The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1932
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Served by the United Press il>Al'EP. OP NORTIIEA ST AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MlsSlX" ^ *~^ ™ ^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTIIEA ST HOME EDITION VOL. XXIX—NO. 15G Biytheville" DalFy News. lilytlmville Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. Blythevlllc (purler. SINGLR COPIES FIVE CENTS USE MACHINE GUN IN STATE LINE HOLDUP A sk $100,000 Of OsceolaRoad District SOT II Mil Nurse's Error Costs Lives of Insane Patients CINCINNATI, O, Sept. IB (UI'JJ ': he county (.Winer's olllce nil- iu-L'd todav that ilnee r.alicnts Claim Highway Depart-! ment Payment to Dis-!" d; ! y ', 15 ll ' c ri::lll! of " mistake xi A i • JIKI'.I: l;y ;i niii-iv during c.pera- tncl INevcr Authorized -"" K 1 'I lio-x' who dkd. all wcmen. Mere LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 1C. CUPJ—''' aid to '•*• A "' !a A'cCullougll, -13. The slate highway department lo- la =S>o: \V. Shc.ckley, 30, negro and f)nv Hir*>ft*>»* AH,- rion u>ii c* w/..-_ Jennie Bi'anham, 54. Tin; palienis were to have un- ie 0|x.-nuii!i::; for removal oi The nurse gave the of Missing Woman in Mtyslery Case Suiddos day directed Ally. Gen. Hal E. Nor- irood to bring anil for ilie recovcrv of siCO.OOO paid the Osccola-L\ltle River Hoad Improvement ULslrict Numter One i;i Mississippi comity in 1927. Thi.s fiction wan taken after examination of highway department letords by the highway audit 'com- jniision revealej that records of highway department meetings fall•^J lo show by what authority the money was paid. The money was paid with two vouchers issued to the Southern Material and Co:isiructio:i con.nny in 1927, and was credited to llic account of the improvement district in the Bank of Oiceola. Tlie audit commission also revealed today that the state is due S22.517 from the McUeorge Construction company, an alleges overpayment on (he Salein-Ash Flat road project. The commission estimated the job should have been done for $S.W, whereas the company was pay $31,521 on a flat 'ate basis. Main Street Merchant Freed in License Caw I Eerger, Main street merchant, WILS cleared of a charge or failure 'o pay the new J200 license fee for an itinerant merchant by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yes- Wealthy Jeweler, Suspect- i e <J of Massachusetts I Murder, Suicides. j QUINCY. Mass., Sept. 1C. (UP)— Cliarles DuBols. u lall and handsome jewelry salesman o! Tm-ka- hoc. N. Y., shot and kihYj himself today while authorities in two slates t..uir o _^ ...^ _ ):at!enls aijesthL-lie in doses of were preying a determined itives- trains instead ui grains, making '• tlgalion Into the mysterious disap- :l approximately 15 times stronger pearance of his wife five ',vetk.-> ago. than usual, the coroner's ollice Central figure in one of the.most ietior;r.d. amazing New England iiiys:::l?s of j recent years, DuBols died in a r.os- • pttal soon afler he had lir«l a bullet into his head at a Qnincy lodging house. •ilie suicide occurred asautliort- , ties intensified Ihe ."carcli for the body ol Mrs. Edith DuUois in tee vicinity of the DuBois summer home at Great Herring pond, PIyn- ( nith. several miles south of htre. Mrs. DuBols vanished from her 10 inder circumslances wide!: cun- •inced iwlice she had been slain. DuBois had tyen living uiidi-.