The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS I J • '"i/S I i , y o i J THE BLYTHEVILLE AliMY Alii CORPS NEWS Published daily except Sundays In the Interest of the personnel of the Army • Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Dlythevllle, by the Blythevllle Courier News. It contains the news ol the Air B*M. • ' - , i.., Ijiri Aerial Guniicrs Tin-ill Tcxans , Who Still Pack Six-Shoolers HAnijNOEN. 'I'ex, (UP) — If they could come buck here for n single day, old-lhnc hombms, cpn'ck on Hie draw with'their six-shooters and. 1 50 tougli the wurld is still learning about them in movies and magazines, 'would-find they .are completely disqualified by the new booK of ru)cs.for.R,lo Grande hard guys. Uncle Sam is the author of this, text -and has' established in this .town, which was known as Slx-Slioolcrs' Junction not KO many decades ago, tlic llnrlingen Army Aerial Gunnery School, which is breeding a typo of men highly specialized In'setting the draw on the desperadoes of Hitler and Tojo. Where the Texas outlaw of legendary - fame also prided liimself on horsemanship and the speed with 'which he could wheel and lire .while in tlic saddle! a young man in • this : Bio Grande Valley base must be able to train his gun firing 56-mm. .bullets, which tr;ivcl 2,800 feet per second, Into an enemy, piano..While firing, lie must be able to. maintain his equilibrium in his own. phinc/l whether it Ls zooming or banking in n dog fight miles above the earth. -''No Malhemaiii-s Thni Citl/cnry in border towns know' lakes to become an aerial gunner. They know Ihe l.Q. averages' 110 in each class at the school; that -the six weeks of intensive training a soldier here goes through not'only familiarizes'him with every phase-ot nunnery but that it he doesn't score marksman lie ;.washed out. And they remember that In the old days of the border "there'-was none of the mathematics that goes with today's shooting in the air they arc learning down here." The U. S. Army figures it would be'worthwhile'for other Americans to get lo know aerial gunners as well as these borderline Tcxnns do. That is why- it virtually turned over the school to William Pine, Paramount producer, who brought a Hollywood contingent here and made a feature. "Aerial Gunner," which is ready to be .shown in theaters, throughout the country. KVllJIJO, AliKAN'SAS,- MONDAY, MAY 17, 1(113 German Prisoners in North Africa Today mm In u,| s (mm m ay |, c seen wearln,; toii-sullon hats and toting side anus, soinu nf them showing old-school pearl handles jntlmg out of holsters. They are law-abiding'tili?,cns, many of them ranchers who have been accustomed (a slx-shcolcrs or automatics since; childhood, They have Ki-cat respect for nei'ial gmuicis and lauglnnuly admit lliey would "late ] lo think" what would hnppeii lo the toughest of the old outlnws "if one of these boys ever went lo work on htm." •Own Shimtm 1 ConlcsC Typical here of sueli litw-nbicllng tili/.ens who tote guns Is Pryov Dll- lanl, A i-iinclier, he also gels aroimd once a mouth here and in Mercedes to auctioning off cattle in $100,000 consignments. Pryor can't remember when he first started .shooting, imi he never went to school to learn it. when the million, picture, "Aerial Gtiimcr," had its world premiere here recently under the auspices of Co), J. K. Morgan, comnftmdiinj officer of Ihe gunnery school, and while visiting celebrities and giicsis from Hollywood and Mexico wore on an inspection tour, lYyor and his friend, staff Sgt. Hal Peterson, an ace gunnery instructor, Biased "a little shooting contest of their own." On the school's lli-mile range targets were set up. The sergeant i;ol behind his aerial gun while I'lyor mounted his horse and started swiin; his automatic. Of course. Pelci'soii won, but this rancher, .who Is a dead ringer for Gary Cooper, ruled from aerial gunners who were watching (lie show. Afler taking a quick look at the sergeant's largel, Pryor shook his [ head, exclaiming "Phew! I'm glad this is friendly!" IIn|»|:y Holiday PCIITLAND, Ore. (U.P.)