The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1937 BLYTHEVILLR, (ARKJ COURIER NEWS An Air View of Cincinnati, Invaded By Ohio Flood Waleis PAGE THREE Prepare lo Meet Invading River '#$' to v ,v x-*r»< ,y^y/'^ "i^v-"' < •;-'• v,.' - • <r'Y.X;c . ^v# <^v,", *'."<4 ""; ' <>,. ', '-1^', y Rising majestically over, a scene 'of watery desolation and devastation.'the towers that form Cincinnati's skyline provide the background to, this .remarkable photo taken from a plane which circled Ihe flood-stricken city as the Ohio river dealt its sorriest blow in history. Flooded to their second floors, the'hundreds of squat 1 , snow- covered factory and oflice buildings resemble so many lltlte islands .in Ihe sea of water that overflowed from the Ohio. Taken from over Covinglon, Ky., across the river, the picture affords n clear view of the inroads the flood made inlo the lower streets of hilly Cincinnati. The Central Bridge, at lower right, still dry above the- swollen river, dips quickly in to .water-logged Broadway. (Continued from pa<?e One) lie is Luther Owens. 50, who liv- I in the flootlway farming com- Imity. Another Is an unidenli- Id woman. She has relatives I long Ihe refugees, however. Ittme of Manila's sick are con- lered critically ill and Ihe same I plies' to Leachville's 17 cases, l.'ording to Dr. R. E. Echirmer I the county health unit who liled Manila and Leachville yes- I day. "Local physicians in Ihe Iras have volunteered their ser- 1 es in handling Ihe cases. Sick I :sous arc isolated from olhei | ugees at all points. Leachville Water Falling •xHchvllte had some 800 refugees provide for today with others 1.1 coming in from the flooded las below Leachville. which are l.v receiving the brunt of the [xi's force from the St. Prnncij l-ee breaks above Leachville rod water, once as high as two 1 "t In the lowest sections of I ichville, had drained southward 1 ' the same sections were nol I re lhan C to 8 inches undo I ter this morning. situation of farmers in tin Ig 5 }" community and other sec- •w to the south of Leachville I tinned serious today, however. I st of them have been removed I '• others were still coming out of I • section today. Surface wat- 1 i.v, swolien Buffalo dilch have the section practically in- lated for days. The water has • drained off to any extent ause breaks on the lower St. incis have checked natural and a hull are on hand at villc, Mr. Cox said. The town hns no coal and little uood. "We're burning anything n n d everything," Jie declared. Manila's coal supply was exhausted several days nvj and wood dlrlicu't lo obtain. X. W. Wag- nfVj stave mill cut-ratoi', is ac- U've>'in efforts to cbtair. wuod and l:as supplied a o/janliLy of stave | blccks for use. Mayor C. W. Tlp- ton and Marshal A. D. Brecden. In charge of relief .work, luvc- •Ahlpued a fairly cfri'jioi-.i. orgr.n- lattinn into shape, wilh th>? !ocS kitclier.t. supervised by Mrs. Ora \Vi-iyiit. as one ol I-':: mcsi im~ p}r'n t unite. ' Take Health Precautions Two sanitary engineers from the slate health department have been assigned "on flood emergency duty here and are working with Dr. Schirmer of the county health unit. While cases of illness fi'ave been held to a minimum so far Dr. Schirmer indicated this morning that numbers of others might be expected In the next few days because of exposure to which undernourished persons have already been subjected. He said that Uie most critical case at the emergency hospital al the city hall loday was that of a new born baby from the Big Lake fioodway section. The baby "is undernourished. ichrin M chulle .« unexpected I „ ,. F00<1 C01 " CS b r ""I v-alter Cox In charge of Red '«"* «l tachville. said he dispatched a boat to bring Jj°'! toIor1H r» persons re? ™ . 1° i.' C ? d ttom ex P<>sure I one house below Leachville Toth Manila and Leachville e a food and fuel situation t, while not necessarily ser- M at ihfs time, must be al- eachvllle's lone contact for Lnspprlaiion of foodfluffs or 1 m any amounts remains 8h Blythevllle by the w™ -of hway 18 ivilli boat IransporU- i across Big i^ko. The same we of Manila, Mr. Cox sa™ I ho was hopeful lhat flood \va '.. *° a .