col., prove to be rich in copper instead of gold. * Noah. Walker & Co., of Baltimore, failed Thursday. The bond of the trustees is for $125,000. The Lake Superior & Northwestern railroad has .changed its name to the Duluth, Mesabie & Northern. Arthur McAllister, of Cleveland, 0., was elected president of the National Builders' Association at New York Thursday. B. E. Merwin. of New York. Vas elected president of the Merchant Tailors' National Exchange at St. Louis Thursday. Hunt Brown, of Hamburg,..,la., a stockman on his way to Chicago, fell from a cattle train at Aurora, 111., and was killed. r V- President Norton, of the Louis-tfille »&• Nashville railroad, resigned Thursday, to take effect April 15. His resignation was accepted. . Lena Stiles. 5-year-old daughter of Mrs. Emma Stiles, of Ridg-e Prairie, 111., was fatally burned by her clothing catching fire. William K. Sistare, of the firm of SiBtareBros., was.arrested Thursday at New York for swindling a Philadelphian out of $8,00'p. A,t the meeting in New York of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association James W. Scott, of'Chicago, was re-elected president. One hundred certificates for 100 shares each of the American Sugar Trust, aggregate face value $1,000,000, were pronounced in New -York to be counterfeit. Mrs. Elizabeth Stallard has sued the city of Waco, Tex., for ST.5,000 damages for the death of her husband from small-pox, he having been forcibly removed to a' pest-house while, in a state of high fever. The first triennial meeting of the Woman's National Council of the United States will open at Albaugh's Opera-House, Washing-ton,. D. C,, Sim- day, February 23, 1891, and will Continue through the 2Sd, 24th, and 25th, oi February. The steamer Catalena from Catalena islands reports finding wreckage of the sloop Fawn, which left Sau Pedro for Catalena last Sunday. The occupants of the sloop, Andrew Bule and Alexander Urquhart, merchants of San Pedro, were undoubtedly drowned. SbmctlihiR Worth the Eating. Select large,full-grown crawfish; they will seldom cost in market more than three dollars a hundred. Treat them exactly like lobsters, throwing them in boiling water -and cooking them ten 'minutes. Those sold in market are usually already boiled. To make a soup for a small family buy twenty crawfish, remove the meat from the tails as you do from lobsters and pound the claws-and shells, rejecting the same dark parts of meat rejected in lobsters, lay the tails at one side and put the remainder of the crawfish in a quart of rich, white broth. A good broth for any such purpose is made by boiling a knuckle of veal for' six hours in cold water enough to cover it. When the stock has cooked four : hours, add a small carrot, an onion, two leeks, three stalks of celery and one bunch of parsley with the root; continue cooking 1 the stock slowly for two hours longer. It should be skimmed well when it first boils, and when done must be strained through a wet soup strainer or any clean, damp towel into a- stone pot and set away for use.—Boston Globe. S BE " vy i OTTO A KRAUS FOR BARGAINS. Special drives on outside display daily, that day and date oaly. One price, plain figures, goods for"™ Boots and Shoes Upstairs. *-.)! S M O K E D M E A T Of this .Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and Cured by W. C. ROUTE, Logansport Ind. For Sale Qbv Leading Dealers., tt of Iowa KnljjliU of Labor. DKS MOIITES, fa., Feb. 13.—The State assembly, Knights .of Labor, adjourned Thursday. The resolutions adopted demand the Australian ballot, commend the work of the State Bureau of I/abor Statistics, say that the property of corporations should be •taxed on . the same basis as Individ- tial. property, demand free textbooks. at the State's ..expense, ask'- that armed men under authority of private detective ag»encies assuming- to quell disturbances be deemed guilty of. a felony, and declare that they are.opposed to convict labor competing with free labor.. . TRY FREEMAN'S " HIAWATHA," The Latest Thing out in Porfume. 1fi Freeman's Pink, White and Brunette Face powflerj FOR SALE BY H. C PUR CELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street. 