—Em- ployees in Multomah county auditor Al Brown's office were greeted one morning witli promise of it holiday. A sign posted on the auditor's door said: "This office will gladly close to celubrnic Hitler's funeral:" s Russian Church on tmbattled Attu v . • -- • "- •' -••"-*^^<g.'*.i»«-<Jig. - _^l - : «^L if A touch of tin: old world in AUu village is this Russian Orthodox Church, a reminder of the days when Russia owned the Aleutians Before Jap* invaded Atln, j few score Aleuts (Russian Eskimos) ___^ were its only inhabitants. FUNNY BUSINESS A German truck, loaded with nnd driven by German prisoners sliown tnrovilc to a .prisoner of vviir camp add- lliclr siincmlcr to American Forces-durlns the final cleainip in the Tunisian cii tSigniil coriw radlo-lclcpholo from NBA leli'iilmlo). Free Postage Law Retjuires Sender's Own Handwriting Many letters written by enlisted men arc not reaching their destination or arc returned to the Render of fnlliire on the ixirl of the soldiers lo address them properly according to tlic rci>iilnllon,s. In order to take advantage of the free postage law, the name of (he sender, his grade, the designation of Uie service to which ho belongs and (lie word "FREE" in the upper right hand corner of the envelope must be In the handwriting cf ttic sender. Furthermore, .the address must be complete, since should it not reach its destination, there would be difficulty in returning it to hc sender. Military personnel of the Blythc- ville Army Air Field iire asked to abide by (lie ruling in order to avoid any difficulty which might arise. Tlic name and address of the person to whom the letter is being sent need not be in the sender's handwriting. WAAC Volunteer ••• Visitor At Dance Miss Lutye McComiick, who has enlLslcd as a WAAC and is awaiting her call to one of the training centers (Port Des Moines, la.. Day- toim Beach. Fla., Forl Oglethorpe, Ga., Forl Dennis, Mass., Montlcello, Ark., Camp Folk, La., or Ruston. La.) was among the .visitors at the USD Center during the wceftly dance party Friday night. Other guests included Mrs. J. K. Hampson and her mother, Mrs. May LaCosl, of Osceola; Mr. and Mrs. (Mcrwin C. Crittendcn; Miss Dorothy .Howcli of Kansas City, and C. G. Redman, Jr. Chapcrotics were Mr. and Mrs. Riley Jones, Mr. and Mrs. o. G. Redman, Sr., Mrs. M. O. Usrcy and Mrs. o. H. Grccr. Mrs. Eric Whitley jiresidcd at the telephone, and Mrs. L. II. Moore acted as .staff aide. New Weatherman On The Job Here The weather ought to be pretty good from now on. There's a new assistant observer at the weather station, over on the flyinu line. Hc is Second Lieut. Norman sisscn- winc. Not only has hc recently completed the meteorological officers' course of .the Army Air Forces but in civilian life he was an ob- scrvor with the government weather reporting service. He is a product of Johns Hopkins and George Washington universities, and comes from nockvlllc Center, N. Y. The Mosquito, one of the fastest medium bombers In the world, is simply constructed, powered with two liquid-cooled engines, armed with four 20-mtn. cannon and four .30-caliber