The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas on April 17, 1934 · Page 7
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The Amarillo Globe-Times from Amarillo, Texas · Page 7

Amarillo, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1934
Page 7
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Picnic Outing It Given Mother* And Pupil* Pupils and mother* of Mrs. W. O Rhodes room ol the Minaret Wllli School were entertained with a pic nte outing at Elwood p»rk lut week end. Children whOM birthday cune In April had a large birthda; c«ke decorated with candles. Mrs R. E. Davidson served lh« enllr gathering with Ice cream b*r» lr honor of her son Paul's birthday. Guests attending were Theres Blevlns. Dana and A. p. Pyeatt Cleta. Dixie and Evelyn Davidson Althea Rhodes, Elwood Bray. MI Sonny Ford. Pupili present were Billy Chen ault, Jean Harper. Billy Spoontz Billy Hare, Eugene White, Xen Blevlns, Edward Pyeatt, Ann Clay ton, Betty Lee Oatheright, Berber I*. Dunnlven, Kenneth Busett, P«u Davidson, Eugene Polk, Coylee Torit Jayne Bray. Walter WlUford. Archl nay Wlllts. Billy Bitting. Bobbj Chambers, John Prank Dlxon Pauy Ruth am' Betty Mae Boone. Jlmi.., Carter, Bsverly Martin. Betty Ruth Cherry Holmes, Violet Visage. Mothers attending besides Mr« Rhodes, teacher, were MesdRtnes W L. Chenault, W. «. Harper, Betty Ann Spoontz, H. V. Hare, J. O White. F. A. Blevlns, K. E. Pyeatt E. R. Clayton, O. U Oathrlsht. Herbert Dunnivcn, c. a. Bassett. n. E Davidson. Eugene Polk, Terry Ford Clyde E. Eray and Miss Rosn Cam mack. EDWIN MARHHAM CIRCLE STUDIES HEALTH LESSON Health and Cleanliness were topics which constituted Monday afternoon's program of the Edwin Markham circle or the o. c. L. A at the home of Mrs. Leslie Stephens, 300 Maryland Street. Papers on the subjects were given by Mrs. R. L. Smith, Johnny Price and C M. Fesrn. A handkerchief shower was given to Mrs, A. L-. Arndt, B'ho U leaving to make her home In Wichita Kans. Refreshment* were served to Mes- damcs C. O. Adams, W. D. Thornton and Mary K. Blanton, guests: Mesdames A. K. Wilcoxson, Ray, inond Faulkner, Henry Laughlln, H. E. Housh, H. A. Stolunwerck, W H Patterson, J, R, Exum, Johnny Price, L. T. Martin. C. M. Penrn, R. L. Smith, A. L. Arndt and the hostess. MRS. J. T. WEBB ENTERTAINS CLUB Mrs. J. T. Webb enl«rUilncd the Travel study Club last week-end «(, her home, 120ft West Eleventh Avenue. Mrs. Joe J. Mickle was guest speaker. Mrs. G. T. Vineyard displayed the map showing the Palo Duro Canyon Park as arranged by Guy "A. Carland«r. Quests attending were Mesdnmes J. W. Sanders, a. T. Vineyard, R A. L/eMOnd.'J. P. Mithls;-iVL. Reppert, J. I. Kendrick, J. J. Mickle, R. A. H. Willborn. A. B. Hayes, J. M. Carter, F. V. Studer, J. _K. Blythe, Carolyn Carter, R. B. Wlngate' and the hostess, MISS OREER VISITS HEBE Miss Annls E. Greer of Hereford b the guest of Mr«. Wiley Dodd, Jr., 720 Short Street. . MOB THREAT SUBSIDES COLOR iDO SPRINGS, .Colo., April n (IP--quiet prevailed about the El Paso County jail today after live negroes, held as suspects In the beating of two Colorado College students, had been rushed to the state penitentiary at Canon City lor safekeeping. Tke ART of 3 HAPPINESS FOR YOUR TEA DATE MT tk* weru to a hwfef pUw, few* at tt to«rtfc*M* ·T M tb* yrtotJpftJ It'i McBrid*. n*wsp«)MTwomAn-author, ttarcblfflr dtftcuMcc la the nrth «t rix »rtkl*s on "The Art *C H»f- ptness" which ahe h M writUo for By MARY MARGARET McBRIDE (Copyright, 19M, NBA Service, Inc.) NEW YORK, April 17.