10 All. The high! position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, as the most excellent laxative known, illustrate the value of the qualities on which its success is based and are abundantly gratifjdng, to the California Fig Syrup Company. _, , ' Curd. Dolan & Twomey will do 'you good these hard times. They are .willing to work for small profits; encourage us with your presence; we have come to do you good; we want the town trade, we have the farmer with his fresh butter, eggs and chickens, now we want jou to carry them away at what we pay him in exchange and save your five cents per pound that you pay extra. Union Men—Bfotlce. A special meeting of Trades Assembly is called for Sunday morning at 10:30 sharp; business of importance. All union men should come. By order of the President. ' „ 'BE, Sec'y.j » b —The food of humming birds consists mainly of insects, mostly gathered from the flowers they visit An acute observer writes that even among the common flower-frequenting- species he has found the alimentary canal entirely filled with insects and very rarely a trace of honey. It is this fact doubtless that has hindered almost all attempts at keeping them in confinement for any length of time—nearly; every one making the experiment having fed his captives only with sirup, which is. wholly insufficient as sustenance, and seeing- therefore the wretched creatures gradually sink into inanition and die of hunger. —Quizz ("fishing for. sympathy)—"Do you stiffer with neuralgia?" Fizz (emphatically)—"Always, when I have it." —Lcyveli. Citizen. . : ' Specimen Cam-*. S. H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis-, was troubled with Neuralgia. and Rheumatism, his Stomach was disordered, his Liver was affected to an alarming degree, appetite fell away, and he was terribly reduced in. flesh and strength. Three bottles of Electric Bitters cured him.. ... Edward Shepard, Harrisburg 1 , 111, had a running sore on his leg of- .eight years' standing. 1 Used three bottles of Electric Bitters and seven., boxes of Bucklin's Arnica Slave,: and Ms leg is sound and well. John .Speaker, Catawba, 0., had five—large Fever sores on his leg, doctors said he was incurable. One bottle Electrip Bitters. and one box Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured him entirely. Sold by B. F. Keesling's Drug store. to!5 •> . . FSitiil Flntuea In Clucago. CHICAGO, Feb. 13.—Mary Ana doa and Mary JCehoe perished, dbm i burning- buildihgat 2036 State street, an early hour. ; Diphtheria. In a severe .case, there is but one thing to do, get the nearest physician, but.how much better it .would -be to prevent a severe case by having Pineapple Syrup in the house; it will do nhe work. Try it. For sale by J. F. CoulsOn. toH Dolrin & Twomey Sells the best hams, any weight you want them for 9 cents per pound, our very best tea 50 and 60 cents per pound. We challenge the town for any better tea, all,,choice mayanees,, -" ...•"', .-- % > •- -: , . A»Utf- A Step In aRlglit Direction. The indecent pictures put up on the bill boards in advertisement of a variety show to be here soon held their job . just twenty-four hours. The police board took the matter in .hand last evening and ordered all paper of an objectionable character to be torn from the bill uoards and windows. This is a move in a right direction and the honorable police board is to be commended for its action. SHe \va» Completely Cared. A daughter of my customer suffered from suppresjed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Br adeld's Female Regulator, which xjured her. J. W. HELLUMS, Water Valleyj Miss. : Write The Bradfield Keg. Co., Atlanta, Ga>, for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. t ••: to!5 A Saturday Meal.-The Woman's Belief Corps will serve dinner and supper at the Grand Army Hall Saturday nest. The public are invited to call and aid this worthy organization and get a square uieal, ail Kith a quarter. feblld4t JSJsrjoY® Both tie method and result* whe,., Syrup of Figs is taken; it is gleasartJI and refreshing to the taste, and actt|' gently yet promptly on the Kidni "" Liver and Bowels, cleanses the tern effectually, dispels colds,-head-| aches and fevers and cares habitus" constipation. Syrup of Fige IB only remedy of its kind ever pro) 1 ! duced, pleasing to the-tastoaud ac-| cepfable to the stomac'h, prompt ii its action and truly beneficial"Tn it effects, prepared only from J the' most' healthy and agreeable substances; itsj many excellent qualitiea'commend itji to all and have made^it the mostl popular remedy known. / '' Syrup of Figs is for sale ia_ . ff .^ and $1 bottles by all leading ^rugjl gists. Any reliable druggist whtf may not have it on. hand will pr cure it promptly for any one wl wishes to try it Do not accept aayl substitute. , ,. v , CALIFORNIA FIO SYRUP CG SAN FRANQISOO, CAL, 3 ,.

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