- the name of Anderson in a ioflE;- NEW ORLEANS, Sept 16 (UP)— '"* ^^ f0r thrCe da - vs Fcllovv iirtfinn-u-irtn hnttio r nr roomers heard n single shot today and alter a search found DuDcIs lying on the balhrcom flcor. a bullet wound in his head. Police arrested DuBois on a. charge oi murder following his wife's unexplained disappearance, but were compelled to release him because they could find no boiy as evidence. Miss Grace Atwood. n Mldcileboro. Mass., scciely girl, wns reported to have admitted friendliness with DuBois. » ui f xi Mrs - Di! Bols vanished from /Vnnounces rlan lor Ma- Plymouth home about August tion-Wide Drive to Bring v Back Prosperity. terday. The court HeM that Berger had I t - t . ur '° r established his business here be- fl = W fore the ordinance passed at th« """""" ' August session ol the city council became effective. He was to!d to pay the regular resident city llcens^ fee. about S25. The ordinance, passed primarily lo protect local business men from me "fall merchant." provides A nation-wide battle for prosperity was launched tcday by Senator Busy Long. Louisiana Kingflsh. whose idea is "toak the rich to " Pip the poor". He said he had the backins ol the national Democratic party. Ac-dressing the assembled leaders, cf his powerful political machine at a banquet last night the senator Informed them he was through with stale politics. He said he will enter the national field by taking the stump for Gov- . s r the payment, of a $200 fee by any merchant entering business here If lie stays a year he is refunded S200 .'ess his privilege liconse for two years, which pays his ftp for the first and ssco:id year of his opera- lions here. The average yaarly license for a general ~ merchandise business here is $25 duced a futile bill in the cession of congress lo limit incomes: lo. $1.000.000.: a year. Heavy Rains Have Hurt Cotton Crop in Texas DALLAS, Te.v, Sept. 10 (UP)— KIH-c: of recent heavy rains must be ;nierprcted as largely detrimental to the bulk of Texas cotton, tile Dallas News said today. Repcits lo the News lor its weekly cotton survey showed the rains caused heavy bottom land ilamase. induced boll rol and prevented cpralng of bolls because of dnmnr.cs. halted picking for a week di;rm» the crucial period '' Ihc niaikct. and greatly in- rr >:isc!l hiscc: damage and further 'hroat cf pesis ernor Roosevelt and that in his tcur of the country he will carry st concentration of wealth to the whole nation. ."My fight is not for any one Hate. It riiust be fought on national lines If we are to- have pro's- perily again", the young Louisiana uictator said. •It was Senator Long who intro- Price* A - T. and T Anaconda Conner Auburn .... .....'.'...'. ^•"erpliiar Tractor ... Chrysler Cities Service Cob '.'.'.'.. n; il Baking .. Electric Utilities • j Ward l- Vork Central 108 5-8 . 113-4 IS 1-4 . 9 3-4 1C 1-8 4 1-2 97 1-2 . n . 15 7-8 3-8 . ID 7-8 24 3-4 Little, Dyess and Chapin Succeed Martin, Cox and Taylor. A. O. Little of Biylheville. W. R. DycKs of Osceola, and J. C. Chapin of Manila were appointed election commissioners for Mississippi county yesterday by the state board, consisting of Gov. Harvey Parnoll Secretary of State Ed McDonald! and Atty. Gen. Hal Norwood. Little and Dyess were appointed as Democrats ond Chopin as a Republican, the law requiring that both parlies be represented. They succeeded T. F. Martin of Dell and Miss Emma Cox of Osceola. Democrats, and D. Fred Taylor ot Osceola, Republican, who have served for n number of years. The appointniDins arc for two demons Faces Charge of Drunken Driving Thnrman demons, local man, was arrested on charges of reckless rn|!anrlvln * whllc lntoxl Packard "'"'" "i'l R«dio Corp I ? 1 Simmons Beds .'."/."" 8 7 . 8 31 1-4 13 3-4 33 7-8 Standard of N. j TVvrn> /-<*_.. • • Texas Corp U. S. Slwl New •S ^*™***«. 