--Two women were ditcutslnt * man who once owned a great hotel property In a certain large city. "He used to be worth 40 or 50 million, dollars," said one, "but his fortune dwindled after the craab until It WAS down to four or five mil Hong." Then, ahe added quite seriously; "He simply couldn't stand the terrible loss and so he went up to the roof one day and Jumped off." Think of it-- man is so miserable because he has only managed to retain five of his original 50 ml lion* that he kills himself The thin sounds too fantaMlc. Yet it hap pened. And apparently the woma discussing the fate of the deflated millionaire shw nothing particularl rante In his despairing action. rai*e Value* Moat of u« would -consider our IVM rich beyond wildest dream If we had even a. tenth part ol fl\ million dollars to call our own. bu no doubt the hotel mnn actual! ·upht of himaalf as reduced U: pliable poverty by the decimation o fortune. And since his happl 8 had been Wounded in a s of Importance and security bokterr by his wealth, life seemed not wort' living without the whole of It. This ridiculous Individual estl mate of the value of millions wa derived, of course, from the atLltud of our pfe-crash civilisation toward money. Dollars had become so en tlrely the symbol of arhlcvemen that when they were lost., the lose felt that his place Jn Rociety wti gone. Spend Wisely One fortunate thing about th two or three trying: years just pas been a tendency to get a 'rom the domination of possessions Vfen and women have come to se that while money Is desirable as fur niching security against worry sbou rent, one nmy KtlU live and b lappy without thl« cozy reasaur ancc. The way to start being happ when you have less money than your neifinfcors and friends Is to de clde that you will not permit dol lars or the lack of them to be you measuring rod. Learn to spend wise ly what you have. Avoid Envy Above all, never forego Hie happi n\V5 of accepting friends' hospital ity and offering your own. Oivft you jiieste the fclmple entertainment yo\ can afford and don't apologize. En hy their parties, but don't strai your budget to return them In kind If Susan for instance gets the ne 1 fur coat, you were longing for, ad mire it sincerely; don't allow th wormwood of your envy to spoil he jjeasure. It's truer than you Jcnc* ,nat you don't have to own beaut o enjoy it. if you can't have paint ngsof old masters In your home ! u may enjoy them free wheneve wu like at public museums. If yoi cannot buy the latent good book, i ard will admit you to full fellow hip Jn the nearest public library. Do not be ashamed of your home ·our clothes or your circumstance* and you will be surprised to see how much respect other* will have fo our pluck and courage, how proud and nappy you 3'ourself will fee bmit your small victories. TOMORROW: Be Happy In Mar Iftft. LOMBARDO BROTHERS AGREE ON TWO THINGS-FISHING AND MUSIC; DYNAMOS OF ENERGY EY LUCn^X SPOONT8 Guy, IjCbert. Carmen and Victor Lombardo are living dynamos. At lenst that's what a hectic hour or two In their vicinity would indicate. There are only two things upon which these four musical geniuses ngree, evidently. These are fishing nnd music. Between concert IntermlsslonR at the Municipal Auditorium last night, the four waxed enthusiastic about