<* ««de enough this af I loon that Highwav 25 to Par |,u rt would be negotiable. . ^ l!ighway but westward •oc,d supplies for about a day RELIEF OS Osceola Rescue Workers Receive Gasoline Burns OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 25,-RiIcy Blake and Joe Angel, psceola Yotitlis engaged in flood r rcscue work west of here, were painfully burned last night when an oil slovc. exploded. Angel picked up' a five-gallon can of gasoline, thinking it was kerosene, and began filling a small oil heater in a lent which ;had been set up at the side of highway 40 at Ditch 31 to shelter refugees brought /out by boats. The gasoline i flared up and Angel and Blake received burns for which they were treated by a nurse on duty here. Their Injuries nre not serious. The tent at Dilch 31 was set up by D. s. Lancy and Sam Coble, who kepi it supplied with heat and seals for the comfort of the refugees while they awaited trucks to bring them to Osceola. (Continued from page One) Mrs. Orin Clark, tenant on, "Victoria plantation, died of pneumonia nt her home. The body was taken by- rail' yesterday to Greenwood, Ark., for burial. Among the refugees are-many suffering from colds find in a weakened condition, from•': exposure. Cases of sore eyes and chicken pox have been reported. About 400 adults nnd older children are being cared for at the Osceola community house. There are cots for some and the rest nre bedded, down...on. hay.. Sixty-five are sleeping in the Frisco depot. The high school gymnasium' is housing 365 men and older boys. About 300 women and babies are being housed and fed in the ERA building. About 300 refugees are in the courthouse. Others are in private homes, vacant servant houses, etc. Some few arc paying Ihelr own expenses. About 50 have gone elsewhere to stay with relatives .or friends. Negro refugees are being housed in negro churches and halls and in cotton gius.' Steve Anderson, lending negro citizen, .Is in charge of them. Show Good Spirit Despite the fact that the town was wholly unprepared for the great inrush of. refugees, driven from their Homos to the west by (he rapidly, spreading waters from overflowing drainage ditches, and was at first unable to cope with the situation systematically, the flood victims have displayed 'great fortitude and patience. Although many were forced to, go foi .an extended period without fooc they displayed the greatest appreciation and cooperation In the efforts in their behalf. Yesterday Mrs. John Kdrington, Mrs. Harrj Jciws and Miss Catherine Harwell vent - lo the Community House and Progressive club room to lead he refugees in group singing. The experiment proved' a successful contribution to the morale of the refugees and will be continued. It is estimated that 85 per cent of the flood victims came out without a change of clothing. Practically air were wel and some of the children were barefoot. Committees fioni the Progressive Club nre collecting clothing for their use, and 12 sewing machines are in operation under, the direction of E.-S. Chiles, local j agent for the Singer Sewing Machine Read courier Ntws Want Ads. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 s|y|j|jjji|j^^ o&^BB&iiftSiiiii 'orkcrs franllcally scrape snow-covered earth Inlo bugs lo build n levee ncm Rldgcly. Temi, Iq pro- cl several lowus from Ihe onslaught ol the Mississippi river, Hundreds of famlllci. have been drlv- i from lowlnnds nearby, With-still higher water predicted, Ihe situation'.(hue Is graver than at any lime' In the history of thnl section. Flood Victims Find Refuge In Memphis plies are badly, needed. City Believed Endangered as River Stage Approaches 60 Feet Fifteen residents of Cairo, 111.. fearful, of a levee break at that . . . ..„ - P 01 Pt, were aboard a -southbound Co, but additional clotlilng sup- Greyhound bus which slonncd here n ""° "'" H "' 4 " ".'is morning enroute to SphTs There they will slay wilh friend? and rcltives until flood danger at Cairo, where the river stage is now approaching GO feet, is over. William Baker of Memphis, driver of the bus, who has been making regular trips between Memphis Sikcston and Cairo, said all flood gales are up In Cairo and a great many residents of that city are seeking the safety of Sikeslon and' other Missouri towns removed from danger. At Sikeslon, he said, about 000 persons who have fled Iheir homes In flooded secllons are being cared for. They arc quartered in churches and schools. Relief workers at Sikeslon have been having difficulty In getting food supplies for the needy, bul Ihe work is organized there and actual suffering will be averted. Baker described the situation al Cairo as critical. The river is continuing to rise at a rapid rate and hundreds of workmen are sandbag- Bodies of Kennett Couple Await Relatives Here The bodies'of H. C. Roberts, 43- year-old farmer-preacher, of near Kennett, Mo., and his wife, Mrs. Rosa Roberts, are being held at the Cobb Funeral Home