16 (UP)- --..UUillliJ, ^ Cotton closed steady. own hlsh low.elos ™ ' 2 = 699 699 78 740 71, „, ™ 744 716 716 746 755 760 76G 768 770 *98. nff 19. Kirn Ocl Dec Jan March May Jirfy 728 138 752 made a race track out of Walnut street about 6 o'clock last nlglit. he passed while on his dash. He wil, face trial lhb afler . New Ynrff Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 1& <TJP) Cotton closed barely steady open high low close Demands Copies of- Politic a 1 Communicaiions Sent or Received. NEW YORK. Sept. 1C (UP) — The New York stock exchange commlltee on business documents tcday requested all New York city members to send it by 1100:1 tcday all telegraphic commiinlca- ions dealing In any way with topics of a nature sent received by them between September 1 and yesterday. Out of loivn members must submit similar data by September 19. The stock exchange refused to elaborate on ils announcement requesting the information or to explain It 3 significance. However rumors in Ilie financial community were to the effect it. was aimed nt some recent discussion carried in brokerage :ctters dealing with politics and market movements. Market observers said the amount cf comment sent out over brokerage house wires was no heavier than carried in other presidential Ancient Indian FUIJ.ERTON. Neb. lUP) — Remains of an Indian village, believed centuries old. have been un earthed here. The village apparently once a: a settlement of 150 or more persons. Hoes, axes and other inipll menis and a quantity of sccj Indicated that the tribe was de- Charles UuBois. siispcclcd cf mur- Mr s. Edilh Onliols. who dhap- '«• m the disappcamne? of his l'- rir « i August III under i-lrcuin- 'lic. who killed himself today. fiances which bd police to siisnucl murder. The lonely cottag occupied by Mr. rmrt Mrs. D,,Bci S ul u, c -ous disappearance. ut i,, e liuu . r . s mj ,, ter Mrs. Wilhelm Break* Arm' Mrs. L. B. Wllhclm, 76, broke her left arm in three places just above ttic wrist this morning. She s rcsling veiy well, tit the home! Dt her daughter. Mrs. Jake JIuIT- man. Hanging Follows Slashing of Marshal's Throat by Prisoner. Will Conduct Business Mere Under Name of 'Bankrupt Sales Co.' , CRORSETT. Ark.. Sept. 1C. <UP) : —A mob ol some 500 cilb?ns lyncli- | ed Frank Tucker. 24-yenr-ol:l ne- ' ero. in th; Ashley county jail yard j last, nisjhi for tl:e cutting of n dop- [ uly city marshal. The marshal. Henry Reed. 45. whos? was .'.hi. razor wielded by ll:c Fflll DEFECT OF 1ES1PU All Bui Largest and Non- Residoul Properly Owners Would Pay More. Formallon of a Mississippi county uriiiitilriitloii lo oppose Ihe nrupv.icd Mlra lax aniciidniMii to llii' tun- MIU!llim ol Arkansas w:is decided uixin at u meelliiK ol a .imal! group of business men nt t!u? city hall hst ntislu. Wholesule inercliaiiLi of niytlir- vllh' liave been Invltctl lo in;el at Hie .city hall this ullcrnoon lor further discussion of Ihe mutter, and .similar meellngs of oilier groups i ill be arranged liilcr. Opposition lo Ihe, which ronld reduce the state Kencrul .iroimly tax $8.20 on the tlionsnml of a»«sed valuation and impose In Its place a lux of one per cent on all sales, whether by manufacturer, wholesaler or rclaller, 'Is based on the followlnc continuous: 1.—Tlial It w'oulil Increase state reveiiu.-s by approximately $8,000,000 per year nt a time wl:en pub- 'ic exjieiiditiires should a? reduced. 2.—That it would Impose tin ridded burden or taxation upon the small property owners and- iion- oivners of llic slate, whll: IK only the largest prop- ; rly owners, chietly 'non-residents of Arkansas. 3.—That the method ot collection, provided by the-measure woilld Impose aji Intolerable clerical.ex- panse upon ir.u nierclianls ol Hie ->!atc, who would be required to oc- •ounl In delnll for every fraction of a cent, lax collected on every Individual sale. 4.—That collecllon and auditing of the lax would require a large Increase in (lie number' of state employes. Because (hs one per cent tax would be Imposed on every sale from the time an art'.-le leaves the hantls of tlie producer until It readies the consumer It l.s osti- maled that it would result in an actual Increase In Ihc cosl of ijoods sold at retail in Arkansas of nearly three per cent. Thus, it | s pointed out. a man owning real properly ns.wsed nt $1.000, which Is (ibovo tlie average assessment for the state, would save $8.20 on his gon- ern! p.