Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 8, 1964 · Page 7
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 7

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Monday, June 8, 1964
Page 7
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Actor Warwick Dies LOS ANGELES (AP)-Movie actor Robert Warwick, 85, who appeared in hundreds of movies and was the first "Alias Jimmy Valentine" died Saturday. A native of Sacramento, Calif., Warwick's real name was Robert Taylor Bien. AMUSEMENTS AND ARTS MCOMMENMD CLASSICS OPEN 4:45 LAST 3 DAYS Mahler Symphony Given First Stereo Recording UHfUMTS FROM RUSSIA WITHICVE STARTS THURSDAY Winner of 27 Internationa Awards... 7 Academy Awards meBREDGG __ ASiMSPEGaPROOOON DWIDlfAN PWBBaJuii"^: iKMtats»»[«raa MAHLER: SYMPHONY NO. 5 & KtNDERTOTENLIEDER- Jcnnie Tourel, mezzo-soprano; New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra; Leonard Bernstein, conductor (Columbia Stereo, 2-12" records, M2S 698). The Romantic movement in symphonic movement reached its climax and its exhaustion in Mahler's music. Mahler attempted to portray the totality of nature on his symphonic canvases— the mystery of growth, the violence of storms, the irrepressible energy of life. It is small wonder that this resulted in vast musical expressions that inundated all established symphonic forms. After a more or less concentional First symphony, Mahler's Second was a vast work, including voices, that lasted an hour. His third is longer, lasting exactly 100 minutes. After a short Fourth symphony, he brought out the Fifth, another massive musical giant that lasts 69 minutes. It was not only the length of these works, but their musical complexity that baffled Vienna of pre-World War I vintage. Mahler just wouldn't do, they decided. Now, 50 years later, Mahler's time has arrived, and he is more and more being appreciated 43 the great precursor of the 20th century. Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic have been unusually successful in their performances of Mahler, both in the -concert hall and for the recording microphone. This recording of the Fifth symphony is in the same vein as the successful Third sympoo- ny recorded in 1962, a searching, sharp-edged reading that brings into focus all the tumult and the energy that Mahler felt and which he embodied in his music. The Fifth is a gigantic piece of music in every sense— in its length, in its massive orchestrations, and in the wealth of HE 6-2503 NOW THRU WED. Features at: 5:27—7:14—9:00 OPEN \VEKK DAYS 4:15 ^~SATURDAY~&~SUNDAY 1:45 STARTS THURSDAY ^^ - Tony Curtis *Ctajfieliuu{mami ~ u ROUND-UP East Broad Street HE 6-6120 ADMISSION $1 CARLOAD NOW SHOWING FIRST DRIVE-IN SHOWING FIRST I'KATUUE 7:30 P.M. "» Stanley Kubrick's ^ • : Dr. Strangelove en Hif I Leaned Ti Stop Wonyini And Loin Tlte Bomb " SECOND FEATURE 9 P.M. s A Jusr B«aa ksUucw DIAMONDHEAD With Charlton Heston Yvetfe Mimieux James Daren TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY ADULTS ONLY THE SHOCK OF THE YEARl WONDO CANE AND musical ideas it contains. Bernstein's version is the most successful yet committed to discs, and one feels that without the stereo medium much of this vital performance would be lost. The orchestra plays well, but the most impressive thing about the album is the sound. This album contains some of the cleanest and most vivid sound that Columbia has yet produced. The big orchestral climaxes are captured with clarity, and with quieter passages are equally effective. Altogether, this is a recording that Mahler fanciers will cherish. The Fifth symphony takes up three of the four sides of the album. The fourth side is devoted to a performance of Mahler's morbid little song cycle "Kindertotenlieder." Jennie Tourel is a superior soloist, and her feeling for the music helps to make this version among the best available, SIBELIUS: SYMPHONY NO. 2 - New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra; Thomas Schippers, conductor (Columbia Stereo, MS 6535). The Second is the most popular of Sibelius' symphonies, and there are a number of first- rate versions on the market. This latest issue features Thomas Schippers, a gifted young (33 years old) conductor who is gaining more stature every year. He leads the New York orchestra in a broadly Romantic performance of this majestic work, somewhat disjointed and not as lean and taut as most. The orchestra is in good form, and the engineers have cap- TOPS in POPS Boil-jelling records of the wuk bated on The Cash Box Magazine'* nationwide survey. MY GUY, Wells LOVE ME DO, Beatles CHAPEL OF LOVE, Dixie Cups HELLO DOLLY, Armstrong A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE, Peter & Gordon, Rydell LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART, Ray Chorles Singers LITTLE CHILDREN, Kramer K, Dakotas BITS AND PIECES, Dave Clark Five (Just Like) ROMEO AND JULIET, Re- (Iccllons WALK ON BV, Warwick lured Ihe heavy brasses and the brooding woodwinds with clarity and strength. There is enough volume to satisfy the