Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 9, 1976 · Page 21
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 21

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1976
Page 21
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Wednesday Page 20 Garden City Telegram Friday, July 9,1976 Denver, Colorado 0 KWGN(IND) 1 KRMA (ED) Ensign, Kansas ~1 KTVC(CBS) Channels Listed In Proaram Guide Cable 2 Cable 7 Cable 4 Wednesday Evening July 14, 1976 6:00 All Ch. but OCEOO) News O Jeannie Q Democratic National Convention (Until Conclusion) JE Sociology SB To Tell the Truth 6:308 Father Knows Best X Family Affair OJ1 ffi News O W The Jeffersons X Psychology T To Tell the Truth O Electric Company (0 Don Adam's Screen Test 3SP Democratic National Convention (JIP - Until Cone.) SO Name That Tune SB Partridge Family 7:00 O Andy Griffith 3: SO House on the Prairie O T. SB SO .11 SB Democratic National Convention (Until Conclusion) O 09 (35! 11 The Jacksons 3T Contemporary Literature r SB Bionic Woman O Film H Mission Impossible 730o Adam-12 O 03 OE T1 Kelly Monteith X American History Q Book Beat 8:00 o Movie — "Dancing l.iidy." Mus-Dr.i. 'XVJoan Crawtbixl. Clark Giihle TT SO Best of Sanford & Son OGDOffill Cannon 3? Romagnoli's Table T SB Baretta O What's Cooking? H Democratic National Convention (Until Conclusion) 8303: Chico&the Man XO Robert MacNeil CD Virginian 9:OOX Hawk 6 OD W Blue Knight XO Nova 7 CD Starsky & Hutch !3 Baretta 10:00 AllCh. but OS o 11 » News Q Hawk XO Jennie H Starsky & Hutch 1030 ,X CD Tonight Show O £003) .11 News CD Wide World 10.45 7 Bonanza 11:00 o Love, American Style 05 News O CD Off 11 CBS Late Movie "The Fixer." (1970) Alan Bales. Dirk Bogarde.Thedrama concerns a Jewish peasant living in the turn-ol'- the centuiy Russia 'under strict Czanst rule. X'O Life of Leonardo Da Vinci 1130Q Bonanza Q Tonight Show 6 Bold Ones 11:45 7 Wide World 12:00 3: CD Tomorrow OD Movie — "Joan of-Arc." '4K-Ingiid Bergman 12:05 CD News . 1230Q Night Gallery H Movie 1:00 Q Reflections 7C Devotional 8 Tomorrow CD News 2:00 Q News OD Movie — "The Maze." '54-Richard Carlson Wednesday Programs 7:00 P.M. - ABC ABC SPECIAL -"Political Spirit of '7ft — The Democratic National Convention." ABC News will televise live coverage ol'the nominations and balloting tor the presidential candidate. 11:00 P.M. - CBS CBS LATE MOVIE -"The Fixer." Garden City, Kansas ID KGLD (NBC) Cable 10 Copland. Kansas CD KUPK (ABO Cable 12 Cable TV Channel 7 Wednesday 9 p.m. NOVA. "Why Do Birds Sing."' Some birds sing with an accent! Bird songs are passed on from parent to child, almost like children pick up speech! Just two of the interesting items on this week's Nova. 10 p.m. GREAT PERFORMANCES: JENNIE. This is the first episode in the Public TV Highlights repeat performance of "Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill." Born in Brooklyn, Jennie;Jerome was the toast of London and loving every minute. 11 p.m. THE LIFE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI. The first of five episodes follows' Leonardo Da Vinci from childhood towards growth as a young artist destined for early artistic immortality. Through channels with JOEY SASSO 5 Confidential Report: The drug scene in Hollywood is tragic, as we've been reporting here in the past several weeks. The saddest part is that so many of the stars involved in drug use and pushing — many of them highly respected, major talents — don't see it that way. In Hollywood today, the devastating abuse of hard drugs is not only acceptable and chic — it can be a real boost to a career, or a source of pride! Take Louise Lasser, for example. Her recent arrest for possession of cocaine got tremendous publicity. Now, most of her fan mail is congratulations and offers of help. Her career has benefited from her alleged criminal activities, too. Before the arrest, the "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" star was asking $350,000 for a movie role — and hardly flooded with offers. Since then, offers have been pouring in, for as much as half a million dollars per picture! And to think that not so many years ago, the career of a fine actor Robert Mitchum was nearly destroyed by an arrest for a small quantity of marijuana! Times do change. This concludes our series on the sad state of