machine guns. The Modern Ice Box COOF.ERATOR I-'or Economy and Service. Little Hwde. III Co. Try our "Own Made" See Cream die Hickory Inn from nigh Bchovi Is Your Life Worth 110,000? Government Thinks So, Anyway Kvery man in the Medical Detachment has taken out a National Life Insurance policy. This .shows that. M.'ij. James E.' Kcnrtricksi Post surgeon, and Lieut. Wlnton )j. Welsh, adjutant of the Base Hospital, picked nothing but smart guys for lliclr oulflt. themselves for $10,000. They knew licmselves lor $10.000. (I hey kurtw a bnrt'tihi when they see It. The others might be accused of being n little on the dumb side, but .that's hardly a fair estimate. Rather, tiiey'rc holiest'about It. After adding up the .score (hey decided they weren't worth 510.000, dead or alive. So they Insured themselves for only enough to cover the actual loss In case they get killed. They all know it's strictly up lo them. Tlie Government Is.perfectly willing to • take eacli man as ah average case and lo insure him for the 10 grand, iiut some of (he boys aren't willing lo take advantage of their Uncle Sam's generosity and arc satisfied to let It go at a fair valuation. Sergl: Floyd Elder and Pfc, Chris KIIDP,.-of the Medics, look'care - lo point ou( lo every man in the out- fit lhat they could dike out 410,001) Insurance If they wanlcd II, nnd wllliout medical examination or medical • history statement— If (hoy did It now. • : Tlioy also pointed 6ul (hat ii'Siil- rtli-r Is engaged ,• in a dangerous business, but Hint ,on > Uie nlher hand, It Ktatuls to reason that If It's going to cost the Government 510,000 In case a- mail gels killed, Ilifn Iho Government, is going lo sec (o it that, the $10,000 limn gels brought back alive.- • •Hul a mini with no Insurance nt all, or one with only n couple ot thoiLiniid dollars nt. .slnkc In Insurance—well, you-can sec for yourself tlial (here lsn'( much lass If lie gels bumped off, It seems cockeyed (o Sergeant Elder nnd Private Knpp thai a uuy won't go the limit on this Insurance stuff. But there arc the records lo show that sonic of the Gls who eel planted overseas weren't, willing to guiiiblc a couple of dollars a .month iiunliisl $10,000. So their, dependents gel nothing but a formal notice of regret from (ho War Department. Second Looeys Are Tough IJV I'ETKIt KI>S«N . Courier News Washington Correspondent FORT KNOX, Ky.-lf 'you think some of these baby-faced .second licutfiuits you sec strutting M»'lr gold bars around aren't tough, you might core to try out one of (lie 10-inlnnlc tests which officer candidates arc forced to pass before they receive lliclr commissions in tile Armored Force School here. First, get an old suit ot overalls, trousers anflc oat. Put tb c coat on backwards and have someone lull- ton it up the back for you. Then Ret one of the round-head sled helmets and put H on, fstening tlic strap firmly under your chin so it won't come off under any circumstances. Put on army shoes, or their equivalent, and legging. The leggins and Jacket buttoned up Ihe back will keep .some of Hie dirt out of your neck and paints, as youll s:e later on. Next prepare the course for your exam. Dig a six-foot deep trench at bolh ends of a course 125 yards long. The ground should be rough and hard. A fc«- rocks and sliarn stones slicking up here and (here will help. Midway in the course siring some barbed wire, tangling it all up and criss-crossing it so (hat not even a wildcat could get through. Along (he course, plant some CO field mines of dynamite. If dynamite isn't handy, giant salulc firecrackers of