most demanding hi-fi fan, and yet the dynamics are kept carefully under control. A find example of modern recording. CHAVEZ: PIANO CONCERTO - Eugene List, piano: Vienna Slate Opera Orchestra; Carlos Chavez, conductor (Westminster S t e reo, WST 17030). Mexican composer Ca r 1 o s Chavez completed this piano concerto in 1941, and it owes much to modern musical ideas and techniques. There is much more to it than lhat, however, and a number of critics have commented upon its non-European, essentially Indian qualilies. Although Chavez' ideas and orchestral colorations arc original there is a primilive power lhal is imaginatively handled. It is not easy music for Ihe listener, and it is difficult for Ihe performer as well. Pianist Eugene List was the soloist at the original performance in New York in 1942, and he is the soloist for this recording. The composer himself is the conductor, and thus we have what should be a definitive performance. The orchestra is well-handled, and the recording is clean and brilliantly reproduced. GROUP KEEPS ARTISTS BUSY NEW YORK (AP) - The Association of Producing Artists reports (hat in four years of activity it has presented 25 plays in engagements stretching from Hamilton, Bermuda, to Ann Arbor, Mich. Altogether, employment during Ihe period has been provided for 60 actors, 9 directors, 10 designers, 4 composers, 75 technicians, and 20 office workers. The company recenlly completed the second of three scheduled seasons as Ihe resident troupe at the University of Michigan. NEW MOON DRIVE-IN THEATRE ENDS TONIGHT HIT NO. 1 (7:37) ELIZABETH / RICHARD TAYIOR / BURTON 2 ADULT HITS! UIT NO. Z (9:37) 2ft COCOA By 08 LUXE * STARTING TUESDAY THRU THURSDAY * ADULTS ONLY * No One Under 16 Please! * A -HUM IN H!S POCKET" SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT • 3 DAYS ONLY! HELD OVER TODAY AND TUESDAY SEE IT AGAIN — YOU WILL ENJOY IT MORE THAN EVER! ?*m^x^^^^^^^^ THE ACADEMY* AWARD WINNER! BEST PICTURE' Jones! ,\\ EASTMANCQIQR i MUM unsis UKII tliusc £\\ p ;2Q 3; 30 ADULTS $1.00 — CIUVOREV " 'zs'c — STUDENTS 7So PARAMOUNT HE a-3ij21 STARTS WEDNESDAY £J IT'S THAT "CO-GO" GUY AND THAT "BY£-8VE"GAt! MEIRO-COlDWVM-MAVER PRESENTS ELVIS PRESLEY & ANN-MARGRET '• TfW^WtfTiflffltTaKraanaw-imsr?^^ Viva li>s Vegas 'S MeTROCQUJB Kate Smith Hurt in Walk Through Door WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. Kate Smith was HI-FI PHANTOM flay. Dr. Walter R. Newbern, said 25 stitches were required to close the wounds. The accident occurred at a home where Miss Smith, 55, has been in seclusion since the recent death f Ted Collins, her longtime manager and friend. Miss Smilh remained in a West Palm Beach hospital today. Recording Technique Creates 3rd Speaker DIMENSION '.r (Command j the saxes on (he left, (ho bra to bo appreciated. Command Records, which set a milestone in recording some years back with its splendid 35-mm scries, has advanced one step farther in recording tech- MONDAY, JUNE 6. J Ortolan!, and played by the Graunke Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. The music Is 4 effective as background music, but sounds episodic without the visual tic-ins. THE LONG SHIPS (Colplx)- Garland Fails To Board Ship Home HONG KONG (AP) - Singer Judy Garland was to have boarded a ship for Rome Sunday night but she changed her mind. The 41-year-old singer's traveling companion, Mark Hcr- ron, said today she decided to i fly, and wilt lake a pland Fri- I ady. Hcrron said Miss Garland wanted more time in Hong Kong for shopping, sightseeing and rest. She is recuperating from an attack of pleurisy. Policeman Covers Own Resignation HENDERSON, Ky. (AP) Patrolman Alexander Adams Jr. "covered" his own resignation from the police force. He submitted the resignation to the City Commission then wrote the story for his new em- Courier. "Dimension '3' " carries sler- , eo one step farther by adding | a "phantom speaker" right in the middle of the sound spectrum. The ordinary stereo record offers a left channel and a right channel, an achievement which is remarkable enough when one realizes that both channels are recorded into one infinitesimal groove. This recording takes it one step farther. There is a third channel — or what sounds like a third channel — right between the regular right and left channels. The listener actually hears sound from three sources, even though he has only the customary right and left speakers. And the phantom "third chan- ine!" is an equally distinct and equally separate sound source —at least thai is what il sounds like to the car. This record offers a persuasive demonstration of the new technique, with Enoch Light and his Light Brigade furnishing the music. There are a dozen pieces, most of them old favorites, and expressly tailored to show off the new recording technique. By using different combinations of instruments for each of the three "channels" the recording engineers have a record that may start a new trend in (he industry. In one composition, for example — "All I Dp Is Dream of 1 You" — the