boating, ynchts, cross-word puzzles and fishing. Proad of 350-Pound Sbark AU four ot the Bombardo boys, who comprise the malnstem of the fnmoua Royal Canadians, are ardent fishermen and love the sea almost to a point of fanaticism. The denial orchestra leader is proud of the 350- pound shark he caught laeb sum- mjr, while Lebert, the trumpet player, boasts of the 100 pound wet- low tall lie landed In 3nn Diego. "And in an hour and a hall we caught 21 tuna off Long Island," snys Carmen, .tweet-voiced- singer of the Canadian musical group. Victor, th« youngest of the Lombardo clan, and painfully shy, admits he is lond of swimming and cross-word puzzles. Lcbcrt is looking forward to the day he can replace his 54-foot yacht with the real article. "Art? Just Minute," Then intermission was over. "But, w h n t about art?" Thl* from th« chagrined reporter. "Ohf Watt Just a minut*. Walt. Just until we finish this concert. You waft right hrre and 111 be light back . . . " And the Royal Canadians were off with a smart flourish. While autograph Aeckers were graciously greeted by Guy Lombar- cio, he mannged to tell a bit about the type of music the organisation lina tried to play since they first started, a home-town orchestra in I-onrion, Ontario. "Understandable music -- something people could f«l without exertion-- u what we've always had in mind," he s*t. "We find audiences react more quickly to music which is simple and unaffected," Tel li of Movie Tfie group, together 11 years, te a compact musical unit, and each member contribute something be sides his own playing to the orchestra. Spirited argument*, Lombardo said, come up at each rehearsal. In this manner, he explained, better balance and greater cooperation Is obtained. "Now takft thnt motion picture we Jiwt finished," he began. "Picture Work is hrd work. We just made 'Many Hnppy Returns 1 with Bums and Allen, and you ought to see that Pullman scennl Funny! Carmen hero wrote the nonjs far the picture, hut I can't tel) you about them-there are five songa, and they are really good. But I can't tell you about them!" About Thai Violin 'Why do you always direct with your violin when you never play it?" The director was rapidly packing music and hunlin? feverishly for the list of requests submitted for last night'a concert presentation by Amarlllo and Panhandle muric lovers. "Oh, I don't feel nature! without .t. I guess I couldn't direct, without my fiddle. Now where did *I put ·hose requests? I want to use them on future broadcasts," The request* were found, and sa/ely stowed away n the right breast pocket of Lombardo's suit. Now he was fumbling for his coat and hat, muttering something about a cab, and "Wait j U R t a m i n u t c , now, rlon'L run off." On the way to the cab that waa to Uke him to The Nat, he was blandly getting down to the subject of art when he made an appalling discovery. He'd le/t his "Iddte case Inside. There Waa a mad rush, a bit of breaUi-taklnjr hurry and Guy Lombardo, who«e muslr remains "the *weet«st thU aide of Heaven.'