the olt! six-tncJi variety will dc nicely. You arc uuw ready lo play second lieutenant. » » • MACHINE GUN 'GANTI.ET The object of the game Is for you to crnwi on your face from 0110 trench to the oilier in less than 10 minutes. Before you begin, however, you must have Ihe cooperation of two of the people you like tnc least and who like you thA least. One of them will stand at the finish of tlic with.a machine gun ami lire Complete Stock Sled and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Dm* Sure Main & Lake Phone 2822 Auto Repairs I«pcrl Mechanics on AH Makes and Models. Also Truck amt Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales I'll. 519 Karl sionc, Shnp Foreman 307 E. Main tracer -bullets nnd oliier live niti- munltlon at the (Hlier cml 'of the course.' Aiming (lie gun so,llml the bullets arc not more Ihnn four: feet nbovc the ni-ouiiil, friencl "A" will do this while you lire crnwllni;, flr- liif rhjht over you so thnt If you sliiud up or cvfrt get upon your linntls nnd knees you will get lilt Pi-lcncl "B". In Die meantime, will set off the Iniul mliu'.s or stlcta of clynnmllc or throw thp giant snltite firecrackers In yoiic gcncrnl direction, one every 10 seconds, so Hint tlicy will kick up lot of 'tllrt nntl loose stones lo full over you ns yon crnivl. • 4 * HEI/MKT A IIANKV CiADUET The approved technique, as rated here nl Fort Knos, Is lo innkc your slcel helmet serve as n ' kind of skid, fordii(f yourself along t)y a Kind of free-for-all swtniiuliiB stroke, something akin to a crnwl. Hot your hands before your lienil draw up your feet, dig In with your fingernails nnd toes. 'I he shove with everything you've got, sklilduir along on the part of your tin hat just over your forehead. Tills takes a httle inntiaiihu;, for If (lie nase s used ns a skid in ,,|,, ce O f the in hnt, It Is apt to remove .some of Ihe skin. Also, it Is well lo remove Blnsscs befoie IjcfjiiiiilnR the test, !>"d remember, above all, that If you get your elbows up in the air too much, or If, you raise your head SUBSCIUPTION IIATKS"ON UKQUEST '"" IPPIB ir A Picnic Was Underway And He Knew A Story •When H c Saw One "Cimie itnd ijiH H," said Mrs. John W. Oiborne, i-lnlc 111 Ihu special order ileimitnii'iil of' (ho HlyUin'lllc Army Air Field. A down huii[>i'y (irnpic .swarmed lliioujih both doors of lliu office, A plciile lunch was bclnii served, and die food was furnished by nil bill wus prepared by iMrs. Osborno. Tech. Serxl. Ilimy Moskn'H, chief clerk of (lie sim-liil order depart- nieii. brought only his appetite, bill 11 good nhc. The menu Included tuna flsli .sliid Kiiidwlclies. pimento cheese .sandwiches, snlnilc mis palates, nun limm-s, olives, cookies, candy anil cokes. Of course a sand storm was hi ul Ihe lime, mill some ol H unlimited to Illler Into tbc slices of bread, bnl (hut did not lessen Ihe appetites. Among Ihosn pi-escnl who BHVC » Si'od (uri)ijiit nf tliemsel\ j es were Mrs. Mary Eunice Piece, message, cculei'; Miss Miu-snrct ShiiviM-. In- ti'lllBCiice otllcc; Miss Nnncy Klrsh- ner. base operations; Miss Miullm Stevens, pcrsuiincl olficc; Mrs. Dob- lite Pinner, innterliil office; Mrs. Miirj- K, KBlley, In clmi-Re of pin- ployment office.; Mis. nose Adnms. recepllonlst: Mrs. ijnvmieo Orow- ilon. niossime eenler; iMIss Mnvy Utu Hiirrln. exccullvi! officer's secretary; Hi, T. Moore, oftlcc perkoii- nel; cupl, Uion K. MeOonald. iicl- liill ln(clllf:enco officer, mid Semi. Tom TCIIRIIC, .special order dcparl- incnt. When the meal wns Just, tibont over, a ri'iiorler from Uie riilille Hflallons Ofllce hapiiencd by anil helped to clean up l.he sandwicliefl nnd delicacies. l'; Shark l.lvers Itlll SAOUAMIUNTO, Gill. (U.r.)