the Hollywood drug scene — at least until we hear of further developments. . . Telly Savalas is not often thought of as a family man. Still, when his hit series "Kojak," was renewed for next season and he got his raise (to $50,000) per week, the first thing Telly bought was for his brother, George: a custom-made Rolls Royce, equipped with a bathroom! Telly explained this unsual gift by remembering their poverty as teenagers during the Depression. He and George kept their family from going hungry by selling cakes and pies on the streetcorners. And his most painful memories are of how even their simplest needs were a constant struggle: little food, no warm coats, and no accessible bathroom. "The Rolls itself is insignificant to me or to George," said Telly. "The mobile bathroom is what means a lot!". . . Rock star Gregg Allman, who is married to entertainer Cher, has testified in federal court that he used cocaine regularly from the fall of 1973 through January 1975. He said he no longer used the drug. Allman testified — in return tor governmental immunity — in the trial of his former bodyguard, John C. (Scotter) Herring, who is charged with illegally distributing cocaine. Allman said that in the period in question, he purchased cocaine 15 times from Herring. * * * Inside The Tube: Producer Norman Lear has announced that his syndicated spoof of soap operas, "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" has been renewed for a second season. The series now appears on 83 stations and Lear said he expects to land 103 for the second season. Louise Lasser stars in the title role. . . * * * TV Off Beat: On NBC's Tom Snyder Show, Bo Svenson insists he was trained by four of the best known dramatic coaches in Hollywood and New York — spending one week to a month with each. "After ^listening to the teachers, I was convinced that you have to be crazy to be an actor," the blond, curly- haired Bo states. "I figured that another month with them and I'd be in place with a piece of string hanging out of my mouth and my name pinned to a card on my coat so" I'd remember it.". . . * * * A Look Inside TV: Alex Karras and Susan Clark who met in the TV movie, "Babe," but suddenly broke off, are dating again now that Alex's wife has filed for divorce . . .Burt Reynolds and Dinah Shore lunched together at the Saloon in Beverly Hills, strictly for old times' sake. With them was Dinah's daughter Melissa, who used to date Burt before mama met him. . . Don't jump to conclusions, but Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw have put up their Malibu Beach home for sale, with a pricetag in six figures, and recently made an appointment to tour the fabulous Galaxy Apartments, soon to open on the Palisades in Guttenberg, New Jer- ,sey!. . . Although the relationship of Mike Douglas and Brenda Vaccaro has cooled, Brenda showed up at a party at Kirk Douglas's house and seemed very much at home. The lady has no reason to be depressed, not with her new series, "Sarah," and her salary of $35,000 per episode. She's a very talented girl, who will make it with or without Mr. Douglas. . . There's nothing like a little make- believe marriage to get your mind on the real thing. Ask Marcia Wallace, who plays Carol the secretary on Bob Newhart's television show. Her marriage in the script earlier in the season to Will McKenzie has put the taste of wedding cake in her mouth. "Sometimes I feel like I'm playing house," she told me gleefully. "It's fun being married on TV. I should imagine it would be fantastic in real life." Suzanne Pleshette, who plays Newhart's wife, Emily, is an ardent fan of Marcia. "Marcia's a super lady," Miss Pleshette said. "Eyerything she does is so genuine. When she heard that the producers were going to have her married on the show this season, she broke into tears." And how does the happy bridegroom feel? "She's a terrific girl," McKenzie- said. "We play great opposite each other. In fact, she would be great opposite any man, she has so much going for her." All of which helps Marcia think about her own future!. . . CB CENTER C.B, ANTENNAS FOR: BASE STATIONS - ALL TYPES OF TRUCKS AND AUTOMOBILES. NEW QUALITY CB SETS C.B. ACCESSORIES MODERN RADIO - T.V. SERVICE 626N-8TH GARDEN CITY, KS.

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