-er«r;y tax. bill if he sp;nt us much as St.OOO a year fr; groceries, clothim;. furniture, slectrlc service and o:):er arlicbs of dally use he would pay, directly nnd Indirectly, sales taxes In Ihe anicunl of $25 or more, a net loss of upwards of $10 ix?r year. On lliis basis only Ihe largest properly owners, or those living III . . rf-itiiij conifortably In Crossett hos- , Aaron "Rosey" no.wnthal who pjtai tcday. has been ronneeted with the Tlie i-.cgro \vas under arrest, for candle business in Biytheville Icr stealir.? 10 silver dollars from the the past 11 yeras. will opon a . new store he-ra Saturday, September 17. kiiov.ii as the; Bankrupt Sales company. The new slorc is located at 217 | West Main street and has re-! Dank of Crcsielt. Ho was bel:tg holrl In Mayor Barnes ofilcc wi'.h another | negro. . "Turner jumped fro.ii his chair." Barnes said, "and demanded Reed i;.s gun. Wli?n the olficer turn- on the 'l l.i.lJH.-ltlv IIUC UI 5HUV5. \MI- Village Is Unearthed mcn ' 5 «ady-t 0 cioininn tor . men and boys and piece ttocd-, In After the cutting Tucker flcj into Ihe street. Citizens pursued lilni. wesi wain street and has rc-!^'. t ,° ;. ccntly been reniodjled and redec-! „.„ . '?',".?, " n , s B * lalerl. It Is (he building formerly WgrD s " S " ccl h:s lhrt:lt occupied by the Famcus store. A ccmplctc line of slioes. wo- The negro was caught and n ro|xi was tied about his neck. He was led down .Main street lo the j.iil yard, | one end of the rope was ti.rov.-n well known here. °ll k composed °L ",'' C JA "', an(I nil> mgro W ' 1S " uli - cf Mr. .ind Mrs. Rosentlial Mcs-. -,- , 0: '! , Broimd by the mob. i rns nrxiy dangled in ihc nir 46 the popular price rarrieil in slock. Dii flc-ld dames Tlx-c<!ore Logan. Tom How ,ird, Lilliaii Hiiey nnd Ifr. Richardson. The culture of the village anpears to have been higher than that ol Ocl Dec Jan March May July 715 730 7J7 743 760 769 726 741 745 760 770 .778 698 711 717 128 741 '.751 S|»ts 705, oh* 20," qiileti 712 718 759 741 751 To Feed Zoo Tnimals PHILADELPHIA, Penn. <UP) The animals In the Zoo are assured of their meals for another week at least, When city councils recently decided it would be Impossible to approve tlw regular grant to the zoo children of the city *ere asked to sld the animals. And as a result of ihelr campaign, the zoo is richer by 139,13. minutes. MOSS LAN- Oldest Sunday School Teacher Claim Advanced WICHITA. Kan. (UP) — Mrc.i Uquor Is known to "have*strange M'"" Rose D.ivls claims the distinction sfiecis on human beings, but fcr of bc-ins Kansas' oldest Sunday fls'.i to deliberately walk out of a school teacher. | river—well, that happened here and Seventy-two years ago she came' several of Moss Lar.dinj's Icid'lng to Kansas with her parents. Now I citizens will swear it Isn't a fi?h she has celebrated her 93th b:rth-! story. In honor cf the occasion. •* • > t-Ji'o iu iii^ ;nr aiiiJ [.' Two years ago Mrs. Davis asked ' i... •,„,.,. to teach a group of elderly women 1 "" bKal11 °" Mr(l1 ' . Ilultcrcd then the air and t!>:n drew their M'cliioflUt"Er>rsconal ' Examination of tlio wa'er sho-.v- church hrro. Of the'To'ivom^r'tn : cd lhal -^ v eral hundrctt Rallons „ her class, all bill one is past ml mash from a s'.ill had l;ccn fl'.imp of slate and hence nol subject lo the sales tax. would savi anything through adoption of tin amendment. 