listener will find clear . technique opens all sorts of nossi- bililies, if handled intelligently and imaginatively, and it will be interesting to see what the rest of the industry does with Meanwhile, for a real novelty, plus some remarkably clear and vivid sound, this record offers a fascinating experience. The music is supposedly based ; upon the sort of instrumentation ; and rhythmic patterns actually i used by the Norsemen themselves, brought up to date and ' given a cinematographic sheen. i It is mostly brass and per- i cussion, composed by Dusan I Uadic and played, by a 65-pieco i orchestra. : QUINCY JONES EXPLORES THE MUSIC OF MANCINI (Mercury) — Quincy Jones is a young contemporary composer, arranger and band leader. His work has been uniformly! tasteful and imaginative. For Ihis disc, ho chose 12 pieces by Henry Mancini — most of them recorded for the cinema — and offers his own arrangements of them, as performed by his own band. Most of Mancini's works have been rearranged for faster tempo, and for more exotic ornamentation, but by and large the effect is pleasin™ ;incl different | enough to be interesting. I MEDITERRANEAN HOLI- i DAY (London) - This is a| soundtrack album from a Brit-1 ish film about the cruise of a Swedish training ship, a square rigger lhat sails to the Medi- terrannean. The film is noteworthy for a new screening process which adds a feeling of depth to Ihe wide screen. The music is composed by Riz THEME FROM "MR. NOVAK" (MGM) - This Is an album based on themes used in the TV show about high school It offers a dozen placid and pleasant pieces, suitable f o r background music. The high school set no doubt will find them appealing. Bach Better Than Beatles to Ninety Kentucky Youths LEXINGTON, Ky. (APi ~ Ninety Kentucky teenagers in this area dedicate as much time to playing classical music as many of their peers do listening to rock'n'roll. The Central Kentucky Youth Symphony is now in its 16th year. The group made an appearance in Carnegie Hall in 1958 and played for President ami Mrs. Kennedy al the White Hoii in 1963. PALACE TODAY-TUESDAY Adults 50e Children 25c Open 6 P.M. Ph. HE 9-2406 TECHNICOLOR A PANAVISION Columbia Rilnte $1.00 — CARLOAD — $1 I50X OFKICK OI'KN G:15 SHOWTIMK AT 7MO JUAN IAD!) JEANNE CRAM ttUKOT ROUND RANKHEAVAION AT 9:05 — HOT LINK SUSPENSE COMEDY /V /v" Stanley Kubrick's T\ << ; Dr. Strangelove or. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Lore The Bomb NOT To All Property Owners Residing in Ward Three Outside the City Limits of Lake Charles!! An election has been called for June 16, 1964, by the Ward Three Fire Protection. District to consider a 3 mill maintenance lax for fire protection equipment and maintenance. This election is vitally important to all residents of Ward Three outside the City Limits of Lake Charles. In the April 30, 1963, Bond Election you, the voters, approved a $300,000 bond issue. For the capital outlay and procurement of fire equipment. However, at that lime, the maintenance millage failed to pass by one vote. It is absolutely necessary to have a 3 mill maintenance millage in order to maintain the equipment and services that will be provided with the $300,000 bond issue previously approved. Only that amount necessary to implement this program will be used. The proceeds of the previously approved bond issue will be used to purchase two new completely equipped pumper trucks with oversized water tanks, installation of new fire hydrants, and equipment necessary to implement the facilities. The maintenance tax that you are now being asked to vote on will be used for operating and maintenance costs. The 3 mill maintenance tax based on a $17 million dollar assessment will provide approximately $47,000 a year. As to the individual property owners, a 3 mill tax would mean $3.00 per $1,000 assessed valuation. The ward will receive the advantage of an already approved fire protection system as a Joint service agreement with the City of Lake Charles has been reached. All newly purchased fire equipment would remain the property of Ward 3, however, it would be housed in the City Fire Stations one North of town, and one South of town, and manned by professionally trained firemen of the City Fire Department, in order to achieve the maximum fire protection benefits for Ward 3 as rapidly as possible. The election for the maintenance millage involves only those residents of Ward 3 outside the City Limits of Lake Charles. All qualified electors are asked to note the date of this election and to vote their choice. POLLING PLACES ARE: Precincts 26 and 33 Precinct 27 Precinct 28 Precinct 29 Precinct 30 Precincts 31 and 32 Marion High School 2802 Pineview St. Eastwood School 3001 Opelousas St. Melrose Elementary School 2300 Fruge St. Rosteet Elementary School 1000 Sixth Avenue Ward Three Barn Hwy. 10 West of Hwy. 14 Prien Lake School Nelson Road POLLS WILL BE OPEN FROM 6 A.M. TO 8 P.M. CALCASIEU PARISH POLICE JURY J. W. tOSTfET, PRESIDENT

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