here pending arrival of relatives'to complete funeral arrangements. The Roberts were killed Friday when their automobile collided with a Frisco passenger train at a Highway 61 crossing at Haytt. One Man Slightly Hurt When Car, Wagon Collide One man was slightly hurt this morning struck a when an automobile wagon on Highway 61, about a mile soulh of Blvthe- ville. A number of negroes, forced to move from their homes southwest of Burdette, by rising water, were on their way to the homes of] relatives here in the wagon. Two white men were occupants of the car ami one was slightly hurt. RcfiiBces from for relief aid. arc being made to a turbulent Mississippi and lit' flooded trlbulailES nio floclliig into Memphis, Tenn , A .camp has been established at the Mid Soulh fair grounds where preparations cltj heillh superintendent, is , Ipnoculat- ing Cletus Flnlcy, Osceola, Ark., li'galnst typhoid as Mis Mural Richardson Porlageiille, Mo, and ' other refugees a'wnlt their turns'. ging the lovcc, which Is particularly high ni that point. He saki that Missouri Pacific railroad officials had ordered cancellation 'of all schedules to Cairo and that trains were going only as far as Charleston. -.:-." . -, - • . car which; a few minutes before had overturned on the highway near pbrtngevlllc and rolled: Into water'.by the roadslrte. Several'per- sons were in the car and motorists had'stopped to give them aid..The bus dld'jnol slop and It was not The Cairo approach to the Mis- learned whether any of the occ slsslppl river bridge Is under water and cars can go into the clly only by Iraveising the levee top from Uie bridge. Baker said that there was a report at Sikeslon that the "fust plug" levee near "Bird's Point had been broken •. lost night, but this report is unconfirmed. This morning, cnroute to Blythc- vllle, passengers on the bus saw a A CASE OF NERVES! "Some years Ago 1 iuf. fercd from ncrvouiaesj and jieactachej associated with 11 Qua I disturbances, L cd slrrngtli and felt miserable day after d*j- T " Mid Mrt. .\fary Dunn of 425 S. W. ]0ih Si., Ofcb- homa City. OltU. "I looV Dr. Pierce* Favorite Prescription a* a tonic and I r ._ me from the very firjt. My ap|>cme increased and J (fit much heller. BUT of your dniRjrist loday. New size. labs. 50c., J:r;uid $1.00 & (US., (ount!_ il rens Coids ' ' Besl treated withom " dosin E-" IT A^*>v5 w VAPORua Tax Assessment Notice The time for assessing Persona] Taxes and Poll Taxes is from'now until April 10. If you fail to assess the assessor must assess for you. You know your property better than I, so assess it before the penalty is added. R-L. GAINES Assessor BOATS FOR SALE Immediate Delivery Or Built To Order BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200 N. 2nd. Phone 19 pants of the car were Injured. Amateur Radio Station Broadcasts Messages Philip William's, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph W. Parker, Is broadcasting messages lo Memphis and Little Rock over his amateur station at his home. 80S W. Ash St. He Is radioing messages from Bly- llic.vlllc people to Memphis and Little Rock radio stations, who are In turn broadcasting them with requesls to notify the per- sons lo whom the messages are Intended He Is doing Ihls volun- leer sen Ice without charge Blythevlllc has been without telephone 01 telegraph service lo the outside world since Saturday nighl excepl for emergency lines to Camlhersville and Leachville established this morning > WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES 'OF AN EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to repau your radio to .first class condition. A Complete Line ot Tubes and . Parts - - Best Prices i Hubbard Tire & Bat. to. Phone 476 MY HEAD-ACHE'? GONE! MY HEAD IS CLEAR! There U a modem pleasant way to gel relief from Headachy Gas on Slomach. Colds, Ilcart- . bum, "Morning Atler" and Muscular Palnj. • Just drop one or two ALKA-SELTZER tablets in• to a glass of water. Walch it bubble—listen to it fizz. • As soon as tablet is dissolved, drink Ihe langy solution. A) ka-Seltzer (Analgesic Alkalizing Effervescent Tablcls) _ You will really enjoy the taslt-morc like spring WSIer than like medicine. .ALKA-SELTZER, when dissolved in water, contains an analgesic. (Sodium Ace(yl-Salicylate), which relieves pain, while Its alkalizing agents help to correct everyday ailments associalcd with hyperacidity/ Vour druggist has ALKA-SELTZER. Get a SOc or 60c package on our.:"satisfaclion-or-money-back" guarantee. WISE ! ALKALI Zf

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