1 | Drunken Fish Walk Out of River Ilis t»ity left for Cheyenne Wyo., this morning. Sal) Lake City Address Expected lo Have Strong Appeal to West. DENVER. Col.. Sept. 10 (UP) —Gov. Franklin Roosevelt. Democratic prudential nominee, today pointed his campaign toward ydn ning tlie far west with a pro gram drrijned to strike a respon- Mve chord In an -y.ddross at Salt Luke City. _ The Roverncr. it was Indicated plans to take up the silver queS' tlon In the Salt Lake City address. He was represented as un; the west's theory ol problem ns one aftecl In? the purchasing power of one- ttiird Ihe wcrld's population and as having a sympathetic under- $502,500 Is! Given State For Relief WASHINGTON, Hcpl. 10 lljl'l- '-lli'l limns if SWU.SOO (o tlw !<!<• nl y\rlcn lisas ami SMO.oai) [o i>' suli- o| Moiilumi were im- )iiin-i-il by Hit' lii-c.mslrmition n- i-i'tv ci i-|)t)i:ilii.i] tct'jiy. Tlie rui porullim siild Hint Mm ;>u Hi nrjiild IK' usoil to 1 1 i-urn-m riiiergcncy needs mi-i lim-mber 31, l'j:r>. Aid lo mi- ' miiluyed hi Aikanvi.s will \IK uil- i:nlMi-u<l hy u lu . gutcrnar IhiDUgli Ui! Mule rmiTguii-y relief com- in.vsluli. i Tin- goviTiiur, In his niipllciillun aid: "'I'lic stiili; Bin-eminent Is wholly mablu lo cure lor llic present I'lli'f needs In diir Industrial ciiin- Mlllltll-f,." 'Roblx:ry Last Night Marks First Use Here of Rapid Fire Gun. JUDGE JtLdH Demurrers to Local Man's Suit Upheld in Poinsett Circuit Court. IMRRrSBURQ, Ark. (Special)— Demurrer lo the suit brought by R, A. Nelson of Biytheville contesting election ol J. Fred Pariah as Democratic nominee for senator of Ihe 29th district, was sustained by Jmlw Nelll Klllough this gjtfmiriK and the action dlsml'.wd. Counsel for Nelson announced Immediately that an appeal lo the supreme court woukl .be Uaken. In MiUiinlng the demurrer Judge KUlougri' held th*l the action.*-^ not brought within' tti» piopdi tin* for niltij[ a contast suit, vUhln'ons county. , ,' ,.,'••' The co"rt ruled In favor of Hi: defense contention that the action, Hied within 20 days.after the primary election, should I'.ave to;n brought within 10 days following the election. 'Ilie court, ruled ns n undine of fact that the contest up- plied only to Poinsett county and hence wns Improperly brought sine? It was not filed within the 10-day period applying to county contests. He held that charges as to the vote in Mississippi and Jackson counlta were insufficient to constitute causes of ncllon In those -counties and Ihc 20-day period for minx ol district contests therefore did nol apply. Dismissal on grounds, raised In Ihe demurrer threw the cast otil of court before'actual trial of the action on Us merits was reached Nelson's complaint had challenged the entire Polnselt ballot In ll:e senatorial race. Nelson sought t; void the I'olnsetC ballot where vote; exceeded |wtl tax receipts hy 2,000. He would have hod more vows than Parish or John Keel, a third candidate, though his name was left off (he ballot tn Jackson county, had he succeeded. W. Ix>on Smith, Dlythcvillo attorney, acted as counsel for Nelson. He said an appeal to the slate supreme court, would be mado. Charles E. Blackwell Dies in Memphis at 79 Charles E. Blackwell, "a, for years a resident of Oils section, died at 10 o'clock last night at tho family home. 1500 Court street. Memphis. Tciin. He had be.'n In II health for n long time. Funeral services were held at 1C o'clock this morning at the Memphis home wllh the Cobb Undertaking company of this city in charge. Brief services will be held at Maple Grove cemetery here, where inler- rricnt will be made this afternoon. •Jlie Rev. p. Q. Rorlc. pastor of ttc First' Methodist church, will officiate. The deceased Is survived by four daughters. Helen, Mary Jan;] Eliz- bcth and Rebecca, and a .1011. Charles. Several cousins ate> survive the deceased. our trade with Asiatic countries K-ould be revived. Out here, leaders told Governor -.v- R 0 ""' 0 ' 1 . the people believe a of 5 . 