.' rushed away toward thft rest of an evening's work, promising tfl give some M-rlon/, thought to tttt* art business. MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME COLOR IS THE GAY NOTE ON MANY SPRING FROCKS PATTERN 1825 This Spring Is « ton.wn ot coiorl AcconUimly Fashion has Hunched her new collmlons In a rainbow of color ond striking color rdccU Here's one ot our Invorllo modeh --and a stunning example ol lh!a trend. It was fashioned ot skipper blue sflk splashed with whltt flowers of conventional motif, and while ivns used for the amurt yoke. Simplicity ot llr.s prfvnlls-most essential when relying on color for ef- tect. When ranking your frock choose your most becoming tunes and you'll be dellntited with the picture you'll make. Cotton.*, ol course, would be equally d e l i g h t f u l PftUern 182! n available In sizes H. 18. 16. 20. 32. ,H, 36, 38. 40 ami 42. Size 18 liikej 3 yards 36-lrjcti fabric and 'i-yard contmcllng, Illustrated slep-by.step sewing Instructions Included wllh each pattern. Simd FIFTKEN CKN'I'S USc) In coins or stomps (coins preferred) for this Anne Adams pattern. Write plainly nnme. addrtwi and stylo number. BK SURE TO STATE SfZK. T1IK I.A1EST EomoN OK TUB ANNK AUAMS PATl'lIKN HOOK features oil nt best 5eR.v-.iin! style* for adulls and children. Scud for your copy of till* tnttrcMne,. hcl|- lul book and lc chic. r n i O E OK BOOK FIFTEKN CENTS. DOOK AND PATTERN T O O K T H K R , TWKNTV-FIVK CKNTS. Address orders to 'Jhe Amarlllo Qlobe. Pattern Department, 243 West, nth Street. Ne\ York. Oily. FINAL HONORS PAID LEADER, W. W. LYNCH Last tribute was paid to William W. Lynch. OT-ycar.ow Amarlllo civic builder, at 2:30 o'clock this a f t e r noon from the church he helped build --the Polk Street Methodist. Fhneral rlt^s were pronounced by Rev. J. T. McChlre. pastor. Chnrles A. Ftik, Jiunei O. Oulrkr, D. W. Oweii, G. T. Oliver, Carl Hill, W. R. Armstrong. S. D. Bplllcr and Chnnclor W e y m o u t h , a l l close friends and business associates, were pallbearcrii. Honorary pnllbcarers worn stewards of the church. Interment B-aa In Uario ^cmetory w i t h B I » r k b u r n - S h » w Funeral Home In charge. In respect to the man who founded 11, - t h e Bnn Jaclnto bun line m,iMH. V n "\ I anil brl aw,M UK- l,,uk. If, | 1f ,f,,,,, r ,,r J , v anil (V, NViv Yvrk). ,,, In, l)B | r » ..,,,1 '" · rentauraiil. cewd service for n n hour, Ix'sln- nlng at 2:3t) o'clock. Mr. Lynch died Sinulny n', a local hospital. His home WIM nt 703 Cnr- ollnn atreet. He was one of Uio toiulluir rkvel- opere of West Anmrlllo. when he movrd lo Anmrlllo In 100B his work centered around thnl rtl.slrliM. Burvlvora include' hu widow, two dauchters and three ,v»rw. Karly full plowlng-undi-r o[ Imr- vesled r o t l m i alnllis It itn ll»|xi:'t(iRt ste|t In boll weevil control. PIERCE ST. GREENHOUSE H E R E i*.ATI BAR Would Offer $2,5,000 For Public Enemies WASHINGTON. April n tAi ..." R*nrcwmatlve Patrnan, Democrat Texas. ycMcrtlay Intiodurcd » n\w- lullon to let Hie Attorney General pay n »2S.OOO rewnrrt tor the cap. (iiro -dcini or alive" ol nny criminal ne (Ic.sigiialcrl as a "public rni-nw." llir resolution. Patuian said ' is (mended lo apply to » nc |i |^ rson ., «» John Dtlllinjer. -Pretty Boy" Floyd and Clyde Bairn*. The same reward - »2! COT _ rould be Plilrl by tlte Attorney Clen- ernl for I n f o i m n l l n u I r a t l l n p "to tho ai' of «ny such person ivlio h»s been dMlanatod by ttie Altonwy Oennrnl as a uubllt enemy." Motor Tampering Charge to Jury It WM "colored" session In counts 1 court this morning. All c r i m i n a l ftctlou.s concerned negroes. Thr trim at SylvrnlcT Kiulinnn. charKrd w l l l i U i n p o r l n u w l l h n m o t o r vrlilrle al the TnlmiiKe A p n r t - ineiio. had IK-MI romiilptrd ami tlie c l i n r u r to Die j u r y was Mng pre- lnrnl nl noon OlmrfiPs ol n K t f t n v M e i l assnult wi-i-i- Illril bj Alliw Uniluiy. neHie.'