—The Stales U'Bislnliiro 1ms iidwl lo Insure American nnd Allied filers with plenty of livers. H iiiianl- moiisly passed n hill Inlroclnecd by nepresciilallvcK Call and Wnbnn, olillglitR California deep-sea llnher- incn to sciiro-untc fcnnilc from male shark livers wbcii they nre removed from liny of the ISO varieties ot sharks that Infest- Cidllomla waters. Cull explains IhnL Uie female livers arc "chock full" nf vltjimln A nnd Unit, there Is a nrml demand from all Allied tilers foi vllnnih) A to help keep (.hem flying. Laugh It Off ••• Hmnmnry T ( -xn S justice Is iiwalt- ig Hitler. Oocrlni; and Goebluls It I'rlvntc Cecil it, nirdwell ever catches up with the Nazi Irlo. And U will-nil In; strictly^accorillni! lo Hlaek.stone. • ' : . . ack home, In llcndci'son,'Texas nircl«"oll- it ft deputy sheilelf. Jlc received nl Ills alrpiirL biisc loinewhci'c In Kiifilniid, rirrest «'nr- •iinls for lliC'Cltrniaii 'luaders from bis boss—Slinrlff W. K. .Mellon of Hopkins county. • ' . ' ' ' An accpmpanylni; notice' 1 snys llmt il \hi-ec NnuLs liiive l»eu;duly li)- dlulcd ,tn Hopkins Coinily for iniirrter nnd high crliMBK.'-' ; "Yo|i are (iilly aulli(irl/i!d' lo nf- ftcl arre.sls." Mcilon wrote, 'and hold 'these notorious' criminals -for. my, arrival," - Communled I'rivalo' and Deptity "Back in Hopkins C'oiinty'the trees have strong llmlis. And llm rope Hint rationed." ' • : . . Fullilly Ooc.s- All-Out I'OHTMNl), Ore. (U.P.)-lJcsldc.s Hie fulhcr nnd seven sons of the J. H. nraucknilllcr family helping lo build destroyers In Ihe shl|i- ynrrts lierc. ench has ilonated lilood lo the lied Cross. Still another son Is In Ihe Army. to sec where you're gohiK, you may Cd.nlcktd by one of the machine gun bullets going by Just nljove, In easy reach. When you come, lo Ihe barbed wire, if It scums In stop you, roll over on your back, lift (lie first strand of wire over your helmet nnd skid forward till you are stop- peri by the .second strand of wire. Then repeat, 1'nr for the wife hazard Is not more than a dozen snags in your overalls as you squirm through. After negotiating the wire, roll buck on your face and proceed ns before till you reach the finish trench, which you roll Into, if (h c ground has been-freshly rained on by a good sprint; thunderstorm, tin; test is considered much more sport Ing. Seriously, Ihe object of till, lest Is to tcacli second lieutenants what it's like to Imvc lo craw from one trench (o an enemy trench under fire. Home men do II In lour ;i)|j>i)le.v. Next, lime you pass a second lieutenant, tip youi PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guaranteed Ifcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores Just 4 Miles To The FITTKI) HY Docton J. L an4 J. C GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLVTIIEVIIXE SINCE 1922 State Line Service Station SAVE on Phillips Quality Gasoline A Oil. Prompt, Courteous Service. Operated by Mrs. H. I.. Reynolds. OPERATING HOURS For A-U-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 0 A.M. (o 9 I'.M. ALL WEEK DAYS 9 A.M. lo 12 Noon 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. BPTIGRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NEED THESE? Battery— Scat Covers OIIHIter— Radio l-'og l.lthU— Lock Gas Cap A compfett lint ol pollshoi LOY BCH 171 YpungiChiang (or Cliinn like lils fnthor la artillery Cnpl. Cdlung Wcl-kno, youjigcsl ton ot tlio ficiioi-iiiisBlmo. vvlliB Miii-cii.i .of Ilrooklyri Wiis imrdonubly sui'inlscd when he wns nronncd tlml his'son, Jerome.