0 "' wl pollc - v °" sllv< ' r R ' 01|1(I ^ " V " t0 s " rpl "" alld Qt "" "l into ,hc slough. °' " iC Negro, Long Sought for Assault, Found Hanging HUME, Va.. Sept. 1C (UP) The bodv of Phadn""- T'oi-n-*" 33-year-old negro sought slnce.Jul? 18 Cor assaulting a ,.u... his wife, has been found hanj- Ing from a tree near here. Posses equipped with ropes searched the mountain wilds for several days after the attack on Mr. and Mrs. Henry Basley and at ; <lie time reporled Thompson had 'escaped. Officials said today that ,Th6J»i|>son must have committed '(suicide. The modern machine gun slyY- ol hold-up wns broughl lnlo"use fur the first time In this territory" iii|;la when a .state lint; sirvk-e Two bandits held up the Fisk scr- ice station, [ilaut IM yurrjs norlli f the ArJtansas-Mlr.soiiri state line and lour inure north of Uly- IhBvllle, shortly uftsr mldnlKhV. One of the unimisked pair covered lhs lone ulteiidani with u sub-machine gun callable ty|«l while the other rifled the cash register. Finding Hie conlents of tlie cash drawer fulled to check with the register's receipts, tlie bandits forced Ihe at- Icndiint lo turn over part of tin iliilloiiVi funrt which lie hud In ills pockets. Their loot amounted to The Lnndlls drove off In n 1923 nodal Chevrolet coupe. It was reported. OiTlcers lirre were notified, 'jut found no mite af tho car.. . Olllcers here were confronted to- ilay with the problem ot uicreas- I»B lljeli- equipment to coj» wllH the modern, uealti-dealing types of banJits. with (lie advent of tiw latest. tyi» of hold-up in this.'.Action. .', L President Has Not Yet De... dc^ci to Extend,-._ Campaign Itinerary.' WASHINGTON, Sept. 1G (UP)— President Hoover Is having trouble, making up his mind whether he wants to go iiersonnlly before (.he vctprs In n scries of eampalgn SJX'CchC.H. Allhough Democrats like Senator Pal Harrison, Mississippi, arc Issuing statements declaring Mr. Hcover hns been tlrivcn to the stiimo hy the reverse In Maine, the White House says no decision hns been mode other than - for three rpccchcs as previously announce;!. West Brunch. Iov.-a. Chicago, Mtnncai>ot!s and Cleveland are being mentioned now besides New- York nnd Boston ns possible socak- na painlh. The latest addition (o Ihc White House board of •tmtcgy, C. Ba.'ccm Slenro. wlio handled the southern campaign for Mr. Hoover In 1928 with the .aid ot Bishop Cannon. Jr., Is urging the president to make more speeches than Indicated. • Mississippi County Crop 58 Per Cent of Normal Condition of the 1032 cotton crop In Mississippi county on September 1 was 56 per cent of normal, according lo the bureau of agricultural economics of the United Slates department, of agriculture/ La-st year's record crop was placed at .'4 per cent on the same date, while the short crop of 1930, Ihe drouth year, was 45 per cent of normal on Septeiul-er 1. Acreage figures are not given, but assuming no subStanlinl change in till? county Die condition figures would Indicate n Mississippi ccunty crop this season that will not quite split the rllllerence between 1930's short crop of a little over 100,000 bales and 1531's butnper crop of more than 210,000 talss, which would mean a total crop this year of from 140.000 to 150.000 bales. SEATTLE. Wnsh. lUP) — Tl« law. volund "bay window" of Louis Dragclls attracted (he attention of two prohibition agents when he walked Inio a resuuiranc here recently. Dragelis, noticing :he officers' fixed pane lownrd his middle, slarleri a 'hasty exit. He was detained nnd Inspected. A copper lank of live-gallon capacity, crntairinp liquor, was lound underneath his trousers. WEATHER AHKANSAS-Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday. Cooier tonlaht, According to the 'official weather observer, Charles Phillips, Jr., the maximum temperature here -yest- |crday was 92 degrees and' the jmlninUim, 65 degrees, clearV.'To- jd.iy a jear ago the maximum Itempcrnlurc was 94 degrees and the ininfniuni, 74 degrees, rl(nWv.

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