-s. w h o nlloSM TomniU* JHIIP.S slabbed IHT with B klU'lii'n fork early llils. m o r n t n u . A bund of 4300 vum set |n the rii*n of 1J. W. A b i x u t . ni'uni. rlmryod w l l h c u r r y i n g n p U t n l . He u1i.ii l»cc» churiies ol iissnull to immli-r In connocllrm w i t h n -·iliootliiH *'hlfh look plucn Moiirliiy a l l r r n o i i n . lltmil 111 (hi- M'cntul cn.M: lln.s Ix'pu fclH In J U S t l c n L'OUli m *I.OOO. Spain Declares 'State of Alarm 9 MADrtlD. April 17 (/Pi--The fbv- ernmrnt jtctipcd sternly into lh» Valencia lnhor crisis torlny W dei cliirp » "mat." of alarm." -fiie dfcree. nlthmish »lmll»r in some rMprei* lo martial Ian, l« not a« drastic. Premier Alejandro I-rrroux, up lo Ills ntcV In chblnct -iliriculllfa nnct R l i l k e probleinA In many pwt* of cotiniry, jald ihn "slaw of alarm" wn.i rtcelnrcrt in Vnlencln bctauw the .Milken nflcctlne Die electricity, B« anrt wnter facilities npparenlly wero for froin .uiliiUon. Inter-Club Bridge Finals Tomorrow Trip. ( I n n t j of ihn Inler-clvlc club brlrlBe tmirnaineni will be tlnlci M 7:30 o'clock tomorrow night at Khlvu Shilno Temple. Thi're M'lll he five tennin from CMh club eti('iet Thr Rninr,'. will xlnrl promptly at 7,:w o'clock i i n u i\\ ar« niReil lo be on Very Much Improved After Taking Curriu! "I Imvc sutfcjeil i\ ktrcM cleul fnini c.rnmpliiK," wrllrn Mrn, W. A, Bowel!, Hr., o! \Vivco, Tcxiul. "1 would chill nntt hnv» to no lo hell for nbonl tluno dnyfl ht ft lime.. I would hove u. dull, tlroil, altsepy fecllni!. A friend lold me U try Cartful, UiUiklnfr it would help mo -- anil It did. I mu very inueli Iru- provi-d nod tto tint, «pcnd (1m tlnw In iH-tl. I cnilnlnly t-i^n rcconullcnd Onrilnl lo oilier mif/«rws." ·riifiii:i ( li,la of wonun l««llly' Csirtnl ^ n r t u t i l il)«m. If n doti nol htticltl VOU, coniult A pfi/«lcUn. Corns Lift Right Out! FRKKZONE dors III Pun trio corn to lcfp~le»drnn nil paln-nnd toon. mjkf« It «o loone In Its bed of Mesh that It lid» riijlit onil Kurd corni 6t' «fl--/ll »roti"tHIycm!«l by FREE-" MW.. CnHiiM«, loo. e;«t a bottle it nny drug ituro nml walk in com/orjl FREEZONE TRI-WAY GARAGE AI.WAVK OrKN N|Kclll»d I.ubrlcitlliin--St»r|e--I'owrr Wathlnf M-hour Tlrn, B»ll«ry, Mirh«nli-«l and Wrecker Bervlc* . l i 'HONK SMI M? TIKKCZ »1. T HE Blatz Brewing Co., Milwaukee, announces the greatest advance- merit in the beer industry in 20 years. Brew-Daled beer I Every bottle of Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer now hag plainly printed on its neck label tho date when the contents t?M brewed. Thu» Blatz plonc»r» again -- and bring* y«t guaranteed Age, There have bc«n -- and will b* -- mtnj Indefinite claims M to the sge of been -- but now you will know positively th*t BI*tz Old Heidelberg Beer it fatly-aged. It brings to you that richHavor; rtiat meMow- ne»» and «ati«fying strength that judjtt of good beer prefer -* found only in Blatx Old Heidelberg -- the only be«r th*t is Blew- Dated -- the only beer that t«ll» you th« txtct dty it was brewed. Don't »*y beer, say Blatr. Intiit on th« origfn*! Brev/.Dated beer --.Blatz Old Heidelbtrj. Dintrlbulrd hj; PANHANDLE FRUIT CO. Photic No. 6ZM IIS Wr»l rini Strret, Am.rlllo, Tr.a, L vv A i, « e E BE E R

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