-liml been awarded an.oak leaf citation for Kalluntry In Uie . European Seems .Jerome never'tins been out i». tile Unite! States and Mrs. Marcus him Just I'dui'iiMl .from vlslllng Inc. Iwy nl'a iLo'ulslnnn: cAmp. '< when.(i War pcpiirtincnt'check disclosed Ihe'error. Miircus bcimi- ir"lf" t ,' ny kl(l 'P'" : boi ' n - r| K nl "' null win those medals Just us .soon s lie BeUi iivci'scati," Softball Schedule For Week Jie follow lug -schedule ot »lll lie plajod this week In Ihe Intel -squadron softball league at, Uie Ulyllicvlllc Army Air Field: May 17—Bind Vh Medics, 3 pm; Clp 1 vs 7(Hth 4 |i m ; 70ind vb ' Mth, G:45 p. in.; 700th vs 101st. 6:45 p. in. Mm 18—AUil Dcpl, vs Op l) 41 |> in ; lOMth vs Medics, ij I> ill , 104lli vs Ale nnd Qunll, 6 45 I) ill , Sdlli ft 7<Mii<l, 5 45 p mi 1 Mod A, QM vs J20UI, C 40 p m May' 19—My Adin. vs. 328tli, 4. > ni, Op 1 vt, Fin i\nd Ord , 5 45 1> m.; <!i5l!i vs' 102nd, 0:45 p in,' OOllh vs Ale ,V Quail, 6:45 p m. • May 20—Athi; Dcpl.' vs-- 101st; 12:15 p. in.; toaolh vs lland, 2:30 l)/ in.; Alo & Qunll vh 700th, (>:«" ), ni.; M«l: & QM vs 703rd, 6:4$', >. in. Miiy ai-1080 w 20(11, 2 p. m,; I'ly. Adni. vs Medics, 5:45 p. m.; ' 104111 vs 701sr, 8;45 p. ni.; D071H « Mill, Q:-t5 p. m. Slilji fur Uershwln 1-03 ANC1ULES, Gal. (U.!>.)-A Uberly jjlitji htis been launched mid .named George Gershwin, after- lite, distinguished composer, flhu c()in|)o.scr'(i 'Ststci'-ln-law,i Mrs. .lift nJwJii. s|»oi)sort(l (he launching. Hold Everything nie must cancci- tog my mfnd—there's that hnl- luclnation egoinl" • .-..... .. ,, . *„ his hind legs and picss the elevator buttons. Lois of times the uojs make Ilia trip to the top floor only to find It's jusl Speck who wnnl-s lo come down. U uiity lie "Intoxication" to flic blox rails, South mkota,' municipal court. Hut lo-ah arnly.'prlvulc from ' ' " Privato Al - Brown, ' testifying In UIB cAsu of n traveling aitetnan froni Boston' charged with 'public inlox- cation, was asked if the limn was Intoxicated. - . . : T""', ,' r (iltl "!°." drawled the . i>. it'iiii n broad accent, "but lie' was sorfa w'obbly-l/.ed." ' ' That did 11. T C h dollnrs fjuc. . Speck, mi English setter hclonii- HK to Mnnagcr Jack Miillhcws 'of Ihe Knlckerlxicker Hotel lu Los Angelrs, Is a hotel dog •Speck was -born In the' hotel and tins Jived there nil . his life flc never has known .the wide open nr", C | CS ' , D ,", t ' ho " n '' i Icnrilc " »>«»y or (he tricks of hotel life. , _ 0|IC . " f 1'ic first wns to .stand on 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxpcrt Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dwiy « WaliiDt . ft,. BJ SMALL LOANS OB Aartkhv «f; Talw. Eait Main Lou Co. Z*M • WE FHX AIX DOCTOU* PRESCRIPTIONS l AND SAVE TOn UONIZ STEWART'S Druf Store Miln i Ijtkt Phone 2K2 Any Shoe C»n B« REPAIRED I If Hie npper.5 *rr nlfll food. tiring them to us for anility work/'' HALTER'S Quality Shot 121 W. Main Ph ftJiiatiJ. Mowers 1'W Kvery Occa,si«)i . . . Ii'tinerai designs, wetltling flowers, cor- THE FLOWER SHOP ANIWHERE OLENCOE HOTEL BLDO, Tllnllc 4!>[ ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider election of shoving needs, cosmetics, novcltl™, etc., In Blythevllle than *t Bobtason's. I*tet tt»n*taet~ro\ml Uln service—MiwJwlchwl . • . iT ? Service Men! Meet Your Friendi at Robinwn'il HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations Prompt, efficient serrice at reasonable Wl!, Garrison Caps — Accessories — bxfnia SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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